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(generated from captions) To our Victorian and viewers stand by for Seven news. If you would like to continue to watch this match switch over to 7mate. Night 8, an opportunity to go throw the quarterfinals for Daria Gavrilova. She takes on Karolina Pliskova, Gael Monfils and Rafael Nadal, that is all happening on Rod Laver Arena. Roberto Bautista Agut and Milos Raonic, they will be on high sense, they will be on your Seven tennis app This program will be captioned
live by Ai-Media. Tonight, a new leader -
with a new focus. Gladys Berejiklian's
priorities as premier. But who's the person
behind the politician? She'll join us live. Tragedy on set. An actor accidentally shot
and killed filming a music video.

A woman run down stepping out
of her car at Bexley.

A woman run down stepping out
of her car at Bexley. Five counts of murder. The Melbourne rampage driver -
out of hospital, now charged
and in police custody.

Hundreds of new
speed camera locations. We reveal the ones
coming to a street near you. And Australia's new
queen of tennis getting ready for the match
of her career. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News
with Michael Usher.

Good evening. America has its 45th President, now New South Wales
has its 45th Premier - Gladys Berejiklian. She was sworn in this afternoon after vowing to tackle
housing affordability. When the 46-year-old
started school she couldn't speak English. But today had plenty to say about
the future of New South Wales.

For a former transport minister,
old habits die hard. Catching the 205 into work
for her big day... I, Gladys Berejiklian,
do swear... ..where she officially became
the state's 45th Premier. Congratulations. Sharing this special moment
with her parents, while number 44 prepared
to say goodbye. I love this state. Certainly, NSW used to be
a long way behind the rest of the country. It's now leading. I'm very proud of that. Former police minister
Mike Gallacher welcomed himself back from exile. He stood down from the Liberals over an ICAC investigation
three years ago, and was shunned by Mike Baird. But - with a new leader,
a new approach. It was good. I really enjoyed
being there again. Inside, the vote
was a foregone conclusion. Gladys Berejiklian has been elected leader of the
NSW Liberal Party unanimously. But the government
is far from united. Was Mike Gallacher's return
welcomed? Thank you. The Premier
had a better response later. There is opportunity for me
to consider, for me to consider, um, ah, his position
into the future. While the Liberals were meeting,
angry Nationals were demanding. The Deputy Premier
wants Ms Berejiklian to scrap
all country council mergers being challenged in court. But the man he replaced
says there's no need. I'm happy with the mergers
in Dubbo and Wellington, in my own area,
it's going gangbusters. And no way. Can you see how to
unscramble this egg, though? No, that would be
an enormous challenge. Regardless, it's on the cards. And likely to spark similar
demands from Liberal MPs with unpopular mergers
in their seats. I've not said one way or the
other what I'll do about it. The new Premier announced
three focuses:

We want to make sure
that every person in NSW can aspire
to have their own home. I think she ought to convene a
summit of housing affordability. Another minefield
the new Premier has inherited is the future of embattled
Health Minister Jillian Skinner, who's refusing to step down
from cabinet and threatening to cause a
by-election. Mr Baird's departure has sparked
a battle for the spoils - as shown by
this awkward encounter with these three ministerial
aspirants on the night he quit. Have you been meeting?
Have you been meeting?

The trio of Berejiklian backers couldn't scamper away
quickly enough. See you, treasurer? State Political reporter
Lee Jeloscek is on Macquarie Street. Lee, you have more information
about the new cabinet?

It's looking increasingly likely that the new cabinet will be sworn in after Australia Day. Today just the leaders were recognised that shaping is a major reshuffle with as many as seven ministers facing the act. That is a big perch, a third of cabinet to make way for fresh blood. And Gladys is with us now in the studio. Take you for coming in. Pleasure. This is a crash course in getting to know use I want to get to as much of this as possible. For the Premier car once famously said to me is full and overcrowded. Top that was 17 years ago.What's your view?

