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(generated from captions) Heather, it's Harry S Truman.


Yeah, claimed it was because
his parents could not decide

whether his middle name
should be Solomon or Shipp.

The other presidents
are Dwight David Eisenhower,

Warren Gamaliel Harding
and James Abram Garfield.

So Harry didn't get Solomon or Shipp.
He just got S.S.

And you get $1,000...
Oh! what has been an amazing show.



Heather, congratulations.
I'm happy.

Heather Pettersson just won $1,000.

I'll see you next time
in the Millionaire Hot Seat.

Goodnight, everyone!

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New year, new Premier -

her vision for the future.
Gladys Berejiklian sets out on the set of a music video
An actor shot dead for Australian band Bliss n Eso.

Swiped by a truck -

she gets into her car at Bexley.
a woman critically injured as

picks up a rare infection
A heart patient at Prince of Wales Hospital.
from equipment And off to the Dragons - $6 million man.
Ben Hunt becomes rugby league's

Good evening. has been sworn in
Gladys Berejiklian of New South Wales,
as the 45th Premier housing affordability crisis.
vowing to tackle Sydney's her predecessor, Mike Baird,
The state's new leader thanked looked to distance herself
but instantly

his more controversial policies,
from some of for everyone.
insisting she will govern

Good, good. and I'm ready for it, thank you.
It's a big day

seen as being like anyone else.
Gladys Berejiklian wants to be she became Premier,
So, even on the day white government car,
there was no from Northbridge to Wynyard.
just the 205 bus

When it came time,

didn't take very long
her Liberal colleagues the Mike Baird succession plan.

elected leader
Gladys Berejiklian has been

Liberal Party unanimously.
of the NSW parliamentary

Her deputy, Dominic Perrottet,

is now the state's their first item of business - on Sydney's housing crisis.
putting the spotlight firmly

I want to make sure

person across this state
that every average hard-working their own home.
can aspire to own

is seriously considering
Nine News understands the Premier

from paying stamp duty.
exempting first home buyers

I am someone who will listen

an open mind.
and someone who has

fierce advocate for our schools.
She's also promising to be a says
The daughter of Armenian migrants that got her here.
it's her public education

strongest supporter of Gonski,
You will have in me the

education can do for somebody.
because I know what a public It's all well and good for her education,
to talk about her support for short-changed state schools.
but as Treasurer she has

will be slowly wound back,
Parts of the Mike Baird legacy

including forced council mergers

which we will look
There are a number of issues

there's no doubt about it.
and listen about, The former leadership, is just about politics.
says a decision like that I am not worried about me.
It is what it is, mate,

you get asked to do
I'm just worried about the job each and every day. uniting a bruised government,
The challenge for the Premier is but making it complicated, Mike Gallacher.
is former Police Minister,

wood work and soak up a day
I'm just going to blend into the for nearly three years.
that I've been waiting for

in the Liberal Party Room,
He arrived to sit

since the ICAC scandal,
for the first time

begged him not to.
even though numerous MPs surprise for you?
Mike Gallacher - was that a Um. I'm not sure.

for me to consider...
There is opportunity

position into the future.
..for me to consider his I, Gladys Berejiklian... the keys to Macquarie Street,
As the former Premier handed over functions and duties
..whether I performed the Wales faithfully...
as the Premier of News South

was complete -
Mike Baird believed his mission

his Twitter account,
he almost immediately deleted and offered a ringing endorsement

and successor.
of his friend, colleague Thank you, everyone. and even delighted,
You should all be very pleased that is taking over.
there's a fantastic Premier

State Parliament for us tonight.
And Chris is live at a new cabinet?
Chris, when can we expect to see

it will be Sunday -
Peter, it looks like

Or Monday.

wanted to get everyone in place
it's understood the new Premier by the middle of the week, but Deputy Premier John Barilaro of every portfolio.
wants to go over every detail

He has told Gladys Berejiklian that still
all senior ministry portfolios are still up for

still up for grabs, even if she has has
promised them in backroom deals she Gladys
has done. I have been told when team,
Gladys Berejiklian does neighbour team, to expect significant change.

an actor has been shot dead
To breaking news -

inside a Brisbane CBD bar.
while filming a music video from the scene.
Zara James joins us now Zara, how did this happen?

The man was an actor and he was the
playing a role in a musically for things
the hip-hop band listen SO when afternoon.
things went horribly wrong this

afternoon. It was around 2 PM when after
makes were called to the scene There
after the man was shot in the chest. used
There were a number of guns being afternoon,
used in this production, this or
afternoon, but it is not known how Staff
or why one of these guns was loaded. CPR
Staff here at the venue performed but
CPR until paramedics could arrive, hour
but the man passed away about an of
hour later at the scene.The number the
of firearms were being used during whether
the scene. I cannot tell you firearms.
whether they will live or real type
firearms. I cannot tell you the used.
type of ammunition that was being investigation.
used. That will be subject of the not
investigation.Now, the band were released
not here at the time, but they have incident.
released a statement confirming the actors
incident. There are still some evening,
actors inside the building this evening, speaking with police.

in critical condition
A woman remains as she opened her car door
after being hit by a truck at Bexley this afternoon. on the side of the road
She was treated to St George Hospital.
before being raced

and paramedics in action.
These images capture police to save a life.
Desperate, yet determined lies unconscious
The woman in her 50s

by this small truck
after being hit parked car on Stoney Creek Road
as she opened the door of her in Bexley just after midday. and there was fire trucks
I just kind of looked out and ambulances everywhere.

