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(generated from captions) As a result of
the Southampton factory raid, 15 men were arrested and
found to be working illegally. The worker who claimed to be Greek
was deported back to India. The Aussie with
the sexual fetish gear decided to catch a plane
back home that night. And the woman in white will have
to get used to prison clothes. She pleaded guilty to smuggling
cocaine inside this dance mat and is facing up to
10 years in prison. Supertext Captions by

making no promises -
Pulling no punches and admission to Laurie Oaks
Malcolm Turnbull's frank

with Donald Trump.
about Australia's future officer assaulted -
A police car rammed and an terrifying
a suspected car thief's Northern Beaches rampage. 42 degrees fanning fires
Sydney suburbs sweat through and sending crowds sea-side. Ten seconds of terror - with a gun inside his own home.
thieves threaten a Bondi man an all Sydney final
And east versus west in at the Auckland Nines.

Good evening. public chapter
It's been a very ugly and very in Australia-US relations. tonight declared
But the Prime Minister has against Donald Trump.
he's standing firm Nine's Laurie Oakes
In an exclusive interview with for '60 Minutes' deal with America does not mean
Malcolm Turnbull says the refugee

any future favours.
he owes the new President the Prime Minister.
Malcolm Turnbull, This is me, here. called him,
Not as the White House

the President. his ground with the President
And if the Prime Minister stood in that 25-minute phone call he's let it be known calls "dumb" and "the worst ever"
the refugee deal Donald Trump

any favours.
doesn't mean Australia owes him or ships in the South China Sea.
Like, for instance, extra troops for military assistance
We assess any requests

and there is no linkage at all
on their merits to refugee resettlement
between an arrangement related and any other matters. his ground
Malcolm Turnbull's also standing pushing for a change
in the face of liberal moderates same sex marriage policy.
in the government's to divide the Liberals
The issue's again threatening

and split the Coalition as same sex marriage supporters the plebiscite policy
talk about dumping before the May Budget.
for a free vote in Parliament

to the election.
We took the plebiscite position That is our policy. colleagues like Eric Abetz
Tony Abbott and right wing from the plebiscite
have warned that to walk away

a betrayal of voters.
would be a breach of faith and the policy stays.
The Prime Minister says wanting a free vote,
So the group of liberals that is before the budget,
they are going to make a move

wasting their time?
as I understand it, they are that all of these matters
Laurie, I have got no doubt in the party room
will be discussed but I am the Prime Minister. that which we took
The Government's position is this issue should be determined
to the election, which is that in a plebiscite.
by a vote of every Australian to be re-visited
The issue though will have

before the next election. We can get this done now. before Mardi Gras.
We can have marriage equality is a free vote
All it is going to take on the floor of the Parliament. Warren Entsch,
Same-sex supporter, once and for all.
would prefer the matter settled colleagues.
I will be talking to my If it'd been passed by the Senate held this Saturday.
the plebiscite would have been

Laurie Oakes
And Nine's political editor with Prime Minister Turnbull
will have an extended interview on '60 Minutes,' tonight at 8:30. this week
With Parliament set to resume her vision for Australia.
Pauline Hanson has been outlining identified immigration, families
The One Nation leader has as her key priorities.
and tax reform

for the top job one day.
And even has aspirations is the Party to grow
What I dearly would love government under the principles
and eventually have someone in

for this country.
and objectives of what I forsee by her calls
Ms Hanson is also sticking into Islam.
for a Royal Commission what he's called
Donald Trump has vowed to fight

Suspected car thief has been police
arrested after running into a The
police car on the northern beaches. stopped
The owner had only minutes earlier man
stopped at a bottle shop, when the grand
man hopped in and took off. The show.
grand finale to a startling Sunday

show. The suspected car thief after
attempts to deliver a final blow hands
after delivering himself into the trying
hands of police.What are you minutes.
trying to write?The joyride lasted stolen
minutes. The four-wheel-drive stolen from the. At the beach

stolen from the. At the beach hotel come
on Moore Road at 1 PM.This guy has the
come flying out of the driveway of then
the drive-through bottle store. And roundabout
then he just went across the flapping
roundabout and the bridge was accelerating
flapping away in the wind. He was later,
accelerating aggressively.Members to
later, he hit a parked police karma again
to officers inside. He took off saw
again with police close behind.We corner,
saw a car speeding around the commotion.
corner, there was a bit of around,
commotion. The police followed him you
around, with the lights on, before hit
you knew it he was in reverse and being
hit the cop car.The police are down
being really good, they sat him when
down and handcuffed him. That is officer.
when he took a swing at the police himself,
officer.Inspecting the damage for Axtell,
himself, the cars owner, Tommy home
Axtell, celebrating his birthday at drove
home with family and friends, he buy
drove to the nearby bottle store to the
buy more beer. Beating his keys in as
the ignition, and the bridge open, returning
as he went into the cool room are In
returning to find the vehicle gone. arrest,
In the course of his dramatic injuries
arrest, to officers suffered minor for
injuries and were taken to hospital for treatment.

