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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Today - the FBI clears Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing, after a new search through her emails but rival Donald Trump is not convinced. It is a rigged system and she is protected.

A dangerous bushfire day ahead in NSW with major concerns over a blaze near Port Stephens. US-backed forces begin that operation to seize Raqqa from Islamic State. And South Africa needs just 6 wickets to claim victory against Australia in the opening cricket test in Perth. Hello and welcome to Mornings. I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at the weather first in the capital cities around the nation:

The Australian share market is making good gains in early trade: The FBI has found in evidence of criminality in that new batch of Hillary Clinton emails. The investigation had thrown her presidential campaign into turmoil, but in a statement released a couple of hours ago, the bureau concluded that no charges are warranted. Hillary Clinton's communications Director-General fer Palmieri has responded with relief.We have seen Director Comey's latest letter to the Hill and we are pleased to see that he has found, as we were confident that he would, that he has confirmed the conclusions that he really reached in July, and we are glad that this matter is resolved. I which
have one other thing to tell you which is that we are adding a guest to our rally in Philadelphia and that Bruce Springsteen will be performing and appearing with not just the Clintons but the President and the First Lady.A pretty happy crew on that Clinton plane right now. Republican rival Donald Trump hasn't spoken publicly since that announcement by the FBI, but he told a rally a little early whier in Minneapolis that Hillary Clinton was protected by a system that is rigged.Real change also means restoring honesty to government. First thing you should do is get rid of Klin tonne. Hillary Clinton will be under investigation for a long, long time, for her many crimes against our nation, our people, our democracy, likely concluding in a criminal trial:CHANTING. Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!No, you have to understand protected.
it is a rigged system and she is protected.Donald Trump there speaking before that announcement. Now, there is a rally that has been set up - they have been crisscrossing the country over the last couple of days in particular pretty ferociously. Donald Trump is due to speak at a rally it looks like within the next hour or so, and we will cross there live just as soon as that happens for his response to yet another bombshell in the campaign that the FBI is not pursuing criminal charges against her like Mr Trump just said they would. ABC's political editor Chris Uhlmann is in Washington and he says the news about the emails is another sensation in what has been an extraordinary campaign. Extraordinary thing here, Joe, there is generally an enthusiastic grassroots movement which has essentially taken the Republic yab party away from the grandees. One of the really interesting thing like the Bushes campaigning with the Donald Trump. He is doing this on his own. Newt Gingrich said today, the former Republican Speaker, said there had been a hostile within the party and many within the party were unhappy about it, but he has tapped into that rich vein of discontent, and that is the media system, the political system and Wall Street, and so it is really a revolution of the poorer, whiter, rural parts of the US, older as well, and the Democrats, of course, are sweeping the board with everything else, so at this stage it does look like Hillary Clinton will win, that's the consensus as she builds a coalition of people who tend to be from black neighbourhoods, from Hispanic neighbourhoods, among women, about the college-educated and particularly along the western and eastern seaboards of this nation. late
This FBI announcement has come so late in the campaign, just a couple of days before, do you think it will have any effect, will it bump up the victory margin as many are of the experts are expecting?It's hard to say. There has been a drifting away from her and there was concern in the Democrat camp. The Democrats were absolutely furious 9 days ago when James Comey decided to make it clear to Congress that new information had arisen, and that's something that everyone said that usually the FBI would not do so close to an election. What effect will it have? I think most people would have probably made up their minds by now, but amazingly in this country, which has such a different electoral system, Joe, you can change your mind in several states, you can go back and change your vote.That must just be a nightmare for people in the polling places, when people come back in?It is complicated enough without having to add that particular twist, one of the many things that make this race extraordinary.Chris, you've been over in the US for several days now. Where have you been apart from pubs supporting the Chicago Cubs in the World Series?That's right, I certainly did that, but I went down to West Virginia, a coalmining area, to a County called Logan County, amongst the poorest in the US and it has suffered mightily there. One reason is that the price of coal is depressed, and that gas actually is cheap here, so there was a competitor for coal, and the other thing is there have been quite significant EPA regulations which made coalmineing more expensive. Is that what people focus on? They do believe there that this government is against them and Hillary Clinton will simply be an extension of the Obama government. There is enormous ill-feeling down there towards really all level of government, suspicion