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Remember that?
Yep. I do.

He came with Amber Heard, I guess.

Remember in the last
couple of weeks,

they've divorced and she was
able to keep Pistol and Boo?

That person was...
I remember the public apology.

..Amber Heard, yeah.

Johnny Depp.

Yeah. She appeared in 'The Danish
Girl' 'Zombieland' and 'Magic Mike'.

They divorced earlier this year.
Oh, well.

Locky... Don't worry - stay there,
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Locky Todd just won $1,000.

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Goodnight, everyone.

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a suspected arsenic spill.
as hazmat crews try to contain As the war of words escalates, for her views on President Trump.
a Turnbull staffer is suspended on the truck company
Surprise raids on the M1.
involved in the fiery crash

The Channel 7 boss keeps his job his personal behaviour.
after an inquiry into of rugby league -
And the year's first taste countdown to the Auckland Nines.

Good evening. We begin with breaking news, treated in an isolation zone
seven men are being outside Westmead Hospital to deadly material.
after possibly being exposed Reporter Tim Davies joins me. how this happened?
Tim, do we know

3:00 this afternoon
Georgie, it was just after Shell oil refinery at Clyde,
that seven workers at the old in Sydney's west, some sort of dust
came in contact with a hazardous substance.
that is thought to contain for treatment
They immediately head at nearby Westmead Hospital, of what they've been exposed to,
but due to the unknown nature

the carpark by hospital staff.
they were isolated in crews to decontaminate them,
They then had to wait for hazmat and bagging their clothes
one by one, by removing and washing them down. male workers
So far, none of these any adverse symptoms.
have so far shown investigating, Georgie.
Safework NSW is tonight

It's the diplomatic row

international relationship.
threatening our most powerful

his hostile phone conversation
Today, Donald Trump defended saying he needs to be "tough".
with Malcolm Turnbull, remains confident
The Prime Minister though, their refugee deal will go ahead. hailing the Harley,
Donald Trump born in the USA. Made in America.

no longer be taken for a ride.
Telling the world the US will Even countries that are allies, taking advantage of us.
a lot of people for Australia,
Have a lot of respect I love Australia as a country, for whatever reason,
but we had a problem where, that they were going to take
President Obama said illegal immigrants,
probably well over 1,000 who were in prison. And I just said, "Why"? throughout the day.
A theme he repeated phone calls I'm having,
When you hear about the tough don't worry about it. Just don't worry about it. we have to be tough.
They're tough, a little tough, folks.
It's time we've got to be We're taken advantage of virtually,
by every nation in the world, to happen anymore.
it's not going The message changes by the hour, the agreement.
but he seemed to accept So we'll see what happens, does something,
but previous administration you have to respect that. believes the deal's a deal.
Certainly Malcolm Turnbull from the US president
We secured the commitment that we wanted. phone call...
As for that reportedly hostile it was forthright.
It was very frank,

a very big personality.
He's clearly stand up for Australia,
You have to stand your ground, make your case. the relationship...
While some question

President Trump
What happened between Prime Minister?
and the Australian Friends or foes? the fences.
..Washington moved to mend should be worried
I don't think Australia with the new president
about it's relationship

for that matter.
or with our country, essential ally,
Australia is a very important and will continue to be. who rang Ambassador Joe Hockey,
John McCain was one of a number expressing support. of this difference and issue
I'm concerned about the effect on the Australian people. two top advisors,
Mr Hockey met the President's

issuing a statement conveying:
the White House

doesn't agree often
Domestically, Bill Shorten

with Malcolm Turnbull, on this issue,
but on the international stage

for the Prime Minister.
there's sympathy needs to show more respect
It would appear that Mr Trump and the Australian alliance.
to Australia the alliance torn up...
The Greens want

dangerous lunatic.
This man is an unhinged, when it comes to the US,
The Labor and Liberal parties, and suck-holes.
are a bunch of sycophants

to play diplomat.
..leaving Bruce Springsteen

mocking the phone call.
Opening his Melbourne concert, # Don't hang up. Oh no. don't hang up. #
# Pretty darling baby,

at Parliament House.
Live now to Lane Calcutt is treading carefully,
Lane, while Malcolm Turnbull has been quite open
one of his staffers in her dislike of Donald Trump? broke this story this afternoon,
Sydney radio's Ben Fordham revealing an executive assistant

chief of staff
to the Prime Minister's posting inappropriate messages
has been suspended for site on her Facebook page.
and a link to a tasteless web

pending further investigations.
She's been stood down, had to say.
Here's what Ben Fordham

This message was posted on them election.
before, four days before the US things
election. She did not do it after Trump
things we were up between Donald works
Trump and Malcolm Turnbull. She quite
works in the office and there are quite high standards there.

took the action
The Prime Minister's staff were pointed out to them.
as soon as the messages Malcolm Turnbull
It's another issue at this time, Georgie.
doesn't need to deal with have a special interview
And Laurie Oakes will on '60 Minutes',
with Prime Minister Turnbull, this Sunday at 8:30pm. with a single punch
A boxer who killed a stranger

in just over four years.
will be out of jail was today sentenced
Kaine Geoffrey Jones on a retiree,
for the road rage attack the Central Coast town
who had stopped in

around Australia.
as part of a trip to be enjoying retirement
Marlene Wilton is supposed with her other half. at the Supreme Court
Instead, she was husband's killer escape
to see her with just six years in jail.