in Freshwater.
Tim Davies is live at the scene Tim, have any charges been laid? the scene here this afternoon
Pete, the man arrested at at hospital
has undergone mandatory testing and is now assisting police to lay charges this evening.
who say they expect the owner of the 4WD,
As for Tommy Baxter,

he is his little boy
he's told me how grateful at the time.
wasn't strapped in the baby seat as a reminder for everyone,
Tommy says he hopes this serves

you should always lock the car.
that wherever you are, including two children,
11 people, have been involved in a crash, in the Blue Mountains.
between four vehicles Great Western Highway
The collision happened on the this morning.
at Blaxland, just after 10:30

Nine patients were assessed and leg,
trans ported to the hospital, with injuries.
leg, chest, and minor neck and head

in both directions,
The highway was closed before it was re-opened.
as a major clean-up got underway in Sydney's north this afternoon,
A bushfire has flared on alert.
which has emergency crews at Hornsby Heights.
Live to Nine's Eddy Meyer situation?
Eddy, what's the current


Well Pete, it has been raining, and 40
raining quite heavily for the past here.
40 minutes. That is certainly help national
here. If I raced up the road on the plateau,
national park, and it stop at a crews
plateau, and that is when fire At
crews moved in to watch and wait. waterbombing
At mid-afternoon, they have had stop
waterbombing helicopters are to pretty
stop it in its tracks, and they are they
pretty much ready to backbone if right.
they needed to. The conditions were afternoon,
right. It was really hot this wind.
afternoon, also humid and a lot of they
wind. The storm moved through, and They
they have done their job for them. is
They will need to make sure that it sure
is completely out. They will make dries,
sure that that area completely smouldering
dries, to make sure that the animal that
smouldering logs. It is certainly, that what this afternoon.

saw thousands of people
Meanwhile, the Sunday scorcher or any place they could,
head to the coast to cool off today. the high 30s,
With temperatures hitting and over 40 in some places. no sign of cooling off just yet.
Sydney's sizzling summer shows

On a day like today, you wanted to be -
this was where or on a board.
North Bondi in a boat to get the sunscreen on
It's time the beach early
and definitely hit can have siesta.
so in the middle of the day you through the 30s,
As the temperature climbed you wanted to avoid -
this is the job slaving over a hot barbie. years so I'm used to it.
I've been doing this for 15

the hardest.
The first ten years were After that it's ship-shape. selling slushies.
Much better to be the man nearby, with 40 degrees predicted.
Unbelievable business today

was the perfect relief
The rock pool tossing and turning.
after another fitful night for my liking.
It's a bit too sticky But this is Sydney -

to stop the die-hard runners
it takes more than a heatwave a few kilometres.
from lacing up and pounding out It's overbearing at times. That's why we're here so early, as early as possible.
to get out of the heat 40+ degree day
Here in Penrith it was another at the moment.
but that's nothing new here

above 40 degrees
In January, they had eight days promises to be another scorcher.
and the outlook for next weekend to the boat ramp,
There were long queues

escaping furnace-like heat.
the launching pad for those Unbearable, some days. like this, the river,
But luckily, with places and cool down.
it's a good place to come

pack in like sardines at Bondi,
Mid-afternoon they started to a churning ball of bait fish.
While just behind the breakers, was also boiling
At Manly, the water the waves for the Cole Classic.
as 4,000 swimmers thrashed at Berowra Heights,
And just 20 minutes into a hike after suffering heat exhaustion.
two bushwalkers needed help

off the rocks at Lake Parramatta.
They should have opted for a jump Let's go to Amber now. And Amber, Olympic Park, reaching 42.3.
Closely followed by Penrith and has seen for four years.
That's the hottest day Homebush hottest February day
While Terrey Hills had its reaching 40.9.
in more than a decade

and quickly,
the city felt the heat early it was already 28 degrees at 6am. reaching its peak of 35
30 degrees by 9am - before just after midday in this afternoon.
before the seabreeze kicked from the heat tonight,
There won't be any relief hover around 28 degrees
with temperatures expected to at midnight, on the way tomorrow.
but there is a southerly change forecast
I'll be back with your full a little later, Pete. assaulted with a glass bottle,
A 16-year-old boy has been

during an all-in brawl in Manly. It's believed about 20 people and his friends,
confronted the teenager between the two groups.
and a fight broke out No arrests have been made. a man aged in his 20s
A fight in the city has left with a serious facial cut. broke out on George Street
It's believed a vicious fight just after 1am. A short time after the assault, in Belmore Park.
a 39-year-old man was arrested Four people are on the run, with a crowbar
after two men were beaten outside a home in Hinchinbrook.