of the media. I certainly felt that when I was down there. So there is a deep anger a foot, and in that State, which up until 2000, rote - voted Republican in all but two elections - sorry, Democrat, in all but two elections in the presidential race since 1829 is now staunchly for Trump and I met people there who were voting Democrat in the State and Republican for Donald Trump when it came to the presidential race.Chris Uhlmann reporting there from Washington. And so the vount count starts at 11 o'clock on Wednesday morning AEDT. We are going to have extensive coverage right throughout the day starting with the ABC News Breakfast program and going through until 5:00pm. The expectation is we will probably have a result by 3-ish, but you can tune in any time throughout the day to keep right across developments. Antony Green is keyed into all the data coming through from the US and he will be applying his considerable knowledge and analysis to those figures as they come in. I just mention that we are waiting for this rally to start in Michigan, one ever the battleground states, so this is the first time we will be hearing from Donald Trump since that FBI announcement about 3 hours ago. Of course, Donald Trump at these campaign events has been focusing heavily on the email scandal and you often hear the crowd start chanting, "Lock her up! Lock her up!" And Donald Trump saying it's bigger than Watergate. The FBI has come out this morning and dealt a substantial blow to those claims by Donald Trump. Paul Ryan, the most senior Republican in the US Congress, has come out since that announcement from the FBI and still criticising Hillary Clinton over her use of that private email server, so if that's the tack taken by Paul Ryan, we can expect to times that by about 50 for Donald Trump, because Paul Ryan is one of the more moderate Republicans and someone who hasn't been campaigning on Donald Trump's behalf in this election, and is looking to secure as many seats as possible in the Congress. They are concerned about what the Donald Trump effect could have been in the Congress. We'll see that play out on Wednesday. But we'll cross there live to Michigan, one of those battle ground states. Hillary Clinton had been about 11 points up in Michigan. That's down now to around 5 points. So the Republicans obviously believe that that Michigan is a possibility for them on Wednesday. That's why Donald Trump is there now and we'll cross there live just as soon as he steps up there. To domestic politics now and it has been a big week in Canberra with Parliament returning today. The Senate is facing uncertainty with the resignation of Senator Bob Day and the election of One Nation senator Rod Culleton. Stephen Dziedzic says the Senate considered the matter this morning with the matter pushed back to later today.A fairly unprecedented day in recent Australian history, two Senate elections referred to the High Court, but in the lower house, anticipation that the Government will focus heavily today on asylum seekers, probably tomorrow as well: Of course it has put forward its own legislation to toughen up those laws and to make sure that anyone who comes to Australia by boat is not - sorry, who tries to come to Australia by boat is prevented from getting a visa at any point of any time in the future. The PM is trying to lay on the pressure on Labor over there, demanding that they back the Government in order to prove they are serious about stopping people smugglers. Let's hear what Malcolm Turnbull said on AM this morning. Shorten has got to stop walking both sides of the street. He either stands up for strong border protection, stands up for the foundation of the most successful multicultural society in the world, stands up for the foundation of one of the most generous humanitarian programs in the world or not. Stephen, what's likely-to-happen with the Racial Discrimination Act and moves to water down sections that have?Still a bit of a moving feast, Joe, on the Racial Discrimination Act. There has always been a steady drum beat for change within the Coalition, but that drum beat turned into a about the of a roar after Friday when a court in Queensland handed down a decision on a rather controversial case involving three university students. Now, those within the Coalition believe the fact that this was thrown out and that the students were put through such a difficult time, about three years or so in the interim, shows that the Act is too broadly worded and that it is an infringement on free speech. The PM while previously had some sympathy for that view, didn't believe this was an urgent matter, didn't believe that the Government should spend time or political capital on it. Something has shifted over the weekend, perhaps even before, and he now says that he agrees with one of his senators from WA, Dean Smith, who has called for a parliamentary inquiry into Act as it stands, and you would have to say it's pretty likely that the Government is going to go down this path now many vrlts let's have a listen to what Malcolm Turnbull said on the issue on AM again this morning.Senator Dean Smith from WA has suggested that the matter could be usefully considered by a parliamentary committee, the Human Rights Committee, it is a joint committee, and the Cabinet in the Government is considering that. I think there is considerable merit in that.Joe, it's not just the backbench on the Coalition side pushing for change. Senator David Leyonhjelm, a Liberal Democrat senator, and one of those holding one of those very precious crossbench votes is also pushing for change to the Act. He was asked whether he might barter with the Government on the issue and trade off his support for the Government's in
