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Australia rejects claims it has been recruiting members of Indonesia's military as ties remain frozen between the two countries.That is clearly not the case and not a matter which I think merits significant canvassing.

PNG Police defend their treatment of two asylum seekers injured in a New Year's arrest. SA unveils a new transgender student policy for the coming school year. 2016 was a record breaker for Australian weather as the country sweltered through its fourth warmest year.

Hello. Kathryn Robinson with ABC News. Defence officials are scrambling to respond to Indonesia's shock suspension of military cooperation with Australia. The Defence Minister is confident the relationship can be restored quickly but some training has already been cancelled and major military exercises next month are in doubt. The Defence Minister Marise Payne held a media conference earlier today. Political reporter Ashlynne McGee has the details.She has provided a few more details about when the Australian Government first knew about this and what the row is actually all about. She said that it's an unfortunate incident and it occurred over some training material that was on display at the SAS headquarters in Perth. That is where the Kopassus troops, Indonesia's Kopassus troops, train with the SAS. She did confirm that the material in question is about the Indonesian province of West Papua. It had caused some concern to one of the Indonesian officers back in November last year who then raised it with his superiors, they've raised it with Australia and she said an inquiry is under way. There were some earlier concerns raised by an Indonesian Army chief about Australia potentially recruiting Indonesian soldiers training here as spies. The Defence Minister has repeatedly this morning dismissed that concern and, in fact, outright denied it on ABC Radio and said that simply is not the case.We just heard there during that media conference that the Minister said that the relationship between the two countries is still constructive. That's exactly right. Look, listening to some of the language that she used there, it would appear that Australian Defence officials behind the scenes are scrambling to repair this relationship. She spoke there about taking this concern very seriously. She said this relationship is of particular importance to me. She said she regrets this has happened and the training material needs to be cultural appropriate. She said she will personally ensure that is the case and the offending material has been removed. We hear the Defence Minister's language, very conciliatory, very much wanting to repair this very important relationship with Indonesia. Let's have a listen to what she had to say.I think if you understand that the concerns were raised through TNI and then back to the Australian military at the end of November and then the beginning of December, the chief of the Indonesian military wrote to the CDF on I think 9 December. The Chief of Army in Australia, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, instituted an inquiry. That inquiry is under way. It has had to receive information from the Australian side, from the Indonesian side. To be fair, you would also appreciate we have had the Christmas and New Year period as well but it is very close to finalisation. When that is finalised, we will go back to the Indonesians with that and proceed from there.When exactly did the Government first find out about Indonesia suspending military cooperation with Australia?Look, that's a very good question. Our defence reporter here certainly spoke to some senior military officials yesterday who were taken completely by this surprise at this announcement but Marise Payne, in that press conference, indicated she knew about this issue back in November. We know that. But she also said there were some early indications that the relationship would be suspended. She pointed to a few things, one of them was the cancellation of a visit by some staff college students to Australia and she expressed doubt or concern that perhaps the multi-lateral military exercises with Indonesia may not go ahead. She didn't answer the question specifically, it seems like Australia may have had some early indications that things were heading this way.Before we let you go, is there any idea on the timing of this inquiry?She has been at pains today to say that it is very close to completion and she expects to notify the Indonesians of the outcome very soon. We don't have an exact time frame but you would imagine, given the escalation in this situation, that they would certainly be placing this as a matter of the highest priority. Police in PNG have defended their treatment of two asylum seekers who were injured during an arrest on New Year's Eve. The men say they were badly beaten and are now terrified of staying on Manus Island. PNG correspondent Eric Tlozek reports. The bruising on these men is plain to see. The Iranian asylum seekers say their injuries are the result of a severe beating by Papua New Guinea police. TRANSLATION: I tried to cover my face to protect it and my eyes and my nose but they just pulled my hands open so they could hit me in the face. TRANSLATION: When he punched me in the face, I felt a bad dislocation in my nose. It was very painful. I became dizzy and I put my head down. I looked down and my pants were filled with blood.The men were hurt while being arrested on New Year's Eve. Police say they were intoxicated and abusive. They've been charged with being drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest.The two known refugees from Iran nationality were drunk and walking along the main road, causing public nuisance to the public and passing motorists.Manus Island Police commander says the police used reasonable force to make the arrest. They were so violent at the time that the police had to use reasonable force to get them on to the vehicle and bring them to the police station.Police say they are dealing with a number of increasing incidents now that asylum seekers and refugees are free to move around the island. This comes a week after