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Hello and welcome to Offsiders Summer Edition. For decades, cricket has been there for summer. But the Big Bash and the rise and emergence of men's and women's football is there. With the sporting calendar, we're back on air early this year to bring you the action and the big issues live from the Glasshouse in Melbourne's Olympic Park precinct. We'll be here for the next month with lots to talk about. Already plenty has happened. Here's some of the summer holiday highlights so far.

COMMENTATOR: A batsman with a century before lunch. century before lunch. Well done, Matt Renshaw.That will be it. Australia have done it. That's the 3-0 sweep!

Goal number 91 for Bersart Berisha.

Welcome to the future of Australian tennis. Oh, wow, how good is this, huh!The King is back! Bang! Pulls the trigger, finds the corner.It's up. She's got it.Beautiful shot. Chris Lynn has pushed it out to the roof!

Six to win. Four for there! Oh, you beauty! He got a six! The Thunder is still alive. What a finish atLess. -- Spotless. still alive. What a finish atLess.
-- Spotless. So the summer sporting landscape continues to evolve. John, do you find yourself glued to the TV more than usual? You're always glued to the TV?All hail the inventor of the remote because if you're blessed with digital TV and pay TV, there's so many options. But so many options in the sense that you can choose manic, intense, whatever you want. But it's all predicated on skill and that's what we've been seeing over the summer.And add to that, the social media overlay. While the screens are operating on all of the different sports around the country, you also have the social media thing going on. I think it's fabulous. I really think - it's not a time now where we click off at the ends of winter and move into summer, it's all year long now.It's unrecognisable from the summer viewing as children as we were growing up and I think that the Big Bash in particular has generated a whole new audience for sport. Both on television and at the games. You saw in the clips, some of the excitement of the younger kids in the crowd. Genuinely thrilled at the contest and it has transformed the way that we watch sport, how it's broadcast as well. I think that the television broadcasting of it has been unique and it's certainly attracted people to the game and invited them in in a way that it hadn't previously.Good to see you being sun safe today because it is rather warm where we are!I don't take much encouragement to wear a hat!The Australian test wrapped up yesterday. After five disastrous losses in a row, six weeks ago in Hobart, there was the humiliation. It's been a remarkable turn around peeling off four consecutive test wins, including the clean sweep against Pakistan. Did anyone see this happening?Not really and it would be an interesting pub question to go back and say - name the side that played in Perth and Hobart and the degree to which the success of those who came in hike Peter Handscomb and Matt Renshaw and so on. There's a few pro o visos in the way that Pakistan did not perform as well with the ball as South Africa did. While the parameters appear to be terrific... And you can only do what you can do against the bowling that you're facing. I think there's still... There's still a lot of tests to be had, a lot of tests of the individual skill and the metal and the character and that's the nature of test cricket.Maybe we weren't as bad as we thought in Hobart. Maybe we're not as good as we think now.We were awful in Hobart and that was the whole era that came crashing down that day. But if you look at the team that took the final game in Sri Lanka. The two Marsh brothers, Adam Voges and Peter Neville all part of the team. The transformation has been there. But the real test will be India. Australia has played ten test Matches in India with a record of eight losses, no wins and two draws. If you really want to test the metal of your test cricket team, take them to the subcontinent and see what they can do.We have to mention Pakistan here. This is a team where they've got millions of people that they can choose from who have natural ability but there's no system.So the system tends to fall apart and we see that. There's great individual talent but where is the working of it? Where is the transformation? When does the leadership change and someone else comes through?I think they're one of the most remarkable stories in world sport in the last ten years. A staticition friend of mine pointed out that the test Match in Sydney was the 70th consecutive test Match played away from Pakistan. They've been eternally on the road and the last one at home was against Sri Lanka in 2009. They manage to play at the highest level and at times were the best team there.And no Asia team won a test series here, including India. You mentioned Matt Renshaw. The baby faced giant posted his maiden century at the SCG. He's impressed everyone but coach Darren Lehmann says that the opener is no certainty to be picked in India. It's a case of what is the best line-up in India to compete? And at