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(generated from captions) And you can't leave Temora without
trying one of Brian's tasty pies. You won't regret it. Had an absolutely sensational time, hope you've enjoyed the show and I'll see you real
soon on another Sydney Weekender. Whoa!

Next week, Rose backs a winner. I'm so excited! Oh, my God!

Who won? Who won?

Also, we're on food rescue patrol and it's going to
a really good cause.

And Lynette's hungry
for homewares. Eat until you're beat and
then shop until you drop. Captioned by Ai-Media This program will be captioned
live by Ai-Media Tonight -
a bushfire in Sydney's north, as the city's heatwave
breaks another record. And, it's not over yet. Beaches left exposed when they're meant to be
protected by shark nets. Fighting council mergers - residents and political leaders
gang up on the government. A Wallabies star arrested, in a stand-off with police an officer threatens
to use his taser. One-on-one with Pauline Hanson - why she thinks she
can become Prime Minister. And, is it the year
of the Roosters, after they win the Auckland 9's? VOICE-OVER: Live from
our Sydney headquarters, this is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. Firefighters have scrambled
to a bushfire triggered in today's
extreme heat. The blaze broke out
near Hornsby Heights triggering thick smoke
not far from Somerville Road at Berowra Creek. No people or properties
are under threat at this stage, and light winds
are helping crews from the Rural Fire Service. The emergency came
as weather records fell today with even more expected
to tumble this week. As Sydneysiders struggled
to sleep through another hot summer night, temperatures were still climbing
after midnight. By morning - tens of thousands
had made their way to the water.

Baking at blistering Bondi - thousands took up a spot
on the sand early and settled in
for a Sunday scorcher. We're all on fire -
it was a really hot night. It is extreme.
It's getting extreme. The dedicated
still hit the footpath, and exercised caution. When you exercise,
you don't feel the heat as much. Staying hydrated was a must. The uncomfortable conditions
started overnight. In the city, temperatures
didn't dip below 26. The west also sweated
through the night. The minimum was 23.

Between 1:00 and 2:00
this morning, the temperature actually rose
by two degrees quite abruptly. But you didn't need to be on the
coast to cool down in the water. Wet'n'Wild at Prospect
was overflowing. At 2pm, the temperature
was 42 degrees. Jumping around in the waves
and swimming along in the water. I'd definitely rather live
at the beach, but this is the closest thing. Yeah, stay here all day
in the water. Locals flocked to Lake Parramatta
for some much-needed relief. Animals, too,
were feeling the burn. At Featherdale Wildlife Park, they were beating the heat
with frozen snacks and cool showers. In the whole, I think they
handle it better than we do! Western Sydney has now had eight
40-degree days this summer - that's a new record. But, it's those
in the state's north who are really feeling the heat. Moree is on a sweltering streak, with temperatures
topping 35 degrees every day for the past 41 days. The remainder of Feb -
likely to stay above average if not quite as hot
as the last couple of days. And Natasha Squarey is at Bondi
this evening. Natasha,
is there any sign of relief? Mark, it is on the way, but we need to get through
tonight and most of tomorrow before we see a cool change, so it's likely beaches and
watering holes will remain busy. Around 30,000 people packed Bondi
today, keeping lifesavers busy. Since Christmas Eve there
have been 719 rescues at Bondi. Half were from a rip
in front of the lifesavers tower,

the rip on the southern end
accounting for about a third. The so-called backpackers rip and the northern end rip
made up the rest. And with summer
still packing plenty of punch, lifesavers are pleading
with swimmers to listen to the warnings. And Seven News Meterologist
David Brown joins me now. And Brownie, there's another
scorcher on the way tomorrow? Indeed, Mark. That said, there is some relief
brewing tomorrow night.

At the moment it's a steamy
32 degrees in the city and cloud continues to build.

Convection is underway. We're now tracking
a moderate thunderstorm that developed near Richmond before heading towards
the northern beaches.

It is 39 in Liverpool, Penrith 41, Parramatta 40.

Bondi and Manly, 32. Up the coast at Gosford,
36 degrees. And we're facing another
sleepless night, 31 degrees is expected
in our west at midnight. 29 by 3:00 in the morning. 25 in the city at 6:00. I'll have the week ahead
following sport.

