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(generated from captions) This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. The company's -- if companies want to leave, there are consequences. Trump signalling out GM, on the campaign trail, Ford felt the heat. Ford is moving an entire massive division down.Those plans for a $1.6 billion plant south of the border are now being scrapped but Ford said it did not cut a deal with Trump.This business decision was done endly. We did speak to President-elect and the vice president elect.Trump said it was a move in the right direction, America will become the world's great magnet for innovation and job creation. For a loser look at trade relations Carson Scott spoke with the Australian School of Businesses. The industry is very positive about receiving Donald Trump as the president. And also, his follow situates seem to be very positive to try and ensure that -- his policies seem to be very positive that there will be better manufacturing, better production and better employment in the US. All these things are leading to positive figures. They have gone to very high PMI figures of 54% an more in some aspects. On China, Donald Trump appears to have further angered beige, Chinese officials have hit back at him over a recent tweet regarding New York. -- North Korea. We filed this report.Not a lot of context in this tweet from Donald Trump which China has been taking out massive amounts of money and wealth on one sided trade but won't help with North Korea. What he means in regards to North Korea in this tweet, we simply can't say. Given the reaction we have seen from government officials here in beige, we are getting an -- in Beijing, we are getting a an idea of how Beijing is reviewing this. They have reacted in the same way as they have reacted to past criticism that has been more specific. In the past, Donald Trump has said that China should be using its economic leverage over North Korea to get Pyongyang to curb it's nuclear weapons development. It is true. China does have economic leverage over North Korea. It provides a lot of aid in the form of food and fuel. China, reacting to that tweet, saying that it is doing enough already, that it helped enforce two different rounds of sanctions over the last year. It helped draft the resolutions that led to the implementation of those sanctions. Critics will tell you that China doesn't actually enforce those sanctions but China says that it does and that it is doing enough, doing its part to help solve the problem that is the North Korea nuclear weapons program. Whether President-elect in this latest tweet was directly referring to that past criticism, we simply can't say but this does appear to be just the latest issue in a relationship between President-elect and China that has gotten off to a rocky start.House Republican leaders in the United States pulled a proposal that would have gutted an internal ethics panel. The decision came less than two ourselves after President-elect Donald Trump criticised the timing of the vote. It was a rocky start to the new GOP Congress. House Republicans in a surprise move, voting behind closed doors to gut a watchdog, created nearly a decade ago in the aftermath of the Jack lobbing scandal. The proposal offered by Congressman upon Goodlay, gave them control over the office of congestion Al Ethics. It prompted a push back from Donald Trump.This was the wrong message to send at the start of the session. How concerned are you about how this makes the Republican Congress look? Very concerned. I think it's a terrible mistake.Critics argued the ethics panel has overreached in its pursuit of headlines and needed to be reigned in.I think at the very least in my view, it requires greater oversight than it has.The proposal causing outrage, from government watchdog groups, Democrats and even

Under pressure after his tweet, House Speaker Paul Ryan who had opposed the weakening of the watchdog convening an emergency meeting where the 'G OP reversed it and where it agreed to keep the office in tact. In Britain's ambassador to the European Union has equipment. The shock departure of sir Ivan Rogers after he has been accused of bloomy pessimism. The country's most senior diplomat inside the corridors of the European Union, a man also at the side of his political masters on their every visit. He was considered by most to be a master himself at euro diploma situate but now he is going and at a portfolio on thal time. The Government

Inside the UK representation's Brussels HQ, there was shock and disappointment when he told them in person that he was off. The Stef here will tell you that he is competent and didn't sugar coat his memos back to ministers. He told it like it was. So for the past three years, sir Ivan has been in and out of these doors countless times, carrying out the government's work. Britain's man in Brussels was pretty well respected across the board here. He was also very, very well connected. Perhaps better than anyone who could replace him. The chairman of the parliamentary committee scrutinising Brexit told Sky News he was shocked and concerned.It couldn't be a more difficult time to lose somebody of his experience and insight because the government says it is going to trigger article 50 by the end of March and the negotiations, the most important negotiations we are faced -- we have faced as a country that will affect just about every area of life, jobs, families, incomes will begin.December, sir Ivan told ministers that his canvassing of other EU ambassadors, suggested that a trade deal could take years. His supporters say he has been been a realist that Brexit would be far