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The Point -

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(generated from captions) Kia-ora.

My name is Boy,
and welcome to my interesting world.

My favourite person
is Michael Jackson.

He is the best singer and dancer
in the world.

Last month he put out a record
called 'Thriller'.

It sold a gazillion copies

and now he lives in a castle
with a snake and a monkey.

He is so famous that you can
even see him in the stars.

I live in a white house
with my nanny and my cousins -

Hucks, Kiko, Miria, Chay and Kelly.

I have a pet goat called Leaf.

I also have a six-year-old brother
called Rocky.

KID: Loser!

He thinks he's got powers.


He doesn't.

Bye-bye, my mokos.

my nan went away to a funeral.

While she's gone
I'm in charge of the house.


I go to Raukokore School.

I have many favourite subjects,

including art...

(LAUGHS) studies...

..and Michael Jackson.

My friends are Dallas
and her sister Dynasty.

They also have a sister
called Falcon Crest.

Dynasty is the only girl
around here with a job.

She does after-school gardening work
for her dad.

Aunty Gracey is my mum's sister.

She has lots of jobs.


She's the tennis coach,

the mailman, the school bus driver

and she runs the local shop.

Aunty, can I have
a free iceblock, please?


My real name is Alamein.

I'm named after my dad
and he's named after some place

where the Maori battalion
fought during World War II.

Dad's brothers and sisters

are Faenza, Tunisia, Libya
and Michael Jackson.

My dad's not here right now.
He's a busy man.

He's a master carver,
deep-sea treasure diver,

the captain of the rugby team

and he holds the record for punching
out the most people with one hand.

When he comes home he's taking me
to see Michael Jackson live.

The end.

Thank you, Boy.

Tane, your turn. Get up there.

TANE: Kia-ora. My name is Tane...

Young man, you're a liar.
Your dad's not overseas.

He's in jail for robbery.
Shut up, Kingi. You don't know.

Yes, he's in the same cell block
as my dad.

Not anymore. He escaped.

He dug a hole underneath the fence.

With what?
A spoon.


What about the guards?

BOY: He wasted them.

BOY: With the spoon.


Shut up, Kingi, you don't know.


(WHISPERS) Look at me.

Look at me. Look at me.

Look at me. Look at me.