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(generated from captions) This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Today - Donald Trump - defender of ethics. House Republicans quickly reverse plans after he tweets his disapproval. A war of words erupts as the AMA calls for a nationwide gun register to reduce firearms incidents.When it comes to matters of public health issue, we believe we have a role and a responsibility to speak out.How dos it help to have a national registry of guns when the doctors' union doesn't know anything about guns? They really ought to stick to fixing up bodies. Authorities make two arrests in connection with the Istanbul shootings, but the hunt for the gunman continues. And in Suva, no signs of a tsunami after an earthquake hits off Fiji. Hello and welcome to Mornings. I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at the weather first in the capital cities around the nation:

The Australian share market is pretty well flat in early trade. Most sectors on the ASX200 are in the red just slightly. The Republican-led US Congress has begun its first session of the Donald Trump era in turmoil with House Republicans reversing a decision to gut a Congressional ethics watchdog after the President-elect took to Twitter to criticise the move. Mr Trump unleashed another storm of criticism on social media overnight, tweeting about a range of issues, including car maker General Motors. North America correspondent Stephanie March has more.Donald Trump has been very busy on Twitter, as he often is. Today is also a very busy here today in Washington. It is the first session of Congress since the November election that saw Donald Trump sweep to power and Republicans hold their majority in both the House and the Senate. It is supposed to be quite a triumphant day for Republicans, coming in with a lot of new members but it has been overshadowed somewhat by a bit of a division between Donald Trump and members of his party. Late last night some unexpectedly voted to gut an ethics watchdog that was set up in 2008 to have oversight over members of Congress and is able to investigate them for any potential ethical breaches. They voted last night to pretty much abolish that body and set it up with something much weaker. That took a lot of people by surprise, including Donald Trump. This morning from Trump Tower in nark, he said:

That obviously created a bit of a stir here in Washington and several hours later, Republicans met again and decided to reverse their decision. So things are not off to a smooth start for this new administration, and Republican Congressmen and women were trying to play down the division and the reversal when they were heading in and out of the charm abouter this morning. Let's have a list tone what jouth going Ethics Committee chairman, Republican Congressman Charlie dernt had to say when confronted by reporters earlier today.It has been withdrawn by unanimous consent, voted against last night.REPORTER: What was the Donald Trump tweet play in your decision this morning?I don't know that it played any role in my decision, but maybe in some others'. Donald Trump has been able to wield a great deal of influence from the confines of his Trump Tower or his luxury resort in Mar-a-Lago. Hay Manufacturing companies he a us coups of taking jobs overseas or shutting do unsome of their manufacturing operations in the United States. Car manufacturers have been one of his main targets. This morning he too being to Twitter to criticise General Motors for making a car in Mexico and then selling it to dealers in the US, saying that he would impose a big border tax on them if they keep doing it. Now, around the same time, the Ford Motor Company announced that it is deciding to scrap plans to build a $1.6 billion plant in Mexico, and instead it is going to expand its operations in Michigan, in Detroit, creating 700 new jobs, investing about $700 million into that plant there. And the Ford Motor Company, while its CEO Mark Fields didn't say that Donald Trump directly had an influence on their decision by way of his threats and his shaming, but they did say that the pro-growth policies he has been pushing throughout the campaign and in recent weeks did play a role.And the White House says more prisoners from Guantanamo Bay will be transferred after President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated. It follows Mr Trump tweeting that he believed there would be no more releases of terror suspects from the site. Spokesman Josh Earnest says he expecting additional inmates from January 20th. Last month President Obama said he was planning to transfer 18 of the 59 prisoners to other facilities. The Australian Medical Association is calling for a national real-time firearms register to redue gun violence. The Australian shooters Association says the AMA's proposal is unnecessary because there are State-based registries, but the AMA says there needs to be a central database where authorities like hospitals can access firearm information 6789When it comes to matters of public health issue, we believe we have a role and a responsibility to speak out, in fact, a foremost responsibility. Public ownership of guns in the community is a risk to public health and for that reason we feel we have a duty and an obligation to speak on this matter many The evidence is clear - since the 1996 firearms agreement, the number of deaths by guns in the community have significantly reduced, more than halved. There has been over a million guns handed back through various amnesties over that period of time. We are the ones who have to - my colleagues in ED are the ones who deal with the effects, the tra Ummah, the carnage, that is brought on by the illicited gun use in the community, and in fact even in the cases where the majority of cases of accidents by gun are through suicides, and that is the Sigma jort of the cases, and that's mental health issue that we all have to deal with. So I think we are really qualified because of our everyday exposure to this area.Lalths senator David Leyonhjelm says, Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonhjelm says a national Reg city would not help national safety.The Medical Association says in its own release - and I wonder how they know because they don't know much about guns - but in their release they say somewhere between 260,000 and 6 million illegal guns. Obviously the registries in each State only keep track