We are a growing city that we are planning for that growth, building the infrastructure state has desperately needed for decades. Why we have a do that? Because we now have a strong this budget, the strong economy in the nation. When we came to government, I'm not surprised because the Labor government had left the place in a mess. We have done that around with a strong economy and strong position we are able to build those roads, hospitals, schools, rail lines the people desperately need to make sure the quality of life improves.Enormous growth. You release a report that setting two generations will be .2 million people in Sydney. There will be people watching this family member stuck in traffic.Kumikata? There is no doubt we will continue to grow, you can't stop that happening. We can also do is make sure we are building the infrastructure to meet those challenges. I am proud to be part of the government to spend this last six years building roads rails, hospitals, schools that we need. My job now is to make sure sure that every community across the state gets its fair share. Whether that's your local sporting club or road. We know what that means for growing communities and what it takes to bring the into such a strong decision to last to do that.Let's talk about the suburb make up. You are from a migrant family. Let's talk about immigration. Should you put more pressure on the type of immigrants coming to our city, and where they settle? Let's use Fairfield for example. The mayor says that he's taken half of the Australian intake of simmering refugees into a zero. That's causing problems. How to fix that to make one thing that my is instilled in me and you come to the state have enormous opportunities. You also have enormous responsibilities. You always need to give back to the community and make sure you're working as hard as you can and contributing. So I set out body out there, it doesn't matter what background is that you do have a responsibility to be a good citizen. That's how I was raised and my parents always said to me make sure you give back. You know how lucky you are to live here. That's the message I want to give everybody in New South Wales.All of us and if you are lucky to be here. Let's all make it a better place. 30 seconds five questions. You go. Gay marriage, for against? That social conscience vote.Which in this against people. So that's a yes. Euthanasia yours. You regulate to let the terminally ill die with dignity to back again conscience issue.One not before a state parliament.It did come before the parliament, I would allow a conscience vote will stop would you support?I mixed on it. It's a tough one. In principle, you appreciate both sides of the argument is not an easy one.I still on the fence on that one. To Goodman. Medical marijuana.Would you support to regulate back? With ready said that we want to make sure that people have enough support and compassion when they are dealing with very serious pain and in this. That is a governance policy and that's the web are going to.Last question. We saw Mike Gallagher in the package. He wants to come back to different age.Will you give him a spot? A look at that issue. There is additional information that has come to light and I will get back before I proceed. But I want to say one thing, integrity is very important. I will be tougher on integrity not weaker. Thank you for coming in. Congratulations on the honour of your appointment.

A man has been killed,
shot dead, while filming a movie
in the middle of Brisbane's CBD. Let's go live to Ben Murphy. Ben, do we know
how this happened?

A number of firearms are being used. And a small here behind me in Brisbane CBD. It's called the Brooklyn standard. There were filming a music video for the Australian pop group lists and SO. Somehow just before to a cop this afternoon, an actor lived to be in his 20s was shot in the chest by one of those firearms. Police still don't know if it was an accident until they can be ruled in or out, it is being treated as a criminal investigation. Police spoke to the media are short time ago.A number of firearms were used during the siege. I can't say whether they will live or real firearm. I can't either type of ammunition that was being used. That will be subject to the investigation.Members of the film crew perform CPR until police and paramedics arrived. The man can be revived. The band wasn't here at the time and the victim's identity still hasn't officially been released. The Brooklyn standard remain close to tonight as the investigations continue.

A woman in her fifties has been
hit by a truck at Bexley, after she stepped out
of her parked car. She'd been visiting
her grandmother, who lives on the street. She's now fighting for her life
in hospital, in a critical condition.

Security cameras
on this busy Bexley street capture the horrifying moment
a woman is hit by a truck. The woman, aged in her fifties,
is getting into her car on Stoney Creek road
just after midday. She was struck as she was getting
out of the drivers-side door. The truck swerves, then
the driver quickly pulls over and rushes to her aid. Paramedics and police arrive
a short time later. Yeah, it was pretty confronting
to see, yeah, absolutely. It's happened
in a matter of moments, in a matter of seconds, so we certainly
need to be vigilant when we're crossing the road. The victim's car keys can be seen
lying on the ground at the spot she was hit. Her car badly damaged
from the impact. She was on the ground for about
half an hour, forty five minutes while they were trying to assess
and help her out. Paramedics arrived at the scene to find the woman barely
breathing and unconscious. She was rushed here
to St George Hospital where she underwent
emergency surgery. She remains here
in a critical condition. Neighbours say they had seen
the woman many times before, when she was visiting
her grandmother, who lived on the street. They also say it's a notoriously dangerous
stretch of road. I've often mentioned
to the police, you know, please put some flashers there
or something up there, so yeah, and of course,
this one's a nasty one. The male truck driver in his 30's is undergoing
mandatory blood and urine testng.

There's been a terrifying
home invasion in Sydney's inner-west
this afternoon. Two children were inside when
thieves forced their way inside. Bryan Seymour is outside
the property in Concord. Bryan, the children
were in the home alone?

Yes. Every parent's worst nightmare. I'm alone, a 14-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy. They heard noises at the front door and then two men kicked through the front door. This is what's left of it. Once inside they grabbed the MacBook and fled. Police spotted the car after now later around took this afternoon gave chase and abandoned it for safety reasons. An hour ago they discover the car banded at Villawood. They arrested a 38-year- old man who was helping them with their inquiries. Still on the run, the other man who kicked in the door, police would like any people with information to contact Crime Stoppers. Both children are now safe at home with a new front door.

