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any person could be a courier, any age could be a courier.

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Tonight - backflip and blocked.

More Trump turmoil

tangles Australia
in diplomatic confusion.

Terror, in Paris, again.

One of the world's most famous
landmarks targeted in an attack.

Two young nippers
make a gruesome discovery

during an early morning surf
carnival at Coogee.

The legal fight over the
Green/Mundine boxing match.

Why the rage from the ring looks
set to head to the courtroom.

And the promised school building
boom - has it been delivered?

The critics giving the
Government's report card a fail.

VOICE-OVER: Live from
our Sydney headquarters,

this is Seven News
with Michael Usher.

Good Evening.

The chaos in Washington
continues tonight,

with a nationwide suspension of
Donald Trump's immigration ban,

ordered by a judge.

It happened as
further confusion was cast

over our refugee deal
with the United States,

with the President now praising

Malcolm Turnbull's handling
of the diplomatic standoff.

Success in the US -

Joe Hockey seemingly promoted

after his sit down meeting
with two senior Trump advisors.

Chief of Staff
and Chief Strategist

did meet with
the Prime Minister yesterday.

I think they had a very productive.

Ambassador, thank you,
I appreciate the correction.

No correction on this...

Prime Minister Trumble,
Prime Minister Trumble,

Prime Minister Trumble. the White House
Press Secretary

stumbled through another day
discussing the Land Down Under.

We have a tremendous amount
of respect

for the people of Australia,
for Prime Minister Trumble.

The President tried to recover
on social media,

thanking Malcolm Turnbull
for "telling the truth"

about the "very civil

"that fake news media
lied about."

Even as late night television
continued to poke fun

at the apparently hostile phone
call last weekend.


Look, Mr Prime Minister
of Australia,

we're not going to take
your stupid refugees.

Back home, the issue
of the refugee deal

remains a serious one,

with news
US Immigration officials

have postponed interviews in
some offshore detention centres

and banned diplomats from
going to Nauru and Manus Island.

Raising concerns Washington's

intentionally stalling progress
on the deal.

We have no US deal

about resettlement from Manus
and Nauru.

My understanding is
that interviewing and vetting

is still taking place.

We're going to honour
the commitments

we've made in some way.

Adding to the chaos
and confusion,

late today US Federal Judge
James L Robart

granted a nationwide restraining

blocking the President's
immigration ban.

But the White House issued
a swift counter move,

announcing the Justice department
would file an emergency motion

to stop the judge's order
taking effect.

I will never forget
that my responsibility

is to keep you,
the American people,

safe and free.

Police are trying to identify
a man's body

found during an early morning
surf carnival at Coogee.

Tom Sacre is at Coogee.

Tom, two young nippers
made the gruesome discovery?

That's right, Michael,

what was meant to be a fun
and enjoyable day in the surf

came to a screaming halt for
2 young girls aged 9 and 13,

after they found the deceased man
on the rocks

here at the northern end
of Coogee,

just after 7am this morning.

Police say the death is not
being treated as suspicious,

initial investigations

suggest the body washed up
onto the rocks overnight.

Coogee Surf Club

will be providing the two girls
with counselling.

I have personally spoken
with the girls,

and with their parents,
and shared with them

exactly the kind of services
that will be provided,

both today and over the coming
days and weeks, as necessary,

to make sure they're back on
track as soon as possible.

Police rescue recovered
the body around 9am this morning,

as the Coogee Surf Carnival

Police will now try and determine
who the man is, and how he died.

Anyone with information should
call Crime Stoppers, Michael.

OK, thank you.

A young woman has
suspected spinal injuries

after falling down rocks
at the popular Mermaid Pools,

south of Sydney.

The ambulance chopper winched her
from the Tahmoor swimming hole

just after 4pm this afternoon.

A 27-year-old man drowned
in the waterway in December.

A truck driver has been fined

and his vehicle taken
off the road

after police discovered
the engine control software

had been tampered with.

Allowing it to travel 60 km over the speed limit.

Police say this truck
could exceed that speed

by almost 60km/h.

A giant tipper truck,
built for power,

but tampered with for speed.

To earn more money,
simply to earn more money,

speed and greed, these are
the things that drive it.

Police yesterday pulled it over
for a random check,

and allegedly found
its speed limiter

had been wound up.

By law, trucks' computers limit
them to 100km/h.

This one had been hacked
to allow speeds of up to 159km/h.

And with a speed like that,
in a heavy braking situation,

that truck is certainly out
of control,

causing a serious injury,
or even a fatal crash.

Seven News can reveal

the truck carries loads
from the Westconnex project.

Transporting heavy loads

from sites close to the city
out to near Penrith,

where the truck
was booked yesterday.

The police have red defected
that truck,

parked it by the side
of the road

to make sure
they can't operate any further.