a death of a young Sudanese asylum seeker at the detention centre. Some refugees have been told they'll have the chance to be resettled in the United States but that process isn't going to start until next month. These two asylum seekers are unlikely to go to the US because their refugee claims have been rejected. Instead, they are headed to court to plead not guilty and strongly deny police allegations they were drunk and violent. A 34-year-old man is in hospital with serious injuries after falling down a rock face on Sydney's North Shore. Police are investigating whether alcohol was a factor in the accident. Jade Macmillan reports. Police and paramedics were called here to Kirribilli on Sydney's North Shore around half past 1 this morning after receiving reports a man had fallen down a rockface. It appears as though he has tumbled down from the lookout just above me and police say he then became wedged between the rock face and this walkway. Neighbours we have spoken to this morning say they were woken up by one of the man's friends screaming for help.I remembered hearing it once in my sleep, I was like "That's weird" and woke up and came out. It seemed like he had been going around for a little while trying to find someone to come out and help.Paramedics treated the man here before taking him to Royal North Shore Hospital where he is in a serious condition with suspected head and internal injuries. Police are investigating whether alcohol may have been a factor and they were down here earlier taking photos of where the accident happened and also collecting empty alcohol bottles that had been left behind. One of the other neighbours we have spoken to said that she actually asked a group of men to be quiet shortly before it happened because they were making too much noise.Laughing, yelling at one another because there was a group here on the seat and another group up there, you see. I thought 1:00am in the morning, you don't do this kind of thing.Police have asked anyone who may have witnessed what happened to contact them. 2016 was officially the fourth hottest year on record for Australia in a year of extreme weather events that also saw above-average rainfall across the country. The Bureau of Meteorology's annual climate statement has found Australia's national mean temperature was 0.87 degrees above the norm. 2016 was the warmest year on record for Sydney while parts of SA recorded the wettest year on record. Annual rainfall levels were 17% above average and sea surface temps were 0.77 degrees above the national average. On a global level, 2016 is expected to be the warmest year on record.That's quite unusual when we have that amount of rainfall over the continent and it was also very wet period during the middle of the year. So May to September we had record rainfall in the Murray-Darling Basin which was pretty good for agriculture. Across Australia, rain at the start of the year, then it went dry, then during the middle of the year we had an influence from record sea temperatures around Australia and they were producing rainfall. Around the country, record sea surface temperatures, particularly in the Tasman, the north of the continent. That forced a lot of the heavy rainfall events. In Tasmania, we had record amounts of atmospheric moisture associated with that flooding, that was similar to the end of the year as well. We are contextualising the year that was for people who experienced it operationally. Think of health, agriculture, their experience is important for what they do. We tell them in the historical context, where did that sit? Average or something that's never been seen before? Those sorts of numbers are very interesting to them. A man has been charged after setting fire to 40 poker machines at a Beenleigh hotel in Queensland on Wednesday night. Josh Bavas is at the hotel where the clean-up is going on.Police arrested a 25-year-old local man after investigating the incident that happened here at the Royal Hotel in Beenleigh last night. Police will allege that he had been spending time at the hotel before he left and then returned at about 8:30. They say that's when petrol was poured on top of pokies before they were set alight. Three of the pokies were completely destroyed and dozens of others severely damaged. The man has faced court today and remanded in custody. The court heard he had been making threats earlier in the week. The clean-up continues. Management of the hotel said they did work to put out the fire as soon as they saw it happening and then began the clean-up late into the night. They hope the pokie room will be up and running by this afternoon. The body of a 60-year-old man missing in floodwaters in Far North Queensland has been found. The man slipped and fell off a bridge into a swollen creek at Tolga on the Atherton Tablelands around 6 o'clock last night. Police say the man lives close to the bridge and had been trying to warn motorists on the Kennedy Highway of the rising water. The Weather Bureau has warned more flash flooding could hit the region in the next few days. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for a soldier convicted of manslaughter for killing a wounded Palestinian attacker to be pardoned. The Israeli soldier shot the Palestinian, who had been injured from his involvement in an attack on another Israeli. A warning - some viewers may find this footage distressing. It is minutes after two young Palestinian men with knives attacked Israeli soldiers in Hebron. Both have been shot. One is dead and one is clearly still alive. Sergeant Elor Azaria, a 19-year-old medic, helped treat a wounded soldier. Then he did this: (GUNSHOT) A single bullet to the head killed Abdul Fatah al-Sharif. Today the sergeant was in a military court, smiling to see a friend and his mother but, soon after, he was found guilty of manslaughter. Judges rejected the soldier's claim that the Palestinian posed a threat and decided he shot him out of revenge. But Sergeant Azaria has loyal backers in a country where most young people do military service. They accused the Army of abandoning one of its own.This guy came to do an attack, to hurt families. This soldier