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Today - the Australian Government tries to smooth the waters with Indonesia after extraordinary allegations by the nays's military leader.

The Israeli PM supports a pardon for a soldier found guilty of shooting dead a wounded Palestinian attacker. A man in hospital with serious injuries after falling off a cliff in Sydney. And the weather bureau confirms 2016 was the fourth hottest year on record for Australia. Hello and welcome to Mornings. I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at the weather first in the capital cities around the nation today:

The rain is continuing to fall in parts of Queensland after the huge fall as long the Whitsunday coast over the past couple of days. That system is moving north now.

There are catastrophic fire warnings for some southern districts of WA today with temps up above 40 degrees. Make sure you are aware of your warnings for your local areas. The Australian share market is making gains in early trade:

The ABC can reveal more details behind Indonesia's shock decision to suspend military ties with Australia. The Indonesian military chief has stopped sending his best young soldiers for training in Australia because of fears that what he says he believes there will be they will be recruited by the Australian military. The military chief says he stopped the training program before suspending all military relations between the two nations. Indonesia correspondent Adam Harvey reports.On the surface it appeared that Australia and Indonesia's military relationship had recovered from the damage caused by spying scandals and executions, but now it is clear there has been trouble brewing for some time. Indonesia's military chief, Gatot Nurmantyo, is clearly suspicious of Australia's motives when it says it wants to help. The ABC has obtained footage of a lecture he made in November in which he makes his feelings clear.TRANSLATION: Every time there is a training program, like recently, the best 5 or 10 students would be sent to Australia. That happened before I was chief, so I let that happen. Once I became chief commander of the national forces, it did not happen again. They will certainly be recruited. They will certainly be One of the most sensitive topics in Indonesia is West Papua and the struggle there for independence. General Gatot clearly believes that the Australian military instructors sided with the West Papuans over the rest of Indonesia.TRANSLATION: My officer was told to be assigned over there, to teach Indonesian. He protested. He was taught there that Papua is a nation that is going to get their independence, because it is not Indonesia. Like that! So clearly they will recruit them. General Gatot's feeling about West Papua and his suspicion about Australia's real motives for military help with Indonesia, could explain why Indonesia has acted so severely and suspended all military ties between the two nations. And Australia's Defence Minister Marise Payne has denied that the Australian Defence Force has been trying to recruit Indonesian soldiers as insiders. She has told the ABC Radio's AM program the concerns were being handled by Defence Force Chiefs over the past month or so, and had not been raised by the Indonesian Defence Minister during discussions in December.I say that about the concerns being raised in November. The investigation requires an examination of materials, requires interviews with the Australians involved and also an opportunity for the Indonesian office to comment. These things need to be done appropriately, so the inquiry is not quite finalised many That is a matter which is coming close to fruition and once that is concerned, then the next actions will be taken. Well, I also communicated with him in December on a range of other matters, and this issue was not raised on that occasion, so I think the Chief of Army and the Chief of the Defence Force have been dealing with their counterparts with General nurm nurm and the Indonesian Chief of Army. Associate Professor Greg Fealy is a senior fellow in Indonesian politics in the Australian National University. He says the Indonesian military chief who took offence against Australia has also made claims about China, and this could result in economic and diplomatic consequences for the Jokowi Government.It's not just a problem with Australia. General Gatot Nurmantyo has been making statements like this about lots of large countries in the region whom he suspects of having malign intent towards Indonesia. One of the more surprising set of statements he has been making in recent months has been against China which he now rates as the main enemy of Indonesia, and China is a very major investor, it is a country that his own President has gone to great lengths to try to cultivate as a source of funding and infrastructure support, and so his remarks are having increasingly severe diplomatic consequences, economic consequences for the Jokowi Government.So what do you make of his claims that the Australian military is what he says recruiting Indonesian soldiers that come over as part of a cooperation agreement? These comments are broadly consistent with remarks that he has been making since long before he became the commander of the Indonesian armed forces. When he was the Army commander, he was also making similar statements there, so there is no surprise that he has continued to say these things as the chief of the armed forces. I think the more surprising element is that in this case, he has acted - appears to have acted unilaterally in suspending what is quite an important part of the bilateral military relationship between Australia and Indonesia, without consulting his Defence Minister, nor without taking - having this matter taken to the Cabinet, and so the whole principle of civilian oversight of the military is called into question by the general's behaviour here. So I think there are some serious questions for the Indonesian Government itself to consider.Yes. So how did he get to this position? If he is this type of person, how concerning is it that this man with these views of Australia and other countries like China, as you mentioned there, is Indonesia's most powerful military leader?Not all the details are clear. Indonesia has largely, but not strictly followed a rotation system for the leadership of its armed forces in recent years, and so the next person who was due to become the chief of the armed forces was in actual fact the air force marshal, and some versions of events say that he was in fact on Jokowi's list to be announced and at the last moment Jokowi was persuaded by some of the people whom he trusts that it would be better to have someone like Gatot Nurmantyo, who is a hardliner, and who would help to counter balance the rising power of the police. Not everyone agrees with that point of view, but it is one common theory as to why Jokowi ended up opting for Gatot. One should also say that nationalism is quite the flavour of the moment in Indonesian politics, and so to have the general saying some of the things that Gatot is saying is not at all unpopular among the political elite in Indonesia. So Jokowi may have regarded this as a not particularly risky decision.Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu has called for a soldier convicted of manslaughter for killing a wounded Palestinian attacker to be pardoned. The Israeli soldier shot the Palestinian, who had been injured from his involvement in an attack on another Israeli. The high-profile case has polarised opinion in Israel. And a warning, some viewers may firnd this footage distressing. It is minutes after two young Palestinian men with knives attacked Israeli soldiers in Hebron. Both have been shot. One is dead and one is clearly still alive. Sergeant Elor Azaria, a 19-year-old medic, helped treat a wounded soldier, and then he did this... GUNFIREA single bullet to the head killed Abdul Fatah Sharif. Sod the sergeant was in a military court, smiling to see a friend and his mother, but soon after he was found guilty of manslaughter. Judges rejected the soldier's claim that the Palestinian posed a threat, and decided he shot him out of revenge. But sergeant Azaria has loyal backers in a country where most young people do military service. They accuse the army of abandoning one of its own.This guy came to do an attack, to hurt our families. This soldier is a hero.Even the Israeli Defence Minister spoke of this as a difficult verdict. Before taking up his post, he made clear his support of Sergeant Azaria, and that caused tensions with the top brass here in the military headquarters. They've said they command according to rules and an ethical code, not public opinion. Such a high-profile trial of a soldier for killing a Palestinian is very unusual in Israel. The outcome was welcomed by the family of Abdul Fatah Sharif.TRANSLATION: I feel like any father would feel after seeing my son executed on TV, murdered. It's so hard to see that. No-one can endure this. It is still hard for me, every time I remember what happened. If he died instantly, it would be much easier than to see your son executed like that. Sergeant Azaria's crime took place during a wave of Palestinian attacks when there was a national debate about how to respond, and his case has proved highly divisive. When he is sentenced, the maximum he could serve is 20 years in jail, but he is suspected to get -- expected to get faer less and already some politicians are calling for a pardon. A 34-year-old man has been injured in a fall at Kirribilli overnight. Reporter Jade MacMillan has more.It appears that he has taken a tumble through these hedges behind me and then fallen about 10 metres and become wedged between the rock face and a walkway with a fence that has been built down there. Neighbours that we spoke to this morning say that they were woken up by the man's friend screaming for help. Let's take a listen.He was running down the street screaming, "Help! It is an emergency!" I remember hearing it once in my sleep and I was like, "Oh, that's weird." And I woke up and came out, and, yeah, it seemed like he had been going around for a little while trying to find someone to come out and help.Neighbours say that police and paramedics arrived a short time afterwards. They pulled the man to safety and treated had imhere before taking him to Royal North Shore Hospital where se in a serious condition with suspected head and internal injuries.Is there any suggestion that alcohol may have been involved or not?Police are looking into that. There were a couple of officers down here earlier this morning, looking at the scene and taking photos of where this accident took place, and they also collected a couple of empty alcohol bottles that had been left on the grass just near this bench behind me. They say they will look into whether it was a factor, and they've also asked anyone who may have witnessed what happened to contact police.2016 was officially the fourth hottest year on record for Australia, with extreme weather events also bringing above-average rainfall across the country. The Bureau of Meteorology's annual climate statement has found Australia's national mean temperature was 0.87 degrees above the norm. 2016 was the warmest year on record for Sydney, while parts of SA recorded the wettest year on record. On a global level, 2016 is expected to be the warmest year on record. Dr Karl Braganza is head of climate mob toring at the bureau and says it was a wet year as well. That's quite unusual when we have that amount of rainfall over the continent, and it was also very wet period during the middle of the year, so May to September we had record rainfall in the Murray-Darling Basin which was pretty good for agriculture many Across Australia we've had rain at the start of the year, then it went dry, and then during the middle of the year especially we had an influence from record sea-surface temperatures around Australia and they were dragging moisture all over the continent and creating quite a lot of rainfall. Order sea-surface temperatures particularly in the Tasman and to the north of the continent, and that forced heavy rainfall events, so he in Tasmania, we had atmospheric rainfall associated with the flooding and that was similar to the end of the year as well Really what we are doing is contextualising the year for those who experienced it operationally. So if you think of agriculture, water management, health and emergency services, their experience of the weather events is important for what they do, and so we tell them in the historical context, where does that sit, waas it average or somewhere that has never been seen before, and those numbers are interesting to them.A third teenager has been charged over a one-punch attack on the go being which has left a 21-year-old man in hospital. Thomas Dover was allegedly punched in the back of the head while walking with a friend at Surfers Paradise early yesterday morning. Two buoyed aged 14 and 16 have been charged. Detectives have now charged a 15-year-old boy with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm. Authorities say a man swept away by floodwaters in Far North Queensland last night had been helping direct motorists to safety. Witnesses said the 60-year-old was last seen going under a railway bridge at Tolga near Atherton at 6 o'clock. A rescue helicopter and SES crews have been called in to help. And a teenaged girl is recovering in hospital after a suspected irukandji sting off Queensland's Fraser Island. She is the 8th person to be stung by jellyfish in as many days in waters off the island. She was flown to Bundaberg Hospital last night and is in a stable condition. The top stories today - Australia's Defence Minister Marise Payne has promised Indonesia a thorough investigation of the SAS training material that prompted a shock suspension of military cooperation. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says he supports calls from his party to officially pardon a soldier convicted of manslaughter for shooting a wounded Palestinian attacker in the head. A Nd a man has been rescued from a rock face in the harbourside city suburb of Kirribilli overnight after he was seriously injured in a fall. In SA, more questions are being raised over the possible health effects from ash dust from Port Augusta power site. This week rain washed away a layer of chemical gel suppressing the ash, with residents reporting it has spread and coated just about everything.This dust is spreading quite a long way when it's very windy, so it is blowing into residential areas quite easily with not a lot of wind at all, really. And just how thick has it been when it has blown over town?Well, this has been happening on kind of minor scale since August, but New Year as Day and the next day were really bad. There were some comments from people asking where the bushfire was, it actually looked like smoke, so it really was quite severe many As you mention ndz the intro t does stick to everything. People were wiping one the tops of their cars and you could see the dust on their hands afterwards.And so the ash is a by-product of the coal, is it? And what has the State Government conceded about possible health effects from this?Well, they did some testing on this ash a few weeks ago, really, about of it really flared up again, and they found it has minimal toxins and metals in it, but at the same time breathing in any kind of dust is really not good for people, especially those with respiratory diseases so they have conceded that it is not healthy to breathe this in, but further tests to find out what's in it and the health effects of thatSo how concerned are the locals there? People are really concerned and the thing to remember is it has been a long 18 months for people of the Port Augusta, with the closure of the power station has been really stressful here, and the smell from the lake as well as the lake fed by the power, that's drying, that smells and now with the ash, the kind of the final straw, people are feeling angry, feeling abandoned, and people have had enough.Was there a minister who visited yesterday and the locals tried to confront him and they had to try to track him down to get hold of him - what happened there?The State Environment Minister Ian Hunter came to town to have a look at the ash with the EPA, the Environmental Protection Authority and have a look at what the situation was. He wasn't here for very long and people seemed quite upset about that, they confronted him. He did come out to speak to people outside the power station and, as I mentioned, people have had enough, they really wanted to get their Ange goer across to the minister, but a lot of people who weren't too impressed. There was one woman who was in tears after T People in general just didn't feel like he gave them very much.So what guarantees has the Government given them about the ash and their ability to suppress it - like how long will it take before this stops?Well, Flinders power kch that manages the site have already committed to reapplying the gel that did run away in the rain, so they've already started. There is a crop duster flying - it takes about half an hour to pick up a load, fly over, drop it and get another one. Flinders Power has Storted that The Government is setting up a hotline for anyone who is concerned about it and their health, and the remediation of the site continues, so continuing to plant trees and spread dirt to keep down the ash long-term.Police in Papua New Guinea have defended their treatment of two asylum seekers who were injured during an arrest on New Year's Eve. The men say they were badly beaten and are now terrified of staying on Manus Island. PNG correspondent Eric Tlozek reports that they are due to face court on charges of being drunk and disorderly. The bruising on these men is plain to see. The Iranian asylum seekers say their injuries are the result of a severe beating by Papua New Guinea police. TRANSLATION: I tried to cover my face to protect it and my eyes and my nose, but they just pulled my hands open so they could hit me in the face.TRANSLATION: When he punched me in the face, I felt a bad dislocation in my nose. It was very painful. I became dizzy and I put my head down. I looked down and my pants were filled with blood.The men were hurt while being arrested on New Year's Eve. Police say they were intoxicated and abusive. They have been charged with being drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest. The two known refugees from Iran nationality were drunk and walk ago long the main road, causing public nuisance to the public and a passing motorist.The Manus Island police commander says police used reasonable force to make the arrest. They were so violent at the time that the police had to use reasonable force to get them into the police vehicle and bring them to the police station.Police say they are dealing with an increasing number of incidents now that asylum seekers and refugees are free to move around the island. This case comes just a week after the death of a young Sudanese refugee from the Manus Island Detention Centre. It has added to existing fears about the men's safety and their access to medical care. Some refugees have been told they will have the chance to be resettled in the United States, but that process isn't going to start until next month. These two asylum seekers are unlikely