With so many people
heading to the beach, there was an alarming admission
today. A right-to-know investigation
has exposed shark net contractors for failing to repair
damaged nets and in one case
not installing them at all. But the State Government
is still confident that swimmers
are being protected. This is the net that was supposed to be
protecting beachgoers at Manly less than three weeks ago. Twisted, tangled,
with two large holes. And it's not the only one. It's unacceptable,
it is absolutely unacceptable. The State Opposition obtained
internal government documents that reveal serious breaches in the state's
shark meshing program. In recent years, defective nets
were identified at:

Killcare, Macmasters, Copacabana,
North Avoca, Terrigal, The Entrance and Soldiers Beach.

At Shelly Beach in 2014, there was no net at all
for at least a week, offering little comfort
to swimmers today. To enter the water not knowing
whether they're there or not, that's not right. Other breaches include:

A government net inspector
being threatened on board a contractor's boat, Nets being removed without
informing authorities,

And failing to check nets for
trapped marine life and damage within 72 hours, as required. We need an ironclad guarantee
that this has been fixed. After issuing warnings,
docking payments, and in one case, not renewing
an installer's contract, the Government says it is confident that safeguards
are now in place to prevent similar breaches
in future. We will not see a repeat
of this happening again We've installed GPS trackers
on our contractors boats. Critics say get rid of the boats
altogether. We should be putting the money
in to technology that works and the future of shark meshing should really
be called into question. In breaking news, Border Force has made one of the biggest cocaine busts
in Australia's history off the NSW South Coast. Live to Robert Ovadia
who is on Sydney Harbour with this exclusive story. Rob, it's a significant
discovery. This is a huge haul,
and I can assure you, both Border Force and AFP
are extremely satisfied with the result. From what I've been told,
the ship, named Elakha, was intercepted
off the south coast

of New South Wales
in the past couple of days. It has since been towed
to a location here in Sydney Harbour. We have given an undertaking
not to disclose precisely where, since the yacht is now being
used as evidence. What is no longer on board is a
cargo, I'm told, comprising hundreds of kilograms
of cocaine. Investigators had been tracking
movements in the pacific. They suspect the Elakha left
NSW and liaised with another boat in open water,
where the drugs were transferred, before returning toward
the coast. Sources say this operation was
being run by a sophisticated international syndicate. Neither the AFP nor Border Force were willing to confirm on record details of this breaking story
today. I'm told we might learn a little
more in the next few days. Robert Ovadia with that breaking
news, thank you. Nine people
have been taken to hospital following a crash
on the Great Western Highway at Blaxland this afternoon. Paramedics treated 11 people at the scene
of the four-vehicle smash. Two of those taken to hospital
were children. Nine people were assessed and taken to a variety of
hospitals across western Sydney. We've got leg, chest and minor
neck and head injuries. The highway was closed
during the emergency and it took hours for traffic
to start flowing normally again. The new Premier has given protesters
a new opportunity to try to overturn
Sydney council mergers. They made
their voices heard today outside the Neutral Bay
electorate office of retiring
former Health Minister Jillian Skinner. She's quitting politics following a showdown
with the Premier, triggering a by-election. And, those forced amalgamations
are set to be a key issue. Police were there,
the riot squad was on stand-by, but the only threat posed
by this mostly older generation was political. No forced amalgamations! It's like a death
in the family. There were residents from councils that have already
merged, like:

and from councils earmarked. We love our local council
and we want it to stay local. (CHEERING) Almost every Upper House party,
except for the Coalition, supports them. Labor... We need to get this fixed
quickly. ..The Greens... To Premier Gladys Berejiklian,
we will help you fix this. ..also, Fred Nile's
Christian Democrats and the Shooters,
Fishers & Farmers Party. Not only the timing, but the location of this protest
is particularly strategic. It is right in the heart
of the North Shore, normally
a very safe Liberal seat, but soon to undergo a by-election and the people here
want their voices heard. And our candidates
for the by-election will be standing
on that platform as well no forced amalgamations. Among the most vocal, so how does that make any sense? There's an upcoming by-election
there, too, in the seat vacated
by the mergers' architect retired Premier, Mike Baird.

A teenager has been glassed
during a brawl at Manly. It happened on West Esplanade
around 10:00 last night. Police have been told
a fight broke out when a group of 20 people approached the boy
and his friends. That's when the 16-year-old was
hit over the head with a bottle. He was taken to Manly Hospital. Police are still tracking down
those involved. Two men have been attacked
with crowbars in Sydney's south-west. Police have been told,
three men and a woman pulled up outside a home in Hinchinbrook
around midnight. Two men inside the house, aged 29
and 55, approached the car and were struck in the head
with the crowbar. They were both
admitted to Liverpool Hospital. Officers have today
been searching for the four people involved. Power was cut to hundreds
of homes in Sydney's west early this morning when a fire broke out
at a church substation. Emergency crews were called
to the Christian Assembly Hall at Blacktown, around 1am. A fire in the transformer box caused widespread power cuts
in the area. Wallaby Scott Higginbotham
is in trouble after allegedly trying to break
a mate out of a police station.