CCTV shows the moment of impact.

as she unlocks her car
The victim's car lights flash and walks onto the road. truck, travelling west,
As she climbs in, the Isuzu collides with the driver's side. metres down the road,
The truck driver comes to a stop

and rushes to the woman's aid.

a very busy area,
This is a very busy road,

to park,
so people need to be able and just mindful,
however, again, to be vigilant

to open you doors
you need to make sure it's safe and get out on foot.

for more than half an hour,
After being treated by paramedics

to St George Hospital,
the woman was taken condition.
where she remains in a critical investigators
A large team of crash at the scene,
spent much of the afternoon here

and measured the site,
they carefully photographed exactly what caused this crash.
as they worked to determine

arrested after a police chase
A 38-year-old man has been

following a break-in at Concord.
through the city's inner west,

and 14-year-old girl were at home
An 11-year-old boy

when two men forced their way in electrical items.
and stole several

grabbing one man when it stopped
Police later chased a vehicle,

and he made a run for it. at Villawood.
The abandoned car was later found

for copping criticism quietly,
He's not known

into his presidency,
and just days

a fresh attack on the media.
Donald Trump has unleashed is offended over reports
The new President wasn't as big as Barack Obama's,
his inauguration crowd

to defend him
sending his press secretary in set of facts.
with an "alternative"

new staff at the White House -
President Trump swearing in his

for an administration
a routine ceremony that's already anything but. had left him a letter,
As Trump revealed Barack Obama he had a dig at the media.

we will keep that
We will cherish that,

what's in it, that letter.
and we won't even tell the press

of a fiery few days
That swipe indicative

focussed on media reports
where President Trump has been at his inauguration.
about the low crowd numbers

thin-skinned president
The notoriously

to say this.
sent his new press secretary out

the largest audience ever
This was

an inauguration period.
to witness

his own facts and numbers
Sean Spicer went on to provide on crowd sizes,

have since been proven wrong.
most of which this exchange this morning
So then there was with Trump's most senior aide.

and they're giving...
You're saying it's a falsehood our press secretary,
Sean Spicer, but the point here is...
gave alternative facts to that,

alternative facts?
Wait a minute, he uttered were just not true.
Four of the five facts are just not facts.
Alternative facts

to the more than 1 million people
And in reaction

of his administration,
marching in protest this morning, that was laced with sarcasm.
a tweet from the new president

a diplomatic reversal.
Two hours later,

the Trump administration
And it appears

has already broken of the election campaign -
one of the major promises returns once he is out of audit.
to release Donald Trump's tax saying today
A senior advisor to Mr Trump at all.
they won't be releasing them

been ambushed by three young men,
A man delivering newspapers has

slashed his hand,
who forced him to the ground and newsagency at Kings Langley.
while trying to break into a

The guy with the knife had cut me. think
There was blood pulling up and I around,
think that they didn't want to hang blood
around, because there was too much blood there.

in a white sedan,
The offenders escaped who saw the men,
and police are urging anyone to contact Crime Stoppers.
who were wearing high vis,

case in NSW of a rare infection
Doctors have confirmed the first

surgery equipment.
caused by contaminated open-heart from Prince of Wales.
Damian Ryan joins us Damian, what can you tell us?

a worldwide alert went out
Pete, in August last year,

surgical equipment
about the contaminated in four Sydney hospitals.
which was being used in December,
Then, four months later,

who'd undergone heart surgery
a woman in her 80s at Prince of Wales known infection, chimeria.
showed symptoms of this little

she was treated with antibiotics
Last week it was confirmed and

and she's doing well.

from Germany has been removed.
Of course, the equipment

infection could linger for years.
But NSW Health tells us the

infection is evolving
Our understanding of this

very closely
and we are of course watching international advice, presented up to five years after
but cases internationally have their heart surgery.