Over five years,

police have pulled over and
checked nearly 600,000 trucks,

and when they've
downloaded engine data,

police have found around
13 percent of drivers

or companies doing
the wrong thing.

Very disappointing,

unfortunately there's
still some cowboys out there.

There were more
random checks today,

until these officers
were called to a nearby crash

at Horsley Park.

The truckies licence
had allegedly expired,

a 14-year-old boy's leg
was broken.

Standard fare for those in the joint traffic for task Force stock.

They're scenes which have become
all too familiar in France.

Police are raiding homes
across Paris,

following an attack

at one of the city's
most recognised landmarks.

Authorities say they're already
doing everything they can

to keep tourists safe,

after a knife wielding terrorist
was shot outside the Louvre.

On a flight of stairs underneath
the Louvre in Paris,

soldiers stand over a man
they've just shot.

Above them,

the most famous art museum
in the world is in lockdown.

Minutes before, the attacker
had charged at the troops

with a machete in each hand -
screaming Allahu Akbar.

It's believed he managed
to injure one

before they opened fire
hitting him several times.

"There were shots,"
this man said.

"It was scary."

"I saw people falling."


Across Paris, heavily armed
police storm homes and businesses

searching for anyone involved

in what the nation's President
called, "a terror attack."

Covered in body armour
and with assault rifles in hand,

they're taking no chances.

Just a few kilometres away,

the knife wielding attacker
lies in hospital.

Authorities have confirmed

he's a 29-year-old
Egyptian national,

who arrived in France
a few days ago.

He was granted entry
to the country

after obtaining
a tourist visa in Dubai.

Just hours after landing in Paris

it's believed he bought

the weapons he would use
in the attack.

is under control.

But the threat remains.

This is why we have mobilised
forces and will continue to do

so for as long as necessary.

The Australian Government
is urging tourists

to exercise a high degree of
caution when visiting the nation.

French police are calling
the operation

a triumph for security forces.

But those who live in the city

are tonight wondering
if anything can be done

to stop these lone-wolf attacks.

Hugh Whitfeld is in Paris
for us tonight.

Hello Hugh, has the Louvre
reopened yet?

The Louvre will reopen here
in a few hours,

amid what was already
tight security.

France has been under
a state of emergency

since the November 13 attacks
in 2015,

more than a year.

That's why soldiers were
on patrol here yesterday.

They'll be back here today,

and at other major tourist
landmarks and public buildings.

It's a strategy that yesterday
prevented a much larger attack,

as this country deals with

what seems like
a never-ending terror threat.

Thanks, Hugh.

The fight between Danny Green
and Anthony Mundine

could end up in court,

as a clash between Foxtel
and boxing fans,

who streamed the bout
free on Facebook.

The cable company potentially
lost millions

over the hyped clash,
which has ended in controversy.

It raged in the ring last night,

and the fight continued
on camera today.

I was a better fighter.

But I still won the fight.

In front of 28,000 fans
at Adelaide Oval,

the official winner
was awarded on points.


The West Australian squared
his 2006 loss to Anthony Mundine

in a split decision.

It's nothing to do with revenge.

I want to say to Australia,

this has nothing
to do with black or white.

This is a fight.

A nasty fight, too.


A cheap shot from Mundine
threatened to end it early,

but Green says he could not risk
a round one shutdown.

There would have been a riot

in the pubs and clubs

The two slugged on
for ten brutal rounds.

The judges' midnight decision
hit fans hard.

Absolute disgrace.

Robbery, robbery, robbery.

He was robbed.

Acknowledging his
Australian heritage,

but not our national anthem.


Mundine entered the ring to boos
and left bitter.

People know in their hearts
that watched the fight,

that was there,
that witnessed the fight,

who was the better man.

The retirement nest egg
for each man

is roughly $6 million each.

From 28,000 ticket sales
here at the Adelaide Oval,

and several thousand pays per
view on Foxtel.

The audience, however,
was much, much bigger than that.

While Foxtel viewers
paid $60 to watch,

Brett Hevers and many others
broadcast it free on Facebook.

They just came across
a livestream and thought,

"I do want to watch that,
but I don't to buy it,

"so I'm going to watch it here
for free."

Foxtel put up a legal warning
before the fight,

but lawyers say the law
hasn't kept up with technology.

My view of it at
this particular stage,

is it's certainly a grey area.

It seems the fight
is not over yet.

Two men have faced court charged
over an assault at Croydon Park.

Police say the pair

were passengers in a car
being driven by a third man.

They're accused of attacking
the driver when he pulled over

around 10pm, stealing his phone
and driving off.

The suspects were arrested
a short time later

and charged with aggravated
robbery and grievous bodily harm.

The driver was taken
to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

There was a close call for residents near Camden, this afternoon, a grass fire broke out just after 2 PM. Flames licking the side of a glasshouse. It took 35 firefighters more than an hour to contain the blaze.