Nothing has changed, really, for me. was
My husband is gone, but Mr Jones need
was responsible for that and now I need to get on with my life.

was 22 years old
Kaine Geoffrey Jones on a Manwaring Park street
when he did a U-turn and punched Graeme Wilton. before his head hit the ground.
The 56-year-old was unconscious

He was not really good when we got the
him, when we laid him back down on the side of the road.

and tried to disguise his ute
Jones drove away this photograph,
before police released to turn himself in.
which forced him wasn't drunk or drug affected
The court heard Jones he punched Mr Wilton
and he didn't know his victim, had complained about his driving.
simply because the retiree

Justice Ian Harrison said:
Today in sentencing

It is what it is, I have to accept

was for manslaughter,
The sentence today him under new one-punch laws
the DPP deciding not to charge several other fatal attacks.
brought in after With time already served, in just over four years.
Jones will be out

after being hit by a large truck
An elderly man has died

at Darlinghurst. being questioned over the crash
The driver is tonight on William Street, throughout the city.
which caused major traffic delays

not only witnessed this tragedy,
Scores of lunchtime drivers they tried to prevent it - as an unsuspecting truck driver
hitting their horns crossing William Street.
ran over a 80-year-old pedestrian people hitting their horns,
I heard the horns, "Stop, stop!".
jumping out of the car waving, realised something was wrong,
But by the time the truck driver nearly 100m.
he had travelled suffered horrific injuries,
The elderly victim battled to keep him alive.
ambulance officers

in a really bad way,
It looked like he was chest was rising and falling
you could see that his so he was still breathing. pronounced dead
But he didnt make it, at St Vincent's Hospital.
soon after arriving was also in shock.
The truck driver for some reason the man stumbled
Witnesses have told police and fell as he crossed the road,

didn't see him.
and the truck driver this area became a crime scene,
Such a serious accident meant had to be closed for traffic,
so half of William Street

went about their work.
as investigators but understandable,
The delays were long was this an accident
officers trying to establish which could have been avoided?

by a truck at Bexley
A 52-year-old woman hit

has died in hospital.
in Sydney's south, last month,

near a parked car
She had been standing when she was hit.
on Stoney Creek Road is facing multiple charges,
The truck driver occasioning death.
including dangerous driving

have launched a pre-dawn raid
Specialist police

in a fiery crash
on the truck company involved for nearly 24 hours.
that shut down the M1

with other trucks
Officers uncovered faults and are warning they won't stop
and drivers in the fleet, are stamped out.
until rogue operators

and under the cover of darkness,

Logistics depot in Blacktown.
police lock-down the Farragher drivers questioned,
Trucks were inspected, and log-books scrutinised.

truck driver, Shane Watkins,
Police suspect Farragher's of his B-double on the M1
was fatigued when he lost control on Tuesday, causing a fiery crash one of Sydney's busiest roads
which shut down half of for more than 15 hours. were inconvenienced.
Tens of thousands of commuters

economy - $2 million per hour.
Estimated cost to the state's the 37-year-old truckie
It's understood 900 kilometres from Brisbane,
had driven more than the Central Coast turnoff.
when he missed when the accident happened.
He was back-tracking north He has not been charged,

drivers were in the hot seat.
but this morning his fellow Marvin Tauhinu was caught out match highway traffic cameras.
when his log-book didn't He has made a false entry. is non-existent.
However, that two-up driver It's a false entry. look into that.
So, we have got to with your log book this morning?
Did they find any problems Just minor, minor.
Ah, just a bit.

is twofold.
The purpose of this operation

the Farragher Trucking Company,
Not only are they checking in on broader message to the industry
but they're also sending a is being closely monitored.
that their every move today's release of a report
The raids were timely, given of safety and profit problems
into the complex web plaguing the industry. a heartfelt reminder
It was delivered alongside when safety isn't a priority.
about what can be lost

It was catastrophic. He was six and a half.
Our son died. because it isn't an accident.
I use the word 'crash',

from the M1 Expressway.
Gabrielle Boyle joins us Gabby, what did the report find?

long line of systemic shortfalls
Georgie, it identified a

Not just for the industry, but for they
truck drivers as well. They say job
they have had daily this is on the loads.
job and regularly carry on safe but
loads. They fear losing their job, a
but also losing their life. This is drivers,
a concern not only for truck of
drivers, but the tens of thousands day.
of people who use the roads every