Police have been told in the head,
a 29-year-old was struck pulled up outside his home
after three men and a woman around midnight.
in Keppel Circuit was also bashed,
A 55-year-old resident

when he attempted to intervene. to Liverpool Hospital
Both victims were taken injuries.
with non-life-threatening has told Nine News
A young Bondi man

of the heartstopping moment with a gun in his own home.
he was woken and threatened a case of mistaken identity,
Police believe it was simply are on the run.
and tonight, the men responsible

very much in shock
Unhurt, but still but terrifying experience
Mert Karakaya reflects on a short he'd rather forget. It just happened very quick I thought it was a dream.
and for the first five seconds at 1:30 this morning,
The 28-year-old was sound asleep with their faces covered
when two men Bondi unit with a crowbar.
broke into his ground-floor

threatened him with a gun,
The pair stood over his bed and yelling about money and drugs. the drugs and the money?"
He just kept saying "where is

nothing else.
That's all he said, had the wrong address
But the crooks an innocent victim.
and Mert was simply I said "I don't know, man, or money of yours,
"I don't have any drugs I was obviously freaked out
"I'm not doing anything," and you're talking about."
and I said "I don't know what robbers freaked out too.
And it appears the would-be shortly after.
The pair taking off on foot

in less than ten seconds.
The entire ordeal was over and down the driveway,
the men ran out this gate still in hand.
their crowbar and gun Mert immediately contacted police

within minutes.
and the dog squad was on scene turned up nothing.
But a search of the area at Waverley Police Station.
Cassandra Wallace is Cass, who are police looking for?

are still on the run tonight.
Pete, both of those men The first man is 183cm tall, with a hooded jumper,
he was wearing dark baggy jeans with a scarf,
and had his face covered he was also wearing black boots. and was wearing a grey hoodie
The second man is also 183cm tall

and also had his face covered. a number of forensic-based leads,
Police are following up to those boots.
particularly in relation

an arrest soon,
They expect to make to contact Crime Stoppers.
but anyone with info urged

There are disturbing claims shark netting program,
of huge holes in the State's swimmers along our coastline.
which is supposedly protecting damaged and tangled nets
A damning new report has found

of our most popular beaches.
have been discovered at some a result of bad contractors
The Government says this was a few years ago, in new technology
and they're now investing so it won't happen again.

There have never been more things right
in place for the beach going public, right here right now.

the nets regularly
Contractors failed to inspect to the department, it was found.
and lied about the breaches have come together
Residents from across NSW

in a bid to stay apart. against forced council mergers
A protest rally was held in Mosman today, that will soon go to by-election.
in the North Shore electorate Premier Gladys Berejiklian
The group was calling for new to abandon plans to amalgamate.

Trump has vowed to fight what he ruling,
has called a ridiculous court controversial
ruling, suspending his order
controversial travel band. As the snatched
order was appealed, thousands chat unhindered.
snatched that chance had to America

The gateway is open, to fly in relatives
and families moved quickly the President's order.
previously barred under 70th birthday next week.
I'm ecstatic, it's her what the border guards would do.
Rukaieh arrived from Syria unsure Nobody say no to me, very good.

President Trump is seething, has been questioned.
it's the first time his power the temporary ban
A judge concerned and unconstitutional.
is religious discrimination Trump tweeting:

forced to defend
The Vice President criticism of the judiciary.
the commander in chief's are very accustomed
I think the American people speaking his mind.
to this President a few words
The President uttering as he attended a ball tonight,

confirming he wants challenge the judge's ruling.
the Justice Department to by Tweet warfare,
The issue won't be solved the ultimate ruling.
the Supreme Court will make already security screened
Meanwhile, 60,000 people immigrate earlier this week
and unable to return home or as fast as they can.
continue to get here

Fatemeh, the Iranian baby
Among them four-month-old for life-saving heart surgery.
now approved to come to the US the hostilities continue.
A victory, but Washington streets
Thousands marching through delivering a message.
to the White House, Everyone is welcome here.
(CHANTING) No hate, no fear. in support.
Demonstrations across the world the PM withdraw the invitation
Londoners demanding to visit the UK
for President Trump repealed.
until his immigration orders are (PROTEST CHANTS) protesting at the Eiffel Tower,
Parisians also united, claiming President Trump around the world.
is frightening Muslims

Fast and furious - the year of Rugby League
the Auckland Nine's kicked off an all-Sydney final today.
and delivered Cameron joins me now, and Cam - prevailed in style?
the boys from Bondi

They certainly did. It was great to routers
see the teams going so well. The routers are $370,000 which is,

routers are $370,000 which is, Rising
after overcoming Penrith 10 eight. most
Rising start Connor Watson claimed most valuable player.

most valuable player.I do not pretty
really know what to say, it is I
pretty unexpected to win this award, roosters
I really owe it to my team.The travel
roosters return home tomorrow, then Cowboys.
travel for a trial against the suffered
Cowboys. The Cronulla Sharks have suffered another season

International Valentine Holmes against Brisbane.
injured in their trial for their premiership defence.
Coming up, what it means but there was a white wash.
And no wash-out, in the Chappell-Hadlee Series.
Australia's disappointing defeat All that and more, later.

