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(generated from captions) purpose-built US facility by the year's end. We just got to leave that there but the imgligs minister Peter Dutton has started a media conference.At the moment we face a scenario where we have 14,000 people in Indonesia ready to hop on boats. We have difficulties in Sri Lanka and Vietnam and elsewhere. People who believe the people smugglers have again away or that the issue around people arriving by boat have blind
somehow disappeared, are completely blind to the facts in relation to this issue. Now, the government has done a number of things, firstly it now has been over 800 days since we've had a successful people smuggling venture. Labor Party presided over 50,000 people coming on 800 boats and 1200 people downed at sea. We've not had a drowning at sea since the commencement of Operation Sovereign Borders. We have been able to close centres here on out
the mainland and get 2,000 children out of detention. I am not going the preside over a situation where we see boats recommence and a need for detention centres, either on the mainland or in other parts of our region, to reopen or to be arrivals.
re-established to accommodate new arrivals. Mr Shorten has a very simple proposition in front of him. That is that he supports the government's proposal to stop people who would seek to come to Australia by boat from receiving a visa. Mr Rudd in July 2013 was quite specific about it and the Labor Party has claimed at least up until the last 48 hours that they were of a similar view to us and that they would if
support an ongoing arrangement where if people seek to come to our country by boat, they won't be settled in this country. Now, the difficulty for Mr Shorten is that in the absence of his leadership on this issue, he now have the left wing of the Labor Party running around, putting out social media messages, no doubt picked up by people in regional processing centres and the people smugglers themselves monitor very closely exactly what each of us says in relation to this issueand is it any wonder that people smugglers can see a weak Labor leader a mile away? Mr Shorten has certainly put himself into that category and we want to make sure we can get the support of a Labor Party which demands Mr Shorten to take control back of this issue within his party because, clearly, the Labor Party, as they were at the last election, remains bitterly divided when it comes to Border Protection policies. I am happy to take any questions.You say that this is simply trying to stop refugees from resettling here, but it is clearly different now when you are talking about not letting them ever travel here or visit here as a tourist or on business, so can you explain why that is necessary as a separate thing to resettling them here and giving them a resettlement visa? Why the government views it as necessary to stop them even travelling here for a temporary period?There are a number of reasons. Once somebody comes here, they are under migration law and under the protocols and the convention able to claim protection and they are able to then Em bril themselves in a very costly legal process where hundreds of cases are under way at the moment where people have come to Australia for medical assistance and then we have injuncted to go back to wrench natural processing systems. People have num rouse opportunities to appeal cases all the way -- numerous opportunities to appeal cases all the way to the High Court so there is the very real prospect that somebody would go to a third country and then would seek to come to our country at some future point and we have said that that is unacceptable and that is what I understood the Labor Party to say, but if you are going to allow some sunset clause, which Mr Rudd never made that qualification, Mr Shorten never made that qualification and neither did his predecessor, Ms Gillard they are were definite, as I recall their words, in saying if you seek to come by boat you will never settle in this country. Mr Shorten now is being torn apart by the left of his party and it demonstrates why in government and in opposition the Labor Party has no ability to send a tough message to people smugglers and to keep our borders under control.It would Seymour likely this measure would be supported if there were some clear resettlement destination for these people?No, you either support this measure or you don't. The Labor Party either supports it or they don't. There is no qualifications around it. The issue for Bill Shorten is to show leadership and not allow the left of his party to run out, to put tweets out and Facebook posts and the rest of it, like some undisciplined rabble. Mr Shorten needs to show leadership because the people smugglers are watching this indecision and they know that Mr Shorten is no better than Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd when it comes to Border Protection approached by Labor. This is the reality. This was an opportunity for Mr Shorten to join with the government to send a very clear message because at the moment people do believe they will come to our country, regardless of what we said, regardless of how many times I have said it publicly and as far back as July 2013, Mr Rudd and every other leader of major parts have said it since, people believe they will come to this country and they believe if they hold out long enough the Australian government will foal and they will come to this decided that
country. Now hundreds before have decided that not to be the case, that they returned back to their country of origin or back to a third country. The legislation that we are putting forward cannot be any clearer in our intent and I hope the people see that in what the government is doing.If you don't have any - I mean, aren't there already mechanisms and you talk about the problems that arise yesterday for example you mentioned on partner visas, but there were already systems in place the prevent that happening. You have to demonstrate an ongoing relationship with that person over a period of time to apply for a partner visa. Similarly if you, and overstay there are measures in the system --This is a fundamental point with respect. Once people are here, we are in a legal round join about and it cost the taxpayers' millions of dollars in each case. There are 30,000 cases here at the moment of people who the Labor Party allowed to get onto boats, 1200 drowned at sea but of the 50,000 around about 30,000 are here now. We are in this endless you
legal arrangement. Not only that, if you have got people who have come from countries where we cannot do runs like we might do to Sri Lanka for amendment's sake or to Vietnam or the UK or US or Canada, wherever it might be, that is forced returns, if you are talking about somebody from a country like Iran or Iraq or elsewhere, those countries will only take people back if the person guess voluntarily and so once people get here they know there is not the ability to be deported and there is not the ability to be returned back, even if the government wins at every turn in the courts. That is why it is a complicated mess age and that is why we are not going to send a message to people, particularly from countries who don't have the ability to be forcibly returned, as we do when people arrive off aircraft or if they stay, overstay their visa student.
