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Trump appears almost certain to become America's 45th president -

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There was the time before the 2016 US presidential election, and now we're hanging on the cusp of the time after the event which will un-arguably change the Western world forever.

Eight years ago, Barack Obama was swept into the White House on the wave of enthusiasm and hope generated by his supporters.

None would have imagined then, that at the end of his two terms, his successor would be man like Donald Trump.

In the past few hours, world markets were sent reeling as Mr Trump edged ahead of his opponent Hillary Clinton, and as we go to air tonight he appears almost certain to become America's 45th President.

Mrs Clinton's hopes of becoming the first woman to hold the world's most powerful job appear to have been dashed.

Her supporters are gathered at what they hoped would be her victory party.

The decision to hold it in a hotel room beneath an enormous glass ceiling now a choice that's laced with bitter irony.

Our North America correspondent Stephanie March is there and she joins PM.