Dimitrious Gargasolous - the driver arrested over Melbourne's
Bourke Street massacre, has now been charged
with five counts of murder. Three days on,
we're learning more about the innocent pedestrians
who lost their lives, including Jess Mudie from Sydney. Others continue
to fight for theirs in hospital.

Still in a hospital gown,
with cuts to his face, Dimitrious Gargasoulas
is finally taken in for questioning
at Victoria Police headquarters - before being charged
with five counts of murder. Among his alleged victims - Three-month-old Zachary, seen here with sister Zara,
who is still fighting for life. And 22-year-old Sydney woman,
Jess Mudie - described by her family
as "a bubble of joy". "You are strong,
beautiful, determined,

they wrote, as flowers pile up outside their Wattle Grove home,
in Sydney's south-west. Facebook is also flooded
with tributes:

They'll always be there
in my heart for sure. Poor buggers. James Duffield
had just arrived in Melbourne with his wife on holiday. And held Matthew Si's hand,
as his life slipped away. He was fighting for...for his
wife, his children, and his family. And that should make them
very, very, proud. The Victorian Government's
response has been swift, strengthening the bail system
that released Gargasoulas - a man well-known to police, just days before
the massacre took place. We owe every victim
and their loved ones nothing less than that. There are now calls for
an urgent review of bail laws, not just in Victoria,
but nation-wide. With a focus on ensuring
users of the drug ice who are accused of violent crimes
are not released. The question of community safety has to be the paramount
consideration. To hopefully prevent
a repeat of this.

If you think you know where
speed cameras are in your area, think again,
they're about to change. Cameras will soon pop up
in 384 new locations, to catch drivers by surprise, and add to the staggering
$103 million they raised in fines last year.

There are the cameras you see. And mobile speed cameras
that are tougher to spot. Now Seven News can reveal there are more than 300
new locations for those much-loathed
mobile speed cameras. It's just a revenue grabbing
thing. It seems like a lot of things are being over-policed
in Sydney. They're in blackspot locations
like here on Bell's Line of Road at Kurmond, where three young men
lost their lives in 2015. The Government says
the new locations are about slowing down traffic
and saving lives. We're expanding the network to
more than a thousand locations across the state, because we want to reduce
that road toll. Many are in the country, but suburban drivers
will have new locations to contend with too. In the Balmain area, Darling
Street and Balmain Road, Brays Road in Concord,
Castlereagh Road and North Street in Penrith, Cabramatta Road,
Church Street Parramatta, seven new locations
on the Great Western Highway. We know that some people
don't like speed cameras - but 80% support
the speed camera program because the know the evidence
shows that it works. The State Government
runs the mobile cameras for about seven thousand hours
a month and that won't change. But the latest figures show
they reap almost $10 million a month. It's important to slow down
speeding drivers but that's not
the only solution, that's why we need to use
more police, more frequently
in marked visible patrols. For the full list of new camera
locations, visit our website.

Donald Trump has taken to his
favourite platform, Twitter, to criticise the millions who
yesterday marched in opposition to his Presidency. He accused them of not voting but later acknowledged their
right to express their view.

President Trump started the day
more reserved... I just went to the Oval Office and found this beautiful letter
from President Obama. We will cherish that.
We will keep that. And we won't even tell
the press what's in that letter. ..but his White House staff
newly sworn in... I...state your full name. (ALL STATE NAMES) ..spent another day at war, still defending
the inauguration crowd size after the President's
press secretary falsely called it "the biggest ever". You're saying it's a falsehood, and they're giving Sean Spicer,
our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that.
But the point remains... Wait a minute!
Alternative facts? Four of the five facts
he uttered were just not true. Look alternative facts
are not facts, they're falsehoods. The President did acknowledge yesterday's massive
protest crowd. First asking:

Then saying he:

As he thanked
the Secret Service agents who guarded his swearing in, some personal affection... He's more famous than me! ..for the FBI director
who investigated Hillary Clinton. President Trump will host
his first foreign leader at the White House
at the end of the week - British Prime Minister,
Theresa May - who's called his comments
on women "unacceptable" and says she won't be afraid
to tell him so. I think the biggest statement
that will be made about the role of women
is the fact that I will be there as female Prime Minister. Israel's Prime Minister has been
invited in the coming weeks.