of the ones that are known about, of which there are many millions, of course, so how does it help to have a national registry of guns when they are already registered State by State and they are already working towards an interchange of information between the states so that they are sharing information - how will that help with up to 6 million illegal guns? It makes no sense of It is an irrational comment. I think what it portrays is the doctors' union doesn't know anything about guns, they really ought to stick to fixing up bodies.Well, isn't it rational in the sense to have one registry instead of #, with different ways of collating information, where it can be in one central spot, a 21st Century approach to doing it?Well, I think we're still waiting for the first crime to be solved by having a registry of guns even at a State level. New Zealand had a registry of guns and abandoned T Canada had a registry of guns and abandoned it. Turkish authorities have made two more arrests in relation to Istanbul's nightclub shooting, but the gunman is still on the run. Security analysts believe he had combat experience and his actions were likely directed by a jihadist group. Europe correspondent James Glenday reports. The 39 who were murdered early on New Year's Day are making their final journeys home. Hundreds mourn Nara in Jordan, while in Israel, the death of 19-year-old Leanne Nasr has devastated an entire town. At the scene of the atrocity in Istanbul, around 200 people gathered in a show of solidarity, and to protest the terrorist attacks that are crippling Turkey's tourism industry.TRANSLATION: They want us to become accustomed to grisly attacks. I'm here to though I will not surrender to this violence.This security camera vision shows the moment the attacker entered the Raina nightclub. The owners were powerless to protect the party-goers inside, and lucky to escape with their lives.TRANSLATION: He carried out a massacre. He was like a mad dog. As I fell, I couldn't see how many people were there or what it was. I just saw an armed man who turned on me.More than a dozen people have been taken into custody in connection with the attack, including two foreigners who were detained at Istanbul Airport. The police have also searched several properties in this neighbourhood, with I is home to many Central Asian immigrants.TRANSLATION: There could be traitors anywhere, but it would make us very sad if the attacker was from Central Asia, because we love this country.The man in this selfie video is still the main suspect. Security experts say he is likely to have trained with terrorists in sir ya. Thousands of heavily armed police are working around the clock to find him. A magnitude 6.9 earthquake has struck south-west of the Fijian capital, Suva. The US Geological Survey says the quake struck 284km south-west of the city at a depth of 17km. There were fears a tsunami could be caused and a threat message was issued for Fiji, but it has since been withdrawn. No reports of damage, but office buildings were evacuated as a precaution. Aid worker Sue was working when the earthquake struck. We were evacuated out of our office, as pretty much everybody in Suva, particularly hose in the low-lying areas. The warning has just passed and people are starting to move back into their offices and homes, burr you can still see quite a lot of movement and sound behind me, but certainly the whole city was on the move. There are some level of earthquakes in and around Fiji fairly constantly, or fairly often, but this level of earthquake is unusual, and certainly this close to the main islands is unusual, and having the resultant tsunami warning is not common. I've been here for just over one year and this is - well, this is actually about the third tsunami warning I've had in Suva in that time.Kelvin Anthony was evacuated from the sixth flor of his office building in Suva. He says he felt the building shake when the earthquake struck.We were working in the office just having a normal day and we felt a slight tremor, could actually feel it on level 6 of our building. Even before that came, one of our managers who sort of this, I guess, previously been in the situation quickly advised everyone, "There is an earthquake that we've got to move." We also had power cuts so it went on, off, on, off, about two or three times and we made the - we vacated the building. A minor earthquake has struck south of Sydney this morning with a magnitude of 3 #30i 9 -- 3.9. It was was if elt in Appin and felt as far away as Wollongong. Geoscience received hundreds of reports about the quake. Former One Nation senator Rod Culleton has defended himself offer an all pli confront dation outside a WA court. The ABC understand Mr Anthony Fels was trying to serve Mr Culleton with court documents. The senator says he needed to go to hospital for treatment after being knocked in the ground in the scuffle. A one-punch attack on the go being overnight has left a man in hospital with serious head injuries. Police say the 21 Remember old was punched from behind in Surfers Paradise and fell and hit his head on the not pooth. Police are speaking to two teenaged boys, aged 15 and 16 about the assault. It is the second one-punch attack at Surfers Paradise in recent months. A fisherman is recovering from hypothermia and shock after spending six hours in the water after Exmouth in WA. The Maen in his 20s was fishing alone yesterday morning when he said he hooked a large marlin that pulled him into the water. His unattended boat was spotted by another fisherman and authorities are were a alrighted mplThe man was eventually found by another passing boat and taken to hospital.A captain of the Zahro Express has been arrested,. It caught fire carrying 250 people. Jakarta police say Captain Mohamad Nali is accused of continuing to sail despite knowing the passenger numbers far exceeded the 100 listed on his manifest. Se facing town 10 years' jail if convicted. Australian woman sca Sara Connor who has been accused of of murdering a Bali policeman says shoe he is worried about not receiving a fair hearing from judges in Bali. Connor is accused of killing I policeman with her boyfriend David Taylor in August. Connor has told reporters she is concerned about Indonesia's legal system.Very disappointed it's taking so long. I just can't wait until everything is over and done and the truth finally comes out. I hope - I'm worried. It is a completely different legal