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in Florida. We'll cross live to the US Southern states have sweltered
overnight. Emergency services prepare
for the worst.

President-elect Trump is briefed
on the Russian hacking scandal.

the senior swimmer competing
in the world's largest

We're there as she crosses
the finish line. Cut price renovations. The new concept matching home
owners with free home renovators but what's in it for them? But what made them finally We're putting a ring on it
this morning, right here on Weekend Sunrise.

Welcome to weekend sunrise. He is Andrew O'Keefe and

Lovely to have your company this morning.Welcome to denim Hitchcock. Somebody thought I was having many holidays.Great to have you. Denim has just been to Poppa New Guinea.He just ate rice and fish for two weeks.There was no running water. It was quite a holiday.As long as it wasn't a lemon scented tuna. For all the news, here is denim.

Now, here's Denham
with the 7am news.

We begin with breaking news at a major Florida airport. Live to Seven News reporter but what do we know so far?

In the last couple of minutes the police in Florida have declared is an active shooter situation. One shooter shot passages at Fort Lauderdale airport and you can see a heavy police presence there. man in a Star Wars shirt started opening up on people. He at people's heads. At last count, there were five people dead eight wounded. That death toll could rise. In the last few minutes police have closed the airport back down with the suggestions that there is a second shooter. On instinct it seems doubtful that this is related to terrorism. A US senator has released the name of the first man who has been arrested. It is a Spanish surname but I will not say it. The fact that he is wearing a star was T-shirt suggests that is not an Islamic terrorist.

Thanks, Rob. in South East Queensland A man was arrested
in South Toowoomba, suspected of lighting a blaze Quite often, from experience,
those that have some involvement stick around
to watch the blue and red lights

The motel was shutdown
a few months ago. At Mount Sylvia
in south-west Brisbane, an elderly man managed
to escape a blaze

Soon after he detected smoke, and within the minutes the fire
took hold. The man rushed outside and called It's believed it was caused
by an electrical fault.

The house was severely damaged in
the blaze

The pair were set upon
at a 7Eleven, in the city's inner west,
just after 2AM. Another woman, aged in her 20s,
was arrested nearby. and is under police guard. In breaking news, a man has been charged

The woman, aged in her 40s,
suffered a wound to her hand around 10:35 last night. in a stable condition. Federal Health Minister,
Sussan Ley, is under pressure to prove she
had Ministerial business Ms Ley flew to Brisbane
in May 2015 for a portfolio announcement - before using a government She was there for work the fact
that this happened concurrently is not the reason she went
there, Ms Ley has released a statement
saying "the property purchase was not Spare a thought
for Adelaide residents

People rushed to the beaches
throughout the day to try and keep cool as the
mercury nudged 40 degrees. But the temperature stayed in the
high 20s for most of the night and is expected to reach Emergency services are bracing
for dangerous fire conditions

will be in the midst
of a severe heatwave. Sydney will also swelter on Monday. A bizarre story in Sydney
with a father and son to front court today over an The 47-year-old father was found
hooded with his hands tied, on a street in Strathfield
earlier this week. It's suspected his 21-year-old
son told Korean community and church leaders, After police made inquiries, and publishing false material has asked for privacy Hird has spent a second night
in treatment

Quite clearly he's arrived at a There are reports Hird was the and verbal assaults in the months
leading up to his health scare. He remains under care
at a private clinic. US President-elect, Donald Trump, allegations Russia hacked
election campaign emails, despite being briefed by The CIA now says it knows exactly
who ordered the cyber-attack to label trump as mindless. Grow up.
Time to be an adult. You're President,

A report into the alleged hacking
may be released next week. Michelle Obama has delivered Speaking at the 'School she urged young Americans
to believe in themselves. I want our young people to know

She was applauded and hugged
as she left the room. She'll move out of
the White House in a few weeks. Bad weather hasn't stopped from getting outdoors and having
some good old fashioned fun. The weather was wet already so
they decided to make the most of it,

Who hasn't lost a little bit skin on a backyard and slide. parents would put it across the lawn and it would stop about meter before the fence. I like that we said they got away from their computer screens.We had our setup last week and I set it up too close to the path.Concrete is bad.Did the authorities come and inspect that. Q Mac.You need a skateboard at the end of the slip and slide. Straight off the slip and slide and onto the skateboard.Three year bees were injured.These are now in jokes. All of our viewers and our new news man don't know what we're talking

We've got the insider tips

the country banning
email checking after hours. So should we be doing it here
in Australia?

by Youi. Do the other insurance companies
get how you use or don't use your car? Youi do. Because we're out there
with you every day.

Back to weekend sunrise.

And now with sport, Roger Federer towards the Australian Open
with an outstanding performance in the Hopman Cup singles

after overcoming to beat Frenchman Richard Gasquet
in straight sets, 6-1 6-4. so I start to feel the ball
better and better and just moving
around the court better and I'm just really pleased. I'm surprised how well
I'm playing so early already. Um, couldn't be more happy
right now. But that was the only match
the French dropped, and they meet the USA
in the Hopman Cup final,

in the Brisbane International
women's final on 7TWO, tonight. David Warner has once again for the second time this week. in Test history, on day four of
the third Test against Pakistan. Needing only 23 balls Warner's knock has put Australia going into the final day's play needing nine wickets
for a clean sweep. you know, to get those runs
as quickly as possible, do some pretty unselfish batting
I think, and bat for the team, and get us
in that position we are now. Steve Smith and Usman Khawaja reaching 50s Pakistan will resume this morning A five-wicket win
over the Hobart Hurricanes has kept the Adelaide Strikers'
Big Bash finals hopes alive. Chasing 161 to win,
the Strikers' opener, Ben Dunk, starred with 79 runs COMMENTATOR: Well, Dunk charges and takes him on
wonderfully well!

as Dunk smashed eight fours in a match-winning performance to put him on the Aussie
selectors' radar. Adelaide are now sitting sixth
on the ladder. A stunning goal from Ivan Franjic
has given Melbourne City The Socceroos' back
struck this cracking volley in the 19th minute to put
City ahead. The Wanderers finished the game after Artiz Borda was given a to the head of Bruno Fornaroli. Now for the weather. in the north-west and north-east.

Melbourne, 37 and sunny. Clouds clearing in Perth and 27. And Darwin, showers and storms
and 32.

Simon, in breaking international news, what is the error islands.You had some problem the bugs when you are surfing Q Mac you get eaten alive but that is part of it. The risk of dengue fever and a little bit of that's part of it.It's not surfing unless you come home with encephalitis.The error guard will

How will Trump react
to the briefing? Woodworking great-gran - the 81-year-old so skilled And next, and multiple people injured,





Returning to the breaking news
out of the United States this morning,

Fort Lauderdale Airport with reports
there may be a second shooter. another eight have been What can you tell us?

It is still an active situation. You cannot say with any certainty that there is a second gunman. Police can only react to reports of witnesses who suggest they heard shots fired or the description of another gunman. Until police have seen it themselves, they have to take it seriously. There was a man in the initial shooting with a Star Wars shirt who shot dead and eight others injured who were taken to hospital. The calmed down and various areas of the airport were open. Then, Bedlam. People were sprinting the runway which, ironically, is the safest part of the airport. Guaranteed to not have a government. There are many heavily armed police rushing into their but we can't clarify 100% that there is a second gunman.We understand that the shooting took place in the baggage area. That is traditionally not as secure area at the airport. senator has named the suspect backed in a tweet Q

There is it is all speculation at this stage but the surname that has been released is Spanish which suggest that it is not Islamic terrorism. Rob, we will check in with you throughout the morning.

the tenants who renovate But what's the catch? Find out soon. And 21 of Australia's the winning syndicate And they're all
from the Government! at Florida's

We have



Welcome back to weekend It's time

Good morning. More on our breaking news where at least five people

Live to Seven News reporter Rob, there are reports of a

There are reports of a second shooter but that is only reports of witnesses. There have been no evidence of In the last few minutes we have seen people streaming onto the runway. Police are corralling them and getting them to duck behind cars. You can see them just there. The first incident was only. Five it was shot dead and eight people injured and taken to hospital. On the side police are on the scene and that specific area has been cordoned off as a crime Police will go methodically through the entire airport to confirm whether there is a second shooter. I know it is early days but do we know anything about the gunmen? It seems to me that it is veering away from Islamic terrorism. The suspect was wearing a Star Wars T-shirt. Sadly, in the United States there is often no motive for these things. The man's name has been released but I am reluctant to report it. It is of Spanish

Back home, and Queensland police
are questioning a man found at the scene of a
suspicious blaze

Detectives from Toowoomba
have attended and questioned a number of people, and have a 20-year-old who is assisting
us with our inquiries. Police are investigating claims the motel was being used
by squatters.

