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(generated from captions) It is so beautiful.
Look at the cows.

Oh, my gosh.

Come on, girls. Let's jump out.

Are you OK?


The tree line is the boundary.
So basically everything you can see

over that way is all Harman.

It's just stunning.

Come on, Fin!

Let's do it!

It's unbelievable.

All of that fighting,
all of that suffering,

all of those hardships,
all of that was for this.

He just put together
such a beautiful life,

not only for himself
but for the generations after him.

You know, that commitment
to family is so clear.

I mean, to bring the girls here,
to have them standing here with me,

it just sort of
completes the whole journey.

OK, can I get on your back?
I want to get on yours, Finley.

I just feel so whole.

This sort of gives me
new light into the rest of my life

and how I'm going to live it

and the decisions that I make

and what I'm going to do
and what I'm going to leave here.

Just that moment of coming here

and seeing him
with his blue eyes and his...

And he's Michael Harman. It just...

I will never forget that moment
as long as I live.

This is an incredible thing

and I'm so thankful
that it came my way.


Captioned by Ai-Media

YAN This program will be live This
captioned by Ai-MediaVOICEOVER: with
This is Nine News First at Five Two
with Brett McLeod.Good afternoon. seriously,
Two people have been hurt one attack
seriously, after a terrifying axe As
attack at a Sydney service station. allegedly
As Elise Baker reports a woman unsuspecting
allegedly launched the attack on terrifying
unsuspecting strangers.It was a customers
terrifying night for staff and Enmore
customers at this 7-Eleven at just
Enmore when a young woman entered axe.
just after 2:00 a.m. Wielding an in
axe. The woman believed to be aged man
in her 20s, then allegedly struck a his
man in his 30s with a weapon around Sharon
his head and face and also 43 service
Sharon Hacker who was at the heard
service station buying milk.I I
heard a thud behind me and then as back
I went to turn I was struck in the down
back of the head. As I was going with
down a woman was walking past me with blonde hair. The young girl what
with an axe.Nick Wood witnessed I
what was unfolding and called 000. Eleven
I saw somebody coming out of the 7- not
Eleven with a fire axe and I was not sure what was going on but then floor.
I saw that there was a body on the 000
floor. So I immediately just call way
000 because I realised there was no woman
way this could have been a stunt.A road
woman was arrested metres up the she
road in a garden bed and the axe little
she had in her possession was to
little seized. She has been taken spent
to St Vincent hospital where she guard.
spent much of the day under police five
guard.A man is in custody after injuries
five people were shot dead and 8 had
injuries at a Florida airport. He when
had arrived on a flight from Canada carousel.
when he opened fire near a baggage moments
carousel.The cries of loved once were
moments after it was over. They gunman
were the ones that saw it all the this
gunman at gag age two opening fire Firing
this woman describing what she saw. victims
Firing all around us.One of the He
victims lying in a pool of blood. killed.
He was among the five that was members
killed. Other passengers and family members holding on to one another.

It was 12:5 5:00 p.m. The first Gunfire
reports the first calls to 911. loaded
Gunfire erupting the shooter had discriminately.
loaded his gun and was firing in in
discriminately. Men, women, anyone to
in front of him. At least 8 rushed was
to area hospitals much the airport passengers
was put on lockdown and some the
passengers stranded in planes on I
the tarmac with little information. at
I just don't know what happens here rushing
at our terminal.Other planes zones
rushing passengers off to safe were
zones on the tarmac. And hundreds terminal.
were evacuated from inside the outside
terminal. Down stairwells taken standing
outside too. There were hundreds to
standing together. Many were spent their
to the perimeter of the airport authorities
their hands in the air as photo
authorities swept the scene. This photo captured by an eyewitness as suspect
authorities appear to take the believe
suspect away. Tonight authorities old.
believe the suspect just 26 years telling
old. Florida senator Bill Nelson carrying
telling us that the suspect was found
carrying a military ID.It was Santiago.
found on him, his name is Estaban he
Santiago.Sources telling ABC News passenger
he arrived in Fort Lauderdale as a from
passenger travelling from anchorage his
from Alaska and illegally checking getting
his gun into his baggage much after bathroom
getting off a plane he went into a and
bathroom where he loaded his weapon when
and came out firing stopping only bullets
when he appeared to run out of the until
bullets then laying on the ground until place came and arrested him.