system, but I believe - I want to believe that the judges will be fair and they will judge by the facts and by the evidence and not by other influence and other pressures.The top stories today - the Republican-led US Congress has begun its first session of the Donald Trump era in turmoil with House Republicans reversing a decision to gut a Congressional ethics watchdog after the President-elect took to Twitter to criticise the move. The Australian Medical Association is calling for a nationwide gun register, saying state-based registries are not effective enough in reducing firearm incidents. And Turkish authorities have made two more arrests in relation to Istanbul's nightclub shooting, but the gunman is still on the run. NSW Police believe a body found in a creek near Bewong in the Shoalhaven region this morning is that of an 80-year-old man missing since yesterday afternoon. Local police in Nowra gave an update on the situation a short time ago. Yesterday afternoon an 80-year-old gentleman has gone fishing on Bewng Creek. Now, he failed to return home around about 9 pm last night and police were alerted. Police coordinated a search with resources from our command and also the State Emergency Services. Now, the search was suspended around 1.20am this morning and resumed at 8 o'clock this morning, utilising resources from the NSW Marine Area Command, including NSW Police divers, the SES, NSW ambulance and other resources in the search. Now, around about 8.10am this morning, the body of the man was recovered a short distance away from the boat and police are investigating the circumstances of what occurred overnight and will be preparing a report for the coroner.REPORTER: What was the search like last night? Was there much time with the light coming down pretty quickly, obviously?Yes, it was difficult searching last night, obviously with very low light conditions and we did do quite a thorough search last night and that was concluded at 1.20am.Was his body found very close to where you think he fell into the water?Yes, the body was recovered a very short distance away from the boat in which he had been fishing from.And was he wearing a life jacket?Our investigations suggest that this time the man was not wearing a life jacket.REPORTER: And the family has been notified? Yeah. The family has been notified and our thoughts do go out to the man's family. He died in tragic circumstances doing what he loved, fishing, and our thoughts also go out to all the families that who tragically have had a loved one lost over the last couple of weeks while being on our waterways, and I do want to get a strong message out to the community is please be safe around the ocean, our lakes, inland waterways such as dams. If you are out in the beach, make sure that you are between the flags and don't swim in dangerous conditions. If you are on a boat and you are under 4.2 metres, make sure you are wearing a life jacket, or any other time in which the law prescribes, that includes crossing designated bars and kids must have a life jacket on. You know, what price do you want to put on a life when a life jacket costs as much as $20 and they go upwards, over $100, but the more expensive life jacket provides better floatation and increases survivability in the situation that uf a he got in the water.REPORTER: It has been a terrible holiday situation for NSW. This is the 18th drowning. It's very tragic. What's your message to people who are thinking that they are maybe invincible onto the water?The water doesn't discriminate, it doesn't matter if you are a good swimmer or you can't swim at all. If you can't swim at #5u8, you shurnt be going in the water. You are putting yourself and others at risk, but, please, just be safe by our waterways. We don't want to be in the situation again where we have to go around and tell a member of a family that tragically a loved one has lost their life while being on the water and trying to have fun.REPORTER: You say he died doing what he loved. Was it a regular spot for him? Was he a local?Yes, he is a local fellow. He is an avid fisherman. I think it's one of his favourite fishing spots It's really, really important that when you do go fishing - I'm a fisherman myself and I make sure that when I'm alone or when the law prescribes, I have my life jacket on because I don't want my colleagues to go around to my house and tell my wife and my kids that I've lost my life or been seriously injured because I wasn't wearing a life jacket.REPORTER: I believe there is a big camp site around the inlet close to where he was found. Was he camping or does he live close by?He lives very close by and it is just a small creek which he and other fishermen regularly go out and fish, but there is a number of camp sites around the area that people do go by, and especially in those sorts of locations, if you are going to go swimming, please make sure you have a look in the water beforehand to make sure there are no structures before you go in, but be safe. If you are going to go swimming, get some mates to stand by and watch what's going on.REPORTER: Considering what's happened over the past 24 hours, are you patrolling the waters - are you putting extra patrols out on the water?Yes, during the summer period in the Shoalhaven, we have additional resources in the local area and that allows us to deploy our police launch. We were out on the boat yesterday and conducted safety compliance checks. Generally the level of safety compliance was excellent, but you still have people that are not heeding the message. We caught a young gentleman with two other people in his boat, a small tinnie, without any life jackets. Now, bad conditions did come in and it only takes a fraction of a second for something to happen in the boat. You have three people in the water and tragically we could have another drowning.Thank you, Steve.No worries.So that was from Nowra in southern NSW - yet another drowning incident in NSW. The UK's ambassador to the European Union has resigned, months before Brexit talks were due to commence. The British Government says Sir Ivan Rogers has quit so a success yoer could be in place before negotiations start. The UK is hoping to secure a trade deal with Europe, but Sir Ivan had privately told ministers that could take up to 10 years. France will go to the polls in May to a choose a new President in an election that is widely predicted to see the country move to right, with the incumbent Francois