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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services Today: The President-elect wields his Twitter power and the Republican Congress back down on a move against a Washington ethics watchdog. Grave fears for a 21-year-old still critical from a punch to the back of the head at Surfers Paradise. Two more arrests in the hunt for the Istanbul nightclub shooter. And a quake off the coast of Fiji sends a panic through the island's coastal cities.

Hello. Kathryn Robinson with ABC News. The 115th US Congress has had a rocky start with Republicans reversing a vote after being lambasted by President-elect Donald Trump. Democrats are vowing to keep Republicans and their leader accountable, as a new era of conservative American politics begins. North America correspondent Stephanie March reports. It is my privilege to hand the gavel to the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Thank you very much.A New Year, a new Congress. There is no sense of foreboding in this House today. There's only the sense of potential.The Republican speaker declaring a clean slate after a rocky start. In a brief basement meeting before heading to the chamber, GOP members reversed a controversial vote taken the night before to gut a Congressional ethics watchdog. What role did Donald Trump's tweets play in your decision this morning? I don't know that it played any role in my decision but maybe in some others.The backflip came after a storm of bipartisan fury. The epicentre was Trump Tower. The move didn't fit with the Trump mantra of draining the Washington swamp. On Twitter, he wrote, "With all that Congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the Independent Ethics Watchdog, as unfair as it may be, their number one act and priority? Focus on tax reform, health care and so many other things of far greater importance!" It's not just Congressional Republicans who are feeling the effects of the incoming president's relentless hectoring. For months, Mr Trump has singled out, criticised and threatened US manufacturers who are planning to move their operations abroad and today some of those efforts seem to have paid off. On the campaign trail, Mr Trump slammed car-maker Ford for its decision to spend US$1.6 billion on a new factory in Mexico. Today, the company announced it is scrapping that plan and will instead expand operations in Detroit, creating 700 new jobs in America.We're also encouraged by the pro-growth policies that President-elect Trump and the new Congress have indicated that they will pursue. Despite Mr Trump's victories, today Congressional Democrats vowed to hold him and his party to account. Making America great again requires more than 140 characters per issue, with all due respect, America cannot afford a Twitter presidency. But it may have to learn to live with one. Turkish authorities have made two more arrests in relation to Istanbul's nightclub shooting, but the gunman is still on the run. Security analysts believe he had combat experience, and his actions were likely directed by a jihadist group. Europe correspondent James Glenday reports. The 39 who were murdered early on New Year's Day are making their final journeys home. Hundreds mourn here in Jordan and in Israel, the dot of a 19-year-old has devastated an entire town. -- death of a 19-year-old has devastated an entire At the scene of the atrocity in Istanbul, around 200 people gathered in a show of solidarity and to protest the terrorist attacks that are crippling Turkey's tourism industry. TRANSLATION: They want us to become accustomed to grisly attacks. I am here to show that I will not surrender to this violence.This security camera vision shows the moment the attacker entered the Reina nightclub. The owners were powerless to protect the party-goers inside and lucky to escape with their lives. TRANSLATION: They carried out a massacre. He was like a mad dog. As I fell, I couldn't see how many people were there, or what it was. I just an armed man who turned on me. More than a dozen people have been taken into custody in connection with the attack, including two foreigners who were detained at Istanbul airport. Police have also searched several properties in this neighbourhood, which is home to many Central Asian immigrants. TRANSLATION: There could be traitors anywhere, but it would make us very sad if the attacker was from Central Asia, because we love this country. The man in this selfie video is still the main suspect. Security experts say he's likely to have trained with terrorists in Syria. Thousands of security experts are working around the clock to find him. A one-punch attack on the Gold Coast overnight has left a man in hospital with serious head injuries. It's the second one-punch attack at Surfers Paradise in recent months. Emergency services were called to an assault here in the heart of Surfers Paradise at about 2:00am this morning. It's alleged two boys, aged 15 and 16, got into a fight with two 21-year-old men. One of the 21-year-olds was then punched in the back of the head. He fell and hit his head on the pavement. The victim was treatment here at the scene and placed into an induced coma. He's currently in the Gold Coast University Hospital in a critical condition. Police were quick to arrive at the scene and arrest the two teenagers. The two boys are currently being questioned by police, but are yet to be charged. Police have found the body of an 80-year-old man who failed to return from a fishing trip in the Shoalhaven region of NSW yesterday. Andrew Bell reports from the scene. The man had gone on a fishing trip over on Biwong Creek, just behind me here and very close to the very busy Princes Highway, about 190km south of Sydney. He'd gone fishing in a small boat and when he didn't return home at nightfall, the alarm was raised. A search involving police and State Emergency Service volunteers started around 10 o'clock. That was wound down at 1:30 this morning, resuming at 8:00 and within a short amount of time, then, a body was recovered. Earlier, police had said they feared the man may have fallen out of his boat while on his fishing trip. This has been a horror holiday season in the water in NSW. Almost 20 people have now