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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Today the Federal Government suspends the importation of green prawns after an outbreak of white spot disease.

Indonesia appears to have backed down on a military decision to suspend defence cooperation with Australia. The Health Minister faces scrutiny over a decision to purchase property during a taxpayer-funded trip. And: A new study shows living by a major road can increase your risk of developing dementia.

Hello. Kathryn Robinson with ABC News. The Federal Government is taking action against a major prawn importer following an outbreak of a devastating disease, which is threatening the industry in Queensland. The white spot disease has contaminated several prawn farms on the Logan River between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Federal Agriculture Minister and deputy PM, Barnaby Joyce, says the de disease is not dangerous to humans, but is deadly for prawns.We have about a - $360 million a year prawn industry. We got the detection of white spot disease, or what we thought was white spot disease, back in November, around about 22 November. On the first of December it was confirmed it was white spot. Yesterday it was made aware, to me - I was told - that they are detecting white spot in imported green prawns that you buy in the shop for human consumption. But that, for me, is a huge concern. Because I know what happens - people have a tendency to - if they run out of prawns - to use them as bait. It means they get into the waterways, means it can affect prawn farms. What we are doing - I have been talking to - came straight to Canberra obviously yesterday to deal with the issue. What we are - I have now, after talking to the secretary of my department, who holds the authority in this area, not me, we are going to have a suspension on the importation of green prawns into Australia to try and get on top of this issue straight away. What I can say to people - if you are buying green prawns or you have bought them from the retail out lets, please do not put them in a waterway or use them as bait. They are brought for human consumption. If you cook a prawn, it kills the white spot. We are not saying that the white spot in the farms came from imported green prawns. But there is a possible. We have to make sure that possibility is removed. Cook prawns obviously don't have white spot. So, there is no been on them. Obviously areas in Australia which - the vast majority of the coastline is free from white spot. They are still able to be in production. So, it really - a section of the market, which is imported green prawns, raw prawns, uncooked. If it's not cooked, then we don't have the capacity to kill the virus. When cooks, it does kill the virus. There is the capacity for the importation of cooked prawns. Nick Moore from the Australian Prawn Farmers Association is one of the farmers affected by the white spot contamination. He says destroying his prawn stock has been devastating.The biggest concern I have is for the owners, the people that have built their farm and their families that have done this for the last 30-plus years. Then you have your staff, of course. We will have to - won't be able to keep the numbers of staff, which is our case is 35, on this farm alone. It is a devastating, horrible, terrible situation that probably - and certainly could have been - avoided. Last Thursday was probably the worst day in my prawn-frarming life. To watch animals being chlorinated, watch... As a prawn farmer, or any farmer who does livestock, your animals are your life. You spend so much time looking after and nurturing an animal. To watch a chlorinated pond with 25,000 litres of chlorine going into a hectare of water, watching 400,000 prawns come to the surface as their gills get destroyed by the chlorine and can't breathe, watching them die over a period of more than 30 minutes was absolutely gut wrenching.Indonesia has apparently backed down over its suspension of military cooperation with Australia. The move comes after a flurry of contradictory statements from Indonesia's leaders. Indonesia correspondent, Adam Harvey, has more. Gatot Nurmantyo's decision to suspend military cooperation surprised his own Government and came as a shock to Australia. He's told Indonesian media how offended he was by material presented at a training course in Australia. Presented not just by the lecturers, but by the students as well. TRANSLATION: The curriculum and the lessons, as well as the result of the curriculum and the assignment paper of the students, were insulting. It hurt so much I don't need to explain it here. It was about an officer in the past. It was about East Timor, it was about Papua needing independence. It was about being manipulated.After the General's decision created headlines for 24 hours and prompted all sorts of confusion in two countries, top Indonesian Cabinet Minister, Wiranto, came in over the top and said the suspension was only ever about a language course. He blamed the media. Relations will now, hopefully, be reset, although the whole affair has prompted a closer look at General Gatot. The ABC uncovered these extraordinary comments he made about Chinese refugees. TRANSLATION: If they ever come to my place they will come by sea. Once they cross the ocean, I will butcher 10 cows in the middle of the ocean. The sharks will definitely gather. After that, I will shoot at them. Just by using small weapons so they leak and they all can be eaten by sharks. (APPLAUSE) Relations between the two countries might be a bit banged up, by both nations are now free to take part in mill try exercises next month. Defence reporter, Andrew Greene, says the Indonesian military chief is taking a very hardline towards Australia.He has featured prominently in Indonesia. He's been going on roadshows and giving speeches for some time now. Speaking to one defence official who had been planning to head to Indonesia towards the end of last year, he said that his trip was put off because officials in Indonesia, Australian officials, had detected that there was this rhetoric against Australia. So it was probably not a good time to head over. Now, of course, his comments, while they were perhaps well-known to an Indonesian audience, they are now very well-known to Australia, given the drastic action. So I think the emergence of General Gatot for Australia is something that will be a lasting legacy of this incident. But perhaps, also, the other thing that we're really going to be familiar with now is that high level of cooperation that Australia has, particularly at a Special Forces level with Indonesia, and all those joint training exercises. It was probably not very well-known publicly that Kopassus troops come to Australia regularly. Now that is a well-known fact. He is someone who is very outspoken