Lets get a check now
on our weather with meteorologist David Brown. Brownie. Thanks, Michael. Sizzling heat in our west today,
hotter tomorrow. That said,
there is some relief brewing. It's cooler
about the coastal fringe. In town it's currently
28 degrees. And atmospheric pressure
is falling. State-wide, isolated
thunderstorms are sweeping over the west where the mercury hit
the low 40s. That said,
this thundery cool change is lining us up. In Melbourne,
the roof will be closed for the Australian Open
tennis tonight. Back home we've got high 30's
in the west. I'll have your week ahead
following sport. Michael.

Death and destruction
as powerful tornadoes touch down. Next, survivors tell
of the terror as twisters flatten their homes. Tradie costs skyrocket. Who's making the most money
renovating your home? Saving their bacon. Firefighters
in an unusual rescue. Gone in 10 seconds. A housing estate bites the dust. And celebrating the greatest. The biggest names
in tennis honour Rod Laver.

MAN: Hi, darling. Hi, Grandpa. Are you ready?
This is a story about magic. 'A green rolling hill,
and a giant...' BOTH: '..named Bill.' But magic isn't real, right? It's a story we tell our kids,
a story we all leave behind. In adulthood, we change our mind
'cause magic's way too hard to find. But maybe it's all around us. Maybe it's magic
of a different kind. What if I told you I could put you
in two towns at once? Then would you believe in magic? Or what if I said I could
breathe life into machines? Then would you believe? What if I could make you smile
when you don't want to? What if I could take you high up,
push you farther? See? We live in a magical world. Possibilities are like stars now - infinite constellations
fuelled by pure imagination leading to one destination -
to you, to thrive.

It's pretty rare
to survive serial killers. A crime series like no other. I'm a 17-year-old kid. Just on her way home. Abducted. I can't believe
this is happening to me. Held against her will. Doesn't get any worse. So how did Kate escape? They'd done this before. Four females. Australia's deadliest couple. There were a killing machine. This girl was a survivor. The full story will come out, when 'Murder Uncovered' begins
on Seven.

A homeowner says it's lucky
he and his wife weren't killed, when an out of control car slammed into
their Bossley Park property. Witnesses say the vehicle
was travelling almost 160km/hr
when it ploughed into their home. Bang!
I heard like a loud explosion and instinct told me
to jump to the floor, which is what I done
and I'm glad I did because there was bricks
and debris flying everywhere. The 33-year-old driver was pulled
from the wreckage by neighbours. He suffered minor injuries.

Tens of millions of Americans are facing the threat
of severe weather, from a storm system
that has already claimed at least 18 lives. The conditions spawned
dozens of tornadoes across southern states, which devastated communities,
and left towns in ruins. The heart-breaking clean-up
is underway as survivors share stories
of lucky escapes.

The deadly force of nature
that swept through in seconds, tearing homes to pieces. It was just terrible.
It was awful. Carla and her family
barely escaped, as their house was ripped apart
around them. I stood behind the door and debris was just
coming through the front window. In Georgia, at least 14 people
have been killed, many at this trailer park. Windows started shaking.
Fiancee woke me up, said, "We gotta get the boys inside
the bathroom, now." Some neighbourhoods
were simply obliterated, leaving people
with just photographs to compare what was
to what is left. Air started to
pick up the house and it started rolling. In Mississippi, the twister that did this
killed four people. And there were so many
close calls. See the doorway and,
like, the hall? We were sitting right there. Here, a man was sucked out
his front door and flung into the front yard,
but survived. The damage is everywhere, from winds that reached
more than 210km/h. You could hear the roof cave in. Already an above average season
for tornadoes, dozens more were triggered by
the fast-moving storm system, that's now headed towards
the country's north-east, leaving so much tragedy
and destruction in its wake.

A catastrophe's been declared
in Chile, battling its worst wildfires
in decades. 1,200 troops have joined
500 firefighters, struggling to contain the blazes
south of Santiago. Hundreds of people have been
evacuated from their homes. The president has called on
other countries for help.

An unusual rescue in Russia - scores of pigs and piglets
saved from a burning barn. Up to 200 animals
were housed there, firefighters managing
to get most of them, squealing, out alive. A real case, if you like,
of saving their bacon.

And it was a case
of going, going, gone in China - 19 tower blocks toppled
in a spectacular demolition. It took just 10 seconds for the housing estate
to hit the ground in a cloud of dust. It's making way
for a new business district and a 707m tall skyscraper.

Our last remaining hope
at the Australian Open, Daria Gavrilova will play in
the first quarter-final tonight. If she needed any inspiration, Melbourne Park
has come to the party. Mel McLaughlin is there. Mel, some of our greatest tennis
players have honoured Rod Laver?

Yes, Michael
and what a rare treat it's been having all that history
and talent come together at the same time. The spotlight though was on the
legendary Rod Laver who was honoured
with a bronze statue. A guard of honour
for our greatest.

