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(generated from captions) Good evening, I'm Darren Mara. The top stories. Is this the face of mass murder? Turkish police close
in on the Istanbul nightclub shooter. Hundreds of prisoners on the run,
after a Brazilian jail riot kills 60. And why becoming an Aussie
could soon get much harder.

Hundreds of Turks have tonight held
a peace march towards the Istanbul nightclub where 39 New Year's
revellers were killed by a lone gunman. IS militants have claimed
resposibility for the massacre. But the hunt for the attacker has
intensified with Turkish police launching raids and
arresting up to 12 people Staring into the camera
as he films himself walking in central Istanbul. This is the man Turkish media
says killed 39 people as they celebrated the New Year.

But almost three days
after the massacre - he still hasn't been caught. IS militants have called
him a heroic soldier - and the attack revenge for Turkey's
involvement in Syria. As Turkish police carried out raids
and reportedly arrested family members of the attacker,
the loved ones of the victims began farewelling their dead. 23-year-old Yunus
Gormek was a student who went to work at the Reina
nightclub only to help his uncle

At his funeral another worker
describes hiding in the bathroom thinking "This is the end." And I thought because the gun
shootings stopped, and then I was thinking he's going to explode
himself, we are going to die in the toilet in the bathroom. Here the distraught mother
of another of the 39 victims Her son - one of the club's security
guards - had already survived bombings near an Istanbul
stadium last month. Mourners are perplexed how
the killer evaded authorities on a night of heightened security.

Many of the victims
are foreign nationals. The Lebanese Prime Minister
vowing to fight terrorism, as three of his country's
dead were repatriated.

In Northern Syria -
Turkish jets and tanks have hit more than 100 IS targets but that's doing
little to calm Turkish people on edge.

Hoping Turkey's deadly wave
of attacks - won't stretch further into 2017. Manny Tsigas, SBS World News

Dozens of civilians have died
in IS attacks across Iraq, with the group increasingly turning
to guerrilla tactics, as it loses control of its last
major stronghold there. As the French President visited
Baghdad vowing to defeat the militants, a suicide bomber
drove a truck loaded with explosives into a busy market,
killing at least 39 people. As IS militants lose their grip
on Mosul, a push to prove they can still cause carnage,
claiming responsibility for another market place bombing -
this time in Baghdad's Sadr city. "Only young people are
killed, are wounded. Why does it happen? Asks this woman. Across Iraq, IS launched
a string of deadly assaults. This video from an IS-affiliated
news agency claims to show fighting near an army barracks
in Kurdish territory. Oil fields and police stations
were targetted in other regions. In Mosul though, IS's
power is dwindling. TRANSLATION:They were hiding
in the houses, but we went

in and finished them off there. With the Iraqi army
and its coalition allies confident the push launched last week
is proving successful. The French President paid a one-day
visit to the country - a sign that world leaders
are stepping up their coordination against IS. Francois Hollande meeting
his Iraqi counterpart and the Prime Minister in Baghdad. As well as some of the 500 French
troops, helping Iraqi forces.

President Hollande also
toured a military camp, not far from the Mosul frontline. They may be winning that
war but IS-inspired attacks overseas continue. While scenes like this are a grim
reminder the militants are still capable of catastrophic
attacks inside Iraq's borders. Syrian rebel groups say they're
pulling out of preparations for peace talks later this month. A statement signed by several groups
accuses the Syrian government of violating a cease-fire brokered
by Turkey and Russia. They highlight fighting
in the rebel-held region of Wadi Barada which they say
has been subjected to almost-daily bombing raids. The Syrian military has
denied the allegations. And in the United States,
four people have been killed in Alabama after a massive storm
system sent a tree and powerlines crashing onto their mobile home. A line of severe thunderstorms,
which could turn into tornados, has plunged the
southwest into chaos. Strong winds also snapped power
lines along the Gulf of Mexico, leaving tens of thousands
without power. Gang violence in an overcrowded
prison in Brazil has left about 60 inmates dead, many
of them decapitated. It's feared as many as 300 prisoners
escaped during the uproar. Security chiefs say the riot
in the Amazon jungle city of Manaus marked one of the worst disasters
in the world's fourth largest prison system. At the gates of Anisio Jobim prison,
consternation among family members. Something terrible
was happening inside, as rival gangs fought for control. As night fell, armed
inmates kept police at bay.