about foreign militaries, be it the United States or China, which Australia has a common interest with Indonesia on, given the expansion of Chinese territory in the South China Sea. But, yes, General Gatot is someone who is somewhat of a political player, something that we don't see in the Australian system. We don't see our military leaders being quite as plilz as we -- political as we see General Gatot. There has been a history over decades of Indonesian military flexing its muscle in a political sense. So, we, perhaps - we're not going to see any drastic thing like a coup or Gatot trying to seize power, but certainly he has been speaking on a much broader range of topics than an Australian military leader traditionally would. And the very initial statements from the Indonesian President, once the suspension was made public, was that he was distancing himself from it. He was definitely saying that this was a decision solely of the military chief. Since then, we've heard other language from President. We have seen cab minister Minister Wiranto issue the statement where he downplays the level of that military suspension. So, like a lot of our dealings with Indonesia, things aren't entirely clear. It is still being worked out, and that is the task now for Australian diplomats, Australian military leaders, to go over and to iron out exactly what this means. We already know that there is a big effort underway from the Australian military. That will involve Angus Campbell, the armly chief, heading to Jakarta soon. The Australian Army insists it isn't going over to issue an apology but I suspect there will be diplomacy on that trip.Defence reporter, Andrew Greene, there. An impulse purchase is how the Health Minister is explaining her decision to buy a luxury apartment on a taxpayer-funded trip. Sussan Ley bought the unit on the Gold Coast during an official business trip in 2015. The Opposition says she needs to justify the trip or resign. Political reporter, Ashlynne McGhee, has the details.On it 9 May 2015 the Health Minister was in Brisbane. She held a press conference at the Wesley Hospital where she announced $1.3 billion in Government spending. But it's actually the spending that afternoon that has her in hot water now. She travelled down to the Gold Coast and it's there that she bought a luxury apartment, overlooking Main Beach for nearly $800,000. Now, her office says that the trip to the Gold Coast was to meet with stakeholders, to discuss access to medicine, and that all of her travel was within the allowances. But she did bill taxpayers for the trip. She charged them $1500 and her office is refusing to say who she met with on the Gold Coast that made it part of that official business trip.Let's listen to what Barnaby Joyce had to say about this earlier.On the issue of Minister Ley, look, we don't concoct a 1.3 billion medical announcement. She was there for work. She had other work to do. The fact that this happened concurrently was not the reason she went there. She went there for a $1.3 billion announcement. That is part of your job.The Opposition is demanding she explain the trip. What exactly do they want answered?Look, that's exactly right. Now, Sussan Ley's office says that the purchase wasn't planned, nor anticipated in any way. Essentially it was an impull purchase of an $800,000 apartment, and the opposition's crying foul, saying if she was there for business on the Gold Coast, she needs to immediately release her diaries to say who she was with, what the purpose of meeting with them was and to provide evidence and justification for that. They are saying that if she can't, then she needs to resign, or Malcolm Turnbull, the Prime Minister, needs to sack here.Has she broken any rules?Look, her office says that all of her travel was within the allowances, but the ministerial Code says that while your public life may impin j on your personal life, it should never impact on your public life. Whether she's broken any life remains to be the seen. Opposition hasn't said she is. They are just saying she needs to answer questions in order to that she hasn't broken the rules.The Federal Opposition slammed the Government for its debt recovery program after Centrelink stepped up its approach to chasing welfare overpayments. It cross-checking information with the Tax Office to figure out who's been overpaid welfare and sending letters to people it believes owes money. But the Government's conceded one in five people, who have received the notification, don't actually owe a thing.It is no wonder that Paul Shetler, the person brought in to oversee the Government's information technology interaction across departments, has described this debacle as cataclysmic. It is no wonder that Paul Shetler has said that if this was a private business that admitted that 20% of its letters at least were on a false basis, then they would be put out of business. Now, it is about time that Malcolm Turnbull got on top of this issue.The Australian people expect that we have a social services system where people can receive the benefits that they are entitled to, if you are unemployed, if you have a disability, if you are in other circumstances where there is an entitlement to a benefit. I think the Australian people also expect that the Federal Government will be careful stewards of what is, after all, taxpayers' moneys, and will have systems in place so that if money is being paid in circumstances where the recipient was not entitled to receive it, then there is a process to identify and recover that.Overseas now - senior Republicans have warned Donald Trump that Russian President Vladimir Putin is the up to no good, and to heed the advice of his inteel general agency -- intelligence agencies. Testifying before a US Senate committee, the US spy chief said Russian meddling in the presidential election included hacking and spreading traditional propaganda of fake news. North America correspondent, Conor Duffy, reports. America's top spy didn't code his message. This wasn't a hack, more like all-out cyber Cold War.This was a multifaceted campaign. So, the hacking was only one part of it. And it also entailed classical propaganda, disinformation, fake news.The spies couldn't tell if it changed votes, but say it poses a major threat. Certainly the intelligence community can't gauge the impact it had on choices of the electorate. But I don't think that we have overencountered a more aggressive or direct -- ever encountered a more aggressive or direct campaign to interfere with our election process than we've seen in this case.Russia and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have denied they tried to influence the election. General James Clapper had a message for The Australian too.Do you think there is any credibility we should attach to this individual, given his record of... My view...Not in your view... President-elect Donald Trump's also been sceptical about Russian involvement. Today, he changed tact, tweeting:

Tomorrow, he will get an intelligence briefing and he was warned to be on his best behaviour by his own side of politics.Putin's up to too good. He better be stopped. Mr President-elect Donald Trump, when you listen to these people, you can be sceptical. But understand they are the best among us.Who actually is the benefactor of someone who is about to become Commander In Chief trashing the intelligence community?I think there is a difference between scepticism and disparagement. President Obama received a classified version of the report today. The rest of the world will see it next week. While it will be highly redacted, spy chiefs have promised it will reveal the motive behind the hacking. Australian manufacturers are facing a gas shortage within six months and are being forced into big price hikes to ensure supply. Some local industrial buyers are being pushed to the brink, facing a 100% hike in the price for their gas. Tony Wood from the Gratton Institute explains the situation.Well, we are faced - and I guess we have been faced - coming towards this for the last couple of years. The situation in the which very large increases in export volumes, driven by LNG facilities in Queensland, in particular, have been sucking up a lot of gas on the east coast of Australia. Opening up the market to internal pricing -- international pricing, and that pricing has been substantially higher than historically consumers in Australia have paid for their gas. So, those consumers are now faced with a difficult situation where the price of gas - the wholesale component of the price of gas - the underlying price of the gas before it's actually transported - is going up, as you suggested, by the best part of 100%. It is unlikely to come down any time soon. Has is difficult, obviously.Is the root of the problem we are exporting overseas, at theness of supplying to our domestic market?Well, partly. The main issue is that our domestic market has been in many ways pro-decked from international competition because we have never had the facilities to export our gas to the open international market. Therefore, arguably, then take advantage of those prices. It's been a protected market. Opening up to the international market means that that protection is no longer there. So, we either pass on the true international price for domestic consumers, which is painful, or we subsidise gas consumers, pafl for others. We are faced with a difficult dilemma. For many large industrial consumers, this was not something they saw coming.Some companies and businesses have said that they have been told by their gas suppliers that they simply can't meet their demand, forcing potentially closure of certain businesses. Which sectors are most at risk of this?There are, in Australia, relatively small numbers, but for whom it is a very difficult challenge, of industries that use a lot of gas in processing. Either for heating or, alternatively, for feed stock into their chemical processing. They don't have too many alternatives. Certainly in the short-term. So, for them, when the gas price goes up dramatically, as they have been looking at now coming for the last year or two, the difficulty is for them - particularly if they are competing with businesses that are not facing that sort of challenge - is very significant indeed. So, you know, food processors in regional parts of Australia, chemical manufacturers, and pornlly in the longer term -- potentially in the longer term, people who use a lot of gas for heating of their products when manufacturing them are faced with this difficulty. Most homes and small businesses - it may not be such a big deal. It won't be welcome. But it probably isn't a fundamental threat to the ongoing viability of what they are doing, but for some manufacturing businesses it is a very significant and real change.If it is happening on a commercial level, you just touched on homes there - they need to be heated, they need gas for whatever reason. Are homes going to be forced with -- faced with huge slugs to the bill and potentially one day be faced with no supply?I don't think the threat of supply is necessarily for homes and those who use gas, importantly, as a fundamental problem. I think there is the potential for more supply, particularly in places in Australia where currently we have some constraints on increasing that supply, because of moratoriums and so forth. But for most of us, particularly those who live, say, in Victoria, it happens to be 30 degrees-plus today, but in winter, when we use a lot of gas for heating, we can certainly see price increases. Now, for us, as domestic consumers, or small businesses, the wholesale part of the gas bill is not the overwhelming major component. So, we may not see that sort of 100% increase in gas prices I have just mentioned. But we certainly could be seeing increases of several hundred dollars a year. That may mean over time a lot of people will begin do question whether or not they should continue to use gas in their homes and small businesses, and whether or not moving away from gas in the future might be the way to go. That is a longer-term issue. These sort of price increases will cause people to rethink their choices of energy. Tony Wood from the Gratton Institute - many thanks for your time today. Let's look at the business news with Sue. A big plunge in the company that operates Dreamworld on the Gold Coast?Yeah. That's right. It was a fatal accident at Dreamworld in October. Since then, since the parks have reopened in December, the company who owns them says that they have made - they have lost about $6 million on ticket sales. So, Ardent Leisure says it's made $3.7 million from the parks in December, but that's down nearly two thirds from the same time a year ago. The company's shares plunged nearly 7% today, but they have since recovered ground. Ardent says the progressive reopening of rides affected Aden dance, but visitor sentiment has been positive. Four people were killed in an accident at Dreamworld in October when their raft collided with another on a ride.OK. A surprise trade surplus in November. Yeah. In fact, the first trade surplus that Australia as seen in nearly three years. That is because of a rise in exports. So, figures from the Bureau of Statistics show a trade surplus of $1.2 billion seasonally adjusted in November, up from a more than $1 billion deficit in October. The last monthly trade surplus was in March 2014. It was driven by higher prices from sign your and coal. Economists expected a deficit. Other data shows that iron or exports to China from Port Hedland hit a record in December. How is the market doing today?It is flat now, in late trade. It detective did a boost from the trade figures, bit's come down figures, bit's come down again.