the moment, you would say yes, he would play. But at the end of the day, we have to sum up what the conditions will be like, what the pitch is going to be like, how we're going to play, how we're going to fit everyone into an 11 that gives us a chance to get 20 wickets. So Matt Renshaw has never stepped foot in India and all of the talk is Mitch Marsh. He's back from injury and hasn't set the world on fire in the Big Bash. 8, 7, 4 and 32.He hadn't set foot on the medge either. He's only 20, the boy from Brisbane Grammar and it is interesting how many private schoolboys there are on the side. He's a great misser. He has the knack of playing and missing. And he has David Warner up the other end so he can play that traditional role. I think that the innings of the summer was actually Usman Khawaja's innings in Adelaide, he batted for nearly eight hours. Australia was 2-0 down. It was a dead rubber but it showed that there is a place for that, just that grit and you've got to survive and that helps to build the innings. I think that Warner is still hit and miss. So Renshaw is a more traditional opener. We don't know so much about the technique. He looks OK but he puts the front pad across a bit and plays it across to the leg side. He had a bit of a brain fade against the leggy, but yeah, it will be interesting to see how, if he goes to India, how he copes.You'd think that they'd take both of them and make the decision once they get there?They'll play the spinners from the outset and the ball will turn away from Renshaw and that's always the tougher delivery.And the number six position is still a problem. We trialed the four players throughout the summer. Neither with great success. What do they great success. What do they do for India looking ahead?It's interesting because they've also got an issue with what they do with the keeper and that might determine what they decide to do at number six. Does Matthew Wade hold on to the spot in the team? It's hard for us to get a read on that. Because Shield cricket, remember that? That used to be a thing. That stopped mid-September so there's no way for us to judge form on so does Peter Neville, who got displaced, get another opportunity?For bring Glenn Maxwell Maxwell back for the tour of yand? His test record, no. Although they love his talent and if you listen to the commentator, they love his talent but the grit as a test player hasn't been there and even in other forms of cricket, although he's incumbent in the 1-day international side. He certainly can play. He's a great fieldsman and he is an extra bowling option. Don't know. I've got a weird theory. I wouldn't mind seeing David Warner back down the order.At six?Maybe at six and go with two openers, more traditional openers torks set the innings up. If you look at how the summer has panned out, it's still hit and miss there. If Warner flies, it goes well. If Warner goes and the wickets roll, we seem to get on a roll where 140 is a good score sometimes against South Africa.I think what we're saying also is that the role of selectors these days is so difficult. And it's not like you can pick a team and that's the team that will see you through forever. Because you need different skills in different places. Sometimes you need the out right flair. Sometimes you need the grit, the mental determination to see you through, which doesn't always standout and make itself evident.And to assume that Peter Handscomb has it, as good as he's been early on, the test is when they go to India.I'll give you the numbers. I don't have a life so I ran the numbers on this last night! The batting ample for the Australians in India over the ten years, the ten test Matches per wicket, per unit was 30.59 per wicket. That was the average score. For the same decade, the 55 dess in Australia at that time, the average cost per wicket was 47.5. 47.5. So at home, we are flat track bullies. We make runs. But the 30.59 with the price per wicket in India, that's a huge gap. Somehow we've got to bridge that and be more resilient on them.And you can't help but think that the bigger picture, is the Ashes here next summer.Just on the Indian performance against England, they scored over 700 in the last innings. The innings before they scored 600. They debuted a guy last test, he scored 300 in the test Match and the tracks will suit their spinners. So it's going to be really...And when was the last time we won there? Over a decade ago? Yeah, 2004 I think. But I've also got a theory...A lot of theories! SPD! With Steven, Deveroux, Smith. He's got PSP Peter Handscomb, SNJ O'Keefe and HWCartwright. I think if you have three Christian names, you've more of a chance to get in. Keep the theories rolling. Next sees the one day series the one day series against Pakistan. Will the rotation policy be invoked. Hazlewood was named. There's been three changes. The two names about Billy Stanlake, a fast bowler who has barely played at domestic level. And Chris Lynn, who has set the Big Bash on fire with his explosive hitting. Who needs Chris Gayle when you have Chris Lynn in the big bash? you have Chris Lynn in the big bash?