from straightforward. One thing is pretty certain, whoever takes his place is unlikely to have the contacts, the relationships and the respect among European Unions with whole they will -- Europeans with home they will be negotiating. Heading across the region, Japan's factories expanding at the pacest -- fastest pace in a year. Last May, the program was deteriorating. The final intext for new orders which measures external demand rose to a one year high, with much of the jump coming from domestic orders. Japanese people pray for prosperity on their first official working day of 2017, hundreds of business owners gathered outside a shrine. The 1300-year-old shrine is dedicated two of the lucky gods, the God of fortune and of business. On that notice, we will take a break. When we return, could property prices ease this year? We will find out what 2017 has in store

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Welcome back to Summer Money. Just yesterday in fact, CoreLogic RP data released home values for Australia which jumped almost 11% in 2016 but relief could be on the way. Accord to REA Group, the parent company of, while demand for property, was up 16%, it could ease this year. I spoke with Nerida. Have aHave a look at the number of people looking at our site, looking at pictures, searching for property to rent, buy, share, the numbers are outstanding. Around 45,000 images are viewed across Australia. When you add that up over a year, it certainly stacks up.That is phenomenal when you talk about some of those statistics there, I mean, particularly with those pictures because it tells a 1,000 words, a visual experience. What was it, 22 billion views of property images, 45,000 every minute. What is the expectation as we head into 2017? Do you think this high demand will continue?It certainly was interesting but we do track demand on our site. We offset the number of people searching for property to the number of listings. We did see that surge of demand in 20167 so it was up 16%. -- 2016, it was up 16%. In dose, we saw a drop off. We tend to see a drop off in December in most years. It was 6.6% down over the month, and more significantly, it was Sydney and also Melbourne, so our biggest markets are seeing a reduction in demand compared to where they were in October and November. JustSt Australians that seem to be obsessed in property or is there interest from overseas?We do see a lot of interest from overseas. We do see a lot of Chinese property seekers on our site but US property seekers sin important an, London, UK, and also New Zealand dominate so they are the top five countries looking to buy property in Australia.That is interesting, we know foreign investors are being active difficulty discouraged in an attempt to control this overheated property market?It was interesting, we did see a drop off in interest, primarily from Chinese investors. Over the year they kind of dropped off. But they have stabilised now, what it means has done is change the types of property they are looking at. Very much Sydney, member apartments to -- Melbourne apartments, that extended to house and land, it expended -- extended to Perth and Adelaide. Those taxes did have an impact on the type of property that offshore buyers were lookingat. The way people are looking at property. We are now all using apps more and more. Tell us about the download volumes that you are seeing on the app in 2016, have you seen a big increase in user levels?Absolutely. We are the main app now for people looking to buy property. People increasingly use it - use their phones when they are looking for property and we are continuing to change that experience. There are lots and lots of things that we are introducing to change the way people are looking at property, whether that's virtual reality, or B 3D, we have a chief invent or onboard, he is scouring the world for new technologies. We will continue to hang in 2017.Let's talk about that -- change in 2017. You mentioned Sydney and Melbourne, the east of the country seems to be carrying a lot of weight. Even Hobart. Western Australia, obviously still suffering from the downturn in mining investment. So clear that there is a difference in economic and Dom graphic trends. Do you think Sydney and Melbourne will continue to dominate?They do continue to dominate. We look at the three cities that are seeing the most demand in Australia, Hobart is number one, or Tasmania is number one followed by NSW and then Victoria. WA still seeing very, very low levels of demand, far lower than we saw a year ago. What is interesting with WA is we saw a bit of a pick up in demand for apartments over the month. That was surprising because apartment demand dropped significantly in Melbourne and Sydney as well. But WA, which is as you said, it is a very weak market but apartment demand increased slightly. Whether it's bargain hunters coming out into the market, whether it's offshore buyers, starting to see opportunities, it remains to be seen whether it will continue but it is a surprising result.Just throwing on you on the spot, what would be your pick? Why do you think we might see the outpreference in 2017?I think affordable suburbs are one to look out for. Still Melbourne and Sydney but Melbourne, outer east, inner north, would be areas I would be considering. In Sydney, very few affordable options in Sydney but Central Coast is one that continues to see high levels of demands from buyers Andren terse. The Gold Coast is a market that continues to surprise. Very high demand from buyers and renters. It does make a an impressive proposition. Hobart, so affordable compared to the rest of Australia. I do think it will continue -- we will see high levels of interest in that market.Finally, we were speaking with CoreLogic with some of the head winds we could see in the property market. We thought that perhaps this era of extra low interest rates, what ispurchase takes - what is your expectation, that we may see in the future?I think in the end, it will be dependent on what the RBA do. I think the banks are starting to increase rates independently of what happens with official rates. So, potentially even if we see a cut by the RBA, we have got a decline in GDP in the September three quarter. If we start to see a rise in unemployment and the RBA cut rates, I don't think there is any guarantee that the banks will cut rates too. I think there has been a key divergence. The banks were still pretty much was acting in the same was the Reserve Bank and passing on rates in full. That has been a key change this year. The drop in demand we saw in December, combined with the interest rate rises I think will lead to subdued in prices, particularly in the first three quarter of 2017.One of the biggest tourist attraction to NSW and particularly Sydney, in the summer holiday season is the Sydney Festival. Some of the events are free, ranging through comedy, art, and music. Helen Dalley spoke with first time festival director, Wesley Enoch.There are a lot of free events. There is a thing called The Beach which is the largest ball pit in the Southern Hemisphere. 1.1 million balls put in a place that's 60 metres long by 23 metres wide. That will be extraordinary. We are expecting a lot of people for. There is also solid called The House of Mirrors. You get lost in the reflexes. You don't nowhere is back, or front or left or right. I have seen some pictures as they are putting it together in hide Park. We are doing a free stage so for 21 nights, you can come to the village and experience free entertainment every night. There are bands, BJ, Bob Down is coming to do a hair hall son burlesque. We brought a brought out from Barcelona where they do these hair sculptures. So lots of Freo vents to come to at the Sydney Festival.What are you trying to achieve with the festival? Is it an overall theme or is it supposed to be always edgy or is it to bring new kinds of art to the people? Or is there a lot of mainstream stuff as well?There is a mix of everything. The Sydney fest scal is one of the largest festival -- festivals is one of the largest festivals in the country. We have the opening of Measure by Measure. Where they are talking about through using Shakespeare where they are talking about contemporary Russia and talking a play about a very strong kind of polite case notion of community. We have also got some of the best place from Broadway at the moment, The Encounter that is coming from a company called Comblicitae. They arablying it as the first stop to Sydney it tells stories in different ways through performance. Sorry, go ahead?Then the - I could talk forever. There is 150 different events, trying to squeeze them in is always difficult.I understand there is a big event, a tribute to Leonard Cohen with what, Australian artists? Yes, for him because he has performed at Sydney Festival and in Sydney before. This wonderful moment where the audience can acknowledge his contribution to our cultural life in the city. Also we are doing a tribute event called Let's Dance which remembers that David bowie came and filmed the film clip here. How many of the events are free? About 70 out of the 150 are free from talks to gallery exhibitions and installations to some of the big free performance events. It is so big that I really encourage people to get on the website and look at all the detail. There is always something that you want to see, be it dance or music. The big encourage for everyone, in January, use it as your kind ever cultural new year's resolution to spend more time with your friends and family.The venues are always expanding outside the city centre. You are going further wist to Parramatta and circuit -- west to Parramattand chirokus events are in Parramatta?That's right. We have brought in this company to Parramatta, we are putting a big top just near the Riverside Theatre. There is 23 workshops for young kids as well. As well as older kids to come along and learn the skills of circus. Hopefully, they will get into the mood, I think Australia is one of the leaders of circus in the world and we don't celebrate that enough. We don't think about what we do that is cutting edge in circus because we think of it as just fun family entertainment. We are the leaders when it comes to what is going on around the world.Sydney Festival director, Wesley Enoch. Turning now to domestic politics and rod culling tonne said he was the -- Road Culleton says he was the victim of a scuffle outside a court. He is recovering while he was being served bankruptcy papers by a forker Liberal MP. A day after these photos were being released of the Senator. He cams he was ambushed.I didn't know it was coming or neither did I expect it. It hurt and it hurt very much so because I wasn't expecting it to come from my back.Senator Culleton was hospitalised after Monday's incident. He had been the Perth Magistrates Court seeking a restraining orders against his former aassociate Jets. Mr Fels acting on behalf of Mr Botola, attempted to serve the 52-year-old with a bankruptcy petition.He simply just came through both myself and another farmer. I got a obviously a hit in the throat. My neck is sore. I have got bruised Andujared.Anthony Feliciano has told Sky News he doesn't have a problem with Mr -- Anthony Fels said he didn't have a problem with Mr Culleton. One Nation leader, Pauline Hanson has moved to distance herself from the potential party candidate. He has had an interview with me at a request of people that no him to actually stand as a candidate. Nobody has been endorsed as a candidate.Last month, he was declared bankrupt by Federal Court a week after quitting One Nation. He also faces being banned from serving in the Senate.I hope Road with sort out his issues sooner rather than later for the sake of the people of Western Australia.That's all we have time for Summer Money this evening. From the team this evening, thank you for your company. 