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(generated from captions) ..the Siegfried Line cost the
Americans 140,000 casualties.

But, ultimately,
it was an overly ambitious project

that the German forces simply
couldn't maintain.

The truth is,
with the Siegfried Line -

and it applies to so many
of the big Nazi projects -

is that Germany is just

they don't have enough of anything.

And so they start these huge
great projects,

but they just don't have the
manpower or the materials

to really see it through.

And this is certainly the case
with the Siegfried Line,

it's just too vast, it's too big
an obstacle to effectively man.

Many of the structures
along the Siegfried Line

were so solidly built that the Allies
found them impossible to demolish.

They're testament to one of the
biggest construction projects

ever undertaken on German soil,

and a reminder of the men
who lost their lives

fighting to defend and destroy it.

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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Lifetime ban - the government's
tough new approach to asylum seekers. The door to Australia is closed
to those who seek to come here by boat with a people-smuggler. It is closed. A devasating family reunion -
the brother of murdered bus driver Manmeet Sharma arrives in Australia. Hillary Clinton enlists more star
power to recruit voters as a new FBI probe into her emails
emboldens Donald Trump. Her criminal action
was willful, deliberate, intentional and purposeful. This is SBS World News Australia
with Lee Lin Chin. Good evening. The Federal Government
wants asylum seekers trying to arrive by boat to be
banned for life from entering Australia. Refugee advocates have slammed
the blacklist which, if sucessful,
would be retrospective.

The message couldn't be clearer.The door to Australia is closed to those who seek to come here by boat.And navigating past the country's already strict immigration laws is set to become impossible. The parliament will be asked in the incomes few weeks to ledge late a lifetime ban on any adults detained in the Manus Island or Nauru detention centres. That includes further tourists and those hoping for a business visa.You need the clearest of clear message. This is a battle of will.This will be backdated to when Kevin Rudd signed an offshore agreement with PNG.Any asylum seeker who arrives by boat will have no chance of settling in Australia as a refugee. This policy is required. It is necessary. And it deserves the support of the Labor Party.Enforcing strict borders has become bipartisan policy of late but the Opposition wants to see the detail before agreeing to anything. What I would say it's a distraction from Peter Dutton hopeless mismanagement of his portfolio. Children will be exempt and the immigration minister will have the power to lift the ban on someone should they see fit.Parliament should never enact laws which set out to deliberately punish people who have sought safety and protection here.Those who have risked it all, they say they did so not to skip a queue but out of desperation.You can't say, that coming here by boat and staying in detention is like nothing.As Pauline Hanson took to twitter to claim credit for what she called One Nation policy, others rallied in her state of Queensland, pledging support for those in offshore detention.We have a moral obligation to look after our fellow humans.Just so heartbreaking. These people are suffering so much.The arguable from the government that a strong humanitarian program is only possible with even mightier borders. Day vid joins me now. Why has the government announced this policy now?Well, that's the question many Labor MPs are asking given that the last successful boat arrival happened roughly 800 days ago. They say it's curious why this is on the government's agenda at all. The Labor MPs I spoke to this afternoon have called this classic wedged politician. They say the government is trying to lob policy pressure on them. Immigration policy and border protection is a sore spot for Labor, there were many dand dates during the recent campaign who were boat turn backs and offshore detention but publicly had to express support for them. In the end, the legislation, Labor says it will look at it closely just to make sure there are no hidden extras. David speaking us to from Canberra. David Sharaz there. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull flew
out of Sydney straight after the asylum seeker announcement David Sharaz there. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull flew
out of Sydney straight David Sharaz there. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull flew
out of Sydney straight David Sharaz there. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull flew
out of Sydney straight after the asylum seeker announcement David Sharaz there.

Mr Sharma mass arrived to bring the man's body home. Manmeet came to Australia to help his family in India but he had bigger plans.He had big dreams. When he talked about his future, he always said "Brother, you will see see, one day I will be leader in Australia.He has been charged Anthony O'Donohue has been charged with murder. He is accused of dosing Manmeet in fuel and setting him on fire. Today his brother visited the site of the attack. Struggling to apprentice his loss, the family hasn't yet told their parents about their son's deathMother is a heart patient. Father is in old age. He is the one. He is the main family member. All family depend on that person. He is the main - he is a pillar for the family. The whole family is dependent on that guy.Queensland Police insist there is no indication that the attack was racially motivated. Small comfort to the local community.It will create a lot of fear in the minds. We need no toe exactly what happened. We want justice done.O'Donohue will face the court next month. His lawyer yesterday said he had concerns for his client's mental health.All the time, it's a country of justice and we feel we will get justice. Celebrations planned for this weekend in Queensland have been cancelled as the community grieves. In breaking news, a 6.6 earthquake has hit central Italy. These are live pictures from Perugia, just north of where a devastating quake hit two months ago. A number of buildings have reportedly brought down but there is no word yet on if there are casualties. We will bring you more details as they come to light.