to go to the US because their refugee claims have been rejected. Instead, they are headed to court, to plead not guilty and strongly deny police allegations they were drunk and violent. German police have arrested a Tunisian man over the Berlin Christmas market attack. The arrest follows raids on the man's home early whier this week. The 26-year-old is believed to have had dinner with the main attacker, Anis Amri, a day before he killed 12 people. A former appellate Nate of Amri's is also being investigated after a separate raid on a home in Berlin. Turkish authorities say they've detained 20 suspected militants from Islamic State as they continue to hunt for the gunman who killed 39 people on New Year's Eve. Turkish police say the men from Central Asia and North Africa were arrested in the coastal city of iz myrrh. Turkish police say the gunman spent time in Is mer before he went to Istanbul to carry out the attack. Arrests in Bangalore avidio emerged of bystanders watching a woman being attacked by two men. In a separate incident, several women complained that they were groped and assaulted by a mob of men One senior State Government minister implied that the victims' clothing had provoked the attacks, saying the women were acting like Westerners. In New York, a commuter train has derailed during peak hour, injuring more than 100 people. Passengers have told local media there was a loud bang and a jolt that sent people flying across the carriages as the train pulled into the Atlantic terminal in Brooklyn. The New York governy says the train was travelling at a fairly slod speed when it failed to stop on time and struck a buffer at the station. Transport officials say it's not clear what caused the derailment. 5.5 years after the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan is grappling with the plan to restart nuclear reactors to meet its energy needs. This year up to six more plants were due to open, but there are huge doubts about whether they will ever be turned on. Rachael Mealey reports from Tokyo. Japan has invested a lot of money in nuclear power generation, dating back as far as the 1960s. By 2011, a third of Japan's energy needs were being met by its fleet of 54 nuclear reactors, scattered around the country. But when disaster struck at Fukushima, the government ordered all nuclear plants to shut down for a safety review. Now four nuclear reactors have restarted, 11 are being decommissioned, 22 are still under a safety review, while the fate of another 20 is yet to be decided. There is a plan to start five or six more reactors in 2017, but PM Abe and the government and the utility industry experienced a lot of difficulties this year. There was public opposition to restarting the reactors in Kyushu.That public opposition was amplified when a major earthquake hit that same region only a few months after the power plant restarted.I think the Japanese Government will be forced to change its energy policy, just because of the reality. This cannot go on indefinitely.The government has said very little in recent months about its energy policy. PM Shinzo Abe hopes 20% of Japan's future energy needs will be met by nuclear power, but that target is looking increasingly hard to achieve. While the nuclear authority has given the go-ahead for some reactors to be switched back on, local people and politicians are raising their voices in protest. Universities in South Africa will begin their new academic year under a cloud of continued disruption. Last year, many students took part in violent protests against a rise in tuition fees, and a radically unbalanced curriculum. Graduates at this university celebrate their achievement after a difficult year. Happy scenes that contrast with the rubber bullets and tear gas. This happened at almost every South African university. But the school year has finished without the protesters' demands being met. Not only have some universities announced fee increases, but this woman says they are still dominated by white lecturers who don't use reference books by Africans.Like people even in the African continent are producing actual journals, producing books, but they choose not to reference them, so that's the number one thing, is what is taught, and whose voices are taught. Secondly, is the actual people teaching.While staff at some universities have supported the students' demands, a glance at the silent protest emphasises that the teaching staff is mostly white. The most recent verified statistics from government are from 2012. They show that out of almost 2,200 professors in South Africa, only 303 of them are black. The University of South Africa is the largest on the continent, where the issue of de colonyisation is keenly debated. This academic says mainstream publishers aren't interested in African knowledge. He has had to publish his own boogs.The other issue is political will from the government. The government hasn't really made mow gres in that area. So it's only now that the students are demanding this type of curriculum that the government is now trying to do something.But the universities have autonomy over their kuk Lumbs, so government leaders can't force them to transform. Instead government is considering a new national management structure.We do think that the way to do that would be to get the university system to work as collectives, so that we have greater uniformity across the system, and a bigger possibility of multiple voices coming to the fore.The government says it is committed to making universities more representative, but after two years of student protests, and the likelihood of more to come, the students are peer to be tired of waiting. And now with the weather, here is Kirsten Diprose. waiting. And now with the weather,
here is Kirsten Diprose. Let's take a look at the maps now, and there is thick cloud in the tropics and an active monsoon and it is generating heavy rain and storms mainly in the Kimberley and north-east Queensland. Cloud over the NSW coast is bringing showers In WA, hot winds to the south of the State and very warm winds and thunder to SA and Victoria today. The top temperatures for today:

Taking a look at the rainfall, and more rain for tropical Queensland tomorrow and across the north. Some very heavy falls possible in the Pilbara, around Broome. Rain also for the north coast of NSW. The outlook for tomorrow:

So that heat really continuing around the south of the country, SA and Victoria to warm up over the weekend.