Hollande deciding not to run for a second term.The Socialist Party will pick its candidate for the race later this month.With only a few weeks until the Socialist primaries in France, Manuel Valls is campaigning hard. The former prime minister wants to convince the French Left to pick him as their presidential candidate.TRANSLATION: I have one goal for France - I want to unite. I'm ready. I have experience.Whether vals vals will be toasting his success will depend on whether he can beat the six other competitors and distance himself from his deeply unpopular boss, President Francois Hollande. Whoever wins the nomination, most analysts agree, the Socialists are in bad shape and will struggle to attract voters.The Socialists have two problems: One is that they are exhausted after almost 5 years in power in a very difficult economic time. The second one is that there are very -- is that they are very divided and that's their weakness today.In November, former finance minister Katie Mack quit to run as msh msh

Macron, he was dismissed as being experienced but his enMarche movement is gaining responsibility. TRANSLATION: Your responsibility is to go everywhere in France with this message and to win.Also in September, Gael Monfils was chosen. Foing foing. Fils dismisses multiculturalism as eroding French identity and fakes a tough line on immigration and Islam.TRANSLATION: Radical Islam is undermining our fellow Muslim citizens. It infill trauts them, takes them hostage. They hate what we are, so I will it will you, I will fight them without respite.His message has resonated with voters fed up with years of high unemployment, open borders and a series of attacks which killed many. Opinion polls predict Fils will make it to the second round to face the National Front leader marine Le Pen. The United States relationship with Israel could see an overhaul as Donald Trump takes off. The outgoing administration voices strong criticism of Israel's building of settlements on occupied land fnlth Australia will have to find its place in the nud order and the Coalition Government has already suggested it would not have supported a recent UN resolution condemning Jewish settlements. The head of the Palestinian delegation to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific says a two-state solution is the best option.There are resilient and transparent accountable organisations in the United States. Of course there is very strong voice for the President, but also it depends on our involvement, engagement with his own transitional team and also strategic engagement with the new administration, and I think also Mr Trump will realise the facts, he will consult with European countries and other countries and will come out with more appropriate and proper and realistic policy towards the Middle East crisis, including Israel-Palestine conflict. But a Donald Trump spokeswoman has said moving the ES embassy to Jerusalem would be a very big priority and Donald Trump has said he will move fairly quickly on that. What will shall the implications on that?I think there would be negative implications on such a move. I think he will deal with 56 Muslim countries, members in the OIC. Jerusalem is very important issue, very sensitive issue for all 1.7 billion Muslims, in the world and also the Christians. I think there will be a lot of instability in the region, and this is not for the interests of the United States or international community. In addition, of course, this is an illegal step. There is a Security Council resolution which considers the illegal extension of Jerusalem into Israel is totally illegal and, this will lead to a confrontation between the new administration and 1.7 billion Muslims in addition to many Christians who will not also agree on such a move.So if he has that as one of his very clear stated policies on Israel at the moment, why are you still optimistic that there will be a balanced approach that will be agreeable to the Palestinians?Look, there are safety parameters no you in the world. I mean, there was the resolution 234 recently issued by the Security Council mpl These are foundations which he can't really ignore as a president and also the United States has interests in the Middle East, it is part of the coalition against terrorism, they have economic and trade ties with the Arab world and Muslim countries, so I believe that the statements by presidential candidates do not necessarily reflect the policy. He will receive on a daily basis on report now from the Foreign Minister industry, from the CIA, and I hope that through strategic engagement with this administration, like President Abbas has said, he said he is very willing to start working with this administration soon.In Africa, Kenya has doubled its energy capacity just 5 years. What's most impressive about this is the fact that about 60 pest of the electricity generated comes from renewable sources. Here in Australia, around 14% of the grid comes from green power. Africa correspondent Martin Cuddihy has more. Beneath Hell's Gate National Park, 3km underground are vast reserves of natural heat.There are about 26 wells that supply this power plant to be able to achieve thingless.Geothermal power plants provide about a third of Kenya's electricity and all up about 60% of the grid is renewables.I think if that's not leadership, I don't know what else could be called leadership, so he we are leading in that site, and this enj I is not just from one source of the grid, it is from geothermals, from hydro and from wind.Six years ago only about 25% of the population had access to electricity. Today it's more than half and many of these projects have been funded by the World Bank vrlWe have been a strong supporter of geothermal since 1971 to date, but also in between we have financed hydros, we have financed all the projects in Kenya.Kenya is the largest producer of geothermal power in Africa and the 8th largest globally. In contrast, more than 80% of Australia's electricity comes from fossil fuels.For Australia and others who are still depending on the coal and other sources that pollute the environment, we would encourage them to look at ways of increasing the capacity that they can get from green energy.There are still millions of Kenyans who don't have access to electricity. Despite that, Kenya's state-owned generating company is determined to continue its push into renewables, and become a world leader in clean, green energy.