SBS reporter has details on Presidential campaign in Washington. 24 hours after being blindsided, the saying. FBI, Hillary Clinton and her team have come out swinging. Throughout the day, they have been at pains to push the problem back to James Comey, justice officials told him that his letter sent to Congress just 11 days before America votes would break with long standing justice department policy. Wind swept in Miami. Hillary Clinton tackling political, heavy weather, head on.It is pretty strange. It's spready strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. In fact, it's not just strange, it's unprecedented and it is deeply troubling.Demanding FBI director, James Comey provide more details than in the letter he sent to Congress.We call on director Comey to complain everything right away, put it all out on the table. On a conference call with reporters, Clinton's campaign manager also endeavouring to make the FBI director the story.He was the one who wrote a letter that was light on facts. Heavy on innuendo, knowing full well what would be done with it.The vice president joining The Drum beat.The quicker they release the emails, the better off.Better off, Donald Trump. Campaigning in Colorado.Her criminal action was willful, deliberate, intentional and purposeful.And in Arizona.The only reason - the only reason that they did this action that you saw yesterday was very, very serious things must be happening and must have been found.The New York Times reporting that justice department officials strongly discouraged the letter to Congress. While the Attorney-General did not speak with the FBI director, she did send word of her concerns. As for Clinton camp concerns, the Democrats may less inclined to participate. Hillary Clinton joined forces with singer Jennifer Lopez in Miami urging on the young voters of this key swing state.Because if we turn out, we win.Just ten days in

A little later in the program, we will look at the state of Georgia and why Republicans may no longer be able to depend on it. France has been taking control of the Calais camp. At least 5,000 people have been evacuated from the jungle but there are concerns that similar camps may spring up. After 6 days of dem liks and evacuation, the jungle camp is still not clear of migrants. 5,000 people have left but hundreds of unaccompanied children remain.To see everything was damaged. There is no house, as you see, I will sleep on container. He will sleep in container.Many had hoped to cross the channel to lead better lives in the UK. Francois Hollande is asking Britain

European Union rules state Britain must take in unaccompanied children who have family ties there. President Hollande says he has spoken to the British Prime Minister.

Minister. So far Britain has accepted more than 250 children. A British government spokeswoman said it was committed to working with France to protect the children. The fear is more camps will spring up if measures to cope with the

refugee problem are not stepped up. On the streets of Paris, there is a growing number of migrants sleeping in tents. Some have come from the jungle camp but they too will soon be cleared.

Many evacuated migrants have been settled in reception centres across France. Finding a permanent home for them could take much longer. Coming up, how Dreamworld plans to rebuild your trust. Shortly, mass protests in South Korea call for the president to resign. And later, long lasting toy. The rattle that out lived its owner by several thousands of years.

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Dreamworld has appointed a retired
police inspector to help rebuild community trust after last
week's tragic accident in which four people died. Mike McKay was a Police officer
for 41 years and assisted recovery efforts after Cyclone Larry
and the Grantham flood disaster.

This rebuilding program is firstly about commencing the healing process. Secondly, it is about rebuilding trust and confidence in Dreamworld. There is no more qualified person than Mike to help us with this process. Syrian rebels say they've seized
most of the western Aleppo suburb of Dahiyet al-Assad
from government forces. The gains coming as the rebels
try to break the government's siege of the city. Now the Hashid Sha'abi, a Coalition of Iranian-backed
Iraqi Shi'a militia, say they'll join the war in Syria. They'll fight alongside
the President's troops against IS.