lost their lives while fishing or swimming. Andrew Bell with that report. Well, South Australia's environment protection authority says it could take another six months to find a permanent solution for ash blanketing the city of Port Augusta from the former Alinta Energy power station. Heavy rain last week has caused the ash to blow across the city in a thick haze, which SA Health has warned could affect residents' health. Reporter Claire Campbell is following the story. There have been a number of attempts to control the dust. Does the EPA have a solution?There have been a number of attempts to control the dust. For the past 18 months they have what the State Government says have been successfully controlling that dust with temporary measures. As you mentioned, it wasn't until the heavy rain last week that all that work came undone. A long-term solution in place involves covering the area in soil and revegetating the area but it is 200 hectares worth of space, so, um, it is expected to take about six months. But work on that is likely to begin this week. So there are solutions in place. This was very unexpected. The State Government says. But they are working on a solution, yes.So Claire, what else has the State Environment Minister had to say about this?Well, yesterday, he came out - yesterday morning he came out saying that, um, the cause of this ash was due to the privatisation of the state's electricity, which was some 20 years ago. But later yesterday afternoon, he released a second statement saying that it was totally unacceptable, the situation that was going on in Port Augusta, and a solution needed to be found. He's currently travelling to Port Augusta as we speak to meet with company representatives to work on a long-term solution, to assess the situation and try and find some answers.He'll obviously have more to say later on this afternoon. In the interim, what are the and longer-term health implications for people living or working in affected areas?Well, we don't really know yet. Residents are certainly concerned. SA Health came out yesterday saying that there was some concern that the ash could have some toxic parts to it. But just that level, we don't know. The South Australian senator, Nick Xenophon, came out this morning with some freedom of information documents which reveal that the ash is incredibly toxic, so much so that it can't even be buried in landfill. So there's a lot of questions that still need to be answered and we will certainly try to find out more. Claire Campbell, thanks for the update. The Australian Medical Association is calling for a national real-time firearms register to reduce gun violence. The Sporting Shooters Association says the AMA's proposal is unnecessary because there are state-based registries. But the peak medical group says the state systems are not effective in reducing firearm incidents. The AMA says there needs to be a central database hospitaling can
where authorities such as hospitaling can access firearm information. -- hospitals can access firearm information.When it comes to matters of a public health issue, we believe we have a role and responsibility to speak out, in fact a foremost responsibility. Public ownership of guns in the community is a risk to public health and for that reason, we feel we have a duty and an obligation to speak on matter. The evidence is clear - since the, um, 1996 firearms agreement, the number of deaths by guns in the community have significantly reduced, more than halved. There's been over a million guns handed back through various amnesties over that period of time. We are the ones who have to - my colleagues in ED are the ones who deal with the effects, the trauma, the carnage, that is brought on by the, you know, gun... Illicit gun use in the community and, in fact, even in the cases where the majority of cases of accidents by gun are by, you know, through suicides. And that is the significant majority of the cases and that's a mental health issue that we all have to deal with. So I think we really are qualified because of our everyday exposure to this area.Well, Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm has dismissed the idea as pointless.In their release, they say there's somewhere between 260,000 and 6 million illegal guns. Now, obviously, the registries in each state only keep track of the ones that are known about, of which there are many millions of course. So how does it help to have a national registry of guns when they're already registered state by state, and they're working towards an interchange of information between the states so they're sharing information - how will that help with up to 6 million illegal guns? You know, it makes no sense. It's an irrational comment. I think what it portrays is the doctors' union doesn't know anything about guns. They ought to stick to fixes up bodies. New Zealand had a registry of guns and abandoned it. Canada had a registry of guns and abandoned it, OK? It doesn't achieve anything. Crimes with guns are committed primarily by, um, by unregistered guns. Senator David Leyonhjelm there. Former One Nation senator Rod Culleton has defended his involvement in an ugly confrontation outside a Perth court. Senator Culleton says he was ambushed when leaving a bankruptcy hearing by former WA state Liberal MP Anthony Fels. The ABC understands Mr Fels was trying to serve Senator Culleton with court documents. The senator says he needed to go to hospital for treatment after being knocked to the ground in the scuffle. A magnitude-6.9 earthquake has struck south-west of the Fijian capital Suva. The US Geological Survey says the quake struck 284km south-west of the city at a depth of 17km. There were fears a tsunami could be caused and a threat message was issued for Fiji but has since been withdrawn. There have been no reports of damage in Fiji but office buildings were evacuated as a precaution. Aid workers Susan Slattery was working at the headquarters of the Red Cross in Suva when the earthquake struck. We were evacuated out of our office as was pretty much everybody in Suva, particularly those around the low-lying areas of Suva. So the warning has just passed and so people started to move back into their offices and homes, but you can