And now with the latest weather, here is Kirsten Diprose. .Thick cloud remaining over the tropics in the north-west an active monsoon is generating heavy rain, storms and damaging winds, and then over tropical Queensland a trough and a weaker low is also producing heavy rapes, storms and strong winds. Hot in the west and that is where a trough is drawing hot winds to the west coast. To the rainfall for west coast. To the rainfall for
tomorrow. trough is drawing hot winds to the tomorrow. Heavy rain over parts of Kimberley, still some rain over northern parts of the NT and tropical Queensland - decent falls there. Lighter falls in the east of Victoria and the east of SA The outlook for tomorrow:

The top stories today - the New Year in Washington is off to a rocky start in Congress with House Republicans backfliping on a decision to strip an independent ethics watchdog of its power just hours after they voted for it. President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to criticise the move, which prompted an emergency meeting and a quick change of course by the Republicans. The Australian Medical Association says a nationwide gun register is needed to reduce trauma in hospitals. The peak m he had Cal group says State-based Ridge industries are not effective at reducing firearm incidents and wants tougher laws in place as well. Crossbench senator David Leyonhjelm says the lob by group isn't qualified to debate gun ownership and has questioned AMA's research. Turkish police have detained two foreigners in connection with the New Year's Eve nightclub attack in Istanbul. At least 16 people are thought to have been detained so far but the gunman remains at large. A magnitude 6.9 quake has struck south-west of Fijian capital, Suva. The US Geological Survey says the quake struck around 284km south-west of the city at a depth of 17km. There were fears a tsunami could be caused and a threat message was issued for Fiji, but has since been withdrawn. No reports of damage in Fiji, but office buildings were evacuated as a precaution. The Independent MP from Tasmania Andrew Wilkie has just begun a media conference in Hobart. Let's take a listen in.... With Centrelink payment records. It is terribly crude because all they are doing is taking someone's assessed taxable income in a periods, as far back as 6 years, dwoiding it by 26 to come up with a fortnightly estimated income, and if that is in any way at odds with any Centrelink benefit they were paid in that fortnight, then they are getting a debt notice, and they are not just getting a debt notice, they are also getting the debt collectors sent around if the debt hasn't been paid within 21 days. Now, this is wrong on all sorts of fronts. For a start, someone's annual taxed income is not relevant to their income at a particular point in time which is what Centrelink are concerned about. Obviously people's income changes over Nimes, so he there is a problem with the system. There is a problem with the philosophy behind it because it is assuming that people are guilty until they can prove themselves innocent. And there is another problem because these debt notices are going back as far as six years, and often people's employers six years ago aren't even in business, so it is a ludicrous request or demand from, demand or attack from Centrelink that people somehow get hold of pay slips from back to six years ago. I mean, heavens, the Tax Office only requires records for 5 years but Centrelink says it requires records for up to 6 years ago. So it is a dud system It seems to be to be little more than a system being used by a Government that wants to come up with a big headline figure to argue they will get the Budget back into surplus quicker. In fact, this program over the Forward Estimates the Government is hoping will claw back as much as $4.5 billion, and just in the last couple of days, the Government is crowing that already about $300 million has been clawed back. So that's the background to this whole thing. Where I come into this is I've been speaking up for weeks now about this being a flaw system. I have now received over 100 complaints from people locally and nationally, telling me their stories. I mean, some of the stories I am hearing are just bizarre. For example, a woman who got a debt notice from Centrelink just before Christmas for $69,000 - more money than she even received from Centrelink, and when she queried it, it was told, "Oh, sorry, it was a typo: It is actually $3,000." But then Centrelink couldn't explain what the $3,000 was about. On New Year's Day, here in the Denison area, I was bailed up by a woman in a hardware store and she explained to me that just before Christmas she received a debt notice for about $1900. It was query, they reduced it for $1,200 for no apparent reason, it was queried again and it was reduced to $600, which she doesn't think she owes but she paid because she doesn't want to be rattled by the whole thing and she wants the whole thing to be put to bed. We have a program that is affecting an enormous amount of people. In fact, Centrelink are boasting that they are sending out something like 20,000 debt recovery letters a week as they claw back $4.5 billion, and many of these letters are wrong, they are just plain wrong. The methodology behind the calculation is wrong and it's obviously wrong. I mean, it is designed by a Dunn der head and I was appalled yesterday when Christian Porter, a senior government minister, came out and said the system is working just fine, saying that they had only received