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How Trump's win unfolded -

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LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: The ABC's chief foreign correspondent Philip Williams is at Trump headquarters in New York. Phil it's very noisy there I hope you can hear me. The word "extraordinary" is often overused but this is genuinely an extraordinary day in American politics.

PHILIP WILLIAMS, REPORTER: Absolutely. The world has changed. We just don't know exactly how. That will evolve over the coming weeks, months and years. But these people here are absolutely over the moon. They are elated. Many of them thought perhaps they'd be here for a funeral.

Now they've got the birth that they see it as an American movement that's almost separate from politics. And that's a distinctive characteristic of the way Trump has operated. He said, "I'm outside the swamp", as he calls it, "of Washington. I'm different. Come with me. I will make America great again." Now he's got to deliver.

LEIGH SALES: You've been travelling around the US visiting Clinton and Trump rallies. The Trump supporters were always absolutely convinced that they would win.

PHILIP WILLIAMS: Absolutely and in fact if we don't win, something's wrong it's a fix. They don't have to say that because obviously the night has gone extremely well for them.

And they now expect their new President elect to deliver on jobs, on prosperity, on pride. It's almost a feeling that many people have held these last few months, the supporters of Trump, and clearly when they talked about the silent majority, they weren't kidding. They were right. And so many of the pollsters, so many of those in the media, were quite wrong.

LEIGH SALES: Phil, there's going to be a lot of soul searching now. You've mentioned there that the pollsters and the media and so forth got it wrong. How is it that even to be Republicans didn't see this coming?

PHILIP WILLIAMS: Yes, exactly. Well, really, I guess when they started to distance themselves from him, they felt the wheels would come off. They didn't. They got stronger. It fed into his narrative of "I'm different, I'm outside" and it's really worked for him obviously it's worked extremely well with him.

A short time ago I spent some - a couple of hours with some of the Trump supporters on Staten Island and here's how the night progressed.

NEWS REPORTER: The access Hollywood tape, the comments that he made about Alicia Machado. The accusation of sexual assault, starting with Megan Kelly in that very first debate, how do we explain how this is possible?

DONALD TRUMP: Tough decision.

NEWS REPORTER: Donald Trump is doing remarkably well, John, in so many of these states that President Obama carried twice.

Florida, this was something Hillary Clinton...

What about Michigan?


Confident and yet look at the results coming in.

If there is a Trump victory tonight, Chris, the pollsters are dead wrong. Their predictions weren't worth the paper they were printed on.

PHILIP WILLIAMS: The pollsters did indeed get it wrong almost all of them predicted a Clinton victory.


PHILIP WILLIAMS: But as the night progressed, key battleground states turned red, delivering America a Trump presidency.

NEWS REPORTER: It's a country that's not deeply in love with either candidate so they were moving back and forth a lot. A big issue for most Americans is change. Shake it up. How are we going to change this country to get it working again?

PHILIP WILLIAMS: At this party on Staten Island, a ferry ride away from Manhattan, the Trump supporters were never in any doubt.

Come here because - it's kind of an election party but it's also a birthday party. We'll just go and see the birthday boy. Excuse me, Richard.

RICHARD: How are you?

PHILIP WILLIAMS: Hi. Now, you are, it's your birthday today.


PHILIP WILLIAMS: You voted for Trump.


PHILIP WILLIAMS: What do you want - what's a present that would really make you happy today?

RICHARD: I'd love to see Donald Trump be the next President of the United States, I really would.

PHILIP WILLIAMS: But you were a Democrat. You've swapped sides.

RICHARD: I am a registered Democrat. I have been a Democrat for several years. I just really got sick and tired of the establishment, Sick and tired of the same bad meal being repackaged and repackaged and repackaged

PHILIP WILLIAMS: The excitement is really building here. These are Trump supporters here and they are really feeling that they're making severe inroads. Clinton's not looking so good.

They're feeling that their man can just about get up. Tell me, I've seen you very excited here.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: Yes. You feeling you can do this now? I believe Trump is gonna go all the way. He is just an amazing man. He's gonna bring our country back.

We're gonna come back to the people and we're not gonna have this - we're gonna drain the swamp.

PHILIP WILLIAMS: You're talking about Washington there?

TRUMP SUPPORTER: Yes we are. We want an honest man. He didn't have to do this. He's a billionaire. Why is he doing this? He loves America like the rest of us.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: It's saying to Republican and Democratic elected officials, no more of these reckless and after style free trade agreements, no more open borders, no more towing the line and this politically correct nonsense, no more allowing 100,000 Syrian refugees that we can't vet into the country and it's going to send a chilling effect in Washington.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: We get massive turnout and the majority speaks here in the United States, the unaffiliated and independent voters far exceed both the Democrat and Republican voters combined so I think that independent vote is coming out for Trump.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: So far we're doing good. Florida looks good. All we need is a couple more and I think we might be able to pull this off and see America back again!

NEWS REPORTER: It seems entirely possible that Donald Trump could end up having the night he's been dreaming of.

RICHARD: The unexpected is happening here tonight. That Donald Trump is really holding his own and even gaining ground. Where the media before had said it was impossible. It actually is possible. This is a great possibility tonight that we're gonna have a Trump presidency.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: God bless America and let's make America great again!