still see quite a lot of movement and sound behind me, but, yeah, certainly the whole city was on the move. So there are some level of earthquakes in and around Fiji fairly constantly or fairly often, but this level of earthquake is unusual and certainly this close to the main islands is unusual and having the resultant tsunami warning is not common. I've been here for just over one year and this is, um... Well, actually, this is probably about the third tsunami warning that I've had in Suva in that time.Susan Slattery with the Red Cross in Suva, Fiji. Britain's ambassador to the EU has resigned just months before he was due to play a key role in Brexit talks. Sir Ivan Rogers was the UK's most senior diplomat at the European Union. He recently invoked the ire of some MPs after privately warning a post-Brexit trade deal could take a decade. Supporters of the split from the union are rejoicing at news of his resignation, but political commentators say his experience and expertise will be hard to replace. Well, France will go to the polls in May to choose a new president in an election that is widely predicted to see the country move to the right. With the incumbent Francois Hollande deciding not to run for a second term, the deeply divided Socialist Party will pick its candidate for the race later this month. With only a few weeks until the socialist primaries in France, Manuel Valls is campaigning hard. The former prime minister wants to convince the French left to pick him as their presidential candidate. TRANSLATION: I have one goal for France - I want to unite. I'm ready. I have experience. Whether Valls will be toasting his success will depend on if he can beat the six other competitors and distance himself from his deeply unpopular former boss, President Francois Hollande. Whoever wins the nomination, most analysts agree the socialists are in bad shape and will struggle to attract voters. The socialists have two problems. One is that they are exhausted after almost five years in power in a very difficult economic time. The second one is that they are very divided and that's their weakness today.In November, former finance sms minister, Emmanuel Macron quit the government to run as an independent. Socially liberal and pro-business, he was initially dismissed by some as inexperienced but his En Marche movement is gaining momentum. TRANSLATION: And now your responsibility is to go everywhere into France with this mess ang and to win! -- message and to win! Also in November, the conservative Republicains party chose Francois Fillon as their nominee. Another former prime minister, he wants major economic reform. He dismisses multiculturalism as eroding French identity and takes a toughline on immigration and Islam. TRANSLATION: Radical Islam is undermining our fellow Muslim citizens. It infiltrates them, takes them hostage, they hate what we are so I tell you I will fight them without respite. His message has resonated with voters fed up with years of high unemployment, open borders and a series of attacks which killed many. Opinion polls predict he will make it to the second round to face the National Front leader Marine Le Pen. In Africa, Kenya has doubled its energy capacity in just five years. What's most impressive about this is the fact that about 60% of the electricity generated comes from renewable sources. Here in Australia, only roughly 14% of the grid comes from green power. Africa correspondent Martin Cuddihy has more. Beneath Hell's Gate National Park, 3km underground, a vast -- are vast reserves of natural heat.There are about 26 wells that supply this parkland to be able to achieve 105 megawatts.Geothermal power plants provide close to a third of Ken braia's electricity. All up, about 0% of the grid is renewables.If that's not leadership, I think, I don't know what else could be called leadership. So we are leading on that side. This energy is not just from one source of the grid. It's from geothermal, from hydro, from wind.Six years ago, only about 25% of the population had access to electricity. Today it's more than half and many of these projects have been funded by the World Bank.We are being a strong supporter of -- we have been a strong supporter of geothermal since 1971 to date. But also, in between, we have financed hydros, we have financed all the land hydro projects in Kenya.Kenya is the largest producer of geothermal power in Africa and the eighth largest globally. In contrast, more than 80% of Australia's electricity comes from fossil fuels.For Australia, and others who are still depending on the coal and other sources that pollute the environment, we'd encourage them to look at ways of increasing the capacity that they can get from green energy. There are still millions of Kenyans who don't have access to electricity. Despite that, Kenya's state-owned generating company is determined to continue its push into renewables and become a world leader in clean, green energy. Well, let's take a look now at the business news with Sue Lannin. Sue, more signs of a stronger global economy.Yes. Look, yesterday, we had good figures in Australia. In China, we saw manufacturing had expanded. Overnight, we saw good figures from Britain and the US showing strong growth in manufacturing. The Institute for Supply Management says its US manufacturing index rose to nearly 55 points in December, the fourth month of expansion in a row. New orders and export orders jumped and employment increased as well. Other data showed US construction spending rose nearly 1% in November to the highest in more than 10 years. Back home now and not such good news for dairy farmers.Yeah, that's right. We've had the first international dairy auction and international milk prices have fallen in this first auction of the year. The global dairy price index fell nearly 4% with an average selling price of $3,463 US a tonne. A steep drop in the price of milk powder pulled down the index. Prices have recovered amid stronger international demand. Dairy farmers in Australia are struggling to survive amid global oversupply.Finally, how is the local market dood doing today?We had a bit of a flat start despite a rise on Wall Street but making modest gains at midday. Looking at the charts at midday.. Will.