What has he been accused of doing? Scott Higginbotham has been accused of allegedly threatening the lease at a police station in one of Brisbane's busiest precincts. Look at this, a now deleted Instagram host shows him enjoying a night out with another player. We have been told that he hit a police beat after one of his friends was arrested. We are not sure what happened, we understand that the police drew a Taser and not fire stop Higginbotham will face court. They are aware of an alleged incident involving Scott Higginbotham last night, that statement came after several attempts for us to contact the player, he is possibly facing an integrity unit, this is a very areas police charge.

Donald Trump
has taken to Twitter again, this time to attack a judge for putting a freeze
on his immigration visa ban, the US President
calling the verdict "ridiculous". In the meantime, travellers are making the most
of the opportunity to get into the United States
while they can. The American Government
has now gone to court to try to urgently overturn
the judgement. They're not giving up
without a fight. Demonstrators were today making
sure their voices were heard, not just in America,
but around the world, over President Trump's travel ban from seven,
mainly-Muslim countries. CHANTING: No ban, no wall,
the US is for all. A win for them, with a US Federal Court judge
temporarily blocking the ban. I find that the court
should and will grant the temporary
restraining order. He ruled that Donald Trump's
order is unconstitutional. I have to find it grounded
in facts, as apposed to fiction. I said from the beginning - it is not the loudest voice
that prevails in a courtroom. It's the constitution. Donald Trump attacked the judge
and his decision on Twitter.

His administration
has launched an appeal, but those with visas
have been rushing to airports, trying to get on flights they've been barred from boarding
all week. I'm ecstatic, because it's
her 70th birthday next week and we cancelled everything,
and now she's here. I don't see a 70-year-old woman
on crutches being a threat
to national security. For now,
they're allowed to enter the US, but no-one can say for how long
they'll be allowed to stay.

Pauline Hanson says she has a
plan to make Australia better if she became Prime Minister. Among her reforms, the One Nation leader would
ban religious head coverings, have a Royal Commission
into Islam and make every couple
planning to marry sign a pre-nuptial agreement. The game plan released
as MPs returned to Canberra today for the resumption of Parliament. Returning to Canberra... Thank you very much. ..Pauline Hanson
details an ambitious wish-list for the new year. Will 2017 be the year
of Pauline Hanson? Well, I hope so. One Nation's on the radar. The One Nation leader says under a country she led,
things would change. Foreign companies would be forced
to sell back Australian assets,

there'd be tax incentives
to create jobs, and the GST would be replaced
with a flat-tax rate. In Pauline Hanson's Australia there'd also be compulsory
pre-nuptial agreements to ease pressure on
the Family Court during divorces.

Whatever you have
when you go into a relationship, that is yours. The One Nation leader
would also limit migration,

ban religious face coverings, and set up
a royal commission into Islam, while also introducing
compulsory identity cards.

You prove who you are, you get a card
and then you use that card. But will it ever happen? Senator Hanson's open to the prospect
of being Prime Minister Hanson. I haven't started
a political party to sit on the backbenches
forever and a day. I think there is a place
in the future for One Nation on Government benches. (LAUGHS) I think it's unlikely One Nation
is going to form a government in Australia. What do you say to members
of the Government who laugh at the prospect
of you taking power? The last laugh will be,
you know, on them. There's one policy
that won't have MPs laughing - Senator Hanson says she wants to
cull the number of politicians. That's not something they want to
hear as they return to Canberra, ahead of the first sitting week
of 2017. After a scandal ridden summer, the Government's
looking to the future. But already there's dissent. Moderate MP's are colluding
to push for the Coalition to abandon its policy
of a same-sex marriage plebiscite in favour of a free vote. I've got no doubt all of these
matters will be discussed in the party room. I'm the Prime Minister,
the Government's position is that which we took
to the election. That position was a public vote,
next Saturday.

Hoons let off flares and a young boy
is caught in the mayhem. His mother speaks out -
next, in Seven News. Also, the Sydney schools
in very bad shape. Where are the millions
needed to fix them? The danger from the volcano
that's just roared back to life, the all-Sydney showdown in the Auckland Nines
grand final, and Taronga Zoo's
$45 million addition, and why the local council
is not happy.

