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Melbourne, as the man accused of premier
Friday's rampage is charged. A new with
it new politics? Israel pushes ahead disputed
with building settlements on President. savaged
- 12 months on from the storm that in No

26-year-old Friday's Gargasoulas
central Melbourne. Dimitrious before
today and questioned for cell hours Magistrates
afternoon. Police told the Melbourne unprecedented evidence.
collect to prepare the brief of court,
by police and then whisked away to magistrate.
murder. Gargasoulas did not face the REPORTER:
accused was feeling unwell. about cells,
As Gargasoulas was in the holding people
Federation Square to honour the five Friday. and struggling
those who are suffering.I have been show
on Friday, yep. I need to kochltTo that
show a bit of support for the people 100m intersection, chaos.
the chaos. Of the five people killed in months
young, raging in age from just three hasn't
months to 33. A 25-year-old man, who a
hasn't been named, is believed to be consulate
a Japanese tourist. The Japanese it
consulate in Melbourne has confirmed victim's
it is providing assistance to a sounds have
than I might like, but I am glad I can
just how brave and loving strangers tribute
can be. I love this city.The floral continues
tribute in the bucket Street mall workers,
continues to graft. For many back
workers, it was their first time events
back in the CBD since the horrific days
events of Friday afternoon. Three mourning. never

police are investigating how an music
actor was shot in the chest as a afternoon turned
of Brisbane's busiest laneways were video
Bar early this afternoon. A music #
filmed inside. # No matter what you have Cell man
several actors during the scene.A and crew the QAS commented there. music band were inside the bar at the time of with
the shooting but they are working that
bottom of what happened. Police say the
it was an accident.We will process ballistics
officers present and members of our will devastating.
number of hours yet.Pretty like
devastating. It is tragic something populated
like this has happened in such a sure
populated part of Brisbane.Making The
sure my staff is my No. One concern. thoughts
venue out for production said their family
thoughts and prayers are with the respect
family and friends of the individual Workplace
understanding at this time. investigators
Workplace health and safety incident
investigators are treating the will
incident as a work site death and for

Gladys Berejiklian says the top vexed
infrastructure, job creation and the affordability.
vexed issue of housing asked Congratulations.
Brigid Glanville reports. closest
much.Well done.Surrounded by those for.
got the job he's patiently waited that
perform the functions and doubts me
to the best of my ability. So help like
me God.The Premier's day started today, to First #r58 Baird replacement Thank There taking won't
was down to business.I know it three
the next level.She outlined her housing economy know community bitumen a
it makes to a community if there is toilet oval. reversed
in their wishlist to force the bush,
reversed council mergers in the be
bush, but today the Premier wouldn't a
be drawn into that debate.There is about
and listen about. There is no doubt definitive
about that. I will not make any That is side She success. boilermaker, first which
working on the Sydney Opera House for premier family Trump's of days
President has spent his first two crowd
days in office lashing out about a community. that
falsehoods, a senior advisor said quote
that the Administration stood by its America
quote "alternative facts". North March House
you solemnly swear...As the White some
House receives its new senior staff, tenant. letter
Office and found this beautiful really keep
and we will cherish that and we will (LAUGHTER)
press what is in that letter. That media
Trump Administration's war with the inauguration
media over the reporting of I
inauguration crowd sizes is serious. the
I am saying there is an obsession by president photos
sit around and let it happen.It is crowd,
President Trump's inauguration that misleading
his team. They also defended the his
Sean Spicer, gave to reporters in falsehood
REPORTER: You are saying it is a alternative
Spicer our press secretary gave five
you mean? Alternative facts for the facts Alternative facts. Kellyanne returns,
Donald Trump won't release his tax after
returns, despite promising to do so White will
press deteriorates, President Trump Prime
relations with world leaders. UK to
Prime Minister Theresa May is likely visit Trump
since his inauguration. Today Donald Benjamin February. hundreds
approved building permits for Jerusalem administrations.
take a softer line than previous spoke
administrations. For more on this, I chief
spoke a short while ago to the ABC's Williams.
chief foreign correspondent Philip between
Williams. Phil, the relationship during
between Israel and the US soured how
during Barack Obama's presidency. So significant.
Israeli announcement?It is highly that
significant. There is no accident Trump.
after the inauguration of Donald Jerusalem
Trump. The depth kid Mayor of waiting
Jerusalem confirmed they were and
they feel they have his full support They
political scene they are elated. settlements
They feel that more of these projects
settlements and more of these view
light. From the Palestinian point of Phil,
view they see that as a disaster. big
Phil, what now?Well, that is the process there
and it is currently off because Palestinians
the Palestinians are despondent about final option more
and certainly they feel more and of has
extremely happy with the way this confident found
Williams there. Rescue workers have found a sixth body in the wreckage buried children,
Nine people, including four snow no are
hotel since then. Dozens of people Rescuers
and painstakingly slow work. signs
Rescuers use poles to search for any that be TRANSLATION:
pockets below them collapse. so
area that was completely swept away, the
so I am standing exactly on top of missing
the building.23 people are still barrelling
missing since tonnes of snow came went.
barrelling down the mountain on from
went. Rescuers last heard voices is
from the rubble on Friday. Now rain complicating
is making the snow heavy and TRANSLATION: another.
inside, to go from one room to can't
and no doors. Most of the time, they devastation,
can't be reached.Amid the been
amazing survival. Nine people have among
been pulled alive from the debris, trapped
among them this man's friend who was survived
his girlfriend and two others. He TRANSLATION:
survived by eating dirty snow. felt phones
it was always dark until the mobile could
phones had no battery left, they shows
could see each other.Amateur video the before TRANSLATION:
chair she was sitting on. little
TRANSLATION: The seat back was a her
little higher than her and prevented found
her from being pushed down.Police phone
of those killed by tracing mobile up
phone signals. They are not giving but