His home was destroyed. and then he turned and there was no power and noticed smoke up the far end The man managed to get out safely
before the roof collapsed. In breaking news, a man has been charged, on Sydney's Lower North Shore
last night. after reports of a
domestic incident. She was taken to in a stable condition.

after two people
were attacked with an axe in Sydney's Inner West overnight. just after 2am, treating a man and a woman
for lacerations. with a man in his 40s
suffering serious injuries. A curious child has somehow stuck in a concrete bench
in north-east China. Firefighters were called in he couldn't get himself out of
the predicament. But even they couldn't move him a concrete drill. it was successfully removed. Medical examiners
checked the child's head and gave him the all-clear.

That is the scariest dental surgery in north-east China.How did he get his head in their Q Macyears would go the right way but then they wouldn't go the other way.Couldn't someone pin their ears back and push them through.We have done so many reports on Chinese kids getting stuck in things.Surely you cover the kid in butter.That's something that you can do with cats. Put butter on their paws and they don't run away.

Milos Raonic has beaten keeping his title defence alive. before the Canadian
gained control, taking out the win in three sets.

so that's six games
I got for myself without having to run too much, which is very generous
of myself. (CROWD LAUGHS) Raonic will face Grigor Dimitrov
in one semi-final, ahead of the Hopman Cup final between France and the USA
tonight, on Seven. We could be set for a preview
of the Australian Open final when Sir Andy Murray in the Qatar Open final
tomorrow morning. Overnight, the world number one
defeated Tomas Berdych Play will get underway
at the SCG this morning, with Pakistan at 1/55. but it was his 'dab' celebration It will be up to the bowlers
to get the job done

but I think there should still
be enough there

whether it's through Pakistan need 410 runs to win. Adelaide Strikers' opener has moved into second
on the Big Bash run charts for three sixes,
along with eight fours. He remained unbeaten on 79 a performance that has people to be named in
Australia's T20 team. so if I can win more games I can throw my hat in the ring. Adelaide are now sitting sixth
on the Big Bash ladder. Jason Day has returned after a three-month lay-off The world number 1 at the Tournament of Champions Day is five shots behind Now to today's weather. Showers and storms in Cairns Mount Isa, tops of 35. Brisbane, scattered showers
and 27.

Showers in Coffs Harbour and 26. Sunny around Orange and Dubbo. Ballarat, clear skies and 34. Mostly sunny in Hobart and 26.

Very hot in Adelaide and 41. Possible storm in Alice Springs
and 38. And in the west - And stormy in Broome
and 33 degrees.

I once holidayed in Perth.What do you remember of that trip? remember the fish that I ate. Moving on.

Soon this morning, on the job 24/7 - is your work-life balance dead?

and why some people
weep more than others.

why elderly patients
recover better if they're treated
by female doctors.

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It plagues one in four children,

some suffering daily symptoms
of childhood asthma.

researchers in Denmark

There is a bit of a catch.

Joining us to explain
is Sunrise GP, Dr Ginni Mansberg.

Tell us about this study

The control group was 31% more likely to exhibit symptoms asthma five years down the track. 700 women took fish oil supplements during pregnancy. We know that women who eat more seafood have less incident of children asthma. They tried to study with a fish oil supplement. A quarter of the population of the study the dads had asthma. The question is will we get these results in a bigger trial and we need to work out when we should start it and who should start it.In this study they took the fish oil in the trimester. It was a 30% less chance of the kids developing asthma.It was interesting and they kept on it until a week after the baby was born.They are ascribing it to the proteins in omega-3.We have known for a long time that omega-3 good for you but we weren't sure it was the fish oil and the omega three or something else in the fish. Perhaps we will get to a where the omega three comes into the pregnancy tablets that takes. Another really interesting study that has come out was conducted by Harvard University and suggest that elderly patients that were treated by female patients are more likely to live longer. No reason has been given other than that communication is often better. Also that women often follow guidelines better.We have for longer that women doctors spend more time with their patients and follow guidelines better. We haven't known if that makes any difference to the patients in end. This study was 1 million people in America and the patients were 5% less likely to die and less likely to go back in the hospital if they had a looking after them. If every single patient in this group were to be treated by a woman doctor than that would prevent the same number of deaths as car accidents kill in the US. 32,000 people.As with other countries, in the United States they are getting 8% less pay than their male counterparts.It is less here.Can we use this information to bring all physicians into line with the qualities that these female physicians are displaying Q Mac.It would be great to analyse what these women are doing and why the patients are benefiting so much. What are health benefits and how can we use that to make sure everyone is at the same level.Would it be
unethical to forcibly gender reassign all male GPs?Perhaps we can follow that progress and the ethics of that.Another study from the University of

Still to come this morning - at least five dead
and eight injured in a mass shooting
at a major US airport.

And is there no escape? The mum's hilarious video
of her attempt to get a moment of time alone How does she go?

Still to come this morning.

And the major papers are reporting that pressure on health Senator Susan Lee. It was regarding her impulse purchase of a unit worth over $800,000. Good morning to everybody here. Now, was saying that she was purchasing it as an impulse by, it wasn't too far away, just down the Gold Coast.Apparently not. I thought this was ridiculous. I know that we can find plot in madness, but really, is that just what spontaneously happened? It is possible that they were just there and it did just happen, but this looks like indulgence.Part of the problem is that you say it was $100,000 impulse purchase, and they might be right, but the sound of an 800,000 of an $800,000 impulse purchase sounds indulgent.I'm glad we're talking about this because all the politicians do not want to talk about it, they have had an impulse truce. It is not a good look. This is a major federal announcement, you do not go to the Gold Coast to finish off the deal. Who goes to the Gold Coast to finish off some sort of deal or announcement?The announcement was regarding meeting patients.I think the outrage takes focus off things. Is it really worthwhile... Yes it is. Before Bronwyn Bishop got in a chopper, we found out she got on a plane and spell 12 we found out she got on a plane and spell $12,000 to go up to Brisbane when she could have taken several commercial flights at around $600. OK, so that is other government business. We need to get around how we can change the.Government business and private business, we need to work out how they can engage in a trip.Is there any other industry where a spouse is covered? Why is the spouse They spend so much of their year away from their spouse, so any opportunity to keep those families together must be good?I think there are many, many people who are in that circumstance, and they don't get the slack that all editions do. You go out to out of Australia where Mum and Dad doing it half, dads out on the property and whose paying for that? Perhaps we need to be some sort of spousal support.But they are and I wanted to size it. And it left to ask to raise it and scrutinise it. It does not pass the test in the eyes of the liberal voters, and they do not like is going on here.You kind of wonder why a minister has to fly so far to make a in the first place. That seems like a waste of money?Yes, and is it with this particular situation we found on-air, or is it with entitlements is over for the but it is not over four the politicians.And mother was looking for a little bit of me time away from her kids, unsuccessfully it seems.See, she is always there! Hi!Is in the beautiful!I know they are laughing at this, but another 10 or 11 years and try to hide from a teenager! She will be hiding, shall be sculling drinks in the bedroom. Your whole life, they are there.Chris, you've got twins, this woman has cords.That's right, for little girls. I feel very lucky now. Can I make it confession, guys often hide in the toilet.Or perhaps a game of cricket?We had this conversation off-line and I was saying to Andrew, how is it that men and women I met have the same intelligence, yet men hide in the toilet and women hide in the pantry? Lovely to see you both.

another mass shooting and an airport in lockdown. Who's responsible? We'll cross live to the US
for the latest. Heatwave hell as southern states
swelter again today. The mercury is tipped to soar
over 40. Trump briefed on
the Russian hacking. Need a new bathroom? No worries. How Aussies are getting their
homes renovated for free. Find out how you can, too. Gran on the tools - and 81-year-old's
booming woodwork business. for more than four decades? We meet a couple who've done it, and they say
they've never been happier.

