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(generated from captions) And that's the blue-pink reaction
you're looking for. According to this,
pink on the top, blue underneath. That's cocaine. It's definitely cocaine. Will you tell the Customs officer
it's positive? WOMAN: I will do.

With 200g of cocaine in each shoe, all up, the man was charged with
importing nearly 2kg of cocaine worth over $160,000. He was sentenced
to five years in prison.

live by Ai-Media
This program will be captioned a jet ski rider killed
Tragedy on Botany Bay,

in front of his mate. race to the scene.
Heartbroken family Not welcome, close the door permanently
major immigration changes

on thousands of refugees. fire engulfs a home -
Panic at Horsley Park, feared trapped inside.
the frantic search for a mother a makeshift wall,
Hidden behind

discovery inside a Liverpool home
fire leads to a shock drug And you've been warned, Aussie skipper Steve Smith.
South Africa's ominous threat to

Good Evening. breaking news -
We begin our broadcast with ski accident on Botany Bay.
a man has been killed in a jet Airlie Walsh at San Souci.
Let's take you live to Nine's can you give us?
Airlie - what information ended in tragedy today.
Peter, a day on the water has by water police,
Despite heroic efforts he was unable to be saved. aged in his 50s -
We understand the man -

just two short hours ago.
was thrown from his jet ski during the incident
It's thought he has hit his head just a short ways off shore.
and drowned uninjured in the crash.
A second man - a passenger - was

distressed locals gathering here
In the past hour we've seen

at the Botany Bay Marine command. relatives of the deceased.
It's thought they may be shore a short time ago.
The man's jet ski was towed to

for their lives in hospital,
Two men are tonight fighting at Hammondville, near Milperra.
after a horror crash on the M5

and flipped several times,
Their ute lost control on its roof this morning.
before coming to a rest pulled from the wreckage,
The driver was quickly

more than an hour and a half.
but his passenger was trapped for what caused the crash.
Police are now investigating driver who dragged a pedestrian
Police are searching for a taxi before fleeing the scene.
along a road in Kings Cross, to the cabbie early this morning
The man was reportedly speaking and knocked him over.
when the driver sped off suffered cuts to his head
The 22-year-old pedestrian

undergoing tests in hospital.
and has spent the day

our shores illegally by boat
Refugees who attempt to reach ever coming to Australia.
will now face a lifetime ban from has announced
The Prime Minister new legislation
this the tough be backdated -
adding that is would also

Manus Island and Nauru
meaning many of the people on to settle here.
will never be able The two men in charge protection laws...
of Australia's tough border The door to Australia is closed to come here by boat.
to those who to seek ..locking that door long term. settle in this country.
Those passengers will never

The new policy goes even further. will be blocked
Anyone arriving illegally by boat any Australia visa,
from ever obtaining even tourism or business,

their refugee status,
regardless of are resettled in a third country.
whether they return home or unequivocal message,
It is a very clear the situation requires.
and that's what

This is a desperate attempt to Nations
absorb the votes from Pauline Nations party.

the Opposition into support,
Looking to wedge backdated to include any arrivals
the legislation will also be since July 19 of 2013, the day, then Prime Minister,

the PNG solution saying this.
Kevin Rudd signed in Australia by boat
Any asylum-seeker who arrives of being settled in Australia
will have no chance as refugees. 3,000 detainees
The ban will affect around

which are confirmed refugees.
on Manus and Nauru, half of false hope,
Those people are living in and it cannot continue. that three years on,
It is extraordinary

third countries
this Government has not found to resettle those people. into parliament next week.
The legislation will be rushed it will will hold up
The Prime Minister is confident to any legal challenge, with international law.
and accords

This afternoon it was a different Minister.
turn back hampering the Prime Lincoln
Minister. A scheduled trip to Port the
Lincoln aborted after wind close Turnbull
the door to landing. Malcolm his
Turnbull left stranded, looking for his own specific solution.

charged over an alleged assault
A 31-year-old man has been in the city.
at a bar on Sussex Street attacking a 20-year-old man
Anthony Garrick is accused of early this morning,
at Pontoon Bar in an argument.
after the pair became involved to St Vincent's Hospital
His alleged victim was taken with minor injuries.

some celebrity star power
Hillary Clinton has harnessed her presidential campaign.
as she tries to reboot

demanded answers
It comes as the Democrat re-investigating her emails.
over why the FBI is a disastrous 24 hours.
Drowning out the noise of (SINGING) Latino vote for Hillary Clinton.
It was JLo trying to rouse the on the dotted line. #
# Just put your name in teaming Miami rain.
The concert going ahead (SINGING) hung over the Democratic nominee.
But the darker cloud