Alcoa will close an Alumina refinery in South America. Hunter Hall says it will set up a takeover bid two-thirds of its market value. Investors are not happy. National Australia Bank is making gains. In Asia:

Well, for many families, hundreds of dollars in utility bills every month can really add up, but there's a way to save some money without sacrificing your lifestyle. ABC News Breakfast finance presenter Del Irani has a bill-by-bill guide to lowering your monthly expenses and keeping more cash in your pocket. Think about all the spending your household will be doing over the next few months - summer travel, holiday activities for the kids, back-to-school supplies. The list seems endless. So before those expenses hit, it's a good time to review your spending and see how your household budget is doing. Now, utility expenses comprise about 21% of the average household budget. It is the second biggest burden on your family's finances after your mortgage. But the good news is that there is a way to cut back, by making a few simple changes. Let's start with the electricity bill. Something as simple as turning off your appliances when they are not being used can save you hundreds of dollars. Now, these figures are just a guide, but, for example, if you switch off a game console after use, that could save you up to $193 a year. Also, make use of the sunshine. Using a clothesline just once a week instead of a drier could save you around $79 a year. But perhaps the best advice around - and I really can't stress this enough - is to buy energy-efficient appliances. The energy rating label is a mandatory comparison required by law. You can find it on all new appliances so pay attention to it and here's why. Using a five-star water-efficient washing machine could save you around $50 a year. That's based on five loads of washing a week and that investment will not only save you on your electricity bill, but other utilities like the water or gas bill as well. Installing a water-efficient shower head could save you up to $380 a year on any and water. Finally, for those bills that sometimes deliver the greatest shock - the phone and internet bills - well, we decided to go straight to the experts for that.Sometimes, um, bupedles can look very attractive and there are -- bundles can look very attractive and there are a lot of people who may be saving money by going on bundles but we encourage consumers to look at all of the inclusions to ensure they're not paying for something that they're not going to use.But perhaps the best advice anyone can give you is to shop around.Some people fall victim to the lazy tax, which means they're not switching, they're not looking around and they can be saving money. Do your research, figure out your family's specific needs, and get quotes from at least three providers, so that you can weigh them against each other. Once you've made your choice, make a note of any agreement you've signed up for, so hopefully the next time you receive that bill in the mail, you could actually be pleasantly surprised. Del Irani with that report. With so much hasty shopping over the festive season, many people are now back in the stores returning unwanted goods. Manager of consumer policy for Choice, Sarah Agar, says many people are not clear of their rights when it comes to asking for a refund. All Australians, um, can rely on legal protections in the Australian consumer law when they're shopping. These consumer guarantees don't apply in cases where you've changed your mind or decided you don't like a product, but, if you buy something that is faulty, you have the right to request a free repair, replacement or a refund and this applies with gifts as well as with things that you buy for yourself. If a product has a major fault, um, something that means you can't use it in the way it was -- way it was designed or you wouldn't have bought the product if you'd known about it, then have you the right to request a remedy of your choice. You can ask for a refund in those circumstances. If the fault is minor, though, and can be easily fixed, um, then the retailer or the manufacturer still has to provide you with a remedy, but they get to choose which one. Under the law, the consumer has the -- has the right to approach either the retailer or manufacturer if they have a faulty product and want to request a remedy. Warranties, extended remedies and the consumer guarantee rights all apply alongside each other but while a warranty will apply for a specific set time period, the consumer garntee rights will often apply above and beyond that. Basically, your consumer guarantee rights will apolice for the reasonable life span of the product. So if you've bought, say, a very expensive TV and the manufacturers' warranty is two years, if it fails after that point, you may still have rights under the consumer guarantees. Sarah Agar there. Well, in the third test, Australia is posting a massive score today against Pakistan. A short time ago, the Aussies were 4/417 at the SCG. Shannon Byrne is out at the ground. Shannon, we hear that Matt Renshaw wasn't able to get the 200 milestone.No, Kathryn, he certainly wasn't. Look, he resumed this morning at 167 and the 20-year-old from Queensland was looking in great form. Unfortunately, he was only able to add 17 runs this morning before he chopped on off the bowling of Imran Khan and he was departing the SCG to a huge applause on 184. He fell agonisingly close, as you mentioned there, to the double tonne and it was a record that he was staring down that Sir Donald Bradman holds and he would have become, if he'd made that record, the youngest Australian ever to get a test tonne on debut and the youngest Australian to get a tonne, so Sir Donald Bradman still holds that record as a 21-year-old but he came so close, Matt Renshaw, and he was absolutely outstanding yesterday. A very patient 100 as well after we saw David Warner fly out of the blocks yesterday and, yeah, he was very, very, I guess... Probably, as you would say, a very different, calm, young man at the other end of the crease. But he went out on 184. He looked very disappointed, but the SCG crowd that got along here today to maybe, just maybe, they could have seen history, were very receptive as he left the oval. So 184. What a great performance, though, in only his