We're being promised
a school building boom,

but critics
are already casting doubt.

The Education Minister claims
a dozen schools will be built

every twelve months,
to cope with demand.

But the Opposition says
some communities

are still waiting for schools
promised years ago.

This is where
the new Wentworth Point school

is supposed to be.

It was promised by the former premier, over five years ago.

But the local community
is still waiting.

This is proof the government
will promise anything

but deliver nothing
when it comes to schools.

Despite building just 12 schools
in 6 years,

the state government is now
promising 12 schools each year,

to cope with growing demand.

A third of the state's campuses
are already full,

or over capacity.

And the problem is only getting
worse as the population booms.

New South Wales will have an
extra 172,000 students by 2031,

requiring 230 new schools to be
built - that's 15 each year.

This is a big challenge, and
it's going to take a long time.

Money has already been allocated
for ten new schools statewide -

including in the Inner city,
Parramatta, Crows Nest,

Ryde, Kellyville and Hawkesbury.

It's not just the public sector -

new private schools
will be needed as well.

And the Government's vowing

to streamline the approval
process for future sites.

The latest planning policy

also calls for
more efficient designs,

such as multi-storey,
high-rise classrooms.

And shared use facilities
with local councils,

including halls
and sports fields.

We will need to monitor it closely, over the next few years, to ensure it is delivered.

An Auditor-General's report,
due later this year,

will reveal the extent of
the overcrowding crisis.

A sporting revolution has swept
Australia in the past 24 hours,

with an incredible response
to the first game

of the Women's AFL competition.

Almost one million people

tuned in
to watch the debut match,

as Carlton took on Collingwood
in Melbourne.

And almost 25,000 fans
packed out Princes Park.

The game proving so popular,
2,000 people were locked out

once the ground reached capacity,
taking the AFL chief by surprise.

Thank you for coming
and apologises,

it's not what we wanted,
and I hope you understand.

Greater Western Sydney are playing their first match against the crows, in Adelaide.

Let's get a check of the weather
with Angie Asimus now.

Hello Angie, hot and humid today?

Michael, good evening.

Yes, it was
particularly uncomfortable

in the early hours
of this morning.

At midnight,
it was still 24 degrees,

with 83 per cent humidity.

By 5am, the temperature
had dropped slightly,

but humidity peaked at
87 per cent.

And we'd reached
a steamy 30 degrees by 1pm.

Tomorrow, intense heat
from inland Australia

edges even closer to the coast.

We will see temperatures in
the 40s for some Sydney suburbs.

That sets us up
for another restless night.

It's still 27 degrees
in the city now.

I'll tell where tomorrow's
hot spots will be

a little later, Michael.

Pyrmont residents were woken
by an early morning street brawl.

Next, how a skipped taxi fare
ended with two women and police

covered in capsicum spray.

What one of the world's
most notorious former fugitives

is demanding,
now he's behind bars.

Plus Kylie Minogue
breaks her silence

over her relationship status.

And why the wild horses
of the Snowy Mountains

have been dragged
into public debate.

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Two women have been charged
with assaulting police

after a bizarre brawl in Pyrmont.

They'd apparently failed
to pay for a taxi

and were harassing passers by

before being subdued
by up to ten officers,

one of who was accidentally
capsicum sprayed.


It's almost 4:00 in the morning,

and residents on Harris Street
are woken by this:


It was so loud,

like I think everyone heard it,
it was just crazy.

Security video shows a woman
fighting with two police officers

before being pushed
to the ground.

I don't know if the police
punched her first,

or who punched first.

But then the policeman
punched the girl.

She gets back up, but
is soon on the pavement again.

She was taking off her clothes

and really started
fighting them.

One officer walks away,
holding his right eye.

He'd been capsicum sprayed.

Putting some water,

like I don't know, to heal
or not feel the pain.

A second woman is handcuffed
to a pole 20m away.

Moments before the situation
got out of hand,

the women were seen
getting out of a taxi

and arguing with the driver -
refusing to pay the fair.

Oncoming cars had to dodge them

as they started brawling
in the middle of the road.

They were treated by paramedics
at the scene.

Both have been charged

with assaulting police
and resisting arrest.

They'll face court
later this month.

He was once one of the world's
most wanted men -

the Mexican drug lord

who'd managed to escape twice
from jail.

Now back in custody
and on trial in the US,

Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman
is complaining about conditions

inside a maximum security prison,
and demanding marital visits.

In a presidential-sized

drug kingpin Joaquin Guzman
was sped

from his high-security jail
to a federal courthouse

in Brooklyn.

Better known as El Chapo,

he was secretly flown
from a Mexican jail

to the US two weeks ago,

accused of importing
more than 200 tonnes of cocaine

into America.