crucial industrial relations bills in return for the Government moving to water down the Act and he basically said that an inquiry wouldn't be enough to get his vote. He said he would also be pushing on a whole lot of other areas in order to barter what he could and in the process gave a pretty penetrating insight into the real workings of this Parliament with its very tightly balanced crossbench. Let's have a list tone what he had to say. How could you possibly say I'm Golding the Government to ransom? All I'm doing is got them by the balls and I'm squeezing. That's not holding them to ransom? What are you talking about?Joe, it was undeniably pretty rude, but no the a bad way to describe the dynamics of power in this Parliament.Bushfire region in Hunter region could still pose a threat to properties even though their status was downgraded overnight. The Lone Pine fire is now a watch-and-act while the Racecourse Road fire at Cessnock is now at advice status. NSW fire Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons says fire crews have bracing for another hot and windy day near Port Stephens.The watch and act alert level which is nature
indicative of the very dynamic nature of that fire ground Lots of fire edges. As a matter of fact, more than 120km of fire edge associated with that fire. It has burnt out more than 6,500 hectares. You've got townships like Swan Bay, Karua, line burner's Creek, we are communicating with all of those villages and populations, but we are also very mindful that right through the middle of this fire runs the M1 Highway, the Pacific Highway and as we saw yesterday, many hours that road was closed and there is very road that that road will be impacted later today depends on how the situation goes with the increased temperatures and winds coming out of the north-west.Shane, we just had a map up while you were talking there, from the RFS website, showing the black area around where that fire is burning. It seems like a huge area. Is that the area that that fire has that's
already burnt its way through?Yes, that's correct, and depends on which map you're looking at, you will see blackened areas where the fire has already burnt but the red areas or the red dots or bright imagery is where the active fire edge is. For example, the motorway - I think there is at least 10km of motorway where fire has been burning on both sides of the road. That's why it has been too dangerous to have it open for periods of time. But it is a big fire, over 6,500 hectares and as I say, more than 110km of fire edge. Yes, and with the winds that are expected today, what's the timing of those and if they come through as expected, is that - is it likely that that fire is going to head in a south-easterly direction?That is the general pattern that can be expected, but as we saw yesterday, it is quite variable. Now, I was looking at some weather observations a little while ago and the winds are still quite variable, but there is a trending north-north-westerly pattern starting to emerge 6789 We are expect pg the combination of temperatures, into the low mid-30s, humidity is down in the teens and those winds strengthening up to around 40km/h really do come together as we head into the afternoon. So as we've seen in the last couple of days, the fire will typically be driven by the wind direction, but not necessarily as a play it out on the ground in the truest sense, but as a general rule, yes, that's what we can expect to happen.And how is that going with the fire around the Cessnock area? Look, firefighters again have done a lot of work overnight. We've backed off at letter level there down to advice. There is still a lot of active fire in and around the community of Cessnock, near kirsly and Kitchener and communities like that. At this stage we are very mindful that that, too, will be affected by the weather as it increases this afternoon, so we've got many hour as head of us yet, and indeed we've got another day yet of these warm temperatures, dry conditions, windy conditions before we can expect a change in NSW on Wednesday, which will hopefully bring some relief.Just looking at the RFS website, it appears that there are scores of other fires burning around NSW at the moment. Do you have any particular concerns about them through today, or are they - are you kind of pretty confident that you're on top of them?Look, we've got more than 50 fires across NSW at the moment, around 12 of those - 13 of those remain uncontained. Our fires of most focus are ones we've talked about obviously, but there is also this fire up near Kempsey, south of Kempsey, north to the community of Kundabund, a lot of good work overnight, there is a degree of optimism that they will get containment of that later today, but they're mindful of the weather. Focus on all fires obviously but some are more problematic than others given their approximate piment and location and potential impact on commufnts and major arterial road like the Pacific Highway.In Syria, forces backed by the US say they are moving in to reclaim the city of Raqqa from Islamic State militants. So Raqqa was to be the capital of what Islamic State was establishing as a caliphate. The US plans to conduct air strikes while Kurdish forces move in on the ground. David Kilcullen is a former US military adviser and regarded as one of the world's leading thinkers on counter- insurgency. He says the attack on Raqqa didn't get the build-up as was, but it wasn't unexpected.I think what you are seeing here with the announcement on Sunday of the first phase of the operation is really just announcing that they are going to be encircling the city, they won't be moving in to assault Raqqa any time soon I think this is morn important to see this in the context of the Mosul offensive and the effort by the coalition but also by other groups to try to prevent ISIS from moving fighters between Syria and Iraq as a way of reinforcing itself. So they are trying to put pressure on both end at the same time.So does this have anything to do with the US-backed forces struggling in Aleppo? Is the US drawing a line in the sand with Raqqa saying to Russia and Bashar al-Assad that you're about to be about to take Aleppo, but there is no way you are moving further east? I don't think there is much prospect of the Russians and Syrian Government moving on Raqqa at this point. They are really focused on Damascus and Aleppo as you mentioned. It is also worth noting that the Admiral Kuznetsov the major aircraft carrier along with a major fleet has arrived off the coast of Syria within the last 24 hours, so we can expect a pretty serious air strike going into the next few days election
