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Thank you for watching. Happy Thursday. What a show we have this evening. We have politicians. The good type of politicians. The outsider type of politicians. Bob Katter will be here. Derryn Hinch. Malcolm Roberts. All live and all part of the panel this evening. Plenty to get into this evening. You can use the hashtag Prime Minister live and el mail us. You can search for us on the Facebook page. Let's talk about what happened today. An awful lot of people have been excited today about the details of the phone call between our Prime Minister and President Trump. That is President Trump not looking too excited while talking to Malcolm Turnbull. On top of that, there was this poo sandwich that our Prime Minister was trying to present to the new President. That being 1200 people who we don't want to take as refugees but we expect the United States to take because while Barry was about to leave the White House, he did a deal at the last minute trying to give Donald Trump our problem. I don't care about a lot of the gossip about who said what and how fired up they were and how annoyed they were. It is win/win here. If the deal takes place, Turnbull gets a win and if Trump kills the deal, Trump will get a win out of it also. I love the idea of America first and I love the idea of Australia first. I don't mind robust discussion. But something that has been missing in a lot of the analysis today is why the phone call was as aggro as it is? All of that is Malcolm Turnbull's fault. I want to show you a couple of things that have led to this phone call about what really, to me, showed why Donald Trump may well have been told before this phone call took place "Give Australia a fair hearing, hear them out because we have been to wars and we have done great things with them but you should know this bloke, he is a lefty and he kind of liked Hillary". Malcolm Turnbull has gone out of his way to put no red carpet out for the new President. He has put no investment into a relationship with the man who won the election. It goes as far back as January last year. Here is a story that The Australian newspaper had about when our Prime Minister was in the United States about a year ago, who did he reach out to? The story clearly shows you this... He jumped onto the phone to Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio. He thought those would be the two people who may end up as President. Trump, nowhere on the phone call list. Trump got no love whatsoever. Then there was, after the election, the TPP fight, where, despite the fact that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both said the TPP would not happen, how many times did we see stories like this... Where we were going to keep pushing on hoping America would change its mind. If you read that bottom bit here, it says "Prime Minister says Rex Tillerson and Republican leadership in US Congress want trade deal to go ahead". What we were saying publicly was "We hope Donald Trump won't do what he promised in the election and we will try and pincer him through his Secretary of State or his parliamentary colleagues to go against what he promised at the election". Then there is this... Despite the fact that the Democrats had been wiped out everywhere, about 20 days after the election, our Prime Minister is having selfies with Barack Obama. Remember, after the election there was no great warmth and congratulations for Donald Trump. It was all about tears that Hillary put in a good fight. I don't mind that our Prime Minister stands up for our nation and its interests, makes perfect sense. But how can you expect that when somebody is going to do you a favour and you have put no investment into that relationship, where you have tried to go around that person multiple times and you showed an interpersonal preference for the other guy, why wouldn't the phone call go the way that it did? As for how we have handled things since Barack Obama left and Donald Trump became President, Julie Bishop is the Foreign Minister. She was in the United States not long after it took