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A mother has told how her son
narrowly escaped serious injury when flares were set off
at an A-League soccer match in Melbourne last night. And I said to Cooper, mate,
we've got to get out of here, he's going to throw it again. I grabbed Cooper by the backpack ready to fling him
to the left or the right if the flare came back our way. Witnesses say half a dozen flares
were let off after the match between Melbourne
Victory and Melbourne City at Etihad Stadium. Three men were arrested. We keep hearing
how the state's budget is the best in the nation, but an admission today that our public schools
are missing out. Some are in such bad repair, officials concede
it'll take decades to fix them. The Government's
been forced to reveal the worst-affected schools. And, the bill to fix them -
estimated to be $750 million. A tree branch collapsed
on four students last week at Heathcote High. The Opposition says it's what can happen when school
maintenance is an afterthought. It's simply not good enough. Labor claims there's a massive
school maintenance bill that's being ignored
by the Government. These are unacceptable
learning conditions and they lead
to poorer outcomes. At Marsden Public in West Ryde,
it's a $2.8 million repair bill. It just needs
to be brought up to date, it's far behind
some of the other schools. We're talking about children
sitting in class rooms with busted fans
in the summer heat, busted heaters
in the cold of winter. There's a $775 million
maintenance bill for the state's schools, but Labor says this year only $65 million
has been budgeted to fix it.

Galston Public, Miller Public and Pennant Hills Public all have
million dollar repair jobs, all taking decades to fix
at the current rate.

The worst maintenance problem
is here at Kenthurst Public. The amount of money it receives
from the State Government means it will take 41 years
before the backlog is sorted. But the Education Department
disputes the figures, claiming it will spend
$100 million fixing schools this year. It's the department's
number one priority to invest in our schools for growth and to improve their
condition. Fix the schools, you know
they're our future generation. Iran has carried out
military drills in defiance of new sanctions
imposed by the United States. Iranian-built missiles and radars
were tested during the exercises. Iran's Revolutionary Guard says they were to showcase
the country's power and dismiss the White House's
sanctions. The Trump administration
imposed the sanctions after it was confirmed Iran had
test fired missiles last week. Mexico's Colima volcano
is erupting again, sending ash and smoke 4,000m
above its crater. The eruption caused debris
to rain down in populated areas but residents
haven't been told to leave. The volcano has been increasing
in activity since October, with several powerful explosions
in the past month. Ever wondered how far
a football travels when you throw it in space? Astronauts on the International
Space Station tried it out and it went 500km
in a single pass. They did use some fancy NASA
arithmetic to work it out. It was helped by the zero gravity
on the space station combined with a travelling speed
of 28,000km an hour. It's the Year of the Rooster, but will it much the same
in the NRL? Mel McLaughlin is here now. Mel, it was the Roosters'
lucky day at the Auckland Nines.

They only scraped into the final into the first race. -- first place.

And now they've won
their first Nines title. Young gun Connor Watson
was named the tournament MVP, after leading the Roosters to
victory over the Panthers in the final. But the clubs and the big stars weren't fully committed
on the final day. Johnson, Hayne, Norman, Thurston, all skipped the third morning
at Eden Park. The Panthers say
the Nines is dangerous and want it scrapped altogether. Then they beat Manly
in a golden point quarter-final Can't fingerpoint it but we're all good mates,
all get along, having a great weekend
over here. Semi Radradra took the Eels
past the Titans into the semis COMMENTATOR: Oh, he wants
the try, he's going to get one. The Broncos came from 15-0 down
to trail the Roosters by 1, but Jordan Kahu took too long
with the conversion. COMMENTATOR: He's kicked
it after the buzzer, it is no goal. And despite the freakish feats
of Gideon Gela-Mosby... COMMENTATOR: He's dropped it, he's kicked it,
he could score and he will. ..the favourites, North Queensland,
went down to the Storm. With Corey Norman injured
for their semi-final the Eels lost
a battle of the west to the Panthers 13-0. This is unreal. We didn't plan this
to be honest. The Roosters lost Paul Carter
with an ankle injury and the Storm took the lead into the final minute
of the second semi. But Connor Watson
found an unmarked Bernard Lewis to put the Roosters
into the final. COMMENTATOR:
Nobody in front of him. A Connor Watson
piece of genius.