a couple of hundred complaints about it. Well, that just doesn't make sense. I've received - one MP - has received over 1 hub complaints. This is a systemic problem, the harm it is causing is very broad and I will tell you what sort of harm it is causing. I've had people who have approached me who have been frightened, absolutely scared, people who are paying this money because they are so frightened by this very official letter. I've had 4 people now approach me in my office who I would describe as presenting as suicidal and in all those cases we've taken what action we thought was appropriate. I mean, this is terrifying people, and we've got a government who is saying there is no problem, a government that is crowing about how it will save them money. I tell you what, all it's doing is creating enormous anxiety in the community. The Government needs to shut it down, to send letters to everyone who has got a letter and say it has been shut down, and it will be looked at afresh. Now, I wrote to the Commonwealth Ombudsman just before Christmas and I asked him to have a look at this. I've now had a reply from the Ombudsman who - which informs me that in fact his office now is in contact and seeking more information from Centrelink. But I'm not blaming Centrelink for this, I'm blaming the Government. I'm blaming the relevant ministers, I'm blaming the PM who is responsible for his government, and I'm making the point in the strongest and clearest possible terms, it is not good enough for a minister to stand up yesterday or today and to crow about something that is terrifying Australians and bringing some Australians to the brink of suicide. REPORTER: Many are saying this isn't working, but do you accept that the debt recovery is necessary?Oh, there is no doubt that overpayments should be clawed back, there is no doubt about that, and I'm the first to say that the Budget needs to be brought back into surplus over the economic cycle, I'm the first to say that overpayments should be re-coop, but I'm also the first to say that when the Government rolls out a dud system, based on methodology, a system terrifying people, bringing some people to the brink of suicide, then it must be immediately stopped, the community must be assured that it has been stopped and it needs to be redesigned as it's designed to do because at the moment it is just terrifying people.REPORTER: (Inaudible) has anyone got to that stage yet?Well, my understanding is that the system, it is all automated, people get a letter, and 21 days later if someone hasn't repaid or a payment plan put in place, then the drebt collectors are to track down that person and collect the debt. What happens, for example, if someone who has wrongly been accused of a debt 6 years ago - they might have even moved, the letter might not have got to them, the first they know is a debt collector turns up, the next thing they know there is a black mark on their credit history and for example, some loan application, perhaps to buy a house, that midway approached by the banks, has been stopped in its tracks, all bus of a bad system and the system that can't be stut downREPORTER: What's the total amount of money to be recouped?My understanding is the Government is hoping to recoup $4.5 billion, that's $4,500 million. In the last couple of days Government has said, in fact it has boasted, that it has already clawed back $300 million, but of course you will claw back an awful amount of money when you are sending out 20,000 letters a week to many people who don't actually owe the Government money. This is a bizarre situation. They are boating about getting their Budget back into the black by clawing back money from people who don't owe them money.(Inaudible question)I'm pleased you raise this. I don't blame Centrelink staff, they are just doing what they've been told to do and we are seeing reports no you that Centrelink staff are dealing with very angry people, with very scared people, and that is entirely understandable. So not only should the community be not be put in this situation of getting these sorts of letters, particularly around now Christmas and just before Christmas, that we've got public service officers who are being treated poorly by a public and those public servants don't deserve to be treated that way..Do the job? That's, everyone. Thanks for coming out.OK, that was live from Hobart, the Independent federal MP, Andrew Wilkie there, with some strident criticism of the Centrelink debt recovery program. He says that that program is bungled because it's sending out wrong information, saying that people owe in some cases tens of thousands of dollars back to the Government, and that it's sending people to the brink of suicide. And, yeah, he wants that shut down immediately. So no doubt we'll hear more on that through today and we'll have that covered for you here on ABC News 24.The main suspect in the New Year terror attack which left 39 people dead in an Istanbul nightclub is still on the run. Turkish police have detained more than a dozen people so far. Three days ago, this place was full of joy, of life, of celebration. Today Raina nightclub is a crime scene, scarred by terror. Imagine the horror as 180 bullets were sprayed here. People jumping into the freezing river to escape. TheThe owners of Raina say they will reopen the nightclub. It is a sign of the defiant mood here. Yes, people are sombre, yes, very are fearful, but Turks have lived with a ter tror threat for decades, albeit on a smaller scale, and they're determined not to let it