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(generated from captions) In 2016, Nico Rosberg drove
for which Formula One team? Mmm, McLaren?
Stop the clock.

Ferrari, maybe? Ferrari. Going Ferrari? The answer is...

I was thinking
it was going to be one of those two if
it wasn't McLaren. Chaser needs one. Governess,
your time restarts now. A '60s peace slogan was,
"Make love, not what"? War.
Correct. Oh, team! Yes, unfortunately, speaking of
which, it was a bit of a blitzkrieg in the final two minutes
for the Governess there. She went hard, she went fast. Sadly, I do have to say goodbye
to $32,000, but hold your heads high. Governess? Yes, they both did very well. John, in particular, I think,
is an extremely strong quizzer, but, yes, I'm rather relieved
to have got that under my belt. Indeed. Thanks for being with us. Look forward to your company
next time on The Chase Australia.

This program will be captioned
live by Ai-Media Tonight - a police officer
run over after cornering a driver
in a stolen car. More victims. Patients caught up in
the hospital chemo scandal. Is this another cover-up? New theory. What happened to Matthew Leveson? His former lover
is finally forced to speak. The Clinton email scandal - sending support
for Trump surging. Snakes on the loose,
a bizarre robbery on a pet store. The country's leading racing
experts with their tips, as Melbourne counts down
for the Cup. Plus, exclusive, inside the vault storing a century
of Sydney secrets. VOICE-OVER: Live from our
Sydney headquarters, this is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. It could be attempted murder - a highway patrol officer run down
by a driver on the Central Coast. It followed a pursuit. The car with stolen plates
was then cornered before it was driven
at the officer. Tonight, the patrolman's
been released from hospital as the manhunt intensifies. Walking with a limp,
stitches in his face, and bumps and bruises. A police officer,
who now knows first hand, how dangerous the job can be. Are you alright, mate? He is, but it was
an incredibly close call when he pulled over a car for a random breath test
this afternoon. It stopped, then took off. The senior constable gave chase,
into this dead end street. It appears as though
the driver had stopped, and as the officer approached, he's accelerated at him
and hit him. He was rolling around
on the ground. He wasn't getting up at all. He was yelling out
in a bit of pain. The 38-year-old father of two
was rushed to Gosford hospital, some of his workmates
close behind. While others began the search
for the man who ran him down, and the car he was driving. This grey 2002 Mitsubishi Magna,
with stolen number plates YOW279.

Those number plates were lifted
from a white Holden Astra

stolen from
this commuter car park about a week and a half ago. The thief had no thought
for the security cameras capturing the theft, or indeed,
very clear images of him. Witnesses, too,
got a good look at the driver. He had long, black hair, and would have been
in about his twenties. A description
which will go a long way to helping police catch him. Live to Damien Smith in Gosford. Damien, are police closing in
on the driver? Mark, armed as they are
with clear images of this man, police are confident
this offender will know his arrest will be
just a matter of time and may even hand himself in. There is immense relief in the injured officer's
Brisbane Waters Highway Patrol that he wasn't
more seriously injured. He even managed to ring his wife
after he arrived at hospital, to reassure her that he was OK
and would be home, tonight. Mark. Patients in a Sydney cancer unit
haven't been told tonight that they've been under dosed for
their serious medical condition. That information emerged today
at State Parliament at the start of an inquiry into
the chemo under dosing scandal already known to have affected
more than 150 people. Macquarie University Hospital. Its cancer unit
the latest to be caught up in the state's chemo scandal. Eight patients
who are yet to be told they were given the wrong dose
of drugs. Not every private patient
wants their details... I think they'd want to be told. The news came as medical chiefs
were grilled at State Parliament. I don't have any evidence
of a cover-up. The inquiry was triggered
by a chemo scandal involving Doctor John Grygiel. He allegedly under-dosed 129 cancer patients
at St Vincent's, and more than 23
at Orange and Bathurst. 44 of the patients died. Today it was revealed that there were other patients
under-dosed at St Vincent's, but they weren't included
in any investigation because they were dying
with brain tumours. No, we did not ignore them. How many cases
are we talking about, that you decided
not to put into the report? A handful of cases. The inquiry heard senior staff
refused to take part in the review. My recollection is that there
were four people who declined. St Vincent's Hospital admitted it kept sending patients
to see the doctor for four months after management
had found out about Dr Grygiel's under-dosing, and didn't tell
the health department. That is why we need
a special commission of inquiry to get to the bottom of this. So far Dr Grygiel is the only person who has lost
his job over the scandal. Tomorrow he will tell
his side of the story when he's called
to give evidence. Nearly a decade after Sydney man
Matthew Leveson went missing his former partner told
an inquest he might not be dead and might even be in Thailand. Michael Atkins has been acquitted
of Leveson's murder, but was in the witness box today compelled by the Supreme Court
to give evidence. They're steps Michael Atkins
has done his best to avoid. Do you know where the body is? Forced into the witness box to
finally give evidence publicly about what he believed happened
to Matthew Leveson, last seen leaving
the Arc Nightclub with Atkins in the early hours
of September 23rd, 2007.