The fight for Aleppo is not over. If we get into a cycle of escalation here, that's difficult to extricate oneself of from.This escalation an opposition offensive. They say the will of God.Now we are, Thanks to God at the heart of the suburb.Some factions say they have captured only part of the square kilometre. Others say they have captured at all.Since yesterday, the great butchering commenced. That is to break the siege of our people in aye lep owe. The battle has commenced.Islamist extremists openly allied of al-Qaeda, alongside government fighters. The pause meant to divide them, Russia says they haven't bombed the city for ten days. We appeal to the Commander in Chief of the armed forces with a request to restart air strikes against armed forces.The ship already on its way. The UN says it's needs more aid, less bombs but more disappointment. We asked to go to 25 locations. Two of - two were denied fully and that was east and east Aleppo was among them.Only 13% of World Health Organization supplies have reached the areas. Documents leaked to the guardian newspaper alleged the United Nations has hired scores of friends and associates of president as order. They say they don't vet people and they have asked the paper not to identify any individuals. Printing the names of staff members is not particularly helpful, especially in a context as highly charged as Syria.That context set to become even more complex with Irane backed Iraqi reinforcements coming over the border. We in Iraq, we are fully ready to go to any place that contains a place to Iraqi national security. Syria is definitely where terrorist groups exist. They will be fighting is, yet another coalition in a wharf shifting alliances. And Shia militia fighters have
opened a new front in the battle to retake Mosul in Iraq - their first significant move
in the lengthy operation.

A new front in the offensive against Mosul for the first time, forces are advancing from the west. And for the first time, it's she a fighters at the forefront. Members of the pro-Iraqi government fashion, have launched an offensive towards the town of Talafar only 40 miles away from Mosul. The group also says they aim to secure the border.The main target of the offensive launched by us is to cut the supply routes from the Syrian border. This offensive is meant to cut Islamic State routes. The ultimate aim is to reach the city of Mosul from every direction an clear it but a leading role will bring fierce of sectarian tension if they eventually march into the city. In the south of Mosul, Iraqi forces managed to clear of town. IS extremists were reported to have withdrawn earlier this week, forcing civilians to leave with them. US air strikes aloud Iraqi forces to enter the town and some families to escape. Come out, come out. This policeman says,"Don't be scared." These residents describe how they were trapped and how they ran out of food. They said if The Forces hadn't come, they would have died.As more families managed to flee areas around Mosul, a picture of the horror people have lived through has become clear. At least 26 people have been killed
and 72 injured in Egypt, after the country was hit by two
days of heavy flooding. Torrential rain brought
on the floods, which swept away cars and destroyed houses in several
cities across the country.

Well, from old toys to new. A growing international campaign
for the toy industry to better

Thousands of protesters have taken to the capital of south career. There are allegations that one of the president's friends had influence over her and interfered in the running of the country. In the central square of Seoul. There were unliky scenes as protesters with police. They were being use masks were being used to demonstrate their anger.

By nightfall, the number had swollen. A candlelit vigil then the protests at full volume. News prosecutioners were investigating. There was little done to Commonwealth the anger. -- Quell the anger.

The lawyer says she has returned from Germany to answer a subpoena. She is a daughter of the president's late spiritual mentor who is said to have run a cult like religious group. She is accused of using her links to the top to raise about $60 million in donations. The president apologied after it emerged she had given access to her friend but the criticism has accelerating of stories of her being consulted on national security matters. As well as trivial things like what outfit the Prime Minister may wear.

President Park's term has 18 months to run throw her approval has sunk to 17%. Opposition parties haven't raised the possibility of an impeachment. Funeral preparations are under way
for a mayor in the Philippines who was killed in the President's
crackdown on drugs. Police say Samsudin Di-maukom
was shot after his bodyguards opened fire on a checkpoint. He was on President Rodrigo
Duterte's controversial list of narco-politicians people, who allegedly have ties
to the drug world.

Waiting for a chance to see their president, as he attends a conference in the heart of the city, this his country. In his power Hughes, his supporters back even his most controversial policies. President Durterte. He is raising a raising a problem against problems. An hour's drive away in this town, there is a different view on that war as they prepare to bury their mayor, a victim of it. Mayor Samadukin was shot dead at a police roadblock with 9 others when their convoy was stopped. He was one of the names on a list of officials released by president Durteje that he said were involved in illegal drugs. Aye voiding waiting reporters. He swept into the conference venue, making a brief reference to the death in his speech.A mayor already died. Drugs will really destroy the country.He was also active in the peace building process in this troubled part of the city. There are concerns about whether his death will have an effect on maintaining the peace locally between some of his relatives. Given this conference is focus on dealing with Mindanao, some residents recognise the loss of any conciliatory voices.I support mayor's position on drugs.With the -- it will take more than the death of a mayor to move them. Spain's 10-month political
limbo has come to an end, with conservative leader
Mariano Rajoy leading a minority government. But protestors are already
calling it illegitimate. An end to the political
deadlock in Spain - Mariano Rajoy reappointed
as Prime Minister.