until place came and arrested him. under
Back home and investigations are suspicious
under way after a series of Queensland.
suspicious fires in south-east blaze
Queensland. What sparked these out
blaze Zara.This first fire broke a
out at Logan at 6:00 last night at a rental property.

a rental property. Tenants moved treating
out days earlier. Police are The
treating this fire as suspicious. really
The blaze was just ginormous and west
really gutted this home. Further motel
west at Toowoomba we saw a former high
motel gutted by fire. This blaze so embers
high it turned the sky orange and resident's
embers fell down on nearby worse
resident's home. They feared the inside
worse there could be squatters was
inside this motel. Thankfully there also
was nobody inside an police are punish.
also treating this one as suss who
punish. On the Gold Coast a family for
who had lived at their appropriate a
for more than 35 years was woken to A
a fire terror through her back room. managed
A woman in her 60s, her son and dog came
managed to flee quickly. Neighbours fire
came in using garden hoses but this massive
fire was too ferocious.I heard a outside
massive explosion and I raced could
outside across the roads and I home
could see flames, small fire.These so
home owners say that they were just working
so lucky to escape, thanks to of
working small smoke alerms.A group handed
of would-be thieves has fled empty- Melbourne
handed following a ram raid at a believe
Melbourne shopping centre. It is targeting
believe that the offenders were heavy
targeting a safe but it was too Jones
heavy for them to steal. Kieren coming
Jones with more.Police have been Shopping
coming the scene at the Westfield Melbourne's
Shopping Centre at Mill Park in in
Melbourne's north after a ram raid We
in the early hours of this morning. wheel
We know that a Nissan Dualis four- main
wheel drive reversed through the morning
main doors here about 4:00 this another
morning before careering through hairdressing
another pane of glass at a steal
hairdressing saloon. They tried to Lotto
steal a 1 ton safe from a Tatts centre
Lotto outlet inside the shopping and
centre and that safe was too heavy anything
and they were unsuccessful stealing owner
anything and left empty-handed. The

owner of the hairdressing salon incident.
said it was a disappointing these
incident.We work hard and we get will
these people doing things to us. It it
will be hard for the girls today, glass.
it is 36 degrees. We will have no involved
glass.The four-wheel drive taken
involved in this incident was later north
taken to Masons Road about 10km was
north of this shopping centre. It are
was torched and left there. Police the
are looking for three occupants of involved
the vehicle who are suspected to be involved in the incident here at urging
the shopping centre. They are come
urging anybody with information to seriously
come forward.Two men have been remains
seriously injured and another brawl
remains on the run following a Taverniti
brawl in Sydney's east as Michelle injured
Taverniti reports, one of the break
injured men had been trying to scene
break up the fight.This was the a
scene at a drunken night gone wrong, Street
a scuffle breaking out on Albion through
Street causing three men to go through this windows.

