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Ericsson Access Services. hip-pocket
us. Tonight, the Prime Minister's win
hip-pocket pitch - can we -- can he keenly
win over a hostile electorate?We everything
are managing right now. The cost of teenage
much more than wages.Also, the jail. attacked
and it is not the first time he was COMMENTATOR:
wanted to get out of this facility. that's
COMMENTATOR: Mo Hope stole it back, eve
blazing footballer Moana Hope on the girl
eve of victory.I had a 7-year-old to somebody are going Minister his Parliament's in
a political landscape it is - faith Trump-inspired Turnbull
rewriting the rule book. And Malcolm Government
Turnbull watching support for his ground.
made his pitch to wrest back some of
ground. There was only one mention was
of innovation or exciting times. It families
was all about a fair go. A focus on cut
families and giving companies a tax jobs.
cut in the hope that leads to more Right
jobs. All that is in the future. coming
Right now, Malcolm Turnbull is Donald
coming to grips with dealing with unpredictability
with all the confusion and Political
unpredictability that comes with it. Probyn
Political correspondent Andrew Welcome
Probyn reports from Canberra. Turnbull
Welcome back to Canberra.Malcolm nifty
Turnbull has long prided himself a you
Trump, he saw a fellow traveller.As hez
you know, Mr Trump is a deal-maker, he
businessman, he is a deal-maker and world
he will, I have no doubt, view the pragmatic
world in a very practical and thought weekend take
honour Barack Obama's promise to languishing Island. That
Livetting applied to all of them. that accordance United
what had been agreed upon by the manner
vetting will take place in the same forward. House later. President deal. parliamentary
nice, clean start to the from
deal was on track.As you've heard this progress
Administration has committed to honour
progress with the arrangements to Administration,
was entered into with the Obama assurance the episode,
we spoke on the weekend.This Government's
episode, perhaps, explains the the it will avoid publicly criticising me
the President. Ministers have told Vice-President,
me that behind-the-scenes, proving
Vice-President, Mike Pence, is Trump's
proving a useful foil to President Minister Liberal
on how much he donated to the the
Liberal Party in the dying days of regular
to the Liberal Party have been (LAUGHTER)
encourage others to do the same... And
And they have always been disclosed reported much disclosure months.
the exact amount for another 12 to
months.At some point he will have donated. dragging looks isn't
you have a couple of spare million when them. lives keeping
prosperous. Generating new jobs, improving
keeping power prices down and schools.
improving the performance of our many seems
right now. The cost of everything witnessing
wages.It is a hard sell - but we're pivot.
witnessing a definite Turnbull Bags,
betrayal as an out-of-touch Mr Money ordinary
cuts, for example, as a boon to the Perhaps
ordinary worker. Difficult? You bet. Minister,
self-declared deal maker. The Prime me
Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is with Great
me now. Nice to have you with us? with
deal with the deal-maker Trump. Is the seekers, the
guaranteed?Yes, it is, as I said in weekend
confirmed in our discussion on the in the Are considering
apparent shift that he is now from
considering it? And that's coming has
spokesperson?Anonymous and no-one a
to raise the standards of journalism Minister
conversation between the Prime the
Minister and the President. In which have
the President gives an assurance. We assurance
have a confirmation of that Minister's House that's
am basing my remarks on, and I think the
that's more reliable than some of OK, what What
detail here? How long will it take? this
that the United States may take at refugee
people - the Americans have a and
refugee program and we, as we do - is their
people from Nauru and Manus through vetting
very rigorous vetting...Extreme the with how
Iraq, countries on the banned list, significant process
commitment is to undertake to of
process these people for the purpose given
the United States. They will be indeed
given very rigorous vetting as refugee
indeed we give people who apply for the
rigorous vetting. As Sean Spicer, moment
the White House spokesman said a understanding
moment ago, that arrangement, that know
understanding was the...So we don't United
know what the numbers will be?The as
who comes to the United States, just -- country. up
Donald Trump, clearly, it has shaken ban, has Because
hadn't done that publicly. Why? Australia. for multicultural
are the most successful We immigration that immigration program. programs
We're proud of that. Those are the are
programs I'm responsible for. Those make
are the Australian values that I Australian
make sure I stand up for as don't
Australian Prime Minister. What I provide
finish, Stan. What I don't do is domestic
provide a running commentary on the countries. Now... others other remain can
Germans can speak up, if the English Justin
speak up, why are we silent?Well, and
Canada's values on immigration are, values,
and just as I have set out what our doing
immigration are. But what I am not commentary United policies. advice Washington, frankly, ensuring
that's because I am concerned about Australians
ensuring that I deliver for and
Australians and Australian citizens, interest. delivering lines
given your speech today. The battle political that
How do you convince ordinary people giving you're
going to be good for them?Well, cut companies, on Well,
companies. That's pretty clear... OK, investment.
