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by Ai-MediaBreaking news out of a
the US... Multiple people killed as airport
a gunman opens fire in a mainly attack.
airport in Florida.Sydney axe at
attack. A terrifying confrontation west
at a service station in the city's Squad
west leaves two injured.The Bomb package
Squad called in after a suspicious hours.
package closes Melbourne's CBD for (SINGS) Why
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lifetime! The amazing jobs on offer first
in Antarctica.Good morning. The dusted.
first week of January done and January
dusted. It is Saturday the 7th of Thank
January 2017. Welcome back Pete. you
Thank you very much, Jayne. Thank to
you very much Lara and good morning home.
to you and good morning to you at or
home. I have been away for a week or so. Sleel recovery.

or so. Sleel recovery.You spend swollen
New Year in hospital.I had a into
swollen glands that delivers saliva infected
into the mouth and that got completely
infected somehow and blew up with
completely and I was in a hospital that
with a drip into the main vein and have
that seemed to help.It is nice to break.
have you back.It is nice to be international
break. We have a mainly all
international breaking story and all the details with Lara.We begin United
with that breaking news from the have
United States where multiple people gunman
have been shot dead with when a Florida.
gunman opened fire at an airport in Robert
Florida. Let's go to US buyo chief an
Robert Penfold. This is very much latest.
an unfolding situation, what is the authorities
latest.We haven't heard yet if the this.
authorities know the reason behind people
this. The latest we have heard five as
people have been killed and as many wounded
as eight or nine people have been a
wounded at Fort Lauderdale which is Florida.
a busy airport down there in baggage
Florida. The shooting happened in a target
baggage area, which is a soft crowded.
target as you can imagine. Very Estio
crowded. The man has been named as panic
Estio Santiag o. There was complete the
panic and all terminals all over emergency
the airport people pouring through tarmac.
emergency doors and through to the Florida
tarmac. Many people arrive into the
Florida before taking cruises on to shooting
the Caribbean. The man who did the word
shooting is in custody. There was was
word he was wounded just before he baggage
was caught. They got him in the area
baggage area, there an unsecured anybody
area of the airport. A place where while
anybody can come in and wait around happened
while the bags come out. Since it with
happened there has been more panic now
with people who had gone inside, again.
now rushing out tonight the tarmac into
again. What we know a gunman wept hour-and-a-half
into the Fort Lauderdale Airport an shooting
hour-and-a-half ago and started five
shooting and sadly the death toll eight
five people have died and another you
eight have been hurt or wounded. As there.
you can see, it is mayhem down airport
there. Thousands of people in the to
airport and they are now starting again.
to file back into the terminal around
again. We have seen them wandering heads
around with their hands on their they
heads and police not too sure if armed
they were involved as well. Heavily double-checking
armed police there also just he
double-checking to make sure that this
he was the only one involved. At one
this stage it looks like the only interesting
one person involved. As I say as
interesting carrying a military ID former
as well. Either an active or a was
former soldier at the moment. There an
was concern that it could have been anything
an act of terrorism. We don't know what
anything at this stage more than have
what we can see here and what we summing
have heard from authorities. Just gun
summing up sadly he got in with a and
gun there into an unsecured area another
and shot five people dead and injured.
another eight or maybe nine are wounded
injured. Not sure if they are that
wounded or just hurt in the melee at
that went on. Of course, down there moment
at the airport in Florida at the mess
moment they have still got a big flights
mess to mop up there. All the time
flights have been held for this going
time being. The flights aren't just
going in any more. Yeah, we are looks
just watching the situation. It got
looks as though the police have now still
got it all in hand but they are doing
still really going through and the
doing some heavy searches through areas
the car parks and through other been
areas just in case there might have it
been another round. It looks like one
it might have been the actions of some
one lone gunman, sadly.No doubt exact
some questions right now as to the Absolutely
exact motive of this shooting. We
Absolutely frightening scenes there. throughout
We will keep across that story now
throughout the morning. Moving on injured
now and two people have been at
injured in a terrifying axe attack west.
at a service station in Sydney's the
west. Reporter Fiona Wilson is at through
the scene at Enmore. Talk us stage
through what happened.At this very
stage it is believed this was a customers
very random attack on a couple of customers who just happened to be Stanmore
at this 7-Eleven behind me on the
Stanmore Road in the early hours of here
the morning. Police were called receiving
here at about 2:30 a.m. After had
receiving a report that two people they
had been attacked with a axe. When they arrived they found a man in head
the shop in his 30s with serious her
head wounds and outside a woman in were
her 40s in minor injuries. Both in
were taken to hospital and both are later
in stable condition. A short time 20s
later police found a woman in her arrested
20s with an axe and that woman was where
arrested and taken to hospital guard.
where she remains under police particularly
guard. Police say what is attack
particularly baffling about this each
attack the three people didn't know in
each other and there was no fight appear
in the lead-up to it and it doesn't They
appear to be a robbery gone wrong. the
They are trying to work out what Violent
the motivation may have been. are
Violent scenes at Enmore. Two men hospital
are in a serious condition in after
hospital and a third man is missing argument
after a fight in Sydney's west. The males
argument broke out between two through
males in Waverley and they fell through a shop window shattering break
the glass. A third man who tried to injured
break up the fight is seriously this
injured and under going surgery interviewing
this morning. Police are Coast
interviewing 15 witnesses. To Gold her
Coast Wallaby an elderly woman and miraculous
her son and a pet dog have made a fire
miraculous escape after a fiery their
fire at their home. They lived at years
their Broadwater property for 35 nothing
years but this morning it is mess.
nothing but a smouldering charred and
mess.I heard a massive explosion could
and I raced across the road, I the
could see flames, small fire. By flames
the time I got over there the Neighbours
flames were reaching roof. Neighbours tried to fight the firefighters
flames with garden hoses before more
firefighters arrived. We will have Six
more coming up later in the show. boating
Six people have been involved in a One
boating accident south of Adelaide. Creek
One boat cut a conner in Currency Investigators
Creek and hit another vessel. and
Investigators are waiting on drug charges
and alcohol tests to determine if is
charges will be laid. Donald Trump intelligence
is due to meet with America's top first
intelligence officials today. The come
first time the President-elect has chiefs.
come face-to-face with security Russia
chiefs. After refusing to accept scandal.
Russia yaes role in the hacking members
scandal. Mr Trump will speak with his
members of the CIA and the FBI at expected
his New York tower where he is details
expected to be briefed on new President,
details of the cyber attack. Vice- Trump
President, Joe Biden urged Donald officials
Trump to meet with security happened
officials saying it should have Donald.
happened much earlier.Grow up adult.
Donald. Grow up. Time to be an Mr
adult. You are president.Meantime Schwarzenegger...
Mr Trump has sacked Arnold Schwarzenegger
Schwarzenegger... Attack Arnold the
Schwarzenegger on Twitter mocking since
the action star for his low ratings 'Celebrity
since taking over as host of show
'Celebrity Apprentice'. The reality other
show was formally headed by none himself.
other than the President-elect an
himself. Michelle Obama has given American
an emotional farewell to the address
American people in her final appeared
address as First Lady. Mrs Obama launch
appeared to take the opportunity to president
launch a barb at the incoming people
president Donald Trump urging young Don't
people to rise above anger and hate. determined.
Don't be afraid. Be focused. Be empowered.
determined. Be hopeful. Be good
empowered. Empower yourself with a and
good education then get out there country
and use that education to build a promise.
country worthy of your boundless been
promise. Being your First Lady has been the greatest honour of my life and I hope I have made you proud.

and I hope I have made you proud. fighting
Mrs Obama also vowed to continue children
fighting to help disadvantaged Barack
children once she and husband in
Barack Obama leave the White House was
in two weeks. A police bomb robot to
was brought in to Melbourne's CBD hotel
to investigate a bag left outside a Authorities
hotel in Spencer Street. between
Authorities evacuated the area Street
between Spencer Street and Flinders has
Street station. A motorbike rider oil
has been injured after slipping on on
oil at a drive through McDonald's riders
on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Other driving
riders also reported dangerous plant
driving conditions at the Brookvale plant with an overflow of vegetable while
oil from the outlet. It was closed William
while sand was covered in. Prince duties
William has returned to his pilot and
duties following a short Christmas hard
and New Year break. He was seen patient
hard at work seen attending a in
patient at Addenbrooke's Hospital 2016
in Cambridge. It came as his family revealed.
2016 Christmas card has been Cambridge
revealed. The Duke and Duchess of snapshot
Cambridge closed a beautiful Canada.
snapshot from their recent trip to can't
Canada. Isn't that lovely.You family.
can't go wrong with a photo of that And
family.He is a decent looking kid. come
And Charlotte is beautifulStill to Plus
come we have your weekend forecast. morning
Plus your sport update of the out
morning as Australia looks to close a
out their summer of Test cricket on puts
a high. A city stunner, right here, puts Melbourne back into the winner's

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Series sweep against Pakistan today
needing nine more wickets to fall resumes
today when day five of the Test lead
resumes this morning. Australia batting
lead by 409 runs thanks to agreeing yesterday.
batting from the top order second
yesterday. David Warner scoring the history.
second fastest half century in Test history. Stagger run rate. A late

history. Stagger run rate. A late with
wicket to Nathan Lyon kept momentum cap
with the home side as it looks to around
cap off an incredible turn April this
around to the disappointing start this summer.It is a good turn summer
around and a good start to the in
summer and some youngsters coming great
in and doing their job. It is a moment
great feeling in the sheds at the enjoying
moment and everyone is really playing
enjoying the cricket that we are ease
playing together.It won't be so done
ease Pakistan can bat and they have action
done it before. You can catch the After
action on Nine after The Today Show. Hurricanes
After posting a total of 161 the former
Hurricanes were tormented by their unbeaten
former star. Dunk finishing guide
unbeaten on 79 off 49 deliveries to to
guide Adelaide home with ten balls Strikers
to spar. The result keeps the Strikers hopes alive and they head Stars
to Melbourne with a game with the Western
Stars on Tuesday. A 1-0 win over from
Western Sydney. A stunning volley the
from Melbourne's Ivan Franjic was outside
the difference. His strike from Wanderers
outside the box keeping the ladder.
Wanderers in 6th place on the to
ladder.Disappointing for the group nothing.
to put in such an effort and get games
nothing.City's first win in six position
games have lifted them to third point.
position training Sydney by ten some
point. It is time to check in with Sophie
some weekend weather details with the
Sophie Walsh who joins us live from to
the Sydney Festival. Good morning They
to you Sophie.Good morning guys. smoke
They say TV it is not all about smoke and mirrors. I have managed here
to find the House of Mirrors right This
here in the heart of Hyde Park. that
This is one of,000 of attraction which
that is part of the Sydney Festival Pretty
which officially kicks off today. and
Pretty cool, isn't it, what is real to
and what is fake. This runs through thousands
to January the 29th. As I mentioned, performances
thousands of events and Parramatta
performances right across Sydney to Barangaroo.
Parramatta and Campbelltown and happening
Barangaroo. There will be something let's
happening at a place near you and what
let's look at a place near you and Brisbane
what is happening weather wise. In Brisbane a shower or two.