Oh, we just cut out just before the

For the rest of the day's news,
here's Denham. Good morning. where an alleged gunman
is in custody after five people were shot dead Live to Seven News reporter
Robert Ovadia. Rob, what do we know

It is suggested that the man arrived at Fort Lauderdale from Canada. Again had been checked into his luggage. We're hearing that he is taken the gun from a luggage and gone into a bathroom and return to the baggage area where he has shot people. This is as ugly as it gets. He was arrested very, He dropped his weapon and was arrested without any shooting offices.Shortly thereafter, all most immediately after the shootings. He was apprehended by sheriff's deputy and was taken into custody without incident.Right now, you can see a there. We do know that police have been resting people as they comb through the airport.Rob, earlier in the morning you mention reports of a second gunmen on the loose. What has happened with that? believed that that was a red herring. Witnesses said they heard shots, but perhaps it was that wasn't there. It seems that the suggestion of a second gunmen is unlikely.We understand that that airport is still shut down. Thank

across South East Queensland. A suspicious fire ripped through
the Old Glennon House Motel The fire was going very well
when crews got here, and they managed to contain
the fire to the structure, and the houses on the corner Another fire - this one at mount Sylvia,
south-west of Brisbane,

He became suspicious the fridge light wasn't working. Soon after, he detected smoke, The man rushed outside who used water from the pool It's believed it was caused And a massive fire on the Gold Coast. Authorties are yet
to determine the cause. Here's Denham
with the rest of today's news. A disturbing incident in Sydney,
with two people taken to hospital at a service station. The pair were set upon
at a 7-Eleven, in the city's Inner West,
just after 2am. Paramedics treated an injured man
and a woman, before taking them to
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Another woman, aged in her 20s,
was arrested nearby. and is under police guard. Six people have been injured, Two people were on board one boat

with a broken leg. Other occupants were treated
for minor cuts. through to next week, as a hot air mass Possible rain
will keep temperatures Temperatures are expected to hit
over 40 degrees in some parts of the state. It comes after Sydney sweltered Temperatures were at least
one degree Celsius above average. Spare a thought for
Adelaide residents

People rushed to the beaches
throughout the day for most of the night, and is Emergency services are bracing
for dangerous fire conditions

In the US,
Sea World has confirmed its most famous killer whale,
Tilikum, has died. Tilikum is the best-known orca
in captivity -

including a trainer in Orlando. The whale inspired the movie
'Blackfish', which criticised parks that keep
killer whales at marine parks. In a statement, SeaWorld said, "Tilikum was a beloved member of
the the marine park's family "for 25 years
and he will be missed." He was captured in waters
off Iceland A little boy has been given at Windsor Castle. The young fan watched on in awe as Coldstream guards
marched towards him. He was dressed in the summer complete with red jacket
and bearskin. One guard emerged
to pose with the little boy (LAUGHTER) The video has been watched by
over a million people in less than 24 hours.

Now that is a holiday snap to take home to mum.

And now with sport,
here's Simon Reeve. David Warner has once again
made history at the SCG

in Test history on Day 4 of
the third Test against Pakistan. Needing only 23 balls
to get there, Warner's knock has put Australia
in a commanding position going into
the final day's play with the Aussies needing nine The way the guys batted today,
especially Davey, obviously, you know, to get those runs do some pretty
unselfish batting, I think, Steve Smith and Usman Khawaja before Australia declared. Pakistan will resume
this morning at 1/55. Roger Federer sharpened his form
ahead of the Australian Open with an outstanding performance
in the Hopman Cup singles last night. Federer looked back to his best The former world number one
needed less then an hour to beat Frenchman Richard Gasquet so I start to feel the ball
better and better and just moving and I'm just really pleased. I'm surprised how well um, couldn't be more happy continues today across Seven A stunning goal from Ivan Franjic
has given Melbourne City a 1-0 win over the Western Sydney in the 19th minute
to put City ahead. COMMENTATOR: Franjic, Ivan Franjic with
the first-time strike! after Artiz Borda was shown red

It was City's first win
in six games Manchester City
are racing ahead of West Ham The Sky Blues are 3-0 up
at half-time. The opener,
a penalty successfully converted by Yaya Toure. Havard Nordtveit's own-goal
gifted City their second and David Silva making it look
far too easy has kept the Adelaide Strikers
Big Bash final's hopes alive. Chasing 161 to win,
the Strikers opener Ben Dunk starred with 79 runs
off just 49 balls. COMMENTATOR: Well, Dunk It was 37 degrees as Dunk smashed
eight fours and three sixes in a match-winning performance Now to today's weather. in the north-west and north-east. and central Australia. Brisbane scattered showers and 27 Possible shower and 27 in Sydney. Sunny in Canberra and 32. Melbourne, 37 and sunny. Mostly sunny in Hobart and 26. Very hot in Adelaide and 41. Clouds clearing in Perth and 27. And Darwin, showers and storms
and 32. Well for weeks,
President-elect Donald Trump, has questioned intelligence interfering with Just hours ago he called the
claims a 'political witch hunt' but his opinion may be
about to change. America's top intelligence
officials have been briefing Donald Trump
for the last few hours and are believed to be making Joining us with more is Seven's and Foreign Editor,

Yes, in the last few hours.So what exactly were they presenting to him?Though trying to convince him that there was a problem with the Russians. Comes problem is that on one hand, if he says the Russians interfered with the election it reduces his role as the President- elect. On the other hand, he can't afford to antagonise intelligence chiefs because they are so important, so he has to do this balancing act. But he has been antagonising the intelligence chiefs?He has had a response to this, what has it been? His response is that he wants to set up a team, and he will come up with a strategy. So in a sense, he's taken on the bigger issue of not being involved with the election process, he says that's history, and I am the president. You now have air, sea, land, and cyber warfare. He's gonna try and fight the Russians in that space.We have not had any public release of this yet, but there seems that there have been a lot of misinformation out of Russia and a lot of Trump began to. Was there any tampering with this electoral recess?No, the electronic systems that a lot of America has, it would not be tampered with. Trump would say, people would not going to vote for Hillary anyway.

going to vote for Hillary anyway.
He is really being backed into a corner on this one, isn't he? He has so many people in his inner circle have these close relationships with Russia, and he is coming up under all this scrutiny.Yes, and the problem is that we have done relationships in Russia since the end of the Cold War. There is a bigger powerplay involved here, and the clash between the United States and Russia, and are we actually going to go back through a new Cold War? Now, the President-elect still has a bit of a problem with being taken seriously. VP Biden has just said publicly that it's time for trump to grow up. Too many issues, celebrity issues, now saying that he is a big fan of the CIA.Well, there is a dilemma. If he starts behaving to much like a

, it could ruin his chances for re- election. Remember, he said he was to be in power for eight years. He has four years, and then there is another election. His supporters could easily write him off as a failure.Well, they made do that if he keeps saying things like it does about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thank you very much Keith, good to see you.

For 37 years, thousands of Aussies It is the largest open water swim
in the world and is organised and run by
volunteers. But for many it's about much it's about mateship with some compeitors having swum Cameron Ling, and 87-year-old
competitor, Dorothy Dickey. Good morning. Cameron, the race kicks off
after midday - it's actually become so popular
there's a waiting list?

It is actually perfect conditions here, I have to put the sunscreen on. There's a little bit of a rolling swell, which hopefully will push a few of us towards the finish line.Dorothy, you've competed in this race. It's a 1.2 km course. Why is it so popular?Well, we're go to that part, we go to another pub. 1.2 km is a very doesn't swim. I assume it is to do with the corollary of the people that you meet here.Well, that's right. This is my 31st, and we have a group that come down here regularly and is really lovely. It's about a 20 minute drive down and it's a lovely spot and we just enjoy the day.You have done this 30 times before Dorothy! Are you worried about sharks or Stingers or whatever else is out there?Oh, God no! I just try and get to the other end.We are in great hands here. The lifesavers are out everywhere.If there was ever any sign of any shark, we would have plenty of notice to get out.I knew I was in trouble one time in Bondi when I was passed by the crew. A planning on being passed by any crew?Well, it's quite funny, because if I do overtake anybody, they see this old face going past them and the look on their face issue horror!Please don't go past me!Dorothy, best of luck and enjoy it.I think it might be a long gender and tonic actually at

for a story of inspiration so stick around for that. Lots more to come this Saturday,
including - dating for 41 years, but what made him And did she say yes? Plus, 81 years old We meet the great-granny
putting the boys to shame. And, tragedy to triumph - after a boating accident
30 years ago, we're there
for the courageous moment a true Aussie survivor
faces her greatest fear.