Phone calls to arrange
an interview

with Hollywood actor Sean Penn

helped Mexican authorities
recapture El Chapo.

His wife was in court today
to see him for the first time

since he was moved.

El Chapo complained about being
in solitary confinement

23 hours a day. No family visits.
No phone calls.

It's extremely restrictive.

We believe
he should be allowed permission

to eventually visit
with his wife,

to make phone calls
to our office

without further restrictions.

But prosecutors insist
the security is necessary,

citing his two prison escapes
in Mexico,

the last through a tunnel,

and the potential
to kill witnesses.

If El Chapo Guzman
gives the order

for those individuals
to be killed

they will be killed.

The judge agreed
the extra security was needed,

with the US determined
to make sure El Chapo

doesn't escape again.

Kylie Minogue has confirmed
she's single again,

after ending her engagement with
actor Joshua Sasse.

The popstar announced the news in
an Instagram post,

telling her fans,

News of the break-up
was first reported

in the British
tabloids yesterday,

with claims 48-year-old Minogue

ordered 29-year-old Sasse
out of their London apartment.

There's been no comment

on rumours Minogue suspected
her fiance was having an affair

with a Spanish actress.

Hamstring injuries

are one of the most common
in the sporting world.

But they may not be caused
they way you believe.

The surprising results
of new research next.

And the one of a kind send off -

we meet the man combining
tradition with technology.

First, Jim Wilson
is here with sport,

and what a weekend
across the board.

Coming up, highlights
from the Davis Cup,

Sydney Sevens,

and we're live with news on
Kieran Foran's playing future.

As rugby league returns
with a try fest in Auckland

as Jimmy Tamou turns it on
for his new club.

And all set for Nitro Athletics,

and show time for the fastest man
on the planet.

Welcome back, everyone.

Parramatta want a season
of redemption to begin

with an Auckland Nines title,

and they made an impressive
start today.

Six teams are unbeaten
after day one at Eden Park,

including the Panthers and Manly.

All three Queensland teams - and
Parramatta, led by Corey Norman.

Four days into February,
rugby league is back.

It was a frantic try fest

for the opening day
of the Auckland Nines.

With a runaway Semi-Trailer...

Semi Radradra!

..a Hayne-Plane taking off
for the Titans...

And coming through, guess who?

..and big James Tamou in new
colours and on the prowl.

In his first touch
as a Penrith Panther.

Panthers fans will love the sight
of their star recruit

fitter and faster
than ever before.

He's trying to work his way
into the bonus zone.

But no-one could match the speed
of young Dragon, Jai Field.

Jeepers, you talk about
the gas!

Field flew against the Eels
and Manly -

an under-20s star,
ready for the big time.

This could go down as
the try of the tournament.

But the Dragons lost
both their games,

along with the Bulldogs,
Sharks and Warriors -

the hosts had Kieran Foran and
Shaun Johnson as spectators.

The dreaded injury struck Souths,

with Aaron Gray suffering medial
ligament damage in his knee.

The Cowboys let their Master
and Apprentice loose -

Johnathan Thurston
and Kalyn Ponga.

Back on the inside
for Gideon Gela-Mosby!

Did you feel that you were
going to play that well?

Ah, not really, you come here
to have a bit of fun.

It's more serious than that
for Parramatta.

The winners last year,

before the title was stripped
for salary cap rorting,

the Eels had two big wins today -
led by Corey Norman.

You're just trying to work
for each other

and hopefully that works
later on in the year.

The play of the day -

Gideon Gela-Mosby's flying
try in the corner

for the red-hot Cowboys.

And Josh, Kieran Foran

has spoken about his return
to the game in Auckland?

We have met with the NRL
a few times now,

I am working with Jim Doyle,
the Warrior's CEO,

to get the deal
across the line.

We are hopeful that that will
get an answer from the NRL

within the next couple of weeks,

and I will be able to run out
in round one.

I think being able to come over
and get back to my roots,

you know, go back to what
I really enjoyed doing as a kid,

and surrounding myself with
loving family members.

That is what I miss.


Canada has upset

Australia's gold medal
winning team from Rio

in the semi finals
at the Sydney Sevens.

The Aussies were favourites
in the tournament

but were beaten 12-7.

Canada went on to win the final
against the USA.

Our men's team lost their
opening game against the Kiwis

but were too good for Scotland
this afternoon

behind Tim Anstee's
three try-haul.

There's a mistake,

oh, my goodness Anstee's
got a hat trick!

It's raining tries.

The Mens finals are tomorrow.

Sydney FC are now unbeaten
in 18 games this A-League season,

after a 0-0 draw
against Brisbane last night.

Both goalkeepers shone

in a game that featured
plenty of opportunities.

The Sky Blues are now 12 points
clear at the top of the ladder.

Right from the start
there were plenty of chances,

right to the end,

so it's just a shame that we
couldn't put our chances away

to get the result tonight.