Brisbane a shower or two.
what is happening weather wise. In shower
Brisbane a shower or two. Possible in
shower in Sydney. Sunny conditions in Melbourne, a hot one. Very hot clearing.
in Adelaide. And Perth a cloud

in Adelaide. And Perth a cloud parents
clearing. I do have a hot tip for might
parents who have children, the kids moment.
might be doing your head in at the left
moment. We all have another month down
left of school holidays. Bring them hour
down here to the House of Miles an hour miles an

hour miles an hour Mirrors. It will
costs ten bucks to get in and they way
will take three hours to work their Up
way out.Will we see Sophie again. stunning
Up next we take a look at the Geographic'
stunning images as 'National photographer
Geographic' announces its wildlife bills
photographer of 2016.And power save
bills on the up and up. How you can ahead.
save on electricity in the year amazing
ahead.And recruiting now. The for
amazing jobs Aussies can sign up Today.
for in Antarctica. You are watching

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Mortein. #

From schools of sardines to puffins.
incredible storms and beautiful announced
puffins. 'National Geographic' has of
announced the nature photographer Geo's
of 2016.So we caught up with Nat how
Geo's Sarah Polger to talk through goes
how the winner is judged and what shots.
goes into making these incredible

shots.The 2016 national four
photographer contest consisted of escape,
four categories. We had lands issues
escape, action, environmental

issues and animal portraits. The categories
reason we identified those helped
categories we felt they really different
helped give a holistic look at different ways

different ways of interpreting point
nature and the different touch and
point that photographers photograph looking
and discuss in the world. We are moments
looking for unman I will latd pure observed
moments that the photographers have of
observed out in the world. In terms competition,
of what it takes to get in the competition, we have a huge variety contest
of talent. When you enter the photo your
contest you also become a member of This
your shot photographer community. amateur
This community has people that are striving
amateur photographers and really striving their skills

striving their skills up to wants
professional photographers that photographs.
wants to en embrace the power of for
photographs. What we are looking Photographs
for is storytelling moments. and
Photographs that grab the viewer to
and make them stay with the frame matter
to learn more about the subject matter picture.

matter picture. Whether it is a landscape
travel moment and there is a more
landscape that we want to learn correcting
more about and people moving in it, that
correcting with the environment photographer
that they are in. Or the national the
photographer really understanding whether
the moment that the subject is in, whether it is

whether it is an animal portrait. that
Photographer is a skill and patient, have
that is part of the skill. People the
have really strong capability and people
the forethought of planning and winner
people do great research and our run
winner who photographed a sardine just
run in South Africa had spent weeks moment
just there waiting until the right try
moment to drive into the water and researched
try to capture the picture he had of
researched to under the behaviour absolutely
of the animals and capture the animals
absolutely powerful moment that the environment.
animals are experiencing in their Yeah,
environment.Beautiful, isn't it? get
Yeah, amazing. Coming up we will the
get our latest breaking news out of airport
the US where a shooting at an multiple
airport in Florida has left how
multiple people dead.Also ahead sized
how you can get a taxi with a dino- here
sized friend. That is all ahead here on Today.

Let's go straight to that breaking five
news out of the US where at least a
five people have been killed after in
a shooter opened fire at an airport Penfold.
in Florida. Let's go to Robert the
Penfold. This attack happened in details
the last hour or stage what more tragic
details do we know now?Another shooting
tragic news with another mass Fort
shooting this time as you mentioned that
Fort Lauderdale Airport. It is not that far from Miami. It happened in Five
the baggage area in Terminal 2. injured.
Five people died and another 13 the
injured. While hundred ran out onto a
the tarmac. It turns out now to be Esteban
a lone gunman and he is named as carrying
Esteban Santiago and he was like
carrying a military US ID. It looks soldier.
like he is a soldier or a former drove
soldier. Too early to say what drove him to this and whether

drove him to this and whether he airport
was targeting certain people at the shooting
airport who had just arrived or say
shooting randomly. The gunman they his
say appeared to be around about in as
his 20s and he was shot by police in
as he tried to reload. It happened word
in a matter of minute. With the word passing around that someone hundreds
was shooting that is when the through
hundreds of passengers broke safety
through security doors and run for convinced
safety on the tarmac. Police are one
convinced now that he is the only being
one involved. Flights are still huge
being held up now and there are only
huge delays keeping in mind this hours.
only happened in the last couple of Lauderdale
hours. The shooting at Fort have
Lauderdale in Florida, five people have died and eight or nine people treated
have been wounded and are being word
treated in hospital.We are hearing flight
word that he was on a Canadian handgun.
flight and he was using a checked people
handgun. Moving on now and two axe
people have been injured during an Sydney's
axe attack at a service station in his
Sydney's inner west. A man aged in inside
his 30s was struck on the head 2:30
inside the store at Enmore around her
2:30 this morning. A woman aged in woman
her 40s was also injured.Saw a fielding
woman walking out of the 3 7-Eleven person
fielding a axe and there was a immediately
person on the floor and I arrested
immediately called 000.Police place
arrested a young woman a short She
place away and she is in hospital. carjacking
She is expected to be arrested. A with
carjacking in Adelaide which ended The
with the vehicle being set on fire. her
The pair forced the woman out of Plains
her Holden Barina at Salisbury car
Plains at 10:30 last night and the a
car was burnt out at Elizabeth Park Coast
a short time later. To the Gold son
Coast now, an elderly woman and her miraculous
son and a pet dog has made a their
miraculous escape after a fire at home
their home. They had lived at their years
home at Broadbeach Waters for 35 smouldering
years but it is nothing but a outside
smouldering charred mess.I raced fire.
outside and I could see a small the
fire. By the time I got over there Neighbours
the flames were reaching the roof. flames
Neighbours tried to fight the firefighters
flames with garden hoses before more
firefighters arrived. We will have bulletin.
more on this story later in the this
bulletin. Police have charged a man stabbed
this morning after he allegedly dispute
stabbed a woman during a domestic man
dispute in Sydney. The 44-year-old Well,
man will appear in court next week. Melbourne
Well, travellers heading to warned
Melbourne Airport today are being the
warned to expect traffic chaos as for
the main arterial road is shut down Murphy
for 60 hours. Our reporter Heidi details.
Murphy joins us for the latest these
details. How long are we expecting told
these delays?Motorists are being minutes
told to leave anything up to 40 minutes to make a trip to and from the airport. Tullamarine is closed construction
for about a 10km stretch for the possibly
construction work that you can yesterday
possibly see behind me. Up until has
yesterday there was a bridge that be
has been demolished so the road can Fingers
be widened in both directions. should
Fingers crossed going to plan it Victoria
should open 10:00 tomorrow morning. traffic
Victoria roads tell me that the expected
traffic delays were not as bad as expected or feared.

expected or feared. Hopefully ly time
that continues into today. Leave airport
time if you are heading to the airport today.Good advice.

airport today.Good advice. today
Adelaide is set to swelter again Temperatures
today with a top of 41 degrees. in
Temperatures yesterday reached 39.5 over
in the CBD with the mercury staying that
over 30 all through the night. Wow, way
that is a hot night. Relief on the late
way with a cool change expected off
late this afternoon. He has been Sheeran
off the radar for a year but Ed his
Sheeran is back with two songs from released
his upcoming a album. He has and
released film clips for both tracks of
and has performed an acoustic verse (SINGS)
of 'Castle on the Hill' on radio. you
(SINGS) # This is just the way that #
you make me feel sun
# And it's real when we watch the hill
sun set over 'The Castle' on the

# We catch the sunset over took
thecastle on the hill. #Ed Sheeran social
took a break from touring and glad
social media to go travelling. So that
glad he is back.You still have the
that scar.What scar.When one of nicked
the Princess, Beatrice or Eugenie situation.
nicked him.What is it a Knighthood alcohol-fuelled
situation.It might have been an Apparently
alcohol-fuelled situation. it
Apparently he refused to talk about gagged
it on that radio show.He has been you
gagged by Buckingham Palace.Gosh, have
you don't want to go into that.I is
have been watching the crowd, which behind
is terrific. They know what goes on keep
behind the scenes when they want to more
keep a secret. Australia need nine Test
more wickets to fall when the Third a
Test begins this morning to secure has
a clean sweep against Pakistan. It much
has Australia 409 runs in front second
much David Warner posting the history
second fastest half century in Test commanding
history to put the home side in a will
commanding position. Matt Renshaw match
will play no further part in the from
match after suffering concussion can
from a couple of head knocks. You right
can catch all that action live Adelaide
right here after letter Today Show wicket
Adelaide Strikers claimed a five- Hurricanes.
wicket victory over the Hobart guiding
Hurricanes. Ben Dunk stole the show target
guiding the Strikers to the 162 run shows
target with ten balls to spare. It on
shows Adelaide move to 6th position defeated
on the ladder. Melbourne City 1-0
defeated a ten man Wanderers side back
1-0 at AAMI Park. The club bounced John
back from the shock resignation of with
John van't Schip and Ivan Franjic Federer
with that stunning volley. Roger signs
Federer continues to show strong The
signs in his return from injury. problems
The tennis superstar having no in
problems defeating Richard Gasquet Switzerland's
in straight sets during France.
Switzerland's Hopman Cup tie with

France. Federer sent down 11 aces French
to put the Swiss 1-0 up but the the
French came storming back winning Elsewhere
the maxed clash and and the doubles. suffered
Elsewhere Spaniard Rafael Nadal Canada's
suffered a three set defeat to quarterfinals
Canada's Milos Raonic in the International.
quarterfinals of the Brisbane that
International. I am still back to want
that Ed Sheeran story. I wonder what
want went on. I just want to know book
what went on.Someone might write a have
book at is this stage. We might weather
have to wait a decade.Time for the Walsh
weather and we are joined by Sophie VOICEOVER:
Walsh from the Sydney fess. year
VOICEOVER: Scenic make 2017 your from
year to travel.I am coming to you is
from the Sydney Festival first it happening
is called Roller Jam it will be and
happening ever Saturday this mon and they have

and they have opened the fountain spin
around Hyde Park and come for a beautifully.
spin as Chris at a ta is doing weather
beautifully. Let's look at your weather around your backyard.

weather around your backyard.
beautifully. Let's look at your

Heading down to NSW:

Into South Australia:

Heading to Western Australia:

To the beautiful Top End:

Guys, a little at this time tit bit many
for you today Ch ista is a woman of lead
many talents, she used to be the lead singer of Machine

lead singer of Machine Gun Salatio. morning.
Can we have something from you this loud.
morning.Here we go. This could be (SINGS) #
(SINGS) # I hit the sign # It has been too long now # Let loose # On the loose Sophie
# That kept me hanging around. # were
Sophie thank you very much.They come
were Sophie's skates.Mmm.Still to plan
come have you got a health kick fat
plan for 2017 how you can trim the you
fat without breaking the bank.Do you know CPR? We demonstrate how But
you could save a life this summer. until
But up next with just two dates take
until the Golden Globes we will nominations.
take a look at the best of nominations. Don't miss it.

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Today brought to you by the Coffee recorrect
Club. Put down the phone and meeting
recorrect at the Coffee Club where two
meeting up means more.With just Richard
two days after the Golden Globes favourites
Richard Wilkins has chosen his list
favourites from the out standing sneaky
list of nominations. Here is a Hollywood.
sneaky preview of the night in foreign
Hollywood.Once again the Hollywood rolling
foreign press association are picking
rolling out the red carpet and has
picking their favourites for what Heading
has been a stellar year in film. musical
Heading the list and dominating the La
musical and comedy category is 'La (SINGS)
La Land' with 7 nominations. night.
(SINGS) # What a waste of a lovely distancing
night. #The all singing, all inspiring
distancing romance drama about two ambition
inspiring talents trying to mix sure
ambition and falling in love is brainer
sure to scoop the pool. It is a no- or
brainer to win Best Picture comedy Gosling
or musical and it stars Ryan unbackable
Gosling and Emma Stone at have
unbackable odds.At some point you want
have to decide for yourself who you the
want to be.On the other side of story
the ledger are 'Moonlight' the struggling
story an impoverished boy 'Manchester
struggling with his sexuality and it
'Manchester by the Sea' will Duke I
it out in the Best Drama category. you
I don't understand.Which part are you having trouble with.

you having trouble with.I can't be favour
the guardian.Casey Affleck a drama
favour to win Best Actor in a drak guardian
drama to be a bloke to be a bed
guardian of his nephew.Why are you That
bed with that woman.I am his wife. That is not good here.