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House prices
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are finding themselves even more priced out
of the market, while investors are also feeling With banks
tightening their lending belts, and the uncertainty of whether
rates will rise, many are hesitant to get into
the property market at all

To discuss where the market is
heading and tips on investing, we're joined by Veronica Morgan from the Real Estate Good morning.

2017, is it going to be a good time to buy?Well, it depends where you are going to buy. City of Melbourne have had a lot of growth over the last few years. I do really know the answer, but I think it's always a good time to buy good quality property. I'm here representing Our EI W A, and if you don't panic in 2017 and you buy quality, not quantity, it's a good time to buy. It makes sense to think about your property decision-making clarity rather than impulse.One of the things they look out higher borrowing costs. Interest rates have been so low for so long, we've just gotten used to it. Some have to prepare ourselves for higher costs. for first home owners.I think maybe if more for investors than first home owners. I think you would never go into such an arrangement without a co-owner agreement, but it's a fabulous way to get into the market. A lot of first home owners are reinvesting,. Talk us through about go borderless. What exactly does that mean?Go borderless means that that the idea is really being about opportunistic. Where are the opportunities? Where is the market down potentially? Where is it not at its peak? Where infrastructure being built? Where are areas where you can see potential for growth?So there is going to be potential for growth but areas that are also can be well serviced with infrastructure. Well Veronica, they give you tips and happy 2017 to

Now, Mon, did you know, of all the mammals humans are the only ones
that cry.

and I can also tell you
I am not alone.

It is beginning of new business
for our nation. What I'm less proud of is the
fact that I have now blubbered. (LAUGHTER) # Cry me a river # I bet you never even know # But somebody's crying #

Joining us to discuss why we cry and why crying is important is psychologist Ryan Walsh. Now we know animals have two ducks and they lubricate their eyes when they get dust in our eyes and so forth, but why do humans cry emotionally and how did it evolve?Well Andrew, at some point in our evolutionary history, our two glands leaked dump with a part of our brain that triggers emotional responses. Which means that we now have the to cry.And what does that serve? Well, as evolutionary beings, we are also social beings and we are beings that are emotional, so it allows us to deal with our emotions that emerge on a daily basis. Things like loss, joy, sorrow.Now, a lot of Aussie men don't like be seen crying in public. What did you find with your research?Well, the reason why I made my film is that men would often apologise for crying and often feel embarrassed about crying, so I wanted to talk about men about crying and try to destigmatise the process about crying.It's an incredible source of bonding. From the time that a baby starts crying and the way their parents respond to that, we know that the effect of those people who witness crying is bond with the person who cries.Yes, that's true. And I noticed that men in this society are not encouraged to cry, they are actually taught not to cry. And I think that's a good thing, is not a healthy for us.That's right, is a release to cry. And doesn't release chemicals as well when you cry? Because is not just from sadness, you can also cry from joy.Yes, well imagine being at the birth of a child and crying out of joy. It's a release of hormones and neurochemicals that need to be expressed, and when expressed, it helps us to feel better. That's why most of us feel better after a cry. Yes, and there is nothing more important to allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of other people. Yes, I think that's true, but I think the reality, Andrew, is that we don't actually supported. So a lot of the men and the boys that I interviewed, aged from 14 through two, aged from 14 through 260, most men talk about the time when a cry is at the movies.Yes, in darkness where they can't be seen. Well, I cried the last time I went to the movies that my mum recommended me. It wasn't a good time. They switch joining us.

Thanks and good morning. More on our breaking news out of
the US where an alleged gunman is in custody after five people at a major Florida airport. Seven News Reporter Robert Ovadia A fast moving story. Rob, do we know any more

We know he is 26 years old and that he is in custody. He arrived in Fort Lauderdale from Canada. He had a garden packed on his checked in luggage, then went to a bathroom and loaded the gun and proceeded to go outside and should people. The death toll remains at five with eight other people injured as

And Rob, it happens a lot with
these US shootings, reports of a second shooter,
has that been ruled out?

Definitively no, but 99%. Police have been going through every single inch of this airport, but it is unlikely that somebody heard gunshots from another area. People were sprinting across runways and police were urging people not to panic. I think we have a grab here from a victim who was at the scene. Our terminals are very full. now, we're working with law enforcement in order to get them released from the terminal. They wanted to be able to access safely. Thanks very much, Rob.

with an axe at A man in his 30s suffered a when he was hit just after 2:00 this morning. While a woman in her 40s,
standing outside, suffered a minor injury
when she too was struck.

across South East Queensland. A suspicious fire ripped through
the Old Glennon House Motel at South Toowoomba
around 11:00 last night. A 20-year-old man
was arrested at the scene.

I just came outside and I saw all the smoke and I ran down and the flames were about 10 m high.

A motorbike rider
has been taken to hospital after slamming into a car The accident happened in Carlton
at around 3:00 this morning. The rider was taken to hospital suffering arm

In breaking news, US officials are saying that that it put in was linked in a Russian hacking scandal targeting the US. It suggested Putin and the Russian government are spying to help President-elect Trump 's chances. The president elect has just finished meeting with intelligence chiefs, and will help combat cyber attacks when he starts office.

A giant iceberg,
around the size of Brisbane, is expected to break off the
Antarctic ice shelf

A long running rift in the
Larsen C ice shelf

only 20km of ice is keeping the
giant piece from floating away. It's going to produce a very
large iceberg,

This one is is in the top
10 or 20 we've seen since they've been monitored.

Though the things just make you feel like a grain of sand, so minute. It's been going on for a few years now, just chipping away. Well, we believe that 2016 was a very hot year, by quite a margin we believe.Will there was news week that debunked the theory that global warming has slowed down recently.Yes, by about one degree or a year, so that put those denies in a place.

keeping his title defence alive. Nadal was up a set and a break, before the Canadian
gained control,

Was it a deliberate thing
to serve about 24 aces in a match like that? so that's six games
I got for myself without having to run too much, which is very generous (CROWD LAUGHS) Raonic will face Grigor Dimitrov
in one semi-final, Live coverage of the Brisbane
International continues today,

when Sir Andy Murray
takes on Novak Djokovic in the Qatar Open final
tomorrow morning. Overnight, the world number one in the semis in straight sets, Nine wickets is all that stands
between Australia and a clean sweep series win Play will get underway with Pakistan at 1/55. Usman Khawaja smashed 79 not out
in Australia's second innings, but it was his 'dab' celebration that attracted the most
attention. David Warner and Steve Smith
also contributed It will be up to the bowlers
to get the job done on the final day's play. The wicket's still pretty flat but I think there should still to create nine more chances, whether it's through
reverse swing or spin. Pakistan need 410 runs to win. has moved into second after his second 50
for the season. It was a match-winning knock
that saw Dunk clear the rope for three sixes,
along with eight fours. a performance that has people
calling for Dunk to be named in
Australia's T20 team. I know Australian players
are picked from winning teams, so if I can win more games
for my team, you know, I can throw my hat in the ring. Adelaide are now sitting sixth
on the Big Bash ladder. Now it's time to check
the weather. Showers and storms in Cairns
and 31.

Showers in Coffs Harbour and 26. Sunny around Orange and Dubbo. Possible shower and 27 in Sydney. Sunny in Canberra and 32. Ballarat, clear skies and 34. Melbourne, 37 and sunny. Possible storm in Alice Springs
and 38.