It's the end of a drawn
out process including two inconclusive elections, a caretaker government, and a parliamentary vote
in which the rival Socialist party agreed to abstain, allowing Mr Rajoy's return has
divided the Socialists.

Protesters gathered outside
Parliament have vented anger, chanting, "They don't represent us!" They're furious at both
the government and the leadership of the socialist party,
which they feel has let them down. They've cheated us. If the majority of voters
in Spain voted one way, whatever way that is,
and the politicians do the opposite, it's electoral fraud. The politicians tell us that we're
living beyond our means but every day we see yet another
case of corruption involving quantities of money stolen from us. Mariano Rajoy's will face
challenges as he works to cut the country's deficit. He'll have to bargain with smaller
parties if he's to get any legislation passed. In his first term,
when he enjoyed a majority, he was able to push
ahead with austerity measures, despite opposition. But, this time,
sentiments like these won't be so easy to ignore. (CHANTING).

Returning to the US election. The state of Georgia is threatening to give Donald Trump a defeat. The red state is now turning purpose will as the young and African American voters lean towards Hillary Clinton. The tide is turning in Georgia against the GOP. Traditionally Republican, it has now become a swing state.I just voted today, all tuly.Who did you vote for?I voted for my favourite President of the United States, Hillary Clinton.The black vote has helped turn the red state purpose will as African Americans reject Donald Trump to back Hillary Clinton.Donald Trump speaks against pretty much everybody. Hispanics, blacks, disabled. So, I just don't think he really is Presidential material. Former Republican voters are at a cross roads.Obviously there is a controversy with the Republican Party so just been a bit of a confusing election process up to this.Georgia lies in southern US's Bible Belt, a stronghold for the Conservatives. But with a new generation of voters, comes a challenge to the norm.I confirm a deply Republican family. I grew up in south Georgia, I identify as a libertarian, this is the first time I have ever voted Democrat in my life.Many people say they can't identify with Trump.His behaviour is incapability of being a decent person. Just maybe all out more firm and voting for Clinton.Neighbours believe that Donald Trump's rhetoric has alienated many GOP people.If I want to go with the devil I know or the devil who may surprise me.The last time they voted in a Democrat president was Bill Clinton, now with the polls separating them by only two points, it seems as though this state in the Bible belt could deal the GOP a deadly blow.There are so many answers that need answered.A state very much in

You can find more information on the election via our website. Just

It's being described as one
of the most remarkable archaeological finds of the year - a 4,000-year-old child's
toy that still works. Archaeologists made
the unusual discovery in Venegerovo,
south-western Siberia. Here, at the Siberian Branch
of the Russian academy of Sciences, they're used to finding
ancient artifacts. Now, a site that's gifted many
objects for scientists to study. Just revealed one of its most
important treasures. A bronze age beauty, still intact.
Normally we find things broken, smashed or damaged on purpose.

This child's rattle is made of clay
And appears to be in the shape of a bear, a widespread
symbol for Russia. Small stones inside make noise,
a well used method of teaching and distracting young ones. Another possible use
A spiritual symbol. Siberian shamanism is known
for celebrating bears, and the sound may have
been used in rituals.

The rattle will now be tested to see
how it was made, and what stones have been used inside. Once just a tiny toy,
now a big window to the past.

Well, from old toys to new. A growing international campaign
for the toy industry to better represent children with disability
and difference has made its way to Australia, and one Melbourne mother is playing
a key role in helping children to feel included. The joys of being a little girl but, with Down Syndrome
and lukaemia, standard dolls didn't fit the bill. It's pretty special when we feel
guilty bringing barbie dolls with long blonde repunzel hair
when Millie is sitting in a hospital with her bald little head. This personalised doll comes
with its very own wig. It was a gift for Millie
as she was losing hair at the peak of her treatment, and it's thanks
to this mother of four. She makes dolls to order. My daughter has spina bifida,
can you make a doll for her in a wheelchair with leg splits
and a scar on the back? Another parent might say can
you make a doll with a missing arm or a prosthetic leg? Her inspiration? Her two autistic sons. I want him to be proud
of who he is and look at the word autisim or autistic as part
of who he is and be proud of that. According the Australian Bureau
of Statistics, one in every six children have a disability. So by having these dolls,
it allows children with a disability to feel valued and important. Each personalised doll can take
around 15 hours to make and is then sold for about $35 just to cover
the costs of materials, but it's evident the joy it brings
these children is priceless. The best part of this job is hearing
the feedback and just hearing stories from parents saying ah,
I can't believe how this doll has really boosted her self esteem. Disability advocates say it promotes
good values through play. There's a lot of myths and stigma
still around disability and I think this is a really important
way of addressing that. She gets medicine in her tube,
doesn't she, just like you? I think it's been key
to making her feel better and getting her through the days
and weeks that she spends in there. It's been very beneficial for her. Hope Toys offering
a more enriched toy box.