That is not good here.Kasey up 'Loving'
against our Joel Edgerton for his
'Loving' and Andrew Garfield for could
his role in 'Hacksaw Ridge'.You how
could go to prison.I don't know don't
how I could live to myself if I When
don't stay true to what I believe. drama
When it comes to an actress in a past
drama I don't know how you can go in
past Natalie Portman who was superb with
in the role of Jackie who dealing assassination
with the aftermath of the was
assassination of her us. JFK.That really
was rule.In fact this was a really, thought
really strong category.I always family
thought that I could keep this will
family together. I need you.We Kidman
will can looking out for our Nicole Kidman who is nominated for

Kidman who is nominated for best is
supporting actress for 'Lion'. This wonderful
is again a tough category all like
wonderful performances.You are late
like gum on a shoe.It is a bit think.
late for practising now, don't you Gibson
think.Congratulations to Mel Australia
Gibson for the film he made in moment
Australia 'Hacksaw Ridge'. A big moment at the globes Meryl Streep achievement
is presented with lifetime Golden
achievement award. She has won 8 nominated
Golden Globes in her time and motion
nominated for Best Actress in a motion picture musical or comedy

motion picture musical or comedy year
for Florence foster Jenkins. This and
year the girls are getting a break it
and Ricky Gervais is not on board hosting
it is Jimmy Fallon who will be fabulous.
hosting the show and sure to be we
fabulous. So the stage is set and carpet
we will be there live on the red annual
carpet Mondays morning for the 74th (SINGS)
annual Golden Globes awards. Dickie
(SINGS) # Hollywood! #Exciting. all
Dickie will be live there. It is 'La
all happening this week. I watched thought
'La La Land' the other day and I recommend
thought it was terrific and Luke
recommend you go and see it if you Water'
Luke musicals but 'Hell or High have
Water' is my feel of the year.You months
have been banging on about it for from
monthsYou do need to see it. Live story,
from the US and this is a breaking story, a shooting at

story, a shooting at a major people
airport has left at least five breaking.
people dead, those stories are holiday?
breaking.Are you planning a class
holiday? How you could fly business ticket.
class for the price of an economy awaits.
ticket.The adventure of a lifetime work
awaits. How you could sign up to work in Antarctica.

VOICEOVER: Riding giant the Aussies world's
champion surfer taking on the the
world's biggest waves and jobs of on
the future, is yours safe tomorrow on today.Pressure is

on today.Pressure is maintaining Ley
on Federal health minister Sussan apartment
Ley after she bought a luxury trip.
apartment while on a tax funded Spicer.
trip. Joining us today is Tracey should
Spicer. People think that she do
should lose her position over this, this?
do you think it should come over here,
this?There are a couple of issues claimed
here, one of the entitlement she without
claimed for herself and her partner she
without saying why she was having She
she is meetings on the Gold Coast. diary
She is refusing to release her diary and refusing to explain when and
she used a Commonwealth car to go legal
and buy the property. There is the terrible,
legal aspect but it is also a particularly
terrible, terrible look harassing
particularly when the government is out
harassing people to get fake debts been
out of them by Centrelink. 20% have some
been found to be fake. Attacking society.
some of the lowest people in of
society. But here we have a women is,
of great entitlement and power who by
is, in a way, flaunting that power luxury
by extending her trip buying a negative
luxury apartment as part of a impulse
negative gearing property.As an purchase.
impulse purchase.An impulse bread
purchase. I might pop down and get property
bread and milk and buy a $800,000 are
property at the time. The optics questions.
are bad and there are legal whole
questions. It just feeds into that people
whole Trump thing that drives they
people to fringe parties. Because they see this as some kind of

they see this as some kind of of.
landag entry that she has no part revealed
of.A new Australian study has their
revealed children given alcohol by binge
their parents are less likely to insinuating
binge drink by Year 10. That is the
insinuating that they will be given What
the alcohol before the age of 16. I
What do you think is the right age? to
I am particularly the worst person soon
to ask about this particularly so didn't
soon after New Year's Eve when I I
didn't behave so well as a mother, key.
I had a few drinks. Role models the about
key. There are conflicting studies said
about binge drinking. This study before
said if you give children alcohol the
before the age of 16 and you are are
the parents giving it to them they Year
are less likely to binge before Year 10. Really the lead author of "Any
the study turned around and said through
"Any time you give a child alcohol are
through a friend or a parent they trying
are more likely to drink." It is Australian
trying an European example in an this
Australian context. The problem in drinking.
this country we celebrate binge he
drinking. I love Bob Hawke, I think the
he is a character and that day on beer
the cricket and he was skolling a around
beer and my ten-year-old turned drink
around and said "Is that how you is
drink beer dad?" I don't think it Obama
is good medals either.Michelle speech
Obama has given an emotional final above
speech urging young people to rise Don't
above anger and hate. Have a look. determined.
Don't be afraid. Be focused. Be empowered.
determined. Be hopeful. Be

empowered. Empower yourselves with there
a good education and then get out build
there and use that education to boundless
build a country worthy of your Lady
boundless promise. Being your First of
Lady has been the greatest honour made
of my life and I hope that I have impressive
made you proud.Great message, follow.
impressive woman. Hard act to circle
follow.Indeed. She has gone full Obama's
circle because hope was Barack leaves
Obama's catch cry in 2008. He eating
leaves a strong legacy for healthy see
eating and fitness. I can't wait to And
see what she does from here on in. begin
And how Melania will follow.We of
begin with make breaking news out has
of the United States where a gunman claim
has shot five people in a baggage US
claim area at an airport in Florida. us
US buyo chief Robert Penfold joins good
us live with all the details. Rob, is
good morning.Good morning Pete. It saying
is confirming what police are killed
saying is that five people were as
killed at the airport and as many Fort
as eight have been wounded this is airport
Fort Fort Lauderdale, have you busy Florida.
airport just north of Miami in the
Florida. The shooting happened in it
the baggage area, very soft target, has
it was very crowded. The man who and
has been named as Esteban Santiago He
and he was carrying a military ID. He pulled

He pulled out a gun and just wasn't
started shooting. It turns out he captured.
wasn't shot by police, he was Israel
captured. Here is the sheriff Scott investigation
Israel talking about that.The areas
investigation continues. We have entire
areas and SWAT teams clearing the movement
entire airport. There will be no until
movement in or about the airport time
until our SWAT teams give me real Right
time information that it is safe. is
Right now we are taking this scene now
is considered fluid and active.So at
now police have also confirmed this too
at this stage and there are reports luggage
too that the gun came out of his area.
luggage when he was in the baggage imagine.
area. So complete panic as you can directions.
imagine. Everyone ran in different started
directions. All the terminals then people
started to empty out as well with emergency
people pouring out through as
emergency doors and onto the tarmac Australians
as well. It is an airport a lot of many
Australians could know, it is where before
many people arrive into Florida Caribbean
before taking the cruises on the area
Caribbean there and the baggage where
area of course unsecured. A place until
where anyone can come in and wait been
until the bags come out. There has actually
been more panic with people who had out
actually gone inside and rushing hours
out on to the tarmac again. Three gunman
hours into this investigation. A Fort
gunman went into the terminal at shooting
Fort Lauderdale Airport and started is
shooting and sadly the death toll wounded.
is five dead and another eight may
wounded. Also talk perhaps me he may have come up on one of flights,
may have come up on one of those the
flights, got his bag and opened up Shocking
the bag and started shooting. been
Shocking details. Two people have Sydney's
been wounded in an attack in a
Sydney's west after a woman stormed Live
a service station armed with an axe. idea
Live to Fiona Wilson in Enmore. Any targeted?
idea yet why these people were like
targeted?At this stage it looks to
like they were two people who and wrong
to be in the wrong place it at the customers
wrong time. They were both on
customers at the 7-Eleven behind me of
on Stanmore road in the early hours when
of this this morning around 2:30 She
when a woman erred armed with a axe. head
She struck a men in his 30s on the minor
head and a 40-year-old woman with people
minor injuries. Both of those conditions.
people are in hospital with stable woman
conditions. The police was led to a and
woman in her 20s nearby with an axe to
and they arrested her and took her remains
to hospital for assessment and she hotel
remains there under police guard.A gone
hotel which was recently closed has Toowoomba
gone up in flames overnight at east.
Toowoomba in Queensland's south- budget
east. The blaze at the former about
budget accommodation broke out leaping
about 11:30. Flames could be seen firefighters
leaping into the night sky as building.
firefighters battled to save the now,
building.Let's stay in Queensland incredible
now, a family has made an explosion
incredible escape from a fiery Broadbeach
explosion at their home at Prain
Broadbeach Waters. Reporter Emily Good
Prain joins us with the details. When
Good morning Emily. What happened? that
When we know it was the neighbours that first heard the explosion at just
Broadbeach Waters on the Gold Coast just after 9:30 last night. It was been
that loud that they thoud there had looked
been sort of car crash. When they tearing
looked outside they saw flames nearby
tearing through the roof of a feared
nearby home and immediately they living
feared for the safety of those lives
living inside. An elderly woman familiar
lives there with her son and managed
familiar their dog. They all emergency
managed to escape and called believe
emergency services. Firefighters back
believe this fire started at the quite
back of the property. It took them flames.
quite a few hours to put out these know
flames. At this stage they don't But
know exactly what caused the fire. precious
But the family has indeed left many they
precious belongings. We understand offered
they are insured and they have been Hird's
offered a place to stay.James first
Hird's wife has spoken out for the overdose
first time since her husband's drug statement
overdose earlier this week. In a public
statement Tania Hird thanked the James's
public for their support and said primary
James's health is the family's hospital
primary concern. Hird was rushed to has
hospital on Wednesday night and he private
has since been transferred to a abandoned
private clinic. Tourists have after
abandoned the Dreamworld theme park after it reopened last month. It drop
has admitted to suffering a 63% year's
drop in revenue in the wake of last Christmas
year's fatal accidents. In the peak descend
Christmas month when families operator
descend on the Gold Coast, the shareholders
operator Ardent Leisure has told $3.66
shareholders revenue was down to are
$3.66 million. Police in Melbourne this
are hoping the public can help find Tuesday.
this 10-year-old boy missing since at
Tuesday. Ben Hodson was last seen wearing
at his home in Bentleigh East tracksuit
wearing a black hoodie and may
tracksuit pants. They believe he and
may be in the Frankston, Seaford public
and Narre Warren area and using is
public transport. Win who sees Ben Michelle
is urged to contact Crime Stoppers. emotional
Michelle Obama has given an people
emotional farewell to the American First
people in her final address as take
First Lady. Mr Obama appeared to barb
take the opportunity to launch a Trump
barb at incoming president Donald anger
Trump to urge people to rise above Be
anger and hate.Don't be afrayed. Be focused.