That's despite no one,
not even his parents,

hearing from Matt for nine years. Matt's passport was found... Was it in the unit's rubbish? In the rubbish bag in
the common area of the garage. So that would mean Matt's
got a new identity as well, which he forgot to mention
in his story. His behaviour, or lack of it,
also came into question.

This is the second inquest into
the 20-year-old's disappearance. In 2008 a hearing was
sensationally suspended after detectives charged Atkins
with murder. The following year,
he stood trial but was acquitted by a jury. In May, he was ordered to front
a second inquest but appealed
to the Supreme Court. A legal battle he lost. Atkins appeared uneasy
while giving evidence, often fidgeting
in the witness box. At one point during proceedings,
he stopped, telling the court
he wasn't feeling well. Do you really believe Matthew's
in Thailand? But whatever evidence
Michael Atkins does give can't be used against him - he's been granted immunity. Witnesses have captured
the moment a Sydney taxi erupted
in flames outside a Condell Park
petrol station. It happened just before 1:30
on Edgar Street. It was closed, while fire crews
extinguished the flames. The driver escaped
without injury. A disabled homeless man
has woken from a coma after being attacked
in Sydney's west. He'd allegedly confronted
a couple trying to break into
a boarded up house at Hebersham. The man and woman now charged
with grievous bodily harm - accused of leaving him
with a serious head injury. Life is tough enough
for Troy Johnson. He lives in a backyard tent. Troy is homeless
and legally blind. His dog Toby is distressed because he doesn't know
where his best mate is. Sarah Williamson
and Andrew Atkins are accused of beating Troy over
the head with a blunt object - his injuries so severe,
he was placed in an induced coma. Police say Williamson and Atkins
were trying to break into this Hebersham home
when Troy confronted them. The blood was just streaming
down the side of his neck. Atkins is claiming self defence. His lawyer told the court
it was the victim who:

Williamson was released
on $500 surety

despite an earlier conviction
for Grievous Bodily Harm. Do you think she could be
responsible for this? Troy's family is sickened
by the attack. I feel, like, really mad. I wanted to get the two people
who done him or try to find them at least
to get justice done. Atkins was already on bail
for other violent offences and was refused bail. The man is recovering
at Nepean Hospital. Ashlea Brown is there,
Ash, how's he doing tonight? Mark, he's now
out of the induced coma, and able to sit up and talk. But it's too early
to know the full extent of his head injury and if he's suffered
permanent brain damage. It's expected he'll spend
another few days in hospital and undergo more scans. His family is trying to arrange alternative
accommodation for him, once he's released from hospital. Mark. A four-year-old Albury girl
has been flown to hospital in Melbourne
in a critical condition after overdosing
on the illegal drug GHB. Cameron Bo is at
the Royal Children's Hospital. Cameron - how did this happen? Mark, the good news is that the girl's condition
has improved significantly. To the point that she has been
discharged from hospital. Late on Friday night, the four year-old
became critically ill from a drug overdose. It's believed that she drank
from a water bottle that contained
the illicit drug GHB. On Saturday she was flown
to the Royal Children's Hospital and was fighting for her life. A thirty year-old man
was arrested at the scene and has been charged
with drug possession. At this stage authorities
are unable to confirm if the girl has been returned to the address
where she overdosed. There are also concerns about the possible
long term effects of a drug overdose
on someone so young. A couple, allegedly found
passed out on drugs, with a toddler in the car
last month has fronted Penrith court
on child neglect charges. What do you have
to say for yourself? It's alleged the little girl's
mother and a male friend had been smoking marijuana
before falling unconscious while the 15-month-old
was awake in the backseat. The pair will be
back in court next month. Mourners at today's funeral
for a Sydney family of four have been reminded of the
pressures on those caring for special needs children. Fernando Manrique, his wife Maria
and their two autistic children were found dead in their home
at Davidson a fortnight ago. Gassed, police believe,
in a murder-suicide. Side by side, Fernando Manrique
and his young son Martin - their coffins travelling
in the same hearse. Mother Maria Claudia and daughter
Elisa shared another. Fernando killed them all. But in death, their families
have found a peace their lost loved ones
struggled to find in life. It's wonderful in a world
where there's so much conflict and difficulties and yet these two families
can show real compassion. Maria Claudia, Fernando, Martin
and Elisa were farewelled at Wahroonga's Holy Name
Catholic Church. There was no anger
or finger-pointing, just a shared sense of loss. Artwork was displayed
on the altar - a reminder of the childrens'
talents and abilities. Teddy bears were placed
on their coffins, though none needed reminding
they'd been taken too young. Today's funeral isn't the end. The coronial inquest
is yet to come. And although it may seem clear just what went on
inside this suburban home, an inquest may still answer
some heartbreaking questions. As a society,
we need to understand and be better educated about the great wonders
of these children. The family's ashes will be
returned to Colombia. Bill Shorten has indicated
his Party may block new laws designed to ban thousands
of asylum seekers from ever entering Australia. The Labor leader says the laws the Government plans to put to
Federal Parliament next week appear ridiculous. In a remote South Australian
school, beans for breakfast... There you go, mate.
There you go. ..served by a Prime Minister. Charles, you want some more? As Malcolm Turnbull played
Maitre d', his new asylum policy earned him enemies. Divisive, hate politics. and a powerful Senate ally. I think we need to make
a very tough stance and put out clear message - refugees are not welcome here. Cabinet has already backed
legislation to ban asylum seekers who try to reach Australia
by boat from ever entering the country. Bill Shorten has kept a lid
on Labor's asylum divide ever since he convinced
the Party's 2015 Conference to broadly support
the government's border policies. But a ban that could stop
a person even visiting Australia decades down the track? This idea, on its face,
does seem ridiculous. The Labor Party will review
the legislation when this hapless government
can actually produce it. Mr Shorten now is being torn
apart by the left of his party. Labor sees the new laws as
politics intended to damage it. Government insiders argue
this is about policy. Many of the 2,100 asylum seekers
that remain on Nauru and Manus Island won't accept other options
because they still hope to reach Australia. These laws are designed
to finish that belief. We decide who is coming here. We don't outsource that
to the people smugglers. I see you on the TV. Playing friend
in remote South Australia, but a tough guy on asylum. The FBI now has
the warrants it needs to start investigating
another round of emails sent by Hillary Clinton
on a private server. The exchanges involving
disgraced sexting Congressman Anthony Weiner
have dominated headlines since the announcement was made. Giving Donald Trump
a big bounce in the polls heading into the final days
of the campaign. Sunday morning church
in Sin City. Donald Trump swayed, hoping
the polls keep doing the same. We never thought we were going
to say thank you to Anthony Weiner. It was the investigation into
the sexting Congressman that led the FBI to more
private Clinton emails. While Weiner's estranged wife,
Clinton's top aide, has disappeared
from the campaign trail. Clinton herself
headed to the pulpit. Everyone is knocked down in life and as my mother taught me
and showed me what matters
is whether you get back up. It now appears FBI agents found
these emails weeks ago. The boss wasn't briefed until he
dropped the news at the weekend. He might have taken
the first step of actually having looked
at them before he did this in the middle
of a presidential campaign so close to voting. 19 million Americans have already
cast their vote. Donald Trump knows this email
scandal is working for him. The first poll results out
since it broke show a third of voters now less likely to support
Hillary Clinton. His campaign says he now has
the momentum. The Clinton camp is pleading
with supporters to hit the ballot box in an increasingly
unpredictable race now just nine days
from the finish line. Someone's got thousands
of dollars worth of stolen snakes tonight
after a smash and grab at a pet store
in Sydney's southwest. Eight expensive carpet pythons
were stolen including the store's drawcard -
a rare albino. A thief smashes his way
into Macarthur Pets in Gregory Hills
early yesterday morning. He wastes no time in making his
way to his target - a rare albino carpet python. He definitely knew
what he was doing. As I said, he came straight down
to Everest so that was the first thing
he was after. He stuffs Everest, the shop's
treasured two-metre snake, into a sack,
followed by seven hatchlings. That's really bad animal welfare for hatchlings to go in
with an adult snake. The chances of
them snakes surviving and getting eaten
is pretty high. But it's six-year-old Everest
that staff desperately want back. He's our big boy
he's our biggest snake here on display
and he goes with us. We love him, he's an awesome
member of the family. The Snakes are worth
around $9,000, but it's not the money
Macarthur Pets is worried about. Everest holds much more
sentimental value and is strictly not for sale. We'd never sell him,
we've been offered for people to buy him
a lot of times and we've knocked it back
every time. People recognise him, people
are very devastated online to find out that he's gone. Hopefully not for long. Some staff are confident
they've encountered the thief in the store
asking to buy Everest. Police are urging anyone
who recognises the man - dressed in a Nike jumper
and an Under Armour hat - to call Crime Stoppers. Plenty of sunshine about today -
here's Brownie with more. Fergo, Sydney turned it on today. A taste of things
to come this week. But up north it was
a stormy afternoon in the north-east corner
of the state. A fast moving storm whipped
a wind to 113 km/h at Coffs Harbour. The bureau is warning
of damaging winds and hail from Grafton to the border
this evening. Down south a few showers
are forecast to slip across Flemington tomorrow afternoon for
the running of the Melbourne Cup. A top of only 17 degrees.

