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This morning - a supermarket worker
chases two thieves who rammed their car into
a suburban Melbourne Coles. A family left shaken after a car ploughs through
their front yard, damaging their home. And rising tensions - the future of our
defence ties with Indonesia in limbo. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News
with Chris Reason.

Good morning. Two would-be burglars
are on the run after an attempted ram-raid
on a Melbourne supermarket. They fled after being disturbed
by several bakers at the Patterson Lakes
Shopping Centre. Cameron Baud is at the scene.

One staff member as well as truly gone above the call of duty. He tried to chase down to ram raiders at Patterson lakes. Two men in a silver Holden Ute have smashed into a cold store and used a crowbar to steal cigarettes from a locked cupboard. After this, a staff member has arrived at the car park and scared off the bandits. He then followed them in his car for several kilometres, from Thomson Road, the red Commodore ran into you.The staff member had concerns about what he had seen and it's a dangerous thing. You don't know what's in the car or what the offending people are likely to do. The staff member was assessed by paramedics, but avoided injury. It is believed that the late-model Colorado suffered significant damage to the deer -- rear. There had been other staff in the store at the time of the ran rate. The crooks had been wearing balaclavas at the time, but it's believe they are Caucasian.

And police have released
security video of the moment another
Melbourne supermarket was robbed on New Year's Eve. One man used a concrete cutter
to open the metal roller door at the Sunshine West store. He and his accomplices
then used the cutter to open
a cigarette cabinet inside. They filled up a large bag with cartons
and pre-paid mobile phones, before making their escape. A shop owner has survived
a terrifying ordeal, where a gun was pointed at him
but failed to fire. He was inside his closed shop
at Milton, south of Sydney, when another man demanded entry
on Tuesday night. Police say the suspect
punched the owner, pulled out a gun
and pointed at him, pulling the trigger - but the revolver
didn't fire. The two men fought, and the shop owner managed
to grab the weapon before the suspect fled. Two women in the shop
weren't hurt. Police arrested
a 53-year-old man yesterday and charged him
with attempted murder. It's believed the accused knew
one of the women in the shop. In breaking news - a man has died
after being hit by a truck in Sydney's north-west. It happened on Vardys Road
at Kings Park, just after 10:30. Paramedics performed CPR
at the scene, but he couldn't be saved. Police are investigating. A 21-year-old man
has been charged with negligent driving and driving
on a cancelled licence, after crashing into a home
in Sydney's south. Two cars were also damaged, before the hatchback stopped
in the front yard at Brighton-Le-Sands. Jessica Dietrich reports.

It was a bit of a shock more than anything for the family in this home. It was just before 10 last night when a Ford hatchback came off the road at some speed, it is believed the driver had hit the Excelerator instead of the brake before crashing into the property. It's taken out one of the front lines before slamming into the fence and crashing into two of the neighbours parked cars.I was very shocked. The first thing I thought about was everybody safety.Inside the home was two little girls playing at the front of the home. They ran out with their parents when they heard the loud.I thought it was an earthquake.Well it was that loud?In my head, I was like, hold on to the wall! It's the end of the world!Luckily nobody was hurt, including the driver was questioned by police at the scene. He did return a negative breath test. The cleanup begins for the family. They have insurance assessors coming out to figure out what it will cost to repair the front of the home, as well as the neighbours trying to ascertain with the two cars are write-offs.

A man is in a critical condition
after falling down a cliff in Sydney's north. The 28-year-old slipped
between a rock face and a walking track
at Kirribilli around 1:30 this morning. Residents heard someone
shouting for help. The guy was like, "Oh, someone's down
in the water, "my friend's down in the water," so we ran down
to check it out, and the police
were already there. The man has head
and internal injuries. The future of Australia's
defence ties with Indonesia are uncertain this morning after our northern neighbours
suspended cooperation over offensive material
at a special forces base. Live to Amelia Brace
at Parliament House. Amelia, Indonesia also thinks we're poaching
their best soldiers? Yes, it's quite
an accusation, Chris. The chief
of the Indonesian military has expressed concerns
that his personnel are being recruited
by Australia as sources
or agents of influence - in other words, spies. That concern is on top
of an incident at a Perth SAS base
in November when concerns were raised about
apparently insulting posters that showed West Papua
as not part of Indonesia and a play-on-words using the name
of Indonesia's national ideology. A joke was made of this and instead of being the
Indonesian word of 'pancasila' the half-English
half-Indonesian term of 'PANCAGILA', the Indonesian word
for mad or crazy.