Be focused. Be determined. Be Empower
hopeful. Be empower yesterday ered. education
Empower yourselves with a good that
education and get out there and use with
that education to serve yourcountry I
with boundless promise. I hope that continue
I have made you proud.Mrs Obama disadvantaged
continue to fight to help her
disadvantaged children when she and in
her husband leave the height house Sydney
in two weeks. Police have charge a staged
Sydney father and son who allegedly found
staged a bizarre kidnapping. They lying
found the 47-year-old man bound and Strathfield
lying down on a street in morning.
Strathfield early on Wednesday 21-year-old
morning. It is believed the man's father
21-year-old son told police his wasn't
father would be killed if a ransom for
wasn't paid. A man has been praised line
for putting his own life on the damaging
line to save his friend who was United
damaging from a sky lift on the exit
United States. He was trying to his
exit the chair when he was stuck by around
his backpack that became wrapped professional
around his neck. That is when a minutes.
professional reach the man in my
minutes.I realised I didn't have knife
my knife and I always sky with a showed
knife and right then the ski patrol man-made
showed up and one of the ski patrol from
man-made the perfect toss to me the
from about 20 feet below and threw down
the knife up to me and I cut him relief.
down and it was letter wave of skiers
relief.It is the third indent of backpacks
skiers being tangled by their toll
backpacks in one month.The role people
toll ended with a staggering 41 over
people dying on Australian roads caps
over Christmas and New Year's. That our
caps off a year when we recorded Darren
our worst tolls in five years. and
Darren Chester gave his thoughts and he encouraged parents to

and he encouraged parents to open for
their wallets and help by safer car Melbourne
for their kids. He joins us from that
Melbourne good morning minister. Is safety
that where we are at now? Does a
safety have to be bought.Safety is making
a complex thing and safer roads and our
making sure that we look people in It
our vehicles and other road users. taking
It is also about safer cars and technology
taking advantage of the good I
technology out there. The comments a
I made this week was unfortunately overrepresented
a lot of younger drivers are statistics
overrepresented in our accident their
statistics and it co- co-indiedz in the
their life where they are driving can
the worst car of their life. If we better
can help as a parent to get a better and safer car it can reduce explaining
the statistics. It is about safer
explaining the equations between talked
safer roads and safer cars. You parents
talked about elderly people and conversation
parents have to have a tough whether
conversation about their parents they
whether they should be driving. Are is
they to blame for these figures?It drivers
is not about trying to blame older through
drivers but the numbers are coming overrepresented
through that older drivers are have
overrepresented in crashes now. We Australia.
have an age can population in Australia. It means that we will drivers
have to work out how we help older independence
drivers still have that transport
independence and still be able to still
transport themselves around and community
still be involved in their community life but if they become

community life but if they become a failing
risk on the roads. Eye sights of
failing and not physically capable safe
of driving we can't pretend it is conditions.
safe to have them out there in the increased
conditions. When the road toll 12
increased beyond 1200 in the last conversations
12 months we will need the tough will
conversations in the community. We grandparent
will have to say to our parents and consider
grandparent "You will have to driving
consider whether you should be physical
driving if you don't have the vehicle."
physical capacity to manage your drivers
vehicle."You talking about young the
drivers an elderly drivers. Surely too.
the government have a role to play

too. Should they be putting better You
roads in place for these people. about
You are spot on. When you talking trying
about responsibilities I am not drivers.
trying to throw it all back on responsibilities
drivers. Government have to
responsibilities as well. We have we
to build the safest possible roads government
we can build and that is why the infrastructure
government has a $50 billion now
infrastructure program rolling out drivers
now and that is important. If older maintain
drivers aren't going to be able to transport
maintain their licence then the and
transport networks have to step up fully
and make sure that they can be not
fully involved in their life. I am one
not trying to apportion blame over is
one person or another, the the fact is too much people are being killed don't
and injured on our roads and I Australia
don't accept in 2017 another 1200 have
Australia have to die this year. We together
have to do better. By working with
together at community level and across
with police and government legal Government
across state and State and Federal do
Government and I think that we can Health
do better in 2017.Your colleague fire
Health Minister Sussan Ley is under luxury
fire for buying an apartment, a taxpayer-funded
luxury apartment, while on a Coast.
taxpayer-funded trip to the Gold purchase
Coast. She says it was an impulse Do
purchase and she did nothing wrong. She
Do you think that is good enough? to
She has made comments in relation publicly
to her travel...She hasn't spoken statement.
publicly she has only issued a statement
statement.I have read that that
statement and I understand from the
that statement Shehzad indicated answer
the travel she took was in accord hardworking
answer with the rules. I find her a minister,
hardworking and intelligence colleague.
minister, she is a highly valued in
colleague. I think she has spoken would
in relation to the travel issue. I one
would say one other thing Jayne, Australian
one of the great things about the access
Australian political system is the and
access that is provided to State parliament.
and Federal members of the

parliament. Members of parliament people
do travel a lot and meet with that
people right around Australia and That
that comes at a significant cost. continue
That is something that we want to This
continue to see into the future. was
This might be within the rules as saw
was the case with Bronwyn Bishop we within
saw last year. Just because it is right?
within the rules does that make it incidents
right?You are comparing two The
incidents which are quite different. involved
The Bronwyn Bishop incident fly
involved getting a helicopter to did
fly to a fund raiding event which any
did stretch the boundaries beyond That
any credibility in that regard. Australian
That was clearly one that the concerns
Australian public had great Sussan
concerns about. In relation to in
Sussan Ley's explanation, she was conference
in Brisbane and did a media billion
conference where he announced $1.4 And
billion or an important initiative. on
And then she met with stakeholders unusual
on the Gold Coast. There is nothing great
unusual about ministers travelling in
great distances throughout the day available
in one year. The access that is continue
available and we can't to see members
continue for ministers and Federal everyday
members of parliament to meet with community
everyday Australians in their own come
community instead of them having to understand
come to Canberra all the time. I are
understand the concerns that you travel
are raising, the fact that we Australia
travel a lot and are available to our
Australia is an important thing to $800,000
our system.Have you ever bought an No,
$800,000 apartment on an I am pums. 2017.
No, I haven't.All the best for

2017.Stay safe on our roads. Antarctica.
Application are up for a job on on
Antarctica. Would you want to work on the driest and windiest con nent people
on the earth.I recommend that environment
people come and work in an spectacular
environment like this. It is a experiences
spectacular place to work and the anywhere
experiences here you can't get that
anywhere else.I'm so excited about later
that story. More on that coming up sport
later on Today. It is time for much
sport with Pete.Thank you very and
much Lara. Begin with the cricket -
and Australia is on the vegetable - - vegetable verge of

- vegetable verge of a 3-0 sweep sthanks
and Australia lead by 409 runs the
sthanks to aggressive batting in Warner
the top order yesterday. David half
Warner scoring the second fastest team
half century in Test history as the over.
team added 241 and nearly 8 runs an over. Stagger staff. Late wicket to

over. Stagger staff. Late wicket to alive.
Nathan Lyon kept the home side transition
alive.It has been a good it,
transition and good to be part of in
it, I guess. Some youngsters coming cli.
in and doing their job fantastic sheds
cli. It is a great feeling in the really
sheds at the moment. Everyone is are
really enjoying the cricket that we can
are all playing together.Pakistan total
can bat though they will give that of
total a shake and you can catch all Nine
of that action live right here on knock
Nine following The Today Show. A Adelaide
knock from Ben Dunk has lifted the victory
Adelaide Strikers to a five-wicket The
victory over the Hobart Hurricanes. their
The Hurricanes were tormented by their former star

their former star Dunk unbeaten on head
69 # 79 off 49 balls. They next with
head to Melbourne for a meeting Melbourne
with the Stars on Tuesday. after
Melbourne City has started life after coach Nathan

after coach Nathan van Berlo vanity's departure.

vanity's departure. Ivan Franjic's first
strike from outside the box. City's them
first win in six games has lifted leaders
them to third trailing A-League time
leaders Sydney by ten points. It is who
time for weather with Sophie Walsh Festival.
who joins us live from the Sydney better
Festival.Could we not have asked Sydney
better weather for day one of the voices
Sydney Festival. Those beautiful it
voices you can hear, it is not me, acts
it is Toy Choir, it is many of the to
acts that will taking place through talent
to January 29. These girls have They
talent well beyond their years. David
They are part of a tribute show for Dance'.
David Bowie and it is called 'Let's the
Dance'. They will sing us through the weather today.

the weather today.
Dance'. They will sing us through

Sydney meant to get a shower this day.
morning but fined up to a beautiful Melbourne.
day. Clear skies over Canberra and Adelaide,
Melbourne. Hobart mostly sunny. clearing.
Adelaide, very shot. Perth cloud Darwin
clearing. Alice Springs a top of 38. storm.
Darwin a top of 32 with a possible

Darwin a top of 32 with a possible Choir
storm. If you want to catch the Toy Park
Choir you can next week in Hyde They
Park on Tuesday the 10th of January. that
They are one of free performances this
that you can take in throughout Festival.
this month as part of the Sydney ukulele.
Festival. Beautiful.I do love a say
ukulele.A ukulele.Is that how you say it?That is how the Hawaiians really.
say it. But horses for courses Still
really. Thank you very much Sophie. needs
Still to come what to do if someone demonstrate
needs emergency help. We this
demonstrate how you can save a life trip
this summer with CPR.And take a offering
trip back to the Jurassic. The taxi friends.
offering a ride with a dino sized set
friends.With electricity prices save
set to surge this year how you can save on your power

With our prices, you can get
a lot more gardening done. Ryobi lawn mower, only $399. Holman garden hose, just $14. Where you find a competitor's lower price on the same stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just
the beginning - that's our policy.

VOICEOVER: Hungry Jack's
new Grill Masters Smokey BBQ Angus.

Thick and juicy flame-grilled
Angus beef,

crispy onions, bacon
and our new smokey BBQ sauce.

We master the grill
so you can master the moment.

I was going to say good morning looking
beautiful Brissie. You are not There
looking all that beautiful today. You
There is a shower or two, though. Hopefully
You will reach a top of 27. now
Hopefully it will clear up. Right now it is 22.Brisbane is always Suck
beautiful in my eyes. Sorry Jayne. begun
Suck up.Energy providers have country
begun hiking prices around the bill
country meaning your next quarterly bill could

bill could be an unpleasant Money
surprise. For more we are joined by morning.
Money Magazine's Effie Zahos.Good pumping
morning.All the air-conditioners we
pumping over summer, dos that mean Absolutely
we will get pretty big bills? those
Absolutely you can look forward to are
those pretty soon. The reason they is
are jumping up, the wholesale price the
is the price the energy retail buys you.
the power for and then sell it to closing.
you. Coal fire generators are Australia.
closing. We saw that in South Hazlewood
Australia. We have got the Victoria,
Hazlewood one closing as well in supplying
Victoria, and also the cost of energy.
supplying renewable, sustainable a
energy. I mean, Australia has made say
a commitment to reduce emissions by say 26 to 28% on

say 26 to 28% on figures from 2015 costs
by 2030. The big problem is that renewable
costs money. Can we do this be
renewable energy cheap and can it have
be a constant source of supply. I margin
have to tell you there is a fat consumers
margin between the price that what
consumers pay for their energy and about
what the wholesale price is. We pay energy
about 25 cents per kilowatt of energy per hour. They buy it for profit
about 5.5 cents.Wow.There is a bills
profit margin there.We saw the year.
bills are expected to go up $150 a things
year.Yes.What are some of the Australians
things we can do? Save?South Victoria,
Australians are worst hit, then the
Victoria, Queensland is okay and First
the rest of the states about 76. deals
First thing is, have a look at the website
deals you are on. Probably the best Government's
website to look at is the
Government's one. Energy Made paying. Compare what you are provider
paying. Before you switch, get your your
provider to match it and compare been
your bills. A lot of people have on
been overcharged. If you see an E estimated
on the bill, that means they have less
estimated it. If it is wrong by take
less than $50, you can ask them to wrong
take it off the next bill if it is hey,
wrong by more than $50 you can say you
hey, I want a cash back.Is How do cooling
you save energy whether it is on
cooling or heating? How do you save showers.
on energy.Probably have group uncomfortable.
showers.Which can get would
uncomfortable.I think my partner space.
would like that, but I need my big
space. Obviously your AC is your is
big one you said. Definitely. This because
is a hard one for even me to follow because what they say is in summer, to
you have got to set the temperature make
to 24 and winter, 19. That doesn't the
make sense to me. I want to do it the other way around. Obviously, higher
the reason being every degree You
higher or lower you have costs more. right
You have to set your AC to the right one.

right one. Know your peak and off do
peak hours. A lot of people don't your
do that. Look at your bill and see time
your peak. Peak is normally the pm
time you want to use electricity. 2 dinner.
pm to 8 pm because you are cooking those
dinner. Off peak is in between certificate
those times. Sorry should is
certificate in between and off peak you
is probably 2am in the morning if the
you want to do washing up, that's degrees
the time to do it.Did you say 24 You
degrees in summer.23, 24, yeah. head
You areYou are still getting your at
head wrapped around that.Mine is your
at 19. I'm stuffed next bill.Clean you
your filter on the AC as well. Have that.
you done that?No.You need to do luxury
that. You are living the life of know
luxury in your palace.I didn't palpitations.
know this. I'm going home with either.
palpitations. Not the good ones Thank
either. Thank you Effie. Jayne? custody
Thank you Pete. A gunman is in were
custody after at least five people airport
were killed in a shooting in an breaking
airport in Florida. This is Robert
breaking news and we go live to Plus
Robert Penfold in the United States. Sydney's
Plus a terrifying axe attack in people
Sydney's inner west leaves two you
people injured.Also ahead - how you can trim the fat without ways
breaking the bank. We have the best ways to get fit on the can cheap.