probably right after the American election and I think that will go into Aleppo and Damascus area rather than Raqqa.Yes, but wouldn't Russia and Bashar al-Assad have designs on Raqqa eventually?No-one is sure of Bashar al-Assad's degree of control over a lot of the security forces out in that part of Syria, but I think it's pretty clear that the Russians are mostly interested in propping up Bashar al-Assad's regime more so than in recapturing every part of Syrian territory, and I think what the Russians have telegraphed over the past few months of their intervention is that they are actually more interested in fighting rebel groups not associated with ISIS than in taking on ISIS. To some extent, it's not that they like ISIS, it's just that they can count on the US-led coalition to focus on Rye sis so they focus on Bashar al-Assad.So what do you think-the-effort in Mosul in neighbouring Iraq, how would you ra it that campaign so far?I think it's going about as expected which is to say slowly. The main Iraqi Army assaults are coming in from the south, the south-east, and the far north of Mosul, and on the eastern side of Mosul you've got a big Kurdish group that has recently broken into the outlying towns around the city. There has been a significant amount of progress on the southern front, the northern push into the town has also just made it into the outskirts of Mosul. On the eastern side of the city, the forces have been in the city for a few days...We will just leave that there because Donald Trump has just turned up at this rally in Michigan. He is just taking the applause of the crowd now, so this will be the first time we've heard from him since that FBI announcement.Thank you, thank you. . Thank you very much. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) ManyUnbelievable what's going on. Thank you, thank you, everybody. (CHEERING AND ManyIn two days, we are going to win the great State of Michigan and we are going to win back the White House. (CHEERING APPLAUSE).We will stop the jobs from leaving your State. We are going to stop the jobs from going to Mexico and China and all over the world. We will make rish began into the manufacturing hub of the world once again and no politician will do that, they don't have a clue. I've been fighting for the car industry for years, I was honoured, five years ago, man of the year in Michigan, that was a great honour for me, and during my speech, all I talked about was Mexico and what these other countries are doing to us and especially what they are doing to Michigan, that's all I talked about, and I was criticised. They said, "Donald, speak about something else." And I said, "No, what's happening is horrible, what's happening is terrible. One of the to
main reasons I ran for President was to stop it and these politicians will never do it, they will never do anything about it. I want to share... (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE).They will never do it, folks. We are going to bring our jobs back and no more are going to be leaving. There are going to be consequences if they leave. I want to share a special mention with my many friends in the union all across the State, and the unions love me and the nonunions love me, too, I will tell you. As well as to Democratic voters here and across our country, the economic policies of Bill and Hillary Clinton have bled Michigan dry. , almost more than any other place. (CROWD BOOS).They rake in hundreds of millions of dollars for sption interest who specialise in shipping your jobs to other countries. The Clintons gave us NAFTA. BOOS).Think of it. The worst trade deal ever signed by any country ever. China's entry into the World Trade Organisation, the job-killing deal with South Korea - another beauty that was a disaster - and Hillary now wants the Trans Pacific Partnership. She calls it the gold standard. (CROWD BOOS).Hillary Clinton's policies have devastated your automobile industry, all to the benefit of special interests. We will put a stop to all of that on November 8th. Get out and vote, Michigan. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE).You know, I don't know if you've been seeing what's been happening over the last week or so, but they are going well. The very dishonest media, the world's most dishonest people. (CROWD BOOS).Cross-examined I was watching...CHANTING:

watching...CHANTING:They are bad people. They are bad people and they are dishonest people. They don't tell the truth, they don't write the truth. But I will say this. I was watching the polls - we are leading in Ohio, we are leading in New Hampshire, we are leading, I believe, in North Carolina - I think we are going to win it. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE).I think we are doing very, very well in the great State of Pennsylvania. Watch what happens there. Watch what happens there. We are leading in Florida. . We will leading - a lot of polls and they are getting a little concerned. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be. But then I said - you know, I'm hearing good things about Michigan. You know, I've been here numerous times and then a poll came out today and it showed we were even in Michigan - that's not so great being even, right, but we're even. And I said, "How could I not lose?" I mean, how is it possible? I've got to win Michigan. I'm the one person, in all fairness - now, you know their word because Hillary will come out tomorrow and she is going to come out again. (CROWD BOOS).I told her - you know what, I told her via television, "Stop, you're wasting your time. The people are too smart. Too smart. They're too smart." But she just announced an extra visit to Michigan. You know how many people she will have? Like half of the front row. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE).Because without Jay-Z and Beyonce and all of these people... (CROWD BOOS).. By ..and the way, my language is much, much cleaner, as you know than Jay-Z and Beyonce. Boy! Do you here what - I mean, honestly, did you haer that the other night? And so many people were insulted they left, because she can't draw a crowd, so she gets stars, but they were so insulted - you know, they are political people and they went in to hear political something and they heard the worst words, the worst Langage ever, and so they left By the time Hillary had to speak, there was nobody there, but that's OK. That's OK. We do this, all of these thousands - and by the way, by the way... (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE).There are thousands and thousands and thousands of people outside trying to get in many. Thousands! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)You've got thousands of cars are lined up 3 miles down the road. It's crazy. APPLAUSE).You know the beauty of this crowd, it's without a guitar, no guitar, no pianos. You know what it is? It's making America great again. That's what the important thing is. That's what it is. Because the other stuff frankly is demeaning to what we all represent, it's demeaning. Real change begins immediately by repealing and replacing Obamacare. APPLAUSE).It's just been announced that the residents of Michigan are going to experience a massive double-digit premium hike. (CROWD BOOS) And I know what the number is, I'm not going to tell you, because you're having a good time, I don't want to rue yin your evening, it's not good, but it's not going to matter because if you go out and vote for us - not for me, you will vote for us - we will terminate Obamacare so you don't have to worry about it. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE).In the great State of Arizona that I just left, premiums are going up more than 116%. You are going to have the same stuff. Premiums are surging, companies are leaving, insurers are fleeing, doctors are quitting and deductibles are going through the roof. Yet Hillary Clinton wants to double down on Obamacare, making it even more expensive than it already is. (CROWD BOOS) moment.
OK, we will leave that there for the moment. That was live from Michigan in the US, Donald Trump addressing a rally. There that's the first time we've heard from him since that FBI announcement earlier this morning that it would not be investigating Hillary Clinton over the new batch of emails. We will bring you comments he makes on that a little later. The top stories today - the FBI say it is has concluded its investigation into that new batch of emails relating to the Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and has no plans to take the matter further. The Clinton campaign says it is glad the matter is now resolved. Her Republican rival Donald Trump has said Mrs Clinton is protected by a rigged system. In the NSW Hunter region, fire crews are bracing for more hot and windy conditions. They contained a fire near the Cessnock community overnight. At Port Stephens, a 6,500 hectare region still burning out of control. The US and Turkish military have met in Ankara to discuss Syria. US forces are working with a Kurdish-Syrian group of rebels as they prepare to launch... We will go back to Donald Trump now.Forget about all of this. Right now she is being protected by a rigged system. It is a totally rigged system, I've been saying it for a long time. You can't review 650,000 new emails in a - in 8 days mpl You can't do it, folks. Hillary Clinton is guilty. She knows it, the FBI knows it, the people know it, and now it's up to the American people to deliver justice at the ballot box on November 8th. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE). .It's unbelievable, unbelievable what she get as way with. You have General Cartwright, James Cartwright, highly respected, 4 stars, last week for doing practically nothing, he is going to get up to 5 years in jail. This is a sitting, 4-star general, James Cartwright. (CROWD BOOS).He could get as much as 5 years for doing nothing by comparison. General per tray us, his life was destroyed, destroyed for doing nothing by comparison. It is a rigged system, and be careful with the voting, be careful with everything, you watch everything, folks because we are going to inwith, be we don't want it taken away from us. We don't want it taken away. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE).We don't want it taken away. Just watch Obama's statements from 8 years ago and what he said about Chicago and the rigged system in Chicago. Take a look at what he said about the rigged system in Chicago. The same system that's protecting Hillary Clinton is the rigged system that has stolen your jobs and shipped our wealth, all of us, our wealth overseas and to Mexico. It is a one-way highway into these countries. Nothing comes back. We get drugs, we get unemployment, we get poverty. They get jobs, they get everything. One way - it's one way. It's going to be a two-way highway, maybe one-way for a little while. We will make up. It will be one-way back into our country. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE).. Nobody wants to report this. The press doesn't want to report it, just like the press will not show this incredible crowd. (CROWD BOOS). .The press won't sho he this crowd. I just left Minnesota. We had a crowd that was so unbelievable. I heard one of the reporters say, "It was unbelievable. It was this size." You don't know. I mean, look at the people, look at them, this is unbelievable. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE).But vu to say it's even more impressive when you can double it up standing outside - that's even more impressive, but we just had a big crowd and I see one of the reporters saying, "We are here in in
Minnesota and Donald Trump is speak in front of a crowd of people." "Give me a briek. We have the biggest crowds and the greatest movement ever in our country. We now have to go out and we have to vote. Hillary Clinton is so dishonest, she cheated on the debates by using stolen questions. You heard about that. (CROWD BOOS).And know what? The crooked media never even writes about it. Can you imagine... BOOS).OK. OK. I love debating her. By the way, who won the debates? Did we win the debates? (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE).You know, people are talking about the Big Friday, but the truth is since the last debate, that's when our poll numbers started to shoot up, because we were about even after the debate. That's when we went like that, and I will say this: Look, we have to be smart, we have to be sharp, we have to be cunning, they are taking our wealth, they are stealing our jobs, they are stealing our wealth. My contract with the American voter begins with a plan to end government corruption. And take our country back from the special interests. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE).I want the entire corrupt Washington establishment to hear the words we all have to say when we win on November 8th. We are going to drain the swamp.ALL: Drain the swamp!Right. Great. Great. We are going to drain the swamp alright. You know, the best way we are going to beat them, we are going to go ballot box, we will beat them. At the core of my contract is our plan to bring back our jobs. Michigan has lost more than one in four of its manufacturing jobs since NAFTA, think of it. A deal designed by Bill Clinton and supported by Hillary. CHANTING.Thank you. Such spirit. Such incredible spirit. Look at that young - young people. Come on down here. Come, come, come. Get them down. Come down here. Get down here. Look at these young kids! . Look at these beautiful kids. . Look at these kids. . Get them up here. Come on. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE). .Look at that. Come on. Bring her up here. Let's go. Come here. Come here, kids. Look at these kids. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Boy, oh boy!

Boy, oh boy!

AND APPLAUSE) CHANTING: USA! USA! USA scla. .The greatest. Thank you, kids. Thank you. See, they understand even better than the adults, they know, they know what's going to happen. We are going to make America great again. We are going to make America great again. Thank you, kids, go and enjoy. OK? (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

AND APPLAUSE)That's what we're fighting for, folks. That's what we're fighting for.That was live from Michigan. Donald Trump is doubling down on his criticism of Hillary Clinton's use of emails, saying despite the FBI announcement a couple of hours ago that it was clearing her, Donald Trump maintains she is guilty and should go to jail and he is continuing with his line that the system is rigged, and he continues with his attacks on the moo he haddia saying there the most dishonest people in the world. 'Washington Post' journalist has just tweeted a photo from one of the Trump rallies, somewhere there with a T-shirt saying,"rope. Tree. Journalist." So just an example of the tone there and that's the type of thing that concerns people what happens if Donald Trump loses and he continues with this rhetoric that he has been using, suggesting that people will have been robbed if he is not victorious and that the system is rigged. So a reminder that this Wednesday on ABC News 24, we will have extensive coverage starting at 6:00am, AEDT with ABC News Breakfast. We are expecting the first official vote counts to start coming through about 11:00am, eastern daylight time and then maybe a result in the midafternoon, but we'll have extensive coverage with Antony Green, our wonderful election analyst who brings you all the bragging news through election night here in Australia: He is applying his algorithms and considerable knowledge to the statistics coming through from the USA, and so we'll have Antony to talk you through the ruts on Election Day and bring you the very latest as it happens through on Wednesday here on ABC News 24. The chaotic nature of the US election campaign has left many to predict an outcome. Mieciald has been talking to soccer mums to gauge how ordinary Americans feel about the ballot. Well, it is the weekend before the election and while Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump travel the country securing those last-minister votes, for most Americans, life does go on as normal and that means for the parent, weekends are normally chock-a-block full of sports so here we are at soccer fields in Marylands, and we are checking out the form of potential future Ronaldos, but also asking mums and dads about their thoughts on the political future next week. What do you make of what America has lived throo you in the last 12 months of this election campaign?Well, I I think it is a relatively bad commentary about where we are in this country right now.It feels like we have one very qualified candidate and one that is something
