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Indonesia suspends all military cooperation with Australia over allegedly offensive training material.

The Commonwealth ombudsman called on to investigate Centrelink's debt recovery letters. Queensland Police charge two teenagers over a one punch attack on the Gold Coast. And Australia claims some early wickets on day two of the final test in Sydney.

Hello, Briana Shepherd with ABC News, early edition. Indonesia has suspended all military cooperation with Australia, allegedly over offensive material which was on display at an Australian special forces base. National defence reporter Andrew Greene joins us live from Parliament House in Canberra. A swift and unwavering decision from Indonesia?Certainly was and one that came as a big surprise. If the reaction from military sources that I have spoken to is anything to go by, most of them knew nothing about it. They are still trying to find out exactly what the statements made in Jakarta mean for Australia's relationship with Indonesia. Australia, for many years, has trained and cooperated with Indonesia but there have been ups and downs along the way. Most memorably in recent years with the phone tapping scandal when Indonesia cut short a bunch of defence projects and training regimes. At this stage, there is little known about what this means but the spokesman for Indonesia's military, the TNI, says all military cooperation is temporarily on hold. How has the Australian Government reacted to this?We are still waiting for an official response from the Australian Government, or from the Australian Defence Force. At this stage, as I say, it is very difficult to get a read on what this means from Australia's point of view. We do expect to hear from the Prime Minister in the form of a statement shortly, but certainly, at this stage, the early suspicion is that perhaps this has come from the very top of Indonesia's military, from the Indonesian defence chief who has in recent times made critical comments about the United States and also in the past has been a critic of Australia's intervention during the East Timor crisis. As we say, we are still waiting for an official explanation.Andrew Greene from Parliament House, thank you. The fall-out from the Centrelink debt recovery program is continuing today, with more complaints surfacing about people incorrectly receiving letters to repay benefits. Centrelink users information linked with the Australian Taxation Office to average a person's income rather than their declared fortnightly earnings. Social services minister, Christian Porter, admitted one in five people who recently received a letter, saying they owed money to Centrelink, did not have to pay it back.Centrelink are boasting that they are sending out something like 20,000 debt recovery letters a week as they try and claw back $4.5 billion and many of these letters are wrong. They are just plain wrong.Mr Wilkie says the program needs to be suspended and has written to the Commonwealth ombudsman to investigate.

Former One Nation Senator Rod Culleton has defended his involvement in an ugly confrontation outside a Perth court. Senator Culleton says he was ambushed when leaving a bankruptcy hearing by former WA State Liberal MP, Anthony Fels. The ABC understands Mr Fels was trying to serve Senator Culleton with court documents. The Senator says he needed to go to hospital for treatment after being knocked to the ground in the scuffle.I need to stand here and say, in all honesty, to the people, it hurt and it hurt very much so because I wasn't expecting it to come from my back. I wasn't prepared for the impact and, simply, it was like experiencing one of the bulls or back on the farm, while I have never really had an encounter with a bull, God bless me, but I have had an encounter with a cow and come out sorer.Police have found the body of an 80-year-old man who failed to return from a fishing trip in the Shoalhaven region of NSW yesterday. Police say the man wasn't wearing a life jacket. Andrew Bell reports from the scene near Bewong. The man went out on a fishing trip yesterday afternoon, starting here on Bewong Creek, just as it meets a much larger body of water. When he hadn't returned home by night fall, the alarm was raised. A search started involving police and SES volunteers at around about 10 o'clock. That yielded no results. By 1.30 it was suspended. It resumed at 8 o'clock this morning and in a relatively short amount of time, a body was recovered. Earlier, police had said they feared the man may have fallen out of his boat while fishing.Our investigations suggest that this time the man wasn't wearing a life jacket.This has been a horror season on the water in NSW, almost 20 people now have lost their lives whilst swimming or fishing.A 21-year-old man is fighting for life in hospital after being punched from behind on the Gold Coast overnight. It is the second one punch attack in Surfers Paradise in recent months. Our reporter Ashleigh Stevenson has the latest.Emergency services were called to an assault here in the heart of Surfers Paradise at 2:00am this morning. It is alleged two boys, aged 15 and 16, got into a fight with two 21-year-old men. One of the 21-year-olds was then punched in the back of the head here on furnishy avenue. He fell and hit his head on the pavement. The victim was treated here at the scene and placed into an induced coma. He is currently in the Gold Coast University Hospital in a critical condition. Police were quick to arrive at the scene and arrest the two teenagers. The two boys are currently being questioned by police but are yet to be charged.Thousands of people are heading to Adelaide's Botanic Gardens to catch a whiff of a rare putrid flower. The corpse flower only blooms once every few years and lasts just two days but this one's made an unexpected return much earlier. Lauren Waldhuter reports. The smell of rotting flesh might not sound like much of a drawcard but thousands of people are flocking to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens to see a flower that smells just like that. This corpse flower or Titan Arum bloomed yesterday, the rare sight only lasts 48 hours. Usually, these plants rnl produce a flower every three to five years, remarkably this one has formed a flower only 12 months after its last one.Amazing. We were expecting two to five years before it would flower. It has come back within 12 months. The unique thing is this plant as a leaf and flower together. That has never happened in the world before.The corpse flower's native home are the rain forests of Sumatra, that is why it lives in the warm tropical green house. When the plant flowered at the Botanic Gardens last summer for the first time, it attracted more than 10,000 visitors over just a couple of days. The Botanic Gardens has extended its opening hours so people can come and have a look at this one too.It has taken three-quarters of an hour to get down here. That is OK.It is pretty good, the opportunity to see something that never blooms that much.It smelt like a dead body.It is really interesting. I am glad I made the effort to come in.The Adelaide Botanic Gardens has been propagating corpse flower plants, which are threatened by deforestation for the last three years. They now have more than 100 baby plants, one of the largest collections in the world. No doubt, there will be more smelly sights to enjoy in the future.