Albany, 21 and possible showers. Clouds clearing in Perth and 27. While many hard working Aussies new research shows three out of are checking their office emails
while on holiday. Thanks to smartphones and WiFi, it is now even harder to separate raising the question, is work-life balance an
impossible dream? Philosopher Alain de Botton said "there's no such thing "everything worth fighting for
unbalances your life"

As France welcomed the new year. ('Le Marseillaise' plays) they also welcomed that gives workers the right to
ignore office emails after hours. It sounds like a French
revolution, Out of 36 countries, Australia ('Advance Australia Fair' plays) In fact, the average Aussie is
working an extra 5.1 hours a week and not being paid. That has been calculated at $116
billion a year workers are giving employers
for free. So, while we might be known as a
laid-back bunch, it seems many Aussies
are living to work,

Joining us now is
human resources expert,

and Gerard Hayes, Secretary of the New South
Health Services Union. Julian, research shows four out
of ten Aussie workers say their work-life balance now
is worse than it was five years ago. What impact is it having on our

Absolutely. I think there are two big areas where this is being affected. One is stress and the other is burnout. And I think this is causing very big problems. When we have limited opportunities to be able to separate us from what we do. A lot of people want to put some economic data around it. The stress, family breakdown, the burnout must cost enormous costs for businesses? Absolutely. And if you're looking at annual salaries, and the costs that incurs for an employer to replace an employee, substantial. It's not just the salary, but the costs involved to replace those employees.Worklife balance is particularly difficult for people in the health sector, I guess because the stakes are so high?That is correct. We are seeing paramedics and other health workers go home after a day and being attached to their phone and being called into work, even on their days off. It's a difficulty for their family, their social unit, and also to sporting activities that they cannot commit to.I guess there is a lot of self-imposed pressure in some ways. I think, in other industries, you can think, well, I can leave that till tomorrow, but in this industry, when someone's life is at stake but you can't do that, can you?That's right, and with new technology, and with the way we communicate, that digital interface is sitting on the kitchen table.And what about employers making workers work outside of their 35 hour week? Here in Australia, I was reading last week that there is an out of office assistant that you can put on your emails that is just not being used anymore. Why is it so different here in Australia than in other parts of the world?I think, as you mentioned beforehand, we are highly connected. And the line between our worklife and social life on a digital forum is getting more and more blurred. People still know that you will be contacted and you are still looking at your emails and messages and that you are always contactable.Do you think that it has something to do with our lyrical development in some ways. If you look at a country like France, that has experienced revolutions and have strong feelings towards being peasants or strong working class, knowing their working rights, but in Australia, we haven't really had that?When you start talking about family responsibilities within the workplace, it becomes a bridge too far. We're starting to see that we need to be able to look after our families while we're doing the right thing by our employer, and meat which were that we still have good societies and communities. Just before you both leave us, or do we do about this? Surely, the employers have to get on board? That's right, it doesn't need to be like it is now. While technology has changed, we can also respect the way people work and respect their families. We are open to all forms of employment, but if we don't do this now, more and more people will suffer in the future. And I also imagine in the future, getting more serious about a worklife balance, where we know we have to be with our families and do our own thing.Absolutely. I think that flexibility we're talking about is to ensure that we're getting the right balance between work and life. We need to also questioned the expectations and clear client boundaries. If you receive a phone call at 10 PM on a Sunday night, do you need to answer it? Do you need to we are answering those late-night messages on a Sunday evening, are we establishing a culture for our organisation that others will follow? And I think we really need to make sure we are rewarded. we are doing an average of five. Self we are doing an average of hours of overtime a week, are we providing better flexibility? That's right Anna starts from the bottom down up I think in regards to their culture. Thank you both for joining us.

The Queensland
Education Department could be in for a bit of a
shakeup after 21 of its employees won the $55 million Powerball
jackpot yesterday. The lucky syndicate members each The winning quick pick For six colleagues who are
normally part of the syndicate, it's not such a celebration - they opted out
for last night's draw. Joining us from Brisbane is
Elissa Lewis from Tatts Group.

As far as jackpots go, how does this sit
on the all-time biggest ladder?

Yes, so $55 million is the third- largest entry that has been one on a single ticket. So the good news is that it was shared between 21 syndicate members, so we have 21 new multimillionaires So, they knew they had one, but they did not know how much they had one? Who broke the news to them? That's right, the syndicate leader had that ticket, but we were not able to contact them to let them know that they had one. Luckily for us, the diligent ticket leader check the ticket yesterday morning, new that had won something but didn't know how much, maybe $10,000. She went back to the office and while surrounded by some of her work buddies, they check the ticket online and saw all the numbers on one line and there was just a range of emotions. They still do not believe it until we were able to confirm it. Some shed tears of joy, someone more jubilant and elated. There were also quite a few cynics amongst them as well who also refused to believe that it was real. I heard that the ages range from about 22 years old to 68 years old. I guess I'll be doing all sorts of different things with their money? Maybe purchasing a first house, or even setting up a retirement?Some of the liver getting braces for their teeth?That's right, the ages range from 22 to 60. For the younger ones, I might be able to buy a home and have the experience of never having a mortgage to pay off. There are a few holidays planned, I think there are some retirements on the cards. I understand from the syndicate leader, they all plan to keep working which is great news, particularly for their colleagues. And the syndicate leader said she could finally afford to get braces, which is great.Now, we did mention these poor six people that are usually part of the syndicate, but for whatever reason, they decided that they were going to be part of this particular draw. Is there any consolation for them?It was a one- off syndicate so there was opportunity for everybody to participate. I'm sure next time there is an offer syndicate, they may think twice about saying no to participating.No, terrible! But it's great news for the other 21 people. They can join us this morning.You should go round the office and do one.Well, I did buy one for myself.While there was an earlier segment about why we cry.

Now to a story of
true inspiration. As a 15-year-old,
Susan Berg was the sole survivor that claimed the lives of her She swam in the dark, through
freezing, shark-infested waters

Since then she has had an
overwhelming fear of the water. Today,
three decades on, the 46-year-old has conquered
that fear And we are joined from Lorne
by Susan Berg.

Good morning.So in 30 years, you have really avoided the water. Have you managed to overcome that incredible fear to get you where you are today?Well, it's been a long process. It has been 14 months and the first few months were absolutely traumatic for me. A lot of my closest friends would know. My anxiety would be through the roof and I would have to stop and regroup and try and gather my thoughts again and then another lap and then stop, so the first few months were extremely traumatic. I went to my doctor and asked if I was allowed to take Valium before a swamp, but she said no and that I had to persevere. That doesn't sound like the best idea. So, how are you doing it? How are you pushing past the fear? it was actually a friend of mine who encouraged me to do this race and part of it was that I didn't want to let him down, so I had to persevere. I had given my word and I'm at a point now where I have got through it, I am comfortable now in the water and hopefully I won't be totally shooting myself. I feel most prepared that I have been now. I guess, being back in the water, it could rekindle those terrible memories of when you lost your parents and your brother. I'm sure you have gone through that in your own mind and with help, what are your feelings now about how that is going to affect you?I think, in terms of affecting, it's more I would know that my parents and brother would be proud of me. God only knows that I've done so many things in my life that they would be proud of, but I really feel overwhelmed, and I've got a bit teary at times, I'm getting a bit teary now, knowing that they will be with me on this swim.It's kind of an extraordinary way to -- connect with those important people in your life.That's right, the last time I saw my family was in the water. So I think about them constantly when I'm swimming. And you do this for a cause that is really close to your heart? That's right. I've experienced domestic violence in my life and I'm raising money for the McCauley community services for women, who are the only 24 seven crisis care centre that is open for women They also help women who are homeless, so they do crisis accommodation, and they also have long-term accommodation where they can really help and get back on their feet and start new lives. Unfortunately, the used to be more 24 seven services open, but that is terrific. Susan, I think Monique doesn't know that you and I have history, and I was really surprised to see your name pop up in our briefing.Yes, we do have a history!Do you!?I won $14,000, and I can tell you, Andrew, if I had not been there that day and one that money, I would not be standing here with you this morning. It was one of those sliding doors moments. Why is that? With the money I won, I used it as a deposit for a house, and I use that money to write a book and if I hadn't written the book, I would have met the person who encouraged meto go in this race. Oh, isn't that nice.Was Andrew nice? And it was lovely everyone.Oh, cheers. But you didn't tell me about your history on the water before I started in making jokes about the name Berg, like iceberg. No, we were talking about the ice hockey. So great to see you looking so fit and well and we look forward to hearing how you went.Lovely, thank you.

Marg Callahan is no ordinary A year ago, the 81-year-old and some tools, and the results were Marg created a beautifully
handcrafted outdoor setting for her daughter, wanted one, too. She's now made everything from
bird houses and wishing wells to coffee tables and boxes. And they're so good, people have even started to pay
for her creations. Good morning.

Thank you. It's nice to meet you too.

You'd never done woodworking
before. What gave you the idea
to give it a go?