is a hero.Even the Israeli Defence Minister spoke of this as a difficult verdict. Before taking up his post, he made clear his support of Sergeant Azaria. That caused tensions with the top brass here in the military headquarters. They said they command according to rules and an ethical code, not public opinion. Such a high-profile trial of a soldier for killing a Palestinian is very unusual in Israel. The outcome was welcomed by the family of Abdul Fatah al-Sharif. TRANSLATION: I feel like any father would feel after seeing my son executed on TV. Murdered. It is so hard to see that. No-one can endure this. It is still hard for me. Every time I remember what happened. If he died instantly, it would have been much easier than to see your son executed like that.Sergeant Azaria's crime took place during a wave of Palestinian attacks when there was a national debate about how to respond. His case has proved highly divisive. When he is sentenced, the maximum he could serve is 20 years in jail but he is expected to get far less. Already some prominent politicians in Israel are calling for a pardon. US President Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Mike Pence have held duelling visits to congress as the outgoing President fights to preserve his legacy. Republicans have long plotted to repeal the healthcare law known as Obamacare arguing it is too costly and stifles consumer choice. Even President-elect Donald Trump has warned his party to exercise care before scrapping it altogether. Republicans are wasting no time dismantling Barack Obama's legacy. 16 days before the new President takes office, they've already introduced a bill to repeal the outgoing President's healthcare reforms.The Senate is poised to pass a repeal resolution that will set the stage for true legislative relief from Obamacare.Republican leaders say the measures have failed to deliver.This is about people paying higher premiums every year and feeling powerless to stop it. It is about families paying deductibles that are so high, it doesn't even feel like you have health insurance in the first place.The Affordable Care Act is Barack Obama's single domestic accomplishment, extending health cover to tens of millions of Americans. Now in his Administration's dying days, Democrats are fighting to preserve his legacy.The plan wouldn't make America great again. It would make America sick again.You don't destroy a house without having another house in which people to live. You don't throw 30 million people off healthcare without having a plan to provide healthcare to those people.Donald Trump has thrown in his two cents worth on Twitter:

The President-elect has promised to preserve some elements of Obamacare, despite promising to repeal it entirely during his campaign. German Police have arrested a Tunisian man over the Berlin Christmas market attack. The arrest follows raids on the man's home earlier this week. The 26-year-old is believed to have had dinner with the main attacker, Anis Amri, a day before he killed 12 people. A former flatmate of Amri's is also being investigated after a separate raid on a home in Berlin. Turkish authorities say they've detained 20 suspected militants from Islamic State as they continue to hunt for the gunman who killed 39 people on New Year's Eve. Turkish police say the men from central Asia and North Africa were arrested in the coastal city of Izmir. Turkish media say the gunman spent time in Izmir before he went to Istanbul to carry out the attack. In India, police have detained at least six suspects after several women were molested during New Year's Eve celebrations in Bangalore. The arrests come after video emerged of bystanders watching a woman being attacked by two men. In a separate incident, several women complained they were groped and assaulted by a mob of men. One senior State Government Minister implied that the victims' clothes had provoked the attack, saying the women were "Acting like Westerners". In New York, a commuter train has derailed in peak hour injuring more than 100 people. Passengers have told media there was a large bang and a jolt that sent people flying across the carriages as the train pulled into the Atlantic terminal in Brooklyn. The New York governor says the train was travelling at a fairly slow speed when it failed to stop on time and struck a buffer at the station. Transport officials say it is not clear what caused the derailment. 5.5 years after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan is still grappling with the question of whether to restart its fleet of idle nuclear reactors to meet its future energy needs. This year up to six more plants were due to open but there are huge doubts about whether they will ever be turned on. This report from Tokyo. Japan has invested a lot of money in nuclear power generation, dating back as far as the 1960s. By 2011, a third of Japan's energy needs were being met by its fleet of 54 nuclear reactors scattered around the country. But when disaster struck at Fukushima, the Government ordered all nuclear plants to shut down for a safety review. Now four nuclear reactors have restarted, 11 are being decommissioned, 22 are still under a safety review while the fate of another 20 is yet to be decided. There is a plan to start five or six more reactors in 2017 but Prime Minister Abe and the Government and the utility industry experienced a lot of difficulties this year. There was public opposition to restarting the reactors in Kyushu.That public opposition was amplified when a major earthquake hit that same region only a few months after the power plant restarted.I think the Japanese Government will be forced to change its energy policy, just because of the reality. This cannot go on indefinitely.The Government has said very little in recent months about its energy policy. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hopes 20% of Japan's future energy needs will be met by nuclear power but that target is looking increasingly hard to achieve. While the nuclear authority has given the go-ahead for some reactors to be switched back on, local people and politicians are raising their voices in protest.

