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Wyatt couldn't keep his promise.

Maybe I was just foolish to ask.

The Quinn promise?


He can't say no to his mom, and
Quinn won't listen when he tries.

I'm sorry.

She has everything.

She has my grandfather.

She has the business.
She has my company.

But she doesn't have me.

I'm free.

So you and Wyatt are...?

We're over.

That's why I'm here.

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Tonight - almost 50 years of hell
might soon be over for this family. Sydney police close-in
on the killer of a little girl who vanished in the early '70s. A Sydney man is accused to trying
to kill his mum and girlfriend with a sword. The great superannuation scam - Australian workers are being ripped
off by billions of dollars and it's time to fight back. Handing back the keys - New Zealand's Prime Minister
quits out of the blue, and even his arch-enemies
are sad to hear it. Sydney cancer patients sign up
to a world-first trial into medical cannabis. And we speak with the bloke who got
busted for drink-driving, riding his esky! Some say the charges
are un-Australian.

This is Ten Eyewitness News,
First at Five, with Sandra Sully
and Hugh Riminton. Good evening. It's been 46 years of hell
for the family of little Cheryl Grimmer, who was snatched off
a beach south of Sydney in the early '70s when she was just
three years old. But, at long last, police
are closing-in on her killer. New clues have just been discovered
in the original files which identify a prime suspect. For Chery's brothers, it's the news they've been waiting
a lifetime for. Ellesa Throwden reports. They were just kids
themselves when their little sister was snatched. 46 years later, blame and regret
consume these brothers. Just heartache. The decisions I made
on the day were wrong.

I shouldn't have left. In January, 1970,
Ricki was just seven. He and his brothers had taken
3-year-old Cheryl to the showers after a day at Fairy Meadow Beach,
near Woollongong. Minutes later, a man was seen
running from the change rooms with a blonde girl wrapped
in a towel, and Cheryl was never seen again. Everybody says, "This
wasn't your fault." Come stand where I'm standing. See what it feels like. Days later, police received
a handwritten ransom note:

A breakthrough in the case came two
weeks ago, when police staged a re-enactment with
several witnesses. By the time mum came up, she'd gone. With their help, detectives
finally have a description of the prime suspect. He was about 18 years old,
180cm tall with fair skin, and had been hanging
around the beach alone. I ride past. I look, I just look
here all the time. It's always on my mind. What troubles Steve most
is that their parents died not knowing what happened
to their baby girl. Mum was lying on the bed dying
in hospital and I told her, um, excuse me, I told her,
"Time to go," and then she just looked at me, closed her
eyes, and just went. Detectives have gone to great
pains not to criticise the original investigation. At the time, more than 300 people
were interviewed and the man seen loitering was mentioned
in several statements, but it wasn't followed
up, until now. If this person is alive
today and watching this, well, it's a big burden to carry
around for nearly 50 years. Cheryl's brothers
know all about that. Just stop it. No.

It's cost me my family
and everything. Ellesa Throwden,
Ten Eyewitness News. A Sydney man has been charged,
accused of trying to kill his own mother and girlfriend
with a sword and a machete. The women locked themselves
in a bedroom as he tried to smash his way in. Hannah Maguire reports. This woman thought
she was going to die. The 58-year-old was slashed
with a sword and a machete. Police say her attacker
is her own son. The 26-year-old also
allegedly lashed out at his 22-year-old girlfriend. He was just going crazy in his room,
so they went in to help, and he just turned on them. After sustaining significant
injuries right across their body, they've barricaded themselves,
with a view that if the male managed to get into that room they were in,
that their life was in real peril. Police found the women hiding
and bleeding heavily in a bedroom. It happened just before midnight
and woke half the street. A young fellow just
went off the rails. We heard him from our bedroom just
over there, just running up the road, screeching and swearing. When police finally
arrested him, he was naked. I heard screams from the house and just screams. He just sleeps all the time
because he hasn't got a job. He's got no incentive to go and do
anything and he was on the drugs. The accused suffered
a breakdown on Saturday, just 24 hours before the attacks. He ended up in hospital,
I don't know what for, but they let him out. He'd calmed down. He was alright, as far
as they were concerned. He was alright. Both Katie and Vicki suffered stab
wounds to face and chest. Vicky was also stabbed
in the stomach and had surgery here, at Westmead Hospital. Tonight, she's surrounded
by friends and family. His mother is probably the only one
who really loved him, looked after him. And now he's accused
of trying to kill her. Hannah Maguire, Ten Eyewitness News.