Doctors and patients are being told to be on alert for this infection.

to be on alert for this infection. worldwide
We also know that 70 cases in
worldwide have been reported, one talent
in Queensland, and have been for talent is.

incident involving four people
Now to an apparent road rage

at a set of traffic lights. brawling on a traffic island
Three men and a woman were seen at around 4:00 this afternoon,
in Newcastle cars, and driving off.
before jumping back into their was hurt,
It's unclear whether anyone or what sparked the outburst.

is also Sydney's pain tonight,
The pain of Melbourne

the deaths and injuries
as we mourn

of the Bourke Street rampage. was 22-year-old Jess Mudie
One of the victims of Wattle Grove.
from our south-western suburb now faces five counts of murder.
A 26-year-old man

Three days after allegedly man
inflicting horror on our city, this for
man arrived at police headquarters for questioning.

flanked the 26-year-old,
It comes as homicide detectives still wearing a hospital gown from cameras.
and trying to hide his face

police officers
A few blocks away, to the Bourke Street shrine
felt compelled to contribute of respect.
with a ceremonial mark with the message -
They left a teddy bear Love Melbourne Highway Patrol'.
'We're sorry.

Changed forever, the city started a new working week.

It's very overwhelming, yes.
It's surreal. really um, affected me the most
I think the thing that from the police for the baby.
was seeing the beautiful bear It just broke my heart.

also paid her respects.
Governor of Victoria Linda Dessau

Shock and horror,

like everybody's... human reaction.
it's just a normal

any differently.
You couldn't feel

This mother has been identified as hospital.
another alleged Mister Tim in

hospital. It was her first week walking
back from maternity leave. She was front
walking back to work and was hit in front of her often -- office.

Another alleged victim boyfriend Shun
has been identified as Daphne, the Royal Melbourne Hospital
visited her at today. since the horrific incident.
She's had three operations

She left me for three minutes at a

cafe.He was beside his girlfriend training
and he didn't know any first aid they
training or anything. Other people they were helping him as well.

her school's gates at St Kilda.
A single bunch of roses wedged in 10-year-old Thalia Hakin
Tributes are flowing for and a caring big sister.
who was an artistic girl quite spunky actually,
She was a very sweet kid, in her year level,
she was friendly, not just kids but kids in other grade levels.

victim Jess Mudie
We now know that 22-year-old

was visiting from Sydney - in her home suburb.
loved ones today laying flowers

an insurance broker company,
Working for issued a statement saying:
Jess Mudie's employer


Dimitrious Gargasoulas has been He
charged with five counts of murder. lawyer
He did not get you in court. His lawyer said he was too ill.

their lives,
As well as those that lost who were injured,
there's the dozens more

trauma-related symptoms.
and the uninjured who suffered Medical experts are urging incident to seek counselling.
those who witnessed this horrific is Gary,
Among those who've sought help in her final moments.
the man who cradled Thalia

where I don't think about it,
I go through periods

And there are many more like him. it
To witness the horror on the 20th, it was unspeakable.

Alicia Loxley joins us now Federation Square.
from a vigil in Melbourne's struggling to comprehend
Alicia, people are still

this atrocity?

That is certainly right. This core.
atrocity has rocked our city to its everyone
core. I think over the weekend, Quite
everyone was in a daze and shock. could
Quite unbelievable that something seen
could happen here. Tonight, we have Federation
seen more than 4000 people pack speaker
Federation Square in what the to
speaker has described as step one together
to our city healing. Coming do
together there is no better way to in
do that. You could hear a pin drop the
in Federation Square when one of man
the speakers addressed the crowd. A was
man by the name of Henry Dower, who lunch
was walking through the mole on his along
lunch break when this happened, and along with a taxi driver, came to and
the aid of one of those victims, saw
and really speaking through what he listen
saw on that day was difficult to His
listen to. Quite incredible as well. not
His overall message was one of hope, Friday
not despair, that what he saw on Melbourne
Friday gives him hope for what been
Melbourne is like, and that has been a message tonight, that will
Melbourne is united, and that we everyone's
will rise above this. Of course, victims
everyone's thoughts are with the their
victims as those still fighting for thoughts
their lives in hospital.And thoughts hereto as well.

is taking global trade deals
US President, Donald Trump, off America's agenda,
and climate change are calling for the same.
and some conservatives here are urging the Government
Coalition backbenchers the Paris Climate Agreement
to also withdraw from if the US walks away from it.

for the Trans-Pacific trade deal,
He signed the death warrant

and some Coalition conservatives killed off
want the renewable energy target out of the Paris Agreement.
if Donald Trump pulls the US

is becoming a shambles
Energy policy in this country

and Australian businesses.
and a real threat to the economy

energy industry in this country
If you smashed the renewable

power bills will start to rise.

It was under Tony Abbott

its emissions by 26% to 28%
that Australia agreed to cut on 2005 levels by 2030, of 23% by 2020.
setting a renewable energy target growing number pushing a rethink.
The former PM is now one of a

Tony Abbott and his

right winged backbenchers
jobs-destroying cabal of far need to back off, show some leadership.
and the Prime Minister needs to

told me there'll be no change.
Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg to Australia
And there's no change deal with ten other countries,
pushing for the Pacific trade even without the United States.

that were agreed to
There were a lot of gains

under the TPP agreement for Australia,
and these are good gains more Australian goods,
means we can export more Australian services.

Time to check in on today's weather. Good evening, Amber.