I have no idea. I started collecting timber out off the of the mighty 10 shop, and I had this stack by the garage, and I thought that now that I have this stack, I better do something with it. I really didn't have a clue what I was going to do.And now, you'd be out there at 3 o'clock in the morning if it wasn't for putting off the neighbours!Well, that's right, I still do a bit of painting at things like that where it doesn't make a noise.Now, your late husband used to do things like this. And I guess this possibly makes you feel more connected to him?Yes, I have bit of a look upstairs every now and think he is still hanging around.I hope he's not giving you too much direction, I mean, you have to spread your own wings.That's I'd get rid of him if he was.And so one of yoursome of your favourite pieces? While I really like the clock.Oh yes, we're looking at some of them now.I copy the design is out on the bit of paper, and I couldn't get the number six right on the clock,but I went out the next morning and did it and I was really thrilled with that. I really like the birdhouses as well.They just start as one piece and I keep adding a bit onto them. Some get an outdoor setting.

And I can just imagine how popular you must be selling your pieces. Best of luck with them and they give very much for sharing with us today.Thank you

It's news time, here's Denham.

Like now to rob Ovadia and Rob, this is a major airport to be shut down.That's right, 80 200,000 passengers passed through each day and as you have just heard, five people have been shot dead as collected their baggage and eight people have been wounded as well. A 26-year-old man is currently interviewed by homicide detectives. It's a horrific scene. You can see some body being taken away at the moment. Police did go from place to place, clearing the entire worried that there was a second shooter.Back home, it is been a big night for firefighters in south-east Queensland that Ling fires. Emergency services arrived at Glennon house to find an old motel ablaze. A 27-year-old suspect was arrested at the scene.Quite often from experience, those are involved in these type of incidents stick around and wait for the blue and red lights flashing to watch the action.And south-west of Brisbane, an elderly man was involved in a fire when he noticed that the fridge lie wasn't working. He rushed outside and called firefighters who used the water from the pool to fight the blaze. It is believed the fire was by an electrical floor fault. And back home, another fire in Broadbeach. Firefighters are not sure what caused the

with a father and son to
front court today over an alleged fake kidnapping. on a street in Strathfield It's suspected his
21-year-old son After police made inquiries, and publishing false material A man has been charged
after a woman was stabbed in the hand during
a suspected domestic incident on Sydney's lower North Shore. at 10:35 last night. grievous bodily harm. has asked for privacy from a suspected drug overdose. Hird has spent a second night in
treatment after an ambulance Quite clearly he's arrived at
a very low point in his life that led him to potentially take
this action. There are reports Hird was and verbal assaults in the months
leading up to his health scare. He remains under care personally ordered a
hacking attack After long speculation, the
Intelligence Committee report,

says the attack was aimed at
undermining the public's faith in the US democracy. aspired to help Trump's
election chances."

has just finished meeting
intelligence chiefs, saying he will appoint a
specialist team to combat cyber attacks,
after he enters office. If anyone wants to try they're going to have to get Those guys are, of course, As part of an annual tradition, who have an average weight at the Tokyo Meji shrine. And, of course,
the annual foot stomping ceremony wouldn't be complete
without the traditional

Which I'm told is a dance move of some kind.Do you know what the tab is?I thought it was some kind stomp?You know what the dad is? Stomp? That's not dabbing. It's when you put a hand on it's a dance move.It's a dance move?It's a dance move.And the championships are about to start in Japan, the sumo Championships. Really? You going on it?It is really one of the great tournaments of the world.Really?Absolutely. It's wonderful.

Roger Federer sharpened his form
ahead of the Australian Open with an outstanding performance last night. Federer looked back to his best to beat Frenchman Richard Gasquet
in straight sets, 6-1, 6-4. so I start to feel the ball and I'm just really pleased. I'm surprised how well
I'm playing so early already, um, couldn't be more happy Coverage of the Hopman Cup

David Warner has once again
made history at the SCG for the second time this week. Warner smashed the fastest
half-century by an Australian in Test history on Day 4 of
the third Test against Pakistan. Warner's knock has put Australia
in a commanding position going into
the final day's play with the Aussies needing nine The way the guys batted today,
especially Davey, obviously, you know, to get those runs
as quickly as possible, do some pretty
unselfish batting, I think, and bat for the team and get us Steve Smith and Usman Khawaja
also boosted their averages before Australia declared. In the Adelaide heat, a five wicket win over the Hobart
Hurricanes has kept the Strikers
Big Bash final's hopes alive. Chasing 161 to win, the Strikers opener
Ben Dunk starred with 79 runs off just 49 balls. COMMENTATOR: Well, Dunk
charges him and takes him on and takes him on
wonderfully well! in a match winning performance
to put him on the Aussie selectors radar. A stunning goal from Ivan Franjic
has given Melbourne City The Socceroos back
struck this cracking volley in the 19th minute
to put City ahead. COMMENTATOR: Ivan Franjic with after Artiz Borda was shown red
for a reckless elbow to the head of Bruno Fornaroli. It was City's first win and places them The opener, a soft penalty
by Yaya Toure. Havard Nordtveit's own goal
gifted their second. Midfielder David Silva made it
look easy COMMENTATOR: And David Silva,
David Silva, three. They are carving
West Ham United apart. The final score 5-0. Now today's weather. in the north-west and north-east. Weaker troughs are drawing
hot winds across western NSW, northern Victoria, and central Australia.

Brisbane scattered showers and 27 Possible shower and 27 in Sydney. Sunny in Canberra and 32. Melbourne, 37 and sunny. Mostly sunny in Hobart and 26. Very hot in Adelaide and 41. Clouds clearing in Perth and 27. And Darwin, showers and storms

JT is on holidays, he is coming back to do the weather soon. In case you didn't know, there is a renovation boom around the country.

And that means trades people are
in big demand and therefore very expensive. who will do the job for you in
exchange for cheap rent? One couple may have come up with
the winning solution. #('HOME' BY EDWARD SHARPE
AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS PLAYS) The idea is simple, triggered by necessity
to think outside the square. We're practical, hands-on people
who are creative. We can walk into a place and go,
"OK that needs to be done "or that needs to be done", We've gotta get something
out of it Heidi Albertiri
decorates homes for a living. Her hubby, Douk Konstantaras,
is a house painter. It's a match made in
makeover heaven. Yeah? That was it? I thought it was great,
being a tradesman and a painter, she would understand my job
and everything, so I thought it was
a good match, actually. We'd watch all the reality shows "My god, but like so many couples, How are we gonna get it? So, they are renting
and trying to save, but are being left behind
by the booming Sydney market.

While pondering
the deposit dilemma,

She posted an ad on Gumtree... ..offering to renovate a home
in return for very reduced rent. ('COME TOGETHER' PLAYS) We would be moving in,
we would be doing the makeover, and at the end of it, you know, I'm sure we'd be adding value to A win-win that's already caught # Home, let me come home # We've had two serious offers,
so far. And that's in, yeah, two days.
Two days. For this designer duo, For us, it's about creating
something together.

Such a great idea.

Heidi and Douk join us now.

The other thing is you can test things out on other people's before you

When you put that ad on Gumtree,
did you expect any replies?

Will buy quite surprised. Heidi put the adult on a Sunday afternoon, I was just in the kitchen pottering around.It has been taken up big- time, by the sound of it. To get to the brass tacks of this, you do the renovating in accordance with their wishes. They pay for all the materials, but you essentially provide the labour and consulting for free?And project managing, I guess. We do it in our day-to-day lives, so it comes naturally to us. It depends on the person. One- person Serb, I have no idea, you can do what you want.They are trusting.I have heard people say that living through a renovation is hell. That is when you are living through Noronha narration. Haddi think you are going to go when living through somebody else's renovation?We are pretty flexible in terms of what we do. We are creative. We have a child. He is probably going to think we are crazy.How old is he?His 13.He gets a few skills.He will be hanging around.Will put him to work.When the renovation is complete, do you move on to the next time?We don't know what will harden at the end of it.So, you're suggesting he would live there for a reduced rent or no rent?If it is reduced, if we are happy with the space we are working in.You could probably get squatters rights if you stretch out over seven years. (LAUGHTER)I think this idea could really take off. It comes down to your personality types. You and whoever you are doing it for.There has to be a connection with the owners and they have to be happy with us.At the end of the day, we will only attract people... Only people who get us.It is sharing economy, a new frontier. People can save money on this, particularly with lighting. Heidi, you are actually one of those red people for whom a light appears. -- rare. If you can get a bunch of solar panels...We will work on the gap.That is the next big idea. It is not just these guys who come up with great ideas. luck. Such a great idea. I'm you will be inundated.My son asked if we were moving. Will see what happens.Maybe cable Beach in Broome or something. inquiries to us and we will forward

Still to come - talk about purr-fect

which has sent social media
into a spin, but not for its cute cats. And fans made famous. Do you feature in Coldplay's
new video clip?

could you date the same person
for four decades? Why a loved-up couple
made every night a date night, and why they finally We speak to them, next.

