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Hello, welcome to The World This Week. I'm Bev O'Connor -- I'm Beverley O'Connor. Coming up: The US Presidential candidates hit the final stretch of their campaigns as the gap narrows.I hate to put a little pressure on you but the fate of the republic rests on your shoulders.Mosul, the Islamic State-held city is within sight of Iraqi forces but still out of reach. TRANSLATION: This is like a dream. I waited for freedom.Historic towns reduced to rubble in Italy. TRANSLATION: We are trying to rescue all the cultural heritage that has survived but we are right in the centre of seismic activity. The tremors are very, very intense.And the fight to secure the future of a World Heritage site in Malaysia.We are losing the very thing that got us listed in the first place.More from Malaysia a little later. First, though, it might have felt like a long time coming but we have now reached the final stretch of the US Presidential election, and the latest opinion polls this week show that the gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had narrowed. North America correspondent Zoe Daniel travelled to Columbus, Ohio, to see how the voters are dealing with the final days of a long and toxic campaign. Friday night lights - it is an Ohio tradition. It is a state known for football and for correctly picking Presidents. It's done so in 24 out of the last 26 elections and it enters the final week almost evenly split. Teresa Thomas has been coaching her 16-year-old daughter Rachel through a divisive campaign. Theresa, a Republican, has invited her family for dinner. Theresa is a Republican, and Sally a Democrat.I want them to understand how they choose the people they vote for. From the time she was a baby, I've taken her on voting day.These women are highly politically engaged.How many people say, "My one vote doesn't matter." If they all voted, who knows where we'd be.They're keenly aware that the conversation they're having is one rarely had in Washington.Thank you, father, for friendship and the great country with have.It used to be you had your Democrats and your Republicans and they used to together. Compromise.They used to compromise. Now it is, is, "Oh, a Democrat suggested it so I have to vote against it."The differences are very clear here too.Tell me why you're not voting for him?I just don't like him. I don't trust him. You trust her, as much as she lies? How do you know...Well, he lies a lot too.They're not easy gaps to bridge.Gay rights.OK, I'm Biblical.That's what I mean. You're going to take the opposite side on that, and I understand.I'm Biblical. That's what the Lord says. Everyone in this room is grappling with a candidate that wasn't their first choice but they're behind their first choice.If somebody comes into my building and has a problem with what my beliefs are, I got no problem if they don't come back.Rachel has made up her mind even though she is too young to vote.I can't say if I trust him but Hillary does have a record, in my opinion, and I feel that she's done enough things that, just in my view, would be deemed as untrustworthy. Minds have not changed around this table. But perspectives have.I don't want to argue with someone. I want to respect somebody else's views even if they're totally different than mine.Each side thinks the other will destroy the country by voting for the alternative choice.The contest in Ohio would barely be tighter. In many ways it is like a game. In places like Ohio, Americans are concerned about the future of their country and their children. And that was Zoe Daniel. Well, let's stay with the US election and standing behind Donald Trump in the race for President is a movement on the far right that has been growing in strength and prominence. The so-called alt-right is an umbrella term for a group of Americans who detest political correctness, are hellbent on breaking the current system, but are viewed by some critics as dangerous and even racist. The prospect of this political movement surviving even if Donald Trump loses the election has alarmed traditional conservatives as it threatens to split the Republican Party. Our North America correspondent, Stephanie March.