Good evening, Pete. the sunshine again,
Sydney turned on with clear blue skies north-easterlies along the coast.
and moderate to gusty

warmer than average last night,
The city was 3 degrees only dropping to 22 degrees. on temperatures today,
Those winds helping to keep a lid rising to a top of 29. Our west saw a low of 18 degrees, to a sweltering top of 40 degrees
with Penrith soaring which is 9 degrees above average.
this afternoon,

even hotter before a storm,
But tomorrow is set to get

rain we've seen all month.
which could bring the heaviest

forecast a little later, Pete.
I'll be back with your full

Thank you.

in our Nine News hour,
Still to come nasty surprise - by an out-of-control car.
a Bossley Park home destroyed Secrets of survival - 60 hours after an avalanche.
a woman found alive nearly

the numbers are in -
After six months of FuelCheck,

where and when to save on petrol.
we'll tell you

here at The Star
And I'm live on the red carpet

the Allan Border Medal.
for cricket's big night -

Toyota Corolla has sleek styling,
punchy VVT-i engine and big 7-inch touchscreen
technology. It's the world's most popular car. And yet Corolla Ascent Sport CVT
model is just:

Now, that's gotta make you feel

Search 'Toyota value'.

has told of the moment
A Bossley Park man

he had to duck for cover, slammed through his bedroom.
when a speeding driver

was getting ready for bed,
The 58-year-old

the property last night,
when the vehicle ploughed through sending bricks and debris flying.

but through it -
Not just into a home,

sits perched on the bed,
a Mazda3 a telegraph pole,
after slamming through inside this Bossley Park house,
becoming airborne, and landing

to believe.
a spectacle you had to see

It's like a bomb."
I thought, "What is this?

Hernan Luna was at the lights

sped through the intersection
when he says the car at up to 160km/h.

the retaining wall,
It's gone into

straight into the room there.
bounced off it, and then

I was with the kids in the car, it was like a movie, really.
and then you see this,

home a decade ago.
Mario Borg built the Mimosa Road was duck for cover
Last night, all he could do

as it caved in around him.

heard a loud explosion,
Before I knew it, bang! I just the floor which is what I done.
and instinct told me to drop to

was in the kitchen
The 58-year-old's wife

at the back of the property, in the bedroom's ensuite,
but he was from where the car came to rest.
just 3m

just seconds away
As well as being

from having the car land on him, hit in the head
Mario also narrowly avoided being by a sandstone statue in the front yard.
which was standing

straight off,
The head is just being chopped

through the wall,
it went straight the ensuite wall
straight through and straight through the toilet.

wasn't injured
The 33-year-old driver

for a mental health assessment.
but taken to hospital Although the damage bill into the hundreds of thousands,
is expected to run Mario couldn't care less. as long as we're healthy.
I don't care about the house,

by an avalanche in central Italy
A woman who was buried

to survive the 58-hour ordeal.
has revealed she ate snow and ice

was one of 9 people
22-year-old Georgia Galassia of a hotel in the Abruzzo region,
pulled alive from the rubble

on Thursday.
after becoming trapped

and 24 are still missing.
5 people have been confirmed dead

it's cricket's biggest night.
Cam joins us now, and Cam,

It's black tie all round,

for the Allan Border Medal.
as our cricket superstars gather the blue carpet at The Star.
Julie Snook joins us from They scrub up pretty well?

They certainly do. Good evening. As this
you said, it is the blue carpet on
this evening in honour of the 18th a
on annual Allan Border Medal. It is partners
a chance for cricketers and their partners to celebrate what has been Australian
a tortuous season for the award
Australian cricket side. The big David
award is the Allan Border Medal. especially
David Warner, what a summer, firming
especially here in Sydney. He is Starc,
firming as favourite. Mitchell contenders,
Starc, Josh Hazlewood, outside be
contenders, but Steve Smith has to him
be fan favourite. We caught up with come
him a short time ago.We can all at
come together and reflect and look year.
at some highlights, I guess, of the individuals
year. Highlights of performances of night.
individuals as well. It is a nice chance
night.What about you, a great big
chance to celebrate what has been a and
big year?Exactly. Coming together around
and catching up with everyone from great.
around Australia tonight, it's evening.
great.It really is a fantastic was
evening. The blue carpet is weighed players
was happening, right now, the headed
players and their partners have the
headed insightful stop catch all the action on gym tonight from 730.

Ben Hunt
Rugby league's new $6 million man to Nine News
has spoken exclusively

with the Dragons,
about his mega-deal from the Panthers.
and tells us about that call march into another Super Bowl.
And Tom Brady's Patriots the sweetest victory of all.
Why it could be

Plenty of tennis, and cricket as well. See you soon.

a heart-in-the-mouth moment
In the news ahead, on the state's south coast.
for a couple on holiday, Behind the professional polish - about our new Premier?
what do we really know across two American states.
Dozens of tornadoes wreak havoc its Galaxy Note7s kept exploding.
And Samsung explains why

Just when you thought Hungry Jack's
mouth-watering, flame-grilled Whopper

couldn't get any better,

it now comes with free chips
and a Coke.