Let's detective did a boost from the trade
figures, bit's come down Let's look at the charts.

CSL has signed a licensing agreement with an US firm.

Cars # -- Toyota shares fell as much as 3%.

US stocks made their first loss of the year.

.Thank you. In cricket, Pakistan has just been dismissed for 315 in their chase of Australia's first innings' score of 538. The entire first session this morning was lost to rain as the heavens opened in Sydney. After lunch, the players were back on the field, and Younis Khan brought were back on the field, and Younis
Khan brought up his 150 in style. He finished on 175 not-out, while Josh Hazelwood picked up the last two wickets of the innings. Opener, Matt Renshaw, will be out of action today after copping a blow on the helmet yesterday in the field. Usman Khawaja is opening the batting with David Warner in Khawaja is opening the batting with
David Warner in the Aussie second innings. For more on sport, including an amazing performance by Chris Lynn in last night's Big Bash, here is Andre Leslie.Chris Lynn is really starting to take this competition by storm. I saw statistics recently showing him as being the third-highest six hitter of any team in the Big Bash. Just he alone is hitting so many sixes. This was alone is hitting so many sixes. This
was a Brisbane Heat versus Perth Scorchers game. The Scorchers did pretty well, they got a slow start but Mitch Marshall, as well as Shaun Marsh, both scored powerfully. They got the Scorchers to 173, which is not a shabby target, by any means, in Twenty20. Chris Lynn - we will see some of his hitting now. Absolutely amazing! I don't think I have seen any sort of hitting like that. That is actually Brendon McCullum breaking his bat. That is a different story, that one there. That's happened a few times.They don't make bats like they used to! (LAUGHTER) This is really all about Chris Lynn. 11 sixes. That is tied record for Big Bash, tied with Chris Gayle, a couple of seasons back. Even the way he brought up the victory, stepping across and smashing it for six... Agar couldn't believe it. He won in the 15th over. A man to watch - maybe even the 15th over. A man to watch -
maybe even in the maybe even in the Australian colours.A tip. Hop - poor -- Hopman Cup - a poor performance from Nick Kyrgios.He has been in good form. Looked the goods, won Kyrgios.He has been in good form.
Looked the goods, won both of his singles. This time, against Sock, see emwilled to be labouring more than usual under the knee injury, which he said people shouldn't be worried about. He didn't look in good form, really. Struggling and lost 6-2, 6-2. Daria Gavrilova did leave the tournament with a smile. She got a win if # -- in her singles. She won 6-3, 4-6, 7-5 against Vandervelde vand -- cocoa. Worried about Kyrgios. Didn't take part in the mixed doubles, because of the knee injury. Australia went on the to lose against the US. So, I'm... Watch this space on Kyrgios. He has said he is OK for the Australian Open?He said it but... It's hard to tell really if he' piece pulled out.In Brisbane, Rafah looking like piece pulled out.In Brisbane, Rafah
looking like he's getting into good form. .You know I have rated him. I am tipping him for a big Australian Open this time around. We talked about this. He's actually looking better as this Brisbane tournament goes on. He beat his opponent 6-1, 6-1 - comprehensive! The match ended in 55 minutes. He really flew through. It is all part of this return from injury. He had a wrist problem that kept him out couple of months. He is now number 9, not even right up there, but he's got to be considered the favourite, I think, for this tournament, the way he considered the favourite, I think,
for this tournament, the way he is sliding for this tournament, the way he sliding through his matches. He will next take on Milos Raonic, the defending champ. That should be one heck of a game. A big Canadian, pretty exciting tennis prospect as well. Something to watch out for. He is looking good for the Australian Open, which isn't that is looking good for the Australian
Open, which isn't that far away. Thank you very much. Another day of extreme heat in South Australia today with temperatures right now nearing 40 degrees. It's prompted the State Emergency Service to hand out advice packs on coping with the high temperatures to incoming international travellers. Overseas travellers arriving in South Australia today have landed in the middle of some extreme heat. Yesterday it was 36 degrees here in Adelaide, today it is expected to top 40 degrees. Tomorrow, 41. That is just in the city. Elsewhere around the state it could be even hotter. So the State Emergency Service has been here this morning, greeting passengers with a bottle of water, and a pamphlet about how to beat the heat. Extreme heat accounts for more deaths than any other natural hazard here in Australia. The State Emergency Service wants people coming from overseas - especially from some cold climates like Europe - to stay safe.The visitors, we want to make sure they are dressing to the climate. Some people may be coming in with scarfs and jumpers. We want them to start thinking about wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Maybe which flip-flops.The State Emergency Service will be here until midday. They will be back again tomorrow as well when it will be hot once again. They are also telling South Australians to stay safe. We are out of practice with heatwaves this summer. So far we've had more wind and rain than hot weather. The only 40-degree day we have had was Christmas Day. The SES is telling everyone to take flair, drink water, and to keep an eye on those who might be vulnerable. Let's take a quick look at the rest of the weather in the kilometres cities: -- capital cities:

The top stories: The Federal Government's immediately suspended imports of xwreen prawns because -- green prawns because of an outbreak of white spot disease. The disease isn't dangerous to humans, but it can kill crustaceans. There are four Australian farmers with known white spot infections spread across five properties between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, says he wants to stop the disease spreading further. Indonesia appears to have backed down from its suspension of all military cooperation with Australia. A senior Cabinet Minister says the suspension only applies to language classes at Special Forces fallacies. 24 hours earlier, Indonesia's military chief announced an immediate freeze of all cooperation because of offence taken at Australian military training material. The top US intelligent chief says he is resolute in his belief that Russia staged cyberattacks during the US election, rebuking scepticism from President-elect Donald Trump about whether Moscow was involved. Director of National intelligence, General James Clapper, toll Congress -- told Congress Vladimir Putin ordered the hacking of Democratic Party emails. And the Federal Opposition called for the Health Minister to resign if she can't explain why she purchased a property on taxpayer-funded -- on a taxpayer-funded trip. Sussan Ley claimed nearly $1500 for a trip to Brisbane in 2015, then travelled to the Gold Coast where he bought a luxury apartment. Let's get more now on the escalating tensions between Russia and the United States. America's top intelligence chief says there hasn't been a more aggressive campaign to interfere with the US election Than Russia's actions in last year's presidential race. General James Clapper accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of ordering the hacking of Democratic Party emails and promised to reveal the motive next week. Moscow denies any wrongdoing.Washington is investigating what could be the biggest political break in since watergate. In the 70s it was the building belonging to the Democratic committee that was burgle. In 2016 it was the computer system at the headquarters. A robbery in cyberspace, rather than in person. US intelligence believes it was orchestrated by Vladimir Putin to help Donald Trump win the election. I want to welcome all our members... Today the allegations were aired publicly on Capitol Hill ate this committee.
Republican-controlled Congressional committee.Every American should be alarmed by Russia's attacks on our nation. There is no national security interest more vital to the United States of America than the ability to hold free and fair elections without foreign interference. That is why Congress must set partisanship aside, follow the facts, and work together to devise comprehensive solutions to deter, defend against, and when necessary respond to foreign cyberail tacks.America's director of national intelligence, James Clapper, said he stood more resolutely. In a statement released in October he said Moscow was interfering to help Donald Trump. He was asked if that was an act of war. Whether or not that constitutes an act of war, I think is a very heavy policy call that I don't believe the intelligence community should make. But it's certainly - would carry, in my view, great gravity.The President-elect repeatedly rubbished the notion there he achieved a Kremlin-assisted victory and has poured scorn on America's spies. He has spoken approvingly of jarnl Julian Assange the founder of w. That enrage -- of WikiLeaks. That enraged senators.Who is the Ben factor of someone who is about to become Commander In Chief trashing the intelligence community?I think there is a difference between scepticism and disparagement.How would you describe Mr Assange?Um. I don't think those of us in the intelligence community have a whole lot of respect for him.Then this blunt and direct message for President-elect Donald Trump from a senior member of his own party.I want to let the President-elect know that it is OK to challenge the intel. You are absolutely right to want to do so. But what I don't want you to do is undermine those who are serving our nation in this arena u until you are -- arena, until you are sure. I think they need to be uplifted not undermined.Trump Tower has its own mic climate of Twitter storms, and today was who difference. The President-elect took to social media to complain that journalists were being dishonest in saying he agreed with Julian Assange. He was a big fan of the intelligence community. Earlier I spoke to defence and security commentator, Allan Behm, about the issue.When the heads of the security agencies - in this chase the director of national intelligence and the head of the NSA - when they opened their mouths and say, in public that they have evidence, you can rely on the fact that is what they have got.The President-elect Donald Trump has been resolute, though, in saying that Russia had nothing to do with it, and that he - he was sceptical that Russia had anything to do with it, and he's been busy on Twitter over the last 24 hours saying as such.Government by Twitter is a new phenomenon, I think. I don't know what the grounds of his scepticism might be. He doesn't appear to adduce any evidence to the contrary to that of General James Clapper. The President is playing an altogether different game, playing a political game against the Democratic Party, rather than the national security space, which is what this is about. I think the President is playing quite a dangerous game here, because he appears to discredit the credibility of the very agencies that are going to advise him as president.If he is handed irrefutable evidence tomorrow, when he meets with the DNI, what position does that leave him in?He will spin that off to say the ZNI is a great bloke, that the evidence was interesting evidence, and that it will have to be pushed further. I mean, there are Mr Techniques for spinning this kind of issue out and President-elect Donald Trump is evidently extremely good at that. But the more fundamental issue is that this is not just about hacking. This is