fourth test and leading up to that, his highest score was 71.Wow. A fabulous outcome for him. Time for other new faces in the side. Hilton Cartwright and Peter Handscomb to come to the fore.Yeah. They're currently at the crease at the moment. Australia have just brought up their 450 runs, just high of lunch. We're only moments away and we've lost only four wickets. So Australia are looking very good here on day two of the third test. But it's about the two out in the middle as well, not just young Matt Renshaw. Peter Handscomb, 25 years of age, from Victoria, in only his fourth test as well, he's in his 80s. So we could be looking at maybe, if they don't declare at lunch, another young debutant over the summer actually getting a test tonne. Also, we have a look - he did get one, I must say, 105, at the Gabba test, so he could be looking at his second tonne in only his fourth test for Australia. The other man who is debuting at the SCG here in this test is 24-year-old Western Australian Hilton Cartwright and the nice news is he only found out on Monday that he would be getting the baggy grown, test cap number 450. His grandparents were able to jump on a plane from Zimbabwe and they have got here late last night and so, as Hilton Cartwright walked out this morning, onto the SCG, his grandparents finally made the long track from Zimbabwe to see their grandson debut for Australia. He's currently in the 20s a as we head to lunch and the other man that has debuted over the summer is on 80. Some fabulous news coming out of this test. Thank you so much, Shannon Byrne. A quick look at the weather around the capital cities now:

These are the top stories on ABC News: New Year in Washington is off to a rocky start in Congress, with House Republicans backflipping on a decision to strip an independent ethics watchdog of its power just hours after they voted for it. President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to criticise the move, which prompted an emergency meeting and a quick change of course by the Republicans. A one-punch attack on the Gold Coast overnight has left a man in hospital with serious head injuries. Police say the 21-year-old was punched from behind in Surfers Paradise and fell and hit his head on the pavement. Police are speaking to two teenage boys, aged 15 and 16, over the assault. Turkish police have reportedly detained two foreigners at Istanbul's main airport in connection with the attack that killed 39 people at a nightclub on New Year's Day. A state-run news agency says police checked the pair's phones and luggage before they were taken away. As many as 16 people are thought to have been detained to far, but the gunman remains at large. And residents of the main Fijian island of Viti Levu, are moving down from higher ground after a tsunami warning was withdrawn. A magazine tied 6.9 earthquake struck around 220km south-west of the island, triggering fears of a tsunami. There have been no reports of damage, nor injury. US President-elect Donald Trump has set his sights on the American car industry, by firing off a series of accusatory tweets. Mr Trump is criticising it General Motors for importing one ofilities models of cars from Mexico and is threatening to impose a big border tax on them. Just a few hours later, the car giant Ford then announced it was cancelling plans for a plant in Mexico, saying it would invest in the US instead. Not yet the president, but the new way of doing business is clear. If Donald Trump's got something on his mind, you'll read about it in a tweet or two. Today, out of nowhere, it was the executives of GM getting a kicking from the President-elect. General Motors is sending Mexican made model of Chevy Cruze to US car dealers, tax free across border.

That left the American car giant scrambling for a response. The company pointed out that the model is actually made in Lordstown, Ohio, whilst the cars built in Mexico were for the global market although, yes, 4,500 had made their way to American dealerships. This is the issue that Donald Trump made his own during the campaign.We are living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. Our jobs are going to Mexico.And he's not giving up on it. With no US corporation immune from the naming and shaming. It seems to be yielding results. Today, Ford announced that its plan to build a $1.6 billion plant in Mexico was being shelved and instead, an existing plant in Michigan would be expandeds, creating 700 new jobs. The CEO admitted that it was largely down to Trump's policies.The announcements that we're making today of $700 million investment here in our Flat rock, Michigan plant and adding 700 jobs, one of the factors that we put into that is the more favourable US business environment that we see under President-elect Trump.And bullying by tweet scored another victory for the President-elect. He rounded on Republicans for waning to strip Congress's independent Ethics Committee of its powers. He went on social media to say:

After this tweet, as House Republicans gathered for the opening session of the new Congress, word came out they'd abandoned their plan. Democrats warned this couldn't be presidency by tweet.Making America great again requires more than 140 characters per issue. With all due respect, America cannot afford a Twitter presidency. The Republicans had wanted to show unity of purpose today, but at times looked more united with the Democrats on the other side. With this PR disaster, they seem to have hit the ground stumbling. It's been a tragic start to summer. In the past fortnight, 21 people have drowned, most in NSW. With Australians flocking to the beaches for their holidays, the risks increase. Oliver Munson is from Surf Life Saving NSW and says people need to take responsibility for their own safety. It's been very tragic. In NSW, we've had 17 drownings in the last 10 days. Seven of those have been coastal, unfortunately. Many of these have also been inland waterways. And, yeah, we're just out here to spread the message and make sure people stay safe for the rest of the holidays. The greatest concern is that people are not understanding the risks. We're imploring people to swim at patrolled locations, making sure that they're swimming between the flags and, where possible, try and swim with a friend. We're seeing a lot of