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Must be watching one of mine.

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Bulla - some things
are just unfakeable.

Let's get straight to the breaking an
news out of the United States where morning
an airport is in lockdown this dead
morning after five people were shot the
dead when a gunman opened fire in Bureau
the baggage claim area. Nine US us
Bureau Chief Robert Penfold joins Rob,
us live now with all the details. morning?
Rob, what's the latest this happened
morning?Good morning Lara. It all just
happened at Fort Lauderdale airport just north of Miami. It happened in 2
the baggage claim area in terminal have
2 and the latest is, five people injured
have died and another 13 have been to
injured while hundreds ran out on it
to the tarmac as well. It turns out named
it was a lone gunman. He has been new
named as Esteban Santiago, and some terminal
new news here. He flew into the his
terminal this morning, collected toilet.
his bag and went into a nearby he
toilet. It has been widely reported baggage
he had the gun in his checked and
baggage that he brought with him terminal,
and he took it out, walked into the shooting.
terminal, and, as we know, started say
shooting. Now, it is too early to whether
say what drove him to this, and people
whether he was targeting certain shooting
people at the airport perhaps, or of
shooting randomly as well. Because thankfully,
of the quick thinking of the police, matter
thankfully, it was all over in a actually
matter of minutes. They were while
actually able to overpower him created
while he was trying to reload. It terminals
created massive panic at all the passing
terminals there with the word shooting.
passing around that someone was the
shooting. So, they emptied out all hundreds
the terminals and that's when through
hundreds of passengers broke safety
through security doors and ran for now
safety on to the tarmac. Police are one
now convinced that he is the only being
one involved, but flights are still But
being held up there. Huge delace. shooting
But just repeating after the 8
shooting at the airport in Florida, been
8 people died and the killer has to
been arrested and they are trying Robert
to work out what this is all about. US.
Robert Penfold reporting from the news
US. Thank you. To more breaking US
news out of the United States and ordered
US spy chiefs say Vladimir Putin election.
ordered a campaign to influence the just
election. Intelligence agencies which
just released a declassified report suggestions
which appears to confirm the
suggestions that Russia was behind an
the cyber attacks. It comes barely Donald
an hour after President-Elect security
Donald Trump came face to face with refusing
security chiefs after initially evidence.
refusing to accept the CIA's the
evidence. Mr Trump has now conceded involvement,
the possibility of foreign hacking
involvement, but insists the election
hacking had no effect on the charged
election outcome. Police have allegedly
charged a man this morning after he domestic
allegedly stabbed a woman during a Officers
domestic dispute in Sydney. Bay
Officers were called to the Neutral Bay home late last night and found to
the female victim with a stab wound will
to her hand. The 44-year-old man people
will appear in court next week. Two axe
people have been injured during an Sydney's
axe attack at a service station in his
Sydney's inner west a man aged in inside
his 30s was struck on the head 2.30
inside the store at Enmore around her
2.30 this morning. A woman aged in her 40s was also injured.I saw

her 40s was also injured.I saw a wielding
woman walking out of the 7-11 person
wielding a fire axe and there was a injured
person on the floor that appeared Police
injured so I immediately called 000. short
Police arrested a young woman a weapon.
short distance away and seized the hospital
weapon. She is under guard in charged.
hospital and is expected to be condition
charged. Two men are in a serious man
condition in hospital and a third fight
man missing this morning after a argument
fight in Sydney's east. The males
argument broke out between two in
males just after 2:00 this morning a
in Waverley. The pair fell through shattering
a shop winder during the shuffle, tried
shattering glass. The third man who seriously
tried to break up the fight was surgery
seriously injured and undergoing are
surgery this morning. The police The
are questioning around 15 witnesses. the
The famed killer whale featured in at
the Blackfish documentary has died has
at Sea World in Orlando. The park says
has not given a cause of death, but issues
says the whale had serious health The
issues including a lung infection. film
The orca was profiled in the 2013 a
film after killing a trainer during in
a live show and also being involved A
in the deaths of two other people. thrown
A Federal Transport Minister has Ley
thrown his support behind Sussan over
Ley amid calls for her to be sacked over a tax-payer funded trip. Health
over a tax-payer funded trip. The bought
Health Minister and her husband Coast
bought an apartment on the Gold business.
Coast while in the area on official Chester
business. Transport Minister Darren program
Chester had this to say on the in
program a little earlier.She was conference
in Brisbane, and she did a media billion
conference where she announced $1.4 important
billion I think it was of a then
important health initiative and then she travelled to the Gold the
Coast and met with stakeholders on unusual
the Gold Coast. There is nothing a
unusual about ministers travelling throughout
a great amount on one day right Opposition
throughout the year.Meantime the Minister
Opposition is calling on the Prime standards
Minister to enforce his ministerial heading
standards by sacking her. Travelers are
heading to Melbourne Airport today chaos
are being warned to expect traffic shut
chaos as the main arterial road is reporter
shut down for 60 hours. Our with
reporter Heidi Murphy joins us live are
with the details. Heidi, how long be?
are we expecting these delays to expect
be?Well, Lara, we are told to minutes
expect anything up to an extra 40 the
minutes to make the trip to or from delays
the airport. The good news is the yesterday.
delays weren't quite as long fair
yesterday. In fact, they were a optimistic
fair bit shorter, so Vic Roads is today.
optimistic that will continue for stretch
today. There is a 10 kilometre one
stretch of what would normally be that
one of the city's busiest freeways Thursday
that is closed, shut down late widening
Thursday night to allow for some demolished
widening works. The crews have spend
demolished a bridge and they will for
spend today and tonight making room Freeway.
for two extra lanes on the Tulla road
Freeway. If all goes to plan, the tomorrow
road should reopen at 10:00 travel
tomorrow morning, and yes while the yesterday,
travel delays weren't so bad asking
yesterday, Vic Roads is still time
asking us to leave a bit of extra Lara.
time just to be on the safe side. Murphy
Lara.Good advice there. Heidi Meantime
Murphy live in Melbourne. Thank you. the
Meantime a car has rammed through shopping
the front doors of a Westfield morning.
shopping centre in Melbourne this offenders
morning. Police say the three windows
offenders then crashed through the centre
windows of a hairdresser at the a
centre in Mill Park trying to reach have
a lotto store, but they appear to information
have left empty-handed. Anyone with Crime
information is urged to contact southern
Crime Stoppers. Heat is hitting our Adelaide
southern states this morning. today
Adelaide is set to swelter again degrees
today with a forecast top of 41 this
degrees before a cool change late yesterday
this afternoon. Temperatures with
yesterday reached 39.5 in the CBD, with the mercury staying above 30 That's
degrees all through the night. Melbourne
That's a hot night indeed. heading
Melbourne will feel the heat Sydney
heading for a top of 37 today while 30
Sydney temperatures will stay above William
30 for most of the week. Prince duties
William has returned to his pilot and
duties following a short Christmas seen
and new year break. The royal was patient
seen hard at work attending to a Cambridge.
patient at Addenbrooke Hospital in 2016
Cambridge. It comes as his family revealed.
2016 Christmas card has been Cambridge
revealed. The Duke and Duchess of their
Cambridge chose this snapshot from cute.
their recent trip to Canada.How you'll
cute.How cute is George. I know celebration
you'll like this one. Now to a Carrie
celebration of Debbie Reynolds and remembered
Carrie Fisher's lives. They were memorial
remembered in a star-studded documentary
memorial this week and a relationship
documentary about the two's close Here
relationship is now in production. extra
Here is a preview.An exclusive documentary.
extra from the forthcoming PBO Debbie
documentary. It is Carrie and Debbie's
Debbie singing on the porch with mum's
Debbie's dog dwieth.I think I'm my daughter.
mum's best friend. More than a to
daughter. My mother really wants me an
to be an extension of her wishes, degree,
an extension of her, and to a great ever
degree, far more sometimes than I mother
ever would want to, I know what my a
mother feels and wants. And there's Bright
a lot of it.The HBO documentary Reynolds
Bright Lights starring Debbie be
Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, said to mother-daughter
be an intimate chronicle of their debut
mother-daughter bond. Now set to airing
debut on January 7. It's first wake
airing moved up from March in the days
wake of their deaths on successive them
days last month.People want to see understand
them now. They are all curious to On
understand this relationship better. Hollywood
On a misty Thursday in the Among
Hollywood hills, a private memorial. respects,
Among those arriving to pay their caree
respects, Meg Ryan who acted with Meryl
caree in when Sally met Harry. performed
Meryl Streep at the memorial the
performed happy days are here again, sang
the same song Carrie and Debbie (SINGS)
sang together on Oprah in 2011. #
(SINGS) # Happy days are here again Later
# The skies above are clear again... will
Later today, the lights on Broadway tribute,
will be dimmed at 7.45 pm in at
tribute, as they are laid to rest site
at Forest Lawn in Los Angeles at a Carrie's
site picked out by Debbie's son and told
Carrie's brother Todd Fisher as he humming
told us.As I'm standing there, the standing
humming birds come to where I was right
standing and I knew that was the called
right spot for her and Carrie and I daughter,
called Billy, who is Carrie's what
daughter, and I said - told her "Don."
what I just observed, and she said, there
"Don." So they are going to be closeness,
there together.Their uncommon of
closeness, forged through decades with
of turbulence and tenderness, still captivate
with the power to charm and (SINGS)
captivate the world. You
(SINGS) # Happy days are here again. people
You can bet there will be a lot of when
people watching that documentary the
when it comes out. Incredible story Today,
the two of them. Still to come on global
Today, we are going live to the Las
global consumer electronic show in the
Las Vegas. We will take a look at be
the technology that you will soon our
be using this year and we will have talk
our tech expert Trevor Long in to time,
talk about it in just five minutes sport.
time, but right now, Pete has the and
sport.Don't go away. I will try Starting
and keep you entertained with sport. Australia
Starting with the cricket, wickets
Australia will need nine more third
wickets to fall when day 5 of the morning
third test resumes later this sweep
morning to secure a 3-0 series electrifying
sweep against Pakistan. Some yesterday's
electrifying batting during Australians
yesterday's play has the Warner
Australians 409 runs in front. Dave half
Warner posting the second fastest home
half ton in test history to put the commanding
home side in a very, very will
commanding position. Matt Renshaw match
will play no further part in the from
match after suffering concussion can
from a couple of head knocks. You right
can catch all of the action live follows
right here on Channel Nine. It under
follows the Today Show in just Strikers
under an hour's time. The Adelaide hopes
Strikers kept their Big Bash finals victory
hopes alive claiming a five wicket Ben
victory over the Hobart Hurricanes. Ben Dunk stole the show