The Western Sydney Wanderers
currently lead 2-0

-- 1 - 0

The Western Sydney Wanderers
currently lead 2-0

in their game against

Greater Western Sydney Giants
have begun their campaign

in the AFL Women's competition.

Fans have packed
Adelaide's Thebarton Oval

and they've seen
a tough physical contest

dominated by the home side.

The Crows goalscorers included

Beijing Olympic silver medallist
Erin Phillips,

who's made the switch
from basketball.

Four times lucky
for Erin Phillips.

From scoring goals for the Opals

to kicking goals
for the Crows.

Adelaide led 24 to 2
at half-time.

-- 42 - 3

Last night fans had to be
turned away in the opener -

a sell out crowd of almost 25,000
watched Carlton beat Collingwood.

All is set for tonight's series
opener for Nitro Athletics,

with the headline act
Olympic track legend Usain Bolt.

Live to reporter
Nathan Templeton,

and Nathan, so exciting
to see the greatest track star

in Australia.

We are very lucky. Usain Bolt, the star attraction. It is as strong field. Bolt will run the second leg. It's a mixed event, men and women. He will go head-to-head with a 16- year-old Queensland schoolgirl called Riley day. What a moment for her. Her family is nervous and proud. Also in action, strong Australian team stop there are very different events. It will be exciting. Join Bruce and the team live and free on Channel 7.

Australia is through

to the quarter-finals
of the Davis Cup

after sealing a 3-0 win over
the Czech Republic at Kooyong.

Doubles pair John Peers
and Sam Groth wrapped up the tie

with a straight sets win.

And Groth clearly had
plenty of energy in reserve.

I really appreciate the efforts
that these guys...


Let's hope we get to see more
of that, yeah absolutely,

I know who it would be,
bloody Grothy.

Even Nick Kyrgios
was in on the action.

Finland's Toni Vilander has won
Ferrrai the top 10 shootout

for tomorrow's Bathurst 12 hour.

He'll be joined by Aussies
Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup

You will see all the action on 7mate from early tomorrow morning.

it's a great start, obviously
a long day tomorrow,

but it's really emotional
and very proud.

Michael, very good news, because the Winter Olympics are only 12 months away. I think that's the best weekend of sport we have had in February for a long time. There was something for everyone. Good on you Jim.

They're one of the most
common injuries

suffered by sports stars,
and the average exerciser.

But new Australian research

argues the cause of hamstring
strain is incorrect training,

rather than a sudden pop
on the field.

Sporting clubs worldwide
are taking notice,

so their players
aren't sidelined.

As they aim to be drafted,
these AFL academy youngsters know

one wrong step
could set them back.

AFL footy hamstrings

are one of the injuries that
are talked about a fair bit.

Their coach
is also a QUT researcher.

His team has made
a landmark discovery.

The injury is a more of a
chronic, or an overuse injury,

rather than a sudden acute.

GPS data from Gold Coast Suns
games and training

was analysed over four years.

The focus - when players ran
at speeds over 24km/h.

Those who went too hard, too fast

were more likely
to pop a hamstring.

It doesn't really matter
how many metres you run,

it's the change in
how many metres that you run

at a high speed.

The researchers believe

their findings not only apply to
elite sports people,

like these AFL players,

but also to those
that regularly exercise,

particularly, if they run or jog.

The weekend warrior
who might train, just,

perhaps, once or twice a week,

and then have a game
on a Saturday,

I think they're still exposed
to the same risks.

A risk NRL legend,
Trevor Gillmeister,

managed to avoid.

Never had one myself,
I wasn't quick enough,

but I think a perfect example
is the Nines this weekend,

where players are getting
hot and cold and coming off.

Proving how important it is
to be fit on the track.

Hundreds of 'Hunger Games'
fans vent their anger.

Next - the Sydney exhibition
forced to close its doors early.

Plus, the countdown to one of the
world's biggest sporting events.

The super-sized audience expected
to tune into the Super Bowl.

Taking the plunge.

A diver's breathtaking swim under
ice, to explore a wreckage.

And the unique way

you can now say a final farewell
to the dearly departed. tomorrow, keep a few icy poles
handy, up to 33 at Cooma, Bega 33 and Batemans Bay likely to reach 34.
Partly cloudy with a possible late shower developing for Canberra, Tuggeranong and Queanbeyan, maximums into the 30s for
Ulladulla and Nowra, partly cloudy for Dapto, warm and 36 for Wollongong. Stay cool at your place, have a good night.

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Hundreds of 'Hunger Games'
movie fans have been turned away

from the Convention Centre,

told the international exhibition
has been cut short.

It's been on since December, and
was due to finish this weekend.

But the promoter told venue
organisers this morning

they were packing up.