people, um, that are not swimming between the flags. We're seeing a lot of people that are not necessarily aware of the dangers when they're around the water. And this is just generally a case of, um, education, making sure that people are aware of the dangers when they go into the water. There has to be a sense of self-responsibility. We can't have, um, lifeguards and lifesavers at emp beach. You can't have people at every lake, every river, every pool. So we're asking people to, um, really make sure they're aware of the dangers before they enter any body of water, whether that be the ocean, lake, river or a swimming pool. Make sure they're aware of the dangers and ideally seek supervision. Supervision at the beaches from, um, lifeguards and lifesavers or, ideally, from parents around any body of water, especially at pools and where children are involved. Oliver Munson from Surf Life Saving NSW there. Well, researchers say Australia is in the midst of a synthetic drug explosion and that authorities must drastically rethink the way the dangerous substances are policed. Two recent mass overdoses have prompted renewed warnings for users. Things have changed a lot since the psychedelic '60s, not just the type of drugs out there but now, more concerningly, what they're made of and how they're made. We're talking new drugs being developed on a daily basis and entering the world market.About two new synthetic drugs emerge on the market every week. The United Nations believed the total number of synthetic varieties has recently topped 750.We are actually in the middle of what is effectively an enormous, unofficial experiment in illicit drugs where young Australians are consuming them. There's not a lot known about them, so essentially people are the guinea pigs for taking these drugs. Reeveryoners say these synthetics are produced offshore in labs across countries like Pakistan, China and India and can be ordered online to be sent in the post but sometimes the dangerous concoctions are mixed here. Queensland Police found a cement mixer and industrial chemicals being used to allegedly concoct synthetic cannabis in a shed last year.They don't know what they're taking the quantities they're taking and what other drugs are potentially mixed in with those! Police say it could take weeks to off what caused one man's death and the hospitalisation of two others at this rave near the Queensland-NSW border on the weekend and on the Gold Coast, in October, another man died in more than a dozen -- and more than a dozen others were hospitalised in one of the worst mass overdoses in decades. Witnesses said some of those affected jumped into this canal suffering disturbing hallucinations. Once again, that was caused by new synthetics. We really have no handle on what's on the market at the moment in Australia. Researchers want testing kits available at events so users know exactly what they're taking.Even the United Nations office of drug control sees this as the only way to get on top of this market.With the festival season in full swing, police say still the safest option is to avoid drugs completely. In Indonesia, the captain of a tourist ferry has been arrested after his boat caught fire on New Year's Day, killing 40 people. The Zahro Express was carrying nearly 250 people from Jakarta it a resort island, when it caught fire. Jakarta police say captain Mohamad Nali is accused of continuing to sail, despite knowing the passenger numbers far exceeded the 100 listed on his manifest. He's facing up to 10 years' prison if convicted. Australian woman Sarah Connor, who has been accused of murdering a Bali policeman, says she's worried that she won't receive a fair hearing from judges in Bali. Sara Connor is accused of helping her boyfriend, David Taylor, kill policeman Wayan Sudarsa, on a Bali beach in August. Taylor will give evidence in her trial next week. Connor has told reporters that she's concerned about Indonesia's legal system. Chicago has seen more violence than many other major US cities in the past year. The number of homicides passed 700 for the first time in nearly two decades, stunning police. But authorities are hoping to reverse the trend in 2017. In Chicago, the year began as usual, with fresh bloodshed. (SIRENS WAIL) A few hours after the Windy City celebrated the dawn of 2017, police fielded two reports -- reports of two men in a gun fight in the city's comparatively safe north side. Both later died.The year 2016 here in Chicago is the year of the renegade. You have so many guys out here that are trying to prove a point that killing people here in Chicago is just totally out of control.Hours earlier, protesters bore crosses for every person killed here in 2016, Chicago's deadliest year in nearly two decades. More than 4,300 people were shot here in 2016 and 762 were killed. NThe mentality that you'd rather CPD to catch you with your gun than for your rival to catch you without it... That's Bizarro World. The murder rate in the third largest city in America, is worse than the two biggest cities - New York and Los Angeles - combined. It's left many residents physically and mentally scarred.Somebody could be on the side of your house dead at any time. It's scary. It's scary. And when you get out your car and walk from a bus stop, will you be the next victim?She's hardly alone. A North Western University study found women in violence-prone Chicago neighbourhoods show the kind of trauma experienced by residents of war zones.Many of the women that were participating in this study were reporting traumatic experiences and system tomorrows of trauma and that was coming up time and time again.Since 2001 there have been more than 8,000 murders in Chicago, killing more Americans than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The longest the city went in the past year without a fatal shooting was four days. Yet police stops and arrests have dramatically dropped. As shootings have risen, police have grown less aggressive. Chicago's last Police Chief say police are stepping back after public furore over incidents like the one that got him fired, when an officer under his command, shot someone 16 times as he walked away from police with a knife in his hand.Officers are under attack. That's how they feel, right? That's how they feel in this environment, and they won't