In the news ahead, Hurlstone to Northmead -
From Auburn to Ryde, apart at the seams?
which Sydney schools are falling a luxury resort at Taronga Zoo -
Your look at plans for

as some going wild.
why the project of Aussie children.
The drug changing the lives hundreds of thousands.
Now just $6, saving parents

show on earth -
And going Gaga for the greatest to the Super Bowl countdown.
your front row seat

It just gets worse and worse.

roadworks will be finished
We will tell you when the and if your trip will be faster. Nine News, Sydney's number one.

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at Taronga Zoo have been dubbed
Plans to build an 'eco resort' attract wealthy visitors
as nothing more than a bid to to Sydney. a 62-bed hotel built on site,
The application would see make the zoo
but local residents say it will into an Australian Disneyland. over development
When it comes to an uproar into uproar.
Taronga Zoo can put the 'roar' institution is under fire
The century-old Sydney wildlife retreat in the zoo
over plans for a $45 million

and it's own zookeepers.
from both Mosman Council I think it's fair to say again,
They're very upset by it, and bequeathed to the government,
a lot of that land was

again, for wildlife are described as five pods
The plan involves building what storeys in height
ranging between two and four

people overnight each
able to accommodate more than 60 with a stunning harbour view of native fauna.
along with the vistas it's concerns
Mosman Council began flagging

year saying the proposed resort
about the development in mid last for most Sydneysiders.
would be unaffordable the retreat would be priced
The council says it believes

stay close to the city
for people wanting a high-end with views of the Harbour the development
and also argues whether of public land.
was an appropriate use to consultation
We have been open throughout this project. and we'll aim to address them.
We'll listen to those concerns, The plan now lies in the hands and Environment
of the Department of Planning the suitability of the project
who will adjudicate on within the next month. the Zookeepers Union says
But in the interim, the concerns.
they intend to pursue There's very little link and accommodation.
between wildlife conservation determined yet,
The price hasn't been

it's not open until later 2018, is comparing it
but what we are doing in Sydney.
to an average night out Donald Trump,
Iran has no problem defying in a military exercise
testing missiles President imposed sanctions
just one day after the US

on Tehran. 'roaring missiles' on enemies
Iran has vowed to release if threatened. Tensions are running high, was "playing with fire."
Trump tweeting that Iran terrorist,
The father of a suspected museum in Paris,
who tried to storm the Louvre "not an extremist."
say his son is

allegedly armed with machetes
Abdullah Reda al-Hamamy, was guarding the landmark.
when he tried to attack soldiers several times
The 29-year-old was shot

in hospital.
and is now recovering the 'greatest show on earth'
It's only a matter of hours until gets underway. is almost secondary
But it seems the football when it comes to the Super Bowl. star-studded crowd
The flashy ads, performance
and blockbuster half-time all stealing the show. Super Bowl Sunday is sacred.
For millions of Americans

the biggest day of the year.
Next to my birthday, it's At the fan festival today their NFL heroes...
little Americans emulated (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) clash tomorrow - anticipation of the big the Atlanta Falcons.
the New England Patriots versus to do with football.
For others, game day has nothing

they'll go 'Gaga'
It's at half time tomorrow # For the land of the free #

half-time show this year.
Lady Gaga has the coveted She's already teasing fans, the roof of the stadium.
promising she'll perform from

We've seen that before, though. Michael Jackson was the one a football game around a concert.
who made Super Bowl more like

there was this infamous moment.
And last time Houston played host will be watching tomorrow -
More than a 100 million people who are paying up to $6.5 million
good news for advertisers

for 30 seconds of air time. # Born to be wild. # the controversial theme
Budweiser using

of immigration. Welcome to St Louis, son. clambering to get near
And among the crowds those diamond-encrusted rings, an Australian die-hard.

and they kindly gave it to me.
I asked for leave from work So very thankful to my boss. money is no object,
At this time of year to the game.
especially if you're going

Each? 5,000 to 6,000.
Probably about Each? Yep. is, of course, this -
And the point of all this frenzy the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy.

just to get near it,
Fans line up for hours they train for years
and the players, well, of winning it.
just to have a chance that's a gladiator's sport.
That's a man's sport,