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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Now, top tips Wednesday continues with your money, your call. Good evening everybody and welcome to the year 2017. Well, what can I say? What an amazing period, folks. Is it the Santa alley that continues like a good mate after a party? Or is it one of those cases where you should be buying the election and sell the inauguration. In order to get the answers, I am am from the very proud makers, Lincoln, you just pick up the phone. Give us a If call. You prefer, you can always email us at your money at Sky Joining me tonight in order to answer the conundrum which is will this market keep going on, we have mah, this Anand Gary. Thank you for joining me tonight. The market seems to be in an interesting place. 2016 is no behind us. It was a very interesting year where really in effect, if you wend in the ministerers, you got left behind, a lot of investors who may be tuning into this program, unless they are fans of Tony, being the big mining bull that he is were probably feeling a little aggrieved that they saw the market hit some recent highs but some of those more traditional growth stocks did languish, in the particularly -- particularly in the latter part of the year. They are the lessons of last year. Let's look ahead to 2017 with the utmost optimism. I might go to you first. What are you feeling like this time around? We talked a little bit prior to the show, just in regards to the strategy that you were employing, sticking to some more tried and true principles. What are you feeling with 2017 now on the doorstep?I think 2017 will be a little bit trickier than 16. 2016 was reasonably - I think the market was actually predictable but I don't think the stocks within the basket were predictable. There was a lot of unpredictability. I think 2017 will be a bit more difficult. I think the 7th year on the calendar is a tricky year to be in. I think 8 of the third largest corrections in history come in the 7th year so there can be a bit of a risk in the second half of the 7th year. Markets of 700 point rally in 9 weeks, that's a decent move. So I think in the short term, I think the market might come back. I think the market might get ahead of itself this year. I think there's a reason to be optimistic about a strong rally here, maybe into the middle of the year. But I think the market might get - move up, some in the middle of the year, go crazy and go a bit too hard and maybe something nasty in the second half of the year on the down side which means there will be a tricky year to trade.If there is every a time we should be tuning in, to listen to your thoughts, I think it will be this year. Mathan, from an analytics process, very interesting how the market has been forming, a we have had a lot of economic drivers, pushing this thirst for asset values and we have seen rapid rises. We have heard about property and what has been happening there, the share market rally, the miners that have lapped up the idea that it's costs at all costs -- the profit at all costs. How do you see the year ahead?II don't think last year was too erratic. Your fundamentals were so out of line with what we are used to. EU find that interesting. I have been in the -- I find that very interesting. I have non market for over 20 years, I see people have less experience. They are not exposed to the real cycles in the market. I think what we have seen is seen ultra low interest rates that we have never seen before, asset prices at levels on the opposite side are so high that you have never seen before. These things don't last forever. You have to think of everything is a cycle. You have to just basically be ahead of the sickle, when it -- the cycle, don't get greedy, don't go for the last 10%, I think you will lose 20-30%. I think we had these huge sector rotations last year. Early in the year, we had the industrials perform very well. We were paying huge multiples for them. If you look at the TPGs that people are Hammering right now, at one point,Telstra was trading at 2 long-term average. People were paying numbers that they had never paid for. That all came crashing down. When the industrials fell, resources were the ones that were running. Then we had the banks come in in the last couple of months and do well. You had this sector rotation. I think with they turned positive in the back end of last year. That happened before Trump. That has carried on. I expect financials to continue to do well. I think resources will hold up relatively well, depending on which commodities you are going to hold. I think iron ore and coal have seen too much upside. I think that will be down side. I think oil and copper will do well in 17, I think resources has a bit more to play, I think industrials in the back end of the year will do well, in the early part of the year, I think financials will do well. How will the market play out?Early in the year, there as Gary said, there is a potentials that the financials wram of up the market and then when financials suddenly go ex-div, you will get people will get