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G'day, good evening, welcome to another week of the most fired up show on TV. If you want to be in touch with me. You request go sear much fog her us on Facebook. Well, Donald Trump, the news is going his way, the polls are going his way. So just how wide is the smile of Ross Cameron, you will find out in a moment's or two's time. Much to discuss with Janine Perrett and Graham Richardson, all in fine form and plenty to fire up about. First, I wanted to talk about when minorities mean something and minorities don't mean something. When they matter and when they don't matter. Let's start with on Friday, the Prime Minister did the right thing, got together with all of the premiers and territory leaders to talk about domestic violence. The minority that doesn't matter here, see if you can see from some of the things that he said. Have a look. Now, to all those here today who have suffered domestic violence as well as those beyond these walls listening to us around Australia, we are gathered here today for you. Last year more than 100 women in Australia were killed in family violence related homicides. Around 132,500 women experienced violence by a partner. That we know about. Whether you have spoken up or suffered in silence, we Honourable your you did.Can you pick it yet? Let's try another one.If violence against women is trivialised with phrases like boys will be boys or the question is ask, what did she do to deserve it? We are complicit. We all make a difference by being better role models for our boys and our girls.OK. Well, first things first, Prime Minister, on behalf of the extreme majority of men who are nothing but loving and respectful of their women. Did you notice the minority that doesn't matter, the male victims of domestic violence. Anyone who has ever looked at the numbers, the extreme majority of victims are women. I think we should be spending more money on that than upgrading the Townsville stadium as much as I love Townsville and as