Thousands of Tigerair passengers plans thrown into chaos,
have once again had their travel all flights to Bali indefinitely.
after the airline cancelled to resume services today,
Tiger was set

too costly
but now says it would be government's new regulations.
to meet the Indonesian

No, I received an email late last have
night informing us that we did not not
have a plane anymore.Still have with
not heard from Tiger, never flying Inconvenienced,
with them ever again. annoyed,
Inconvenienced, a little bit annoyed, I guess.

to work with Virgin Australia
Tigerair says it will continue back from Bali,
to get stranded passengers who've booked to go there.
as well as refund customers

A Bonnyrigg High School student,

to murder his teacher
accused of trying two classmates,
and seriously wound

as a "nice boy".
has been described by his lawyer remains behind bars.
Tonight, the teenager

their brother and friend -
They came to court to support

serious charges,
the 16-year-old facing with intent to murder.
including wounding by the whole situation,
He's a bit shaken up as anyone would be.

for bail,
There was no application for yesterday's violent attack
and no explanation given at Bonnyrigg High School. and two students stabbed
Science teacher Carolyn Cox

shortly after roll call in a shopping centre carpark
Their Year 11 classmate arrested across the road, found on the ground.
a backpack containing knives

the police charge sheet,
According to and 16-year-old boy
the 15-year-old girl were attacked first, however the more serious charge of Ms Cox.
relates to the stabbing

was trying to kill her,
Police alleging the teenager by his lawyer.
an accusation strongly denied The allegations against him alleged against him.
don't support the crime

he may apply for bail
The boy's lawyer today indicated in coming weeks. for police to put together
It will take some time

their brief of evidence. being collected
There are statements from 30 different witnesses. to the school today,
Officers returned after yesterday's lockdown.
classes back to normal

still unanswered is, why?
The big question

A nice boy, generally, a child, or a student,
he's actually known to be

with no reports, no bad reports, to everyone.
so this is quite a shock

and 16-year-old boy
The 15-year-old girl from hospital today.
were both discharged a stable condition,
The teacher is in overnight.
but will remain in hospital

to travel to the United States
Nathan Tinkler will be allowed

a flight risk
despite being considered by his estate's trustee. former mining magnate
A judge today gave the bankrupt, see his children in Hawaii
the green light to

in New York.
and attend a job interview of conditions though,
Tinkler must meet a number by April 8.
including returning to Australia

will keep his job,
Channel 7 boss Tim Worner

by the network
after an inquiry commissioned and an office affair
into his expenses

found there was no wrongdoing. Mr Worner had an affair
It was sparked by revelations Amber Harrison,
with former employee who alleged they took drugs of their relationship.
during the course that rocked the Seven Network.
It was a scandal of misconduct were dismissed.
But today allegations commissioned by Seven,
The findings, will not be made public.

West director, Sheila McGregor,
Its release coincides with Seven with scant explanation,
resigning from the board, which angered shareholder groups. Now, our question is - very co-incidental.
this timing seems The report says Worner and Harrison
while the relationship between was 'personal and consensual', senior position in the company'.
it was 'inappropriate, given his

are as old as Adam and Eve,
Office affairs but in the current climate,

management as how these things
we require much better are managed and disclosed. of illicit drug use by Worner
The inquiry found allegations could not be substantiated. statement, says:
Today, Amber Harrison's

claims by Seven
Ms Harrison went on to describe

cannot be substantiated
that these allegations

as 'a whitewash and a joke.' up $600,000 worth of expenses
Worner is reported to have racked between 2012 and 2015.
on his company credit card

'there were no irregularities'.
The report today said, after being accused
Harrison was made redundant unauthorised transactions,
of making $262,000 of

were legitimate.
which she claimed problem of inter-office romances.
But the issue raises an age-old stay in love,
Sadly, people don't always doesn't always work out,
and the relationship have to face each other.
and then you still

a look at today's weather.
Here's Belinda with

Good evening, Georgie. only a sprinkle here and there,
A few showers about today, but recorded.
with less than half a millimetre

The cloudy conditions above average overnight,
keeping temperatures in the city,
only dropping to 22 degrees just before 4:00pm.
and reaching a top of 26 In our west, were cooler than average,
daytime temperatures the mercury stopping at 27 today. it feel a few degrees warmer.
But the high humidity made And make the most of it, are about to heat up again.
because things

to get later on, Georgie.
I'll tell you how hot it's going

In the news ahead - a mother of three dives for cover is sprayed with bullets
as her Rooty Hill home

A car launches off an overpass - where it landed.
you'll never guess what works and what doesn't.
The truth about back pain -

And he's back - and playing in the Auckland Nines
Jarryd Hayne on becoming a father

(Rhythmic music plays)

VOICEOVER: The perfect blend
of stunning sophistication...