through this windows. The fight an
broke out between a 32-year-old and when
an unknown man at 2:00 this morning intervene.
when a third man aged 20 tried to almighty
intervene. Neighbours hearing an glass
almighty smash.It wasn't like It
glass shatter, it was like smash! old
It was pretty severe.That 20-year- cuts
old was most seriously hurt with wound.
cuts to his arm and a deep thigh stomach
wound. While the 32-year-old has socket.
stomach injuries and a fracture eye track
socket. Police are now trying to off
track down that third man who ran searching
off and have spent much of the say understood
searching the area for CCTV. It is fight
understood the men who got into a at
fight had been drinking separately open
at a nearby pub. He is hoping to property
open an alterations shop in the through
property it was a shock.They came since
through the window.The glass has jaggered
since been cleaned up but a few have
jaggered pieces remained.People back
have been banned from riding in the Summernats
back of utes at Canberra's after
Summernats Street Car Festival Family
after a man died following a fall. social
Family and friends have taken to Newsome
social media to pay tribute to Luke incident
Newsome who was killed in the bloke
incident describing him as a top death
bloke and a legend. He is the first A
death of the festival in 30 years. coroner.
A report will be prepared for Sussan
coroner. Nine News will reveal that the
Sussan Ley's trip to the US cost day.
the taxpayer more than $10,000 a Minister
day. It comes as the Health explain
Minister faces mounting pressure to entitlements
explain her use of travel Gold
entitlements while purchasing a Croucher
Gold Coast apartment. Charles been
Croucher has the details.It has minister
been a rough 48 hours for health calling
minister Sussan Ley. Labor are Departmental
calling on Malcolm Turnbull to act. racked
Departmental documents show she trip
racked up a bill during a 7 day February.
trip to the United States last $40,000
February. It includes more than to
$40,000 in flights. She was there between
to remote medical technology ties during
between Australia and America We
during Australia-US business week. of
We are told there are also a number official
of meetings on the side of the official schedule. Still,

official schedule. Still, the higher
$10,800 per day is drastically attendance.
higher than other ministers in greater
attendance. That figure is grace trip
greater total cost of a six-day represent
trip that they took to Belgium to leaders
represent Australia alongside world ceremoniy
leaders during a last post travel
ceremoniy at the menin gate. The Parliamentary
travel appears to be within the looking
Parliamentary guidelines but welfare
looking to claw back billions in of
welfare overpayments and Australia pension
of Australians having their part The
pension removed the timing the bad. to
The Victorian government is trying to tacking the

to tacking the State's housing record
affordability criesing with housing rules
record prices.Victoria's rental and
rules were introduced 20 years ago Back
and in that time things have change. are
Back then 24 hours of households is means
are renting now it is 30% which has
means the type of people renting more
has changed too.We have seeing in
more families and older Victorians looking
in rental accommodation.They are it
looking to change the rules to make representers
it fairer for represent landlords.
representers -- renters and something
landlords.Security of tenure is Victorians
something that is very important to renting
Victorians given that they are about
renting for longer.Our daughter is we
about to start school next year so place
we like to know that we can be in a say
place for a long time.It does nlts rental
say anything about having pets in to
rental accommodation. That is set to change.They

to change.They should ask renters introduce
for pet bonds.They are looking to this
introduce new legislation later brought
this year.A Hollywood blockbuster still
brought parts of Sydney to a stand Highway
still today. A sex of the Pacific North
Highway has been closed off at understand
North Sydney while filming is The
understand way for 'Pacific Rim 2'. of
The film stars Scott Eastwood son Clint.
of legendary actor and director tomorrow
Clint. The road will reopen the
tomorrow morning. In the news ahead killed
the final farewell for a little boy Michelle
killed in a Christmas Day tragedy. after
Michelle Obama thanks Americans And
after eight years as First Lady. plunge
And 5,000 people obtaining the plunge amid shark warnings for