US President-elect Donald Trump has dressed down fellow Republicans over a vote on the very first day of the 115th US Congress. He did it all with a Tweet. The post forced Republicans to back flip on their decision and prompted Democrats to joke that making America great again will require more than 140 characters. North America correspondent Stephanie March is in Washington. A new year, a new Congress.There is no sense of foreboding in this house today. There is only the sense of potential.The Republican Speaker declaring a clean slate after a rocky start. In a brief basement meeting before heading to the chamber, GOP members reversed a controversial vote taken the night before, to gut a congressional ethics watchdog. The move didn't fit with the Trump mantra of draining the Washington swamp. On Twitter he wrote...

What was the Donald Trump's Tweet play in your decision this morning? I don't know that it played a role in my decision. It may be did in some others.It is not just congressional Republicans who are feeling the affects of the incoming President's relentless Hectoring. For months, Mr Trump has singled out, criticised and threatened US magnificent fact remembers who are planning to move their operations abroad and today, some of those efforts seemed to have paid off. On the campaign trail, Mr Trump slammed car maker Ford for its decision to spend US $1.6 billion on a new factory in Mexico. Today, the company announced it is scrapping that plan and instead will expand its operations in Detroit, creating 700 new jobs in America.We are also encouraged by the pro-growth policies that President-elect Trump and the new Congress have indicated that they will pursue.Despite Mr Trump's victories, today, congressional Democrats vowed to hold him and his party to account. Making America great again requires more than 140 characters per issue. With all due respect, America cannot afford a Twitter Presidency.But it may have to learn to live with one.

The White House says more prisoners from Guantanamo Bay prison will be transferred after President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated. It follows Mr Trump Tweeting that he believed there would be no more releases of terror suspects from the site. Spokesman Josh Earnest says he will expect additional transfers of inmates from the US naval jail in Cuba after January 20. Last month, a source said outgoing President Barack Obama was planning to transfer 18 of the 59 prisoners to other facilities. Turkish authorities have made two more arrests in relation to Istanbul's nightclub shooting but the gunman is still on the run. Security analysts believe he had combat experience and his actions were likely directed by a Jihadist group. James Glenday reports. The 39 who were murdered early on New Year's Day are making their final journeys home. Hundreds mourn Nawras Assaf while in Jordan the death of Leanne Nasser has devastated an entire town. At the scene of the atrocity in Istanbul, around 200 people gathered in a show of solidarity and to protest the terrorist attacks that are crippling Turkey's tourism industry. TRANSLATION: They want us to become accustomed to grisly attacks. I am here to show that I will not surrender to this violence.This security camera vision shows the moment the attacker entered the Reina nightclub. The owners were powerless to protect the party goers inside and lucky to escape with their lives. TRANSLATION: He carried out a massacre. He was like a mad dog. Has I fell, I couldn't see how many people were there or what it was. I just saw an armed man who turned on me.More than a dozen people have been taken into custody in connection with the attack, including two foreigners who were detained at Istanbul airport. Police have also searched several properties in this neighbourhood which is home to many central Asian immigrants. TRANSLATION: There could be traitors anywhere. It would make us sad if the attacker was from central Asia because we love this country.The man in this selfie video is still the main suspect. Security experts say he is likely to have trained with terrorists in Syria, thousands of heavily armed police are working around the clock to find him.