..and family SUV.

(Engine starts)
(Pop music plays) (Children giggle) # I'm feeling so good. # VOICEOVER: Get it for your family,
drive it for yourself. Brand-new Mazda CX-9.

was sprayed with bullets.
when her home her son was the target -
It's thought with a bikie gang.
he'd previously had a run-in

determined to leave their mark -
It's clearly the work of gunmen

with at least a dozen bullets.
spraying the Rooty Hill home Very frightening.
Very frightening. Asleep at the time, Jennifer Christian.
mother-of-three, she slid from the sofa
Neighbours say showered her face.
as shattered glass very distressed.
Obviously shaken, Within minutes, the Bainbridge Street property,
police had surrounded left littering the footpath.
bullet casings

to live on a street
Neighbours say they're now afraid targeted by gunmen. not to say anything.
It's probably safer Jennifer's son, Rishaad, the intended target -
is believed to have been

his front bedroom singled out, shot and beaten
the Jujitsu instructor at a Rebel's clubhouse in 2014. his mother bore the brunt.
Last night,

Obviously she'd be traumatised, for a number of years,
she has lived there speaking, is a good area,
that neighbourhood, generally and it's just a low act.
and it's not on

took off down this path,
Detectives believe the offenders around 100 metres from the house. they jumped into two getaway cars
At the end trail,

across the road.
which were parked from these houses,
Police have now seized CCTV which have captured their escape. the web of gangland links.
Police are now trying to untangle

who's behind this order.
They also want to know

been injured in a factory fire
More than 100 workers have

near Manila in the Philippines. were forced to run for safety
Thousands of employees to escape the flames.
some jumping out of windows

to have started
The fire is believed and exploded.
when a machine malfunctioned

has been killed by inmates
A jail guard

in Delaware.
during a 24-hour riot

armed with sharp instruments,
The prisoners, took four guards hostage. They released three of them stormed the building.
before police to help his colleagues escape.
The victim shouted directions A car has flown off a highway of all locations -
and landed in the most convenient an auto repair shop. shows the vehicle
Surveillance footage at high speed.
smashing into the parking lot unharmed.
The driver then walking out, flew through these two posts,
The store owners say the car like a goal.

for a look at sport,
Tim Gilbert joins us now

first footy fix for the year
and league fans will get their this weekend? rugby league returns,
Georgie, after a tough off season kicks off at Eden Park.
when the Auckland Nines cross-code star, Jarryd Hayne,
Its a new challenge for at the Nines format.
who's having his first crack

It is going to be tough. Very hard excited.
on the lungs I think everyone is

excited. First real game back and it is an awesome concept.

talks about becoming a father,
Coming up shortly, Hayne has changed his life.
and how his baby daughter Also tonight - to the eels Captaincy,
from the court room bounced back from a horror 2016.
Corey Norman tells us how he's ten years in the making -
And we're live to a rematch Mundine vs Green, two.

That is all on the way.

In the news ahead - of high speed internet -
the next rollout is your suburb on the list?

on a roadside break at Campsie.
Beaten and abused, a bus driver Trump versus the Terminator - for the president.
Arnie has a surprise suggestion

a cute fireman
And a terrorist bombing, and a match-making mother - the most unexpected places.
love blossoms in

WOMAN: This life of mine -
a life led according to script. I've played my role, done my bit and
measured my days in coffee breaks. I've hidden potential in boxes and watched butterflies free
on fragile wings. I've visited crossroads
late at night. Is now the time? Do I dare disturb
this universe of mine?

an additional 1.5 million people
The NBN will be available to in the next six months.

Neutral Bay, Brighton Le Sands,
That includes residents in Bondi, Castle Hill and Camden.
Liverpool, a violent attack on a bus driver
Two men are on the run after in Sydney's south-west.
last night at Campsie, The union is furious, who bash transport workers
calling for offenders as those who assault police.
to face the same penalties

is assessed by paramedics,
The Kingsgrove driver after being punched in the head
his injuries recorded was an unprovoked attack.
in what police say

been standing here today
We could have easily a tragic one-punch attack.
talking about in the job only a few years,
The 37-year-old, who's been beside his bus at Campsie
was taking a break on a bench by two Islander men
when he was approached just after 9:00 last night. then lashed out.
Police say they became abusive, or 'low lifes', as I'd call them
One of the perpetrators,

in the face and then absconded.
punched the driver on Beamish Street,
A customer heard the commotion the attack was taking place,
looking out to where she got straight on the phone. the Rail Tram and Bus Union
An internal survery by been assaulted on the job,
found 70% of drivers say they've for harsher penalties
which is why they're calling

for driver assaults, officers and emergency workers.
in line with attacks on police essential services,
Transport workers operate

they need to be looked after.
and therefore these kind of attacks
The bus union says more and more frequent.
are becoming On average, ten bus drivers

either physically or verbally,
are assaulted, every single week. incident was assessed
The driver from last night's but later released.
at Canterbury Hospital,

all seven months of it, is over.
Rod Culleton's political career, of serving in the Senate,
His hopes

were today blown away
already in doubt over bankruptcy,

With the High Court declaring he the
was not eligible to be elected in the first place.

his fallout with Pauline Hanson
For Rod Culleton,

are beside the point.
and bankruptcy battle

There was only a statement from his targeted
staff. There was no doubt he was targeted during his term.