Westpac and the NAB have
gone a little rogue, raising their interest
rates for some customers. Westpac is jacking up the rates
on interest-only home loans by 0.8%, and the National is slugging
investors on their variable rate by 0.15%. It's all about protecting
the banks' profits. The Reserve Bank board also meets
tomorrow with no change expected to official mortgage rates,
which remain at record lows. We learned today that a third
of Australian workers are being ripped off by the very
people they work for. They're being underpaid
superannuation, or not being paid it at all. It runs into the billions and may
take decades to claw back. Ursula Heger has more. Head chef Steven Sweeney knows
what it's like to be burned. After training for five years
at another restaurant, he found out. They hadn't paid him more
than $16,000 in super. Quite upset, quite betrayed
and in shock and then I found out that it was about 20 other employees
that weren't being paid. Steven reported the business
to the Tax Office but many of us are in the same boat and never know. A new report has found 2.4 million
Australian workers or one in three were under cut or not
paid their super in 2013. On average, missing out on $1,489
or almost four months worth. Those working in tourism, cleaning,
hospitality and also the construction industry seem
to be at risk areas. Younger workers are most
likely to be affected. The culprits, more often than not,
small and medium-sized buisnesses. You should check that out and talk
to your super fund and, if you are concerned,
then please raise it with the authorities
because that is illegal for them to not pay your your super. You must pay your super. But one of the biggest problems
is a legal loophole that allows employers to forgo part
or all of their compulsory contribution if their employee has
decided to salary sacrifice into their super. The legal loopholes
need to be closed. their wages and salary, and also
receiving their super contributions. As for Steven, he's still owed
several thousand dollars, money he's still
fighting to get back. Ursula Heger, Ten Eyewitness News. Electricity price rises
are on the table in a new federal review of its climate
change policies. But experts say conflicting policies
and uncertainty are already pushing up household power bills. Paul Bongiorno reports. 300 demonstrators hastily
convened outside a meeting between the Prime Minister and Indian coal billionarie Gautam
Adani. On offer, and a broken election
promise, $1 billion for a rail line from the mine to the reef-side port. There is simply no room
for new coal in 2016, 2017, or any year. The government doesn't agree
and says it won't be bringing back Labor's carbon tax. It's important to understand
we reject an economy-wide approach. The political stand-off comes
at a cost, which is already driving up electricity prices,
it's driving away investments, and adding even more uncertainty. Confusingly, the Energy Minsiter
is looking at a form of carbon pricing. We have to adjust to these
new circimstances while remembering --We have to adjust to these
new circumstances while remembering to keep the lights on,
as our number one priority. And a another key priority,
fixing the budget, gone. Tony Abbott's $360 million
'Green Army' to help pay for the backpacker
deal with the Greens. Tony Abbott likes the idea,
so Mr Turnbull trashes the idea and, in the meantime, we've got no clear
policy on the environment or jobs. The economic environment is proving
just as tricky for the Treasurer as he repairs the Budget. Today he wheeled out
an old favourite, a compliance clampdown on welfare recipients. Computer data matching
is identifying $4.5 million in debt each day, over $500,000,000 found
owing since July. That's just by simply
doing the work better, using the technology better. It's not only the climate
that's changing.