The top stories today - more details have been revealed about an Indonesian military chief's shock decision to suspend military ties in Australia. In recordings uncovered by the ABC, the military chief has made extraordinary allegations against Australia. He says he has stopped sending his best young military students to Australia because they would certainly be recruited by Australia, and were told that West Papua was not part of Indonesia. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says he supports calls from his party to officially pardon a soldier convicted of manslaughter for shooting a wounded Palestinian attacker in the head. The trial of 20-year-old sergeant Elor Azaria has been one of the most divisive court cases in Israel's history. Clashes broke out in front of the court in Tel Aviv as the verdict was announced. A 34-year-old man has been rescue from a rock face in the harbourside Sydney suburb of Kirribilli overnight after he was seriously injured in a fall. He has been treated in Royal North Shore Hospital for suspected head and internal injuries. Police are treating the incident as an accident in which alcohol may have played a role. Australia has recorded its fourth hottest year on record and the hottest yet for ocean temperatures. The Bureau of Meteorology has released its annual climate statement showing trends above average rainfall. National mean temperatures were 0.87 degrees above average during extremes in Tasmania, fires in. With. A and fires in Queensland. Now to the top story about the Indonesia military chief's decision to suspend military ties in Australia. Retired Major General Jim Molan says he thinks Canberra and Jakarta have been surprised by this news.I think the intervention last night by Defence Minister Ryamizard indicates that he was not aware of what was occurring and that he has stepped in to calm the whole thing down, so that's great. I think that we have a military, or any relationship with Indonesia is to me always a miracle. There are no two countries in the world so close as Australia and Indonesia yet so totally difference. We overcome these cultural differences and process differences each and every day of the week. At the working level quite often we make errors, but I've got to say at the political leadership level, ours and at our military leadership level, we work very, very hard, and very effectively to maintain that relationship, and I think the intervention by Minister Ryamizard, the Indonesian Defence Minister, last night indicates that he has possibly a more mature view of the relationship than do the military people who spoke in the last couple of days. Since the fall of Suharto, the power relationship has changed. A lot of this is influenced by one person's view - the chief of the Indonesian Defence Forces view of Australia, which is strongly focused on our involvement in East Timor, and he brings from that some prejudices against us, apparently, from East Timor, that he has been consistently going public on, and that's a shame. He has been to Australia recently, and he met with our leadership and I think what we've got to do - you know, we should never surrender our sovereignty to Indonesia. We should always stand up for what we are and what we believe in, but Indonesia particularly in relation to the South China Sea, Indonesia and Australia share a common interest in working together for the region and for our own self interest, and I think because of this, it is worth becoming very, very much involved, gaining the trust of General Gatot and hoping that he will trust us ultimately.Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is calling for an Israeli soldier to be pardoned on a conviction of manslaughter, just hours after he was found guilty by a Tel Aviv court. 20-year-old Sergeant Elor Azaria shot dead a wounded Palestinian man, but is yet to be sentenced for his actions. With a fixed grin on his face, Elor Azaria has been convicted by the army that conscripted him. Guilty of manslaughter was the verdict from this military court. Before proceedings even began, emotional scenes with his mother the most distressed. This the most damning evidence. Video of Azaria, now aged 20, shooting one of two Palestinian knife attackers in the head, 11 minutes after he fell to the ground wounded in a volley of gunfire. The court ruled that Abdul fatal Al Sharif, 21 years old, was alive but no threat to anybody. For two half Nours this military court unpicked every bit of defence evidence and destroyed it. The chairman of the panel of judges said this defendant had various alternatives and under these circumstances, there was no justification to shoot this terrorist in the head. A judge may have said it, but in the occupied Westback at Al Sharif's family home in Hebron, his parents say he was anything but a terrorist, but his father agrees with the verdict. TRANSLATION: I feel good the conviction is fair, it is an achievement of the court that they condemned the soldier.Back in Tel Aviv, it was Israelis protesting against fellow Israelis. Scuffles broke out as protesters vented their fury over Azaria having to face justice at all. This is a right-wing demonstration, but support for Azaria spreads right across Israeli society.TRANSLATION: It is a shame that they convicted a soldier today, but it isn't over. Our state, our PM have done this, but we will defeat this government.He is innocent, he is a hero. He has to get a prize from the army. But the military chief himself and the Minister of Defence were against him. They elect the judges, they tell the judges what to decide, and he didn't have any hope.Many politicians say Azaria should be pardoned.We need to bring back the faith, the trust of the people in our military. We know - we build each other, we cannot separate between them. Every bomber, every attacker need to finish a terror attack with a bullet in his head. We will do this.What's happening in Israel right now is a major debate over whether there should be binding rules of engagement for Israeli soldiers or an open licence for them it deal with Palestinian attackers, using lethal free will. Rack qi Army and security forces are gaining momentum in their campaign to retake Mosul from Islamic State militants, ard coulding to the commander of the US-led coalition backing them. During a helicopter tour over recently recaptured areas, US army Lieutenant General Steve Townsend said coordination had been largely absent in the first two months of the campaign, when Iraqi forces made slow progress after breaching the city.They had high casualty rates when they first maiden tri-into the city. They have progressively gotten better and they've learned lessons and those lessons have been shared across the force, and now their casualty rates are a fraction of what they were. They were daunting in the first few weeks