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Family and friends have farewelled after
the nine-year-old boy who died drink-driver
after he was run down by an alleged bridz.
drink-driver on Christmas night in festive
bridz. Josiah Sisson was looking at he
festive lights with his family when turned
he was hit. His life support was think
turned off two days later.I don't years
think that we measure a time in and
years but the way a life was lived Josiah's
and the way it touches others much celebrated
Josiah's bright nature was Michelle
celebrated at the memorial service. emotion
Michelle Obama has delivered an final
emotion charged speech for her Speaking
final address as First Lady. school
Speaking at a ceremony to honour time
school councillors and she said her honour
time in the role was the greatest husband
honour in her life.My and my little
husband we started out with very good
little and a lot of hard work and a possible.
good education, anything is (LAUGHTER)
possible. Even becoming president. dream
(LAUGHTER)That's what the American (APPLAUSE)
dream is all about. Barack 20
Barack Obama's term ends on January Trump
20 when President-elect Donald schoolgirl
Trump will be sworn into office. A inis
schoolgirl kidnapped by Boko Haram found
inis your generals in 2014 has been The
found by Nigerian Army officials. to
The girl and child were handed over 276
to the State Government, a total of Boko
276 school girls were abducted by Tilkum,
Boko Haram from Chibok in 2014. best
Tilkum, one of Sea World Orlando's The
best known killer whales has died. dragged
The Orca made headlines when he her
dragged his trainer under water to later
her death in 2010. The 36-year-old 'Blackfish'.
later featured in a documentary mother
'Blackfish'. Carrie Fisher and her farewelled
mother Debbie Reynolds have been funeral
farewelled at a private family of
funeral in Los Angeles. The Ashes carried
of the 'Star Wars' actress were Prozac
carried in an uranium shaped by a described
Prozac pill. Family members and
described the service as fitting 12-86
and beautiful. 5,000 swimmers aged 12-86 have taken part in

12-86 have taken part in the annual coast
Pier to Pub on Victoria's surf the
coast as Laura Spurway describes numerous
the 1.2kms swim went ahead despite doesn't
numerous shark sightings.It a
doesn't get any betser than this on events
a beautiful summer day an iconic Ocean
events across Victoria's Great Pub
Ocean Road. It is the 37th Pier to attraction
Pub ocean race. A 1.2km avents that massive
attraction 5,000 swimmers and a some
massive crowd as well. There were were
some nerves after several sharks and
were spotted in this area yesterday saying
and this morning with organisers cancelled
saying the events would be Lorne.
cancelled if any were spotted at is
Lorne. They have deemed the coast ahead
is clear and everything has gone certainly
ahead as planned and certainly the
certainly weren't put off coming to 7:30
the beach today.We were here at beach
7:30 this morning and we put the right
beach huts up and we wanted to be see
right on the money and be able to other
see all the swimmers.A couple of prostate
other guys that swim with us are over
prostate cancer boys and we got years
over that bump in the road some the
years back. This is sort of one of nerves,
the things you love to do.A few athletic
nerves, a big crowd, a lot of super wean
athletic swimmers.Today we have competitors
wean Olympians and AFL players and water
competitors of all ages hit the finish
water and big smiles hitting the my
finish line.I am a pool swim and the
my legs couldn't handle the run at the end.That was beautiful. The too
water temperature was good. Weren't was
too much people and I knew where I was going. It was lovely.

was going. It was lovely.This 1980s
event had humble beginnings in the open
1980s but has become the largest open water swim in the world.

open water swim in the world.With our
sport here is Corey Norris.Among Aussies
our stories this afternoon the over
Aussies complete a series whitewash the
over Pakistan. The Strikers dunk Melbourne
the Hurricanes in Adelaide. And Western
Melbourne City claim victory over Western Sydney.