An extremely rare thing
in politics happened today. A leader resigned, not in disgrace,
but at a time of his own choosing, and with the respect and best wishes
of just about everyone. New Zealand's Prime Minister,
John Key, has quit out of the blue because, he says, he didn't
want to stay, and he didn't want to lie about it. Natarsha Kallios has the story. He's wildly popular
and at the top of his game. So, today, this dropped like a bomb. I told my Cabinet and caucas
colleagues my decision to step down as leader of the National Party
and Prime Minister. His decision to resign
was all about family, and without even a hint of scandal. But I do not believe,
if you asked me, that I was committed to serving a forth
term, I could look the public in the eye and say 'yes'. The reforming leader's news
prompting a text message from an Aussie friend. I just sent him one very
short message saying, "Say it ain't so, bro." He will be a great loss
to New Zealand and a great loss to the world. John Key is one of the most
outstanding national leaders in the world today. Key has been a good
friend to Australia. Former PMs Tony Abbott
and Julia Gillard have wished him and his wife all the best
in their new lives. Deputy Prime Minister Bill English
is tipped to be New Zealand's next
leader, and he'll have mighty shoes to fill. I can't recall a Prime Minister
taking this kind of step, who is doing as well
as they've ever done. Simply put, as being for me the most
remarkabe, satisfying time --Simply put, as being for me
the most remarkable, satisfying time
of my life. Natarsha Kallios,
Ten Eyewitness News. We have important
medical news tonight. Cancer patients here,
in NSW, who are suffering through chemotherapy,
will be the first in the world to trial a medicinal cannabis
capsule to prevent side-effects such as nausea and vomiting. Catalina Florez has more. as she undergoes her 16th week
of chemotherapy for a rare soft tissue cancer. It was a bit of shock at first
'cause I thought that my hair would fall out and I'd feel a bit
sick, but it's very different to how most people perceive
cancer treatment. She's struggling with
the side-effects because current anti-nausea medication
isn't working. I get very tired
and get really sick. It's getting a bit
harder to bounce back. Matilda wants to be selected for one
of the 80 spots in a world-first medicinal cannabis trial,
preventing nausea and vomiting. This gives hope that we can improve their suffering and relieve symptoms, but we have to prove that it works first. If successful, the $3 million trial
of the capsule could be expanded to a further 250 patients. Patients welcome any attempt
to alleviate the uncomfortable side-effects of chemotherapy
treatment, but the first results won't be known until 2018, prompting
calls to allow immediate relief. We're not opposed to the clinical
trials but it should not be an excuse for inaction. We know the best thing in the end
for our people is to have drugs that doctors will use and can
be prescribed widely. Interested patients should get
in touch with their oncologist. It is what it is. I can't really change it
but I can help the situation. Catalina Florez,
Ten Eyewitness News.

Still to come, the big name product
shamed by the Cancer Council. The trial under way for the man
accused of some of Sydney's most notorious crimes. The death toll rises in California's
horror warehouse blaze. The city that was shut down
because of all this pollution. And Keith Urban ready to pull
the ripcord on his Aussie tour.

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A suspicious fire has
destroyed a house in the inner-west this morning. The fire broke out just before
3:00am in Gladesville, causing the home's
ceiling to collapse. Emergency crews say
it was lucky no-one was inside. The owner had escaped moments
earlier and was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation. Neighbours were also
evacuated as a precaution. On the phone with the latest
on Sydney Traffic is Vic Lorusso. Problems north of the
bridge tonight, Vic? For the traffic travelling at the CBD, it has been slow, the traffic over the Harbour Bridge is low, meeting about 40 km/h hour, but once they get to the tunnel towards the length of entry, there are delays getting through to the M2, and also traffic this afternoon has been delayed in the north Ryde, an extra 20 minutes from McQuarrie park, after a breakdown on Lane Cove Road. The man accused of a string
of deadly bombings, targeting Family Court
judges in the 1980s, has faced the first day
of a committal hearing. It's alleged Leonard Warwick killed
four people and injured many more because he was angry
over a custody battle. Melinda Nucifora reports.