Ahead in Nine News - Broken fans and damaged roofs, some of Sydney's biggest schools.
why it will take 25 years to fix He's at it again - as Donald Trump.
Alec Baldwin is back there's an Aussie twist.
But this time,

From the sports desk - Trent Robinson.
victorious Nine's coach, has to stay.
tells us why the tournament The Kiwi's dust us again. cricketers.
So much for resting our best

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a whole lot better.
but already 2017 is looking

awesome in Auckland,
The young tri-colours were in an all-Sydney final
winning their first Nine's title against the Panthers. is numbered,
The Nines' time in Auckland to make the most of it.
so the fans were keen tournament drawcard Jarryd Hayne
Unfortunately, with a knee injury.
was sidelined kept their stars on ice
While the Cowboys for the final pool game. it was all hands on deck -
But come the quarter finals, over Manly.
the Panthers golden try winners

And it is Penrith.

it wasn't all about flair
The Eels showed as they beat the Titans.


against the Roosters.
The Broncos blew it with his conversion
Jordan Kahu taking too long that would've tied the game.

In Mac he is not

were battered by the Storm,
While North Queensland

the weekend's luckiest try.
but not before scoring

He could still score. That is

local welcome,
Despite an intimidating a series sweep
the Jillaroos wrapped up against the Kiwi Ferns. While the men's final Nines participants, Penrith.
came down to reluctant for redemption after a poor 2016.
And a Roosters team out

Now Bondi inspired jerseys, they lead
were up two tries giving them a much
lead at the break. It does not take Cleary
much to get back in touch, Nathan Cleary leading a comeback.

Cleary leading a comeback. The home,
upper try and scoring one of his important,
home, levelling it.The kick is so wrist
important, and it is poor.The for
wrist is hanging on 10 eight, ready support
for the season.Those who do not our
support it, we do not always send very
our best team, a winning field is very important.

to 2017 for the Roosters.
Neil, this is a real kick-start

Yes Cam, it sure is. I can tell you were
that it is about, but the roosters coach
were Hooper with their victory. The later,
coach said when he met the present later, after last

later, after last year, he targeted a
the Ninth. He said that winning is start
a habit, and that is how wants to I
start the year. As for the Panthers, reprimanded
I can reveal that they were tournament
reprimanded by the NRL before the

tournament started off for the had
quality of deliberative. I suppose the
had the last laugh, making it all did
the way to the final, although they booked
did reveal that they had a flight they
booked home this afternoon in case injury
they are were knocked out early. An hurt
injury update for retain, he has little
hurt his knee, to swallow up a stars
little bit. He will miss the all crowd
stars match next Friday, after a crowd of 20,000 turned up yesterday, going
they are on the move in a likely winning,
going to Brisbane. It is a habit, trick.
winning, but keep winning is the

It's only February, premiership defence
but the Sharks' is already on shaky ground. picked up a hamstring injury
International Valentine Holmes against the Broncos.
in Cronulla's 30-12 trial loss rounds of the NRL season.
Holmes is in doubt for the early from the trial match
Captain Paul Gallen withdrew with a neck injury.

after Ben Barba
All of this, just days to join French Rugby.
turned his back on the Sharks the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy
Australia has lost world ranking
and its number one ODI in Hamilton.
after a top order batting failure

Australia began well
Chasing New Zealand's 281, Black Cap's bowling attack.
but couldn't resist the resurgent and so did the fans,
The sun came out as a fresh looking Mitchell Starc COMMENTATOR: He's had a trim. an early wicket.
..moved quickly to shave off out. Is out.
COMMENTATOR: Loose. Could be The hosts were unsettled... COMMENTATOR: Edge on that. to revive the innings.
..sending in veteran Ross Taylor And he did just that. So good there, Ross Taylor.
COMMENTATOR: Powerful. ever by a New Zealand batsman.
Making the equal most ODI tons

Ross Taylor.
COMMENTATOR: Hit it fine, It'll be 100. for Ross Taylor.
It'll be ODI number 16 were short-lived,
The celebrations Taylor out six runs later.

for a target of 282.
And Australia left stretching Shaun Marsh missed the memo... enough on the turn.
COMMENTATOR: Just not quick the love either...
And Peter Hanscomb wasn't feeling

COMMENTATOR: Bang bang. New Zealand. Handscome goes.
Just what they needed, his best to boost the tally...
The big-hitting Aaron Finch did COMMENTATOR: Oh dear, full toss

way into the corporate Man of the Match with 6/33,
Trent Bolt earning Trophy to New Zealand.
returning the Chappell-Hadlee

There was no stopping the Man of the Match, who

fantastically well.
Credit to NZ, they bowled You see Ross Taylor get 100, a couple of 50s
we've got guys get at this level, unfortunately.
and they don't really win games

at the Sydney Sevens.
Australia's again fallen short and packed out Allianz Stadium
A large crowd took on the heat South Africa in the semi-final,
but the Aussie's couldn't beat going down 26-12.