Inside, bodies of mutilated victims
were piled up in a corridor. Reports of torture and of six
headless bodies thrown over the perimeter fence.

The violence ending 17 hours later,
when prisoners surrendered their weapons and freed, unharmed,
the last of 12 guards taken hostage. Brazil's notoriously violent jails
combine what rights groups call "medieval conditions"
with dire overcrowding. Built for 450 inmates,
Anisio Jobim was housing 1,200. It's said to be one of many jails
virtually run by criminal and drugs gangs. There two main gangs involved,
the First Capital Command (PCC) based in Sao Paolo
and the North Family, a Manaus criminal group.

A truce collapsed two months ago,
triggering battles at other prisons. As the riot began here in one unit -
dozens of prisoners in another started a mass escape.

Last week, President Michel Temer
announced new money for prisons. This, amid claims the system's been
ignored, even as its population has grown five-fold over 20 years.

China has tonight defended
its record in trying to denuclearise the Korean Peninsula
following a spate of combative tweets by US
President-elect Donald Trump. In his first Twitter
spree of the new year, Mr Trump addressed everything
from foreign policy to a picture of himself used
by a news organisation. Back in his New York tower
and back on Twitter. Donald Trump tweeting:


Tonight, the new US
Congress will be sworn in. But the President-elect
still occupied with the November 8 election:

And he's venting about
a new book on the poll:

That tweet about this cover then
disappeared from Trump Twitter feed. At his New Year's Eve party,
Trump claimed that he knew more than others about the
Russian hacking story. (REPORTER): What do you know that
other people don't know? You'll find out on
Tuesday or Wednesday. But his team now
lowering expectations. He's going to talk about his
conclusions and where he thinks things stand. He's not going to reveal anything
privileged or classified. Russia though is not the only
pressing matter confronting lawmakers. House Republicans have just voted,
behind closed doors, to gut the independent
congressional watchdog. Ethics lawyers for Barack Obama
and George W Bush joining in this

Donald Trump campaigned
on this promise... We're going to drain
the swamp in Washington DC. ..he has yet to comment or tweet. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton
is pushing for changes to the citizenship test to better
prove whether migrants are willing to embrace
Australian values. He believes there's strong
public support for change, which would affect tens of thousands
of people every year. 64-year-old Toma Yousif migrated
to Australia from Iraq, with his family in 2013. Now he wants to become
an Australian citizen.

He's taking English lessons
so he can pass the test. With proposed changes in the mix,
it could make all the difference. We want people to have a greater
tangible demonstration of the fact that they've embraced
Australian values. The Immigration Minister is calling
for a person's willingness to learn English, work, educate
their children and abide by Australian law
to be key components.

He says 21st century security
challenges have placed new demands on the citizenship test and migrants
involved in criminal activity need to be under greater scrutiny. I think we need to have a closer
look at those people to determine whether or not they would value
the prize of Australian citizenship. I think people need to prove
themselves as being good citizens and I just think we are too ready
to hand out citizenship. The men behind Australia's most
notorious terror attacks - the Sydney siege and
Parramatta shooting - were both granted
Australian citizenship. The test includes 20
questions drawn at random. The questions are questions
about their understanding about Australia, its systems
of government, its institutions, its history and the like. It was last changed in 2009
to increase the pass grade from 60% to 75%. Even so, just 2% of people fail. 27-year-old Raghda Aziz passed
with full marks just over a year ago. She says it wasn't easy
and she spent more than a month studying. I was so nervous at that time
because I studied very hard for that test. Labor claims any changes to the test
would be politically motivated by the Coalition's increasing need
to stem the flow of voters going to parties like One Nation. The Immigration Minister says
for those migrants who can demonstrate they've integrated
into Australian life there would be a silver lining, with the potential
to fast track their progress. Marija Jovanovic, SBS World News. Coming up, after the break we talk to the groups demanding more
funding for migrant swimming

