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(generated from captions) schools we need now, when can we? The New South Wales Opposition Leader. We will go to Perth where the Australian Transport Minister, Darren Chester, is holding a media conference about the search for MH370 with his Malaysian counterpart. They have been speaking to some people who have been searching the Indian Ocean for that wreck. First of all can I thank the two Ministers for being here as we go on board and thank the crew for the work they have done on behalf of the international aviation community. This has been an extraordinary search effort, and it's been in some of the most inhospitable oceans in the world. There have been occasions where sea states in excess of 20m have been experienced. As I have said before, the search for MH370 has been at the very cutting edge of technology and science fix expertise, but also it has been quite an heroic, human endeavour. To have the chance today to talk to the crew members, to thank them on behalf of the Australian Government was very important. As we indicated in July last year, when the tripartite meeting was held in Malaysia, between the people's are you public of China and the Malaysian Government and myself representing the Australian Government, as we indicated in July last year, at the coalition of the 120 -- completion of the highest priority search area, the search would be suspended pending any credible new evidence leading into a specific location of the aircraft. I acknowledge today the work of the Malaysian Government and the People's Republic of China, but also the work of Fugro, we have the project developer with me today, acknowledge the work of our only own Australian transport safety bureau. They have worked tirelessly over the past three years in the search for MH370. Having not found the aircraft does not indicate failure. It indicates that the aircraft is not in that 120,000 square kilometre search area. Work will continue in relation to further analysis of data. If there is anymore debray coming forward, we will work with our Malaysian counterparts in assessing debris of interest and work is also going on in terms of further analysis of satellite imagery. So, we simply want to thank the crew of the ship, and more generally for the work they have done over the past three years. I look forward to comments from the Minister.Thank you, Minister Darren Chester. We are here to receive the crew and also to appreciate the commitment and sacrifices to make these search missions possible. On behalf of the Government of Malaysia, I would like, once again, to say a big thank you to the crew members and, also, to the Australian Government and the China Government for giving the support in the search for MH370. It is one of the largest and biggest search missions launched ever in the aviation history of the world. We are very sad that we still couldn't locate the aircraft, and we need to suspend the search for the time being, to look for more credible evidence before we can launch anymore further search efforts. As you can see, the crew, we were there just now to talk to them. They told us the difficulty they faced in the deep seawaters. Sometimes four days they had to face high winds, stroin winds of -- strong winds of 1940 clim -- 140km continuously for four days. They can't operate in the that weather. They have to face all these challenges. I must thank them for their commitment for the professionalism, and for their dedication to search for MH370. We will say that although we didn't locate the plane, but the kind of commitment shown the three countries, the officials, the search teams, as well as the crew members, it is, indeed, a very, very difficult task. We have overcome these 120,000 square kilometre search. I would also like to say it is also with sadness that we have to announce the suspension. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with the family members and the loved ones of those on board MH370. We will analyse the data, whatever data we have now, and from there we will look for more credible clues and credible evidence for us to study the situations in the future. So, on behalf of the Government of Malaysia, once again I would like to thank the Australian Government, the Chinese Government, as well as the crew members. Thank you very much.A chance to say a few word. We came here to welcome the crew back home. We express our grateful... To the crew members on board for their hard work, because we know that this task is very difficult. We tried to find the MH370 but, right now, we haven't. We will get together to work with each other with the Government of Australia and Malaysia and to try to do our best and, finally, I want to say to the Government of Australia and the Malaysia - you gave us a lot of help to try to find the people on board MH370. Thank you.Alright. That is where we will leave that conference with Darren Chester, the Transport Minister, and his Malaysian counterpart, speaking on the occasion of thanking those officials who have been involved in the search for MH370. In South Australia - a suspected drowning will be investigated as a death in custody