It is equally as impressive, seeing the statue, as the past champions. I am honoured that they were here. Rod was a great friend but apparently asked to play against. This couldn't happen to a better person.The sculpture depicts his trademark back and. A real honour for the man. It's very hot here in Melbourne. I know it is back in Sydney as well. I got results coming up shortly.

Samsung's finally figured out why
its phones catch fire. Next, what it's revealed
about the Galaxy, and why it won't happen again. Attacked at work. A Sydney newsagent injured
in a violent armed robbery. Fighting bushfires in the dark. Your exclusive, first look
at new technology. And children and ADHD.
Are they being wrongly diagnosed? That's next.

(Hubbub) (Eerie echoing, electronic feedback) SONG: # Well, light falls # And we are moving # Holding on, holding on...# VOICE-OVER: Imagine a small SUV
that lets you move like never before. (Laughter and chatter) Introducing
the first-ever Mazda CX3. WOMAN: (Whispers) Zoom, zoom.

MAN: I have been here many times,
this life of mine, a life built with bricks and mortar. I've done my share,
awaited my rewards. I've rubbed my aching back
with callused hands and shushed that voice inside.

And yet I wonder, 'Is now the time? Do I dare disturb
this universe of mine?'

Broadcaster and Seven News
commentator Alan Jones is back in hospital
for another operation. Alan had major back surgery
just before Christmas, but he's suffered
some complications and now needs an operation
on his arm. And we wish him
a speedy recovery.

The president of Samsung,
the world's largest phone maker, has finally explained
why some Galaxy Note 7s overheated and burst into flames. After a global recall,
three independent companies have examined the smart phones, finding their batteries
had serious faults that caused the fires.

For Samsung's Galaxy Note7,
what started with a bang... (BANG) ended in a whimper. I deeply apologise
to all of our customers. From its
South Korean headquarters, in a presentation
streamed worldwide, Samsung detailed results
of a four-month investigation into why
one of the most hyped products in its eighty-year history
blew up in its face. (BANG) With its reputation at stake
and $5 billion down the drain, the company released
remarkable pictures of tests on some 200,000 devices
to find out what went wrong.

In the end, consumer demand
for a more powerful phone, and the rush to get it
on the market, lead to shoddy battery
manufacturing and design. In some samples
that we examined, the layer of protective tape
was missing, likely due to an error
in the manufacturing process. Samsung was clearly trying
to beat Apple to market and in doing so,
they nearly innovated themselves out of existence.

With fires in washing machines
and now phones, marketers say some will be scared
off the brand - with Samsung
skating on thin consumer ice. Samsung are getting a bit
on the nose - but if they have an air
conditioner explode somewhere, they're really in trouble.

A newsagency worker
has been injured in a violent robbery
at Kings Langley, in our north-west. Three masked teenagers
stormed the shop, armed with a knife, crowbar
and golf club. They demanded money, and when the worker
tried to stop them, he was slashed
with one of their weapons. I know I tried to grab
both of his wrists, when he has both of his hands up
like this, sort of a punch and a thingo, I just tried to grab
both of his wrists. They fled the scene with cash.

Federal Labor
has accused conservatives in the Turnbull Government of plotting to dump Australia's
Renewable Energy Target. The fight over whether we need
a minimum level set for clean energy, follows comments from former
Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who argues the target
drives up power bills.

Is this the next target
of conservatives in the Turnbull Government? There is now a growing Trump
faction within the Liberal party that is determined again to smash renewable energy
in Australia. The Renewable Energy Target,
a 15-year-old scheme to cut energy emissions
by encouraging renewable power. Tony Abbott's government
pared back the 2020 target to 33,000 gigawatt hours, renewables generating
slightly less than one quarter of Australia's electricity. REPORTER:
Is the Government committed to the Renewable Energy Target? 100%. Committed - maybe.
100%, no way. Faced with claims government conservatives
now want to scrap it, the Deputy Prime Minister
would only say... People have the benefit
of free will. They can think what they wish. And Tony Abbott
has already made clear his views, arguing recently:

So the government
should quickly:

That is, dump the target. Tony Abbott and his climate
denying, jobs-destroying cabal of far-right-wing backbenchers
need to back off. There's no sign of that. Arguments about
sky-high power bills have played well for Tony Abbott
before today. This time, though, it puts him and his colleagues
at odds with moderates on his own side,
and with the Prime Minister.

A child's birth date
could affect their chances of being treated for ADHD - a controversial new study
suggests. It found children who are younger
and more immature than their classmates, are being
misdiagnosed and medicated, for what is simply
normal childhood behaviour.