It was a different kind of mission
for soldiers on one of Australia's most famous beaches, taking to the waves to mark
Veterans' Health Week. Thousands of veterans
across Australia face serious mental health issues and the government
is trying different ways to help start often difficult conversations. Swapping uniforms for wetsuits,
their mission - taking on the surf at Bondi Beach,
or trying to. It was pretty good out there today. Bit rough out there to start
with but in the end it was not too bad, got up a couple of times. Lieutenant Ralph Hyunh is joined
by soldiers attached to HMAS 'Adelaide'. Veterans are also among this group
heading into the waves. It's a chance to bond outside
of the rigours of the defence force. This is a more lighthearted avenue
in regards to enjoying ourselves in a different environment
outside of work. It's good to get out
and get your feet wet, quite literally, and get amongst it. This is an initiative
for Veterans' Health Week - drawing attention to the needs
of the 300,000 clients of the Department
of Veterans' Affairs. They include current and former
soldiers who've seen combat, the servicemen and women
across the military and defence families who've been
affected by death or injury. It can be an uphill battle
for Defence personnel, their service affecting
them in many ways. Some need help adjusting to life
in the ADF, or help with a range of mental health issues. Veterans are also at risk
when returning to civilian life - some facing homelessness and
estrangement from their families. There's always that stigma
in regards to mental health and getting that focus but I believe the Australian Army has come around
in regards to getting that focus onto the mental health. I think the Army has deficiencies, I think they tend to rubber stamp
things and I think there's a stigma that people with issues don't
want their unit to know. Rod de Graaf, at
the local RSL, helps organise the surfing event. He says it can be the first step
to standing up and making changes. This gets people
talking and once you have people talking you find if there are problems,
you fix these things up. There are certain activities or programs that can
instil that mental health, that resilience for them to get
through those hard times but also to get back on their feet. And with one in three veterans
younger than 30, programs like these provide a welcome distraction,
sharing a wave and the support of one another. Coming up next,
the Festival of Lights. How communities in Australia
are celebrating Diwali.

Hey. Mum, Mum.

this Christmas.
VOICEOVER: Bring them closer Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! on the fastest network by Telstra,
Get Pixel, a phone by Google,

On South Asian communities in Australia
and around the world are today celebrating the final day of Diwali,
the Festival of Lights. It is one of the most important days
in the Hindu and Sikh calender. Melbourne's Mishra family
enjoying the Festival of Lights. Happy Diwali! A time for celebration
and contemplation. It's basically a festival of joy,
happiness and light.