out, I will wait for six months and that will be a catylst.Thank you very much for your insights there. Tonight is a show you don't want to miss out on. Remember the phone number or email I us. Will give you my thoughts in a moment but we do have callers on the line. I want to get through those. One of them is quite topical, given what MAMATHAN has Judd said.The first question is how is Carlton going to do this year?I would go a long short strat squeau if that's OK. I think it was great to see the Doggies win. Let's hope they go bark to bark.Look, I saw a - I looked up. I follow the analysts and when I look up, I have got CommSec, the analaysts -- analysts will show there will be a dividend at $6, the dividend. The analaysts - I have always watched them. They have always been fairly spot on.What company are you asking about? Is this in regards to White Haven.The analaysts are predictings different -- preticking dividends ever $6. The share price is only $70. I can't understand why you will get $6 back in the next two years.As they say, if it sounds too true to be true, it probably is. Gary, do you have a line to those collectors? Let's talk about White Shaven, it has had an -- Whitehaven, that will go up into the pool room. What do you think of its position moving forward?I like it here in the short term. I think the stock may be caught here between that last low 2.40 and the top of the range around $3.30. But, look, I like it in the

. I think it can go up to $3.30, I think will stock roung around here. It had a great run here. I find it when a stock is has -- has had a massive run like that, it has had a pretty nicely pull back. It is over balanced for me. A correction in price or time. I think there is a bit behind the stock here. I think more than likely, it will have more than a time correction. I think it might be caught sideways here for a while.If I can bring in Mathan, if I can talk coal, stockpiles are rising. Traditionally, that's not a great sign for these prices. But, we have had a new dynamic involved in all of this. It's known as the Chinese speculator. Tits really - we saw it -- it has really caused a problem. Now, we are seeing it in the builts of course from a strategy per secretary umpire, are you seeing coal. How do we relate that back to Whitehaven?I think we are seeing positive signs from china. I think we have to look at where the Chinese are motivated. That's pretty much it. Forget US, commodities are all about China. For me, the Chinese have the NPC, the national People's Conference, they have a five year transition on the leadership, that transition on the leadership, that
drags to September, November period. So they will probably keep things going until then. My guess, the best guess I will be looking at is around Q four, they will downgrade their outlook. I am happy to be in for the first half, three quarters of the way, get to the end of Q 3, I want to be getting out of resources because I think there is risk there. Coal, done better than anyone has imagined. Whitehaven is the coal on steroids, it has done as well on the share price.Whenever you get into the players, exposed to a commodity, it's almost the leveraged position to that underlying price. That swing goes up as well as done. We have the company's financially healthy, they should be able to meet their commitments, the question mark that we have relies around golden rule three, the outlook and forecast. We share the opinions that they are at the top of the cycle. It could turn south. You know, we will be back in a moment. So if you've got a question, give us a Don't ring. Worry, we will answer it. We don't think you are Centrelink trying to call us. We know you are calling about a stock. If you are shy, give us a email. We'll talk to you soon.

Welcome back to our money, your call everyone. We are still taking your calls and it's to see that many of you were able to adjust to the new time slot. If give us a call or if you are shy, email us. But, on the line right now, is Nancy talking about two stocks that are of interest, you are dialling in from right here in Sydney how are you going, Sydney? Hi, how are you? Super, all the better for talking to you. How can we help you with your stocks tonight?I'm interested in Boral and Galaxy.Two very different businesses. Both on the radars for different reasons, in particular Galaxy, which was another one of those stellar businesses in 2016, we received many a call in regards to Galle, both euphoria and despair, let's start with Boral, I might point to you, Mathan, it's highly leveraged to the building cycle, both here and in the US and the like. With all the talk of where property is going to be heading and where we are, where do you see Boral right now?Think it's quiting. They have done a deal at the right time. To increase the exposure into the US housing circle. The US housing cycle is still well below averages. The theory that the market is looking at, as the economy improves, the housing cycle should go back to some long-term averages. They are trying to get more of it. That acquisition does give them that play, plus the whole infrastructure play that they will get more of it. All those things are positive. On the negative side, market doesn't like anyone making massive acquisitions, everybody will go straight to Slater & Gordon. You are paying up but they are buying in the middle of the cycle so until never be cheap. Like for like, I think it's not too bad a deal, interest rates are rising in the US, will the housing cycle hold up? So far the consumers have been pretty good. All the employment data looks positive. Things look stable so you would have to back. I actually think it's