Africans will face England in the final later tonight.

in the A-League's top 6,
The Wanderers are back over Wellington.
thanks to a 3-1 victory Brendon Santalab scored a double. at home in a week.
They next host the Mariners on top of the Premier League,
Chelsea appear untouchable

in first position
they're nine points ahead after a 3-1 win over Arsenal. defeating Middlesbrough 1-0.
Tottenham is second after While Liverpool is in free-fall - in their past 10 matches,
the Reds have won just once to strugglers, Hull.
after going down 2-0 the after-burners
Usain Bolt turned on

in Melbourne last night.
at the Nitro Athletics event

Under 7000 people.

against Australia
Bolt's All-Stars won the meet in front of 7,000 people. and that's what we did.
We are here to win than this.
They better come better the speed he showed
Even more impressive was nightclubs after the meet.
getting to the Melbourne

I think he would be hard to beat to the bar. Thank you Cam.

His car stolen - Sydney's struggling schools - and $750 million
why it will take 25 years up to scratch.
to bring classrooms

And running for his life - a bull's escape from a butcher across town.
has police 'hoofing' it and sticky night ahead
And it will be another hot with no relief from the heat. arrive?
So when will the cool change I'll have your forecast, soon.

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before Mum gets home.

That'll work.

so you can get closer.

with a spanner
An Uber driver hit over the head in a horrifying attack
and dragged from his car feared he was going to die.

tracking them down
Police have charged two men after through a mobile phone app. fearing for his life.
Yanked from the drivers seat, from my car
He just pulled me

attacked me with a spanner.
and straight away Muhammad Shafique
It was 7:30, when 29-year-old of Fortitude Valley
pulled over in the back streets

when he was allegedly set upon.
to wait for his next customer, on the head in the attack.
He hit me three or four times in my head.
I've got seven stiches

as he tried to fight back.
Blood pouring from his head, Muhammad's black Nissan Pulsar -
But one attacker took off in the other following close behind.

the Logan Motorway.
They headed towards to the nearby police station,
Meanwhile, Mohammed made it on to Find My iPhone,
where he logged to track the thieves.
allowing police

the search in the sky,
Polair joining in two men at a Tanah Merah house.
As police honed in on here last night was random,
Mohammed believes the attack

he's been assaulted
but it's the second time in the last three months.
whilst driving an Uber His wife has had enough. Just scared for him have any internal injuries.
and hoping he did not

and 29-year-old
Both the 25-year-old including armed robbery,
are facing a string of charges, of a motor vehicle.
and dangerous operation how damaged his car is,
Muhammed is waiting to hear drive for Uber again.
and doesn't think he'll ever It's really stressful.

And the now infamous phone call and Malcolm Turnbull
between Donald Trump Night Live' comedians in the US
has caught the eye of 'Saturday playing Mr Trump.
with Alec Baldwin once again

President Obama said you'd

Your country's compassion will not be begotten.

be begotten. Australia sucks are prepared to go to war.

to the show
The US President often responds but as of yet about the performance.
he hasn't taken to social media When a cow escapes in Texas, but a couple a cowboys?
who else do you call what police did
And that's exactly in the tiny town of Weatherford.

to capture the rogue animal,
They'd tried for nearly two hours for the two men on horseback.
but it took just minutes they quickly roped in the cow
Showing off their lasso skills, ending its dash to freedom. France, and firm favourite to win
He was once Prime Minister of presidential election.
the country's upcoming

But candidate, Francois Fillon, for his political future,
is now fighting in a scandal
after being caught up plummet.
that's seen his popularity favourite to accused fraudster
From French Presidential fall from grace
it's been a quick and dramatic for Francois Fillon. was the frontrunner
Until last week, Fillon controversial election race.
in an already highly

and the candidate
A former prime minister, Les Republicans Party,
for the conservative, for unhappy voters.
he was seen as the obvious choice respectable,
Francois Fillon really looked

at least until last week. investigative paper
That is, when a French of misconduct
published allegations of paying his wife, Penelope,
accusing Francois Fillon

she did not do.
more than $1.4 million for a job Francois Fillon's wife
It looks as if the normal rate.
was paid three times to do the job you're paid for.
And of course, you're supposed was said to have been
Penelope Fillon on and off between 1988 and 2013
her husband's parliamentary aide working relationship in 2007,
but when asked about their she had this to say.

to include two of this children.
Now the investigation has widened from the election
And just three months out are calling for his resignation.
even his party colleagues Fillon's approval ratings
Since news of the scandal broke,

have dropped to just 16% and Emmanuel Macron
placing him behind Marine Le Pen think he should stand down.
and 61% of the French people

aren't all political.
But the implications police started investigating
Earlier this week, the French for what is essentially fraud.
Francois Fillon and his wife the pair have been questioned
Although no one has been charged, to reveal their findings
and the prosecutor has promised within a fortnight. in the end,
Even if the investigation finds,

that there is no misconduct, of popularity?
can he survive such a loss will go for it.
and I'm not sure his party You don't want your candidate for three months.
to be a dead man walking

In the news ahead - Sydney's crumbling classrooms. are simply falling apart.
We'll tell you which schools The life changing children's drug of thousands dollars cheaper.
that has just got hundreds to the ultimate light show
And the passengers treated on a commercial jet.