SA's Education Department says a new policy for transgender, genders diverse and same-sex attracted students will be in place for the new school year. Students will be able to use toilets of the gender they identify with, called by their preferred name and can choose to wear the uniform of the gender they identify with. Ann-Marie Hayes from the SA Education Department has more on the issue.They are about ensuring that students can actually have gender neutral uniforms. They can have opportunities to be able to live in their preferred gender. But to clarify, these are usually small groups of children who have moved through the gender transitioning. We are wanted to be inclusive so in a school setting they are supported in the day-to-day a activities, such as toilets, going on camp and being treated froptly.Will this be across all schools in SA?This is for the State education system so it is across all schools in the State education system.Not just high school?The legislation that is behind this policy applies to all schools but more likely it will be enacted in secondary schools.How will a school decide if a student, I guess, qualifies as transgender? That's not the decision of the Education Department. Often this is a Health Department issue. So we work with our Health colleagues where there has been a child or young person who is transitioning. Generally they have been under the care of health professionals who determine that this is a really important issue that they now need to transition gender. We have had stories of this in this media where students have successfully transitioned, a small number. At that point, the Education Department steps in and provides the sort of support a student requires. We don't do the diagnosis, don't get involved in the early stage of it but provide the support when the child is either gender transitioning or has transitioned.What have some of the concerns been in formulating the policy and some of the barriers? Some of the concerns would be that, because it is a small number of students, the reasons why we did the policy was, for many schools or principals or families and teachers, they don't see this very often. They felt they wanted to be consistent. So many parents and teachers would contact the Department "Not sure what to do, how do I ensure I do the right thing for this student and their family?" . That was one of the real reasons we went forward to have clear policies and procedures linked to the discrimination in legislation. The barriers can be we want to have this as part of our anti-bullying suite. It does not stand alone. We know from all the research nationally and internationally this cohort of young people are more likely to be bullied in a school setting so we also want to set the scene to ensure that it is a safe and inclusive and supportive school setting.Do you think this new legislation will be followed by other States?I wouldn't be at all surprised. As you can see from other jurisdictions, some have similar things. We all sit under the same Commonwealth legislation, we just all enact it differently. I'm pretty sure Victoria already has and some of the other States will follow suit, I'm sure.Before we let you go, what's been the reaction to this?Mixed as you would expect. It is seen as a controversial subject. Some people are thinking it is a great idea, it is about time but we have parents expressing concern about a policy they feel may impact adversely on their children. Councils and schools will be part of the policy. It is not about fear, it is about making a safe and supportive environment at a school setting.Ann-Marie Hayes, thanks for the chat.Thank you.The human eye has been described as a window to the soul and now it may be key to predicting Alzheimer's. 1,800 Australians are diagnosed with the disease every week while more than 350,000 are living with dementia. 70% of them are affected by Alzheimer's. New research suggests a simple eye test could diagnose the disease decades before it starts to affect memory and brain function. Long before Brian Guard discovered he had Alzheimer's disease in 2014, his wife connie knew something was different.When you look back, you go "I should have realised there was something going on". He was more forgetful, a few changes in his personality. He was having trouble at work, he was pretty stressed. Alzheimer's is difficult to detect, it can take years, the process can be intensive and expensive with dozens of scans and cognitive tests needed for a diagnosis but this camera could change that. Researchers will use it to conduct trials across Australia, testing the eyes of 200 men to look for signs of the disease.To have something as simple as an eye scan would make a massive difference to it being accessible, to it being reliable and to the cost factor as well which is quite significant.Based on technology from NASA, the hyperspectral camera scans the eyes for the beta amyloid protein. That protein is a known indicator of Alzheimer's disease and can be detected 20 years before the disease starts to affect memory and brain function.The earlier in the disease process that we can treat people, because many of these treatments are more effective in the early stages, the more we can do to enhance their quality of life, to enhance the care they get and to reduce the impact of the disease.Whoa, look at the size of that monster.The trials will run for two years and connie and Brian Guard hope the simple eye test will replace the intensive process they went through.If they can be diagnosed earlier or treatment or therapy started earlier, it would be a huge benefit to them.It could also benefit those with different diseases. The test's next challenge is to identify other disorders.