in the city, back in October, early November, and I was greatly concerned then, much less concerned now. They seem to have adapted.The operation is a coalition of military forces from a range of Western and Arab countries that has been bombing Islamic State positions in Iraq and neighbouring Syria since 2014. Since resuming their offensive last week, coalition troops have retake enSeven eastern districts, despite steep resistance, and joint areas that had been vulnerable to attack. US President Barack Obama has bit farewell to armed forces at a ceremony in Virginia. At the full-on Nour review, the President was, handing over his title as commander-in-chief to President-elect Donald Trump in a little over two weeks. In his speech, Mr Obama called for a smooth transition for the US military to the Trump Administration, and acknowledged his successor would inherit major conflicts against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, as well as continued involvement in Afghanistan.My days as your commander-in-chief are coming to an end, and as I reflect on the challenges we have faced together, and on those to come, I believe that one of the greatest tasks before our armed forces is to retain the high confidence that the American people rightly place in you. This is a responsibility not simply for those of you in uniform, but for those who lead you. It is the responsibility of our entire nation. And so we are called to remember core principles. That we must never hesitate to act when necessary to defend our nation, but we must also never rush into war because sending you into harm's way should be a last and not first resort. It should be compelled by the needs of our security and not our politics.And Barack Obama will meet fellow Democrats in Congress today to discuss how to protect the Obama health care reforms. Vice President elect Mike Pence and Republican House senator Paul Ryan want to repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act when they come into power later this month.The first order of business is to repeal and replace Obamacare, and that was our message today and it will be our message on Capitol Hill, and it needs to be done.We know that things are only getting worse under Obamacare. This is about people paying higher premiums every year and feeling powerless to stop T it is about families paying deductibles that are oh high, it doesn't feel yike you have health insurance in the first place, and even if you want to look for better coverage, you are stuck with one option. One choice is not a choice, its a monopoly. The health care system has been ruin, dismantled under Obamacare.Just returning to our top story for a moment, this is the story about the Indonesian military chief who has decided to suspend military relations with Australia, although - and it's kind of been revealed this morning that this military chief has made some extra allegations about the Australian military in the past, suggesting that he - or saying that he had stopped sending top Indonesian military students to Australia who were acting as language teachers here in Australia - he stopped sending them because he was concerned that they were "being recruited" by Australia for unknown purposes. Now, the Defence Minister Marise Payne is going to be holding a media conference on this in - we are expecting this to get under way in about 5 minutes' time or so, soly bring that to you live here on ABC News 24. So a significant media conference for the day. The Defence Minister speaking on our top story. Senior military and civilian medical experts in the UK are urging the public to learn life-saving skills in case they might be caught up in a terrorist attack. Experts from a team called Citizen Aid are launching an app and website for these situations. And a warning, there are some pretty confronting images in this story. An ordinary evening got...GUNFIRE.. Turns to terror. This isn't real, but security officials say the terror threat in the UK is high, and despite their best efforts, this could happen.Get down! Get down! Many people could be hurt in the chaos. The problem is, it may take some time for help to arrive. Police and security forces have to deal with terrorists first, making sure it's safe before paramedics can come in. And in that time, lives could be lost.The first responders to that incident from a police perspective will inevitably be trying to deal with the people causing the threat. They won't have time to help people who may have been injured, and we know that that gap is vital for saving people's lives, so we really, are really, really interest in the work of Citizen Aid.A shooting, a gunman in the street. Three people have been shot.The experts behind Citizen Aid says the app and pocket book give simple step-by-step insphrukss to save others, but the public should only attempt first aid once they're safe themselves.And there is the tourniquet.The app says that you need to pack the wounds and then put the pressure on the wound, and then keep the handle vated, above her heart.I've treated hundreds of soldiers over the years, when they've returned to Birmingham, and many of their lives have been saved by simply the application of turn Kays when they have been shot or have been blown up. I think it is essential that we train the general public now to deliver those skills, and that's exactly what Citizen Aid does.It may be difficult, but remaining calm and knowing how to help others in situations like this could save lives. Security forces are already preparing for these types of incidents, and now they say members of the public should be prepared, too. Attempting first aid may not be for everyone, but military med ygs say it's better to have a plan in case this worst-case scenario turns into reality.You're OK, are you? Is it your mum?Last year, was the year of extreme weather events, wetter than average overall, and the fourth warmest on record for Australia. Annual rainfall across the country was 17% above average, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. Tony Mahar is the CEO of the National Farmers Federation and says it wases a strong year for the agricultural sector.Around about $60 billion worth of production despite, as you say, one of the hottest years on record. Conditions have been exceptionally favourable for farmers right across Australia. Harvesting at the moment, winter crops around about 50 million tonnes, you know, red meat prices really good, and these conditions - farmer - Australian farmers are among the most innovative in the world, so we'll continue to deal with fluctuating and variable climate as we go forward.We heard some really tough stories about the drought in Queensland over the past couple of years. To what extent has that cleaned up? Has it really been across-the-board a bumper year, or are there still people struggling