(UP TEMPO MUSIC) He is young, gay, British and the rock star of America's alternative right.I think he says the things that need to be said in the style that nobody on the left these days wants to hear.He is so charismatic in the way that he presents his views.Is the election rigged? I'm iafraid to tell you that it is.Milo Yiannopoulos speaks to sell-out crowds and draws thousands of viewers to his live-streamed events. This is all bull...He works for the American news website Breitbart. Good to meet you.Thanks for coming. The alt-right is youthful, vibrant and mischievous. It rejects the idea that journalists are always painting social media as being full of abuse and harassment. They don't see it like that. They see it more as ridicule and mischief.Several of his events have been cancelled because of threats. He believes transgender people suffer from a mental illness. The alt-right's favourite son is unapologetic.I prefer to think of myself as a truth-teller, who will go there, say what other people are thinking when nobody else will. Some people will be offended and cry foul. That's because we live in a society where being offended is almost like a currency, worth something, well, it is not.Hillary Clinton says the movements -- says the alt-right is a hateful move. Being fuelled by Trump.This is someone who retreats white supremacistson line, like the user who goes by the name 'white genocide TM'. Trump took this bring bigot, with a few dozen followers, and spread his message to 11 million people. So the de facto merger between Breitbart and the Trump campaign represents a landmark achievement for this group. A fringe element that has effectively taken over the Republican Party.The political provement on the right is completely scrambled by this attack. They're being attacked -- by this. They're being attacked by sort of people from within, who would fall in line when it comes to elections. This year they're saying no and throwing up roadblocks. The fact they even got Donald Trump elected in the primary is proof they're having a disproportional activity. The alt-right is challenging traditional, conservative media outlets. Donald Trump has encouraged people to turn away from mainstream media and go online where operations like Breitbart are thriving.I am sort of nervous about this because one of the things about it that has united it and held it together is they prided themselves on having a very clear set of intellectual principles. The alt-right are just reactionary, they haven't articulated a set of coherent beliefs that would unite people over the long term.The alt-right have been very good at using the internet to get their message out there. Which means they can publish and broadcast from just about anywhere. You're listening to Matthew Hydebar. I'm glad to be live with you here on Thursday.From rural southern in -- Indiana, the White Nationalist founder Matthew Heimbach says he has followers in the thousands. I respect what Milo Yiannopoulos is doing in terms of political correctness, in terms of college campuses, that's great. But he is not a part of our movement.He is only 25 years old but he is labelled the next Great Duke, the former Grand whiz yard of the Ku Klux Klan. I think everybody should advocate for their culture and their future. It is loving your own people in your own culture.Donald Trump is popular out here. His America first message resonates where many in the white working class see a bleak future for them and their children.The minorities, the elites, are all, you know, and you see that with like the anti-Trump stuff, look at these pathetic, unemployed white trash. Well, if a Mexican is going to steal your job you must really suck at doing jobs. It is constant humiliation, humiliation, humiliation.We will go up and hit the next couple of blocks.The political party Mathew Heimbach founded currently boasts 25 members but in 2018 he wants to put up candidates.We want support stopping the forced refugees resettlements. I'm a dad and a husband, and these people who could be ISIS affiliates could be dangerous. There is already hundreds of thousands of active white Nationalists, millions of people who agree with us, as we've seen with the vote for Donald Trump, members of the alternate right. So what we will have to do is unite those people, organise those people and then mobilise those people.At 70 years old, it is doubtful Trump would launch another bid for the White House if this one fails. But many on the left and the right are worried he's unleashed something dangerous.I suspect there is a will
really good chance that Donald Trump will bek the Iraq war of this decade, which is to say that two or three years from now, a great many people who supported it will have no recollection of having done that. And if that's the case, then the agt rightcould proo -- alt-right could prove to be insignificant.It doesn't really matter whether Trump wins or loses because this movement isn't going anywhere. With Hillary Clinton in the White House they're only going to get more vocal and angry, they're only going to get more irritated. This this week, the leader of the Islamic State Group broke a silence of more than a year as the battle for Mosul races on. In an audio message, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi issued a rallying call to his forces. But Iraqi forces are closing in.Each day, the warring sides release videos, purportedly showing their struggle for supremacy. Here, Islamic State fighters claim to have captured weapons after a battle east of Mosul. But one propaganda broadcast is out of the ordinary. It's said to be a recording of the leader of IS - Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. As his fighters face an unprecedented assault from a coalition of enemies intent on recapturing Mosul, the militant leader urges his men to resist.