An annotated edition of Hitler's manifesto Mein Kampf has become a best seller in Germany, despite some book stores refusing to stock it. The new edition is the first reprint in Germany since the Second World War. It has sold 85,000 copies since it was released a year ago after a 70-year copyright on the text expired. The edition features explanatory comments alongside the original text which highlights Hitler's errors and propaganda. But the sales may not reflect an upsurge in pro Nazi sentiment, most have been to libraries and academics. Britain's ambassador to the EU has resigned just months before he was due to play a key role in Brexit talks. Sir Ivan Rogers was the UK's most senior diplomat at the European Union. He recently invoked the ire of some MPs after privately warning a post Brexit trail deed could take a decade. Supporters of the split from the reunion are rejoicing. But political commentators saying say his experience and expertise will be hard to replace. A magnitude 6.9 earthquake has struck south-west of the Fijian capital, Suva. The US Geological Survey says the quake struck 284km south-west of the city at a depth of 17km. There were fears a tsunami could be caused and a threat message was issued for Fiji. But it has since been withdrawn. There have been no reports of damage in Fiji but office buildings were evacuated as a precaution. In Africa, Kenya has doubled its energy capacity in just five years. What is most impressive about this is the fact that about 60% of the electricity generated comes from renewable sources. Here in Australia, only about 14% of the grid comes from green power. Africa correspondent Martin Cuddihy has more. Beneath Hell's Gate National Park, 3km underground, a vast reserves of natural heat.About 26 wells that are in play. To be able to achieve that.Geothermal power plants provide close to a third of Kenya's electricity and all up, 60% of the grid is renewables.If that is not leadership, I don't know what else could be called leadership. We are leading in that. This energy is not just from one source of the grid, it is from geothermal, hydro and wind.Six years ago, only 25% of the population had access to electricity. Today, it is more than half and many of these projects have been funded by the World Bank.We have been a strong supporter of geothermal since 1971, to date. But also in between, we have financed hydro and all the projects in Kenya. Kenya is the largest producer of geothermal power in Africa and the eighth largest globally. In contrast, more than 80% of Australia's electricity comes from fossil fuels.For Australia and they are still debating on the call and the source of polluting the environment, we would encourage them to look at ways that they can get from green energy.There are millions of Kenyans who don't have access to electricity. Despite that Kenya's State -owned generating company is determined to continue its push into renewables and become a world leader in clean, green energy.

A two-year-old boy has saved his twin brother from a falling chest of drawers in the US. Bowdy and Brock were playing on top of the dresser when it toppled over, trapping Brock underneath it. Bowdy frantically tries to free his brother several times until eventually Brock rolls over to safety. Their parents posted the video on social media as a warning to people with kids.

There have been busy scenes at London zoo as the park begins its annual stocktake of more than 18,000 animals. The zoo is required by law to count its animals but says it is also an opportunity to analyse the success of breeding programs for more than 700 species. The ping wins were keen to help with the count but the critically endangered Sumatran tiger cubs were less useful.

The local market finished marginally higher, boosted by gains in banking shares in an otherwise mostly quiet day.