Leonard Warwick was one of more than 1000 suspects when this investigation was active in the 1980s. 30 years on, he finally faced committal hearing, charged with 32 offence, four of them all murder of. A range of suspects and none of them have been excluded satisfactorily by the police investigation.Two retired detective gave evidence and both were questioned about how and why Leonard Warwick became the prime suspect. This former Detective sergeant told the court:

Said it was more likely that whoever were responsible had an animosity for each of the three judges. Leonard Warwick had appeared before each bit during a bitter custody battle. The 69 is accused of shooting dead his brother-in-law and their family Court judge in 1980. The bombing of another house of a judge in 1984, and an explosion at the Parramatta Family Court building that same year. He was also suspected of bombing and other home of a judge, killing his wife, in 1984 and a year later, killing a church-goer and injuring others at a Jehovah's Witness Paul. They were told to date investigation was a mammoth task police sifted through 36,000 family Court cases and 1600 people were examined. Leonard Warwick will be back in court when his hearing resumes next week. his hearing resumes next week. Now to some prizes you do not want to win. Now to some prizes
you do not want to win. Drink giant Coca Cola has
taken out the top gongs at the Cancer Council's
Shame Awards. Coke won the 'Pester Power' prize
for this ad that parents say is advertising unhealthy
drinks direct to kids, while this commercial,
featuring Andrew Bogut, angered some for promoting
the idea that sugary drinks are associated with success. When we promote things that
are bad for our children, we are promoting them to have
a shorter and less fulfilling life. But, on the flip side,
there were some ads that parents loved. Woolworths, the NAB and even
the Federal Government were commended for promoting
more physical activity. Let's get the latest on our weather
now with Tim Bailey. Tim, a bit of a mixed bag today,
humid, hot and then wet? Those storms are booming right across NSW currently, and take a look at what has happened in the last 20 minutes across the Sydney Basin. Look at the sky. It is talking with a full-time, just booming across the sky, quite dangerous. Looks like it will be fast moving, out across the ocean quickly, but many areas of the state with thunderstorm warnings, including the north coast, mid north coast of NSW, the Northern tablelands and parts of the Hunter Valley, and the metropolitan area. Today: It was very humid, very sticky, and just awful, the humidity. At Penrith, what about a big fat 36. The change or country tonight, and the air will be breathable again tomorrow and some further good news, some much-needed rainfall across Sydney Basin tomorrow and maybe 10mm of rain. We will be tracking the storms and back later on in the bulletin. later on in the bulletin. Up next, how one man had to give up
on saving his friend in the California warehouse inferno. Also ahead, the private service
to farewell Fidel Castro. And the latest from the ongoing spat
between Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin.

The first victims of the deadly
Californian warehouse party blaze have been identified
after authorities raised the official death toll to 33. But it's likely to rise much higher,
with less than half of the building searched so far,
and many more missing. Here's Kimberley Soekov. The first faces of the tragedy. Among the dead are 17-year-old kids,
and a police officer's son. And Peter Wadsworth. His friend tried to drag him out,
but he had to give up to save himself. The fire was just getting too hot. I felt my skin melting, and I know that he didn't make it. The warehouse had been converted
illegally. It was hosting an
electronic dance party. The clutter inside
was like kindling, giving those inside
virtually no chance. This man lived inside, but wasn't home when
the blaze broke out. Do you think it was
a safe place to live? No.So why did you leave that?Did not think about the consequences. Search and rescue crews
spent all day sifting through the debris, trying to find
those still missing, and no-one knows how many that is. I have four friends still missing. We haven't heard from him
through social media, or through phone calls. Using shovels and buckets
to work their way through as delicately as they can, the process is painfully slow
and, once the victims are found, the next challenge is trying
to identify them. Police have been forced to ask
grieving families to preserve the DNA of their missing loved ones, from things such as hair
and tooth brushes. It's a terrible thing to have
to say that and come out
here and have to do that, but that's what we're left
to deal with here. Investigators say they haven't yet
found the source of the fire. Kimberley Soekov,
Ten Eyewitness News. In a year of political
turmoil across the globe, there's been yet another
casualty, this time, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. He was forced to resign
after a referendum on constitutional change which he strongly supported
was overwhelmingly defeated. Renzi had only been
in office for 2.5 years. He was the country's fifth
leader in as many years. Nine days of mourning in Cuba has
ended, with Fidel Castro's ashes laid to rest. Tens of thousands of people lined
the streets for the final leg of the journey from Havana
to his last resting place, Santiago. In a private and solemn ceremony,
the former leader's remains were interred in a boulder,
marked simply with his first name. Castro died after a long battle
with illness, aged 90. A local mayor and two journalists
have been killed by a lone gunman, in a small town in Finland. The trio had just left a restaurant
when the 23-year-old man attacked, shooting them dead at close range. Police arrested him a short time
later, with the gun in the boot of his car. The attack appears random,
with detectives saying the triple-murder doesn't appear
to be linked to terrorists. Alec Baldwin has extended an olive
branch in his ongoing feud with Donald Trump. Following his latest take-off
of the US President-elect, Trump tweeted:

The actor has offered
to stop but only if Trump releases his tax returns. Wait a minute, is that,
at the end of the table there, is that that picture
of me that I hate? The one where I look so ugly,
that the press is always using? What is that picture doing in here? No, that's just a plate
of mashed potatoes, sir. And Trump's Twitter wars didn't
stop there, hitting back at the Chinese Government,
following the backlash over his decision to take a call
from Taiwan's President. More than 20,000 passengers
have been left stranded in China's Chengdu Airport
after the city was blanketed in fog and smog. No flights were allowed in or out
of the city for 10 hours, as visibility closed
in to just a few 100 metres. Chengdu, and the capital, Beijing,
are two of the most polluted cities on earth. Still to come, a warning
for anyone about to book Christmas accommodation. Why this guy lost his cool over
a drink-driving charge. The Australian sharemarket:

Christmas Tonight on WIN News ... A Ce
three year pay dispute drags on as support
Centrelink, medicare and child
support agencies begin another round revam
of industrial action. will the revamped Queen Elizabeth park create centr
a more vibrant Queanbeyan town unve
centre? And the Canberra Raiders f
unveil their latest English recruit for the 2017 NRL season. Join us for Canber
these stories and more in WIN Canberra News tonight at 6

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Now for a warning to anyone
about to book holiday accommodation - Scams on popular booking sites
such as Airbnb have soared. The Scamwatch website has
received over 150 complaints this year - that's three times
more than last year - with $80,000 reported lost. The ACCC says scammers
are getting more savvy - even replicating sites and sending
out 'confirmation' emails which turn out to be fake. A P-plater who failed a breath test
has been fined and banned - and while there may be
nothing 'unusual' in that, this one was riding a motorised
esky when he was caught. Sharnelle Vella explains. Josh has been done for operating
an unregistered vehicle and drink driving, but... You know, I was on a little esky. I wasn't drunk at all,
and I wasn't disrupting anyone. You heard right. The 20-year-old was on the back
of a ride-on esky when police turned up. I was at a mate's house for a couple
drinks for a mate's birthday, and I just fixed my esky,
took it out on the street when police came down and got me. He was taken back to a police
station, where a second breathalyser test recorded a reading of 0.04. As a P-plater,
he can't drink at all. He said I wasn't under arrest,
but I'd been done for drink driving. Josh bought the novelty
cooler for $60. cooler for $600. It's now costing him
a whole lot more. For driving a motorised esky, $777,
and this one is the drink-driving $389 fine, and lose
license for three months. That's an issue because he's
an apprentice carpenter. He also has to drive his mum
to hospital for breast cancer treatment. I think eskies are for storing
your cool beverages, not for riding on our roads. The user manual for the eskies
clearly states that they are classified as a motor vehicle. Among the 13 warnings is one
which says they're not suitable for public roads, and drivers
could face fines or jail time if local laws aren't obeyed. I'm stressed a little
but I can't get angry at them - it's not going to solve anything. But he has learned a lesson -
ride-on eskies aren't cool, not even in Australia. He did it the hard way -
working rowdy country pubs when he was still just a kid. These days, Keith Urban
is the biggest Australian music star on earth. So when he brings
his show back home, it's something special -
for him and his fans. He had a chat today
with Angela Bishop. Keith Urban has been seen
by hundreds of thousands of fans around the world since he kicked
off his Ripcord tour in May, but a cute little video he made
with wife Nicole Kidman was seen by millions. # What if I cry # (I'll never make
you cry) But their homemade attempt
at carpool karaoke of his hit 'The Fighter' was actually a mistake
that wasn't meant to be seen. The Bluetooth thing broke. We stopped and look at it and we had only got half way through and thought, this is ridiculous. Which is why we stuck in the driveway, not even driving. It's no secret that Keith Urban
is not an overnight sensation. From country festivals at the age
of 10 to working the Australian pub circuit, this 49-year-old
appreciates his success. I said years ago when I bought my first house in Asheville, I member going up to it and thinking every brick in this house is the year.The downside of this fame that you have a track had with your success is these ridiculous headlines that come out, week in week out, and I know you and Nicole Kemper one side, are you worried about when the girl 's start getting older, that they will read this stuff?Of course. It is a crazy part of society.Tell them just to ignore it?Yeah. Will they know, everybody knows to ignore it. But with the whole family back in Oz
for Christmas thanks to this tour - things are good. To the girls prefer a cold Christmas or a hot Christmas?Present Christmas. As long as there are presents under the tree. Keith's tour starts
in Adelaide tomorrow night. Can hum a few tunes? They just want the presents. Stay with us - Just ahead, we've got
more on tonight's big stories. And in sport, the Aussies' big win
in the first one dayer against New Zealand. Steve Smith was the hero
with an absolute screamer to go with his century. The skipper talks us
through his cracking catch next. And Tiger gets tricky,
but how did he fare in his first tournament back in 15 months?