The dramatic diplomatic response is ringing alarm bells
for the Australian Government, given the importance
of cooperation with Indonesia over people smuggling
and fighting terrorism. We are working closely
with our counterparts both at the military
and political level to rectify the concerns,
to address any concerns and to resume the relationship
as soon as possible. Chris, it's not clear how long
this suspension will remain, the Indonesian
and Australian navies were due to take part
in training exercises next month. Thanks, Amelia. Amelia Brace in Canberra. There was panic in Istanbul
this morning, when two gunmen opened fire
inside a restaurant. At least three people were
injured before the suspects fled. Police don't believe the attack
is terror related, but Turkey remains on edge, as the hunt continues
for the man who gunned down 39 people
on New Year's Day. Police have detained 20 suspected
Islamic State militants, including 11 women, believed to be linked
to the nightclub attack. They also claim they've
identified the gunman, but are not publicly naming him. Just a fortnight out from becoming
leader of the free world, Donald Trump has escalated
his feud with US intelligence agencies. He's outraged many
top Washington officials, by tweeting his support for
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Australian WikiLeaks founder
Julian Assange is no friend
of the United States, but he has just found an ally in the man who will lead America
in just 16 days. Assange claims to have seen
US intelligence briefings that suggest evidence
incriminating Russian involvement in hacking
Democratic Party officials is not solid. A five-page description
of some of the tools that they allege
that the Russian state uses. On the top,
there is a disclaimer, 'Nothing... we can't guarantee that any of
this information is accurate.' Assange cites one example where the hacking
of an electricity company was done with
publicly available software. He also says hacked Democrat
John Podesta was guilty of responding
to fraudulent phishing emails and that his email password
was simply, 'password'. This is something
a 14-year-old kid, could have hacked. And we have said repeatedly
over the last two months that our source is not
the Russian government and it is not the state party. Donald Trump has been
openly scornful of his own
intelligence agencies' assessment Russia is to blame. Today, he tweeted:

That is infuriating
intelligence officials and many politicians here, who see the WikiLeaks founder
as an enemy of the state. I hope the President-elect
will get his information and trust the American patriots who work in the
intelligence community who swear oath and allegiance
to the constitutions and not some guy
hiding from the law who has a record
of undercutting and undermining American democracy. It seems American democracy,
with its many opinions, is as robust as ever. Tennis great Rod Laver
has unveiled a bronze statue in his honour. The 1.5m-high life-size
replica is at Melbourne Park, outside the stadium
named after him. The 78-year-old
won 200 titles during his
hugely successful career. He's thrilled with the statue, saying it captures
the essence of his game. Next in Seven News - a fourth child diagnosed
with meningococcal in Brisbane. Panic as a packed commuter train
derails in New York. And, how did they survive - the heart-stopping moment
an out-of-control tanker hits two girls.

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A fourth child is being
treated for meningococcal disease in Brisbane. He was diagnosed with the
potentially deadly infection at Lady Cilento
Children's Hospital on December 31. Three children
under the age of five from the same family are also at the same hospital. They were diagnosed after
celebrating New Year's Eve at South Bank. All are expected to recover. Queensland health officials
are warning people to be aware of the signs
and symptoms. To finance now and joining
me is Ben Forrester from Macquarie Wealth Management. Hello, Ben. The market's
positive start to 2017 seems to have continued, what are you looking at
this morning?

Day three of gains in 2017. The banks once again have done the majority of the heavy lifting, although gold is the best sector of the day. Investors are going towards the asset class, perhaps in preparation for cloudy skies ahead. The Tellico is also doing well. Telstra the best of the bus stop. Blackmore's is the worst in the ASX 200. Sydney airport was the down percent stop the Australian dollar last traded at 72 7288 US cents.