Especially coming all the way
from Canberra,

it was really hard because this
was my birthday present,

and I was literally counting
down the days to come here.

Ticketek is offering refunds

and considering reimbursing
flights on a case-by-case basis.

In a country where everything
is supersized,

they don't come any bigger
than the Super Bowl.

With a TV audience
of 100 million,

it's America's favourite
unofficial holiday,

and the stage is set for
a blockbuster showdown -

with a half time show
to rival the game.

It's America's
biggest sporting event.


The Atlanta Falcons

the New England Patriots,
splitting the nation.

So confident.

I mean,
why wouldn't we be able to win?

39-year-old quarterback
Tom Brady

will play in a record
seventh Super Bowl,

hoping to win a fifth ring.

I love this sport

and I've committed
my life to playing it.

73,000 fans will fill
NRG stadium in Houston.

More than 5,000 police

are ready to tackle
security threats,

Including possible protests.

At homes, bars and elsewhere,
a super-sized party.

Americans will drink
1.2 billion litres of beer

and eat more than
a billion chicken wings.

And for 100 million
TV viewers...


..the commercials -

costing $5 million
for a 30 seconds -

are as must-see as the game.

We have some things planned
for this weekend.

Then there's the show
within the show - half-time.

13 minutes for Lady Gaga.

I don't know if I will succeed
in unifying America.

You'll have to ask America
when it's over.

Tickets to the first Super Bowl,
51 years ago,

were just $15.

The average now, $5000-a-seat,

but that eye-watering price

is still lower
than previous years.

Let's release the puppies!

As for the winner,
the puppy predictor...

It's whoever's in this bowl
right here.

..says the Falcons.

And you can watch the Superbowl
live and free on Seven.

Coverage begins straight after
'Sunrise' from 10am on Monday.

A brave diver has taken
an icy plunge in Canada

to explore several
underwater wreckages.

He jumps through a hole
in the ice

before descending
without any breathing equipment.

Seemingly unaffected
by the freezing water,

he goes on to explore
a ruined submarine

and a crashed plane.

The dive took him to
an incredible depth of 20m.

Though he said
his biggest concern

was keeping the camera
fully charged.

17 years on from
the Sydney Olympics,

many of the 46,000 people
who volunteered

still have their uniforms,
and many fond memories.

Now there's a nationwide
recruitment drive

It was the most successful volunteer recruitment campaign in Australia.

Now there's a nationwide
recruitment drive

for the next generation
of volunteers

for April's Commonwealth Games
on the Gold Coast.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

They're early...

Oi, oi, oi!

But in the tourist capital,
excitement is building

as search begins
for Games volunteers.

Yeah, 100%, where do I sign up?

Mark Grant is almost certain
to make the cut.

A volunteering veteran,
this time in his home city.

We are known around the world as having sport in our blood. Why not get out here and live, breathe, and feel the event?

You need to be at least 16,

be able to read and speak

and not just give your time
but support -

the louder, the better.

They're there to cheer you on,
they want to see the best

out of all our athletes.

Former Olympic swimmer Sam Riley
still keeps in touch

with volunteers she met
throughout her decorated career.

It's very nice to turn up
to an event

and see volunteers
behind the blocks

that are familiar faces.

Who can come from all walks of
life from anywhere in Australia.

You can join the likes of Usain Bolt in the track.

It'd be something I'd probably
be interested in.

Showing the world the spirit
of SE Queensland as well.

You will still need to wait
another two days

before you can apply.

And another 1 year and 59 days
until the Games begin.

I'm sure Gold Coast 2018 will be
the best Games

anyone's ever seen.

Officials will interview a
shortlist of a very long list.

15,000 volunteers are needed.

You can apply from Monday
via the Golddoc website.

When a loved one dies,
many people take some comfort

in scattering their ashes
in a special place.

A New South Wales man
has seen a business opportunity,

and combined tradition
with technology

to create an entire new industry.

Funeral by drone.

On the back of his ute,
a $20,000 machine

Mark Fogarty designed
for farming, not funerals.

I originally did this box
for dung beetles.

Now, it's scattering ashes
at sea.

Funeral director
of the air basically, yes.

It took Mark 12 months
to get approval

from the Civil Aviation
Safety Authority.

And his first flight
was to farewell his own father.

I saw him sitting on the shelf
and one day I just went "enough,

"I want him to get out of here,

"I want him to not have dust
on him anymore.

Another big motivator -

Good night, sweet prince.

scenes like this
from the Big Lebowski.

That happen more often
than you'd imagine.

I'm sorry,
it was an accident.

Every family has a story
of wind blowing it back,

of dropping the box,

of can't get it open properly.

For $500, Blue Horizon Memorials

will make sure
it's a memorable moment

for the right reasons.

A memory that will stick
with you,

it does with me
for every one I've done.

Mark's only been running
the business since December.