Now for a closer look at the day in business and finance, we are joined by David Taylor. The RBA has summarised the economy in a series of charts. What was the stand-out for you?Probably the debt ratio to the level of interest rates that we currently have. Yesterday, I said in Sydney house prices over the year, according to core logic were up 15%, nationwide around eight capital cities on average, house prices were up 10%. The big question is why and it is obvious when you look at the charts. We have household debt at a bit north of 175% of GDP. Moderate level of debt to GDP is around 80%. Australians are racking up debt at a rapid rate and it is because interest rates are at an historic low. The cash rate is at 1.5% and it doesn't look like it is going anywhere. Australians are taking advantage of that. Great for investors, not great for first home buyers.Why is China getting so concerned about the value of its currency?I don't want to overstretch the numbers but I was talking to an analyst at Westpac a few moments ago. He said between 2014-2015 a trillion US dollars left China. Since then we have had around about another half a trillion US dollars leave China. Why? Because people are worried that the currency is falling. In terms of the exchange rate, if it goes up, that is a devaluation, we are looking at the Chinese Government not wanting the yuan to go above 7 RNB. At the moment it is at 6.95. The 7 level is a red zone. It means the US dollar is rising, the yuan is falling and the Communist Party is getting worried that money is leaving the country in huge volumes. It is very much one to watch.Thanks David Taylor. To sport and Australia is poised to push for a test series sweep against Pakistan after another dominant day in Sydney. Peter Handscomb notched up his second test century on day two as the home side piled on the runs. Resuming on 167, Matt Renshaw was the man to watch on day two. Fellow newcomer Peter Handscomb also looked settled while Pakistan's fielding showed no signs of improvement.That is summing up... (LAUGHTER) You don't have too many fast bowlers left in that camp.Imran Khan gave his side hope when he bagged Renshaw.It is over!The 20-year-old out for 184.It is sad he couldn't get to double, maybe more.Debutant Hilton Cartwright had plenty of time to think about his first test match innings.Take that!The Zimbabwean born all-rounder was showing composure and it rubbed off on some of those in attendance.Just a normal sip.Cartwright got it wrong on 20. He slipped up again 10 minutes later.There it goes. Couldn't catch a cold in the middle of winter.Handscomb became the third Australian centurion in the innings.They go and they get there. That will do it. Four tests for Peter Handscomb and now two hundreds.Handscomb succumbed to pressure just before tea.He has disturbed the stumps.It was worthy of a toast still.Bob Hawke lovers his cricket. He still has the capability of a beer psychological. The home side declared on 8/538 and Pakistan soon found themselves 2/6 when Azhar went for a duck. Chan and Azhar slowed glimpses of form to settle the innings with Pakistan well and truly on the back foot. The Brisbane Heat can retake top spot on the Big Bash ladder if he beat the Scorchers in Perth tomorrow night. It is a quick turn around for the Heat who suffered their first loss of the season against the Sydney Sixers last night. Daniel Hughes is not one of the big names for the Sydney Sixers but his reputation continues to grow after last night's innings against the Brisbane Heat. High ball, no-one back there.It is nice to get some runs and contribute to the team when we win. I am happy with where I am at. Hopefully I can keep contributing.The 27-year-old scored 85 runs off just 55 deliveries, while wicket-keeper Brad Haddin chimed in with 32 off just 13 balls.That is a powerful shot. Hughes was eventually dismissed in the final over but the Sixers went on to win with two balls to spare. Good start to the back end of the season.The Sixers will host the Renegades on Monday but the Heat face a much quicker turn around. They are in Perth for tomorrow night's top of the table clash against the Scorchers.Any game that you come over to Perth, you understand how tough it is. We don't have a great record like a lot of teams travelling here. It is an opportunity for us.Brisbane's battling a couple of injury concerns with leg spinner bad ree ruled out with a strained hamstring. Chris Lynn has made the trip to Perth despite aggravating a shoulder injury that has plagued him for the past three seasons. Australia's Hopman Cup title defence is over after a second straight defeat in Perth against the Czech Republic last night. Nick Kyrgios made it two wins from two matches but Daria Gavrilova went down in three sets before Australia lost the tie in the deciding mixed doubles. The night started promisingly for Australia with Nick Kyrgios looking the goods against Adam Pavlasek. He took the first set 7-5 and showed no signs of slowing, closing out the match with an impressive long rally.Nice way to do it.Everything was going to plan for the hosts when Daria Gavrilova took the first set on a Lucie Hradecka double fault. The Czech turned it around.That was an absolute dream.Her 3-set win meant it came down to the mixed doubles where Australia went down, along with its hopes of back to back Hopman Cup titles.There it is.In contrast it all seems to be going to script for France, looking to make it two from two, the women's singles have started off with a win. And Rafael Nadal has claimed a straight sets win over Alexander Dolgopolov in the opening round of the Brisbane International. Women's fifth seed Svetlana Kuznetsova proved too strong for an Australian qualifier, winning in straight sets. Australian pair Sam Groth and Chris Guccione are through to the semifinals after a straight sets victory.

Now for a look at the weather with Graham Creed.

Troughs are the major feature across the north, triggering widespread showers and thunderstorms with severe weather warnings for the north of WA, possible heavy falls across northern Queensland and the Territory. Flood watches through parts of the Whitsunday coast of Queensland. These troughs will trigger isolated showers and storms but nothing in the way of significant falls. Anywhere around and north of Mackay we are expecting the potential of localised heavy falls. Isolated showers along the coastal fringe to the south and should remain dry about the central and southern inland.

Thanks Graham. That is all for this bulletin. Your next edition of ABC News will be


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