put themselves and their families in jeopardy.Unless something changes in the coming year, the combination of increased shootings and relaxed enforcement does not bode well for America's most violent major city in 2017. An annotated edition of Hitler's book, mine cam, is a best-seller in Germany despite some shopgs refusing to stock it. It's the first reprint since the Second World War. It's sold 85,000 copies since it was rereleased last year after a 70-year copyright expired. It features explanatory comments which highlights Hitler's errors and propaganda. For some analysis, I'm joined by Peter Monteith, professor in modern European history at Flinders University. Thanks for your time today.Thanks, Kathryn.Is there a place on our book shelves for Mein Kampf in 2017 in whatever form and accompanied by whatever warnings?Well, I think there is. In fact, it's already on book shelves in many parts of the world. It's just a little bit more difficult to get to it in Germany, or at least it has been. But for those in Germany, even, who wanted to read it, it is available in the age of the internet, you can't block access to a text like that.And so what do you know of the repribted version from a year ago that -- reprinted version from a year ago that comes with annotations? What can we learn from it?I think the main tame of the annotated version is educational, that is what it does is it puts the original version of Mein Kampf in context. It allows the editors to add critical commentary, to point to the mistakes, to talk about the broader historical circumstances. These are all great tools for educators and for students and that was the main goal of the exercise.I guess the issues, though, were that they maght Mike -- might make Hitler's ideology socially acceptable and the warnings that come with this republished edition could be easily ignored.Yeah. And those misgivings are understandable. They have been around for a while, because the suggestion of republishing Mein Kampf has been around for some time. But on balance, I think that the right decision has been made. I think this is good, because it places Mein Kampf in context and that was the main argument, that, um, sure, there might be doubts about the value of an unannotated version, about this goes that extra step and makes sure that the reader now is given the context that the book needs.The sales - 85,000 - have propelled it to a best-seller. Who's buying the book?Yeah, we don't know details about that. We know that the institute which did the editorial work has been surprised by the volume of sales. When they first released it last year, they did a print run of 4,000, so it's up to several print runs and 85,000 sales. My guess is that these are Germans who have a thirst for historical knowledge. Had they just wanted to access Mein Kampf pure - that is the original tension - then they could have done so, but they've waited for this annotated edition and that suggests to me that there is -- they're as interested in the annotations as they are in the original text.So what about the concerns surrounding, you know, the era of terrorism that we live in. Do you still hold the argument that it is a good reproduction in light of the education that it brings us, despite the fact that we're seeing terror abroad, an upsurge towards a right-wing nationalistic agenda that could feed into that sentiment when it's taken to the extreme?Yeah, well, if anything, I think it means that it's all the more important to, um, to consider something like this critically. I'm not as concerned as some about the abuse of this text. It's been around for a long time. Putting it in this kind of edition, I think, simply means that it gives people the opportunity to read the original and put it in its context. I don't think it's going to feed into the rise of populism and neo-fascism in the way that many people fear.Do you think that this is the sort of text, the annotated, rewritten or critiqued text, if you like, should be taught in Australian schools to give European hiss torqual perspective?Well, there is -- hiss Yorkal perspective. Well -- historical perspective? There is talk of this German edition being translated into French and English. I know that already teachers like myself use English translations of the original Mein Kampf and have few reservations about doing that. So if it comes about that this annotated version becomes available in English as well, that's great. I would certainly be happy to use it.OK. Professor Peter Monteith, modern European history at Flinders University, thank you very much for taking time out of your break to come and speak to us.Sure. No problem. Well, this week, France came the latest country to pass reforms aimed at boosting rates of organ donation. The new law means consent is presumed unless someone has signed onto a new opt-out register.ed a kaghts of organ donation -- advocates of organ donation want to see the same policy adopted here in Australia. Pip Corby had a double lung transplant 15 years ago and recently completed a half marathon. I think it's a great idea and a great policy that could be implemented here in Australia. I guess my one reservation - there would be a couple of reservations, obviously. I was read being it last night and, um, some of the families are totally against... Would be against organ donation even though the person themselves might want to do it or whether it's compulsory. But also having had a double lung transplant, there is a lot of management that happens after the transplant. So it's not a cure. It has kept me alive, I wouldn't be here today without it, but I see the doctors every three months, I'm on medication, I still have to be wary of people I'm around, picking up germs and stuff like that. There's a whole process around looking after me after I've had my double lung transplant and obviously that would need to be considered as well. I was born with cystic fibrosis. These days, everyone is diagnosed with CF, generally when they're born, but I wasn't diagnosed until I was eight, or nine I think. And then I grew up with CF and doing daily physio and medication and stuff like that. Around the age of 29, I actually got pneumonia and declined quite quickly and so listed for a double lung transplant and was lucky enough to only wait a couple of months. As