More than 100 passengers
have been injured when a commuter train derailed
in New York. It happened during
the busy morning rush. The crowded train
was arriving at Brooklyn when it slammed into the block
at the end of the track. One of the rails sliced through
the floor of a carriage. Passengers reported hearing
a loud crash and a jolt which knocked
dozens of people over. Most were treated
for minor injuries. It's hard to watch, but the two girls in this video
survived. They were waiting to
cross a road in China when a tanker spins
out-of-control in icy conditions and hits them. Incredibly, one girl gets up
straight away, uninjured and helps her friend,
who suffered a broken arm. Police say the driver
was speeding. The funeral for Carrie Fisher
and her mother, Debbie Reynolds will be held tomorrow, according to reports
out of Hollywood. A small, private memorial
for family and close friends will take place in Beverly Hills. 'Star Wars' actress Carrie Fisher
died on December 27, four days after
a heart attack. She was 60. Screen legend Debbie Reynolds
passed away a day later, aged 84. She suffered an apparent stroke while organising
Carrie's funeral. Thousands of people
from around the world have travelled to Las Vegas for the world's biggest
technology show - the CES. Our very own Djuro Sen was among those checking out
2017's new gadgets, including a wallpaper TV.

LG has started CES with the announcement of the world's thinnest television. A world paper TV, 4K Ultra high definition they can stick your wall. It is 2.5 It is 2.57 mm then.Well factor is everywhere. We believe this is a well factor at this year's event. LG also announced several robots, one which follows you around at the airport, and we also saw any start- up section, and artificial intelligence driven toothbrush. They can tell if you're doing the right thing in your mouth.We can see the frequency with which you brush, the time, and also where you're brushing in the 16 zone.You can wear a face mask that electronic reduces your wrinkles. There are also drones you can use inside that would bump off you and would not cause you damage. And virtual reality is everywhere, you can pretend that you fly with this device and there is also virtual reality shoes that make it feel like you're walking through snow. It is just a beginning. They did more to come from CEOs to 17. -- CES 2017.

Next in Seven News, all the day's sport
with Liam Cox - including an end to Chelsea's
Premier League winning streak. And the cheeky sledge
Roger Federer copped

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Good morning. Rain has delayed
the start of play on day three of the third Test
between Australia and Pakistan. The covers briefly came off
at the SCG this morning before the rain returned. The Aussies lead by 412-runs, after continuing their dominance
with the bat yesterday. Peter Handscomb's dream start
in the Test arena continuted, with his second century
from four matches. It's been a nice start and definitely something I didn't think
was going to happen taking that next step up,
up to this level. Pakistan will resume
at 2/126. The Sydney Thunder have revived
their Big Bash title defence with a gripping six-wicket win
over the Melbourne Stars. Kevin Pietersen's half century
guided the visitors to 8/166 at Spotless Stadium. But it wasn't enough - Eoin Morgan's last ball heroics snapped the Thunder's
four-game losing streak in style. COMMENTATOR:
Oh, yes, you beauty! He's hit a six off
the final ball, the Thunder are still alive! Thunder all-rounder
Andre Russell is set to miss the rest
of the tournament with a hamstring injury. Roger Federer has been upstaged by boom German youngster
Alexander Zverev at the Hopman Cup. Billed as a battle of the master
and the apprentice, Zverev showed why he's touted
as a future world number one. The 19-year-old
won a high quality three-setter, 7-6, 6-7, 7-6. But while Zverev
had the party tricks, it was Federer who stole the show
with an enthusiastic performance on the virtual bongos, while watching Swiss teammate
Belinda Bencic. My dad wrote me an email, said: "Can you please stop that
right now?", and I was like,
"Are you serious?" and he was actually serious
so, um... (LAUGHS). Switzerland remains in contention
for a spot in the final. Aussie young gun Jordan Thompson has scored the biggest win
of his career, upsetting former
world number three, David Ferrer at the Brisbane International. The 22-year-old recovered
from a set down to reach the quarterfinals. COMMENTATOR: He's done it! Ho, ho! The kid beats
the veteran. Haven't really played
at this level too much, um, so I always wanted to test out
my game, and, you know, I wasn't too nervous. Fellow Aussie youngster Ash Barty gave world number one
Angelique Kerber a huge scare, before going down in three-sets. Tottenham has dashed
Chelsea's hopes of a record 14th straight
Premier League victory. The title race is wide open
once again, after Spurs' 2-0 win
in this morning's London derby. Dele Alli continued
his sizzling form, netting his third-straight
double. COMMENTATOR: The prince
of White Hart Lane, Dele Alli, quite unstoppable now. Tottenham is now up to third
on the ladder. Chelsea is five points
clear on top. Aussie bike racer Toby Price
has tumbled from 1st to 5th in the Dakar Rally standings, after struggling during
stage 3 in Argentina. The reigning champion came
in more than 20 minutes behind the winner, and now has more than 17 minutes
to make up. An Argentinian rider
took a heavy tumble, before dusting himself off and
finishing the stage in 7th. Reaso, Rafa Nadal
and Nick Kyrgios in action today. A massive day of tennis
right here on Seven. Stay with us here
on Seven's Morning News, the national weather forecast
is next.

