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Hello, I'm John Barron and welcome to a special
summer edition of The Drum. Each weekday we cover
major developments in politics and the world around us, but from time to time we take a
step back from the news of the day and we gather a panel of experts
to focus on a single major issue. Here's another one
of our conversations. I hope you enjoy it.

JULIA BAIRD: Our teachers in crisis. As more and more
leave the profession every year, we ask what's driving them away
and why they're so burnt out? Are we asking too much of them?

And joining me on the panel
of our Friday night special, we have writer and retired primary
school teacher Gabrielle Stroud. Author of 'Beautiful Failures' and senior editor at Guardian
Australia, Lucy Clark, welcome. And in Melbourne the Grattan Institute's school
education program director Pete Goss. And if you're on Twitter
you can find other viewers using the hashtag #TheDrum. We particularly encourage teachers and anyone interested
in the question of education to join in that conversation. Now, you may remember
during the election campaign we brought you
a special edition of The Drum that was devoted to education policy. We focused on academic results,
the school fundings debate and what made a quality teacher. What happened next surprised even us. A comment from our panellist
Jane Caro that teachers are humans
and not machines tapped a nerve and was quickly
picked up, analysed, disputed and dissected
by millions of people online. This is something
a lot of people care about. So tonight we want to
continue that conversation because the morale of
Australian teachers is the lowest it's been
for two decades