He hopes now his unique service
is in the public eye,

it'll start taking off.

Leaving them in the cupboards
and shelves and garages

of Australia
is not the way to be,

we should have them out

and we should have them
celebrating their lives.

So don't be surprised

if your next beachside barbecue
has a more sombre backdrop.

Two of footy's all-time greats

are achieving
some serious results

with their latest venture.

Next, how these Swans champions
are paying it forward

with their new foundation.

Plus the battle
of the brumbies.

The man taking a stand against
the government

in a fight to save
our wild horses.

And warm today,
even hotter tomorrow.

I'll have your full
Sunday outlook in 10 minutes.

Michael Roberts. 49 years old. Married
and I've got four children. And I've got COPD,
or commonly known as emphysema.

One of the main causes,
I'm led to believe, was smoking. When we were young,
we were stupid. Made wrong choices
and paying for it now.

They became all-time greats
of the AFL,

now two Swans champions

are having even greater success
in life after footy.

Adam Goodes
and Michael O'Loughlin

started the Go Foundation

to better educate
indigenous children,

and it's already achieving
serious results.

This was a night to thank
the Go Foundation's supporters,

and launch it to a new level.

# One sweet day,
the children came back,

# the children came back #

Michael and I are out there

banging down as many doors
as we can,

because the more money we raise

the more kids
we can put into school.

Adam Goodes
and Michael O'Loughlin

did it all in the AFL, but now
they're making a real difference.

The Go Foundation's
scholarship program

gives Indigenous children

a chance to attend their best
local schools.

We think education right now is
getting more kids into school,

keeping them there
and finishing year 12,

going on to university
is a priority.

Hopefully we can see
our students

getting to being the
next entrepeneurs,

then next lawyers,

the next CEOs in these buildings
down here in Barangaroo.

Having two year 12
graduates last year

was a significant milestone.

I've recently been accepted

into the University
of New South Wales

to study a dual degree
of Arts and Law,

majoring in criminology and
Indigenous studies.


They just show that you can get
to wherever you want to go,

despite any background that you
have or where you come from.

Federal MP Linda Burney's
on board as Patron.

Former AFL chief Andrew
Demetriou, musician Dan Sultan,

and Wallaby great Phil Kearns
are ambassadors.

There's serious
corporate backing,

for two best mates on a mission.

It's nice to do things that
we're passionate about together.

We've done it in football

and now we're doing it
with our foundation.

Football's finished.

It's on to bigger
and better things now

and we want to continue to be
role models in that regard.

There's a link to the Go
Foundation on our website.

They're majestic, powerful,
and a pest.

Brumbies may be part of
Australian folklore,

but these days, the wild horses
of the Snowy Moutains

inspire protest

as much as they once inspired
great poets like Banjo Patterson.

Locals are fighting a push
to all but wipe out

the brumby population.


For centuries, the sun's
been rising over brumbies

wandering the Snowy Mountains.

In the years that followed,

they've danced
across Banjo's pages...

There was movement
at the station.

..battled in Beersheba, bolted
to the box office...


and bound onto
our biggest stage of all.

Now, in the shadow
of Mount Kosciuszko,

their descendants graze.

The numbers have been
wildly exaggerated.

Peter Cochran's family's
lived around here

as long as the brumbies have.

The Cochran family and settlers

settled in our valley
about 160 years ago.

The High Country cattleman
takes horse-back tours

through the national park,

hoping for a fleeting glimpse
of the cautious beasts.

They come from all around
the world

to see
the Snowy Mountains brumby.

The question is, are these
wild horses or feral pests?

Brumbies are a huge management
problem for the state government,

and a divisive one.

Environmentalists fear

the introduced species
threatens native wildlife.

The State Government

will soon release its new
Wild Horse Management Plan.

A draft, released last year,

proposed culling 90 per cent
of the brumbies,

reducing the population
to just 600.

It's a tragedy,
it's a national disgrace,

and something which any
government should be ashamed of.

Pre-empting the final policy,

Peter had his
own legislation drafted

to heritage list the brumbies.

It needs to happen before the culling process starts.

A final passionate political
battle for the former State MP

to ensure the Snowy Mountains
Brumby continues

to gallop through the pages
of the Australian story,

for centuries to come.

We would not be forgiven

if we didn't fight
to the last breath.

We've been fighting this issue
for 30 years,

and we don't intend
to give up.

The mountain people are tough,
they're resilient.

They're as tough as an old boot,
and we will not give up.

An unexpected visitor
makes an unexpected friend.

Next, see the adorable vision

of a wild koala
and his new best mate.

And get ready for another
sleepless night,

with temperatures unlikely to dip
below the mid 20s.

The record-breaking week is here.

Every night this week,
a record will be smashed.

Absolutely delicious.

This is faultless.