I said, it's a wonderful, an amazing gift and, um, yeah, I wouldn't be here talking right now without it. Time now for sport with Andre Lesley. First things first, we crossed to Shannon Byrne earlier at the SCG where the Aussies were on 4/450.They've only scored another four runs since then. They're on the lunch break at the moment, tucking into the carbohydrates of course. We've got two young guns out there in terms of Peter Handscomb and Hilton Cartwright. There is probably the highlight for Pakistan. This is comedy hour. Misbah-ul-Haq nearly threw the ball at his teammate's head there after falling over. It's not going so well in the field for Pakistan. More of an issue is the odd missed catch and the odds missed stumping. Pakistan is making this look very difficult at the moment. They're not doing themselves any favours but they have managed to get one wicket this morning and that was the all-important wicket of Matt Renshaw, out for 184 there.Spoiling the dream.Yeah. We wanted him to get that 200. He was going to break all sorts of records if he got there but not to be. I suppose he's got a goal for next match now when he goes to India, where it will all be a lot tougher anyway. Australia definitely on top. Pakistan struggling in the field and we'll see -- struggling in the field and we'll see how long Australia wants to bat on this afternoon. Do they want 500? 600? Can they get that far.Staying with cricket, the Sixers had a good go last night.The Sixers are doing pretty well in this tournament but probably Brisbane Heat will be disappointed by this. This was it up -- up at the Gabba with the SCG out of action. Brisbane Heat batted first and scored 186. They would have been happy with that but the Sixers made short work of it, actually. Daniel Hughes at the top of the order, some elegant shot-making. He's been in good form. I've watched him a few times live this season and he's been smashing the ball all over the place and he did it again last night and would you know it, ex-national keeper, Brad Haddin also put in a cameo and got 32 off 13. The Sixers won with three balls to go. Brisbane Heat miss a chance to go top of the table there. Sydney Sixers show that they're not to be ruled out of this competition. I think it's all wide open in the big bash.Let's head to the tennis now and Australia is out of contention for the finals in the Hopman Cup. It's a shame this one, especially since Nick Kyrgios is in good form. He did his best. He won in straight sets last night. They're playing the Czech Republic and the Hopman Cup format sees the men's singles, then the women's singles and then this shortened mixed doubles game. Kyrgios looked really good in his singles. He's shrugged off this knee injury, it seems, being his usual cheeky self and sort of dominating things and he won really comfortably. Unfortunately, Daria Gavrilova wasn't able to do the same. She went down in three sets. Took it to the mixed doubles and despite a few tricky shots from Nick Kyrgios, they were not able to get across the line in the doubles. So that means that Australia is still in this but they will not be getting to the finals. The USA are there and the next game for Australia is against the USA so it's a good hit Hewitt ahead of the Australian Open at least.Some of the big start are heading down under. Rafa Nadal is in Brisbane.Everyone on this show is a big fan of his. I'm not sure why. You're not?I sort of am but I think his days may be past.That's a big call.You heard it here first.Yes. And last!He said he's fighting off jetlag but he still managed to win 6-3, 6-3. He was taking on Dolgopolov last night from the Ukraine. There are other stars down under of course. Roger Federer has appeared at the Hopman Cup already, as we know. Stan Wawrinka will make his debut at the Brisbane International today. He will be playing victor Troiky. And on the women's side, Angelique Kerber will take on Ash Barty. So all the big start -- stars are out in tennis at the moment. If you want an idea of how to put a bet on or maybe because you love your tennis, there are lots of great matches at the moment.It's a great time of year, always a treat having you on the deveng. Thank you very much. Well, a two-year-old boy has saved his twin brother from a falling chels of drawers in the United States. Bowdy and Brock were playing on top of the dresser when it toppled over, trapping Brock underneath it. Bowdy frantically tries to free his brother several times until eventually Brock rolls over to safety. Their parents posted the video on social media as a warning to people with children. There have been a series of toddler deaths in the United States because of furniture not properly fastened to walls. Time now for the latest weather with Kirsten Diprose. Kirsten Diprose.
Thick cloud remains over the topics in the north-west an active monsoon is generating heavy rainstorms and damaging winds and then over tropical Queensland a trough and a weaker low are also producing heavy rain, storms and strong winds. Hot in the west. That's where a trough is drawing hot winds to the West Coast. Let's look at the rainfall for tomorrow: heavy rain over parts of the Kimberley, still some rain over northern parts of the NT and tropical Queensland. Decent falls there. Lighter falls in the east of Victoria and the east of South Australia. The outlook for tomorrow in Brisbane:

Well, there have been busy scenes at London Zoo as the park begins its annual stock take of more than 18,000 animals. The zoo is required by law to count its animals but says it's also an opportunity to analyse the success of breeding programs for more than 700 species. The penguins were keen to help with the count, but the critically endangered Sumatran tiger cubs were a bit less useful. And that is the latest from ABC News. I'm Kathryn Robinson. Thanks for your company. Captions by Ericsson Access Services.

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Grave fears for a 21-year-old still critical from a punch to the back of the head at Surfers Paradise. Two more arrests in the hunt for the Istanbul nightclub shooter. And a quake off the coast of Fiji sends panic through the island's coastal cities.

Hello. Kathryn Robinson with aib. I've like to take you live to the one punch incident from Queensland Ambulance.A person allegedly