in Queensland?Oh, there is no doubt Australia is a big country and while I say across-the-board pretty gooden cans, there is no doubt there are these pockets of Australia still looking for rain, and as you say, in parts of Queensland the rain hasn't come as much as we would have liked, so again what that requires is for Australian farmers still to be innovative and adapt to varying climatic conditions.Just take us through the figures of the different areas of production - you've mentioned a couple of them - but how do those figures compare to previous years?Look, it does fluctuate from year to year, as I say around about $60 billion worth of production in the Australian farm sector in the last year, driven by largely by grains, red meat, dairy has had a bit of a challenging time over the last 12 months. Horticulture is a really big expansive sector for the ago dull tour sector, seen huge growth in areas of nuts, for example, and other horticultural products, and also wool and cotton continues to produce well, and all of this, of course, is driven by a large export market. So...And we've heard so much in the past couple of years also about the importance of China as an export market. To what extent is that a huge factor for the agricultural export industries? And we've heard prerts -- reports that China has been kind of slowing down, but it still has a pretty amazing growth rate, but that has pulled back a bit. How concerned are you about the possibility of China pulling back over the next couple of years?Look, we've been lucky enough in the last two or three years to sign - the Australian Government has completed three big trade agreements, one with China, the oer with Japan and South Korea. China is always going to be a major market for Australian agricultural products, whether it declines in its growth significantly or not really, the population and the demand for high quality, fresh, safe food and fibre will continue. I think it will go - it has probably peaked a little bit and is coming off, but still the issue for the Australian farmers is looking at China, but not just China. Countries like Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and other areas, is where we are seeing a growing in demand, a growing market for Australian produce.The top stories today - an Indonesian military chief has made extraordinary allegations about Australia allegedly recruiting Indonesian soldiers sent here. The Australian minister has rejected the claim. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says he supports calls from his party to officially pardon a soldier convicted of manslaughter, for shooting a wounded Palestinian attacker in the head. And a man has been rescued from a rock face in the harbourside Sydney suburb of Kirribilli overnight after he was seriously injured in a fall. Now I just mention once again that we are waiting on a media conference from Defence Minister Marise Payne, this is in relation to our top story here today on ABC News 24. We understand there has been a bit of a change of venue for that. It was due to get under way about now, but that's been delayed a bit, but we will bring you that just as soon as that begins. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has reiterated his claim that Russia was not the source for his side's mass leak of Democratic Party emails in the run-up to the US presidential election. Mr Assange told Fox News that Hillary Clinton and her chairman John pe Des ta made almost no attempts to keep their private emails safe.Pedes ta gave out that his posse wards would the ward "password": His own staff said, "This email that you've receive, this is totally legitimate." So this is something a 14-year-old kid, a 14-year-old kid could have hacked, Pedes ta that way. She made almost no attempt to keep them secure from states. Now, was she trying to keep them secure from the Republicans? Well, probably, but in terms of foreign states, almost no attempt. And Donald Trump responded by tweeting:

Sand Assange on US media coverage:

So, yeah, Donald Trump continuing there with his Twitter responses, and pronouncements on policy and - but we do understand that he is actually going to hold a media conference. I understand that this his first media conference in several months. This was some suggestion it was the first one since the middle of last year, but we've heard that will be on January 11th, so January 12th here in Australia, so a significant event hearing from Donald Trump in a media conference for the first time since the election. I just mention once again that we are waiting for the Defence Minister Marise Payne to begin a media conference - they are just setting up there now - this is in regards to the top story today on the extraordinary allegations by the Indonesian military chief that the Australian military - Tuilaepaly, there is Marise Payne stepping up now. We might take a listen in. She is just giving some introductory remarks there now. We take you to there now.I want to start by reinforcing the importance of the Australian-Indonesian military relationship and the relationship more broadly. It is one which spans many decades. Australia sent a defence attach Shae to Jakarta ins 1950s, and it is one that has been significant personal importance to me since I was appointed Defence Minister. In fact, just in October, the Foreign Minister and I, Julie Bishop, met with our counterparts in Bali for a two-plus-two ministerial meeting, where we canvassed some of the key issues of the relationship - regional maritime security, cyber security, counter-terrorism, the baally process itself - all of these things underpin the depth and the strength of the military relationship. We have had an issue in recent times in relation to some training materials which is what we are here to talk about today. Thampblingts is one which I hope we can deal with in a constructive and mature way, and move on from that to reinforce the importance of what we do together. And I'm very happy to take a couple of questions. REPORTER: Senator, why did it take so long to get to the bottom of this given the fact that it was a fairly simple issue? Why has it taken one month for the ADF to (inaudible) Well, I think if you understand the concerns were raised through TNI and then back to the Australian military at the end of November and then the beginning of December. The chief of the Indonesian military wrote to the CDF on, I think, 9th December. The Chief of Army here in Australia, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell instituted an inquiry that. Inquiry is under way. It has had to receive information from the Australian side, from the Indonesian side, to be fair, I think you would also appreciate that we have had the Christmas and New Year period as well, but it is very close to finalisation. When that is finalised, we will