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Nobody knows that we are doing the keyboard.

at the end of last year. Happily in love, the subject of
marriage only came up when the pair retired. for $31.

Pretty How the about It. -- They Are Pretty Happy about It.

Morning to you both, After 41 years why did you
finally decide to say, "I do"?

After 41 years, it was just time. There were reasons why we gotten married before. We are very excited.Was your mother putting pressure on you asking what his intentions were towards you? Throughout the years that we'd dated, of course, there were times when his mother would ask us about it, but no pressure, actually. I was just thinking when the time was right it would occur.And this was the right time.Over the years, we had our own careers.Linda or Bill, did one of you pop the question, or is it something you just decided on?Well, actually, we just decided. We were talking and decided that the time it was a mutual feeling and it was time. We actually decided and went to the courthouse three days later.For the grand total of $31. That is a wonderful courthouse service you have got there. Understand that the two of you, you haven't really live
together in all of this time that you been dating for 41 years. Now, Bill has moved into your joint, Linda. Is all working out?-- is it. Just perfect.Wow.We knew each other quite well.That is an understatement. You work out all domestic fund. I understand that your daughter said, it is really make that much difference because Bill has always been like a dad to us. You both mad when you are in your 30s. Your family and friends, what have they said to you about your decision to get married?They were ecstatic, they were all happy. They expected before. Like I said earlier, we had our own careers and so forth, and don't really live that close together a lot of the time. I was always close to Linda and her daughters. They were roughly 8 or nine when I met them. They were swimmers, for instance, and I went to all their meets. With you lot together, went to the same church, went to ball games together. We did things all the time. Would also kind of how different paths, to. And run on a figure married for a long time and they were shocked when it finally happens.What you think the secret to such a long- lasting relationship is, Linda? Many people get married early and they feel, well, we're married, we may as well stay together. What is your secret twoI actually think it's respect. If you have that breach other, you will be a successful stockand Bill, for you? Would you think?I think so. We always respected each other. I always cared about her and we looked out for each other. We had each other's best interests. That was the key. We were both secure with each other and our relationship. It was really wonderful. Even before the marriage, but it was a great relationship over the years. It was wonderful. No turmoil.Respect, people, that is it. Linda, Bill, thank you and stop many happy returns. Congratulations to you.Thank you thanks so much for having us.Dozen Bill look like a dad from Eight Is Enough?# Because eight is enough to fill our lives would love.

Coming up,
low-budget, big impact - will this commercial
convince you to adopt a cat?

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Bring it on - the cheerleading mum who's moves
have made her a worldwide hit. Dance like no-one's watching. Weekend Sunrise, 7am on Seven.

Cool stuff, that is tomorrow.

It's time for the news
with Denham. To the story
thats been leading the bulletins all morning, and police are questioning
the suspected gunman behind a mass shooting at Florida's
Fort Lauderdale Airport. Five people were shot dead when a man opened fire
at a baggage carousel. Live to Seven News reporter
Robert Ovadia. Rob, what do we know
about the suspect?

He is 26 years old. His name is Esther Buntine see a. Abberley we have a photo we can show you. This has been shown on several networks here, including CNN and NBC. The suggestion is that he had flown to Florida from Alaska, not Canada, which is where he lives with his girlfriend and a young child. He Wenna via Minneapolis Minnesota before landing in Florida. There is not a nation for how this has happened. Some family members are suggesting that he has been treated for mental illness recently, and that he had also served one year in the right. By people dead as a result of his alleged actions. Eight others injured. There is a traffic of ambulances.. Others are being treated for panic and shock. It could be quite sometime before Fort Lauderdale Airport is reopened.

I have reached out
to President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence
multiple times to keep them informed and they told me
whatever resources we need from the Federal Government, they would do everything
in their power to make that happen.

The inevitable suggestion is that gun control wouldn't take centre stage in terms of this debate. I heard a politician mentioned that this is not the time to be politicising this. 20 schoolkids died recently and I didn't really get a mention. I'm not sure if we will see this gun control issue resolved during our lifetimes.

Defending champ Milos Raonic
has fought back to beat 14 time
grand slam champion Rafael Nadal in the Brisbane International
keeping his title defence alive. Nadal was up a set and a break before the Canadian
wrested control, taking out the match
in three sets. Was it a deliberate thing to serve about 24 aces
in a match like that? That counts as six games, so, that's six games
I got for myself without having to run too much, which is very generous
of myself. (LAUGHTER) Raonic will face Grigor Dimitrov
in one semifinal while Kei Nishikori meets
Stan Wawrinka in the other. Live and free coverage
of the mens semis on 7TWO today before the women's final tonight and the Hopman Cup final between
France and the USA tonight on Seven. Nine wickets
stand between Australia and a clean sweep series win
over Pakistan. Play will get underway at the SCG
this morning, with Pakistan at 1/55.

It is just a gold coin donation at the grand. All the money goes to the Jane McGrath foundation.

Usman Khawaja smashed 79 not out
in Australia's second innings, but it was his dab celebration that attracted
the most attention. David Warner and Steve Smith
also contributed with half-centuries, before the Aussies declared
at 241. It will be up to the bowlers
to get the job done on the final days play.

The wicket's still pretty flat, but I think there should still
be enough there to create nine more chances, whether it's through
reverse swing or spin. Pakistan needs an improbable
410 runs for an upset win. A stunning goal from Ivan Franjic
has given Melbourne City a 1-0 win over the Western Sydney
Wanderers in the A-League. The Socceroos back
struck this cracking volley in the 19th minute
to put City ahead. COMMENTATOR:
Franjic, oh, what a hit! Ivan Franjic with
the first-time strike! The Wanderers finished the game
with just 10 men after Artiz Borda was shown red
for a reckless elbow to the head of Bruno Fornaroli. It was City's first win
in six games and places them
third on the table.

Here is your weather.

Brisbane, scattered showers
and 27. Possible shower and 27 in Sydney. Sunny in Canberra and 32. Melbourne, 37 and sunny. Mostly sunny in Hobart and 26. Very hot in Adelaide and 41. Clouds clearing in Perth and 27. And Darwin,
showers and storms and 32.

I think we need to record your reaction.Yes. (LAUGHTER)dripping with contempt.That is why I hate you. (LAUGHTER).

Still ahead this morning - Natalie Portman
as Jackie Kennedy. Will the award-winning actress
be up for another gong? Jabba's in
to give us his verdict. And next, a cat ad resembling
more of a car commercial. The unique sales tactic
that has the internet in a buzz.

We all know that a used-car salesman can tell you just about anything. What about a second-hand? A low-budget commercial for an American animal shelter has caught our attention. It shows that you don't need a big budget to tell a good tale.Has your gold fish lost its novelty? Department plans to excite you like they used to? Come down to Fur Kids furry animal Emporium. We have everything you could possibly want in a companion., See a selection of quality. We have the black is Is you've ever seen. Is at midnight inside a cough end. All about cats are self-cleaning and cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning. 26 -- 2016 models are compatible with Windows.The clip is promoting the Atlanta-based rescue and has had more than 2.5 million views on you Tube.

And joining us now from Georgia
in the United States, the CEO and founder of Fur Kids,
Samantha Shelton. Good morning.

Is greater to see.

Did you ever expect this ad,
which looks fairly low-budget, to go viral?