Lost a second separate legal battle Court.
in Canberra coming from the High

wasn't eligible
It ruled the West Australian double dissolution election,
to run in last year's because of a larceny conviction. Pauline Hanson
Already, One Nation leader the preferred successor.
has annointed tweeting:
Rod Culleton's brother-in-law

isn't automatic.
But Mr Georgiou's elevation

ordered a special recount
The High Court has of last July's vote, when it will take place,
and is yet to determine sits on Tuesday,
meaning when the Senate not 76 members,
there will be just 74, also resigning.
with Family First Senator Bob Day

a new enemy - the Terminator.
Donald Trump has waged war with at Arnold Schwarzenegger
The US president took aim at a national prayer breakfast, as host of his TV franchise,
after the actor replaced him 'The Celebrity Apprentice'.

The ratings

The ratings went right down the we
tubes, it has been a disaster. Can we pray for Arnold?

of California
The former governor on Twitter.
was quick to fire back

Hey Donald, I have a great idea, take
why don't we switch jobs? You can you
take over the television because will
you are a spinner of the ratings. I come
will take your job and people can sleep.
come to sleep again. -- Comfortably

to the offer.
Mr Trump has yet to respond broken off her engagement
Kylie Minogue has reportedly to British actor, Joshua Sasse. called time on the relationship,
The 48-year-old is said to have her younger fiance was cheating.
amid rumours in February last year.
The pair became engaged

It was a day that shook America, the Boston marathon bombings
but out of the tragedy of has come a remarkable love story. of the 2013 massacre
One of the survivors who saved her life.
is now engaged to the firefighter finish line,
She was at the Boston Marathon cheering on a friend.

just behind her,
She never saw the backpack and shrapnel of the explosion.
but felt the searing heat

Roseann couldn't move. her leg was shredded.
Panicked people ran past,

Firefighter Mike Materia of a police van to hospital,
got her into the back of her burnt hand.
never letting go if I was going to die,
I asked him I had a flesh wound,
he just told me focused and calm.
trying to keep me Roseann's leg was amputated. Mike visited her daily, back on her feet
determined to get her

emotionally and physically. something else.
Roseann's mum saw I remember it being day two and she's like, "That firefighter is so cute," myself was are you kidding me?
All I could think to and you're trying to match make.
I was just blown up Mum's persistence paid off. Firefighter Mike is now guardian angels
not only one of Roseann's she will call him her husband.
but later this year,

They'll walk down the aisle soon they want to do first.
but there's something Climb the 1,500 stairs in New York
of the Empire State Building for challenged athletes.
to raise money

but good can come out of it.
Tragedy does happen, is in with a big chance
The blooming romance to become a Hollywood movie.

a book about her recovery
Roseann has also written love story.
and the perfect strangers' for psychological help
Any money it makes will pay for those with a disability.

Ahead in Nine News -

how a mobile phone saved a woman a collapsed building.
trapped under prank that didn't quite come off.
The 'clown prince' and the royal

And in sport, fatherhood has changed his life.
Jarryd Hayne tells us how next year's Commonwealth Games
And Usain Bolt commits to

but will he run?
in Australia, to our working week,
It has been a cloudy end will we see the sun again?
so when weekend forecast, soon.
I'll have the all important

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had a 2016 to forget,
Corey Norman

scandal to scandal.
lurching from banned for his behaviour,
He was disgraced, and eventually he's learned from his mistake,
but Norman says as Eels Captain
and will begin the season

at the Auckland nines. to solid clubmen,
From superstars

Nine's team are a varied bunch.
the skippers of the NRL This weekend's tournament of a clean slate.
is the beginning A chance to begin anew. is looking for redemption.
One of those skippers football in my life
I've never missed this much how much you know,
so it really did sink down I love football. Corey Norman hasn't played matches
since he was suspended for eight for a series of transgressions.
and fined $20,000

with criminals,
There was the fraternising possession at Star Casino
the conviction of drug of a pornographic video
and the distribution players.
featuring himself to fellow NRL