A 2.5m saltwater crocodile has given new meaning to the term water hazard, making its home at a North Queensland golf course. The animal has been removed but there are fears the croc snared might be the wrong one. Affectionately known as Willow, the saltwater crocodile has been a regular sight on the fairway and in the water over the last month.Yeah, we have seen it a couple of times. The croc was sitting in the middle, had his head out of the water looking at the trap they'd set.It took a 6-member team from the Department of Environment and Heritage to remove the saltie, relief for some golfers.It's not really a joke, is it? If he came out at you, you were driving the cart, you'd want to have a pretty quick cart, hey? (LAUGHS) Most definitely. The reptile is believed to have come from the nearby river and will be auctioned to a zoo or crocodile farm. The crocodile had plenty of food in this lake. While one crocodile may have been caught, they think there could be another.Early indications show it might not be Willow. Willow, like I said, was a little bit bigger than the one that come out. The one that we pulled out was 2.3m. Willow has been estimated in excess of 3 so he might be at large.Since this croc was trapped, there has been one unconfirmed sighting which has the club thinking of capitalising on the guest.18 holes, a green fee, cart hire and potential croc sighting.The Environment Department is taking a potential croc sighting on the Sunshine Coast seriously. The 2m reptile was spotted on the banks of Coolum Creek 400km south of official crocodile country. Local fishermen say it could be a giant monitor lizard that's been lurking in the area.

A quick look at the weather in the capital cities:

The top stories on ABC News - Australia's Defence Minister Marise Payne has rejected claims Australia has been recruiting members of the Indonesian military as agents of influence after a surprise suspension of military cooperation. An investigation is under way into what's been described as insulting training material on display at the SAS headquarters in Perth but an Indonesian Army chief has also raised concerns Australia is trying to recruit his troops as insider. Senator Payne says the fears are unfounded. Police on PNG's Manus Island have defended their treatment of two asylum seekers who were injured while being arrested on New Year's Eve. The two Iranian men are due to face court today on charges of being drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest. Both men said they had not been drinking and were beaten after they argued with immigration officers. A 34-year-old man has been rescued from a rock face in the harbourside Sydney suburb of Kirribilli overnight after he was seriously injured in a fall. He has been treated in Royal North Shore Hospital for suspected head and internal injuries. Police are treating the incident as an accident in which alcohol may have played a role. The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed 2016 was the fourth hottest year on record for Australia. The bureau has released its annual climate statement which shows Australia's national mean temperature was 0.87 degrees above average. 2016 was the hottest year on record for Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin and Hobart. The report also shows there was above-average rainfall across the country last year.

Thousands of Australia's most spectacular cars are rolling into Canberra for the Summernats. Organisers say they've registered a record number of hot rods and other vehicles and are expecting their biggest ever event. Tom Lowrey has more from Northbourne Avenue in Canberra.Summernats has just kicked off. The city crews have rolled down Northbourne Avenue. It is one of the most impressive events of Summernats. 300 of these extraordinary cars rumbling down the main street of Canberra and thousands of people lining Northbourne Avenue to check them out. We have had more than 2,400 cars register this year. That's a record. It was 1,900 a few years ago. We are expecting more than 100,000 people to flock into Canberra to check them out. Things will kick off this afternoon when the burnout competition starts. I've been told that's what people really come to see. Beyond that, the horsepower heros, Miss Summernats and the body ink competition as well. It is not all about the cars, it is sometimes about the tattoos on show. A few bands, Thirsty Merc, Drapht, Spit Syndicate. A huge four days in Canberra.Something for everyone always with Summernats. How is Canberra handling the arrival of Summernats for another year?You can't really help but notice Summernats when it turns up in Canberra. Canberra can kind of empty out over the summer months and Summernats fills it back up. The cars are colourful and the people can be just as colourful. Summernats has had a few reputation issues in the past, some bad behaviour here and there but the organisers have tried to make it a family-friendly event. Police say that has worked well over the past few years. They haven't had any issues at all. They are looking forward to a smooth, fun few days down here.Thanks. Queensland women in regional and likely
remote areas are more than 40-60% likely to experience delays in breast cancer diagnosis than women in the city according to a recent study. It is possible work commitments are hindering making and keeping medical appointments. Jeff Dunn from the Cancer Council has more on the topic.The study looked at a range of women and just to put it in context, it was a population base study which recruited 3,300 women from around Queensland who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. The study found women who were in rural Australia, an area of social disadvantage or who were Indigenous were, as you just mentioned 40-60% more likely to experience a delay in definitive diagnosis in breast cancer.What sort of days are we talking?The delays vary. Some of the women experienced delays of over 30 days. What's important, I think, is to recognise that, in Queensland, as around Australia, most women are diagnosed within 14 days. What was important for us was to actually try and understand the differential between what