That's right! Free chips and a Coke.

Making the legendary Whopper

even better.

For a limited time only.

peacefully driving near Eden
A couple towing a caravan were on the south coast, before their eyes.
when a twin-cab ute flashed

frog-leap up onto the guard rail
The two-tonne vehicle did a

roadside scrub.
then a nose dive into the

up to help -
The kindly caravan couple pulled

escaped unhurt.
fortunately, the ute driver

Gladys Berejiklian,
Our new Premier,

a fiercely private person,
has a reputation for being will firmly be in the spotlight.
but as leader of the state, she

sat down with Ms Berejiklian
Nine's Chris O'Keefe a short time ago by asking if she's ready
and started will bring.
for the scrutiny the job

because I have watched,
Absolutely, and I am ready,

Mike Baird experienced
close hand, what my predecessor

am here and ready to work
and what he went through, and I of New South Wales.
for the people

and also know
I'm really excited that challenging.
it is going to be absolutely

the fact that you're not married
There were some questions about

and you don't have children - to questions like that?
how do you respond I don't judge people,
I say to people,

don't judge what kind of life has thrown at them, to the job",
and I say "look at what I bring children, and love them dearly,
I am very proud godmother of six

family, and I say to people,
and have a very big extended what your circumstance,
it doesn't matter and motivates you,
no matter what drives

everybody has a right to as best they can,
and to contribute to society judge me on my actions
and I certainly hope people will and what I do.

female Premier
You're only going to be the 2nd

you found your path in politics,
the state has ever seen - have by the fact that you are female?
in the private sector was harder

it to be honest,
I've never really thought about

doing a good job.
I just believe in irrespective of your gender,
Irrespective of your background, transport or treasury
so whether it is I will do what I have to do
or now the premiership, to do the job.

are some of your stances
You are conservative, but what divisive social issues,
on some of the do you support gay marriage? is the conscience vote,
What is really sacrosanct to me

there are issues of morality,
what that means is when what I would be advocating
issues of conscience, would love to continue this,
and I'm sure my colleagues is to have a free vote. ... what would you vote for?
But what does Gladys Berejiklian of any kind,
I don't support discrimination I believe in equality, in our society,
I believe that every human being rights and that's my position.
every person deserves the same

the defining difference
What would be and Mike Baird?
between Gladys Berejiklian

had very different
There is no doubt that we have

your own life experience
life experiences and I think

perspective on things
gives you a different that will be the difference,
and I think and my mark on the leadership.
main difference between his time

are in the threat zone tonight
Millions of Americans sweeping across three states.
from tornadoes have already been killed,
16 people in a mobile home park.
many of them were retirees

touched down
It's thought 24 tornadoes

in just a few minutes,
across Georgia and Mississippi

240km/h shredding homes.
the wind speed of more than flying everywhere, sparks,
I just seen limbs going everywhere from the pond.
and water It was crazy.

The twisters hit at night -

unaware they were coming.
most people were asleep,

she wasn't in her bed,
A young girl lucky

into a tree.
her mattress hurled from her room

everything was uprooted,
Next thing you know,

thrown, tossed like a rag doll, and everything on top of it.
slammed on the floor

at a retirement trailer village.
The worst damage was were crushed or flipped.
Seven people died when their vans

covered each other,
We put our granddaughter down,

we laid there and prayed. their bare hands
Firefighters used from the wreckage.
to drag some of the injured

you have to be thankful,
It's pretty bad, but you know,

could've been dead.
because everybody on this street

died together
A grandfather and his grandson

around them.
when their house was torn apart one of the tornadoes
The trail of debris shows across the ground for 24km.
dragged its funnel

was left standing.
Virtually nothing The bad thing about all this is just to survive.
I gotta start from nothing how I'm going to do it.
I don't know Equipment and rescue teams from across the United States
are being sent to the damaged towns, didn't have insurance.
but many of the families affected on charities
They're now completely reliant

to provide shelter and food.

To wake up and see this here -

already swirling over Georgia.
Tonight, more tornadoes are

That is right there. We need to go.

cause of its exploding phones,
Samsung has finally revealed the and manufacturing failures.
blaming poor battery design

to recall its new Galaxy Note7
The electronics giant was forced

and burst into flames.
after some overheated

smoking handsets,
Exploding phones,

for setting a car alight.
a Galaxy Note7 even blamed of the highest order.
This was a corporate disaster

of our customers, carriers,
I deeply apologise to all

retail and distribution

That apology in South Korea

an extensive investigation
followed by independent experts and 30,000 batteries.
who examined 200,000 Note7s

had batteries with design flaws
It found the first phones issued

that caused them to overheat. from another manufacturer...
When replacements were ordered

They are of protective tape was probability
missing. In those cases, the higher.
probability of a short circuit was

