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(generated from captions) rate cut from 35 down to 15%. I have to leave that for the moment was Barnaby Joyce is speaking, complete with Akubra.Fly solo in the South Pacific because that would have all sorts of ramifications budgetary and otherwise. The United States itself has around about a trillion dollars investment in Australia which is vitally important and the two-way trade is around $60 billion a year which is also vitally important. This is going to be a time where the dust settles. At this point in time, President Barack Obama remains in office until 20 January. I am absolutely certain that, noting the incredible gravitas of the office, that both President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence will be making absolutely certain, as they have stated, they will be looking after the American people and guiding them safely into the transition to the new order of government. REPORTER: Does it help Josh Frydenberg called him a drop kick?I think Minister Frydenberg is understanding, I don't know if he made a statement, he understands that was not helpful.Is the TPP effectively dead now?You can only go, really, on what both candidate Clinton and President-elect Trump have said. Both of them have said they don't intend to pursue it. That doesn't auger well.What happens to farmers in Australia if the TPP fails?It means we keep driving as we always do for bilateral trade agreements as required and I'm absolutely certain in the new year, I know I will be heading off to the States - we don't have the razzamatazz of the United States but we always try and make sure we keep the strong connections working in such a form as that we, for my part, we help our farmers and listen to the concerns that the United States might have as well.Mr Joyce, what are your worries and those of your Cabinet colleagues?Well, if it stops raining for a long period of time, we go into a drought, that would concern me - we don't really have major concerns in regards of things we can actually - we can't tell the United States what to do. I think that's the biggest mistake people to make. My cousins are from Tennessee, I have first cousins from Tennessee. I get a little bit of an idea, an insight into what's happening. The one thing you should never do in any country - we don't like people telling us how our country runs. In fact, we really look poorly on it. Of course we should not be telling another country how their own democratic process runs. They had their own reasons of why they vote. It is a democracy. The result is in. There is no doubt about it - President-elect Trump won the college votes. Candidate Clinton I think got a stronger popular vote. The great thing about the United States of America is, overwhelmingly, with 300 million people, the world's moved on, back to business.You said you had more affinity to Mike Pence, does that mean you will reach out more to him than Donald Trump?I always get the sense, being the Deputy Prime Minister, that you want to acknowledge the team and I know that Malcolm always does that with me and we appreciate it because we have a Coalition but Mike Pence also ran a very good campaign. He was always a strong reason where a large constituency in the United States was attracted to the Republican vote. They were attracted to that Republican vote because of his strong belief, especially to be quite frank, his Christian values. I'm not a God botherer, I'm just a little old boy from the bush but you have to acknowledge that the work that Vice President-elect Mike Pence did and I think it is only fit and proper that I acknowledge him in his new role, not that I think they are breaking into TV shows across the United States now to run this live, I don't think it will go much past the lawn here but it is one of those things you have to tick off on.As Nationals leader, are you worried some of your support base could go to One Nation, especially with that rise of protectionism?Look, we ran a very hard campaign - remember, the National Party, for the first time since 1929, increased their vote whilst in government. We have now the largest number of Cabinet ministers since Arty Fadden was the leader. We are actually building the party back up. I was always having a yarn with Fiona, my deputy, my friend, guide and colleague, and said "When we started, all they used to talk about was closing the National Party down, now we are in the ascendancy again and growing again". We do that by working hard on the ground. We never take our people for granted. We make sure 'fraid night pub, Saturday -- Friday night pub, Saturday CWA, get out, talk to the people, stay humble. Listen to their concerns and do your very best down here to convey them. We don't want to be the party of high colour, we want to be the party of hard work. That's precisely what we do. I am not going to bore you with all our philosophies. I am happy with the vote I got personally in a hotly-contested seat and what the party got across the board. I never take our voters for granted. We will continue to work incredibly hard. That's what we did and what we do.You did say some of Donald Trump's policies were nasty. Do you stand by those comments?People have a right to talk about policy. That's what politicians do - they discuss policies. But you must remove yourself from an argument approach and talking about personalities, leave that to the United States. George Christensen said that what is happening over here with the rise of protectionism, are you worried one of your own is saying that?George is solid member of the National Party. We have had a great result. George is a good friend and colleague. What we do is represent our people, our party is growing, our vote's growing, our supporters are growing, we are happy with the results we deliver. If you look at our delivery, even on policy issues, whether it is mobile phone towers we are rolling out, inland rail we are building, the turn-around in agricultural both prices and return to the nation, we are delivering on a managerial side, we are delivering on a policy side and we are staying humble and keeping our heads screwed on on a personal side.If this is a rejection of those rationalist policies that got rid of a lot of blue-collar manufacturing jobs, what does it say about policies your government has put in place, I am thinking about Holden in Adelaide in particular?The first thing I would say is who is leading the charge now to stop the Labor Party, led by a former AWU leader, Bill Shorten, from bringing in a 10.5 backpacker tax to replace Australian jobs with overseas jobs? Who is leading that charge? The National Party. It is supposed to be the other way around. It really is supposed to be the other way around. But anyhow, we don't lose sight of our people. Although we want fairness that someone on a marginal tax rate of 19% is working from someone overseas on a marginal tax rate of 19%, that's fair but there are not many car plants in National Party seats. But there are a lot - a lot - of farm labourers. Who are we looking after? Our people.What is the backpacker tax going to be debated? It has been dropped off the list from the Senate.As soon as we can get it through is exactly when we need it to happen. I implore that people - for One Nation, please support the 19% tax, we brought it down from 32 so we can get this through and get certainty. I say to the Labor Party you look like total and utter hypocrites, hip hypocrites of the first order advocating a policy brought forward by Senator Jacqui Lambie which will remove Australian workers and replace them with overseas workers. (INAUDIBLE QUESTION) .... We create completely chaos in farming areas.That was live from Parliament House in Canberra Barnaby