Summer holidays are almost over
for Jesse Burgess, who's about to start Year 3. And the schoolyard
can be a challenge for the eight-year-old -
he has ADHD. They don't always fit the mould
socially, so as a parent, you're watching these kids
struggle through school and social all the time. His mother Paula has decided
not to use medication, for now. Other parents do medicate, but new research suggests,
in some cases, children who are younger and less
mature than their classmates are being misdiagnosed with ADHD. The study found those
born in June, the last month recommended
for school intake, were about twice as likely
to be medicated than the older students. And boys outnumbered girls
almost four to one. When you've got double the risk simply because you've lost
the birthday lottery, that indicates a very high level
of ADHD misdiagnosis. While the study suggests many children
already being medicated for ADHD may be simply displaying
normal childhood behaviour, other experts disagree and say it discounts the very science
behind a hyperactivity condition that has been written about
for centuries. It opens up a discussion,
but it's just a discussion. There's no medical evidence. The advice to parents who are
worried - get a second opinion.

Fighting fire with fire. The new weapon to tackle
bushfires at night, is next in Seven News. Also, late night rescue. A woman plunges
from a Sydney wharf. Strutting their stuff. Who'll join Jennifer Hawkins
on the Myer catwalk? A sleepless night is brewing.
But a change is in the wind.

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A woman had a dangerous end
to a night out when she toppled from a wharf
at Birchgrove. A man jumped in to help, and held the woman's head above
water as others phoned for help. A police launch arrived and officers lifted
the 57-year-old woman and her rescuer from the water. It's the newest firefighting tool being used to protect lives
and homes. And Seven News has been granted
exclusive access to take a look at how
the military technology is helping battle bushfires. Allowing crews to bring them
under control at night, from the air.

As the last light fades, a fire crew gets ready
for a dangerous mission - flying into the heart
of a bushfire. It's the first time
Australian firefighters have been equipped
for aerial operations at night. Night time offers
a lower fire behaviour. There's less aircraft
in the air to be dodging. Our night vision camera kicks in as the crew gears up
in the pitch black, pulling on military-grade
night vision goggles. Once airborne, the night
and the huge fireground light up
in the observer's goggles. There's no water bombing, but the RFS crew
can fight fire with fire, launching incendiaries
for backburning in the calmer night conditions. Plus, the sensitive
night vision goggles can instantly pick up hot spots
and moving flames. A passing storm has helped
bring this blaze under control, but it is so big that it is still burning
out there, and that's where the helicopter
comes into play, guiding these crews
on the ground from the air. It is the latest technology
that is available for us. It is something
we are investing a lot into. Also on standby, another new
fire-fighting weapon - a civilian Blackhawk helicopter,
never before used in Australia. It and the new night flyers
are on standby for bushfire weather tomorrow.

Dozens of hopeful models walked the catwalk at Myer
in the city today, hoping for a spot at this year's
Autumn Fashion launch. Designer Alex Perry
oversaw judging, searching for models
with the "ultimate package". There's so many great designers
at Myer, and incredible fashion. They're the girls and the guys
that bring it to life, that make you want to have
that fashion. Jennifer Hawkins
will headline the launch in Melbourne next month.

Sydney tradies are in hot demand,
and they're cashing in. How much they're making,
and who's earning the most. Don't miss that story soon
on Seven News. And tricky mission. The sacrifice a whole street made
to rescue Betty the cat.

First, Mel's back with sport. Mel, another big day
at Melbourne Park? We've seen Serena Williams
continue her charge, and Roger Federer now tipped
to become the men's champ. But all eyes will be
on our very own Daria Gavrilova as she takes Centre Court
here shortly. And it's our cricketers time
to shine. Who will take out
the coveted Allan Border Medal?

You've had to live with the fact that your mother
is a serial killer. What do you think about the
prospect of your mother, Catherine Birnie getting parole? I reckon
it's an eye for an eye. Anyone who takes someone's life should never be allowed to live
themselves. Would you support the death
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on Seven.

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Welcome back to Melbourne Park where Daria Gavrilova is
about to step onto Centre Court to play for a spot
in the quarter finals. Serena Williams is already there
after her straight sets win.

While there is a new favourite on the men's side of the draw. His name is Roger Federer.