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Breaking news in Melbourne. A manhunt is underway.He has given chase.Inside the home of the time was a young family.A fourth child has been confirmed to have meningococcal.Three men are on the run after using a gun and a machete. Police are also monitoring 250 arsonist.Expect to get even more wild and wet conditions.

A Buckingham Palace guard has revealed how
he nearly shot the Queen, mistaking her for an intruder. The incident happened
several years ago. Keen on night walks
when she can't sleep, she'd been taking a stroll
through the gardens at 3:00am, when the guard called out
"Who's that?" He confessed he'd nearly fired
his weapon. The Queen replied, "Next time I'll ring through
beforehand "so you don't have to shoot me".

Checking Thursday's weather - a monsoon low
and associated troughs are bringing heavy rain,
storms and strong winds to northern Australia. A weaker pair of troughs
are drawing hot winds to the west coast
and cloud over the south-east. Onshore winds are bringing
a few showers to the New South Wales coast. Around the capitals - a shower or two in Brisbane,
29 degrees. Showers clearing in Sydney, 26. A possible afternoon shower
for Canberra, 30 degrees. Melbourne's expecting 31
with a possible storm. Overcast and hot in Adelaide, 36. Hobart's heading for 21
with a possible shower. A top of 27 in Perth. 31 degrees in Darwin.

It's taken months of work,
more than 600 artists. And several tonnes of snow, but the centrepiece of
China's winter is now complete. The annual Harbin Snow Festival
has begun. An entire town
has been crafted from snow, with some ice towers
50m high. Thousands of visitors are
expected over the next month.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day. I'm Chris Reason.

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Here we go. He's got it. It was a long time coming.Oh yeah baby! What a shot. Good gracious. Come on man, get out of town with that one. Amazing.Kerber, what a win. Remains perfect in Melbourne. Welcome back to Day 5 of Seven's Summer of Tennis. Today the male stars take centre stage, the Uber talented Grigor Dimitrov, Dominic Thiem, the youngest man in the top ten has an assignment against Aussie big server in Sam Groth. Talking of big servers, defending champion and number one seed Milos Raonic kicks off 2017 in what should be a beauty today. The ladies are arriving. It is women's quarter-final day, there is Garbine Muguruza, she is up second playing Svetlana Kuznetsova, Alize Cornet and Dominika Cibulkova up first on what should be an absolute beauty of a day. What about last night? Some great action and our first glimpse at the 2017 version of Angelique Kerber. She was really pushed by the comeback kid, Ash Barty. Ash pushed her to a third set and Angelique Kerber had the big break out year in 2016 which resulted in the world No.1 ranking was too strong in the end. But Ash Barty, a lot to take out of her Brisbane International comeback tournament. Stan the man looks in good shape. A straight sets win to Stan Wawrinka. He progresses through to the quarter-finals. He was terrific last night. He looks in really good touch.

was terrific last night. He looks
in really good touch. Here is our