happens in the capital cities and what happens in rural areas. Whether women detected a lump or a symptom themselves or whether they were diagnosed through a screening mammogram, there were delays for women who were in the country, in regions sore who were Indigenous women.What are the ramifications of these delays?There are ramifications. Previous studies have shown a delay in diagnosis is more likely to lead to later stage disease. We need to get women diagnosed and treated as soon as possible so we get the best possible outcome from that treatment. What we need to do is to make sure we translate the findings of this research into locally-based initiatives to ensure that women, no matter where they are, if they are in this target group, are diagnosed with this disease as soon as possible.Before we go on to the initiatives of how you can fix the problem, why are these women experiencing almost double the amount of time of diagnosis in the bush than those women in the city? Well, it is a good question and the answer is a complicated one. It is not just one thing. For those women who we spoke to 3,300 women, for those women who detected a symptom themselves and presented at their GP office, what we found was that many of them knew about a lump but weren't fully familiar with all the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Things like a change in the shape of their breast, change in colour, discharge or pain that's unusual. We need to make sure we continue those educational programs and practice it so women are aware of all the signs and symptoms. If women detect something, they report as soon as possible to a local GP. These are some of the reasons we need to address.. Some of those initiatives you were just discussing before, the research highlights the need to target women most at risk of delays in diagnosis. Is it just about education or is it more about getting GPs out to these women, diagnosticians out to these women? What do you think the solution is? The solution is going to be many-facetted. It is important to understand, as you have just said, some of the things about women themselves, their behaviours, education, women needing to be breast-aware and proactive about their own health and participating in screening programs where they are eligible. Some of the other answers are system-related things. Access to primary healthcare in rural Australia and rural Queensland. Further to that, if a GP detects something which they feel is suspicious, to make sure those general practitioner have access to the next step of diagnostic procedure to get a definitive diagnosis as soon as possible.This is always very costly, access to GPs and diagnostic resources in remote areas, is there enough money coming from Government or the States to improve the situation?Well, what this study tells us is there are things we can do. What we need to do - by "We", that's the whole community, government, primary healthcare providers, researchers, everyone, need to look at the findings of the research and employ novel ways for these women. To make sure GPs have access to the downstream diagnostic procedures which will help get the earliest possible diagnosis.Jeff Dunn from the Cancer Council, many thanks for your insight today.My pleasure. Senior military and civilian medical experts in the UK are urging the public to learn life-saving skills in case they be caught up in a terrorist attack. Ex Perthes from a team called Citizen Aid are launching an app and website offering advice. A warning - some viewers may find the following imaging distressing. An ordinary evening. (GUNFIRE) Turns to terror. This isn't real. But security officials say the terror threat in the UK is high and, despite their best efforts, this could happen.Get down. Get down. Many people could be hurt in the chaos. The problem is it may take some time for help to arrive. Police and security forces have to deal with terrorists first, making sure it's safe before paramedics can come in. In that time, lives can be lost. The first responders to that incident from a police perspective will inevitably be trying to deal with the people causing the threat. They won't have time to help people who may have been injured. We know that that gap is vital for saving people's lives. We are really, really interested in the work of Citizen Aid.A shooting, a gunman in the street. Three people have been shot.The experts behind Citizen Aid say the app and pocket book give simple step-by-step instructions to save others. But the public should only attempt first aid once they are safe themselves. The app says you need pack the wound and then put the pressure on the wound and then keep the hand elevated, above her heart. I have treated hundreds of soldiers over the years when they've returned to Birmingham and many of their lives have been saved by simply the application of tourniquets when shot or blown up. It is essential we train the general public now to be able to deliver those skills. That's exactly what Citizen Aid does.It may be difficult but remaining calm and knowing how to help others in situations like this could save lives. Security forces are already preparing for these types of incidents and now they say members of the public should be prepared too. Attempting first aid may not be for everyone but military medics say it is better to have a plan in case this worst-case scenario turns into reality.You're OK, are you? Is it your mum? WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has reiterated his claim that Russia was not the source for his site's massive leak of Democratic Party emails in the run-up to the US presidential election. Mr Assange told Fox News that Hillary Clinton and her chairman John Podesta made almost no attempts to keep their private emails safe.Podesta gave out that his password was the word "Password". His own staff said "This email is totally legitimate". This is something a 14 -year-old kid - a 14-year-old kid! - could have hacked Podesta that way. She made almost no attempt to keep them secure from States. Was she trying to keep them secure from the Republicans? Well, probably. But in terms of foreign states, almost no attempt.Donald Trump has responded by Tweeting:

Scientists have finally unearthed a way to determine the age of lobsters and giant crabs. Normally these creatures shed their exoskeleton leaving no clues of their age until now. Robyn Williams, presenter of it was
RN's Science Show, has more on how it was discovered.When they take their exoskeleton off, as they grow or even when they are older and don't grow very much, they have stuff on their outside skin, or skeleton if you like, so there is nothing really to measure. Even fish you've got the ear plugs which have got little rings on them that you can tell the age. So people were perplexed how you can find this. An associate professor from the Southern Cross University in Lismore was wondering about this when he found a student who had worked out what might be a clue - students are fabulous, this one is called Jessie. He had been looking at crayfish and found there was still a little bit of skeleton, what's called the gastric mill, in the tummy, and that grew by a little bit each year. So they then had to do a test, you have to wait two years to see whether the thing actually grows, this was the clue and it shows you how you can measure the age of lobsters and to some extent giant crabs as well.The secret is in the tummy?Very much so. Why do you want to know this? Yes, why do we want to know the age of crustacean?If you have an age of population, you want to know if it is flourishing. Secondly, if you are culling, say, lobsters, everyone having them for Christmas, you want to know how much to take out without completely depleting the population. What they did with orange ruffy fish, ones you used to see in the supermarket, if they are slow-breeding, you can wipe out the crop in no time. Lobsters, it turns out to be 35, 40 years for a really old one.Apart from looking after certain populations and making sure we don't wipe them out, what else can scientists do with this information?Apart from the fact it is extremely interesting working out how these creatures whom you have taken for granted for so long actually age but also you can see how the ecology, how they are linked to all sorts of other creatures. For instance, in the Abrolhos Islands in WA, suddenly the population of lobsters crashed and the fishes didn't know why. So there is a whole living to do with the population of people who depend on these creatures. They need to make sure they crop just what you need and no more to sustain it.Would it be a crass question to ask whether or not restaurants or chefs might want to know if a 10-year-old lobster is better than a 20-year-old lobster for taste?It doesn't really matter because you can't tell the difference. They continue being - lobsters are different from prawns, prawns taste the same and don't live all that long by the time you crop them but they can't tell much of the difference as far as I know.If you are lucky enough to be eating a lobster. How old are the biggest lobsters and the crabs?The crabs, at least the giant ones from Tasmania, are 50 years old plus. Let's say 60, 65 if you are lucky. But when you are measuring this - imagine you are in a laboratory and you want to make sure this gastric mill, you can't hang around for 50 years doing the experiment, they have estimated two years. They are estimating roughly what they might be. 25, 40 or lobsters, 50, 60 for giant crabs.This came about with the help of a giant called Jessie. Scientists often rely on the public to help them gather information. But some citizen scientists, if you like, are feeling a little bit used and abused?Yes, indeed. Here you have the turn-around where, as you get scientists being depleted, young people in schools, students at university, even though our science is fantastic in Australia - so far, so good - nonetheless, the numbers are depleting and we are depending more and more on the public. Vicki Martin, finishing a PhD last week, at Southern Cross University, has found this wonderful resource of asking members of the public between the age of 6 and 60, or 96 even, this was marine science, pioneered in Tasmania, if you take pictures of what you see on the shoreline - birds, crabs, seaweed - you begin to notice change and you record that and send it into the scientists and they've kept a record which started in Tasmania and went for the whole of Australia. That is a fantastic record which they've got in any number of subjects to track what's going on. Far more than scientists on their own could use. When you have got thousands of members of the public taking part, you've got to give them some sort of feedback, otherwise they feel abused. Vicki Martin said many of them feel burned by being used without the feedback. Now, to make sure our resource is maintained of this wonderful public brain, is to make sure they are recognised and they are in touch with each other and the scientists because this seems to be the way forward.Keep up the two-way relationship and support each each other.Absolutely right.We are out of time but fascinating information. Robyn Williams, thank you very much. Lovely.Cricket fans are still waiting for the first ball of the day to be bowled at the SCG. Scattered showers have caused havoc for ground staff on day three of the third test against Pakistan. Officials called for an early lunch to be taken after the covers remained in place and players have been unable to get back on the pitch. If the weather clears later this afternoon, Pakistan will resume at 2 crease on 2/126 chasing Australia's mammoth first innings total of 538. For more sport now here is Chris Glassock.The Thunder were pretty good last night. The reigning champions posted their first win of the season. It started well for the Stars. Kevin Pietersen on the attack. The former England star scored 60 off 37 deliveries. Brilliantly caught and bowled by Shane Watson when he was dismissed. The Stars' innings fell away. The Thunder captain impressed with 3/23. The Thunder came out to bat. Eoin Morgan - Shane Watson certainly enjoying that, he missed out with the bat but good to see him back but Eoin Morgan didn't miss out. He needed four to tie, a six to win. Morgan struck it sweetly for a win. The Thunder