really about the security relationship between the United States and Russia. And that is a space that the President-elect is going to have to work into very carefully, and his critical advisers are going to be the State Department and the Pentagon, backed up by the evidence produced by the intelligence agencies. And that's something that he must learn quickly to understand and appreciate.This is all playing out on a very public stage, in full view of the Russians to view this theatre, as such. How do you think they would be viewing this?Look, I think they would be rubbing their hands gleefully and getting into their third or fourth vodka for the day. It is really an extraordinary scene that plays well into the kind of disruptive and contrarian politics that Putin is so good at. So, what Putin is doing, I think, is playing off the contrarian nature of Trump himself and I think that plays handsomely into the way inchy the Russians conduct their international relations, not only across Europe, but across the rest of the world, in general. It is a dangerous time, I think, for the United States and President troim has to lift -- Trump has to lift his game.How will this impact relations between the intelligence officials and Donald Trump post-inauguration? A lovely question. What will happen, I think, is that President Trump - he is no fool - he's a very successful businessman. He will work quickly to come to an accommodation with his policy and intelligence advisers. The sooner the better it will be both for him and the United States generally.Allan Behm, good to talk to you, thank you. Four people in the US city of Chicago are facing hate crime and kidnapping charges, accused of torturing a mentally disabled man in a session aired on Facebook live. In an assault that went on for two days, the 18-year-old victim, who was white, bound, gagged and beaten. The suspects, who were Al African American, are aged between 18 and 24. In the video, the suspects can be heard making derogatory comments about white people and Donald Trump. Chicago Police have described the incident as sickening.Let me be very clear: The actions in that video are rep henceable -- reprehensible. That alone, with racism, has no place in the city of Chicago or anywhere else, for that matter, against anyone, regardless of their race, gender, state of mental health or any other identifying factor. There was never a question whether or not this incident qualified to be investigated as a hate crime.German officials revealed the Christmas market attacker used 14 different identities, allowing him to claim large amounts in welfare and evade authorities. The migrant was due to be reported when he rammed a truck into a crowd in Berlin, killing 12 people. Several days later, Anis Amri was shot dead by police in Milan. Italian Police confirmed the gun found was the same weapon used in the Christmas attack. Four Yemeni inmates released from the US Guantanmo Bay military prison in Cuba have landed in Saudi Arabia. The releases signal the final push by President Obama to reduce the number of inmates before he leaves office. The US President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday called for all further releases of prisoners from Guantanmo Bay to stop. Up to 15 prisoners are expected to be transferred before President Obama hands power to Mr Trump in two weeks' time. Police in Israel have questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the second time this week over allegations he improperly accepted gifts from wealthy businessmen. Investigators attended Mr Netanyahu's official home in Jerusalem. Israeli media also reported he was interrogated for three hours earlier in the week. Among the allegations, that luxury accommodation and concert tickets were supplied to his family members by Australian billionaire, James Packer. Mr Netanyahu repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. Back home: The Federal Health Minister is facing pressure from the opposition for buying an apartment on a taxpayer-funded trip to the Gold Coast. Shadow Health Minister Catherine King says if Ms Ley can't offer a reasonable explanation she should resign.The Minister needs to come out to explain today what her business was on the Gold Coast, if she had stakeholder meetings, what those meetings were, and what percentage of that trip, what proportion of her trip, was actually involved in this purchase. Now, the Minister has said today that she has purchased this on a whim. I don't know many people who purchase a $700,000-plus property on a whim. Certainly not in the world most people inhabit that that would be the case. If the Minister can't properly explain the circumstances of this purchase, she either needs to resign - he needs to resign, and if she won't, then Malcolm Turnbull, who is responsible for making sure his Ministers comply with the ministerial Code of Conduct, he needs to get her off the frontbench immediately.Living near a main road could increase your risk of dementia, according to a new study. Researchers tracked more than 6 million people over 10 years and found there was a 7% higher risk of developing the illness for those living within 50m of a main road. CEO of Alzheimer's Australia, Maree McCabe, has more.Well, I think this is a really interesting body of research, and certainly an area that we've not looked at before necessarily. I think that the thing that's really important and that they talked about is the importance of risk reduction strategies. So, making sure that people exercise regularly, that they eat well, that they stay socially engaged and connected. When I say "exercise", exercise your brain as well as your body. Alzheimer's Australia has a website called Your Brain Matters and we encourage people to have a look at the things that you can do to reduce your risk of developing dementia, even in the earlier stages of dementia, when risk reduction strategies can prevent the exacerbation of symptoms.So