Good day, mate. Is great to join you from Atlanta Georgia. We are so excited, as you can imagine, with a listing in 30 minutes. In December, we thought, we would just love up on Facebook and it has just glowed -- lineup. It has been the greatest thing. It has been amazing.We just love the gap. Love that no one has done a second draft on the gap. There is some interesting editing going on. Most of all, we love Preston. Can you tell us about Paul Preston? He is like a combination of a Muppet and Steve Carrall? Who is he?Yes, who is this Paul Preston? Everybody wants in a. We have had applications to adopt him, to marry him, and he is phenomenal. Were is Paul Preston? Well, he is out of town in the mountains. On an even know if he understands all this. He is a wonderful guy.He is the brother of somebody who volunteers at the shelter, right? He's not an actor, a comedian. He is just a funny guy.He is a genius, really. He is naturally funny. Were so blessed in the Cayman show this video with us for 30 minutes. He spent a couple -- we spent a couple of hours editing end. With the stars of the video a couple of cans of Food. He has done an amazing thing. We realise that people want humour and laughter in their lives. Will able to take this important message, and we are so grateful. People don't want their pet to bring them down, they want them to bring them up. So much that it can do for you. Hasn't had the desired result? People adopting?It has been great. We have received so much support from around the world. We have had applications to adopt, we have had people willing to volunteer. We have received gifts of our website, our aim is on wish list. We have received some donations. It has just been amazing. -- is on list.

Whether people are inspired to go to their shelters and adopt. There are so many wonderful cats and dogs are available at your local shelter. We really hope that will be the last thing message here. People will go and adopt a wonderful homeless animal.Samantha, we love the video, we love Paul and we love you to. You obviously had a big budget for Paul's wardrobe. Think so much for being with us, hopefully, Fur Kids continues to go from strength to strength.Thank you very much, thanks for having me. We could bring him around for Carol's birthday party.Carol is my. Lastly, all the kids on and it was the worst day of Carroll's life. -- last year. The kids were trying to chase after him. He has lost weight and has very high cheekbones now. He also writes a motorbike. --

. Ahead this morning - Coldplay crowdsourcing. See what happens
when fans take control of Coldplay's video clip. And next - Jabba's in to review
the much-anticipated film about first lady Jackie Kennedy. Will it live up to the hype?

have long been fascinated

with the assassination of
the US President John F Kennedy, with movies such as 'JFK'
and 'Parkland' reconstructing his final moments. But there's yet to be a
movie focusing on Jackie Kennedy and how she handled
the tragic murder of her husband. That's about to change, with award-winning actress
Natalie Portman playing the fabled first lady
in the new flick 'Jackie'. Joining us now to discuss, Weekend Sunrise movie man
Jason 'Jabba' Davis. Morning, Jabba.

At the new Jab.

We're talking about 'Jackie'. Is it likely to become one of Natalie Portman's
momentous roles?

That is a very good question. Is being tipped for awards season glory. It has been given five stars. The film deals with Jackie in the immediate aftermath of the assassination of JFK, and also deals with life magazine. Billeted somebody who is in shock. She is suffering PTSD. Account are extremely inaccessible. Let's have a look at Jackie.

People like to believe
in fairytales. don't let it be forgot, that for one
brief shining moment, there was a Camelot.

Jackie had to remain... Even before the assassination. I saw it in LA, surrounded by weeping audience numbers. I couldn't connect with her. Her last three films have not secured a theatrical release in Australia. She is a bit of an eclectic performer. Go this and see for yourself. There is another film out this week called 'The Edge of Seventeen'. Is by James Brooks of Simpson's fame. This girl pesters her teacher played by Woody Harrelson.

People who radiate confidence
and naturally excel at life, and the people who hope that
all those people die in a big explosion. Look at the stupid shirt my
brother's wearing. It screams, "I have a body
complex worse than a girls." When I was 13, it was clear what
side of the equation I was on. Oh, my god, I knew it. It's really just the hair,
you can grow it out.

That looks good.Deserving of and award nomination for her performance. It passed the test at my place.

Don't go anywhere, Weekend Sunrise is back
in a moment.

(EXCITING MUSIC) The 2016 model clearance
is now on at Nissan, with fantastic drive-away prices
across the Nissan range. Hurry, this clearance
must end January 31.

Bring it on! The cheerleading mum whose moves
have made her a worldwide hit.

Dance like no-one's watching. Weekend Sunrise, 7am on Seven.

Terrific, and apparently Denham is going to lead us in a sheer lead. He does the gap. --. Will to bring in a festive holiday sweater in for him.He probably has a whole wardrobe. It be lovely having you again.Thanks for your company today.

We're going to leave you today with a new offering
from Coldplay. At the end of last year, the band asked their fans
to send in videos that capture an 'amazing day'. They used the footage
from all over the world to create what
you're about to see. Have a great day
and see you tomorrow! # Shed every bruise
# And showed every scar # Your hand in mine, singing # Life has a beautiful,
# Crazy design # And time seemed to say # Forget the world
# And all its weight

# And here, I just wanna say # Amazing day
# Amazing day

# Sat on a roof,
# Named every star

# And showed me a place
# Where you can be who you are # And the view
# The whole Milky Way # In your eyes
# I'm drifting away # And in your arms
# I just wanna sway # Amazing day
# Amazing day

# Oh, oh, oh
# Oh, oh, oh

# Oh, oh, oh
# Oh, oh, oh

# Oh, oh, oh # And I asked every book
# Poetry and chime # Can there be breaks
# in the chaos of times? # Oh, thanks, God # You must've heard
# When I prayed # Because now I always
# Want to feel this way Live captioning by Ai-Media ('SUMMERTIMESOUL' BY KYLE PLAYS) Hello, and welcome to the weekend
edition of The Morning Show. Coming up for you, Sophie Delezio
opens up about her bright future, Broadway star Shoshana Bean
performs just for you today. But first,
meet the body-building granny proving you can get fit at any age. It's all ahead on The Morning Show. So many people, old and young, live their lives according
to stereotypes. saying, "I can't do this,"
because of this or that. into the end of their lives and then
find out that it's all too late. But the grandma of three is breaking
more than just the one stereotype, with her biggest supporter
being her long-term partner, David, who at age 49
is 23 years her junior. Janice and David join us live
from Canberra this morning. Good morning.
Good morning. Good morning.
Hi, guys. Janice, we'll start with you.
Uh-huh. What was the deciding moment
that made you start training to be a body builder? And at that stage,
when you made that decision, you were 55 at that point. Yes, I was, I'd just retired.
Yeah. And it was a devastating experience. Everything that I used to do
every day is gone. And the gym was still intact, so I went across to the gym And that was great
being able to go during the day instead of the night-time,
rushing after work. But then I thought,
even the classes during the day, there were older women
just tentatively getting up on their boxes, not throwing
their weight into things. And I thought,
"Is this how I'm supposed to be?" And when I walked out one day, I spied this woman
who was about in her 80s or 90s, and she was as thin as a toothpick and crumpled flesh
hanging from her arms and she couldn't walk unaided,
just leaning on her support. I thought,
"I'm not going to be like that." I heard that weight resistance
training was fantastic for bone density. And I was worried
about osteoporosis, the possibility of that. So I thought, not only do I want
to get strong and vital, I need a purpose,
I need something to strive for, something to put my energy into. So I went into the weight room,
which was dominated by males then, when I first started
in the weight room. "What are you doing on the machines? "How long have you got?
"How many sets are you doing? (LAUGHTER) You know, like, it was,
"This is our place." You know, so that was pretty hard, but then I decided to compete
and it all went from there. Living with David is... Because couples often
don't allow each other to grow and be everything they can be, they tend to work
against each other sometimes. And stereotypes also stop people. But David's always been for me,
saying, "You go, girl. "You be anything you can be. "Answer your dreams." And I think that's one of the most
valuable things about my life now and being with the person I'm with. David, this looks like
an incredibly strong relationship from what we can gather. Tell us your story.
How did you guys meet? We...
(LAUGHS) I went out one night
to a nightclub called Rascals.

I spied this lady and sort of timed
until she'd finished dancing, and I went down and got on one knee
and said, "Would you like to dance?" And she did.
How long ago was this, Dave? This was back in 1990.
25 years ago. 25 years ago, just over. So if we paint the picture,
you were 24 at the time. I was.
And Janice, you were 48. On the day. I'd just turned 48.
48. There we go. I'm turning 50 next month. What a fantastic...
So you've been together a long time? ..great relationship.
25 years, yeah. Do you go to the gym together, Dave? (LAUGHS)
No, it's a bit scary. I asked her out to the pictures
and then she said, "After gym." I thought I might have
some competition. (LAUGHS)
(LAUGHS) David, what do you think
of Janice's body building?

Uh... It's pretty amazing what she's done. It's taken a lot of courage
'cause she's not a very big person. This Italian guy
that sort of told her she had to eat a lot of pasta
when she first started.