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(generated from captions) against the bill, which was introduced into Parliament today. Its deputy leader Tanya Plibersek has been speaking to national affairs correspondent Greg Jennett. Caucasus has moved swiftly to say "no" to a visa ban. Can you imagine any circumstance where a ban of some duration might be appropriate in order to get people off Nauru and Manus?Well, we think this whole exercise has been an exercise in nonsense. If Peter Dutton is right in saying that he's topped the boats, as he was saying before the election, then this legislation is completely unnecessary. Our Caucasus was unanimous in its determination today not to back this legislation. Engaging in all of these What
hypothetical I think is pointless. What we should be focused on now and what the Immigration Minister should be focused on is finding third-country resettlement for the people who are stuck on Manus and Nauru.If you can imagine that he made progress on that and he was ready to sign a deal, from the Australian government's point of view, not the third country's, can you imagine a sick where they wouldn't necessarily want to see people coming, even as tourists two or three days later after receipt of their passport from this country. Look, I just think these are really fantastic hypothetical. We hoped that this proposed legislation had something to do with resettlement in third countries. It doesn't. I mean, the Government has made it clear this is not in response to some arrangement with another country, stopping people coming from third resettled.
countries once they had been resettled. This is just a stunt. This is just playing to the right wing of the Liberal Party, to One Nation. One Nation is claiming cred tkit for this legislation. I think these conversations about "what if these were the circumstances" are being very generous to the Government.That is probably true. We feel we are only getting half the story with this round of the legislation, but Bill Shorten acknowledged that Labor is not going to stand in the way of the Government making a deal to get people off the islands. So, I guess what I am saying - although it is hypothetical and the Government is not telling us - if this became material to that, would Labor be in a position where it couldn't stand in the way?If that was the scenario, we would love it if the Government was talking to us about options for third country resettlement. From what we can tell, there is nothing in prospect. This government.
is not a priority for the government.You asked that question directly?Of course we have. Absolutely.In brief?Peter Dutton has proved himself to be - and he was voted by doctors as the worst health minute in living memory and now he is proving to be the most incompetent Immigration Minister. He'd had three years the find a place for the people on Nauru and Manus Island to be permanently resettled. This is dragging onto the debt industry m of all of those involved. Reel you, his focus should be on this issue of resettlement. Not setting the hares running with proposed legislation that the Government can't tell us the reason for and, in fact, different government minutes can't even answer questions about who would be affected by this legislation.Do you remain fully committed to all aspects of Kevin Rudd's July 2013 statement?Well, we remain committed to the policy that we took to our last national conference. That was negotiated in very difficult circumstances. This is a tough thing for the Labor Party because we want more asylum seekers to be permanently resettled. We have 60 million people around the world who have been displaced from their should
homes. We believe that Australia should be more generous. We believe that Australia could take 27,000 humanitarian entrants each year, but those people need to come to Australia safely. We need to be able to priorityise those who are most in need. People who are in desperate circumstances around the world. Let's change topic to same-sex marriage. The plebiscite met a predictable end in the Senate last night. The government is not speaking about any Plan B. Known expects it to. What is yours?Plan B is to have this decided by the Parliament. It always should have been decided by the Parliament. The High Court has said this should be decided by the Parliament.But when? It is not going to happen in this Parliament?Why not? You had Malcolm Turnbull a few months ago saying there was no need to tinker with Section
18 (C) Of the race discrimination act. He's completely renegotiated on. That it is more important than the fact we have lost 100,000 full-time jobs since the beginning of the year. 18 Is the big deal. If he can change his mind on that section, then he should change his mind on the same-sex marriage policy. If that is what the real Malcolm believes in.

We are absolutely people within the Liberal Party who feel very strongly that marriage equality is a reform the
whose time has come. They know that the right place to do this is in the Parliament. They are doing it very softly, softly because they don't want to undermine Malcolm Turnbull, but I think there is a critical push within the Liberal Party and it is important that those voices get the support they need from the broader community to make their impact felt. This is something that the Parliament could determine in the next two weeks. The legislation is already there. It is a very simple change to the marriage ant. We could get it done before Christmas.