would risk reduction strategies now include potentially looking at where someone might live? Whether it be on a busy road or not?Look, I think it's too early in the study to actually identify that. The study did a great job in trying to include things like air pollutants and noise pollutants. It wasn't conclusive. Certainly it needs a lot more research into that area. And no, we wouldn't be advocating to people that they move from living next to a major road. It may be related to other factors, it maze be that people who live near major roads, in fact, have a - they come from a lower socioeconomic group, and we - studies show that, unfortunately, people in a lower socioeconomic group are more prone to conflict conditions like dementia.So, how would you go about advocating research centres and perhaps even Government bodies to research these initial links at the very early stages to take them forward?Well, look, the research into dementia is incredibly important and of t last couple of years there's been an increase in the funding to actually be able to provide more research into dementia. I think it is important that we do broaden the scope that we currently look at, and environmental factors may blaze a part and it is -- play a part and it is important that we identify that if that's the case, and then work out how to best manage that.The report suggested that busy roads, noise pollution and air pollution, could be an environmental stressor that may give rise to dementia. What are the other types of environmental stresses that people need to look out for and perhaps mitigate?Well, one of the things around noise pollution and air pollution are the challenges for your cardiovascular health. What we know and what research shows is that what's good for your heart is good for your brain. So, making sure that we increase our exercise, that we have an active and enjoyable social life. They are the sorts of things - eating well is really important. Looking after our vascular health, like making sure that our blood pressure and our cholesterol are at healthy levels. So, they are the sorts of things that we advocate doing.Thank you for joining us. Technological advances are usually aimed at the young, but as people live longer, tech companies are looking at new and growing doctor markets - the elderly. Gadgets are being developed to aid every day tasks such as opening a can of soup or making a bed.Salad. It is about lunchtime, yeah?Taking care of an older family member requires pact, strength and -- patience strength and training. The job is growing more essential. The World Health Organization estimates by 2050 the proportion of world's population over the age of 60 will have doubled. Could a row boat help out? This year's Consumer Electronics Show will be crawling with them. Can any of them take care of your ageing parents? Well, not yet. The US Defense Department sponsors an annual competition for all in one robots that can use human tools and drive human vehicles. But right now it takes them more than 30 minutes to even open a door. So what about handing a robot just one task? Like doing the laundry?At the moment it takes human dexterity and experience to know how to deal with the sheer variety and complexity of the clothes that we wear. A robot can't look at this, know what it is, and feed it through a standardised machine that can handle other pieces of clothing.Here is footage of a million-dollar robot, sped up 50 times. It takes it more than six minutes to fold a single towel. That isn't going to be help of. Instead, at the moment, robotics can only bring humans closer together. The beam is one of systems originally design Ford remote meetings.We can do a dance!Absolutely!It is now being used by people like Henry, bed-ridden after a stroke, to visit the outside world. In the United States the majority of the elderly live alone. It will be years before a robot can help them out of bed or prepare their meals. Perhaps for the moment the one part of being elderly that rot botanic systems can -- robotic systems can help with is isolation. With the New Year upon us, it is a good time to look into the Cristobal -- crystal ball and see what will be trending in gardening. Costa Georgiadis is back from his holidays, with more on what we can expect this year. I have come back to Sydney, I actually caught up with a friend last night, and he said, "Come for an early surf." That is why I am looking relaxed. He was catching more waves than me! He said your surfing isn't getting a workout. He mentioned that - he said, "You are getting a good case of thalassotherapy." Thalassotherapy.That is a Greek word meaning ocean and therapy, meaning therapy. So, basically there is a lot of research being done. I mean, people have gone to baths and to hot springs for years because of the they are pew thick -- therapeutic benefits. There is more research being done about the benefits of going to the beach and being in the ocean. So, I was in deep therapy this morning! I can say that I felt relaxed, the rhythm of the surfing, there is research being done into the impact of the rhythm, there's - all of the Betts for -- benefits for skin, by being in the salt water, ex-ka and ming -- eczema and things like that. There is the benefits of the cold that that stimulates always of your nerves and gets you going. I must say when the north-easter kicks in and the rain came I was the only one in my boardshorts! That is one area of therapy that is worth looking into. Go for a swim, or a surf...It connects you.Yes.When you are at one with nature almost. There are other therapies, which you were just alluding to that are beyond the sea. Yeah. As far as... I couldn't call it a trend, ill call it a continued direction towards not a peak but just growth would be horticultural therapy. It's an area that - there isn't just interest but there is a lot of papers and a lot of research going into the benefits of being out in the garden and using