It actually went to another level.'s probably the
best sauce

we've ever had on
My Kitchen Rules.

That was a masterstroke.

That was genius.

Witness the most extraordinary
moments. My Kitchen Rules history.


In a massive week,
be a part of MKR history.

Record Breakers.

Our menus are definitely
better than this.

But, what will set him off?


Angry, angry man.
Will he come out?

Stop beating around the bush -

if you don't like it,
just say you don't like it.

The food so far has been average.


I think we're gonna see some
fireworks tonight.

His neck swells,
jaw clenching.

He's going to explode.

I'm not gonna stand for it.

This is stuff that everyone knows.

We're staring at them
right in the face.

It's not good and make
enemies before you cook.

The stage is set for an epic

Ho-ho-hoo, I think we're starting to
see a bit of angry, angry man.

I will flip the table.

Run for cover.


What was that?

Was that from the kitchen?

A record-breaking week
of My Kitchen Rules.

On seven.

Probably a bit too long ago. A year...or more. Uh, not as often as I should. VOICEOVER: Get 100% back
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Tonight's Seven News headlines -

the White House is vowing
to fight a nationwide suspension

of Donald Trump's immigration
ban, ordered by a judge.

Police are trying to identify
a man's body,

found during an early morning
surf carnival at Coogee.

A truck driver has been fined and
his vehicle taken off the road

after police discovered
it had been tampered with.

And officers are raiding homes
across Paris,

following an attack at
the city's famous Louvre museum.

They say a dog
is man's best friend,

but in this case, it's a koala.

The wild animal

was filmed wandering into
an Adelaide backyard.

It made its way to the glass door
and sat for several minutes,

admiring the family's pet dog
on the other side.

It seems the admiration
was reciprocated,

the dog staying put

until the koala left
to climb up a nearby tree.

Angie's back
with the forecast now,

and Angie, tomorrow's looking
very uncomfortable?

Michael, anyone who
felt the heat today

certainly won't be looking
forward to tomorrow.

We will crack the 40s
in some suburbs.

Today though, we did endure
a very muggy morning,

when we hit our minimum
of 23 degrees,

humidity was
close to 90 per cent.

From there, temperatures
climbed to a top of 30.

It was even warmer
a little further inland.

Penrith managed a top of 36.

Katoomba, 33.

Hot on the beach as well,
32 for Bondi and Cronulla.

From the satellite.

We are just seeing
developing storms

in the top half of the state.

There is currently
a warning in place

for those regions
with quite heavy falls

happening around the Hunter.

Tomorrow, it'll be
southern NSW

that's most likely
to see a few millimetres of rain.

But the main feature to watch
is hot northerly winds,

which will really send
temperatures soaring tomorrow.

So a hot day right
along the east coast.

Brisane's heading for 33 degrees.

Fine and 35 for Canberra.

Rain developing
for Melbourne and Adelaide.

On our coast,
expect north-westerlies early,

swinging around to the north-east
during the afternoon,

at around 15 to 25 knots.

Statewide, the only areas
of instability are in the south.

Otherwise, generally
staying fine and warm.

41 at Dubbo.

37 for Bathurst.

And it'll be just as warm
in the metro region.

38 at Terrey Hills and Ryde.

41 for Bankstown.

42 for Richmond and Penrith.

So in the city,
expect another hot day and night.

We won't dip below 24
this evening.

Tomorrow, it's an intense 38.

Looking ahead,
the heat continues on Monday.

34 degrees in the city
and 41 in our west.

Showers on Tuesday and Wednesday
will bring milder conditions.

But at this stage,

the back half of the week
has temperatures rising again.

So if we reach that 38 degrees

it's 12 above average,

as our extreme summer rolls on,

That's Seven News
for this Saturday.

We'll have updates later.

I'm Michael Usher,
from all of us here,

thank you for your company,
have a great night.

Live captioning by Ai-Media

This program will be live captioned by Ai-MediaThis is track and field like you have never seen it before. A new format, new events, new challenges... A new era. Welcome to Nitro.Nitro is going to be amazing. A different way that people get to see ath lets iction.A little bit of flare, a little bit of excitement.Leading the charge into the future history's greatest.It is excitement, it is just going to be crazy.He is Bolt... He is brilliant... He is the best ever. This is incredible. It is the end of a most beautiful story.I don't want to do... Olympian champion. If I need to put into words to be the best I just continue putting the work in and pushing myself.At Nitro he leads a team of All-Stars, international greats with their eyes on the sports newest prize. Standing in their way are five other international line-ups. Including a young Aussie team ready to shake up all the stars. Get ready for lift off. This is Nitro and you've never seen anything like it.

It is a historic night, that is for sure. It is a stadium that has plet of sporting excitement. The exciting in Melbourne has been palpable leading into athletics because of this man he is in the building. Usain Bolt has arrived at the stadium and he arrived in