Watson continued his really and they in the final putting Lewis in the corner. The roosters came back stop but the NRL was spared the embarrassment of giving them the trophy. You celebrating at home? Yes stopI feel like that is the best place for a party right now.

Thinking of
renting out your home online? You'll want to see
what happened to the owner
of this property first. The huge repair bill -
that's next in Seven News. Also - is he a terrorist? The man behind the Louvre attack
in Paris - his family insists he's not. Broadway's biggest show
opens in Australia. Could it be
coming to Sydney next?

tomorrow with rain on the way for
Merimbula, Bega and Batemans Bay. Rain for Cooma and 27, rain
about Jindabyne and Lake Crackenback. Warm with a shower or 2 for Canberra
tomorrow and 35, goulburn 36. Late rain for Nowra, cooler for
Wollongong after today )s heat, 31 the high. Enjoy your night with us on
Prime7 and have a great Monday.


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I thought if I went to sleep I would never wake up.As a kid, she escaped Australia's only husband and wife serial killers.She was brave.As this goes to air it will change everything.The killing began earliertop 'murdered I'm cover -- murder uncovered begins Wednesday.

A warning tonight for anyone putting their property on
the home-sharing website Airbnb after a woman's house
was trashed in Melbourne. The renter advertised
a party on Faceook, with 100 people turning up. Then a brawl broke out
when 40 gatecrashers arrived, armed with weapons. Some fighting has entailed
after that and one of the males
has been taken to hospital with non-life-threatening
injuries. The home costs $161 a night
to rent. The repairs are going to cost
a whole lot more. The suspect in the terror attack
on the Louvre in Paris has been identified
as an Egyptian father. His family claims
he's not a jihadist and is in shock at what happened. Investigators are yet
to interview him. Abdullah Reda al-Hamahmy
is a father of one with a pregnant wife who left his family
to commit an act of terror. The 29-year-old attacked troops
with a machete before being shot
five times in the stomach. His father is a former high-ranking
Egyptian police general. TRANSLATOR:
I was looking at Facebook. It said my son was the one
who carried out the attack. I felt shocked
and couldn't believe it was him. al-Hamahmy is no longer critical, but has not yet been questioned
by investigators. His family refuses to believe
he was radicalised and claims
there has been a cover-up. TRANSLATOR:
I find it incomprehensible that a young man on his way
to commit a terrorist act only has a knife with him. All we want is the truth so we can reach
a sense of peace. But shortly before the attack,
al-Hamahmy tweeted in Arabic, saying:

Other tweets mentioned
the Islamic State. The museum is once again
open to the public, the long queues at its entrance
a sign that many tourists won't let the terror threat
alter their plans. He was just a terrorist
with knives, so yeah, it wasn't that big a deal. I'm not worried because I know that France
is a strong country and I know that the armed men
make me feel secure. Paris was already on high alert with police and soldiers making
regular patrols around landmarks, shopping centres
and train stations. Their swift response to
this incident has been praised, amid fears of more
lone wolf-style attacks. The highly-awarded
Broadway musical that's claimed to be
the funniest of all time has opened in Australia. 'The Book of Mormon'
premiered in Melbourne last night to rave reviews, and now
it could be coming to Sydney. It's a little risque,
but it's incredibly funny. 'South Park' creators
Trey Parker and Matt Stone wrote the show -
they'd now like to bring it here. As we go to air this evening a Guinness World Record attempt
is underway at Fairfield as part of the Vietnamese
New Year celebrations. The crowd is trying to make
their mark in the record books by being the largest gathering of people
wearing Asian conical hats. An adjudicator is onsite to officially review
and certify the attempt. 1,000 people need to be present
for the record to be broken. Home invaders threaten residents
with a gun. Next, the manhunt
for the armed intruders who left a vital clue. Taronga's $45 million
expansion plan - but it's not for the animals. Final preparations for one of the biggest TV shows
on Earth. On the weather front, the severe heatwave
is running out of steam - details soon.