The lights are left burning to invite wealth and prosperity. Melbourne knewy Wednesday Marli and Tisrh are celebrating together. You were he helping out mum and dad. This is your house and you are looking after it. You do your own prayers for the house as well and everything.It's a milestone in your relationship to have your first Diwali.You offer up the tools of your protection to God to say thank you, we hope in the coming year as well that these tools bring us prosperity. The celebrations at Melbourne's Dandenong markets were high energy. And everyone was even vited to try living for a day A a siech.We tried to make people look similar and create fraternity and brotherhood.Dancing and food are central. It's always an important way of maintaining traditions and links to home.Everyone back home in India, they see all our Facebook posts. They are very encouraging and happy that we are doing it. It's really good to give back to people back home and also people that are here, Indians that are here in the Indian community, they feel very at home when they see the celebrations. Vibrant traditioning firmly entrenched in multi cultural Australia. All that colour and movements brings us to sport with Craig. Good evening, Craig. Australia and South Africa have come
face to face ahead of Thursday's first test in Perth. There's plenty of pressure
on the hosts to perform after players were put
on notice by selectors. Among those looking to step up
is all-rounder Mitchell Marsh. Shaun Marsh was unsure if younger
brother Mitch would join him in the opening test
against South Africa, and so was everyone else. And his brother... Oh! The Marsh brothers
both earning a place in the 12-man squad. Mitch conceding he'll need
to impress if he intends to keep his spot. There is no doubt I need
to score a few runs but I'm not putting
pressure on myself. I love wearing
the baggy green. As will Joe Mennie, if selected
to make his test debut, while Josh Hazlewood is keen to exact some punishment
on the Proteas batting line up after missing the ill-fated
tour of South Africa, if the WACA pitch allows. The South Africans
have some great quicks as well, so if it helps us,
it will help them as well, so we'll be doing our best to bowl
on this WACA wicket and use the conditions if there is some. Hazlewood one of four
quicks selected, including Mitchell Starc, who returns from a freak
training injury to lead the attack. Australia attempting to overcome
a disappointing few months that included a 5-0 whitewash
to South Africa in the 1-day series. It's a whole different ball game
when you come down here and play. Regardless of what their history has
been in the last six months, these guys like to turn it
on for their country. The first Test gets under way
in Perth on Thursday. To football, and Brisbane has handed
Perth its first defeat of the A-League season. Former Glory striker
Jamie McClaren came back to haunt his former club, opening
the scoring in the 31st minute. Rhys Williams teed up
Nebojsa Marinkovic on the edge of the area and the Serbian curled
the ball home to level the scores early in the second-half. With 15 minutes to play,
Brandon Borello sliced through Perth's defence to seal
the Roar's second straight victory. Last night, the Wanderers
missed another opportunity to record their first home
victory of the season. Brendan Santalab opened the scoring
against Central Coast in the second minute. But Western Sydney wasted
a number of golden chances to double its lead. And they were made to pay
in the second-half as a defensive mix-up allowed Adam Berry to snatch
a point for the Mariners. Goal difference is all that
separates leaders Manchester City from Arsenal and Liverpool on top
of the English Premier League table. The trio all recorded
victories while Middlesbrough and Watford also
collected three points There was frustration
for Manchester United while Leicester's losing
run away from home came to an end against Tottenham. Spurs have struggled
for goals without Harry Kane. It's hoped Vincent Janssen
can fill the void. That's his first in
the Premier League. But the Foxes were intent
on avoiding a fourth consecutive away defeat. Musa! Perfect start to the second-half. Tottenham forced to settle
for a third consecutive draw. Sergio Aguero ensured
Manchester City's 6-match winless streak came to an end. Aguero! A thumping finish. Aguero and Ilkay Gundogan
at the double for City in a resounding win over West Brom
as they joined Arsenal on 23 points. Whipped in by Gibbs. Giroud. That might be his first touch. Olivier Giroud with two goals off
the bench for the Gunners. Sunderland has just two
points from 10 games. It's the worst start ever
to a Premier League season. At the other end of the table, Liverpool kept pace
with its title rivals.

He clips it elegantly. The Reds overcoming Crystal Palace
in a high scoring affair. However, there were no
goals at Old Trafford, thanks to the herorics
of Burnley's Tom Heaton. Jose Mourinho was sent to the stands
as Manchester United He dropped more points. The Red Devils unable
to find the back of the net despite a staggering 37 shots.

Host nation England faces an uphill
battle to qualify for the final of Rugby League's Four
Nations tournament. Wayne Bennett's first match
in charge on English soil ended in defeat against defending
champions New Zealand. Shaun Johnson led the Kiwi's
to a one point victory. The star halfback scored
an intercept try before kicking the match-winning field goal
with 15 minutes to play.

The quality players that they have got, we knew we were in for a tough game. Awesome effort from our boys. A massive effort to start our third campaign. I'm sure we will build on it. New Zealand plays Australia next
Sunday in Coventry. Meanwhile, Kangaroos centre Josh Dugan says
he should be right to play against the Kiwis. Dugan was helped off the field
in yesterday's win over Scotland after a nasty head clash
with Luke Douglas. NBA veteran Steve Blake has
enjoyed a winning start to his National Basketball League
career with the Sydney Kings. The 36-year-old chipped
in with 10 points and four assists on debut. Two-time NBA champion Josh Powell
was once again instrumental but it was Brad Newley who stole
the show against the Brisbane Bullets. The Australian scored
a game-high 29 points, lifting the Kings to a fifth
consecutive victory. The Cleveland Indians are one
victory away from their first World Series title since 1948. The Indians took a 3-1 lead
in Major League Baseball's showpiece event, with a dominant win over
Chicago in Game four. The Cubs must win all three
remaining games to end its 108 year championship drought. Leading trainer Gai Waterhouse
is confident of winning a second Melbourne Cup on Tuesday. Victory for outsider
Excess Knowledge will see the 62-year-old equal her father,
T.J Smith, with two victories in the race that stops the nation. Waterhouse believes
the field is wide open.