Oh, he can smash it with the bat that he's got that's so kick.The kaboom! It's called the kaboom!If only Greg Chappell had one of those. I was watching the tennis and all that kept coming up on the twit feed was Chris Lynn, Chris Lynn. And one of the things that sets the world alight. The sporting world here in Australia. Everyone was talking.If, for the cricket nerds sitting alongside me, if David Warner can make the transition from an explosive Twenty20 player to a star test batsman, why can't Chris Lynn? Well, I haven't seen enough of him in the slower form of the game. So we don't really know his technique. He's made big runs for Queensland and he's been in the first class scene for six or seven years and he's got some big scores behind him. But that's the point. We don't see it so we don't know. He can certainly flog it. He's hit 26 sixes, but it's interesting that... Well, the test will come as we keep saying when you get put in that form of the game. It's a test still for Khawaja and Warner and those guys, let alone for the new guys.Remember the discussion was all about Twenty20 is just going to ruin test cricket, and yet, I think it's given test cricket a new lease on life, hasn't it? There are people now who are moving across to test cricket because those names amoving across and the whole feeling around test cricket has changed. There's a new energy.It feels like this summer that they've been able to co-exist happily. You look at the Big Bash which continues to sky rocket in popularity. It is averaging one million viewers a night on free-to-air television and the attendance figures, they had... I think that the Renegades had their biggest ever home crowd last night, the Stars getting the win at Docklands over the Renegades. But if you add up in total the two Derbies within a week here in Melbourne, more than 115,000 fans through the gate. That's just extraordinary numbers.One thing we are seeing is that people are noticing the new bays playing BBL. That's where Billy Stanlake came in. No-one could not see how lightning he was and the bounce he had while playing for the Adelaide Strikers. But Billy Stanlake is interesting. He's another private schoolboy from TSS. The home of the great wicketkeeper Ian Elks who played for the Queensland university cricket club. But people saw what he could do as people are seeing with Chris Lynn so it's a way of putting yourself out there.It was always designed to be a gateway for a new generation of cricket fans when Cricket Australia decided that it had lost a generation of young people and they have been able to in a very sport space of time regather the tribe, in a sense. And you will see that there will be people who have been addicted to cricket through this and they'll be lifelong fans.Everything they've touched in the Big Bash has turned to gold. But I don't understand on the train the other night heading to the MCG, grown men wearing buckets on his heads. No sign of second year blues for the WBBL. The television ratings are up and the highest attendance the at MCG last weekend for the Melbourne Derby. Nearly 25,000 fans and more sixes than last summer as well. Better quality. So it continues to deliver.And also, a very even competition. There's only three points between first and last in the 8-team competition. So that gives it another element of competitiveness. Just on the BBL before we go, there's going to be a huge fight looming over the TV rights in the next 12 months. Channel Ten paid $20 million for the season for this which is well under what they're dragging through with that. You watch Channel 9 and the others play for this because free-to-air television desperately needs free TV and there's nothing bigger than summer sports. So it will be on for young and old.And also the issue of the expansion of the schedule but that just takes up space of other cricket.Absolutely, they have to be careful. We've been talked about how Shield cricket is there. And shoe horned the 50-month festival in there. If we expand the BBL further to more games, at what point do we start to overfeed the echo system, in a sense.Absolutely not. Just keep it coming!You're addicted to it too! It is only the next ball that matters. It's the one like - how is he going to hit this one over the fence or how is she going to hit it over. The Australian Open kicks off in just over a week and once again on the eve of the grand slam, we're talking about match-fixing allegations and unfortunately involving a young Aussie, 18-year-old Oliver Anderson. This time last year, he was winning the boy's title. Now he'll face court allegations relating to a regional tournament three months ago and I guess tennis officials, particularly 12 months ago, really talked the talk, now it's time to walk the walk. How seriously should they take this incident?I think it is not just tennis but every sport needs to take this seriously and tennis is one that absolutely is because they were caught somewhat off guard last year. They're not going to fall into that situation again. The evidence being that this guy is set to face his trial, of course. But they're working on it. What's happening now is that the governing bodies are working very closely with specific police units, especially the one down here in Melbourne. But with international units as well and with betting agencies and the minute there's anything alarming, the forces are alerted. They alert the sport and they're all working together, which is as it should be because quite frankly, this is a much bigger issue in sport than doping. It's