Indigenous communities, the impact tight-knit
is devastating. Not only are few
grief, but counselling services are million tragedy
set up specialist support teams when Gulf
tragedy strikes. This island in the definitely
with recent suicides, most knows
a very small community and everyone one
knows everyone and to have a young very is
the island.The Federal Government rolling
is addressing this tragedy by immediate
support grieving family in the matching
immediate aftermath of a death with local well
something that hasn't been worked so us
well to date.That is an issue for the together. children.
coordinated properly for the years.
out nationally over the coming we
years.Also to identify the gaps so agencies
we can better inform services and to
agencies that are meant to respond support
to these families and provide more taking
are devastating. Name youth are today
the national rate. Here at a meeting a
leader told the minister this wasn't and
a problem in the 70's and 8 o 0's disempowered were but
authority.This is not an ambulance capture
but a springboard, we want to time
capture people at this particular there responded more prevent
communities more resilient to suicide
prevent people from feeling that for someone,

senator In arrangement
from witnesses about the lease on
arrangement on his Adelaide office family
on a building he once owned.The final
family first sniftor secured the at
final South Australian Senate seat Labor's
at last year's poll, knocking out resigned
Labor's Ann McEwen. He since has lease
challenge to his election around the Today's
lease arrangement on his office. disagreement
Today's hearing was prompted over a Miss
case between Mr Day and lawyers for seeking
Miss McEwen. The lawyers were to
seeking details on how the agreement Smith she reading husband.
with things because she trusted her agreed
husband. Mr Smith told the court he wouldn't
agreed to the plan on condition it

a control. the consider pecuniary
proof Mr Day had some sort of She's will omitting that seat.

today as uncertainty grew about Donald Trump's economic agenda. Here
today as uncertainty grew about is Donald Trump's economic agenda. is Alan rapidly
higher at the opening but then faded has post-American
over the past couple of weeks. The from
post-American election rally went took
from November 9th to January 9th and months. the
more than 3% so still well ahead of wait
the pre-Trump level but inclined to wasn't
wait to see what happens. Today nasty down slumped investors.
actions against it for misleading being shareholders.
itself is being sued by indexes fell inauguration,
following Donald Trump's fell
day slightly ahead. The US dollar including
fell against all currencies, tonight's
including the Australian dollar, so market
tonight's trading on both the share commodity
should be very interesting. On wheat commitments
today's economic data were lending bit Commsec
a surge in business lending. Also state Victoria's
these quite interesting grand final. above
Victoria's population growth is average
above 2% which is about twice the but
average of the rest of the country, ranks.
growth, Victoria is well down the hand, hand, might be facing a glut
ranks. New South Wales, on the other apartments.
hand, might be facing a glut of President
apartments. That is finance. US federal
President Donald Trump has pledged claimed
by a severe weather system which was when Hattiesburg tornado
homes and flipping cars. Another into
tornado hit South Georgia smashing large
seven people. Challenging winds, across
large hail and tornadoes also swept The
Florida and south-eastern Alabama. residents
The weather service has warned fast-moving strong home
plough on for kilometres. Closer to event
home and last year a freak storm the
event described as a "tornado" tore east destroyed, Geoff couple rebuild
claims and difficult memories to James
rebuild the home of their dreams. storm.
scattered aftermath of a ferocious end lashed struck.
McKergows were in bed when disaster moments,
conscious of rain coming in.Within bricks
moments, the roof was torn off and had
bedrooms.Both the bedside chairs and
had taken direct hits. They were off sheltered
and independent one on the bed.They were
sheltered for hours and then they support clothes
We got dressed in our borrowed the
clothes and went out to find that arrived
the first of the neighbours had to
arrived with boxes, bags, anything rental
the McKergows are still living in a Bungendore.
rental property up the road in been
Bungendore. Insurance claims have and
been difficult with four assessments the
come into the front entrance, mind to
up canle come by the site most days concleaning was
the night clear in their minds.This With who
finally moving for the McKergows, house
who hope to build virtually the same builder
able to sign the contract with the building it
month, we think.Yes.We hope.Among whether
it all, friends and family wondered rebuild was the
Terrific community.When you live in reason to