Back home the
October rains failed. Less than half the monthly
average was recorded in the city. And it was warm too. I'll have the week ahead
in about 30 minutes, Fergo.

When soldiers go to war, they don't expect a battle
when they return home. Next, why some of our most elite
say they're doing it tough. The plan to get
a better deal on insurance. The risky rescue to save a toddler
stranded three floors up. Plus, the Melbourne Cup Parade and the experts
tell us their tips.

Behind this massive door

are the secrets of Sydney's
rich and powerful. For the first time, our cameras take you inside
Australia's greatest safe, with mysteries locked inside
for almost a century. That's coming up on Seven News. Australia's number one.

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The RSL is speaking out tonight
against the Defence Department

because we've had as many
military and veterans suicides this year
as deaths in Afghanistan. Soldiers who found
the hardest thing about war was coming home, and, in the RSL's view,
then being abused while asking for help. Gathering in the shadows
of their forebears, this new generation
of war veterans who are suffering
on a whole new front. I know I felt like giving up. Not just on my career,
but on my life. Pennie Looker knows more about
mental health than most. She was a serving psychologist
in East Timor but on returning home suffered
from post-traumatic stress. Like many others, she was sent to
the Defence Welfare Board. I got nothing but accusations
and made to feel guilty about being unwell. Patrick Steere was a member of the elite special operations
regiment. But on seeking help had his
personal demons paraded before a panel of peers. It's like your whole world
just encloses on you. Everyone is looking at you
and judging you. Sitting in front of officers and
having five or six of them... What is with that? Where is the personal touch? And the personal care
that these men and women need. This year, 47 veterans
have taken their own lives, that's more than the total
Australian losses during the Afghanistan war. The RSL says enough is enough - something needs to change. I've been to one
as a support person and I was disgusted. If the Defence hierarchy
won't look after their wounded, injured, and ill
members, RSL will. A spokesperson for the Minister
for Veterans Affairs said...

Everyone has survived

Italy's third intense earthquake
in a fortnight. It was 6.6 in magnitude -
the strongest in 36 years - northeast of Rome. Nuns ran from church
before being helped by firemen - as buildings collapsed
in a busy square. There have been
more than 200 aftershocks - and geologists say
they could go on for weeks. The region hit is again close
to the town of Amatrice where almost 300 people died
in July. In China a man
has risked his life - climbing up a building
to the third floor with just his bare hands
to rescue a child hanging from a window. The two-year-old had fallen
through the security window. The boy was pushed back through
and was unhurt. He'd been home alone. Less than 24 hours to go now
to the Melbourne Cup. And Mel McLaughlin
is there this evening. Mel - before the race
that stops the nation there's the parade
that stops the city. It certainly does, Mark. This is a traditional event,
and thousands turn out for it. Horses, jockeys, trainers
and former Cup champions. And the trophy worth $175,000
by itself that'll be given
to the winner tomorrow afternoon.

It is the march to a racing rhythm on the day before the contenders parade with champions of the past and future. Thousands turning out to see cup legend. We have two good horses in the race. Cup favourite, James is riding Hartnell. For Caitlin, her life's work has come to this. I have dreamt of this my entire life so it is good it finally happening. Opening to shout in Michelle Payne's foot steps. Last year's winner was at work in Ballarat. She is confident in herself and we're hoping she can do well tomorrow. This is what they are racing for, the 2016 Melbourne Cup. The winner of the first race in 1861 took home a watch. Tomorrow there is $6 million in prize money up for grabs in this cup of 18 carat old that insures a place in racing history. A trip 50 years in the making. We are from Gympie in Queensland and are enjoying every minute. Don't bet on a three legged horse. $30,000 to win. Plenty of bets. $80,000 cash. A lot of money changing hands in the race to find the hat that stops a nation. I want to steal the show. A fascination for the tours. I hold the bag, and say everything looks good. Melbourne cup Day is live and free exclusively on seven from 10 AM tomorrow morning, the big race is at 3 PM, we have hot tips also coming up and exclusive details on a Star Rugby League players injuries. A lot to look forward to.