kinds of just gone under the radar for way too long and people have been getting away with a lot too much. Sports have cracked down on it now.And we do see the same topography of matchfixing and it happens like it did with the Toowoomba Futures event where it is players who were on the fer I havery who might be -- periphery who might be financially insecure who might do it. It is a disease that looks for a willing host. And it is the most vulnerable who are likely to be exposed. We saw it with a soccer team a couple of years ago. So because it is off Broadway, we don't have the big names involved, that it is easily hidden away from the public view. But when it is exposed, we see how it works.And let's not forget about the links. Gambling and sport go hand in hand. You can't expect people who play the game to also not be gamblers. It's part of sport. You gamble every time you take a shot, which way you're going to do it. So that is a whole area that also hasn't been significantly addressed yet.So one young Aussie has himself in a spot of Aussie but another young Aussie has exelled. Destiny Iava. 16 years old and she's just burst on to the scene and will make her debut at the Australian Open this time next week. 16-year-old from Noble Park in Melbourne. A big strong young girl who has a great agility as well but more impressive than that, I was reading about her that she already has an estimated 50 pairs of shoes at home so they could be the Imelda Marcos of tennis.Probably more like Serena Williams because it was a Serena Williams victory she saw on TV and she said when she was 7 to her mum and dad, "I want to be her". It is similar to the Williams story as well because her mum was a rugby player. Her father, mixed martial arts coach and they went - tennis, we don't know anything about tennis. Quickly read through the tennis book, OK, we'll do coaching with you but she says herself, her biggest asset is her massive serve which is unbelievable at 16. And the rest of the game is going to follow.We wish her luck for next week, absolutely. Nick Kyrgios, got to talk about him. I'm sure that we will here over the next months. Two wins and one loss at the Hopman Cup. Maybe a knee injury and maybe not. Are we onboard for this summer?Definitely. He's fascinating. He's one of the most interesting people in sport I reckon because we don't know what we're going to get and he has this talent with which he starts developing and then something happens. But you know, I think he's sixth... Here we go with the betting, sixth in the betting with the men's to win the Australian Open in the men's side. I'm intrigued to see whether his heart is really in it through all matches and how far he gets.The opening of the Hopman Cup, he was sensational. Absolutely sensational and in the six weeks or whatever he's had off, he seems to have matured and grown up and I'm not kidding. 48 hours later.He's disinterested.And you think, Nick, keep it together because he's so brilliant.It's almost at times as if he's at war with his own talent. It's like it's been gifted to him and he's reluctantly aware of it but doesn't want to embrace it. It makes it fascinating to watch but maddening at the same time.Maybe we take the expectation out of it and watch it for what it is.Take the Big Bash approach.But when you're ranked 13 in the world. Only player in the top 20 who doesn't have a coach.And heading into 40 years since an Australian man won the Australian Open.Don't put your money on it. He's not fit enough to win seven matches in a row there yet. Roger Federer however is back. And what a joy it is to be able to talk about the fact that he's had six months off after knee surgery and he had Perth eating out of palm of his hand. I think that we would be happy just for Roger to train for the rest of his life. Go around the world and train. 6,000 fans were lining up at 8:30 in the morning to watch Roger train.And even beyond the training. When he turned up for the match and I thought it was a different open because he had all of the Swiss flags there. Everybody was Swiss for the evening. He really is fabulous and if you want the ultimate picture of a champion, he is it. You know, forget about the expectations. He was joking the other night when he said - why stop at another one grand slam title. Let me go another two or three or four. He really is so galvanising and a great advertisement for the game. And an example of how sometimes it is not just about the winning and losing. Aesthetically to watch Roger Federer, he's beautiful. You can go and watch him regardless of the result.But they've all come back looking so fit. Nadal is also back and the old guys look absolutely fabulous. Here we are talking about the old guys! We've got a decade at least on each of them, haven't we! Other thing about FedEx Cup is that in the press conferences, he does them in his second language. To be so eloquent and gracious there.I think sometimes there is a third language in there. We're halfway through the A-League season. Smack, bang, right on. Sydney FC, can anyone catch them? They're the run away leader. Melbourne Victory closing the gap with a win over Adelaide United.Yeah, they've been in good form. Bersart Berisha who has now gone past Archie Thompson as the league's leading all time scorer. Adelaide United, I felt for them last night. They've played really well for long stretches this year for only a 7-point return the champions. They could not find the net on a fishing trawler at the moment. They're struggling when they get inside the final third. But Victory look like the only team who can chase down Sydney FC. Graham Arnold's team there.Give us a report card on Tim Cahill there. 