The Galaxy Note7's failure as it was explosive.
was as unprecedented last year.
It was launched on August 19 replacement was released.
Just two weeks later, a product Samsung was forced to recall
But, by September 5, at a cost of $6.5 billion.
all 3 million of the phones

prompted by such tests.
The phone was banned by airlines, fire retardant return kits,
Customers even received including protective gloves.

for Samsung?
So how big a deal was today

Pretty big. Two-thirds of all its profits of mobile phones.
come from the sale And it needed a circuit breaker, new large-format phone in April.
because it expects to release a

the way it does things.
Before then, Samsung has changed

New quality control procedures,

in the world
the addition of experts development and production,
of lithium ion battery

a new phone again,
so when they have

nervous customers.
Samsung hopes that will reassure

the ultimate fuel check
Ahead in Nine News,

the Sydney service stations
reveals fill up for less.
where you can consistently

who leapt into action
And the young man

slipped from a Harbour wharf.
when a woman

it's just a business -
And in sport,

why he's joining the Red V.
Dragons signing Ben Hunt tells us of his life,
And he's in the best form to take a break.
but Dave Warner has been told

sweltering night and day -
And we are in for another

the mercury will soar
I'll tell you how high where you live, shortly.

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Oof! Chan, you can't concentrate
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in the NRL wilderness,
After years Ben Hunt
the Dragons are praying halfback back to premiership success.
is the man to lead them

from the Broncos
Hunt has been poached

by a $6 million six-year deal, into the stratosphere
which launches him of rugby league salaries.

league - JT, GI, DCE,
The proven superstars of rugby

all make the OMG kind of cash.

But Ben Hunt? This Ben Hunt? Hunt is knocked on!

the Cowboys the Grand Final,
It was the drop which handed

from the Dragons, well,
but this high-stakes punt he has caught that beautifully.

I think, a six-year deal,
Really, it was just for security

in the NRL.
they don't come along very often

from 2018,
Hunt will wear it the big red V

about winning again.
as the Dragons get serious their forward pack
I think they just got a look at I look for,
and for a half-back that's what and most mobile forward backs
I want to be one of the biggest in the competition. days, and $1 million a season,
Key players are also mobile these the new normal. mate,
There definitely is a business, everything now,
you've got to weigh up loyalty
I know everyone talks about but it is a business,
and all that kind of stuff and family comes first for me. was best for me and my family
I've got a little son and what

and my partner was to move on. was never on the cards,
Moving to Penrith did make the first call.
although the Panthers before Christmas,
They rung early, we had little conversation,

to be honest going on there,
but there wasn't too much enquired.
they just caught up and A small town kid at heart, anyway.
Wollongong had more appeal like a country coastal
It's sort of felt a bit more sort of town,

living in the hustle and bustle
it didn't have the vibe of of Sydney, played a part in my decision.
that's something that really

will be rested
David Warner's blazing bat

one-day series
from the upcoming three-match

against New Zealand. easy at home,
Warner's been ordered to take it left out of the squad,
while Usman Khawaja has also been Test tour of India.
to prepare for next month's

He's superman at the SCG -

three one-day centuries too.
three test tons there,

coming back home,
You know, I just love

sleeping and resting. doing my routines at home
Sleeping in my own bed, and playing cricket.
and then coming out here It's fantastic. he'll remain with selectors
And at home, looking to avoid burnout the New Zealand tour,
by pulling him from his devastating form
hoping to prolong in India that follows.
for the challenging Test series are different over there
I know the conditions and, you know,
but we have to adapt

that's why we love this game - any other way.
I wouldn't have it series against Pakistan
Australia wrapped up the one-day an unbeatable 3-1 series lead.
with an 86-run win for

enough joy for his home crowd,
And as if Warner's ton wasn't sent the place into meltdown.
a brilliant outfield catch

COMMENTATOR: Oh, well taken. in front of his fans.
David Warner He's having a great time.

It came at me quite flat

and judge it that way -
and I had to run around to judge.
they're always tough ones

the NZ tour,
Usman Khawaja's also missing

and Shaun Marsh
meaning Aaron Finch across the Tasman.
will open the batting begins in a week.
The three-match series

Sixers teammate Sean Abbott
Nathan Lyon believes Sydney

is destined for national duties, performance on the weekend.
following another brilliant BBL

there with Sean,
I think there is a lot of talent

the right coach,
I think if he gets around him,
and the right mentors level very, very quickly.
I think he can go to the next

The Sixers flew to Brisbane

against the Heat.
ahead of Wednesday's semifinal

will carry Australia's hopes
Daria Gavrilova

at the Australian Open,

Rod Laver Arena tonight.
when she steps onto remains on track for a 7th title
And Serena Williams at Melbourne Park, the quarterfinals this afternoon.
after progressing to

of confidence
It takes a special kind

and not be overawed by Serena.
to step on court she had that self-belief.
Strycova quickly proved

COMMENTATOR: She looks really

in the first set,
Serving was a curse

the way of the receiver.
the first four games all going Some kind of statement.