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Two people have been threatened
with a firearm during a home invasion at
North Bondi early this morning. Two men entered the property
just before 2am and threatened residents
with a gun. They ransacked the home
but left empty-handed. Police want to hear from anyone who may have seen two men
wearing hoodies in the area. They would have stood out, wearing the jumpers
in last night's heat. Taronga Zoo is in a battle to get a new multi-million-dollar
development approved. The sticking point
is with the local council, because the project
would house humans, not animals. But a Taronga spokesman
has told Seven News they're confident
the luxury resort will be built. It's got one of the world's
best waterfront views. Now, Taronga Zoo's been accused
of exploiting it for those who can afford a room
in a luxury eco-resort. The $45 million, five-storey,
62-bed complex would be built here on land originally intended
for animals. The people will come along
to those experiences. There's a whole suite
of tours and activities that people can sign up for. Many staff, including keepers, have voiced their opposition
to the plan. Certainly,
it's hard to find a link between wildlife conservation
and five-star accommodation. The high-end resort has also outraged
animal rights campaigners. We see the rise of these types
of developments in Vietnam, but I thought Australia
was moving away from these types of practices. Animal activists say
it's hard to see how this luxury resort fits
with the primary aims of a zoo which are animal display,
research, breeding, and raising awareness
about conservation. A report into the project
found it will be aimed at wealthy tourists, weddings,
corporate and business events. Mosman Council has lodged
its objection to the resort along with many locals. The state significance
of Taronga Zoo means Planning New South Wales
will make the final call. But the Zoo's spokesman told us
it's a done deal, with work due to start this year,
and the resort opening in 2018. Well, if it is a done deal, certainly, we'll be calling on
the minister. Taronga Zoo has
1.8 million visitors a year, though it seems only
the richest few will be able to afford
this animal attraction.

A punter has put
a million-dollar bet on the Atlanta Falcons to win tomorrow's
American football Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. Betting agencies, though, have the Patriots
as clear favourites for the showdown
in Houston, Texas, which you can see live
here on Seven. It's the game
that unites the country, But America is still divided
on who will take home the trophy. (SHOUTING) The countdown is on
for the Super Bowl kick off, and the celebrations
have already started for what is the biggest event on the American
sporting calendar. Football is bigger than God,
here. It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing. 70,000 people will pack
NRG Stadium to watch the Atlanta Falcons
take on the New England Patriots. Star quarterback Tom Brady will be vying for his fifth
Super Bowl title. And for the families
of those playing, it will be a nail-biting day.

It is a big deal to have your kids play in it, it is very exciting.

John's son Ben Garland will be
playing his second Super Bowl, this time for the Falcons. Who's going to win?
The Falcons! For those that can't make
it to the game, this is the next best thing - a week of Super Bowl celebrations
here in Houston. Another 100 million will tune in
from home to watch the game and multimillion dollar
advertisements. Some light-hearted,
others packing a political punch.

You are not wanted here.

And a half-time show
to rival the game itself. It will be very special because I know I have been
planning this since I was four. And you can watch the Super Bowl
here on Seven tomorrow. Coverage begins
straight after 'Sunrise', from 10am. From reporting on the homeless
to joining them - the former Sydney newsreader
who once had it all. Now he's living
a very different lifestyle. Don't miss that story soon
on Seven News. Plus, what's got Mariah
flaming mad? Her very fiery message
for James Packer.

But now, Mel's back with sport, and a lot going on today, and plenty of numbers
to remember. Auckland Nines, Rugby Sevens,
6 Nations, Bathurst 12 Hour, plus a whole lot more
coming up next. As the Roosters celebrate
their first piece of silverware for the year, will it be a good omen
for the season? And no joy for Australia,


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She escaped Australia's only
husband-and-wife serial killers.

And has never spoken. Now she does. The cop speaks out, the serial killers son speaks out stop when 'Murder Uncovered' goes to air, everything will be revealed.

The Roosters say they always
planned to win the Auckland Nines after beating Penrith
to claim the title today. We cross live to our chief Rugby League
reporter, Josh Massoud, who is in Auckland, and Josh, it's certainly a very
different start to the year for the boys from Bondi?

Mel, 12 months ago, the roosters were in damage control, they had many injuries, one of their players missed the first eight weeks of the season. They are now the inaugural Auckland Nines champions. We should have known because it is the year of the rooster. They got into the final and got the chocolate. Their coach will have to admit that it was a shot in the arm that the club needed.Winning is a habit, so we wanted to get back into it fairly quickly. So we did that, we landed on the line a bit... Teams that have done well in the nines do well in the season.When the grand final is on you have good good good to be there.Perhaps the biggest thing for the roosters is that they have come through injury free. The biggest injury concern over the weekend that the premiers the Sharks have had a hamstring injury, it is possibly serious enough to keep one of their players out for 12 weeks. That is a disaster for Cronulla, because he will have two replace Ben Barba at fullback.