It's been revealed another hero
risked his life to save others in that Brisbane
bus fire tragedy. We speak to him next
in Seven News. Also, do you know this man? We'll tell you why police
want to speak to him. The new treatment
set to be prescribed for some seriously ill patients
from tomorrow. What's inside
Sydney's secret vault? And the Sydney residents
well prepared for fright night. That's next.

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We know about the Brisbane cabbie

who saved passengers
on a burning bus last week, but today another hero emerged - a tow truck driver who jumped on to try
to save the bus driver who'd been set alight
by a mental patient. When passengers were screaming
to be let off the burning bus, Peter Buxton jumped on. I stood next to Manmeet
in his seat there, and tried to put the flames out. Fully full of black,
sooty smoke, the roof was melting
and dripping down. The 53-year-old tow truck driver
usually works on the Gold Coast. On Friday he was sent to a job
in Brisbane - fate involving him in a tragedy
he'll never forget. I stopped behind the bus and saw someone come running out
with their leg on fire. At that stage, as a human being,
I was there to help, so I jumped out and grabbed
a fire extinguisher. The man he saw was
accused killer Anthony O'Donohue.

O'Donoghue was treated in the public health system and whether it failed is a metaphor investigation.

We've engaged a very senior
forensic psychiatrist to conduct that review, which will be independent
of Government. Seven News has learnt O'Donohue was diagnosed with
a delusional disorder in 2011. The unemployed local
had conspiracy theories about the Government and unions
being responsible for his demise. Overnight...

The Indian prime minister spoke about the concern felt overseas.

Police have their guns trained
on a house in Wollongong's south, where residents reported
seeing a man pointing his own gun at people
early this afternoon. Surrounding streets
and the Berkeley Hotel are in lockdown. An unarmed man has been arrested, and police are holding
their positions for now. Police need help
to identify a man who knocked an elderly woman
to the ground at Burwood train station. Security vision captured
the attack last month, which sent the 72-year-old
tumbling down at the ticket gates. She was treated
for minor injuries. The video shows
the alleged attacker, making an aggressive gesture
towards a security camera as he left the scene. More than 200 Dreamworld staff
returned to work today. They performed administration
and maintenance tasks, while international engineers
and safety experts carry out a mechanical audit
of every ride at the theme park. Returning to work
has not been compulsory, it is for those staff
who want to come back, help the park
and support their colleagues. Dreamworld bosses say they still have no time frame
for reopening, following the ride tragedy that killed four people,
last week. The first prescriptions
for medicinal cannabis will be written here any day now. But doctors are warning it'll be anything
but a free-for-all. Hopeful patients are being told
to expect red tape and delay, and no guarantee of supplies. Watch closely
as four-year-old Arielle has a flash epileptic fit. It happens up to 100 times a day and it's often much worse
than this. Her lips will go blue
and then she'll vomit. # And I'll make mine... # Arielle's dad is Tim Harding, the former Hi-5
song and dance man who's now making
a whole lot of noise about medical marijuana. After five prescription drug
fails, he says cannabis
is his daughter's only hope. It really is the world's
most useful plant. And from tomorrow it's legal -
well, sort of. Doctors will be allowed to
prescribe it. But patients in some states won't yet be allowed
to possess it. This will roll out
over a period of time. First in line will be
the terminally ill, where traditional painkillers
don't work. Others will be children like
Arielle with intractable epilepsy as well as some
with multiple sclerosis. The people who need it
should be able to get it. They're probably not going
to get it as quickly as they should. Some states like New South Wales
are moving towards pharmacy drugs like Sativex - a cannabis oil mouth spray
which costs $16,000 a year. I feel better already. Others, like Victoria, are
growing the raw leaf themselves and expect to supply patients
for as little as $100 a course. It's not just a simple case
of writing a prescription on the 1st of November. This is going to take
a lot of time. You might have a few knocks
at the door tonight as youngsters embrace
the Halloween hype across Sydney. Children have already started
trick or treating on Renwick Street in Drummoyne, one of the busiest and scariest Halloween hotspots
in our suburbs. And children at
Ronald McDonald House at Westmead didn't miss out
on the festivities. They had a visit from
Western Sydney Wanderers players like we've never
seen them before. Households pay hundreds, some even thousands of dollars
a year, on insurance. Next, from your home to your car, the campaign to help consumers
find better deals. Also, why the experts
aren't betting on an interest rate cut tomorrow. Romance rumours, has Prince Harry
finally found love? And it's a clear close
to a dry October. What's November like?