reached their target of 167 to keep their slim BBL homes alive. It was Morgan's final appearance for the Thunder before he rejoins the England squad. In the women's Big Bash League, the Renegades had a win over the Scorchers.The EPL, Tottenham hosted Chelsea?It was billed as a match of high intensity. Such a big clash. Chelsea were chasing their 14th win in a row, that could have extended their lead. But the Spurs met the intensity of Chelsea, they were rewarded on the stroke of half time. Great lead-up play from Erickson. Deli Ali is about to head home a beautiful, powerful header and left the keeper with no chance whatever. Victor Moses was guilty of playing Alli on-side. The playmaker is flying at the moment because his quick feet - you forget he is 6 foot 3 - he popped up for a second goal, second header and put the result beyond doubt. A second goal from Erickson and the England midfielder was seven goals in his last four EPL games. Tottenham remain unbeaten at White Hart Lane, that's this season, of course. They are up to third.To tennis, a bit, Roger Federer was beaten?Yeah, by a 19-year-old. It is the second time he has got him. Switzerland still managed to win their Hopman Cup tie but it was anything but easy for Roger Federer who suffered a shock loss to the 19-year-old Alexander Zverev in three sets. Many people wouldn't be familiar with Zverev. He certainly has beaten Federer now twice on the circuit. Second loss to the German. The Swiss star went down in three sets. He relied on his teammate who had a win over Andrea Petkovic. The Swiss pair won a mixed doubles to claim their second victory of the Hopman Cup. At the Brisbane International, Angelique Kerber won in three sets. Svetlana Kuznetsava saw the challenge of 16-year-old Destanee Aiava. Look out for her at the Australian Open. The Australian wildcard Jordan Thompson sprung the biggest upset of his career to defeat David Ferrer. The 22-year-old No. 79 in the world beat former world No.34-6, 7-5, 7-5.Whilst tennis is a great love of mine, this next store is my favourite sports story I can say for the year right now. A new cycling world record?It has gone to a 105-year-old ever-young gentleman. A Frenchman. He created a new world record by cycling the furthest distance in the hour. Sonny Mara holds the -- Robert Marchand holds the record. He travelled more than 22km. Look at him go around the velodrome outside Paris. He puts his health and long life down to a low-meat diet and an hour of exercise on the bike every day. What a champion.Fantastic effort. Thank you. Severe weather and flood warnings have been issued for many parts of the continent. To tell us more about specific warnings, I am joined by Adam Morgan from the Bureau of Meteorology in Melbourne. If we could start with Victoria and the NT. Severe thunderstorm warnings there?Good afternoon. We have seen severe thunderstorms this morning through parts of Victoria. We don't have severe thunderstorms at this very moment but we are still expecting them as we move into the later parts of this afternoon. Through the Melbourne area, we could see severe thunderstorms between 2:00pm and 8:00pm but probably in the later afternoon period, around 4-6 or so. Through NT, again, really right across the tropics we are likely to see thunderstorm activity continuing. We did have severe thunderstorm activity. Any thunderstorm that happens across the northern parts of Australia is candidate for heavy rainfall. They are slow-moving and the moisture is high. We have seen the monsoon in the region for a couple of weeks now. Over the Kimberly at the moment, we have a severe weather warning for a trop kal low that's moving through the south-west parts of the Kimberly close to the coast. We have seen widespread rainfall in the past couple of days. In the past 24 hour widespread inland totals through the Kimberly of 100-150mm of rain. We could see up to 200mm over the next couple of days. That low is likely to continue moving parallel to the coast over land. There is a possibility it could move further west over water in the coming days. In that case, we would have to watch out for a tropical cyclone formation. But that's not the most likely scenario at this stage.WA, fire and flood warnings there and Queensland flood warnings as well? The flood warnings in WA are associated with the tropical low. For the Fitzroy River, the Ord River and the Kimberly. Through Queensland, heavy rain through the Central Coast so we have flood warnings for the Isaacs river around the Central Coast. But in WA, to the south of that tropical low through the inland, it is very dry, very hot and very gusty with temperatures into the 40s. We have catastrophic fire danger expected today through parts of the - the eastern parts of the south-west land division.Many thanks for the update.Thank you. Time for the latest weather with Kirsten Diprose.

There is thick cloud in the tropics and an active monsoon. It is generating heavy rain and storms mainly in the Kimberly and north-east Queensland. Cloud over the NSW coast is bringing showers. In WA, troughs are drawing hot winds to the south of the State. Very warm winds and thunder to SA and Victoria today. The top temperatures for today:

The more rain for tropical Queensland tomorrow and across the north. Rain also for the north coast of NSW. The outlook for tomorrow:

That heat continuing around the south of the country. SA and Victoria to warm up over the weekend.Kirsten Diprose, many thanks. That is the latest from ABC News. I'm Kathryn Robinson. Thanks for your company.

This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Australia rejects claims it's been recruiting members of Indonesia's military as ties are suspended over offensive training materials. Certainly we have indicated our regret that this occurred and that offence was taken. I think that's appropriate when a significant counterpart raises their concerns with you, no matter who it is. PNG police defend their treatment of two asylum seekers injured in a New Year's arrest. South Australia unveils a new transgender student policy for the coming school year. And Canberra revs up as the 30th Summernats cruises into town.Hello.