Chasing a seventh
Australian Open title Serena Williams
began her fourth round match in unusual fashion. COMMENTATOR: Well it has been
a subdued start. Strycova makes her pay
opening game. Despite the slow start,
Strycova was fully stretched. It took Williams eight set points
to take the opener, before finding her range
in the second. COMMENTATOR: Ah,
this is really heating up now. Williams eventually won
in straights sets keeping an all-Williams
final dream alive. But first she will have to beat
Aussie born Johanna Konta who smashed Ekaterina Makarova
6-1, 6-4. I have absolutely
nothing to lose this tournament, everything here
is a bonus for me. David Goffin won through to his
first Grand Slam quarterfinal defeating Dominic Thiem
in four sets. Last night Roger Federer played his way into
Australian Open favouritism with another sublime performance. COMMENTATOR: Oh,
how good is that? You cannot do that! Actually you can,
that is legal and he did, that's unbelievable. Federer moved into his 13th
quarterfinal at Melbourne Park beating Kei Nishikori
in five sets. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Tonight was special,
no doubt about it. Going five against Kei
here on Rod Laver with the comeback
is definitely very special. And for the first time
in Australian Open history both men's and women's
world number ones failed to make
the quarterfinals. Angelique Kerber following
Murray's exit, upstaged by American
Coco Vanderweghe in straight sets. COMMENTATOR: She's done it. 'Coco Pop'
is the world number one. And spare a thought
for double player Henri Kontinin who copped a ball
in the back of the head courtesy of partner John Peers. Thankfully they won the match.

Tonight it's all about
our Dasha. Daria Gavrilova taking on
Karolina Pliskova for a place in her first
quarter-final. And Rafael Nadal
versus Gael Monfils, live on Seven from 7:00pm.

David Warner is the favourite to win his second-straight
Allan Border Medal tonight. Matt Carmichael is there. Matt, there might be
a lot of tension in the room at the Star tonight? Mel, it is the annual celebration for the Aussie cricketers
and their partners. It has been a mixed
year on-field, from the debacles against
Sri Lanka and South Africa, ending on a high
after series wins over Pakistan. But a pay dispute
with Cricket Australia has lingered in the background
all summer. The Cricketers Association
executive met today, but told us they're still
a long way from any resolution. Tonight's medal count
is expected to be a two-man race between Dave Warner and captain,
Steve Smith.

I'm tipping David to take it out. The form he has been in has been absolutely spectacular. Tickly in the one-day form of the game, his play beautifully. That should be enough to get him over the line.It will be rewarding. I think psych and is has had contested years in the test rig.

Warner was brilliant
with the bat and in the field, as the Aussies claimed
the one-day series over Pakistan at the SCG last night. He'll be rested
with Usman Khawaja for Australia's next
three game series in New Zealand, to get them ready
for the big one - next month's Test series
in India, Mel. Thanks, Matt.

One of English football's
rising stars was left fighting for life
after a head clash this morning. Hull City's Ryan Mason collided with Chelsea captain,
Gary Cahill. Mason suffered a fractured skull, and is in a stable condition
after emergency surgery. Cahill sealed a 2-0 win
for the league leaders. COMMENTATOR: Deftly in
by Fabregas, and in by Cahill,
and the points should be safe. Arsenal are second,
eight points behind, and needed a penalty
eight minutes into stoppage time to beat Burnley.

Last night was extremely special. How much better can Roger Federer get? Tonight it's all about a.

Sydney's booming
building industry has tradies in hot demand - giving the rest of us
some growing pains when we need to hire them. A new survey's found their rates
jumped a staggering 9% late last year. And plumbers are leading the way. Being a plumber
can sometimes be a dirty job... (DRILLING) ..but it comes
with its own reward - the best hourly wage
of any tradie in Sydney. It is one of
the most technical trades, it is one of
the most difficult trades. It is just disgusting,
but someone has got to do it., which
links tradies with customers, says there's been a big surge
in hourly rates. Quarter on quarter,
surprisingly, prices are up 9%. Plumbers top the list, charging almost $79 an hour -
up 5%. Electricians are plugged in,
with their rate rising 3.4%. Landscapers
had the biggest increase over the last three months, but chippies
saw their wages decline. It's about demand and supply. Quarter on quarter,
there has been a huge increase in the amount of renovation work
in the market. Paul puts it down
to increasing overheads to run a small business. You have got your insurances,
your book keeping, and all your compliance costs. While hiring a tradie
may hurt the bank balance, the building industry is driving
the New South Wales economy, helping it hold onto the title of the best performing state
in the country. CommSec's
State of the State's report found construction began on
18,000 dwellings since October... Population rising
creating the need for more homes and creating momentum
through the economy. ..keeping these guys
in high demand.

You've heard of
'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' - but what about Betty
stuck up an electricity pole? The terrified moggy
was perched on the pylon all day, when she was heard
crying for help. Firefighters came to her rescue, after cutting off power
to the whole street, so she wouldn't be electrocuted.

