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(generated from captions) find out tomorrowment we will get to the panel in a moment or two. Firstly Peter Dutton joins us from a sumentous dinner with the finance -- kumptuous dinner with Matthias Cormann. Bill Shorten, this is what he had to say today in scuttling the idea of saying if you get here by boat illegally you never come here again.You and I both know that the rest of there stuff, the lifetime ban, it is Malcolm Turnbull desperately trying to pump up his own tyres to appease the right wing of his party and the right wing in the Senate. This is rushed legislation and the Government said they are not CD in amendments so we will vote it down.Peter Dutton joins us from Canberra. How was dinner with Matthias Cormann?It is coming up so you have a good source but not an accurate one. Dinner is after this.He didn't mention it in the text! Good man. There is something that's happened this evening where Kevin Rudd has come out and tried to have a go at yourself and Malcolm Turnbull about this debating point about whether or not to shut the door to all illegal boat arrivals was his policy back from 2013. He calls the Prime Minister a liar for trying to suggest that this is a continuation of the policy but I remember the ads from 2013 because I remember paying for them in 2013. It says if you arrive here by boat you will never come to Australia. That would be this policy, wouldn't it?I think Kevin Rudd loves to rewrite history and Bill Shorten knows that better than anyone. The difficulty for Mr Rudd is that he doesn't have any credibility on this issue. The bigger issue for Mr Shorten is that for some strange reason he has become captured by the left of his party as well and he is going down the same well-trodden path that Kevin Rudd went down which resulted in 50,000 people coming on 800 boats and 1,200 drowning at sea. Mr Shorten has the same problems. He now frankly has less credibility on border protection policy than Kevin Rudd did only a few years ago.What about the scene ah, "The Essential poll today that showed that 52% of Labor voters support the idea here so who is Shorten playing to? Is it Twitter, channel2? What is he doing? The people who voted for him to almost become prime minister want this policy?It is what he has done on energy policy as well. He has abandoned the blue-collar workers to make sure he can support the green voters or at least court the green voters in marginal city seats. So the Labor Party has decided that they will abandon seats like mine, the outer metropolitan areas of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Perth and across capital cities, he has abandoned those people and their views and he is now trying to shore up seats like those occupied by Anthony Albanese and Tanya Plibersek and it is a complete disaster because as we found out when Rudd was in Government with the Greens when Julia Gillard was in formal arrangements with the Greens to prop up her dodgy Government, they give way to these crazy policies and the results are devastating. It has taken us three years to clean this mess up. We are still in the process of cleaning it up because we want to get people off Nauru and Manus as quickly as possible but Bill Shorten has demonstrated by his announcement this week that he won't support this legislation and the beholden to the left of his party. When we announced this policy there were 26 members of his own caucus that went out to speak against the policy before Bill Shorten could even make an announcement on it. That shows you how far out of touch his party is and I think that writing off the 52% of these voters or the 76% of Coalition voters that support this policy is something that will come back to haunt Bill Shorten by the time of the next election.There's this scenario too that he is playing to all of these different galleries, that the Labor Party, as I said at the start, they thought, "Don't change anything and we will win the next election." I would argue that for you to have won the election it means they would have lost it. I think they lost it in two areas, one their sums didn't add up when it came to promises of debt and deficit and two, 20 different candidates didn't agree with any sort of tough on border protection, including the leader. There is arrogance that Shorten can simply skate and hope you guys implode?I think that is right. It is obvious that Anthony Albanese's lurking in the shadows, sharpening his knives and he has learnt the skill of how to take out a prime minister from Bill Shorten himself. Anthony Albanese is waiting in the wings, waiting for Bill Shorten to falter and that is why Bill Shorten needs to play to the left because that is Albanese's base within the party. I think what it does is demonstrates to the Australian people that they made the right decision at the last election. They saw through Bill Shorten's phoney facade. He stitched together this dodgy deal at the ALP conference on boats. He was only able to stitch together the deal because the CFMEU supported him. I think most Australians saw that Bill Shorten, if he was to be elected Prime Minister would quickly unravel the policies just as Kevin Rudd did coming into Government in 2007 off the back of John Howard, restoring integrity to border policy. There were only four people in total, including no children in detention, when John Howard left office in '07. We ended up with 17 detention centres being open, 2,000 kids in detention centres. We closed the detention centres and got kids out of detention. Now I want to get people off Manus but I will not do it in a way that recommences boats and this mixed message from Bill Shorten that people have called out is manna from heaven. The people smugglers from Jakarta must be thinking that they have hit the jackpot with Bill Shorten. They thought two weak Labor leaders was the best they could get in a lifetime and they have this bloke that has proved to be just as soft on border protection as Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd and I think people, including Australians, will see through it soon enough.For this measure we now if the Labor Party and Greens want to vote against it we open up the crossbench and see what happens there. Will we know about a plan to resettle the people on Manus and Nauru before this legislation is dealt with by the parliament?Well this legislation will be debated in parliament tomorrow. It will be voted on, we expect on Thursday. There will be no announcement before that and I've said very clearly that we are working on third country settlements. We do want to get people out of Manus and Nauru but want to do in it a way that does not fill the vacancy we will be creating by sending those people to third countries. It needs to be done in a sensible way. We have restored integrity to our border process. It is now over 830 days since we've had a successful people smuggling venture. The crazy thing is that Bill Shorten's been arguing today and yesterday firstly that he believes the problem of people smugglers has gone away. You only have to look at what's happening in Europe that thousands of people are drowning on the Mediterranean trying to get to Europe and the second point he makes, the only substantive point he makes about voting against this legislation is to say that somehow these people might want to come here as tourists in 40 years. That's his reason for voting against it today. As we demonstrated today, as Simon Benson reported in the Daily Telegraph today there are people entering into sham arrangements with people on Manus to try to get here as a spouse and they're subverting the process. I will not allow that to happen. I've introduced this bill because it is the right thing to do. It will help us keep a consistent and clear message to the people smugglers that they won't get back into business and it seems to me that Bill Shorten hasn't even got the fundamentals right. As you say, I think he is snubbing his nose to the majority of Australians who want to see integrity if our border protection policies and in this day and age, when you've got people running around the world pretending to be refugees, who are not refugees but involved in terrorist activities or linked to terrorist organisations you cannot afford to have people coming across your borders when you don't know who they are.Thank you very much. Enjoy dinner. Say hello