Tonight's top stories - And the brothers of a little girl
kidnapped from a beach near Wollongong in 1970 say they still feel responsible
for what happened that day. They made the comments as police
announced they've identified a prime suspect in the 5-decades
old disappearance of Cheryl Grimmer
from Fair Meadow Beach. A man has been charged
with the attempted murder of his mother and his girlfriend
after he allegedly attacked them with a sword and a machete
in Emu Plains overnight. And a new report into
superannuation has found that one in three Australian workers
are being ripped off by their bosses to the tune of $3.6 billion. Time for Sport with Matt Burke - Matt, how good was Steve Smith's
catch last night? Yes, the summer has just begun,
but it's already considered the catch of the season. In fact it's one of the best you'll likely ever see. The skipper adding
the stunner to his century in Australia's 68-run
win over New Zealand. And they're now looking to wrap up
the series at Manuka Oval tomorrow. Tim Hipsley has more. Steve Smith still on cloud nine
this morning for the bus ride to Canberra. He's got every right to be,
after taking a catch most could only dream of. Oh, an absolute hanger. Yeah, I actually had a really good
feeling I was going to get one that ball. I was ready for it. A hard landing, well worth it. Lands face first, but
still hangs on to it. Landed straight on my
face - got a sore jaw. Oh look at that. It's a special effort
and a game changer. Earlier, Smith smashed 164,
but he doesn't rate it as his best knock in the one day arena,
preferring his century in last year's World Cup semi-final. He was lucky though,
with New Zealand not reviewing this lbw chance when he was on 14. From point, I reckon I heard
someone say I hit it. I think they just ran with that. I may have looked at my bat
as well just to throw them. A Martin Guptil century
gave the Kiwis a chance, but they were running
out of batters. And bats. Look how thick it is! That is a waste of wood. Travis Head is currently keeping
Glen Maxwell out of the team, although he's far from comfortable,
despite a half century. In Australian cricket,
you've always got to be banging the door down, and then
once you're in the side, you've got to perform
to keep your spot. A big score is expected
at Manuka Oval tomorrow. The last 6 one-day international
innings have produced an average of 340 runs. Probably be a bat-off again,
but we see yesterday it was a beautiful wicket. 300 was broadly part of that we will try and get as many runs as possible. The road to redemption has begun
for the Sydney Swans, with the full squad now back
on the training track. Buddy Franklin was one of a host
of big guns who returned today, two months after the Swans
were beaten by the Western Bulldogs in the Grand Final. We addressed it a week
after the Grand Final. There's only so many
times you can review it, And you need to get moving
and get moving pretty quickly. Midfielder Dan Hannebery showed no
ill effects from a knee injury suffered in the Grand Final, blitzing his team-mates
in the 3km time trial. Sydney FC can avenge last week's FFA