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A majority of economists say they
expect the official interest rate

to stay on hold tomorrow when the Reserve Bank board
meets. One major factor is
Sydney's strong property market. There were more than 1,000
auctions on the weekend, with a clearance rate of 84%. Melbourne also has
a hot property market, making a rate cut unlikely. Drivers are getting better deals
on car insurance these days, but home insurance
is going through the roof. Now the Federal Government
is being pressured to set up an independent
comparison website so consumers can see
if they're being ripped off. The Ormsby family says
it's saved hundreds of dollars on its insurance cover. It just pays to shop around. They have different insurers
for each of their two cars and house, working out cheaper
than multi-policy discounts. I might as well save the money
for our family and not be lining
some shareholders' pockets. Home insurance is getting way
more expensive. In the four years to 2016
the consumer price index rose 8%. But the average home policy
went up 38%. Almost four times wages, so
really steeply soaring premiums. It's a different story
for car insurance. The cost of cover for, say,
a 1-year-old Holden Commodore has dropped 7% in a year. Polices range from $436
to almost $1,400 - a difference of almost $1,000. And the lowest quote is down 20%
on a year ago. This is the car insurance
price war that your provider doesn't
want you to know about. One Big Switch, of which
Seven West Media is a partner, has launched a campaign to snare
deals for home and car insurance. Hunting premiums
and understanding the fine print in a market with a bewildering
number of options, leading to calls today
for a new way to make the best insurer choice. A Federal Government-run
comparison service for home and vehicle insurance. You won't end up with a worm
of a policy that costs you the earth. Insurers say it won't work. Many would say he's the world's
most eligible bachelor, but rumours are rife that Prince Harry has turned
to Hollywood for love. He's reportedly dating American
actress Meghan Markle, who plays Rachel Zane in the US
legal drama 'Suits'. No comment from the royals, but the British tabloids are
quoting aides close to Harry who say the Prince is besotted, and happier than he's been
for many years. There's a massive vault
hidden under the city. Don't miss what's behind
this 27-tonne door. That story soon on Seven News. Plus, the new flavour Coke hopes will increase
flat sales. But now let's go back to
Mel McLaughlin at Flemington Mel, you've got
some breaking NRL news? Yes, Mark,
one of the Panthers stars has found himself
in a spot of bother, we'll have more on that shortly. Plus the Aussie's declare
a sledging war on South Africa. And some big money
on some big stayers. We'll have all you need to know
from our racing experts, ahead of the big race.

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Welcome back to Flemington, and the question
everyone's asking tonight, who to back tomorrow
in the Melbourne Cup? Hartnell remains the favourite, while Jameka attracted
a massive bet today. But we've asked our experts, Francesca Cumani
and Bruce McAvaney, and here are their tips.

The race that stops the nation

continues to get bigger
each year. Now, I think, it at least
pauses the rest of the world for about three minutes. The race that stops the nation and wakes up
the rest of the world. Sydney stayer Hartnell
had a final hit out at Flemington this morning
and remains favourite. Hartnell is the best horse, but there's that query about
3,200 metres, and did the Cox Plate
flatten him. Jameka is the other local runner
punters rate. Oceanographer is backing up
from Saturday's Lexus Stakes. His run in the Lexus
was stunning. It was breathtaking,
and seeing is believing. Of the international raiders,
jockey Frankie Dettori is. The Melbourne Cup is a massive
race that I love to win, and I will try again tomorrow.

I am going to have to go with Grey Lion who is trained by my brother.