in but clearly he speaks to something because he has a lot of people supporting him.Well, I think the Obama coalition is going to come together - that's blacks, Hispanics, progressives, all across the country will come together to elect a candidate that can lead America to the future.And which candidate is that?Well, I'm supportive of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton.I thought perhaps she would have handled things differently, our Secretary of State with regard to the email server, but the fact that that has become such a key issue in this election to me is silly, in my opinion.What do you think the rest of the world is thinking, countries like Australia, watching on and seeing all this play out?I think they are probably surprised that he would get as far as he has and maybe be a little concerned, too.I think it's embarrassing for Americans. I'm embarrassed. I'm concerned about a lot of things.I think it is a bit of an embarrassment, to be honest. It is a very negative campaign.On Wednesday, do you expect that to be over or do you expect this drama will continue?That's my fear, that it won't be over on Wednesday, so I hope there is a clear result and we can move forward, hopefully.Fingers crossed?Yes.Michael Rowland reporting there. Retreating Islamic State fighters have set alight an oil well, putting the health of everyone nearby at risk.This is the Islamic State's toxic wake. In retreat, they are just as dangerous, leaving a poisoned land behind them. They've set on fire 19 different oil wells, and that has left an enormous toxic cloud across Mosul and beyond, and here on the edge of Kiara, you really get a sense of the scale of that cloud. Look beyond, as you can see the individual oil wells burning, but in fact they've set alight 19 of those wells - the cloud stretches we believe an area the size even larger than greater London, and that's causing untold suffering for people who are already recovering from the war here, but there may be worse yet to come, because the closer we get to the Islamic State and Mosul, they still have control of six oilfields, so he they still have the capability to set more alight and to make the skies here even darker still. Here on the ground, everything is coated in this oily filth. It is in the air, it's in the water. You can feel it in your throat, you can feel it in your nose and if you look over there on the horizon, that's the Kiara Power Station. It too, was attacked and all of this water supply which is used for agriculture all across this area, it has been contaminated with the soil, and behind me is a flock of sheep - they are black sheep. They aren't meant to be black sheep, they are usually white, but the farmer was telling me his sheep have been dying as a result of this pollution many The lungs have been infect, the liver. River levels have been affected, too. It's bad enough for farm animals, but also having a terrible effect on young people and elderly. Bronchitis, lungs. This filthy cloud stretches for miles and the Iraqi Government needs to make it a priority to put these oil well fires out.In Syria, forces backed by the goo of the have begun moving in to reclaim Raqqa from Islamic State militants. The US plans to conduct air strikes while Kurdish forces move in on the ground. If successful it could mean - well, there is hope that it would mean the end of ISIS in Syria, but there are many analysts who say Islamic State will continue to have some sort of exist tense there or presence there for years to come. In the plains pf Mosul, Syria, zero hour has finally come, bringing an offensive that could decide the fate of ISIL and ultimately of its dream to establish an Islamic State The offensive to take control of Raqqa, ISIL's so-called capital, is well under way. They have vowed to take control of the city, one of ISIL's few remaining strongholds in Syria many TRANSLATION: Our goal is to liberate the people from injustice and persecution of ISIL and build democracy so people can live together.The Kurdish-led city and democratic forces have now announced the battle for Raqqa, exactly three weeks after the start of a similar offensive against Mosul, the largest ISIL-held city in Iraq many TRANSLATION: We bring to you the good news, the launch of the allout large-scale operation for the liberation of Raqqa and its countryside, to break from the shackles of the international terrorism represented by ISIL which has taken the city for its alleged capital. The operation began on Saturday.The US sees the Syrian democratic forces as representing the most effective fighting force in Syria. It has given them up close and personal support. The group is dominated by fighters loyal to the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units, or YPG. That has complicated planning for the operation, with Turkey wanting a role, but leaves the YPG as a terrorist organisation. But Brett McGurk has downplayed those differences, saying Turkey was on board.The initial phase of operations to liberate Raqqa have begun. This will happen in phases, it will happen in very close consultations with our partners on the ground, the Syrian democratic forces and also with their allies in the region, particularly Turkey. This is just the beginning of what is expected to be a long offensive. The fight will not be easy and will require accurate and careful operations. ISIL will fight for its headquarters, knowing that the loss of rack request will mean its end