The day's finance is coming up
in Seven News. Plus, Chinese New Year. Sydney set to celebrate
the Year of the Rooster. 40 in our west. But a southerly buster
is on the way.

Hi evyeone, Another pertty warm one
today and windy at times especially along the coast, A warm
night with a very warm day again tomorrow too. Humid? Yep could well be, windy? Yes thats likely too as the change
sweeps through, the winds will be southerly and could be up around 40-50 in the afternoon...that change will drop the temps on Wednesday to the mid to high 20 )s....before the heat returns into the weekend

Tonight's Seven News headlines - Gladys Berejiklian sworn in as
the state's 45th premier, vowing to tackle
housing affordability. An actor accidentally shot
and killed while filming a music video
in Brisbane. A woman fighting for life - hit by a truck as she got out of
her car at Bexley. And the driver arrested over Melbourne's
Bourke Street massacre charged with five counts
of murder.

A check of the finance markets, and the ASX 200 was down
44 points. And one Aussie dollar is buying
over 75.5 US cents.

Sydney is set to mark
the Year of the Rooster, with a bright and loud
celebration in the city. This year's
Chinese New Year Festival will be the largest event
outside Asia, with events and attractions
on offer in Martin Place, Circular Quay and Chinatown. As always,
Chinese New Year in Sydney will be colourful, noisy,
it'll be a lively celebration. The festival runs for 17 days
from Friday.

Now, here's Brownie
with Sydney's weather.

Thanks, Michael. It's a clear
and very warm evening. Hotter tomorrow, but there is
a cool change on the way. Today's top was three degrees
above normal, tapping out at 29.2 a little
after 4:00 this afternoon. It was hotter in our west. 40 at Penrith.
Oran park, 38. Richmond, 39 degrees.
Manly managed 29. From our weather eye in the sky, hot northeast
to north-westerly winds are sweeping across our state. A shallow pre frontal trough is triggering isolated
thunderstorm activity. Tomorrow,
showers and thunderstorms will sweep across the state as this cool southerly burst
surges up the coast. Around the nation tomorrow,
a sunny 32 in Brisbane. Storms in the Alice. Cooler in Melbourne,
a few clearing showers 22. Perth sunny and 32 degrees. State-wide, a gale warning
is current, south of Monty Island tomorrow. Strong winds elsewhere
south of Wooli. Scattered showers and storms,
some severe, tomorrow afternoon, pushing north ahead
of this cool southerly change. Closer in,
a sleepless night. Hot and humid tomorrow. Cloud increasing with showers
and storms building mid afternoon ahead of the cool change. Along the coast, the southerly
should arrive after 3:00, hitting 30 knots
and whipping up rough seas.

In the city, a very warm night. Sultry tomorrow. A top near 38 degrees ahead of
a late afternoon thundery change. Looking further ahead,
Wednesday a cloudy 26 degrees. Thursday a shower or two.
Little change Friday. Unsettled across the weekend. The heat returns next week. That's the latest weather. Storms building tomorrow,

That's Seven News
for this Monday. We'll have updates for you
throughout the evening, and 'Sunrise' is from 5:30
tomorrow. I'm Michael Usher. From all of us here,
thanks for your company. Have a great night.

When I was very young,
I used to watch my dad cook.

I started to write his
recipes down.

It's like collage book of recipes.

It's about - what, 40 years
old, that book, now.

My father's cooking was so good

because he just cooked
from his heart.

I'm getting emotional.



Oh, god.

Yeah, that book's very
precious to us.

Are we using that book tonight?

We're going to use some
recipes from that book.

I want to make my father very
proud of me.

Your dad was looking down on you

That's the sort of cookery I love.

I want this book.

I just wish dad was here to see it.

Australia's biggest show is back.

My Kitchen Rules, on Seven.

quarterfinals. Australia's Daria Gavrilova is about to walk down this hallway of champions. He is our last survivor in the singles draw. She is going to take on Pliskova for a spot in the quarterfinals. What we do know she will bring all of her trademark fighting spirit and hopefully have a lot of fun along the way. SONG: #Girl, what you're trying to do # 24 carat magic in the air # Head to toe so clear # Look out!#That is terrible. SONG: #Show time # Show time # Look who's back again # But they know as soon

Hard not to like how she plays her tennis and what she does off the court. Born in Moscow, lives in Melbourne, barracks for the blues. Can push on to the final 8 of the Australian Open tonight. The task not easy. Up against Karolina Pliskova, the World No.5. But Daria Gavrilova loves Rod Laver Arena.

Ladies and gentlemen, Monday of the Australian Open tennis championship, would you welcome to Centre Court from the Czech Republic, Karolina Pliskova.