There are calls tonight for more funding to be injected into swimming programs for migrants, following an unprecedented number of drownings since Christmas. Water safety groups say current programs need to be expanded, but the government believes personal responsibility is the key. A life-saving volunteer for 15
years, has seen it all.

We saw an Indian gentleman,
he was going for a swim. He told me, by the way,
I cannot swim. That is not an isolated story. All too often people
unaccustomed venture in anyway. Many migrants and visitors who have
no understanding of how to get out of trouble. At Coogee, there are specialised
programs to teach migrants such as these kids from the Horn of Africa the basics
but it is fully staffed by volunteers and he says more
resources are needed. The best way is to formalise
a program for people coming into Australia. It does not take much
to cause a scare. Sometimes you see a very big wave
and sometimes I lose control. It is a little bit scary. The waves were pretty high and this
is only my second day in Sydney so I decided I'd
better not go out too far in case I got into trouble. Since Christmas Day,
an unprecedented number of people have died across Australia,
mostly in New South Wales. Beaches, pools, rivers and lakes,
adults and children. More funding is needing
according to some particularly targeted
to schoolchildren and migrants. Over summer it is hard to ignore
the cultural element of drowning and drowning prevention. The Premier says,
the State's heart is broken. The Premier says,
the State's heart is broken. The government says
there is no silver bullet and nothing is for important
than personal responsibility. We will work with water
safety programs and those in the emergency services
but the appeal from government is to make sure you take
ownership of your safety. Former One Nation Senator Rod
Culleton has injured his wrist after falling during a scuffle
outside Perth Magistrates Court. The WA Senator fell
heavily in a car park while One Nation candidate
Anthony Fels wasy trying to serve bankruptcy documents to him. The 52-year-old then gets up
and takes his jacket off launching towards Mr Fels. Before a man steps
in between the pair. Mr Culleton had just left court
seeking a permanent restraining order against two former
farming associates. There were tributes today
for a former Family Court judge who was found dead in his backyard. Richard Gee survived an explosion
in an attack on his home more than 30 years ago. Quiet, leafy suburban
Belrose, in Sydney's north and for the second time in 32 years
this home was in the news. 83-year-old former Family Court
judge Richard Gee died here, after being found unconscious
in the backyard pool. Friends today honouring the man. Very kind, gracious,
polite man um loved Jesus and at the same time he read
the Bible in church as part of our service only
a couple of weeks ago. He was always friendly, like he was always a nice
man, always said hello. When we had sausage sizzles up
at the school for election day he'd always come up and buy
a sausage. The Court was saddened
by the former judge's death. "He will be remembered
as a wonderful individual and judge who provided inspirational service
to the court and to the community." The cause of death will be
determined by the coroner. Police said it wasn't suspicious. The local Minister said the former
Judge was an active parishioner who'd be sorely missed. Richard was a preacher
in the church over the years and involved in Bible studies
and a very faithful member. In March 1984 the same
address was the target of a huge explosion. At the time described
as the equivalent of 50 sticks of gelignite. Amazingly, Judge Gee
and his two children escaped serious injury. His late wife Helen survived
the attack because she was in hospital. It was something that happened
in the past and he didn't sort of glory in it at all. The Judge, who retired in 1998, was one of several family court
officials targeted in a rash of bombings and shootings
in Sydney in the early 1980s. Four people were killed,
a court building and a hall were bombed and explosives
were found under a car bonnet. In 2015, police arrested
a man over the attacks. A 69 year-old man is in custody
and due to face court early next month on 32 charges including four counts of murder. John Hayes Bell, SBS World News. A woman has been left traumatised
after an intruder held a knife to her throat during
a home invasion.