gardening and plants and time outside as a way of healing and repairing. Not just for well people, it is being used in rehabilitation, in therapy. What makes the garden they are pew thick? -- therapeutic?That is interesting. Every garden has its therapeutic characteristics, but if you had to say - set out and create a therapeutic garden. First, you would have broad open paths because you want people to be able to get in there, Marley if they are on -- particularly if they are on wheelchairs, on beds, or limited access because of ailments or injuries. Then you go into the details, like plants. Now, the plants are your big range. You can get colour, you can get subsequent and texture -- scent and tech door. But you can use colour, whether on spots, creating structures or - shields for... To deflect light. There is lots of ways that you can bring colour into the garden. And so those therapeutic elements are established. Most people wouldn't even realise that there is a lot of therapy, even just going on on their balcony.By walking around. Where are some of these therapeutic gardens being created? Where can they be found?I suppose the big area where they are being installed is hospitals and healthcare units, where people are getting occupational health treatment. School gardens are an incredible therapeutic garden for students that don't necessarily fit in to the sit up straight in the classroom model. Then you have community gardens, where people are coming as part of outreach groups and community groups, where they bring people with disabilities or mental disabilities and handicap, they can come along to those gardens and there is raised gardening beds, so easier for people to get involved and gets their handss into the soil and pot something up and plant, or even just get access to the foliage and sit there, if they have very limited access. Schools, community gardens, hospitals, healthcare units. Probably a bit more prolific than we know. You have to look at for them. Yeah. That's right. The good thing is if people have a look, there is - the Australian horticultural therapy association, New South Wales Has Cultivate, Victoria has them and so does Queensland. If they look up these organisations, get involved, and look at ways you can make your garden more therapeutic for yourself.Great tips there. Thank you so much.To worries.Royal memorabilia, including handwritten letters from the late Princess Diana have been auctioned in Britain with Australians among the most enthusiastic buyers. Her personal letters to the palace steward, Cyril Dickman, attracted most interest, selling well above reserve. They conveyed touching details of family life, including how Harry was constantly in trouble at boarding school. The letters raised $25,000. The whole collection, including a boxed piece of Queen Elizabeth's wedding cake, sole for more than $09,000. -- $90,000. A beach with over a million polyethylene balls will be one of the features of this year's Sydney Festival. It kicks off this weekend with 150 events, and Mazoe Ford went down for a look. It is pouring rain in Sydney, but at this beach you would never know! If it was a sunny day you wouldn't get sunburnt either. Probably wondering what I am talking about. To explain more I am joined by Wesley Enoch from the Sydney Festival. Tell me - where are we?At the beach at the Barangaroo. The largest ball pit in the Southern Hemisphere. It has 1.1 million balls. It is 60m long by 23m wide. It is all white.You are pecking people here because it is free.Yeah. We are expecting almost 100,000 people to come through the pit over the whole time of the festival.It is one of many events. Talk me through the numbers.There is 153 separate events, of which at least half are free. People can enjoy their city. They can buy tickets to some of the best theatre, dance, music of the world.You do have people coming from all over the place. Tell me about the highlights. Ladies In Black, a knew musical, music by Tim Finn and directed by the director of Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert. An English company doing especially with the push kilonewtons athlete, -- push kin theatre of Moscow. A Meriton village, an outdoor stage, you can enjoy music, dance, DJs all throughout January. Something for everybody. We might stay and enjoy this and - back to you. For a look at the weather, stay and enjoy this and - back to
you. For a look at the weather, here you. For a look at the weather, is Kirsten Diprose. Thick cloud in doctor knot as a -- in the north as a monsoon loo generate wind. Heavy falls are possible, particularly south of Broome. That is as a tropical low moves over the Kimberly and into the Pilbara late today or tomorrow. Hot in the south, weaker troughs are drawing hot winds to WA, South Australia and western New South Wales. A front is bringing strong winds to south-west WA. Checking the rainfall: Much of the heavy rain over North Queensland will have moved offshore, but still some light-to-moderate falls possible. Heavy rain possible for the WA interior. The outlook for your weekend:

Kirsten Diprose, many thanks. That is the latest from ABC News. I am Kathryn Robinson. Have a great weekend.

This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Hello and welcome to Afternoons. I'm Kumi Taguchi. Our top story today - growing calls for the Health Minister to resign after she bought an apartment during a taxpayer-funded trip manyIf the minister can't properly explain the circumstances of this purchase, she needs to resign.

Prawn imports suspended as the Government steps up its fight against an outbreak of white spot disease. Four people charged with hate crimes after live streaming the brutal attack of a disabled man on Facebook. And Australia out to inKangaroo es their lead over Pakistan in the third test. COMMENTATOR: Oh, David Warner wants a piece of it, and I tell you what, he has got a huge piece of it!The Health Minister Sussan Ley is facing