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Australia has completed a total a
domination of Pakistan wrapping up victory
a series clean sweep with the Breen
victory in the Third Test. Neil weeks
Breen reports from the SCG.Six Test
weeks ago in Hobart the Australian Africa
Test team was decimated by South Half
Africa for the second time in a row. Tests
Half the team was dropped. Four won
Tests later the Australian side has series
won all four, including a 3-0 They
series clean sweep over Pakistan. at
They wrapped up the Third Test here the
at the SCG today and Steve Smith, delighted
the Australian skipper, was fortunes
delighted with the turn around in around
fortunes for his team.The turn have
around since Hobart the way that we last
have played our cricket and the Africa
last Test Match against South Pakistan,
Africa and these last three against that
Pakistan, that is what we about, that is the cricket.
that is the way we want to play our and
cricket. Guys have scored big runs and bowled well and built pressure great
and held our catches. It has been a the
great turn around and I am proud last
the way the boys have played in the nine-wicket
last couple of weeks.We needed chimed
nine-wicket and Stephen O'Keefe Hazelwood
chimed in with three weeks and Josh his
Hazelwood starred with several of in
his own. The spinners worked well Six
in tandem, O'Keefe and Nathan Lyon. and
Six Tests down Australia won four Series
and loss two. Now for a One-Day begin
Series against Pakistan. It will broadcast
begin at the Gabba on Friday, check
broadcast live on the Nine Network Bash
check your local guides.To the Big Ben
Bash and a match winning knock from Strikers
Ben Dunk has helped the Adelaide over
Strikers to a five-wicket victory posting
over the Hobart Hurricanes. After Hurricanes
posting a total of 161 the former
Hurricanes were tormented by their on
former star, Dunk finished unbeaten guide
on 79 off just 49 deliveries to to
guide Adelaide home. With ten balls started
to spare. Melbourne City has with
started life after John van't Schip, A
with a 1-0 win over Western Sydney. Ivan
A stunning shot from Melbourne's his
Ivan Franjic was the difference, keeping
his strike from outside the box in
keeping the Wanderers in 6th place has
in the badder. Sydney's first win Sydney
has lifted them to third trailing continues
Sydney by 8 points. Roger Federer return
continues to show signs in his Gasquet
return from injury beating Richard Cup
Gasquet during Switzerland's Hopman down
Cup tie with France. Federer sent up.
down 11 aces to put the Swiss 1-0 clash
up. The French won the women's

clash and the mixed doubles to is
advance to the finals. Milos Raonic spot
is battling Grigor Dimitrov for a International.
spot if the final of the Brisbane Kei
International. The winner will meet Stan
Kei Nishikori who was too good for afternoon's
Stan Wawrinka in the this sport.
afternoon's Semifinal. That is our I
sport. Brett.Thank for that Corey. details
I will have the national weather here
details after the break. But for

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without compromise.

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To the weather details now. A low of
pressure trough with a heavy band And
of cloud is approaching Adelaide. scorchings
And that will bring an end to the city's
scorchings conditions. It was the 35
city's thirds consecutive day above mid
35 passing 40 degrees just after with
mid days. Victoria also sweltered Sydney
with areas in the Mallee hitting 41. Brisbane
Sydney enjoyed a pleasant 27. lovely
Brisbane reached 29. 25 in Perth. A 27.
lovely day in Hobart with a top of and
27. A maximum of 32 for Canberra continue
and Darwin. Heavy rain will continue across the tropical north cooler
and the south-east will enjoy southerlies.
cooler conditions as winds shift to get
southerlies. Melbourne will have to only
get through a very hot night. It is Ahead
only set to dip to 28 degrees. cool
Ahead of a top of 34. With that It
cool change arriving around midday. day
It will be a much more comfortable Hobart
day for Adelaide with a top of 30. Canberra
Hobart also set to reach 30. capital
Canberra will be our warmest capital sit heading for 35.

capital sit heading for 35. 33 for chance
Perth and 31 if Darwin with the Before
chance of an afternoon storm. to
Before we go turning 12 has proven Gorilla,
to be pretty cool for West Lowland Gorilla, Kimya. Melbourne
Gorilla, Kimya. A residents of birthday
Melbourne Zoo. Keepers treated the presents
birthday girl and her family to celebrate
presents and an ice cake to watched
celebrate the special day. Crowds the
watched as the gorillas tucked into was
the treats proving that the party Afternoon
was a hit. And that is Nine's Our
Afternoon News for this Saturday. 6:00.
Our next bulletin is coming up at Live
6:00. I'm Brett McLeod. Bye for now.
Live captioning by Ai-Media

Hi. I'm Vince Colosimo.
And welcome to Customs. People travel
for all kinds of reasons, not all of them innocent. It's up to customs
and immigration officers to spot the handful of crooks from the thousands
of bona fide travellers. These officers have some amazing
technology and gadgets at their disposal. But nothing beats good
old-fashioned gut instinct.