TRANSLATION: Go with God's blessing for the war is your war. Turn the nights of unbelievers into days. Wreak havoc on their homes."The recording which hasn't been verified represents a battlecry to the extremists. They could be on the cusp of their most significant defeat - the loss of their stronghold of Mosul, where Iraqi soldiers have seized control of more neighbourhoods. The enemies of IS are many. Among them are Shiite militia groups with links to Tehran. They've taken over nine villages to the south of Mosul. (GUNFIRE) The region remains extremely dangerous. Many residents of the liberated villages are fleeing to refugee camps. But in Iraq's largest Christian town, the local Archbishop was able to preside over mass in the church of the Immack late Conception bringing Christian worship back for the first time two -- time in two years. Now, to Italy where where an earthquake has struck Italy. When the earthquake struck, houses crumbled and a Basilica looked like it had been bombed. The nuns got out with their lives. TRANSLATION: We just saw all this anything.
dust rising and you couldn't see anything. And there were lots of screams. Lots of screams.The tremor was felt hundreds ofkm away, pushing water from pools, shaking sand leers, and -- chandeliers and shelves. The town of Norcie was near the epicentre.It's a mess. We got really, really scared. You saw what happened, the after shock. We'll try to find our things and then we'll go.August's earthquakes and its after shocks, which killed nearly 300 people, had already all but emptied some towns in the region. safety
Others had been staying in the safety of public parks or cars, perhaps explaining why no-one died, this time. TRANSLATION: We will rebuild everything - the houses, the churches and the businesses. We are speaking about a marvellous area. We are speaking about an area which has such beauty and such a welcome that is really part of their identity. For now though, those without homes have been taken to the coast. They've been warned more quakes could be coming.James Glenday. Hong Kong's Legislative Council erupted into chaos this week of two pro-independence members tried to read their swearing in oath. The pair represent a new breed of more radical activists moving into Hong Kong's political mainstream and Beijing is not impressed. Here is Bill Birtles. Hong Kong's Legislative Council is a rare quasi democratic body in crisis. But two officials were banned from today's session after previously voicing support for Hong Kong's independence when they first tried to be sworn up. Ms Yao turned up anyway and when she tried to read the words of her swearing-in oath, it was snatched from her hands. The ban were defying a ban from entering the chamber until a legal challenge is heard until they can re-take their oaths. It could see the pair banned. Tensions boiled over. Ms Yao was ejected as guards grappled with them. TRANSLATION: We think the oath we took on October 12 was sincere and we tried our best to complete our oath.But that's not how it is being seen by the pro-establishment, pro-Beijing politicians. TRANSLATION: The chaos happened due to Yau not respecting the Chairman's decision and forcing themselves into the chamber. Also, they ignored the security control. We strongly condemn these movements which interrupt the process.Further angering the pro-independence camp is a plan to get the Chinese Government here in Beijing to resolve the crisis. Authorities in Hong Kong now reportedly want Chinese law-makers to interpret the city's basic law to work out what to do. That's raising concerns about Beijing further encroaching on Hong Kong's autonomy.It is not a democracy. It will affect our core values in Hong Kong, including separation of power.For now, Hong Kong's politicians are locked in a stalemate. With the session adjourned early and tensions between pro and anti-Beijing supporters high as ever. Now to Thailand. Authorities have banned joyful activities after the death of the monarch, but the country depends heavily on tourism and wants to resure Australians that they are woman. Thailand's Grand Palace has reopened to tourists, after the monarch died, after 73 years on the throne. There'll be a year of official mourning but the Prime Minister is keen to tell the world, Thailand is open for business. Whether you would be like a part of our spirit, or whether you would like to come and enjoy Thailand as you used to do, Thailand is ready. Visitors are asked to dress and behave respectfully but also soak up this historic moment in Thai history.Coming here makes the magnitude of the situation, I think, real.Yeah, big time.I think, ah, the tourism situation has taken a little bit of a hit, yeah.Maybe things are getting back to normal, but entertainment venues are still closed. And, of course, the dress, you can't get past the dress. Everyone's in black.For Australians, the next big tourist event will be the World Cup qualifier between the Socceroos and Thailand on 15 November. The Thai Government previously announced that chanting and joyful activities would be banned at the match but the tourism Minister says those rules will be relaxed.You can cheer. You can do everything that you would like to do. But at the same time we would invite you to maybe to share the spirit with us. So the dress code is recommended, but it's not required.The month of intense mourning in Thailand following the king's death will end just before the Socceroos' match. Meaning bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues should be returning to normal. That was Liam Cochrane. Now to Malaysia, where conservationists in the historical city of Georgetown say rapid development is threatening its World Heritage listing. A major row has erupted between activists and the Penang State Government over plans to build a public transport hub next to the heritage zone. Girish Sawlani reports. With its century-old businesses and world Heritage status, Georgetown is famous.The residents have all gone. The whole street is basically hotels and cafes. Even museums. But no residents. So we are losing the very thing that got us listed in the fist place.As a high-tech manufacturing hub, the state of Penang is dubbed the Silicon Valley of the east, and that's coming at a cost.In a way it is a victim of its own success. We are a centre for manufacturing. We are also a tourist destination.In March, the Penang State Government announced plans for a major public transport hub here in a historic site located just outside the World Heritage zone.The canal was effectively in place in the early 1800s, 1805, on the earliest maps, and it was a centre of trade, of - effectively of the Chinese community and the beginnings of the Chinese community here in Georgetown.The Government's plan to develop the site prompted a backlash of conservationists and one councillor who has written to UNESCO, who will send an impact assessment team. Using rail, and LRT, will not be suitable for Penang heritage.This fell on deaf ears.This is one of the main trunk roads that leads in and out of Georgetown to other parts of Penang. As you can see, traffic is backed up a fair way, especially during peak hours. This is why the State Government says it needs the transport hub.So I'm actually standing on a very old structure. Efforts by local activists to put a stop to those plans have been boosted by recent archeological excavations which uncovered artefacts that could be historically significant.Some of the ceramics could be dated, of course subject to confirmation but could be dated, back to the 1600s.We can coexist. I think we can have both the archeological site and also have the if
public transport station. Of course, if you move the site, you must remember that this is the only open space available for a public transport hub in the city. If we have to move, this will impact negatively on having an effective public transport system. You can't have a public transport station that is too far away from the city centre.With a full report on the findings expected in November, Penang State Government is confident George Town's heritage status will remain intact. And that ends our program. You can head to the ABC World page for all the latest international headlines. I'm Bev O'Connor. Thanks for watching.

This program is not captioned.

This program is not captioned.

This program is not captioned.