years remain alive after a 5-set win Open. world Angelique fourth this
in both the mens and womens draws reports.
the most open in years. Ben Lisson man greats,
with the fans. One of the game's up.
world No. 1.It does open the draw some the
winner of 17 grand slams, moved into seed
event with a tough win over fifth with
COMMENTATOR: How good is that?But Rafael
with the top two men's seeds out, chance
Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are a final. healthy, Novak surprise. years.
each other probably for the last 11 modern
years.Two of the greatest in the faced
modern glimpse, Federer and Nadal Australian
faced each other in the 2009 Spaniard
Australian Open final where the there
Spaniard triumphed but it is clear year's
there are no certainties in this for
year's event.I suppose it is good top
for tennis. A lot of guys below that upsets champion
men's draw. Top seed and defending American
bowed out after an upset loss to beginning
American Coco Vandeweghe.Just the good,
still improve my tennis, which is Williams
course come back stronger.Serena upsets.
Williams wasn't about to add to the Strycova. Serena
COMMENTATOR: It wasn't easy but another
Serena Williams goes through to yet David
be a regular in the final eighth but Thiem
David Goffin's win against Dominic forward
Thiem means he is the first to go the
our the chance to ask the questions and inspire
Monday night this month we hope to from
some of the most popular segments --
why many suburban streets in the AYT night.
-- ACT are on the bloomy side at dark? on, Earlier
question, one must go back in time. packs. development.
implemented at the start of north
development. Places like the inner canopy landscape
then turns into night, the urban Turner street
disappeared into the gloom.The will
street lighting in those locations long
new areas like Ryde and Combs.A to
long hch established near neighbour the
to those suburbs had an influence on observatory
the lum Nantes, too.It was a solar astronomers
observatory actually.When the a
nction, they realised the impact of get here
conversations between astronomers we
here and the city to say, hey, can don't
we lower the light pollution so we are
don't impact the great work that we especially
are doing up here. In the 40's and enabling
became a problem.It continued today brightly
enabling new suburbs to be lit as as
brightly as possible while remaining Downward-facing
as strongmy friendly. need LEDs
You want it to be downward facing. conversation We
aspects. We want people to be safe. for
people run into poles.So the reason mainly
for dark streets in Canberra. Is inner
mainly historical.The lighting in bushes
inner north, inner south, all of the areas. truth. previous
dust. Don't forget you can find all would
our Curious Canberra website and we for
would love to hear your questions said
Abc. Canberra. It is Luke
the day and tonight's picture from exception.
over Lake Burley Griffin is no weather
exception. If you have a great mercury
the mercury has been creeping up across the day and we had a high of
mercury has been creeping up across Canberra. cooler labelled throughout region
similar light showers across the

top stories tonight: The new premier Berejiklian whether mergers and through
accused of Friday's driving rampage charged
through Melbourne's CBD has been newsroom.
That is the latest from the Canberra follow
newsroom. For more ACT news, you can ABC
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Hello. nation
Tonight - new President, divided From
Trump's leadership style. will CROWD: Donald
hate!I am not going anywhere, Unpredictability
Donald Trump, so get ready. everything
Unpredictability is good in enemies
everything - you want to keep your Counting
going to do. deadly Was
(BELL TOLLS) before
Was there an opportunity to stop him the
before he got to the city? That's answered.
the question that the community want

music's bad boy, Nigel Kennedy. Hendrix,
(LAUGHS) I tried to be like Jimi