Another sellout crowed
packed Allianz Stadium for the final day
of the Rugby Sevens. Crowds have embraced
the fancy-dress theme for the World Series event. Australia bowed out
in the semifinals this afternoon. World number one, South Africa, took advantage
of two simultaneous sin bins to win the match 26-10. South Africa will face England
in the final after they beat New Zealand
in the other semi. England were headed for defeat
against France in the opening round
of Rugby's 6 Nations when NRL convert Ben Te'o
saved the day for Eddie Jones's team. Te'o's try,
with 10 minutes to go, gave the defending champions
a 19-16 win at Twickenham. The Wanderers are back
in the A-League's top six after last night's 3-1 win
over the Wellington Phoenix. Brendon Santalab double-sealed Western Sydney's
fourth win of the season. COMMENTATOR: Santalab's the man
with the dagger driven deep into the heart. The Melbourne Derby erupted
in chaos in the second half
at Etihad Stadium. Besart Berisha
had a penalty stopped, then City hit the front
through a lucky deflection. Berisha's equaliser for Victory
earnt an alleged racial tirade from City goalkeeper,
Dean Bouzanis. The Albanian was also involved
in a controversial winner for Victory, and Tim Cahill was sent off
without even entering the pitch after protesting the goal. Chelsea are nine points clear at the top
of the Premier League table after a 3-1 win over Arsenal. COMMENTATOR: And that
has gone all the way and scored
a beautiful, beautiful goal. Tottenham are outright second. Harry Kane's penalty gave Spurs
a 1-0 win over Middlesbrough. Liverpool's terrible recent form
continued, with a shock 2-0 loss
to Hull City. And Everton beat Bournemouth 6-3
in a nine-goal feast. Australia have surrendered
the Chappell-Hadlee trophy to New Zealand. Ross Taylor's century
put the Black Caps in charge in Game 3 in Hamilton today. Australia were set 282 to win. COMMENTATOR:
That's glorious man. That has gone a long way back. So easily struck -
that is a statement. Stand-in captain Aaron Finch
threw it away on 56. And Peter Hanscomb, Glenn Maxwell
and James Faulkner all made ducks. Mitchell Starc
and Pat Cummins combined to give Australia some hope, but Trent Boult took 6/33 to give New Zealand a 24-run
victory and 2-0 series win.

Nitro Athletics was developed
to liven up the sport, and if night 1 is any indication,
it's working. Usain Bolt wowed the crowd
in Melbourne last night, before making
an equally fast dash to the dance floor
to party the night away. Usain Bolt's night
started and ended with dancing. It is the most familiar pose
in sport, isn't it? But there isn't too much familiar
about Nitro Athletics. Wow, 100 points coming up. Team Australia
took out the medley relay. We had to let you guys
win something. And the Aussies weren't done. Up next was a race
with no finish line. The three-minute challenge, where athletes run
as far as they can until the clock hits zero. LaCaze and Mathews
collect the lot. Luke Mathews and Gen LaCaze
produced a winning combination with mixed reviews. That was horrible. Teams from New Zealand,
England, Japan and China also took on the Bolt All-Stars, who really found their groove
in the sprinting. Clean start,
Powell got away pretty well. He's starting to assert himself.
Powell does it brilliantly. We have the greatest team here, and we just want to make sure
we get back on top. Michelle Jenneke did her jig
before winning the 100m hurdles, but the best
was saved until last. Usain's off, first time we've ever seen him
run in Australia. Bolt's All-Stars won the relay, and claimed
overall night one honours. We let you guys win earlier
so you had hope, and then we took it back. He then headed to Crown
for a spot of DJ'ing at Club 23. (MUSIC) But Bolt will be back
for night two on Thursday, live and free on Seven. Australia's Davis Cup team
is already plotting revenge on the United States. Jordan Thompson sealed a 4-1 win
over the Czech Republic at Kooyong, setting up a home quarterfinal
against the Americans in April. Going to be a tough match up. We lost to them last year -
we'd like to get some revenge, but you know, it's going to be a step up
from this tie, for sure. Would you like to see Bernie
come back in? Oh, we'll wait and see
how it all plays out. Bernard Tomic made himself unavailable
for this weekend's tie. There were millions of dollars
damage done at Mount Panorama today. 21 cars didn't finish
the Bathurst 12 Hour, but there were familiar faces
on top of the podium. From V8 Supercars
to a Ferrari 488 GT3, Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup
were victorious with Finnish teammate
Toni Vilander. We appreciate them allowing us
to come along for the ride. I guess we had
beginner's luck today. Lowndes and Whincup have
10 Bathurst 1000s between them, and now three 12 Hour titles.