arrangements as a tourist or student. People are taken into immigration attention every day and are returned back to their country, whether it is against share will or not, but there are certain countries and these are represented in significant number within the IMA cohort, they come from countries where they cannot be forcibly returned. So, your proposition with respect is to embroil us in another legal process which will never be resolved and will cost literally tens of millions of dollars on an annual basis and much, much more. That is the difficulty. So, that is why it is encumbant upon Mr Shorten to come out to show the leadership that he supports this in principle. We will work with the Labor Party. We will provide them briefings. But we are not going to allow the work that we have done, the games we have presided over, over the course of the last couple of years, to be undone. I am not having children and women drawning at sea during my period in this portfolio. I am not going to allow children to come back into detention. I am not going to allow detention centres to be reopened. Labor can talk all they want. The Greens, who are in coalition with the Labor Party at the time, can talk all they want. In this space, talk is cheap. What they presided over was deaths at sea. At an $11 billion blow out, we have tidied that mess up. This is the latest step in tieying Labor's mess up. We will not take a backward step until we get people back to their country of arrangements or untiling in PNG or Nauru or Cambodia or wherever the case might be, but I won't do it in such a way that allows the people smugglers to get look
back into business because if you look at what is happening on the people
Mediterranean now and thousands of people are losing their lives on the Mediterranean. If you look at what is happening in France across. Continental Europe, look at what is coming out of Libya and we have a significant problem ongoing because we don't have boats arriving each day doesn't mean that our efforts at sea and in the air and through the intelligence agencies and certain ports and the rest of it somehow that is no longer required. It is. The threat of boats recommencing, and if you get half a dozen through, you will get 60 and you will get 600. We're not presiding over that mess. I thought Bill Shorten had learnt the lesson. I thought Bill Shorten had learnt from the failure of Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd but it is obvious to me that Bill Shorten has not learnt the lessons of history. The Labor Party has divided itself again on this issue just at a time when our country needed them to step up, support the government's work, to stare down people smugglers and Mr Shorten sorry
should rise to the occasion and I am sorry he hasn't been able to do so, so far. Can you explainy the policy does not convention?
breach section 31 of the UN convention?Our advice is very clear in relation to the constitutionality, the power. It's very clear in relation to the advice that we got from AGD and AGS, and from my own department. If there are issues brought to our attention, I'm happy to look at them. But the legal advice was definite and wive been clear about that. Thanks very much. So that was... We may just leave at the there. Just stay with that. About those changes, can you tell us about that.I'm not going to go into that. The point is, we want to get this bill through and quickly. We want to do it with the support of the Labor Party. The crossbenchers only come into the equation if the Labor Party decides they are not going to support what is a sensible measure. As a courtesy, we started some discussion but that will continue, no doubt, when Parliament returns. And perhaps before hand. But the priority now is to get Mr Shorten in a position to agree to this legislation, because it is in the nation national interest. It will allow us to return people pack to their countries of origin, or to third countries, and we have the ability, through this legislation to send a clear ask consistent message, one that peept aren't listening to at the moment and I think that Mr Shorten needs to step up, learn the lessons of Labor's past failures, support this bill, and I hope that we got support from the independents. That won't be necessary if Mr Shorten supports this very reasonable measure.So it was live from Sydney. Peter Dutton calling on Labor to support this move to impose a lifetime ban on asylum seekers that try to come to Australia by boat after July 2013, from visiting Australia. We're expecting Labor's Andrew Leigh to hold a media conference in about 25 minutes time. He's the Opposition's trades spokesperson. That will be about Andrew Robb, the former trade minister, getting this job with the