Katelyn Mallyon's on board
70-to-1 chance Assign. She's the only female jockey
in tomorrow's race, and going all-out to emulate the fairy-tale finish
Michelle Payne produced last year on Prince of Penzance. Remember, he was a 100-to-1.
It was an incredible feat. Can lightning strike twice in
the same place within 12 months? Melbourne Cup Day is live and
free exclusively on Seven, and the PLUS7 app
from 10:00 tomorrow morning. The big race at 3:00. The Aussies say they'll push
the limits with sledging, but the South Africans say they're here to act as gentlemen
in the Test series. The build-up for Thursday's first
Test is heating up in Perth, as Mitchell Starc accepted
a duel with the Proteas' paceman. The Aussie brains trust talked tactics and selection
in the middle of the WACA, for a series they're promising
will be as intense as the Ashes. We play an aggressive brand
of cricket. We know where the line is,
we head-butt it, we don't go over it. I want to keep it
as gentlemanly as possible if there is a word like that. Dale Steyn's plan to target
Steve Smith, has caught the Aussies'
attention. They keep talking about how good a bowling attack
they are. It's for us to match that,
and better that, in our own conditions. We know they love
to talk about it, they love to talk it up. Peter Siddle's battling
new paceman Joe Mennie for the final place in the 11. Mitchell Starc's
ready to unleash his 160kay
bat-breaking thunderbolts. The wound's not closed yet, but that's not going
to stop me bowling. Usman Khawaja says the Aussie batsmen will deal
with Steyn and the South Africans like they did with the
highly-rated Kiwis last summer. I guess no-one's ever happy
because when we did do that, everyone started saying
they're a weak attack, even though we just played
really well. There's a new chapter
in English cricket misery. (CHEERING) Bangladesh has beaten them in
a test match for the first time. England lost 10 for 63 in a calamitous
second innings collapse. 19 year-old spinner,
Mehedi Hasan's, 12-wicket haul sealed
the historic 108-run victory. COMMENTATOR: Close.
Given! To breaking news now in the NRL, and Seven News can reveal there's
concern for a star player at the Penrith Panthers. Rugby League reporter Liam Cox joins us live from
NRL Headquarters. Liam, you have exclusive details
on an incident involving Peter Wallace? Good evening, Mel. Peter Wallace has been involved
in a rock fishing accident while on holidays in Queensland. The Penrith veteran
was swept off his feet, and severely sliced
both hands open on the rocks. He's undergone emergency surgery
on both hands. The injuries so severe he won't
return to pre-season training until late December. Wallace,
a senior player at Penrith, had a great year at dummy half, we wish him
a speedy recovery, Mel. Thanks, Liam. This could be the start of
one of sport's great comebacks. The Chicago Cubs won game five
of baseball's World Series today, to keep the series alive. COMMENTATOR:
Well struck and gone! Ah, that's what these folks
have been waiting for. The Cubs beat Cleveland 3-2. And now trail the Indians
three games to two. Game 6 is in Cleveland
on Wednesday, as Chicago tries to end their
108-year World Series drought.

When it comes to finding
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by Energy Australia's Flexi Saver and Red Energy's Easy Saver deal. Canstar says checking usage
and supply charges is the best way to compare deals. Every banker knows
that when times are tough, nervous investors
look for safe deposit boxes. Just in case. We're now going to take you inside one of the oldest,
biggest, and safest vaults in the country. A place where
discretion's guaranteed, right in the heart of Sydney. Through war and depression,
boom and bust, this door has kept secrets
and treasures safe. 27 tonnes, 70 cm thick, and several stories
under Martin Place, one of Australia's biggest vaults protects 13,000 safe deposit
boxes at the Commonwealth Bank. One belongs to Greg Best. It's been in the family
for decades. My parents first got it
in the late '80s. We lived in area where we had
a lot of bushfires. Inside, he keeps title deeds,
a will, his parents wedding rings, old
negatives, the irreplaceable. Peace of mind,
it's absolute peace of mind. For nearly 90 years, it is where Sydneysiders
have kept their most precious possessions. But you wanted to join them,
it will take a while - the waiting list
for one of these, 3.5 years. Built in the 1920s, for the old
Government Savings Bank, with all its marble and mosaics, private rooms to view
your valuables, it was designed to impress
generations of customers. This is where the money is kept. A bit like Aladdin's cave. The door was shipped from London, then delivered by
horse and cart - the second largest of its kind
in the world. Banks today are possibly more
worried about cyber criminals, but down here, security
still comes down to a door with 24 bolts, keys
and combinations. Has it ever been broken into? Not that I'm aware of. And inside the safe is another
that was a potential lifesaver. So, in the old days, if this was
locked, and people were locked inside, we needed to have
an ulterior way of getting out. It leads to a special tunnel
and freedom. They can't say who's had
a spot here. Sometimes they never hear
from the owners again. Without payment,
eventually the box is emptied, but the bank still keeps
their secrets. This is from one of the original
safe deposit boxes. It's been with the bank
since 1929. It could be a will inside,
they don't know. And if it stays unclaimed,
no one will ever know. An account that never closes, unlike that door that,
every night, seals in Sydney's treasures. The day's finance is coming up
in Seven News. Plus, the Sydney students hoping
to dance into the record books. A sunny 23 today. More sunshine tomorrow. Your forecast is next.

hi eveyone, well there's goes October, say hello to November! Tomorrow sould be a mostly sunny w=one with reasonably light winds too, and at this stage that looks liek the forecast for not only your backyard but right thourhg the rest of the week! This is so rare! Its like a run of porper spring days!! Melbourne cup day tomorrow too if your wondering chance of a shower for the day but the big race should be dry at this stage!

It's gonna be $125...
$125.60. VOICEOVER:
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how much you use.

Get on to
Origin Predictable Plan.