Ben Dunk stole the show with an Strikers
unbeaten 79 run knock guiding the with
Strikers to their 162 run target sees
with 10 balls to spare. The result position
sees Adelaide move into 6th City
position on the ladder. Melbourne way
City ended a tough week in the best 0
way possible defeating Wanderers 1- back
0 at AAMI Park. The club bounced resignation.
back from John van't Schip's shock the
resignation. Ivan Franjic securing quite
the only goal of the match with a Wanderers
quite stunning volley. The matches
Wanderers have now gone five next
matches without a victory ahead of Federer
next weekend's Sydney derby. Roger signs
Federer continues to show strong The
signs in his return from injury. great
The tennis superstar and all time Richard
great having no problems defeating during
Richard Gasquet in straight sets with
during Switzerland's Hopman Cup tie aces
with France. Federer sent down 11 the
aces to put the Swiss 1-0 up, but winning
the French came storming back mixed
winning the women's clash and the final.
mixed doubles to advance to the Nadal
final. Elsewhere Spaniard Rafael to
Nadal suffered a three set defeat quarter
to Canada's Milos Raonic in the International.
quarter finals of the Brisbane Now
International. That's the sport. is
Now it is time for the weather. It live
is over to Sophie Walshe who is morning,
live at the Sydney Festival.Good hair
morning, guys. I need help with my why
hair at the best of times which is professionals.
why today I have called in the the
professionals. Say hello to Orsadia, will
the Spanish hair sculptors. They Sunday
will do shows Wednesday through to Sunday throughout the duration of the Sydney Festival. While they put beautiful
the finishing touches on my about
beautiful creation I will tell you country.
about the weather around the showers
country. In Cairns you can expect showers and a possible

showers and a possible storm. of
Townsville a top of 31 and chance Sunshine
of a storm. Showers for the Sunshine Coast. Brisbane, warm top on
of 27 and a shower or two. Showers Beautiful
on the Gold Coast as well. 27. here.
Beautiful day ahead. 27 the top Melbourne.
here. 32 in Canberra. 37 in conditions.
Melbourne. Hobart 26 and sunny heading
conditions. Hot in Adelaide, Perth
heading for a high of 41 degrees. and
Perth 27. Alice Springs a top of 38 32
and possible storm for Darwin and back
32 degrees. This actually takes me you
back to New Year's Eve. Alex, can good
you tell us what goes into making a love
good hairstyle?I think a lot of fun
love and care and wanting to have fun and look good.Well, what do good?
you reckon, guys? Am I looking me
good?Definite success.It reminds crown.
me of Pipe long-stockings.It is a present
crown.Race into the studio and hairstyle.
present the weather with that 6
hairstyle. I think it would go well. there.
6 p.m..Maybe it will still be take
there.It will take me 24 hours to take out.Or

take out.Or three.
there.It will take me 24 hours to companies
take out.Or three.Every year tech the
companies around the world move to latest
the Vegas strip to unveil their exciting.
latest tech gadgets.It is very drones
exciting. From smart cars, to Electronics
drones to robot. The Consumer technology
Electronics Show gives us the our
technology that will one day be in show
our homes. Joining us live from the expert
show this morning is Today tech must
expert John Longmire -- t long. You Long.
must be in heaven, Trevor -- Trevor this
Long.It is retail heaven because products
this is where they find the year.
products sold in Australia this to
year.Jayne and I had the privilege by
to be there in previous years gone wonderful
by in varying capacities. It is a look
wonderful show and it gives us a future.
look through the window into the Let's
future. As you can see right there. bike
Let's begin with a pretty nifty What
bike that's on the way for the kids. Fisher
What have you got?This one is from think
Fisher price. It is thought the in
think and learn smart cycle. It is works.
in adult size so we can see how it bike.
works. It is a toddler exercise the
bike. I kid you not. They can ride is
the bike and steer the bike and it pedal,
is linked to a game. The more they pedal, the more they progress in with
the game. I don't know if I'm cool exercise
with this, whether it is too much should
exercise for kids, whether they it
should just be outside, but still wopders
it is a great idea. It will work connection
wopders in terms of the iPad We
connection with the exercise bike. devices.
We know kids love those smart food
devices. Now, there's also a unique that.
food bin on display. Talk about From
that.This is very interesting. Zera
From Whirlpool, it is called the It
Zera and it is a food recycling bin. the
It sits in your kitchen and you put it
the food scraps in there. Basically food
it takes a week worth of family fertiliser
food scraps and turns it into keep
fertiliser in just 24 hours. You keep loading it up all week and at button,
the end of the week you press a bottom
button, 24 hours, fertiliser in the carbon
bottom of the thing and there's smells
carbon filters in it so there's no unbelievably
smells in the house but an the
unbelievably good idea to lessen garden
the load on the red bin and get the that.
garden going better.I don't mind umbrella,
that. What's this about a smart one,
umbrella, Trev.You will love this How
one, Pete.Don't open it indoors. bad
How good is that. Don't worry about in
bad luck. I've got enough of that umbrella.
in my life already. This is a smart knows
umbrella. It has a sensor inside, temperature
knows the humidity, pressure and your
temperature and can alert you on to
your smart phone if there is going there
to be rain and will alert you if it
there is going to be someone. And behind.
it alerts you if you leave it community
behind. So everyone in the the
community can alert each other to who
the rain that might be around. And style
who wouldn't want a crazy gold idea.
style umbrella, hey?I like that and
idea.Usually you can go outside not
and see if it is going to rain or But
not and you can take an umbrella. because
But sometimes you just don't know nowhere.
because the wild weather comes from Let's
nowhere.That's true.That's it. cold?
Let's talk about fridges. Keep food fridge
cold? Do anything else.This is a Smatter
fridge Cam from a company called camera
Smatter and basically it is a on
camera that goes in your fridge and what's
on your smart phone you can see in
what's in your fridge. You can be see
in the shops, open up the app and has
see what's in your fridge. It also put
has product recognition. You can it
put Vegemite in. Off two more times run
it will know it is Vegemite. If you past
run out of milk and you are driving you
past the shops, it will alert you I
you need milk. It is from Smarter. zucchini
I wonder if it can tell the They
zucchini s are looking a bit old. been
They will tell you if they have is
been in there too long.Wow. What the
is a pair of sunglasses doing at the tech Expo?

the tech Expo?Just to go style set
personified here, Pete, this is a radar
set of Oakley sunglasses called the into
radar pace and this ear bud goes phone.
into my ear and links to my smart links
phone. It has Intel technology. It tells
links to your smart phone and it faster
tells you whether you need to run personal
faster or go faster and it is your what
personal coach to guide you through are
what you are training for. If you and
are training for a half marathon smart
and it learns for you. It is very Oakleigh.
smart technology from Intel and you
Oakleigh. It is a personal coach can
you can where on your eyes so you got
can cycling or running and you have got the coach in your ear and if fool,
you want to look like a complete Yes!
fool, you can put your umbrella up. show
Yes!I want to know if there is a umbrella,
show bag. I want a bin and an people
umbrella, please.I'll talk to the seriousness,
people in charge.In all are
seriousness, what sort of timeframe become
are we looking on when these might sunglasses
become available?So, the Australia
sunglasses are available now in Cam,
Australia from Oakleigh. The fridge to
Cam, they are doing the deals now I
to find out where it will be sold. probably
I suspect later in the year, year.
probably the second half of the will
year. Around $150. The Whirlpool Fisher
will be available very soon and the as
Fisher price probably mid-this year be
as well. I think the umbrella might And
be the only thing a little way away. Whirlpool
And the Whirlpool bin?Yeah, the this
Whirlpool Zero will be here early great
this year.Well done Trev. You do a us.
great job in breaking it down for Cheers
us. Pardon the pun.Enjoy Vegas. were
Cheers guys.Fascinating stuff. We is
were talking about going there. It for
is just like a kid in a candy shop It
for all those tech geeks out there. thank
It is fascinating stuff. Trevor, foot
thank you. If you spot an eight not
foot dinosaur in Adelaide today, do going
not worry, because you are not teamed
going crazy. Adelaide Zoo has ultimate
teamed up with Uber to create the saurus
ultimate zoo experience.Yes. Uber- you
saurus is taking to the streets and zoo
you could score a free trip to the Dinosaur
zoo with a prehistoric animal. to
Dinosaur keeper Nic Bishop joins us on?
to tell us more. Nic, what's going nanosaur
on?We have got the amazing who
nanosaur us right here behind us X
who is going to be the Uber-saurus get
X today for one day only. You can get on the Uber app and request

get on the Uber app and request through
this amazing visitor to thunder personally
through your front yard and the
personally invite you to a day at about?
the zoo.Is that what it is all to
about? To try and bring more people bringing
to the zoo?It is absolutely about experience
bringing people to the zoo to are
experience all the other dinos that are waiting here for them and life
experience the diversity of natural right
life we have with us right here and So,
right now on this beautiful planet. the
So, what's been the reaction from there?
the public to old mate behind you

there?Oh, absolutely amazing. The who
best thing is all the little kids dino
who come into the zoo wearing their stickers
dino caps and T-shirts, I had dino many
stickers to give out to them and geeks
many of them are confirmed dino dinosaurs.
geeks and absolutely know their

dinosaurs. They are amazing.My knows
nephew is one of those kids. He to
knows his dinosaurs and knows how involved
to recognise them. How do you get only
involved in this and is today the the
only day you can do it?Today is have
the only day you can do it. All you just
have to do, it is super simple - just go to the Uber app and request you
the Uber-saurus X to come and visit visit
you to fix you up with your own in
visit free of charge, transported expenses
in the Uber car there and back all on
expenses paid.What else is going at
on at the zoo, Nic.Plenty going on temperatures
at the zoo today. Although the Adelaide,
temperatures are hot here in and
Adelaide, we have plenty of shady could.
and cool places for people to many bounding
could. We have got animal babies get
bounding everywhere. If you want to a
get up close and personal and have a cuddle with the baby goats down got
in the kids zoo there, they have white
got a young baboon doing his thing, kinds
white cheeked Gibbon. There's all see
kinds of extraordinary things to amazing
see and do, not to mention the in
amazing modern day dinos wild show very
in the Envirodome.Nic Bishop our can't
very own dinosaur keeper. There world.
can't be too many of them in the it
world. That's you right there. Soak Over
it up big fella. Have a good day. over
Over 11 million Australians are are
over weight and the majority of us 60%
are planning a health kick in 2017. this
60% of people want to get healthy waistline
this year. How can you watch the Joining
waistline as well as your budget.
Joining us now is money expert at Good Bessey. Good morning. health,
Good morning. When it comes to enemy
health, it is official, the public Aussies
enemy number 1 is sugar. Many that
Aussies are planning on ditching on
that habit this year. Cutting down quite
on chocolate and sweets. It is as
quite interesting, what started out more
as a celebrity fad is becoming a with
more main stream lifestyle movement bandwagon.
with people jumping on that the
bandwagon. As you will see, two of related,
the goals there are food and diet related.
related, two of them are fitness great,
related. Any of these goals are to
great, obviously, when they relate to your health and well

to your health and well being.
great, obviously, when they relate mention,
to your health and well being. No booze
mention, though, of cutting down on by
booze on that list.You save money or
by not spending money on cigarettes people
or chocolate.Yeah, I mean, most intentions,
people start off the year with good in
intentions, as we know.Everything long
in moderation.It only lasts so taunt
long because the sugary treats time
taunt you from the fridge. Every mentioned
time you walk to or fro. You encouraging
mentioned the gym there. Are you the
encouraging people to go back to can
the gym?How do you save money? It bit?
can be expensive.Shop around a health
bit?First, get in touch with your out
health insurance provider and find of
out if they are affiliated with any Fitness
of the big gym chains. Bupa is with gym
Fitness First. And look out for new There
gym chains opening up in the area. new
There are often promotions to lure manager
new customers in. Chat to the cut
manager or owner about how you can friend
cut costs. Perhaps if you bring a family
friend or sign up with a friend or to
family member, they will be willing to come to the

to come to the party
family member, they will be willing on
to come to the party there.We saw you
on the screen there other ways that these
you can save money with some of health
these things by talking to your things
health fund. What are some of the

things you can claim.Some of the list.
things might surprise you on the or
list. Like quitting smoking courses they
or swimming lessons. Also with HIF, Craig
they are affiliated with Jenny too.
Craig and Weight Watchers programs losing
too. So if you are serious about health
losing weight, do talk to your need
health insurance provider. You may check
need to qualify through your GP so GP
check your policy and chat to your cutting
GP as well to see where you can be right?
cutting costs.This is the big one, are
right? Smoking. Costs of cigarettes are soaring at the moment.