That's over six months ago. It happens, I've dealt with it and this is a New Year about the new year
and I'm excited field and play some footy.
and just looking to get on the

with yourself at any stage
Were you disappointed and for the Parramatta Eels?
during that for the fans as well Definitely, mate. Those kind of situations, and you know,
you're never proud of them I took some lessons out of it

and put my best foot forward.
I want to bounce back this year was supreme in Auckland.
Last year, Norman Named player of the Nines them and won,
as the Eels swept all before

in the salary cap scandal.
only to have the title stripped plenty of space, you know,
It's fun you know, there's bit of footy of the year.
like I said, it's the first you footballers,
Of all the one shone like a beacon, Jarryd Hayne. some football
Relieved to be playing after a gruelling off-season. is not that enjoyable so,
You know, every pre-season stuff I think it's good, pre-season
the Nines really celebrates and the start of business so, and looking forward to have fun.
looking forward to it He's also happy being a new dad. on Instagram, Amelia,
He and the partner he met

they've kept private,
welcoming a baby girl whose name into the world in December. obviously, what everyone says,
It's been good, you know, you lose a lot of sleep your hair out,
and you're pulling

but I'm really loving it.
it's pretty frustrating at times her eyes now and notice me
She's starting to move melts my heart
and really, obviously, awesome experience.
and it's been an

the next Greg Inglis,
He's been labelled

Latrell Mitchell is set
and Roosters young-gun footsteps once again.
to follow in the superstar's

switch to the centres this year,
The 19-year-old is expected to a better chance to attack.
a move he believes will give him

in his debut season,
He was electric

is looking to explode in 2017.
but Latrell Mitchell as a player
I've sort of developed that I'm not good at
I found out some things that I need to work at it,

Some things I'm good at. going on with them.
Just need to keep at just 18,
Thrust into first grade doubting his ability,
Mitchell says he was constantly much more prepared, mentally,
but the rising star says he's

for his second year. to play footy,
I'm just out there and I just sorta,
Not to worry about the hype and you know,
shut out the other stuff

and performing on the field.
focus on training fullback, Michael Gordon,
With the Roosters signing veteran for a stint out wide,
Mitchell is set of more one-on-one match ups.
and he's excited by the prospect If it's there, I'll take it. that I can you know, attack.
It sort of a challenge Long-term, Mitchell is touted best fullback option,
as the Roosters' the duty of developing his style
and Gordon has been handed as a number one. that experience there
It's good to have to teach me that, I don't know about fullback,
the different perspectives that that's the things he knows. is also out to assert himself
Former Rabbitoh Luke Keary for the tri-colours.
as an attacking threat

He's says the change of club to his game.
has added another dimension Obviously new coaches, of my game
they brought a fair bit that we'll be playing around,
and just the players together
we've had a solid pre-season some of that stuff on the field.
and looking at bringing

Anthony Mundine and Danny Green
For ten years,

have traded insults. blows in the ring once more.
Tonight, they will finally trade from Adelaide,
Erin Molan joins us it's the ultimate grudge match?
and Erin,

It really is. Good afternoon. This share
venue here has hosted or than its moments.
share of incredible sporting them
moments. The atmosphere could Trump are
them all. More than 25,000 people event
are expected here for the main Hundreds
event that goes on at 10 PM. watch
Hundreds of thousands more will world.
watch on television is around the Anthony
world. This started in 2006, when Anthony Mundine beat

Anthony Mundine beat Danny Green did
and he was not happy about that. He began
did not believe it was fair and or
began one of Australia's biggest, or possibly Australian
or possibly loudest, rivalries in later,
Australian sport. Now, a decade fit.
later, they do not look any less enough,
fit. If this main drawcard is not undercard.
enough, there is an undercounter -- social
undercard. This caused a stir on book
social media, but we cannot judge a long
book by its cover. Will see how the
long that lasts. Trying to last in put
the crowd, I try to work out how to characters
put this politely, colourful What
characters will be a challenge. What a

What a spectacle and a big night of there
Australian sport.Beautiful weather Vibrant.
there in my print Adelaide. --

Coast Commonwealth Games,
Usain Bolt will be at the Gold he won't be racing.
but unfortunately he will retire
Bolt today confirmed World Championships in August,
after the Athletics to be an ambassador
but is hoping

for the 2018 games in Queensland. I hope so, I really hope so. if I am not a ambassador,
Because even I will be here regardless. I love Australia
As you guys know, and watch the competition.
so I will come at the Nitro Athletics series
Bolt warmed up for his appearance in Melbourne tomorrow on the dancefloor.
by showing off his smooth moves perfect start in the Davis Cup
Australia is off to the at Kooyong,
against the Czech Republic and Nick Kyrgios
both Jordan Thompson in three sets
winning their singles matches to give the hosts a 2-nil lead. A win in the doubles tomorrow for Australia.
would wrap up the tie

in Rio,
After conquering the world our women's Rugby Sevens team in their home tournament.
is now eyeing off success two matches of the Sydney Sevens,
Australia has won their opening defeating Brazil and Ireland. Stadium kicks off tomorrow.
The men's action at Allianz

A real colourful carnival at Moorpark this weekend.