investment. You will get more more
investment. Therefore, you will get get
more employment. Therefore, you will also tax
- when the Labor Party has proposed far-left
to, before they swung to the this left-wing old
progressing at a the moment, in the leadership,
old days, when Labor has rational leadership, responsible economic justified
leadership, that's how they Keating
justified the tax cuts that Paul There
Keating delivered, for example. Richardson,
long there will take. Chris Deloittes,
Richardson, an economist from this
Deloittes, he supports this but says for
decade out but we are cutting tacks small years. with less. is improvement earnings,
average, you know, average weekly as
earnings, is based on a calculation over
place. You're right, that would be responsible
over 10 years. So this is a very know, this. fall
we're going to be competitive or Now,
fall off the back of the pack. America the
Zealand already has. We have one of developed region.
highest company tax rate in our do
region. Now, I just ask you this - competitive
do you think we can seriously be is,
competitive if our company tax rate the
is, for example, twice as high as

question Parliament. through particularly difficult. Xenophon
it, the Greens oppose it, Nick some
Xenophon may have maybe potentially you
some concessions.Your gloominess, We last
in the Senate than we did in the four
last parliament. But in the last had
got more through the Senate than we pragmatic
prepared to cut deals, I. A you
practical person, and that's what Parliament
you need to be to get the 45th spoke
Parliament to work.Bill Shorten integrity
spoke about this yesterday, this integrity in the Parliament, you entitlements. We are talking about about
integrity and there are questions Party Stan, interested their a
with my own. Now, I have always been generous.
in. Lucy and I have always been just have and
know that we have done well in life duty
and we believe it is part of our been... Party.
Philanthropic. Well, to the Liberal that about
has been talked about and speculated $1.75.
about but there it is. Million substantial assure to put
causes. I've always been prepared to money
here's the difference: I put my have
money into ensuring that we didn't have a Labor Government. I put my campaign. not
CFMEU, like Bill Shorten is. I am who
not beholden to left-wing unions, where
who own Bill Shorten. I put my money values,
where my mouth is. I stand up for my made,
values, with the money that I've and me this,
Harbourside Mansion. Let me tell you nice
this, Stan, I do live with Lucy in a Yes,
nice house on the water in Sydney. the
Yes, we do. And we paid for. We pay live
our house. Bill Shorten wants to which every expanse is paid for by difference.
the taxpayer. That's the big what
difference. So what he is doing, an your political
..Campaign.Let's finish on the into behind.
latest poll has you five, six points election that faith lows. for
this year? This is the make or break year,
for Malcolm Turnbull?It is - every politics.
year, every day, is a test in leadership.
politics. Every day is a test of character, judgement. way, look a
do you turn that around?Stan, what interested
with great respect, are much more Minister...
viewers...No, no, seriously, Prime become
the polls as argument to actually about
Tony Abbott. So you have spoken question
about polls.Well, OK...The across
around?The way I get my message political Australian way
expenses, their cost of living, the environment seeing
are rising very slowly. We are not them.
other costs are pressing down on expensive
Bill Shorten stands for much more reliable
expensive energy and much less done,
reliable energy. And so, what we've today, elements, business opportunities
that we have the big export and
opportunities that drives the jobs it
and enterprise in Australia, whether non-ideological
rational, non-I had -- reliable
non-ideological approach to energy, and
reliable energy, affordable energy back
and cutting...People can watch this see
Parliament begins next week. Good to juvenile
escalating chaos in Victoria's a
juvenile detention centres involving escape, Teenagers
Government promised tough measures. separate
Teenagers were transferred to a Security
separate wing at the bar won Maximum weren't
Security Adult Prison, even some who court
weren't involved in the riots. Two but
facility is unfate for young people guns. hospitalised
the mother of a young inmate who was by
on Monday night after being bashed and warned country
risk, but nothing was done. On a way 16. outside
Maximum Security barwon Prison very
outside of Geelong. Alina Leikin is she
very worried about him. On the way there. Leikin speak he I
and has been hospitalised overnight. vertebra serious who 'Joseph'
Victorian law, so we'll call Hospital.
'Joseph' was at nearby Geelong the
Hospital. Alina Leikin says it is assaulted
the third time Joseph has been week
he has only been there a month.Last this
week we notified the government that assault.
this young man was unsafe in this vulnerable
incredibly at risk. This is a government
us his fears about being here. The grave And
safety, and now this has happened. seriousness
And it has taken an incident of this to
seriousness for this boy to be moved facility.
to an appropriate youth justice night.