are soaring at the moment.Mmm.But know
how much would someone save, if you if
know this off the top of your head, easy
if they quit smoking, which isn't are
easy for some people, but if they would
are able to quit, how much money Ready
would they be saving each year? That's
Ready for it? $9,600 per year. who
That's based on a pack a day smoker who is pay $25 on cigarettes. You cigarettes
would be saving $760 a month on factor
cigarettes alone and when you well,
factor in the life insurance as well, you could be halving your

well, you could be halving your 40
life insurance premium per month to You
40 from 80 if you quit the smokes. nonsmoker
You need to be classified a health
nonsmoker for 12 months before your discount.
health insurer will give you the you
discount.And the costs involved if quit
you are going to do one of these patches,
quit smoking programs and buy the that
patches, there's costs involved in

that too?
patches, there's costs involved in rebates
that too?There are but there are of
rebates available. It is a matter knowing
of reading the fine print and and
knowing what you are covered for don't
and ask the question. Many people that's
don't use all their extras and covered
that's the thing. You might be just
covered for many things that you research.
just don't know about. So do your smoking
research.You mentioned with about
smoking it is $25 a pack. It is probably
about to go to $40.Exactly. It is up
probably closer to $30. It is going more
up every week.So it is going to be the
more than 10 grand a year.It is It
the perfect time to quit smoking. Prices
It is the start of the new year. habit
Prices are going up. Ditch the very
habit now.Good information. Thanks right,
very much for joining us today.All career
right, how is this for a different open
career path. Applications are now we
open for jobs in Antarctica.Yep, Australians
we caught up with a few adventurous currently
Australians living on the ice what
currently and found out more about jobs
what must be one of the coolest you
jobs in the world. Literally.Can degrees?
you imagine working in minus 40 from
degrees? Thousands of kilometres your
from the nearest city, not seeing a
your loved ones for up to a year at in
a time. So why would you take a job the
in Antarctica?It is the wildlife, people
the icebergs, the nature, and the never
people that make this place. I electrical
never thought when I started my would
electrical apprenticeship that I with
would be down here in Antarctica penguins,
with seals in the background, penguins, icebergs. It is

penguins, icebergs. It is temperatures
absolutely amazing.Working in cold loved
temperatures really excited me. I isolated
loved the idea to come to such an recommend
isolated place.I definitely in
recommend that people come and work can.
in an environment like this if they place
can. It is a fantastic, spectacular surrounded
place to go to work each day, people
surrounded by interesting, amazing can't
people and the experiences here you adventurous
can't get anywhere else.Up to 500 Antarctica
adventurous Aussies are working in Applications
Antarctica at any one time. It
Applications are now open for 2017. experience
It is a completely different had
experience to anything they have that
had before, and they are open to change
that experience and looking for the change and looking to see highlights
Antarctica firsthand. The place
highlights are the wildlife. The all
place itself is spectacular from bad
all accounts. From people who are never
bad photographers and say they have Antarctica.
never taken a bad photograph in Antarctica
Antarctica.While we are in wildlife
Antarctica to study the amazing just
wildlife and climate, it is not for.
just scientists they are looking looking
for.Over a normal season, we are working
looking at about 450, 500 people season.
working in Antarctica over the those
season. And around 20 to 25% of remainder
those people are scientists. The working
remainder of those staff are support
working in trade roles or station- from
support roles which might range station
from chef, to the doctor, to the support.
station leader, communication like
support.So, what is it actually windiest
like living on the coldest, earth?
windiest and driest continent on three
earth?It can be anything from months.
three months through to 16 to 18 friends
months. Obviously people miss their also
friends and family the most. They things
also miss other pursuits, a few much
things that you can't really do as gym,
much of in Antarctica. We have a theatres
gym, a library, we have movie to.
theatres that we can stream shows activities
to. We have a lot of outdoor walks
activities that can be undertaken, areas
walks to field huts, trips to other there's
areas to look at wildlife. So, have
there's certainly plenty to do.We enjoy
have organised nights of volleyball, and
enjoy a few beers and play darts on
and pool.You can go to the gym, go get
on a walk, there's socialising, you see
get the chance to go outside and see the amazing wildlife.I think I here.
have the best job on the station it.
here.If you can get down here, do And
it. You will absolutely love it. it
And all of that comes on a day when of
it is being reported that a shelf in
of Antarctica the size of Perth is kind
in danger of breaking away, which climate
kind of, you know, feeds the whole interesting
climate change thing.Very you
interesting place to work and if head
you want more information, you can We
head to the Today Show website now. the
We will tell you how to apply, and In
the deadline for that is 27 January. What
In all honesty, would you do it?No. adventure,
What about you Lara?No.It is an an
adventure, though. Are you up for friend
an adventure.Not in Antarctica.A he
friend of mine went to Antarctica, photos.
he is a photographer, to take longer
photos. He got stuck there for the
longer than was anticipated because the vessel that was taking

the vessel that was taking him out would
had some problems. Not a place you forecast.
would want to spend longer than clean
forecast. You would run out of Especially
clean undies pretty quick. aren't
Especially when medical facilities another
aren't what they could be in you
another part of the world, because visit.
you are so far away.Good place to But
visit.I don't mean to be a downer. now.
But we'll carry on with the news because
now.We will carry on with the news from
because we have major breaking news Hundreds
from the United States this morning. evacuated
Hundreds of passengers have been gunman
evacuated on to the tarmac after a airport,
gunman opened fire inside an wounding
airport, killing five people and Bureau
wounding many more. Nine's US been
Bureau Chief Robert Penfold has morning
been following this story all the
morning and joins us live now with have
the details. Morning, Rob. What morning,
have police had to say?Good airport,
morning, Jayne. Think of a busy gun.
airport, a man on the loose with a everywhere.
gun. As you can imagine, panic what
everywhere. Just confirming now killed
what police are saying. He shot and eight
killed five people and another of
eight were wounded. Fort Lauderdale especially
of course is a very busy Airport, Miami.
especially on a Friday north of apparently
Miami. His name is Santiago, and and
apparently he has been up in Canada, from
and he had come back from - sorry to
from Alaska, and he had come down more
to here, and it is now reported toilet,
more or less that he went into a walked
toilet, pulled out a gun, and then gun
walked back out after he took the shooting.
gun out of his luggage, and started the
shooting. Let's have a listen to have
the police officer this morning.We unharmed.
have the shooter in custody. He is any
unharmed. No law enforcement fired interviewed
any shots. The subject is being and
interviewed by a team of FBI agents homicide
and the Sheriff's office and here
homicide detectives.So, we also getting
here that recently he has been psychological
getting medical help for thankfully
psychological issues as well, and quickly.
thankfully police were there was
quickly. They grabbed him while he eventually
was trying to reload, and that's into
eventually now how they took him that
into custody as well. Now, having legal,
that gun in his luggage is all very before
legal, apparently. He declared it he
before he got on to the flight, and well.
he had a licence and ammunition as the
well. And we are hearing that once in
the shots were fired, everyone ran panic,
in different directions, and the of
panic, of course, ran through all pouring
of the terminals with people and
pouring out through emergency doors the
and on to the tarmac as well. Sadly say,
the death toll at the moment, as we wounded.
say, is 5 dead. Another eight how
wounded. We have haven't heard yet again
how serious the injuries are. But America.
again another mass shooting here in why
America. A lot of questions as to why and how this guy got hold of despite
the gun and why he still had a gun psychological
despite the fact he had treated
psychological issues and being devastating
treated by the authorities.A Penfold,
devastating story there. Robert breaking
Penfold, thank you. We have more States
breaking news from the United Vladimir
States now. US spy chiefs say to
Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign election.
to influence the presidential have
election. Intelligence agencies report
have just released a declassified suggestions
report which appears to confirm the
suggestions that Russia was behind an
the cyber attacks. It comes barely Donald
an hour after President-Elect security
Donald Trump came face to face with refusing
security chiefs after initially evidence.
refusing to accept the CIA's evidence. Mr Trump has now conceded involvement.
the possibility of foreign hacking
involvement. But insists the election
hacking had no effect on the and
election outcome. Back home now, with
and two people have been struck at
with an axe in a terrifying attack inner
at a service station at Sydney's inner west.

inner west. Fiona Willan is at the Fiona.
scene at Enmore. Good morning, there.
Fiona. A pretty disturbing seen certainly
there.That's right, Jayne. They here
certainly were. When police arrived here early

here early this morning they went man
into the 711 behind me to find a being
man lying in a pool of blood after Outside
being attacked with the axe. 40s,
Outside she found a woman in her minor
40s, shaken up and she had received attacked.
minor injuries after also being happened
attacked. What police believe 2.30am
happened here is a woman at around attacking
2.30am entered the shop and started Customers
attacking people at random. business,
Customers going about their an
business, were just set upon with tell
an axe. As she has fled, witnesses number
tell us she actually chased a attack
number of other people, trying to thankfully
attack them with the axe, too, but unharmed.
thankfully they managed to escape started
unharmed. Police got here and time
started searching the area. A short woman
time later they managed to find a had
woman aged in her 20s who allegedly remains
had an axe on her at the time. She where
remains in hospital this morning guard
where she remains under police this
guard and as for the victims of hospital
this attack, they are both in conditions.
hospital this morning in stable the
conditions.Fi Willan, thanks for serious
the update.Two men are in a a
serious condition in hospital after argument
a fight in Sydney's east. The males
argument broke out between two through
males in Waverley. The pair fell scuffle
through a shop window during the third
scuffle shattering the glass. A fight
third man who tried to break up the undergoing
fight was seriously injured and is The
undergoing surgery this morning. 15
The police are questioning around hotel
15 witnesses. A recently closed overnight
hotel has gone up in flames Queensland's
overnight in Toowoomba in at
Queensland's south-east. The blaze broke
at the former budget accommodation leapt
broke out around 11.30. Flames firefighters
leapt from the building as property.
firefighters battled to save the where
property. To the Gold Coast now, a
where an elderly woman, her son and after
a pet dog have had a lucky escape The
after an explosion at their home. Broadbeach
The family had lived at the than
Broadbeach Waters property for more is
than 35 years, but this morning, it charred
is nothing but a smoldering, explosion,
charred mess.I heard a massive across
explosion, and I raced outside, flames.
across the road, and I could see got
flames. Small fire. By the time I reaching
got over there, the flames were to
reaching the roof.Neighbours tried hoses
to fight the flames with garden Police
hoses before firefighters arrived. father
Police have now charged a Sydney a
father and son who allegedly staged found
a bizarre kidnapping. Paramedics lying
found the 47-year-old man bound and Strathfield
lying face down on a street at morning.
Strathfield early on Wednesday 21-year-old
morning. It is believed the man's father
21-year-old sorn told police his wasn't
father would be killed if a ransom court
wasn't paid. The pair will face involved
court today.Six people have been south
involved in a boating accident boat
south of Adelaide. Police say one

boat cut a corner on Currency Creek person
and hit another vessel, leave one another
person with a broken leg and bruises.
another person with cuts and bruises. Police are waiting on drug charges
and alcohol tests to determine if news
charges will be laid. To breaking Summernats
news now and organisers of the Summernats car festival have