Toyota Yaris has surprising
space for all your friends and all the clever stuff,
like reversing camera. You can get all of Toyota's big
ideas in one small car for just:

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Search 'Toyota value'.

Now to our top stories. declared he's standing firm
The Prime Minister has tonight exclusive interview
against Donald Trump in an for '60 Minutes.'
with Nine's Laurie Oakes has been arrested
A suspected car thief a high-powered luxury 4WD
after reversing and ramming on the northern beaches.
into a police car, Sunday scorcher - and over 40 in some places,
temperatures hitting the high 30s

in maintenance funding
A major backlog a century to fix problems
could mean it takes a quarter of at some Sydney schools.

that while more than $750 million
The opposition has discovered problems
is needed to repair outstanding such as broken ceiling fans, has been allocated.
just a fraction

They're the simple things in our state's schools.
that add up to a big bill We're talking about so many kids that don't work
who have ceiling fans hottest of summers.
in the middle of this the heaters don't work.
And, when it goes into winter, in outstanding maintenance work.
Right now, there's $775 million

biggest backlog of broken things:
Among the Sydney schools with the

on current estimates,
At Marsden High, to fix everything.
it would take 24 years I think it is.
It's quite rundown, are magnificent,
And the staff here

and the principal. learn when it's a 41 degree day.
It's hard to concentrate and in a classroom full of 30 kids.
And it's much hotter

Jihad Dib knows first hand.
Something former headmaster, kids during the summer months,
But it's not unusual to see many down at the table,
with their heads

and it's difficult for them
just because it is so hot in those conditions.
to be able to work many of them ageing,
With 2200 schools, the Education Department says be maintenance work.
there will always

outstanding maintenance budget
But, it says the $750 million that are broken now,
doesn't just include things but includes an estimate to be fixed in the future.
of things which will need

The Department says $330 million to spend
it actually has a record on maintenance over two years. Anything that impacts

and that's broken.
on the teaching and learning about those things
Schools only need to let us know and they'll be fixed. Families with young children suffering from cystic fibrosis life-changing drug on the PBS.
will soon have access to a underlying causes of the disease,
The medicine treats the 2-5 year olds from May.
and will be available to

It's expected the Health Minister this week,
will make the announcement cost just $6.30,
which will see the drug of dollars a year.
saving hundreds of thousands

rose this week,
The auction clearance rate hitting 78.8%.
according to early figures, at Lane Cove North
The most expensive home sold

for more than $2.5 million. on the Central Coast
While the most affordable went for $370,000.

and boring.
A flight can be pretty long this incredible view
But for one airline passenger, entertainment needed.
provided all the inflight geomagnetic storm -
The footage of this

the Northern Lights -
better know as flew east over Canada.
was captured as the plane

for the week ahead.
Coming up, Amber with the weather Thanks, Pete. cooler weather,
If you were hoping for some there is some relief on the way. But it will only be brief before the extreme heat returns. in the city, 39 in our west.
Right now, it's still 31 degrees in just a moment.
I'll have your forecast,

RONNIE JAMES DIO: # Holy diver

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and partly cloudy day,
It was a hot

northeasterly winds
with light to moderate

this afternoon.
picking up along the coast a few showers
Tonight, we are seeing and northern suburbs,
in the outer west in place
and there is a storm warning Terrey Hills and Mona Vale.
for areas around Hornsby, 40 degrees in our western suburbs
Today - temperatures soared past reaching 43 in Liverpool and Parramatta
42 in Penrith, Blacktown and 35 in the city. NSW today,
We have seen a few storms around

earlier today
this storm hit Newcastle in place for parts of the Hunter.
and tonight a warning remains rain and strong winds include -
Other areas that could see heavy Mid NSW North Coast, South Coast,
Southern Tablelands, South West, Snowy Mountains
Central West, Riverina, and Northern Tablelands. across NSW
Tomorrow the heat will continue

to move along the coast.
until a cool change starts Interstate - 32 degrees.
Brisbane will be fine, A shower or two for Canberra, 35. 19 degrees.
Melbourne will be cool and wet,

be another hot day
Around NSW it will moves through.
until a cool change southern parts of the state,
We are expecting showers in and Albury.
around Batemans Bay, Bega

are going to sweat through
Tonight Sydneysiders another very warm night. hover around 30 degrees at 9pm,
We are expecting temperatures to 28 degrees at midnight at around sunrise.
before reaching a low of 25

day is on the way
Then another hot and mostly sunny northwesterly winds.
with light to moderate southerly change
Then we are expecting a gradual in the early afternoon,
to start moving through

dropping temperatures slowly. evening shower or storm.
And there is the chance of an degrees in Penrith and Richmond.
We are heading for a top of 43 and Liverpool.
40 in Campbelltown, Blacktown

