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'If Mrs Clinton wins Florida, you can probably go to bed soon': Dr Peter Brown -

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It's fair to say that much of the world has been transfixed by the contest that has pitted celebrity business tycoon Donald Trump against the candidate hoping to become America's first woman president, Hillary Clinton.

In the final hours before election day, both candidates have been criss-crossing America in a frenzied push for votes.

Each has held rallies in the so-called battleground states of North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The latest polls give Hillary Clinton a four point lead over her rival, and with a record number of people having already voted by post or at polling stations, the markets are favouring a Clinton victory.

PM speaks to Dr Peter Brown, a former political journalist who is now assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

It's latest survey has found Florida and the other key battleground state, North Carolina, are poised on a knife-edge and too close to call.

He says American voters have pretty much made up their minds about who they want in the White House.