defeat them. Watch the right-hand side of this footage from the attack. A man jumps over a low fence outside the nightclub to a voi the bullets. Then the gunman runs up to the door, shooting his way into Raina.Trance trance --That man on the right of the video was nightclub manager Ani who had a miraculous escape. TRANSLATION: I felt bullets explode next to me. I threw myself over the fence but tripped and fell. The gunman shot from behind #6r7b8g9s the bullets came to me over my head. When I fell he must have thought he had hit me, so I went inside and I heard the terrible sounds.New pictures have been released of the suspect who is still on the run. So-called Islamic State have called him their "brave soldier" the Turkish authorities have given no information about him. Overnight, an area of Istanbul was raided. Reports say the gunman travelled from there to the nightclub for the attack, but no arrests were made. There have, though, been others detained, including two foreigners at Istanbul Airport. It is not clear what link, if any, they're thought to have had with the a being ta. Those tired of terror went to the scene of the massacre today, a quiet commemoration. Tributes were laid and thoughts gathered about how their country can rebuild and how the next generation can regain a sense of safety.I don't want to cry anymore while I am watching the news, you know. It makes me really sad. And I don't want my daughter to grow up in this kind of environment, you know, with this news on in the background and everything. I want her to be happy.And so a nervous wait to see if those who protect this country are really closing in on the man who brought horror it New Year's Eve. The National Disability Insurance Scheme is meant to make life better for hundreds of thousands of Australians and their carers. So far the scheme is only fully rolled out in the ACT, but the experience there is already raising some red flags. The initial estimates of how many people would be eligible for the scoo emin the ACT were far too low, and some agencies providing services to NDIS clients say they're not being paid enough to make the scheme sustainable. Norman Hermant takes a look at whether trouble may lie ahead as the NDIS starts operating more widely.Hi, Mitch. Hello. Annie, come on, love. Come on, sweetheart.When her youngest daughter gets home, Lesley Geary's afternoon routine really gets going. Let me open the gate. High here we go.Annie is 18 and just finishing school.Kelsey, would you like a drink? Come on, sit up.Eldest daughter Kelsey is 22. Son tlly is 24. All three children live with varying levels much intellectual disability.157 hours is nearly 35 days.Their mother is not only their primary carer, she is also the manager of their support plans under the NDIS. What has your family's experience been like with the NDIS? Oh, it has been positive. The NDIS came along at just the right time. Like many participants in the scheme, Lesley's enthusiasm is dampened by everyday reality. For starters, finding available support workers for her childrenalWe haven't got a sustainable workforce actually getting the workers in and keeping them - it's not easy.But that's not the biggest problem. This is.I've already paid the invoice. This is the claim.Talk to anyone connected to the NDIS, and the web portal is enemy No. 1.Enter the amount, enter the category, submit it, a couple of days later, in theory, we should be right.It's not happening.It's not happening!The NDIS says the portal is improving, but problems continue to plague thousands of people connected to the scheme across the country.Oh, long day at school!As frustrating as her experience has been, at least Lesley Geary's children made it in to the NDIS. Around September this year, the scheme temporarily closed in the ACT. The only State or Territory where the NDIS is now fully roll out. The scheme had Roached its target number of participants, but after a backlog built up, it did reopen. For groups like Alzheimer's Australia, it is a major concern. Given the size and scale of the ACT, if we can't sort these issues out here, we have grave concerns about what this means for the rest of the country.To provide the NDIS in the ACT, the Federal and Territory governments originally agreed on an estimate of how many people would be eligible. 5075. Advocacy groups and even the NDIS itself now agree that figure was far too low. If that's repeated across the country, it would mean tens of thousands of people, not factored into the scheme's budget of $22 billion.We are struggling a bit to get information and I think that's the biggest issue, is that we just don't know.The ACT Government and the NDIA, the agency that runs the NDIS, both declined to talk to us about the estimate blowout. What is clear that the NDIA recognises the estimate will have to rise. It says so itself in its own market position statement, released in September. It puts the expected eligible participants in the ACT at 6,900, 35% more than the original estimate. The ACT Government said in a statement that it's not involved in any renegotiation of these agreements and that the cost for participants above the target of 5075 is a Commonwealth responsibility." That's not the way the Federal Government sees it. The Commonwealth is in negotiations with the ACT around funding arrangements. It said in a statement.

Danas was born with cerebral palsy and lives with physical and intellectual disabilities On weekday afternoons he is cared for by support workers after he returns home from day programs.How was that?