go back to the Indonesians with that and proceed from there.REPORTER: (Inaudible question) seen laminated piece of paper with the words (inaudible) is this (inaudible)There are a number of reports floating around, as is often the case. I'm not going to canvas those particular aspects. They are obviously part of the inquiry. Once that is finalised, then that will go, as I said - we will take that to the Indonesians and take things from there. REPORTER: (Inaudible question)The issue of West Papua was raised by the Indonesian Defence Minister, yes, I think that's indicated what - or he indicated that in his post meeting comments. We, of course, in accord with the Lombok treaty, which is the treaty between Australia and Indonesia, recognise Indonesia's sovereignty and territorial integrity and that is our firm and stated position.REPORTER: The training material contained a reference to West Papua not being part of Indonesia, and was it an official document or something that a particular soldier...As I've said, those are matters are part of the quien ri instituted by the Chief of Army. It would not be appropriate for me to canvas those before the close of the inquiry and I do not intend to do that.REPORTER: What do you say to the claim that Australia is recruiting Indonesian soldiers as spies?I've heard that reported and that is clearly not the case and not a matter which merits significant canvassing.REPORTER: Do you think the Indonesians are overreacting especially in relation to the (inaudible) material?Well, it is clearly a matter of significant concern, a representative, an officer of the TNI raised his Derns with senior officers when he returned to Indonesia in late November, so I take that seriously - of course I take that seriously, as much as I take the relationship seriously, and to do otherwise would be not appropriate. So it is a matter for the Indonesians, they have raised these concerns, they have taken the steps that they have indicated they think are appropriate. I have to say at this point that although some activities have not occurred, others have, so the chief of the Indonesian Air Force visited Australia in December. The head of our - the Australian cochair of the Australia Indonesian chairmanship of the ASEAN Defence Ministers plus working group on peacekeeping visited Indonesia in very late December, so there are still two-way activities occurring, some have been suspended and some are still occurring.REPORTER: (Inaudible question)Well, the Chief of the Defence Force air marshal Mark bins kin has a very constructive relationship with General nurm nurm, he has been working with him for some time now. I have a great deal of respect for the general and the way he works with his military. We have significant military-to-military contacts and I'm confident the CDF will continue that relationship. REPORTER: (Inaudible question) Certainly we have indicated our regret that this occurred and that offence was taken. I think that's appropriate when a significant counterpart raises their concerns with you, no matter who it is. We obviously work very broadly, regionally and internationally, and we should endeavour to ensure that the material we use is culturally appropriate, is to the point not gratuitous, and I am sure that those are matters which will be taken into account in the preparation of training material into the future, and in fact I will ensure that that is the case.REPORTER: Does it concern you though (inaudible)The material has most certainlily been removed. The training is not currently occurring and I expect it will be replaced with appropriate material in due course.REPORTER: (Inaudible) the level of a TNI commander that can suspend operations to this degree?Well, I think in perhaps of sag that in terms of a TN a. Commander - we are actually talking about General nurm numb who is the chief of the Indonesian Defence Force. This is a military-to-military concern which he has raised. We are dealing with it in both that context and the diplomatic context, and the minister-to-minister context. I think that's an appropriate way to deal with it.REPORTER: (Inaudible question)As I said, the inquiry is still under way and once that is finalised, which is imminent, then the Chief of Army will deal with those matters. Not for me to intervene on that.REPORTER: How many Indonesians have been withdrawn from Australia?A relatively small number.Just the one barracks or others around the country? ?The participants in that training force, as I understand it.REPORTER: (Inaudible question)Yes. Sorry, the lady behind you?REPORTER: When did the Government first find out about this?The concerns were raised in late November, early December and there was an indication that some activities would be suspended in those discussions.REPORTER: (Inaudible question) and the head of the army (inaudible) is this unilateral action on (inaudible)I don't think it's for me to speculate on that, but the President of Indonesia and the Defence Minister have made their views clear in media commentary today, and I think I will continue to work with my counterpart, the PM will continue to work with his, senior military leaders will continue to work with theirs. The most important thing is to complete the inquiry, to respond to Indonesia with those outcomes and then to proceed to restore the relationship and the interaction as best as we can.REPORTER: Was the offending material removed prior to...REPORTER: (Inaudible question) I'm advised by the Chief of Army that that is imminent. I believe it to be an administrative inquiry, but I'm sure details will be made available once that's complete. Ladies and gentlemen, one more question. Sorry, this gentleman here?REPORTER: (Inaudible question) Well, I think that that is an indication of some of the very important aspects of our relationship. The Minister for Immigration overwhelmingly deals with that issue, of course, but the PM, the Foreign Minister and I are in regular communication with our counterparts on that. We have no indication of any change in that regard and I don't expect there to be. As I've said, we have an issue in this context in the military context. We are working very hard to overcome that and to restore the relationship. Thanks very much, ladies and gentlemen. Don't get too wet.

This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Hello and welcome. That was a live media conference from Sydney with the Defence Minister, Marise Payne, in response to Indonesia's shock announcement to suspend military cooperation with Australia. Excuse me. The Defence Minister has said throughout the day Australia has not recruited Indonesian soldiers. Training in Australia as spies in the wake of this shock suspension of military cooperation. She said an inquiry will ensue after this. Let's

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