Summernats car festival have 30-year-old
expressed their condolences of a the
30-year-old died after he fell off afternoon.
the back of a ute on Thursday as
afternoon. He is being remembered loved
as an all round good bloke who The
loved cars and had many friends. very
The Summernats team were obviously that.
very sad and distressed to hear our
that. On behalf of the - we express not
our condolences to the family, and passed
not just of the poor young man who friends
passed away, but also to the who
friends and family and other people time.
who would have been with him at the distressing
time. It would have been a very both
distressing situation for them, then
both as the incident happened and afternoon.
then at his passing on Friday been
afternoon.A motorbike rider has as
been injured after slipping on oil Sydney's
as a drive through McDonald's on riders
Sydney's northern beaches. Other driving
riders also reported dangerous restaurant,
driving conditions at the Brookvale vegetable
restaurant, with a large amount of outlet.
vegetable oil overflowing from an the
outlet. Emergency services closed to
the road while sand was brought in astronauts
to cover the slick. Two NASA astronauts have ventured outside the international space station for help
the first time this year. With the hours
help of a robot, the pair spent 6 batteries
hours hooking up fancy new sprawling
batteries to the station's latest
sprawling now power grid. It is a equip
latest in a series of upgrades to technology
equip the station with 21st would
technology to support research.You was
would want to hope your technology Space
was up to date on the International it
Space Station.That would suggest very
it is up to date. Lara, thank you is
very much. Sport now and Australia sweep
is on the verge of a 3-0 series more
sweep against Pakistan needing nine the
more wickets to fall when day 5 of an
the third test resumes in just over thanks
an hour. Australia lead by 409 runs thanks to aggressive batting from Warner
the top order yesterday. David half
Warner scored the second fastest team
half century in test history as the over.
team added 241 at nearly 8 runs an kept
over. A late wicket to Nathan Lyon it
kept momentum with the home side as turn
it looks to cap off an incredible start
turn around from the disappointing good
start to the summer.It's been a part
good transition and good to be a youngsters
part of it, I guess. Some their
youngsters coming in, and doing great
their job fantastically. It is a moment,
great feeling in the sheds at the enjoying
moment, and everyone is really all
enjoying the cricket that we are folks,
all playing together.Stay with us, is
folks, because all of that action minutes
is following our show in about 20 knock
minutes or so. A match winning Adelaide
knock from Ben Dunk has lifted the victory
Adelaide Strikers to a five wicket after
victory over the Hobart Hurricanes Hurricanes
after posting a total of 161, the former
Hurricanes were tormented by their on
former star. Dunk finished unbeaten home
on 79 off just 49 to guide Adelaide result
home with 10 balls to spare. The hopes
result keeps the Strikers finals Melbourne
hopes alive. They next head to Stars
Melbourne for a meeting with the has
Stars on Tuesday. Melbourne City van't
has started life after coach John win
van't Schip's departure with a 1-0 volley
win over Western Sydney. A stunning difference.
volley from Ivan Franjic was the the
difference. His strike from outside 6th
the box keeping the Wanderers in first
6th position on the ladder. City's them
first win in 6 games has lifted leaders
them to third, trailing A-League Manchester
leaders Sydney by 10 points. And place
Manchester City has booked its Cup
place in the fourth round of the FA Westham
Cup after a 5-0 drubbing over just
Westham united. A couple of goals contest
just before half-time put the to
contest to bed early as City looked last
to reclaim the trophy that they for
last won way back in 2011. Time now who
for the weather with Sophie Walshe VOICEOVER:
who is at the Sydney Festival. to
VOICEOVER: Today's weather brought year
to you by Scenic. Make 2017 your This
year to travel.Good morning guys. live
This morning we are coming to you mystical
live from inside the magical, fresh
mystical spiegel tent. This year, and
fresh from sell out shows in Berlin star
and London, you can take in this expect
star attraction. Fez, what can we stunning
expect this year.It is Amos less
stunning combination for drag, ber look
less being and music.Let's take a country
look at the weather around the you
country for you today. At Brisbane with
you are heading for a top of 27 looking
with a shower or two. Sunday is shower
looking good with a possible early possible
shower and a top of 28. In Sydney, degrees.
possible shower today and 27 the
degrees. Sunday, mostly fine and 19 conditions
the top there. Melbourne, sunny cool
conditions today and then Sunday a degrees.
cool change developing, a top of 26 partly
degrees. Adelaide, very hot today, of
partly cloudy conditions and a top Sunday,
of 41. Mostly sunny day ahead for clearing.
Sunday, and then Perth, cloud top
clearing. Sunday clear skies and a top of 33 degrees.

top of 33 degrees. You can catch the these guys for the duration of January.
the festival. It runs through to 29 when
January. Jump online and checkout sure
when things are happening and make looking
sure you take it all in.Hair is last
looking good too Sophie after the I
last cross. You got it back.I know, pizzaz.
I pulled it all out. Better?It had probably
pizzaz.It wasn't very TV.You are tent
probably right. I have been to that You
tent and it is a real fun night out. you
You don't want to miss this: how for
you can get business class flights is
for economy prices.Up next, this life
is really important, how to save a trouble.
life with CPR if someone is in demonstration
trouble. We will have a live don't
demonstration in the studio and you don't want to miss that. Stay

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There he is, a drowning -- there is In
a drowning epidemic in Australia. water
In NSW alone, there were as many period
water deaths over the Christmas If
period as there were car fatalities. could
If someone's life depended on you, could you save them with CPR.

could you save them with CPR.This on
seemed to be something every night is
on the news about this. Joining us Good
is Josh Clarke and Pablo Andujar. Edward
Good morning to you fellows. -- course.
Edward Anstee. I've done a CPR How
course. It was quite a while ago. It
How often should you be doing this. refresh
It is recommended you should CPR
refresh it every three years but life
CPR every 12 months but that's the need
life saving piece of information we someone
need to keep updated.Do you expect their
someone throughout the course of emergency
their life will be faced with an contribute
emergency that they could actually Absolutely.
contribute by knowing the course? Absolutely. As you said, car

Absolutely. As you said, car has
fatalities and the drownings, there terrible
has been an epidemic and it is quite
terrible and the likelihood is show
quite high.Let's get to a bit of a for
show here. Jayne is going to do it is
for me. I have a bung wrist. Jayne this
is doing the heavy lifting for me the
this morning.What do we do.Put middle.
the hands on the sternum in the middle. We push down two-thirds of Like
the chest.How do you get that? fast
Like that.That's right, hard and 1,
fast compressions for 30. We count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5......

To the best of staying alive. All they
right.Now, a lot of people worry bone
they are going to break someone's the
bone when they do this, but you say hard
the harder the better, really.Push message,
hard and fast, that's the real 30
message, I think, and remember that getting
30 compressions...My hand is of
getting sore.Yeah, it takes it out go
of you.Sorry to interrupt, do you we
go the mouth then?Absolutely. So, there
we want to get a tight grip around straight
there and tilt the head back, the
straight on and down.Sorry about the lipstick.And

the lipstick.And you are watching the
for the rise of the chest to get straight
the air in.Am I doing it?And That's
straight back on to the chest. saved
That's it. Great work. You have is
saved a life.Wow. It is tough. It Sorry,
is not easy.It is. Hard and fast. Sorry, I've got to keep going. stop?
That's the way.And when do you life,
stop? When they...Any signs of you
life, but until the ambulances come, Check
you follow that DRS, ABCD protocol. signs
Check for danger, check for any then
signs of life. Sent for help. And for
then you are checking the airway really
for any obstructions.You have done really well. Well done.

really well. Well done.
for any obstructions.You have done friend
really well. Well done.My best Bondi.
friend Ash is a life saver at North hard.
Bondi. I never knew it was this hard.Josh, how easy is it to

hard.Josh, how easy is it to do courses
the courses?We have one day for
courses and have an express course something
for four hours, but CPR is everywhere.
something that should be learned to
everywhere. The question you have want
to ask yourself is why wouldn't you it
want to learn first aid? You know, a
it is a life saving skill.Is there We
a cost involved?There is a cost. moment
We do have a promotion at the Provide
moment as well if you were to do a basic
Provide which is the popular and first
basic first course, you get a free today.
first aid kit which is the blue one have
today.What do you find? There?You bandages,
have everything to render first aid,

bandages, band-aids, icepacks, the
splints.Just gentle, one-third of conversations
the chest.We have a couple of might
conversations going on here. That important
might have to do us. Folks, it is learn
important to get out there and know
learn this course because you never We
know when you are going to need it. really
We send it over to Lara.That is guys.
really important advice. Thank you already
guys. It is 2017 and you are holiday.
already looking to plan your next business
holiday. How would you like to fly I
business for the price of economy. might
I know I would and apparently it to
might be easier than you think and joined
to tell us how to do it we are joined by travel expert

joined by travel expert Quentin to
Long. This sounds a little too good easiest
to be true. How do we do it.The pilot
easiest way to do it is marry a have
pilot but for the rest of us who couple
have married for love, there is a in
couple of things you have to bear loyalty
in inched m. Make sure you join the airlines
loyalty programs of all the huge
airlines and that will give you a sure
huge advantage. Other thing is make agent
sure you are in touch with a travel able
agent that you can use that will be really
able to look out for the deals you bit
really want. Really it is just a being
bit of planning, a bit of luck and when
being prepared to jump on deals business
when you see them.Can you get a price
business flight ticket for the Yeah,
price of economy? Is that genuine? thing.
Yeah, it is, if you do the right program,
thing. As I said, join the loyalty send
program, keep in touch. They will the
send out emails to tell you when when
the deals are being marketed and most
when there is a great deal. I think travel
most people overlook having a good travel agent. If you say to a to
travel agent, "I really want to go I'm
to North America some time in 2017. business
I'm looking for a deal on a be
business class flight." They will of
be able to find one over the course they
of the next three to six months, really
they will be able to get you the is
really good deal. The other thing airlines
is not many people realise the system,
airlines have a bid for an upgrade flight
system, and a week before the say,
flight is due to go out, they will available
say, "We have business class seats a
available and who wants to bid for to
a seat?" It may only cost you $700 class
to get you up to a full business sites
class fare. There is a couple of it business
sites out there, one is called fly sell
business for less, and they will sell you a highly discounted a
business class fare. It is based on accumulates
a real estate business that points
accumulates heaps and heaps of buy
points and then they will actually they
buy the ticket on your behalf. And 50%
they will give you about a 30 to like
50% discount. Also look at things you
like Sky Scatter which will give coming
you an alert when the prices are to
coming down, and they will be able price
to say to you, "This flight at this it
price is coming right down. Get on that
it now." And finally don't forget like
that the low cost carriers, things cost
like Jetstar and Scoot now have low premium
cost business, so it may not be as but
premium as a business class flight, get
but it will save you less and you Quentin,
get a much better flying experience. planning
Quentin, what about people at home are
planning a big trip this year, what is
are the hot tips?Your number 1 tip insurance,
is if you can't afford travel travel.
insurance, you can't afford to insurance.
travel. Make sure you get travel passport.
insurance. Also, check your that.
passport. It really is all about ruined
that. I have seen so many holidays more
ruined because people don't have their
more than six months validity on want
their passport from the time they validity
want to come back. Check the book
validity of your passport. And also to
book early. Everyone asks me when early.
to book. It is always best to book travel
early. When you know you want to always
travel to a destination, it is Quentin
always cheaper if you book early. always.
Quentin Long, great advice as coming
always.Thanks guys.Plenty more coming up

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We do have a big show in store for Australian
you tomorrow including the who
Australian champion big wave surfer Pretty
who has been charging 10m waves. look
Pretty big.We will also take a And
look at the hottest jobs of 2017. the
And you can see behind us that is cricket
the SCG getting ready for today's us
cricket coverage. That will follow first
us right here on Channel Nine, but Take
first how about some Ed Sheeran. Take us out, Ed. His new song.

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Down he comes. Away it goes. The Absolute
16th hundred in his career. skipper.
Absolute brilliance from the First
skipper. Slashes. Second Test. He
First hundred for Peter Handscomb.