I don't think there is one stand out. I think there is a consistent field. I think there is good depth in it, you have to take it all into account. I know our stable at our horse right at the right day. Hartnell will start the race
as favourite from barrier 12 alongside stablemate Oceangrapher. Dominica Cibulkova produced
a stunning fight-back The Japanese star posted a final round 66. Henrik Stenson but Matsiuama was in a class of his own. Dominica Cibulkova produced
a stunning fight-back against Svetlana Kuznetsova to claim
a surprise spot in the WTA Finals showpiece match. Kuznetsova dominated early
but Cibulkova increased the tempo to win through in three sets. The Slovakian will face
World Number One Angelique Kerber, who easily accounted for defending
champion Agnieska Radwanska, conceding just three games. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has progressed
to his first final this year, winning a three-set thriller
against Ivo Karlovic in Vienna. The Frenchman dropped the opening
set but managed to see off the giant Croatian who vented
his frustrations. Tsonga will face Andy
Murray in the decider. The Scot had a walkover
against the injured David Ferrer. Daniel Ricciardo has been upstaged
by Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen in qualifying for the
Mexican Grand Prix. The Dutchman will start
from third on the grid, with the Australian fourth fastest. Championship leader Nico Rosberg
clinched a front row spot in the dying seconds. Mercedes teammate and title rival
Lewis Hamilton is on pole position.

The Italian has won an eventful Malaysia Grand Prix. He hung on for poll. Many Riders crashed in the wet conditions, including mark Marquez who has already clinched this career's championship. The year's final race is in Valencia in just two weeks. Lee Lin, that's the day in support. Thank you very much. Coming up, the weather and when life
or death imitates Thank you very much. fiction - Mexico City marks
the Day of the Dead, James Bond-style.

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To the weather now. And a trough is producing rain
and severe thunderstorm warnings over parts of SA, Victoria,
NSW and Queensland. A high is keeping the majority of WA
and northern Queensland mostly dry. In the major centres:

Mexico's traditional Day of the Dead
has taken on a new twist and a bit of Hollywood,
with the capital city putting on its first parade
celebrating the event. Organisers say the idea came
from the opening scene of the James Bond movie Spectre, which sees 007 chase a criminal
during a similar parade. Recapping our top stories now. The Federal Government has announced
asylum seekers who arrive by boat will be banned from entering
Australia forever. Refugee advocates have
condemned the blacklist, The devastated brother of murdered
bus driver Manmeet Alisher has arrived in Brisbane. Their parents have yet to be told
of the 29-year-old's death. A magnitude 6.6 earthquake has
rocked central Italy, near the city of Perugia. Local media reports a number
of buildings have been brought down.

Including an 800-year-old church. That's the world this Sunday. You can get all tonight's stories online. Good night. Captions by Ericsson Access Services
(c) SBS Australia 2016.

The human journey began in Africa.

Ten thousand generations ago,

our species was peering over
the brink of extinction.

Now we are everywhere.

How did we do it?

My name is Niobe Thompson.
I'm an anthropologist.

I want to know how our ancestors
found a way through

the greatest desert on earth.

And then colonised a world already
home to other kinds of human.

Come with me on a journey
out of Africa

and discover how we became
the planet's only global species.

Humans we would recognise as us
evolved on Africa's coasts.

That is where we finally became
the self we know.

Tool builders, makers of art.

We invented language

and we began to move.

A new human had emerged -

an explorer...

Some of us left the sea behind to
look for a doorway out of Africa.

But in the way lay the world's
greatest expanse of sand -

the Sahara Desert.

It was born when our ancestors
left the trees.

Ever since, the searing hot Sahara
has sealed our African homeland off

from the rest of the world.

At the Sahara's northern
edge lies Arabia.

A place so dry, even today
humans struggle to survive.

I've come here to discover
how they do.

From a tiny population in Africa,

we became
the only species we know of

at home in every corner
of the planet.