The Nitro Athletics look like heaps of fun. There are two more days of it. More good times. It is not the first time that we have given a story about someone living in their car. I got

but this time,
it's a deliberate decision. He's a former newsreader who is now living
the life of the homeless that he once reported on. Life on the streets is tough. John Lloyd-Green
has filed many stories in his time as a journalist about the experience of those without a roof
over their shoulders. Another place to sleep
for the homeless youngsters is the clothing bin. I was doing a job that seemed to be so envious
in everybody else's eyes. But now the former newsreader
is living in a car, and on $12 a day, enjoying million-dollar views without the hefty
real estate price tag. Rent - John didn't exactly
choose the simpler life, but falling out of work, failed relationships
and family sacrifices made him
rethink his living arrangements. There have been times when you think,
"is there any way back?" Unlike many others he shares
the park with after hours, he's now working part-time
as a bus driver. According to the City of Sydney, almost 400 people
were sleeping on the streets in August last year. There are a lot more people
doing this than people imagine. John is now writing poems
and songs inspired by his
nomadic lifestyle... You can be a lot of things and enjoy this harbour
as much as anybody. ..and keeping the hope that
one day his luck will improve.

Coming up in Seven News - Mariah Carey's
explosive new music video. What's the message she's sending
to her ex, James Packer? And, this current heatwave
is drawing to a close. But wait, it's coming back. Your forecast
for the week ahead is next.

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Claiming to be a struggling single mum whilst creating a million- dollar empire out of public housing. How much money did you defraud? They are cheating people in need. Exclusively on Seven News.

Tonight's Seven News headlines - Emergency services are warning us to be prepared for more extremely
hot weather this week, after Sydney sweltered through another day
of record-breaking heat. We've exclusively revealed Border Force
and Australian Federal Police have made one of the country's
biggest ever drug busts. They intercepted a boat
off the NSW South Coast allegedly carrying
hundreds of kilograms of cocaine. Pauline Hanson says has released
her plan to fix Australia. She'd ban
religious head coverings and have a Royal Commission
into Islam. Wallabies star,
Scott Higginbotham, has been charged
with assaulting officers inside a Brisbane station. And the Roosters are celebrating after beating Penrith
in the Auckland Nines final.

Mariah Carey
has channelled her fury over break-up
with James Packer into a new music video. We're told this is her burning
the $250,000 dress she'd planned to marry him in. Her break up song 'I Don't'
made it's debut yesterday. The 46-year-old
using the new single to make her feelings over the end of her relationship
with the billionaire very clear. Now here's David Brown with the latest
on today's scorcher. Thanks, Fergo. It's another hot evening
across Sydney. Having said that,
there is some relief on the way.

Today's top
was just shy of 35 degrees following our warmest
February night in six years. And we're facing
another sleepless night tonight. Across the suburbs,
the mercury cracked the low 40s across most of Sydney. Bankstown top-scored
with 43 degrees. It was 10 degrees cooler
in the Blue Mountains. At the moment,
it's 35 at Gosford. Liverpool, 39. Cronulla, 34 degrees. From our weather eye in the sky,
sultry north-easterly winds are running
along the coastal fringe. To the south, a thundery change
is sweeping across Victoria. The tail end of this system
will bring cooler air our way tomorrow evening, as a strong southerly
powers up the coast. Showers and thunderstorm
should follow. Interstate - it's another sunny day
in Brisbane - 32 degrees. Melbourne, clearing rain
and only 19. Perth, sunny and 32. Statewide, a strong wind warning
is current for all coastal waters
south of Wooli tomorrow, including Sydney closed waters. Showers and local thunderstorms
in the south - near this trough. Isolated thunderstorms
are possible about the Central
and Northern Ranges. Closer in - hot overnight. Another very hot day
is on the way. Slight chance
of a thundery shower in the evening. Mid-40s in the west. Along the coast,
a strong wind warning is current for a southerly to 30 knots
developing in the evening.

Rough seas will follow this cool change.

In the city,
it's another hot night and a sultry day. Top, 35 degrees - a southerly bluster
surging through this time tomorrow. A few showers
should follow overnight. Looking further ahead - cooler Tuesday - showers, local thunderstorms
and 26 degrees. A few more showers Wednesday. Fine and warmer Thursday. The extreme heat returns
for the weekend.

But we can look forward to the cool southerly change. That's Seven News for this Sunday. From all the team have a great night. Live captioning by Ai- Media$$NEWLINE

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