Joseph's mother spoke to 7.30 last something
night.He was outside. Um, there was incident.
something going on inside, another him.
incident. Um, had nothing to do with heard
him. And then all of a sudden he "Watch
heard his name being called and, repetitively
from behind, thrown into the ground, mother-of-five
blacked out.The young before
mother-of-five spoke to her son just taken
does it make you feel that it's him
taken an incident like this to get disgusted,
him moved out of that place?I'm and told
have these other boys moved. And we They're
told them, "They're not safe. It's time
in hospital, and it is not the first Joseph juvenile
vehicle theft. He has been in before
juvenile detention several times never
before for stealing cars. He has offences
never been charged for violent Barwon
offences but was assaulted by a was
says, over being kept in a room that swore
was trashed by another boy. Your son guard
him to go eff off.What did the guard do?He pushed past the other by
guard that was there, grabbed my son proceeded
by the scruff of the neck and punch, dragged
uppercutting him repetitively and to
solicitors have requested the CCTV conveyed vulnerable. desperatelily only with
Barwon, that my son had self-harmed cut
with a part of a broken fan. He had ever.
cut himself. He's never self-harmed, concerning had self-harmed. because of incidents justice rioted,
Malmsbury juvenile detention centres even
rioted, destroyed facilities and absolutely
going to adult prison, and I make was
absolutely no apology for it.Joseph decision prompted
separate win in Barwon Adult Jail successful
prompted his lawyers to launch a December, Gregory whether
Government paid no attention as to treatment,
whether the fortnightly of at
custody of these young people here interests. has
this is what happens. The Government Malmsbury's
has now moved aside Parkville and Brendan inside statistics prison
children go onto a lifetime are in much
prison and I want to shift that as has of inside
son.Joseph's mum said the school where around. reports, He
to help his mum with breastfeeding. future. facilities
refused registration because the standards.
complied with child safety Affairs
standards. The embattled youth Jenny
Affairs Minister David Miscavige -- excuse
for now. Joseph's mother does not thinks
excuse her son's behaviour but I
kids like him.I really understand, they
punished. That it's not OK. They, They
they can't be committing crimes. are them,
needs to be somewhere that can help future.
offer them something for their Well,
future. And where they're safe. Hope. familiar. trail history
players, who, in two days will make AFL marquee
reports that although she is a aspect
for Collingwood, this is only one management
aspect of her life.I run a traffic my
management company. I normally get get Or keep there, her,
Levinia up between 8 and 9, shower school
her, prep her for school. Then her disability
her off about 9. So Levinia's super
disability is mebia syndrome. It is up
super rare and you have to look it came four getting make was
if anything happened to her. That I
was it, Mum gave me a call, asked if jumped work
really responsive and she's easy to she's, a Everything She
her. But I am blessed to have her. ever
She is my best friend. I would never give
ever tell her that because she'll the
like, she would be my equivalent of of years.
has fostered 19 kids at once, for those
the loungeroom floor to make sure she's
those kids had a bed and a room. So that
she's the angel. And the woman is to might
everything we could dream of. That but
might not seem like much to people, is,
but that was the world to us. So she away
is, she is my hero. My dad passed young. I
get with her is super important. So about
take her a coffee, let her vent Because the dad,
much time with her as I can. With my of
dad, I think, I always say he is one am
of the reasons why I am the person I I
am today, and with football as well, and
When I was three, he gave me a footy go
and then I sort of different let it competitive
go from that point. Became very used
competitive against my brothers. He was
day, make me run, kick the footy. He my
every single game together. I loved up times
you know, I was challenged all those I
times because it made me the person family
back to being a kid, we'll give your that
to shove that two million because how
that upbringing, you know, that's The
how we are. much,
The reason why I love the game so much
teammates and you train with them so your from Then
excited, I have 22, 24 new siblings. just
Then there is the competitiveness, people game. COMMENTATOR: outlet
this AFLW practice match.It is my play
outlet as well. When I go out and else let
exist. It is just me on the field, I That's
football.Mo Hope stole it back. opener
That's pick-pocketing.The season Carlton,
opener is Carlton, good, old from
Carlton, and they've just changed it ground
from our home ground to their home the
ground because they're worried about members
the math and counted my family family want around, know, good
sometimes it doesn't work out that feels
good and at the end of the game it all
feels like a massive blur because it butterflies,
will be full of excitement, I
butterflies, but mostly excitement. crowds. she is get
in the AFL. It is incredible girls 7-year-old
get to fulfil their dreams. I had a she
7-year-old girl last week tell me amazing,
she is going to fill my spot. That's thinking
amazing, somebody that young that
AFL, and it is a girl. I was saying logistics.
that but I didn't understand the saying
logistics. I'm sure my brothers were can
saying that. But now little girls before
can say that.And just two days season. for again night.

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