month, they were confronted
with an unusual unwelcome visitor. A mattress, a doona,
and it was clear there was someone lump under the doona. Tony began to film the man
as he appeared to wake and move beneath the doona. He looked like I could easily
over-power him if I needed to and I didn't even think
that there might be a weapon - I just assumed he was a kid. But when Tony left the room
to inspect the home for more intruders, the man became violent. He threw off the doona,
produced a large knife and then came over to me. Held the knife to me. Pulled the knife against
my neck from behind. He ushered me across the house
to the front door while saying I'm going to hurt you I'm
going to hurt you. (SCREAMING) Where is he? The man was last seen
in thick scrub near the home in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. The offender after being disturbed
has run down to that bushland where he was chased for a distance
by the husband but he was lost in the area. The incident happened in late
December but Police are unable to say how long he'd been
in the home, which had been vacant for some time. Very bizarre behaviour -
it would appear that the male is just squatting at the house. It doesn't appear that he's
actually stolen anything or that there was any
motive to steal anything. He'd showered, he'd
hopped in the spa. We found soap in the spa
he was making himself right at home and didn't expect us home. The intruder is described
as being aged in his early 20s with an olive complexion
and a distinctive "script" tattoo on the left side of his chest. Luke Waters, SBS World News It's been a hazardous start
to the new year in some parts China with pollution enveloping Beijing
and several provinces. The capital's Environmental
Protection Bureau has extended an "orange alert" for heavy air
pollution until Friday. Major regions in China look
increasingly unlikely to meet clean air targets set in 2013. SBS Asia correspondent
Katrina Yu is in Beijing.

Here in the capital Beijing
an orange alert is currently in place - the second
highest pollution warning. Construction has been restricted,
fireworks and BBQs have been banned and people have donned masks to help
stop the deadly particulates from infiltrating their lungs
but most are staying indoors. Dozens of flights in and out
of Beijing and Tanjing have also been delayed. This time-lapse video shows
the pollution blanketing the capital over a 20 minute period
on Monday morning. It has gone viral on Chinese social
media and was described by the British engineer who filmed
as the worst example of pollution he's seen since moving
to China 13 years ago. It's about minus 4 degrees
in Beijing today so coal factories are working overtime to warm
homes and office blocks. And that's the major
cause of the smog we're experiencing this week. During winter, it's not unusual
to start the day by checking air quality smartphone apps. The app I use is reading about 271
and telling me that it's "very unhealthy" - that my air purifiers
should be on "high" indoors and I must wear a mask outdoors. It also means that any outdoor
exercise is a no-no - all until Friday when the smog
is expected to clear.

SBS Asia correspondent
Katrina Yu there. Coming up, the weather. So furious and tormenting flames. How Shakespeare has changed the life
of a Ugandan refugee.