A big library here of movies: Yes? Hello!His mother says the NDIS has been a life-changer for her family. We were quite concerned before we got the NDIS funding came in and when Danis was getting to the end of school as to what we would be able to do, would we have to give up work, one of us, would we have to go part-time? How would it work? So when the funding came in and we discovered the providers around the ACT, it was a lot of relief.The support workers are se tenter of another emerging NDIS issue in the ACT. The majority of this care provider's business is delivering NDIS services. They are hard at work, trying to make sure every care request is filled.I'm just wondering if you would be able to help cover a shift today. Is's 3 to 6.As busy as they are, just better care's CEO and Jeb manager say they are running at a loss because the rates the NDIS pays for services are too low. Can you give us any idea of the number, let's say for the last financial year?$200,000 loss.They are quitting the part of the scheme where rates are fixed. You've decided to deregister from the NDIS. What does that mean and why have you decided to do it?So by deregistering for those services, an unregistered organisation can charge what they need to charge.For example, those workers looking after Danis everison, the NDIS supporting the basic work at $43 per hour. Non-Reg stred clients $52 per hour. Not everyone agrees the rates paid may get unsustainable. Caroline specialises in analysings NDIS market. If a provider can't make a go of it, she says, their business model may be to blame.If you want to aim for success as a provider in the new NDIS world, you need to make sure you've got the fundamentals of your business right, which is all about cost, about workforce, about services.See you next week.Back at Danis everison's home, he says even though his provider is quitting the fixed rate of the NDIS, she is prepared to pay more to stay with them.It's hard to change providers. You have to get to know people all over again,s they have to get to know you. To start the whole thing all over again - obviously if you need to, you do it, but if we don't need to, then we prefer not to.The old system was very much, "We have the money, we can fit you in on a Tuesday and you're going to be bowling." For"all her strug Esses with the nyldz, Lesley Geary says her family is better off with it than without it.We are doing pretty well, we are doing pretty well.Sue Lannin joins us now with business and finance news.

The Australian market is flat, despite a rise on Wall Street on the first training day of the year -- trading day of the year. The All Ordinaries index and the ASX200 are slightly higher. Looking at the move vers, Insurance Australia Group says it has insured for losses worth up to $17 billion in 2017. Investment firm Hunter Hall will set up for a takeover bid which is just two-thirds of its market value. In the US:

Small signs for stronger global economy with US factories expanding at the fastest pace in two years. The institute for supply management says its manufacturing index rose to nearly 55 points in December. It is the fourth month of expansion in a row. And the first dairy auction of the year has seen international milk prices fall. The global dairy price index fell nearly 4% with an average selling price above $$3,400 per tonne. A steep drop in the price of milk powder pulled undo the index. Thanks, Sue. With so much hasty shopping over the festive season, many people are now back in the stores returning unwanted goods. Manager of consumer policy for 'Choice', Sarah Agar says many people aren't clear of their rights when it comes to asking for a refund.All Australians can rely on legal protections in the Australian consumer law when they're shopping. These consumer guarantees don't apply in cases where you've just changed your mind or decided that you don't like a product, but if you buy something that's faulty, you have the right to request a free repair, replacement or a refund, and this is plies with gifts as well as with things that you buy for yourself. If a product has a major fault, something that means you can't use it in the way it was designed or you wouldn't have even bought the product if you had known about it, then you have the right to request a remedy of your choice. So you can ask for a refund in those circumstances. If the fault is minor, though, and can be easily fixed, then the retailer or the manufacturer still has to provide you with a remedy, but they get to choose which one. Under the law, the consumer has the roo ith to approach either the retailer or the manufacturer if they have a faulty product and they want to request a remedy. Warrants, extended warranties and the consumer guarantee rights all apply alongside each other, but while a warranty will apply for a specific set time period, the consumer guarantee rights will often apply above and beyond that. Basically your consumer guarantee rights will apply for the reasonable life span of the product. So if you've bought, say, a very expensive TV and the manufacturer's warranty is two years f it fails after that point, you may still have rights under the consumer guarantees.Now with a look at the weather, here is Kirsten Diprose.

Thick cloud remaining over the tropics in the north-west an active monsoon is generating heavy rain, storms and damaging winds, and then over tropical Queensland, a trough and weaker low are also producing heavy rain, storms and strong winds. Hot in the west and that's where a trough is drawing hot winds to the west coast. Let's take a look at the rainfall for tomorrow, and heavy rain over parts of the Kimberley, still rain over the northern parts of the NT and tropical Queensland - decent falls there, lighter falls in the east of Victoria and east of SA The outlook for tomorrow:

Yes, there has been some massive falls around Mackay in the 24 hours to 9 this morning. Around 200 in moo Ky and more than 300 millimetres in Sarinah just to the south of Mackay. We will bring you more of that through the day. Stick This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services Today: The President-elect wields his Twitter power and the Republican Congress back down on a move against a Washington ethics watchdog. Grave fears for a 21-year-old still critical from a punch to the back of the head at Surfers Paradise. Two more arrests in the hunt for the Istanbul nightclub shooter. And a quake off the coast of Fiji sends a panic through the island's coastal cities.

Hello. Kathryn Robinson with ABC News. The 115th US Congress has had a rocky start with Republicans reversing a vote after being lambasted by President-elect Donald Trump. Democrats are vowing to keep

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