Cup final loss when they take on Melboune City in Friday's top
of the table clash at ANZ Stadium. The Sky Blues remain
unbeaten in the A-League, and sit six points clear
of second-placed City. Of course it was
disappointing not to win, but that competition's over now. It's a very different scenario to last time we played them
and hopefully we can open up a 9-point gap. Last night Graham Arnold's side
defeated Newcastle 2-0. In the English Premier League,
Liverpool looked in cruise control leading 3-1
against Bournemouth, before suffering an almighty
second half meltdown. They conceded 3 goals
in the final 15 minutes - the Cherries home 4-3
for their first ever victory against the Reds. Oh my goodness! Bournemouth have iced cake, that is the cherry on the top. And in the night's other game,
not even some Zlatan Ibrahimovic magic could get Manchester
United over the line - the Red Devils held
to a 1-1 draw with Everton. He's only been Supercars champion
for a day but Shane van Gisbergen is already eyeing off his
title defence in 2017. The Kiwi was showing off
the silverware in Sydney today after taking out the final round, and welcomes the challenge
of being a marked man next season. Most people don't take
too well to losing, so I expect there will be a few guys
pushing hard next year. We obviously finished
really strongly this year, our cars are really good,
hopefully we can just carry that form onto next year. Yesterday's race also
closed the curtain on the Sydney Olympic Park circuit -
with the event to be staged in Newcastle next year. Tiger Woods pulled out the party
tricks but fell down the leaderboard in the final round of
the Hero World Challenge. He carded a 4-over 76 to finish
third last in his first tournament back in 15 months. Three doubles adds
up to a high number, but on the flip side, just need to balance it out. I was able to make some birdies and son parts, and I just need to balance it out. In an ominous sign Tiger made the most birdies of the tournament
with 24, but also topped the field for double bogeys with six. Japan's Hideki Matsuyama held off
a fast finishing Henrik Stenson for the win. After nine years on tour, Jordan Smith has finally broken through for his first win in Hawaii. The big South African taking out the World Cup of surfing at the famous Sunset Beach. Aussie Jack Freestone made the semifinals to qualify for next you's world tour this season wraps up with pipe Masters, starting on Friday. Play of the Day, and this
deserves one more look. Oh extraordinary! The captain's smoking catch
earned him a face full of grass. And The Launching Smith
pictures have gone viral - and also gets his mitt
on our Play of the Day. You can look at that day after day, it is never going to get any better. He will be watching it when he is sitting on the couch and his bones are doing that sort of thing any more. Christmas holidays! Coming up next, Tim Bailey
will have the very latest on our weather.
Coming up NEXT on WIN Canberra NEWS gover
A long running pay dispute for year
government service workers A big we
year tipped for Summernats and are Chr
we spending within our means this Christmas