In the news ahead - they're the popular choice, not the answer to back pain.
but why these tablets are a personal greeting
The teacher who has

when you're as cute as this -
And it's hard to be fierce

the world's smallest foxes.
say hello to one of

We begin our broadcast

from Sydney's west.
with breaking news that matter to you.
First with the stories New tolls on the M4 to the cost of your commute.
will add hundreds and most experienced news team.
With this city's best

first and best in Sydney.
Nine News,

VOICEOVER: Meet Coles Beef Farmer
Wayne Davis. Wayne's family's been committed to producing quality beef
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By taking HCF's
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you can get a better understanding
of your own health.

It's just one of the ways

we're helping Australians
put our health first.

Now to our top stories -

decontaminated by Hazmat crews
seven workers have been at Westmead Hospital to a deadly substance.
after possibly being exposed has been suspended
A Turnbull staffer on Facebook.
for posting anti-Trump messages

The US president has defended his minister.
tough phone call with the pro

on the truck company
Police have launched a raid that shut down the M1
involved in a fiery crash for nearly 24 hours. will keep his job
Channel Seven boss Tim Worner his expenses and an office affair
after an inquiry into found there was no wrongdoing.

affect 80% of Australians
It's a condition that will

during their lifetime. new treatments to be developed
There are now urgent calls for for back pain anti-inflammatory drugs
after research found that

can cause more harm than good.

For Tracey Ansons,

in her kitchen
this regular bending of the knees

with back pain.
is part of her battle the physio and the exercises
If I didn't keep up with my chiropractor had given me,

in a lot more pain.
I'd be definitely treatment with pain medicines,
Tracey augments her physical and off the shelf.
both prescription I'd be chronically in pain.
Without it,

And while these off the shelf do provide short-term relief, more harm than good.
the side effects could be doing of medical studies into back pain
A systematic review of decades

for Global Health
by the George Institute anti-inflammatory drugs
claims that common with significant side effects.
have little benefit,

re-examined 35 studies
The institute involving more than 6,000 people, as far as half a century.
going back

Its study of those trials anti-inflammatories
revealed patients taking such as Ibuprofen were 2.5 times more likely gastro-intestinal problems,
to suffer from and bleeding.
such as stomach ulcers well for this condition,
They don't particularly work in reducing people's pain.
so we only saw a small effect like Denise Vaughan,
But for many sufferers, since high school,
who has carried a back injury anti-inflammatory within reach.
they will always have an Denise now also factors in

for her condition.
physical treatment of physiotherapy,
I use a combination in the past,
I have used chiropractic but physio is helping more, with medication.
and of course, pain management

a quick fix for back pain.
Unfortunately, there is not and wriggling for 12 hours,
After carefully squirming under the rubble
a Chinese woman trapped of a collapsed apartment block her mobile phone to her ear,
managed to get

alerting search crews.
then dialled her daughter, was eventually rescued.
The 63-year-old in the collapse,
Five people are confirmed dead three others are still missing.

into every day,
Prince Harry crams a lot

in London,
visiting ambulance headquarters meeting emergency responders,

to those handling
paying particular attention mental health issues. a school at Nottingham,
Next stop, about their lessons,
chatting with kids facing young teenagers.
and the challenges

which didn't work,
He tried a shoulder-tap trick, then was neatly tricked himself.

a busy day is a good day.
Harry knows writing and arithmetic,
Before the reading, at this school in North Carolina.
there's rhythm, of a personalised handshake
A high five and all the jive as the kids file into class.
for every student like Barry White Junior,
And with a name

to have soul.
this teacher was destined new addition to Taronga Zoo -
There's an energetic emerged from its nesting box.
a tiny fennec fox has

it was born in December,
Known as a 'kit', its parents on their toes.
and is already keeping at a petite 640 grams,
Weighing in fox species in the world,
fennecs are the smallest bat-like ears.
despite their enormous,

Sydney petrol prices,
Coming up, finance,

with the weekend weather.
and Belinda are sticking around tonight,
The cloudy skies

of any rain,
but only a 10% chance at home if you're heading out.
so you can leave your brolly and XX in our west.
Right now it's XX in the city

and it's going to be a hot one.
The weekend is almost here, A full forecast is next.

Why do more people choose
Toyota SUVs over any other? Is it because of their proven
capability and technology? Or is it because you can now get
$2,000 worth of fitted Toyota
genuine accessories on selected Toyota SUVs? Now, that's gotta make you feel

Search 'Toyota value'.

closed lower today,
To finance, and the stock market nearly 24 points.
the All Ords down 76.54 US cents
Our dollar is buying or 86.53 Japanese Yen.

for unleaded is $1.19 a litre,
The average petrol price for E10 it's $1.17.