He has been issued two British
passports in the last seven years. He's travelling on a false passport,
so what's he hiding? PMI have just X-rayed him.
There is something in his bowel.

MAN: The ferry's coming in
200 yards away. This is a CO2 probe. A dangerous bid for freedom... Anything in there that's
breathing will be picked up. ..turns into a desperate race
against the clock. We're gonna leave this vehicle and head over here now
and sort this one out as well. And a teenage game boy...
If you just look here for me. ..who followed his heart
across the Atlantic... Your girlfriend's named Keira May?
Yes. in for a very big surprise. I said, "Can I speak to Keira?"
"Yeah, that's me." Unless she's got a really
sore throat, that's a man.

Heathrow is the world's busiest
international airport, but not all travellers make it
into the arrivals lounge. Chief Immigration Officer Matt Dyson
has just received a tip-off about a passenger
on a flight from Miami. He's put Lisa on the case. Alright, then. The records show he has been
issued two British passports in the last seven years in this identity. But a Jamaican national submitting
the same photographs - in other words,
would be the same person - was landed as a visitor
in a different identity in 2001. Alright, then.
OK? I'll give you this.
It's bang-on information. The Miami flight has landed. Lisa slips into position, ready to stop the Jamaican man
with the fake passport. Thank you very much, sir. Yes, sir. It's the passenger
she's been waiting for. Please, sir, I just need to have
a quick look at your passport, OK?

Oh, have you? OK.
Won't take a minute.

You been there on holiday? I was in Trinidad first. Trinidad first, Barbados. You've had
a long journey, then, haven't you? It's taken the man nearly
three days to reach London via Trinidad, Barbados and Miami. That's a slow old trip
along a known drug route. Lisa's gut tells her
there's more to this case than just a dodgy passport. Can you just take a seat
down there for me, please, and we'll be right with you
as soon as possible, alright? Where is he at the moment?
He's just sat over there. OK, I don't want him unattended
any length of time. So if we're gonna go
straight down now, let's go straight down now. After that, I want him
fingerprinted, photographed and I want him in a holding room
straightaway. We're just gonna go down and have
a look through your bags, alright? If he's obtained British
passports fraudulently, it's actually quite serious. That's a prosecution matter. We may just look to
refuse and remove because that might be
the more sensible option. But, again, we can't
make a call on that until we find out what's going on. Do you have a ticket?
Oh, you've got the ticket. Now that Customs has been called in, the cool Jamaican is looking
rather hot under the collar. He's hiding something. The officers just have to
figure out what and where.

It's 8:00 in the morning
at the port of Calais in France. That's peak hour
for immigration officers as hundreds of lorries rumble
onto the ferries bound for the UK. It's not just the truck drivers
that want to cross the channel. Hidden amongst their loads
are the so-called 'illegals', those desperate men and women trying
to escape to a new life in Britain. Yeah, that's fine at the back.
And it seems clear, this one.

Immigration Officer Bridget
has been stationed at Calais for over four years. Have you got your passport handy? The high-tech gadget
detects breathing. This is a CO2 probe. And in plain English, anything in there that's
breathing will be picked up. And if we want the vehicle open, as we class it to be
a high CO2 reading, we get the driver to open it up. Most illegals are caught here
in the search phase. But an urgent call
has just come through. Another truck has registered
a high CO2 reading and it's idling just metres
from the ferry.

That's the suspect vehicle. If there are stowaways
hiding in here... I'm gonna get some ladders
and get up there.

..will they walk out alive?

Back at Heathrow,
the man from Jamaica has survived the Customs bag search
and the body frisk.

But Immigration Officer Lisa
is still not convinced.