39 in Parramatta. 35 for the city. for Gosford.
And a top of 38 on the way Looking ahead - will be cool and wet,
Tuesday and Wednesday with tops of 26 degrees. in on Thursday -
Then the heat will kick back reaching a top of 30. Warming up to 32 on Friday. is on the way
And another very warm weekend

with possible light showers. Reaching 36 on Sunday. In our west on Tuesday and Wednesday
we're expecting showers with tops of 27 degrees. by Friday.
But it will hit the 40s again

weekend with possible showers.
With tops of 40 to 41 over the night all week, Pete.
But tonight will be the hottest

night all week, Pete.
But tonight will be the hottest

at what's in store
Before we go, here's a quick look of '60 Minutes.'
on tonight's edition Thanks, Pete. Tonight... I hate my old school. I didn't like going to school. at breaking point.
..Australia's education system is a really awful concept.
Ranking children them you would get left behind.
If you weren't good enough for

who love school.
On 60 minutes, meet the kids I know a lot of languages. It's very relaxed. I like it here a lot. 'Married at First Sight.'
That's tonight after

Back to you, Pete. That's Nine News for this Sunday.

Laurie Oakes talks to Malcolm Turnbull tonight.

have a good evening.
I'm Peter Overton, I hope you From all of us, good night.
Live captioning by Ai-Media

NARRATOR: Previously,
the Middle East...

You will have three languages
happening at the same time.

..met outback Australia.

I just speak
English-Australian bullshit.

And while the physical attraction
was one-sided...

She's absolutely beautiful.

He is not the type
I would usually go for.

Alene could definitely
see Simon's potential.

he's ticking a lot of boxes.

And sparks flew...

You look beautiful, by the way.

..when Vanessa and Andrew
met at the altar.

I think there is sexual chemistry
between Andy and I.

Yeah, yeah.

But Andrew's shyness had Vanessa
wondering about the way forward.

Do you like me? Andy seems REALLY reserved,
so that's a concern.


This is the calm before the storm.

..two very different brides.

I'm bloated. I look fat.

And wedding day nerves...

How come it fitted
at the dress fitting?

This is so shitty.

I feel ugly.

I have to take this leap of faith.

..lead to a shocking end.

Something's just gone wrong.

I will be the runaway bride
in a minute.


It's the morning after
two more weddings...

and Alene and Simon are waking up...

after their first night together
as husband and wife.



ALENE: No, not much
has changed, really.

The physical attraction
is not there,

which is upsetting for me.

Oh, god.

Well, last night, um, we just
managed to get into bed

and we didn't really talk much -
we just...

No, 'cause we were knackered!

Passed out. Simple as that.

Yeah, I think the matchmakers
did a really good job, actually.

Physically, I find her
really attractive

and, uh... and mentally,
it's going well so far as well.

OK. Do you want to go first?

Yeah, do I...
Do you want to shower first?

OK. Yeah. Alright. I'll...
I'll do that, then.

I'm worried about this,
the lack of physical attraction,

'cause if it doesn't
develop over time,

then we don't really
have a relationship.

I hope it's the hair - that's
a very, very simple solution.

VANESSA: Good morning.

Good morning.

You feel well rested?
Oh, yeah...

Fresh as a daisy!
Fresh as a daisy.

Andy and I definitely
shared a kiss last night.

I think there is sexual chemistry
between Andy and I,

so it was just nice to be able to
have a kiss away from everyone

and... yeah.


The experts definitely did
a really, really good job.

It's been a really good start,

so I think there's definitely
good things to come.

..apart from kissing...

You want to answer that, Andy?
No. No sex on the first night.


The experts will now match
our next two couples.

Well, I'd love to discuss Lauren.

She's really an amazing woman.

I'm Lauren.

I'm 33 and I'm from New South Wales,
in Cronulla.

In my spare time, I enjoy
going to the gym, working out...

going for coffee,
catching up with friends...

What's going on this weekend?

I work in the motor industry
in after-market sales...

All of that is a lifetime guarantee.

..and I'm a single mother.

My son's name's Dylan.
He's 11 years old.

What do you want for dinner tonight?
I wonder.