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Hot, sticky and in the end and explosive weather day as we plugged into the weather wall rumour not going to muck about with you, the storms have looked rather dangerous, they moved in quickly, let me take you to Huntleys Cove right now and show you what we think was a lightning strike in the Hunters Hill area. Some trees down in that area as well, the storm moved across and it looks like it has done some substantial damage. Let's revisit whether thunderstorm warning is at the moment, the metropolitan area it stretches into the Hunter, into the mid North Coast, the Northern Tablelands, the north-west slopes and plains and some areas of the Northern Rivers. Once again, we are uncertain and the lightning is striking. As far as tomorrow is concerned, what about tonight, we are looking at a southerly change, I will tell you more about that as we get to the satellite tonight and look at this cloud mass, broad area of low pressure, it is embedded with thunderstorms and showers and it smothers right across Australia. Tomorrow, some relief comes to Sydney, by way of a southerly change, and some rainfall. Look at the troughs, right across the country, it has been that wafer around a week it looks like keeping on keeping on. The next day or two. Predicted precipitation, we are at very dry, thankfully tomorrow that changes, rain band moves through the interior into NSW and finely areas of the state get some much-needed precipitation, 5- 10mm of rainfall, maybe heavier in some stages, Sydney is crossing its fingers that we are at getting 5- 10mm. Real good news folks, it had been supplying us with brilliant photographs, it is about time, when you take a photo you take a holiday. Where will we send you? Where else but the Cook Islands, world-class Rarotonga, we are going to take you to the world-famous Pacific resort, it is fabulous, beachfront tattoo, you will go for a week over their in Paradise flying Air New Zealand, what you need to do? Click and do the trick and get do? Click and do the trick and get
up here on the big screen. Let's have a look for the Cook Islands holiday, Doug captures the fishermen and the Sunrise holiday, Doug captures the fishermen
and the Sunrise right before your very eyes. Let's look at the next one, blue Haven, looking absolutely magnificent. And finally tonight, a lot of us were doing this across the weekend, Sally and the kids put up a Christmas tree. Love your work, hope you get what you want from centre, whatever happens, you are stars tonight on our televisions. Let's see what is happening around Australia tomorrow. Brisbane mostly sunny, camera rain at times. Melbourne partly cloudy. A morning shower or two in Hobart. Sunshine for Adelaide and Perth, a shower or two and a storm likely in Alice Springs. Likewise for Darwin, NSW tomorrow: shower activity is going to be the norm, and it is going to be much appreciated. Lismore and Coffs Harbour showers, rain and the way for Tamworth. A hot one and a rat one. -- West Swan. A morning shower in Wagga Wagga -- a wet one. Shall all in Broken Hill. Showers in Canberra and Nowra, showers easing in Bega. In the Sydney basin, I have not used this word on TV in a while, rain. Look about, beautiful. A wet one. The cloudbursts are going to be much appreciated, precipitation in Parramatta. Hopefully a downpour in Terrey Hills. The official forecast to Sydney tomorrow, cloudy, 80% chance of rain, a chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon and the top of 25 degrees. Rain at times tomorrow, possible morning shower on Wednesday. 31 on Thursday, sunny on Friday, and in the West, 28 on Tuesday, Wednesday, another hot one on Thursday and sunny on Friday. That's Ten Eyewitness News for now,
this Monday, 5 December. We'll be back with updates
throughout the evening. If you're watching
on the WIN network, your local news in next -
for everyone else it is Family Feud, and don't forget the Project -
with opposition. Tonight, Staff from walk
the Department of Human Services with
walk off the job. Police pleased with the behaviour of festival goers tur
at Spilt Milk. And the first sod d
turned on the six point two million dollar Phillip Oval re- development. Phillips...
Good evening, I' m Geoff enth
Phillips... Also tonight.... car pre
enthusiasts gather in Canberra as tw
preparations rev up for Summernats twenty seventeen. Medicare
need. Staff from Centrelink, h
Medicare and Child Support agencies industria
have begun another round of o
industrial action, in protest of an de
ongoing pay dispute. The union and bargain
department have been urged to clai
bargain in "good faith" but both claim they are already doing so. Staff from the Department
of Human Services today

walked off the job for the
1st of 4 days industrial


Just last month, workers
from Centrelink, Medicare

and Child Support rejected
a third pay deal, meaning

they've been without an
enterprise agreement since

June 2014.

Over the past year, the
department's pay rise

offer has increased from
one point five percent to

three percent - but all
were rejected by staff.

Unions say a pay rise
isn't the key issue.

The fundamental issue that
our members keep telling

us is critically important
is being able to keep