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Turkish media has named the man suspected of attacking and Istanbul nightclub as 28 he rolled Lakhe Mashrapov. One news outlets as he arrived from Kyrgyzstan in Turkey via Syria with a family member in November. A Ugandan refugee has won
a scholarship from one of the most prestigious theatre
companies in Australia. Bell Shakespeare awarded Year 12
graduate Joel Okumu the first John Bell Scholarship -
for his performance of Hamlet - acting they describe
as 'unlike anything they have ever seen. Meditations of thoughts of love. Joel Okumu is virtually unknown
outside his home in Newcastle. But one day his name could well be
listed among the likes of Kenneth Branagh
and Richard Burton. Joel's Hamlet helped
the St Francis Xavier's College student beat nearly 200 students
in winning the first John Bell Scholarship. OK, first, I actually
couldn't believe it, because I was like, "Hey,
wait a second, how the hell did "I beat
people who have done acting way "longer than I have?!" And I've only been doing it
for two years, right? The award, named after
Bell Shakespeare's founder, is giving young talent the chance
to become the stars of tomorrow. This young man arrived in Australia
without knowing one word of English. Now, he's about to perform
Shakespeare with one of the biggest theatre companies in the country. Amazing. I feel awesome, like just to be part
of the scholarship is, I never knew it was going to happen. But it hasn't been an easy road
for the 17-year-old. From war-torn Uganda,
to a refugee camp in Kenya, to losing his mother
after arriving in Australia, this teenager and his family have
been through more than most. We've been facing a hard time,
a difficult time at the moment, so back then... So right now, because I heard
Joel got the scholarship so it's like its motivated everyone
to do well to in the sort of terms that they want to
achieve in the future. Joel's teacher says his talent
comes from his drive. Recesses and lunches
you know it was always, "I want to go rehearse again,"
you know, he'd be over here, he'd have the curtain open,
he'd be in front of the mirrors, or he'd have somebody watching him
giving him feedback. That hard work is what captured
Bell Shakespeare's attention. Joel's audition was unlike
anything we had ever seen. He had an incredible connection
to the text in a really unusual way. The company is committed
to reflecting what Australia looks like. It is really important that we train
people like Joel so that in the future we can show
the diversity of Australia on our stages. And it's an achievement that's
made his family proud. I was like. "Wow that is amazing,
that is beyond amazing," and then I was just, I just didn't know
what to say, and I'm crying on TV, you know, so I'm proud. And now with a scholarship
under his belt, Joel's destiny, as the Bard himself
wrote, is in his hands.

In sport, the Sydney
Sixers have defeated the Brisbane Heat in tonight's
Big Bash League match. The Heat posted a first
innings total of 6/186 with Joe Burns top scoring
with an unbeaten 51. The result came down to the last
over with the Sixers six for 184 needing three runs. A quick wicket and it was
still anyone's game. But the Sixers wrapped
it up with a four - winning by three wickets
and with two balls to spare. Earlier, Australia batted itself
into a strong position on day one of the third Test against
Pakistan at the SCG. Opener David Warner hit a record
century inside the opening session. While Matt Renshaw scored his maiden
Test ton, reaching 167 not out at stumps, with Peter
Handscomb unbeaten on 40. Australia sitting comfortably
heading into day two at 3/365. And in tennis, a host of Australians
have moved into the second round at the Brisbane International. Ash Barty and Sam Groth progressed
alongside teenager Destanee Aiava. The 16-year-old stunning
Bethanie Mattock Sands in three sets. While in the Hopman Cup,
Nick Kyrgios has defeated the Czech Republic's Adam Pavlasek
in the first rubber of the tie. To the weather now - To the weather now - Sunny in Perth and Adelaide,
showers in Brisbane and Sydney, overcast for Melbourne and Hobart.

Looking further afield,
showers in Auckland, rain in Tahiti and Nandi. In south-east Asia, cloudy
in Bangkok, rain for Phnom Penh, wet also in Jakarta,
storms over Singapore. Further north, cloudy
in Taipei and Beijing, clear skies over Tokyo,
showers for Shanghai and Manila. Heading West, rain in Beirut,
clouds over Jerusalem and Baghdad, sunny in Tehran, a foggy
day in New Delhi. To Europe, overcast in London,
cloudy also in Istanbul, showers for Paris, snow
in Budapest and Warsaw. 08 In Africa, rain in Algeirs
and Harare, fine for Cairo and Addis Ababa, cloudy in Nairobi. In South America, showers
for Panama City, sunny in Santiago

and overcast in Buenos Aires. And for North America,
fine in Vancouver and Mexico City, rain for Miami and Los Angeles,
snowfall in Denver, clouds over New York. That's the world this Tuesday. All tonight's stories
are online and you can also tune in to English
language news tomorrow morning between 5:00 and 7.30 here on SBS. Goodnight. Captions by Ericsson
Access Services. (c) SBS Australia 2017










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