not a bad one. I think it was a good acquisition, it just comes down do you want US exposure at this point? For this, I am a bit Coreyed in the shorter term. I would like to see how the whole fiscal plan comes together or falls apart together. I want to see how that pans out before jumping into that exposure. Apart from that, I think it's a good well run business and has great expose you've. It just comes down to you are getting a bigger bite of the US economy. At this point in the short term, I would want to wait and see but medium to long-term.Gary, there was a key index, from a golden rule three, it's why we don't cover them, they are expected to have a decline in earnings in the near terms as they bed down the acquisition and it flows through the sickle. It is did -- cycle. The believers have held on to that the stock for years. Your clients, when they are asking you to help them manager their money and no doubt Boral comes up. What are you telling them at the moment, to re-invigorate their business, from sleepy hollow to their next best thing.I think it be a great contender for a calendar spread, the stock won't go anywhere for all the reasons you've just mentioned there. The stock- people will be sitting on the side lines waiting for the stock to see what it means can do. It is a large acquisition, the market wants to see more evidence. I don't see the stock going too far either way. I think it will be range-bound here. I think the 12 months before the stocktakes one direction. If you are holding the stock, if you are in there, you probably you know, you will probably stay with it. If you are not there, maybe you wait for a more aggressive sell down opportunity, rather than bite here. That's our best attempt to make an unsexy stock sexy. 99% of the people are waiting for your thoughts on Galaxy. It was heavily brought up in 2016 on the back of the lithium story. The question then comes, can it continue? They had some positive news, their first shipment the other day. They have released. That's a good sign because now they are closer to becoming a profitable entity and releasing the financial risk. Gary, where are you sitting with regards to Galaxy?I do like the lith Reaume story. I don't like saying story because that's not really -- lithium story, I don't like saying story, if it has a good story, it doesn't have much else to talk about. But I do - it does concern me that the stock had a pretty good run here. The last correction went from 58 cents down to 30 cents. We are going to retest that high again. From a technical point of view, often times when you see a stock that has had a big run, it will often times have a three way retracement so it might pull back, go back for retest, find the low and once it has used up a bit of time, if it is going higher, it will go higher. Maybe we find resistance here shortly. We come back down to this recent low of 30 cents. That sounds scory but the stock watt at 2 cents only a year or two ago. So it can drift here, it can come back here. Stock reminds me a - we were talking about, it reminds of Fortescue, when they were at $10 at one stage, that was the week after or the week after production started. So galaxy, the production has just started here, it has had the ramp up here. It has Raul the classic top signs, if you like the stock here, you will get a better chance to buy it. I wouldn't be chasing the move here.Now, Mathan, an old stock told me you buy on the drilling result and you sell on production. We have got Galaxy about to do something special in regards to its business. The size of the resource does look high. But you know, lithium as a theme and as a story, was a big one in 2016. Do you expect that to continue moving forward into 17?I think that's the big question. Technology is a funny thing. It turns very quickly and things can move dramatically. So, you don't want to be predicting which one will be the winner. At the moment, we have had the graphite and the lithium now. This is being played out. As far as battery technology, I think there are number of players in there, I am talking on the commodity side. There is magnesium, a number of other players being used. We don't know which one will be the most efficient player out of the lot. We at the moment, lithium and graphite is getting the look and while that's being played. I think galaxy is doing OK. Galle has had a number of upgrades at this point. That has been priced in. I agree with Gary, in the shorter term, the market pulse back, the -- pulls back, the market will jump in. Can they execute? Now they have started the production cycle? Can they execute? You buy the rumour, you sell the fact. That is potentially what will happen. People will wait to see how that plays out. I think you are running into a risky process where management and corporates and management delivering is a risky approach. You want to stay back and see how things pan out. I think that's one of the better ones in that case.It has received a lot of co-does which has -- Qudos. I think the last point I want to make, in regards to Galaxy and any of those speculative miners. I am sure we will talk about some tonight. At the end of the day, when you are investing, not all of them end in happy endings. The only word of auction, I understand you want to play in those high risk entities. Just remember to keep your stock losses tight and understand your risk you are taking. That gets you in the right mind set, hopefully Bennett from -- benefit from, we will be back very shortly after this Blake. Remember if you want -- this break, if you want to speak to our panel of experts, giver us a call on this summer edition of your Money Your Call. See you