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Hello, possums. I'm Rupert Murdoch. Hello.
Hi. Hello.
Hi. I'm Dr Cindy Pan. Hi. I'm Ian 'Molly' Meldrum. Hello. I'm Ian Thorpe. Hello.
Hello. Hi.
Hi. Hi. I'm Matt Damon. I'm Gough Whitlam. Hi. I'm Marcia Hines.
Hello. I'm Shane Warne. And I'm Cate Blanchett. Hello. I'm Caroline Jones. And I look forward to bringing you
some great Australian stories. That was 1996,
and who could have imagined that Australian Story would still
be going strong 20 years on? Over two decades, so many of you
have allowed us into your lives and trusted us with your stories. In the process, you've held up
a mirror up to the nation, documenting the changing face and shifting moods
of Australian society. Tonight, in the first
of two special episodes, we celebrate this program's
20th anniversary. These are your stories.

Giddy-up! C'mon! Here we go. This is it. Just a little bit nervous. The magic formula
for Australian Story, nobody really knows it. Here he is. Come on, big boy!

Whoo! I suppose it's that sense
of peeking over the fence and seeing someone else's life. I'm not worried about it. You are.
OK, right. Are they tears of joy,
are they? Huh? Showing a bit
of that doubt and that fear and those struggles
that we all go through and that make us human.

Never go backwards.

Tough loss. What always fascinates me is how people overcome
extraordinary hardships.

I like the idea of people
sharing their lives.

It does help letting people know
that they're not alone.

PAUL WILLIAMS: It was very clear
at the time - this was mid '90s... The ABC had sort of given up
documentary making or biography. A Big Country
had ceased years beforehand.

There was no record,
documentary record, of the... ..of Australian life,
how ordinary Australians lived. And so I thought
it was absolutely necessary that we start to document
the life of ordinary Australians. Our first thoughts about the show were that we should look
at conventional current affairs and do everything differently.

Hello. I'm Mike Moore.
Welcome to Frontline.

This was the era of the
ABC comedy program Frontline, which absolutely nailed
a building suspicion and cynicism in the minds of the audience
about the practices of journalists. The man is an easy target, right? Now, the best way
for a host to gain credibility is to line up an easy target
and nail him. Relax. I'll go easy on you. The blood sport aspect of
go-for-the-kill current affairs. I'd like to ask you
a few questions, Mr Lindani! It was the reporter
against the person who didn't want to reveal
this, that or the other. And we kind of got this idea - OK, we're all reporters, you know, we have
this reporter background.