Here's Belinda. with light north easterlies.
Grey skies over Sydney today, The city hitting a top of 26, thanks to the high humidity,
but felt a few degrees warmer Perfect weather for a seal, a little snooze on the steps.
this one here enjoying

slightly cooler in Richmond.
Most suburbs hitting a top of 27, After a warm night, a low of 21, sweltered through the night,
Across NSW, Mudgee also dropping to 21. hotter than average.
That's six degrees hitting the 30s today,
Most inland parts

Narrabri making it to 40. but only light,
A few scattered showers about, over the Riverina.
with sunny skies this weekend?
So what can we expect a low pressure trough
Well, we've still got lingering over New South Wales, to the north east tomorrow,
bringing some showers and storms northerly winds across our state.
also dragging some very hot

a hot start to the weekend -
So, Canberra can also expect a top of 35 tomorrow. 34 and sunny in Melbourne. A possible shower for Adelaide, at New South Wales,
let's have a close look will heat up again.
and temperatures all set to hit the 40s.
Dubbo, Narrabri and Bourke reaching 29,
Wollongong the coolest, and the chance of thunderstorms
with some showers

over the north-east. With that extreme heat, has been lifted to very high
the fire danger and southern districts.
over much of the eastern for a warmer day,
Sydney is also in the city heading for a top of 31. only dropping to 24.
A muggy night ahead, hanging around tomorrow,
And the cloudy conditions with the chance of a late shower.

in the afternoon,
We could also see a storm northern and western suburbs,
mostly likely to hit our bringing some thunder and showers 5 millimetres forecast.
with less than

after a hot day in our west,
And it will be welcome reaching up to 38 in Richmond. And that's just the start of it, in the city on Sunday,
shooting up to 38 degrees with a possible shower. as a cool change arrives.
Some rain on Monday in for a scorcher on Sunday,
Our western suburbs soaring to 42 degrees. on Monday,
The hot weather sticking around

but then some showers moving in. Back down to 29 by Tuesday, ahead, too, Georgie.
and a few more muggy nights

for this Friday.
That is Nine News with 'A Current Affair'.
Tracy Grimshaw is up next I'm Georgie Gardner. Goodnight.
Thanks for being with us.
Live captioned by Ai-Media

We begin desperate plea
with a heartbroken mother's to her missing daughter Gordana.
to find out what happened we retrace the teen's last steps

in a fresh appeal for information finally give her grieving family
that could they have been searching for.
the answers

Well basically, her is a little angel.
one word I can sort of describe Very happy child. Nothing seems to worry her to do anything for anyone.
or nothing was too much for her to accept what has happened.
That's why it's been hard

will be carried out
A full-scale search

Gordana Kotevski.
for abducted 16-year-old, cases like this.
You never forget It's always on your mind to solve.
and you're enthusiastic that Gordana's gone missing.
A phone call come through my whole world changed
And that's when Grave fears tonight...

most baffling mysteries.
It's one of Australia's

simply vanish?
How can a 16-year-old girl where were the parents?
she was walking on her own?
You know, how come what's around the corner.
but you don't know

of the 24th November, 1994.
It was the evening shopping with friends
Gordana Kotevski had been

at Charlestown Square.

As she was leaving the mall, on the payphone
she called her aunt to say she was coming over and she'd be there soon. OK. I'm walking now. See you soon. to her Aunt Sonya's house.
It was only 500m bordered by bushland.
Down this suburban street,

Only she never made it that far.

this was reported to police
It's almost 15 hours now since out of character.
and this is completely you'd think she'd be safe.
Not even 5 minutes of walking,

It's always a concern could happen.
that the worst thing certainly looking like
The scenario was the worst had happened. you don't lose hope.
But there's always hope,

and desperate for answers,
Beside herself and her family
Gordana's mother, Peggy Kotevski media on their doorstep.
suddenly found the nation's

My angel. Never been in trouble. and you know,
I just wanted some answers, as much as,
communicated with the police like almost 24 hours, and pushing for more staff.
pushing for the investigation

Peggy says the initial disappearance seriously.
failed to take Gordana's were very crucial
The first few hours

that that was enough done.
and I don't think at the time, there was the rumour mill.
And then actually,
Came from our community

been an arranged marriage,
that there could have but that was far from the truth. for you?
Was that really offensive Of course it's offensive when I was 14.5.
because I come out here I grew up here. This is my country. I couldn't understand
At the time, get involved
why the army couldn't went missing
because my little girl and it was important to me, for anyone else.
if it wasn't important

It was important for our family.

The days turned into weeks

proved fruitless.
and the searching Months passed,

then years. have been made in the past,
If mistakes in the future
all we can do is do better and apologise for them. An extraordinary admission commissioner, Peter Ryan -
from the then police

in the Newcastle Hunter region
that a series of disappearances by Newcastle police,
may have been bungled including Gordana's. that that was enough done.
I don't think at the time

on the street
Her aunt only lived where she was abducted
and the point from her aunt's house.
was only 50 or so metres