12 games and five goals. Has he lived up to expectations?He's been brilliant. Not just the scoring but made himself wholly available here. He was involved in this viral moment where our friend on the Central Coast took the flag away in a move of the goal celebration and then stared him down! And that has gone all around the world, ball boy one, Cahill nil! He was really good about that.And Melbourne City, hasn't been a smooth season for them, some obstacles to overcome and this week, losing their coach, John Van -- Skip.He was probably going to go at the end of this year so they have a new coach who steps up to take charge. They have anticipate been in a frustrating one. A 1-0 win over the Wanderers in the last few days and it might kick start their campaign but it meant that they've shuffled the one. So the W-league coach has come up and Jess Fishlock will be in charge there. I haven't seen this in so long, a player manager.That says so much. When we're talking about a fully professional W-league. Should that be the outcome or the situation? I think all power to her and congratulations. I hope that she handles the job well and hope that she will. But I don't think that she should necessarily have to be in that position when talking about professional women's sport. Maybe that says that they're a club who is a strong club and they like to promote within and maybe looking at the giving her the job full time. The Welsh international.A great player.She is good and if she can score goals F she coaches like she can score goals like that one from a week ago against Perth Glory. How are Melbourne City sitting into the second-half of the season.There was a run of about four consecutive draw sos that was frustrating for themment and it is still there to take. The A-League in particular is funny. Part of the problem with the A-League is that last year's champions can become this year's bottom of the table team and that's the same in the W league. It's so tight in terms of the number of teams in the competition that it is no real reflection on where teams are really add at.Just on coverage there's also radio options. For the ABC to have the A-League on radio from time to time and you get some real snapshots into what's going on. And the W-league getting some television coverage.And on the final note, our thoughts are with James Hird and his family who was admitted to hospital earlier this week with a health concern. Tracey, you've interviewed him quite a few times throughout the last four years and throughout this saga. What was your reaction to that news?Look, I just think that the whole thing is a terribly, terribly sad indictment on a number of different factors and you think that it is time for everybody to pause and take a step back. The media, the coverage of it, the absolute vindication of a person continually day in and day out for four years, warranted or unwarranted, I think there's a lot of questions that a lot of people need to stand back and ask of themselves, including us, and he's not alone in this. You know, the whole anti-doping movement has created a number of stories like this around the world. And I think that something needs to be done. It's a chance for us to reflect as much as we love sport and we know that it is important, that sometimes we can lose perspective and the health and welfare of one individual is more important than any sporting contest and sometime we can get lost in that and it's a moment of reflection. Final tips, final observations? Final observations. Wayne Rooney has had a rough time under Jose Mourinho but last night, he scored his 249th goal in Manchester United colours to go equal with Sir bobby Charlton, the club's all time leading scorer. My final observation is that darts could possibly be the next big thing in the Olympics.Darts?I've spoken to the Secretary of darts Australia who is an Arthur Tunstall image. He said that it is struggling a little bit in Australia. It's going through schools programs, which is great. But the new smoking laws inside and earlier closing times for some drinking venues is working against it. I'm not sure that that kind of fits with the whole Olympic ideals strategy but we'll see how it goes. You mentioned the word "darts" in front of John!You've gas umped me because I'm going with darts as well because it is the World Championships of darts in England and it is a fantastic tournament which starts before Christmas and runs through there. Michael van Gerwen was incredible. In the semi, he beat Barney. He went one better in beating Gary Anderson in the final. They should have put the Omen music on, it was spooky how good he was. He was incredible.And in tennis, the two best men's players in the world are on their way to Melbourne after playing in the final in the Qatar Open last night and it was Novak Djokovic ending Andy Murray's 28-match winning streak. No doubt here next week we'll be talking a lot about the tennis. That's the first program for the year. It's great to be back. We'll be back here at Melbourne's Olympic part precinct for the next month and we'll leave you with a look at two of the summer's unlikely cult heroes. of the summer's unlikely cult
heroes. COMMENTATOR: Plenty of fans out there from the Northern Beaches have taken to Mickey Edwards.He's loving it out there, rocking the blonde hair!

Oh, nice! Oh, Gary.Nice!Nice.

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