Serena piled on the pressure

was the first to stumble.
and Strycova That's more like it,
COMMENTATOR: from Strycova.
and a little slip there

of Grand Slam tennis
Under the intense focus there is none better than Serena

and she closed out the first set

of Strycova,
Despite the desperate efforts

in the second.
Williams got her nose in front COMMENTATOR: What a point!

And she never looked back Grand Slam quarterfinal.
to advance to her tenth straight

of Murray and Djokovic gone,
With the likes

new faces in the men's draw,
we're getting to know a few

David Goffin and Dominic Thiem on Rod Laver Arena.
getting their chance to shine the first Belgian man
Goffin becoming at an Australian Open.
to reach the quarterfinals

UMPIRE: Game, set, match,

tricks to get past Kei Nishikori.
Roger Federer needed all his

Oh, how good is that!
COMMENTATOR: You cannot do that!

The 17-time Grand Slam champion title to his sparkling resume.
now the favourite to add an 18th


of the NFL season,
He missed the first four games

cheating allegations,
sidelined because of Tom Brady is laughing now,
but legendary quarterback all the way to Super Bowl 51. in his seventh title game
Brady will play defeat Pittsburgh, 36-17.
after helping the Patriots In the NFC Championship,

Atlanta beat Green Bay, 44-21, their first-ever Super Bowl ring.
as they look to win in two weeks.
The decider is in Houston

It should be bigger than Texas. tomorrow.
Biggest show on the planet. See you

In the news ahead, the cheapest for buying petrol?
which day of the week is on the secret.
The wesbite that lets you in And gone in seconds - of 19 buildings.
the co-ordinated collapse

with breaking news
We begin our broadcast

from Sydney's west. that matter to you.
First with the stories will add hundreds
New tolls on the M4 to the cost of your commute.

experienced news team.
With this city's best and most

first and best in Sydney.
Nine News -


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Now to our top stories -

in as the 45th Premier of NSW,
Gladys Berejiklian has been sworn for the future.
setting out her vision

while filming a music video
An actor has been shot dead

Bliss n Eso.
for Australian band

critically injured by a truck
A woman has been

at Bexley.
as she got into her car

has contracted a rare infection
A heart surgery patient

at Prince of Wales Hospital.
from equipment

rugby league's $6 million man,
And Ben Hunt has become

signing with the Dragons.

can be hard to predict,
Sydney's petrol price cycle

the State Government took action,
but six months ago, launching the FuelCheck website.

and we've crunched the numbers
Now, the interim figures are in where and when you can save.
to show you

and often controversial,
It's confusing

analysis of government data
but the first comprehensive to Sydney's petrol price puzzle.
has unlocked the secrets

Now the motorist has the power,

with their wallets.
they can vote For almost six months, logging their prices daily
petrol stations have been with FuelCheck. In the past month,

You go off the main road, you will pick up lower prices.

In the past month, was at the Speedway in Arncliffe
the cheapest unleaded petrol at $1.04 a litre. it was Ingleburn - $1.14,
For E10 petrol,

also at the Speedway. was at Metro Peakhurst -
The most expensive and unleaded 91, $1.43.
E10, $1.40 a litre,

was BP at Jamisontown -
Not far off

$1.36 for E10.

when it comes to price,
The data also found

the west is best. to fill up in the western suburbs
On average, the cheapest place is Metro Fuel in Fairfield. it's Speedway at Ingleburn.
In the south-west, Budget at Kogarah.
South, Metro in Randwick.
East, an Independent at North Ryde.
And north,

suburbs with most independents
It comes as no surprise the

with the most competition
are the ones with the cheapest petrol.
and the ones

cycle is on the way down.
Currently, the price

But according to the data, is actually Tuesday,
the cheapest day to fill up tomorrow.
so it might worth taking a look

There's no doubt you can save cash,
by checking the site, and so far, drivers have done just that.
more than 1 million Sydney

Sydney Harbour
A 22-year-old man has jumped into

a wharf at Birchgrove.
to rescue a woman who fell off from the water
She was pulled to safety and police,
with the help of paramedics with minor injuries.
and taken to hospital

in 10 seconds,
19 buildings have vanished

in central China.
in a major demolition were used
Five tonnes of explosives crashing down
to send the apartment blocks

in a haze of dust and rubble. for a new business district.
They were removed to make way

Coming up -

and Amber with the weather.
finance, Sydney petrol prices,

for another uncomfortable night
Thanks, Pete - we are in

to drop to 24 in the city
with temperatures only expected and 25 degrees in our west.

it's 27 degrees in the city,
Right now, for parts of our west.
a very hot 37 still I'll have your forecast, next.

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Every second, new pathways form,

helping develop fine motor skills.

By 10, the brain can think
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By 13, it's becoming more efficient,

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And by 17, the brain
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at Officeworks.