Tonight's Seven News headlines -

police searching
for this Mitsubishi Magna after its driver
ran down a police officer, after being cornered
on the Central Coast. Eight more patients caught
in the chemo dosing scandal, and they haven't been told yet. A former lover
forced to give evidence at a coronial inquest believes Matthew Leveson,
a man missing, presumed dead, is living in Thailand. And racing experts Bruce McAvaney
and Francesca Cumani are tipping Hartnell
and Grey Lion in tomorrow's Melbourne Cup. The ASX 200 added 34 points today thanks to mining companies
and the big banks. Qantas shares were up,
despite the airline warning its interim underlying profit
could be down by as much as 13%. Our dollar is buying
just over 76 US cents, and 62.41 British pence. Coke released
a new ginger flavour today, hoping to boost summer sales. It's traditional Coke,
mixed with ginger beer, but, oddly, ginger isn't listed
on the label as an ingredient. The flavour is being sold
as a world first exclusively in Australia. It takes a lot of coordination to get 5,500 children
singing and dancing in sync. Today, they did - students from 500 public schools
across NSW rehearsing for the 33rd Annual
Schools Spectacular. # Dance, dance, dance... # I'm pretty excited, 'cause this is, like,
a new experience for me. People like Anja Nissen,
Jai Waetford, Human Nature, have all had their start here. Organisers are hoping
to break a Guinness World Record for biggest variety show. It'll be on at
Sydney Olympic Park at the end of this month, and broadcast here
on Channel Seven. Now here's our meteorologist
David Brown with Sydney's weather. Fergo, it's a clear and mild
evening across town. And it's slowly warming. Today's top was 23.3 degrees
at lunch time for the last day of October. Mid 20s were the order of
the afternoon across the suburbs. Penrith hit 25 degrees. The other extreme was 21
at Terrey Hills. Up north,
showers and thunderstorms are rumbling across
the north-east corner. Coffs Harbour reported winds
to 113kph in a storm early today. A small low developed
a short time ago.

It'll pop offshore tonight and maintain a few more showers
over the north coast tomorrow. It'll be fine
and mainly sunny elsewhere. Warmer mid-week. Brisbane showers
and thunderstorms 27 degrees. Melbourne a few more showers
and only 17. Warmer in Perth, a sunny 26.

Steamy conditions in Cairns and fine and 31.

State-wide, fine
and mainly sunny tomorrow apart from a few more showers
about the northern coast. A strong wind warning
is current for the Eden Coast. Temperatures much like today. Along the coast - east to north-east winds
to 15 knots, tending north-westerly
at a similar strength in the evening.

Forecast for tomorrow, wins getting up to 15 kn. A low southerly swell up to 2 m and the water temperature hovering around 21

On the pollen front, another moderate count
is expected tomorrow. In the city, remaining dry. A mild and mainly sunny day
is on the way. UV forecast is very high. Top 23 degrees
for the first day of November. Looking further ahead,
warmer Wednesday. Little change Thursday. Friday, sunny and near 30
in the west. A weak change slipping through
Saturday afternoon. Sunday fine and mid 20s. That's the latest weather. What a stunning
start to November, Fergo. That's Seven News
for this Monday. We'll have updates for you
throughout the evening. I'm Mark Ferguson.
Hope you have a great night. Live Captioning by Ai-Media

SIMMO: I'm pretty sure a lot of
people would be keen to see these. Your girlfriend's boss,
for starters. You're gonna start
stripping cars for me. Why didn't you tell me? It's gonna be alright. No! I feel sick! I got us into this mess.
I'm gonna get us out of it. You're gonna delete those photos
and then you're gonna disappear. You're gonna regret this, Ashford. (GRUNTS, PANTS) No matter what the DNA says,
she's my sister and no-one is telling her she's not. You know, I'd appreciate it if you took back whatever bull
you sold Raffy about us. I didn't say anything. It's not in your best interests
for her to hate us. She's working here now? PHOEBE: You know,
the weirdest thing is it seems like she's
actually trying. RAFFY: Why did you say
that stuff about the Morgans? HOPE: What stuff?
You told me not to trust them - they were liars and it was the
reason you tried to run away. We don't really know them, so... So there's nothing you're not
telling me about the Morgans - nothing I...need to know? Nope.

HOPE: So, I made a whole bunch
of tips yesterday. Legally?
Ooh, you're hilarious.

Hopefully I can save enough money
so we can move out and get a car... What - opposed to just stealing one? OK, what is with you? (SIGHS)
Is it what I said at the hospital? I just don't get why you said it. I've told you - the Morgans
give me a weird vibe.

What - don't you believe me?

Alright. I'm gonna go to work. See ya.