in Syria. Australia is facing an imminent brain drain with a new study finding 80% of scientists are considering leaving the profession for another career. Advocates say many excellent scientists have already left and that if the exodus continues, the next generation of scientific leaders will be lost. Dr Sarah Meacham is the President of the Australian Society nor medical research and an academic researcher herself and she joins me from Canberra. Welcome. Why is morale so low?Morale is really low, Joe, because there is a falling funding rates in Australia, so only one in 7 grants are now being awarded and this is putting an enormous pressure on the system, and what we are seeing is our expert people, our expert health and medical researchers are now losing their jobs, and the reason this is happening is because there is static funding into the health and Medical Research Council, which is the peak funding body for health and medical research.So only one in 7 awards granted, what has that fallen from? Was it previously 5 in 7 would have been successful?About 3 or 4 years ago, that was one in four were self-.But the Government argues that funding for medical research has actually increased from 750 million in 2013 to 850 million in 2015, so how does your argument stand up?Yeah, well, it hasn't increased. It has been static. One of the issues is, Joe, is that there is an ever-increasing costs of doing science and research, and it hasn't kept pace with the investment into health and medical research.Yes, so is it your argument that the Government isn't really being upfront and transparent when it suggests those figures?Yeah, I think what is important is that we need further investment into the NHMRC in order to give our world-class medical research workforce a fighting chance.The Government also argues there will be a big boost once the medical research Future Fund is fully established. Do you accept that over the coming years that things will get better?I think that we are 4 years away and we don't have 4 years to wait. Once we lose our expert people, we can't easily get them back. They should be considered non- renewable or non-replaceable.So what kind of funding boost is there needed to bridge that gap between what we have now and what there will be once the Medical Research Future Fund is up and going?I think that if you look at our new report that is out, that if we can increase investment into the NHMRC to 3%, the data of the total health spend, then the data shows that the windfall for Australia and the Government is in the order of more than $58 billion. The PM has made so much of the innovation nation kind of statements since he has assumed the leadership. How does this stack up with that kind of claim?You know, I think if we want to be an innovation nation, I think we need to support our best and our brightest and the problem is, Joe, is that our best and the brightest, people that are considered excellent are now leaving the country, leaving the sector and some of them are unemployed. .Why is this so important for the nahition that this sector is adequately funded?It is critically important because without health and medical researchers, we don't see the advances in health, and in addition we know that health and medical research brings much economic benefit to the country as well, and economic benefits will also be diminished if we don't get further funding.It is a pretty tight budgetary situation at the moment as we keep hearing. Are you optimistic at all that this is going to change over the next few years? Well, I think probably what's best to say is that we need to fight of We may not get what we want, but if we don't fight, we are definitely not going to get what we want.Sarah Meacham, thanks foch for talking to us this morning.Thanks, Joe.Sue finance
Lannin joins us with business and finance news. Zblvr Westpac a has announced a 7% fall in its annual

Ask a cold squestly change to follow. Gusty winds across parts of Tasmania, up into southern areas of New South Wales. A fronte system moves up to New South Wales, but around the trough, it means a very hot day. We'll see the system stalling over north-eastern New South Wales on Wednesday. Rain wise, we see it moving up into New South Wales, still some showery winds across Tasmania, and rain becoming more extensive down to Queensland. A top of 33 in Brisbane, humid with a few storms. 28 in Sydney, 25 the top in Canberra. Showers for Melbourne, 18, showers in Hobart, 17, partly cloudy in Adelaide. Darwin, a few storms, 34, an err triian runner has become the youngest man to claim the New York mar thob. Ghirmay Ghebreslassie won the rain in 2 hours and 7 minutes, more than a minute ahead of the second person. 34-year-old Mary Keitany of Kenya won her third straight New York mar thob on the, the first -- marathon, the first woman to do so the decades. Kurt Fearnley came in second in the wheelchair division. It was so close in the end for Kurt Fearnley. Stick with us for more of the top stories. Your next bulletin is coming up soon.

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The FBI ends its email investigation as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump set a blistering pace in the last days of campaigning for the Presidency.

Firefighters battle dozens of blazes as harsh weather brings another day of tough conditions. US-backed Syrian rebels announce a plan to retake the IS-held city of Raqqa. You're watching ABC News, I'm Ros Childs. Also ahead - scientists are warning what we now call extreme weather events may become the norm within a decade. And in AFL, the banned Bombers back for preseason training.Looking forward to getting back into it and starting again. It

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