A quick check of finance now,

dragged the market lower today,
and company profit warnings

more than 41 points.
the All Ords closing down 75.66 US cents
Our dollar is buying

or 85.81 Japanese yen. Here's Amber.

and sunshine today,
We enjoyed blue skies picking up along the coast
with gusty north-easterlies this afternoon. helped coastal suburbs
Those winds the city reaching 29 degrees.
avoid the worst of the heat,

were much hotter,
Our western suburbs and Parramatta,
reaching 35 in Blacktown

37 degrees in Campbelltown. once again baked in extreme heat,
Across NSW - inland areas in Albury and Wagga Wagga.
reaching 39 degrees

for heavy rain and damaging winds
Tonight, there is storm warning and Plains, South West Slopes,
around the Central West Slopes and Upper West.
the Riverina, and the Lower Chinese New Year Festival -
The countdown is on to Sydney's officially launching today. are expected to visit the city
Over a million people starting this Friday,
over 17 days and nights the Year of the Rooster.
to celebrate a trough will generate heat,
Tomorrow, interior, NSW and Queensland.
then rain and storms across the however, 32 degrees.
Brisbane will remain sunny before a late cool change, 35.
Canberra will be hot, for Melbourne, 22.
An early shower or two

extreme heat
Around NSW, we'll see more

extending from the north-west,
with the storm band all the way to the coast, rain tomorrow afternoon.
which could bring substantial In contrast to today, from the sea breezes,
coastal areas won't be saved 39 in Newcastle.
soaring to 37 in Wollongong,

After a very warm night, a hot and humid day tomorrow.
Sydney can expect a mostly sunny morning,
It will be moves through between 3 and 5pm.
before a gusty southerly change

of showers and a possible storm
There is a very high chance in the afternoon and evening. expect around 5 to 15mm of rain,
If the rain does arrive, we can we've seen this month
which will be the heaviest falls

degrees in Penrith and Richmond,
We are heading for a top of 41 and Parramatta,
40 in Blacktown, Liverpool and Terrey Hills,
38 degrees for the city

for Gosford.
and a top of 40 on the way

cooler on Wednesday, 26 degrees.
Looking ahead - it will be much is looking mostly cloudy,
At this stage, Australia Day

with a possible shower or two, on the weekend,
It will start heating up again with tops of 30 to 31 degrees, shower or two.
again with a possible In our west, 28 degrees,
Wednesday will be cloudy, will be slighty warmer,
Australia Day 29 with a possible shower or two. for a very warm weekend,
Then we're in back into the mid-30s.
with temperatures soaring of 41 degrees next Monday, Pete.
And we're expecting another top

Thank you.

with 'A Current Affair'.
Leila is next That's Nine News for this Monday. have a good evening.
I'm Peter Overton, I hope you

From all of us, good night.
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home loans, bank deals, Welcome to A Current Affair. in a moment.
We'll have that report from the Bourke Street tragedy
First, the fallout of the shocking attack
as more details come to light and grief turns to anger. are being raised
Tonight, serious questions about the bail system, for tougher restrictions
with calls for violent offenders and no more second chances.

Over 42 years of policing, the darkest days for Victoria.
Friday was probably one of it is so heartbreaking.
When children are involved At a time like this, something to comfort them.
everyone is looking for Oh, my god! Stay in the car, Ed! was really obvious
After the first 30 seconds it that he was there to do damage. he doesn't move.
Just hold it so (BABY CRYING) We just saw what happened. We knew it was wrong. We just jumped in. Just had to do something. People are just sick of it. Sick to death of it happening.

the tragic events
More than 48 hours after of that day fresh in everyone's minds.
the shock and the pain is still remain here on the ground
Fresh like the tyre marks that outside Flinders Street station.

It's constantly on the screen.

It's constantly on the screen. that emotion
It constantly makes you feel and stronger
and it gets stronger on it.
as you go, with every viewing And... I'm sorry. Jess Mudie, 22. Matthew Si, 33. just ten years old.
And Thalia Hakin, The young faces of this tragedy. was also run down and killed.
A 25-year-old man after being thrown from his pram.
And a baby boy died identified yet.
They haven't been publically will remain for some time
While the sorrow so too will the anger by the minute.
that tonight is growing stronger that needs to be done
There's definitely more in relation to the Bail Act. It's pretty clear the system has failed us.
Victorian's feel and we need them now.
We need answers he is really enraged.
So at this point, this is when Misha is heavily pregnant. from her car.
She filmed this video Oh, my god! he nearly hit some bystanders.
And in that 360 burnout, The car was just chaos, it was losing control.
it was so erratic, it was like this guy's on a mission
And then it became clear that to do something. he's not leaving.
He's deliberately here, just thinking,
The police are here and we were "What's he going to do?" What's his next move? Stay in the car, Ed! No way! I became really quite hysterical jump out of the car.
because my brother wanted to had a weapon,
We weren't sure if the driver

to get out
we weren't sure if he was going and take on some bystanders, it could have been stopped.
so I believe have rammed him.
I mean, cars could

when we heard the screeching,
Well, the first thing we saw yelling out things
then we came over and he started