Hillary Clinton! the crucial state of Florida
She been trying to keep on her side, despite the latest FBI bombshell. tipped the balance
The Latino community here in Florida
in favour of Barack Obama at the last election, and this time around, to have the same support,
Hillary Clinton appears controversies,
but given her recent the base loyal.
she knows she's got to keep

Clinton hinted
Earlier in the day, the investigation
the FBI decision to re-open may not have been objective.
into her private email server something like that out
It's pretty strange to put right before an election.
with such little information She has called on the FBI in question, immediately,
to release all of the emails to stoke the fire.
so as not to allow Trump

scandal since Watergate,
This is the biggest political deepest hope
and it's everybody's will be beautifully delivered.
that justice, at last,

the Brisbane bus driver
The brother of

who was set on fire and killed, to collect his body.
has arrived in Australia with police about the case,
Manmeet Sharma's sibling spoke through a friend to the media.
before making a brief statement

It's a really hard time for us.

This is a bad day in the history of mateship,
Australia. All the time we hear of which
mateship, and a country of justice thanked
which we feel we will get.He and
thanked the public for the support and hopes the bus stop can

on the water in Queensland,
There have been dramatic scenes for their lives,
where a family was forced to swim into flames.
after their boat burst was a five-year-old boy,
Among those injured who suffered serious burns. Burning, drifting... Is there someone in it? Nah, they've all jumped out. to a family day on the water.
..the horrific end Did you hear it? Yeah, man. Boom.

just off South Stradbroke Island.
The boat burst into flames then people with extinguishers
Jet skiers rushed to put it out. The engine exploded tried to restart it.
when the family on board Boat was on fire out there were scrambling out of it -
and people it was just frightening stuff. They swam to safety onto a large cruiser,
and were hauled by bystanders that turned into a triage centre. then emergency responders -
First bystanders helped

and firefighters
paramedics, marine rescue douse the burns of five people.
using buckets of seawater to a man in his 50s,
On the back deck, the most seriously injured -
and inside the cabin, believed to be his grandson.
a five-year-old boy

Paramedics and doctors make sure onto
they were stable and loaded them specialist
onto helicopters for the flight to serious
specialist care. The child is in a the
serious condition as a result of

the Burns. The four adults are in a burns.
stable condition with significant elected
burns. A 20-year-old woman was people,
elected to hospital, to other were
people, believed to be sisters, and
were taken to the mainland by boat The
and then to hospital by ambulance. five-year-old
The most seriously burned is the five-year-old Roy. He is in a by
stable condition, being cared for beached,
by specialists. The vessel is investigation,
beached, the focus of a police a
investigation, probing the cause of Sunday
a disaster on the water. A great Sunday that has ended in tragedy.

the Paid Parental Leave scheme
Government plans to overhaul with crucial support
appear doomed now unlikely.
from the Nick Xenophon team had been willing to negotiate
The cross benchers to pass the legislation but will now oppose it the party made an election pledge
after it was revealed to leave the system alone. the Government $1.2 billion.
The changes would have saved stumbled across
Police have accidentally cannabis set up
an elaborate hydroponic at a home in Sydney's south-west. in Liverpool
They arrived at the house

after reports it had caught fire. more than they'd bargained for.
But once inside, they found a lot from the top floor,
Black smoke billowing they found much more than a fire.
but once police got inside

one after another
Cannabis plants were pulled out on the front lawn.
and placed into a hydroponic set-up,
The rented house had been turned

taken from the property
lights and other equipment and collected as evidence. anyone in there.
We have hardly seen

to renovate the property,
The first month they started anyone live there.
but never seen concealed their movements
It's believed the tenants through the garage wall,
by smashing a hole the gap leading into the house. was created
Another large hole and bottom apartments.
between the top have never been opened
The doors and the windows I walk past every day.
as far as I've noticed,

happening in your neighbourhood.
You never know what is carefully concealed
These cannabis plants were within the property. a false wall
The tenants building an elaborate hydroponic setup.
to create knocked down by police,
The wall was today searching through each room.
as they spent the day the owner of the property
Nine News spoke to

converted into two apartments
who said the house had been and rented out. had been done a few months ago,
It's understood an inspection

go inside the top apartment
but the owner said they didn't the tenant wasn't at home.
because they were told Police are still investigating.

We have breaking news out of Italy. Italy,
A strong earthquake has hit central around
Italy, the tremor was situated here
around the south east of Bruges reports
here but there are no immediate reports of debts or injuries.

along the state's coastline,
After a spate of shark attacks has found a new tool
the New South Wales Government to detect the predators. Called the Clever Buoy, to pick up on shark movements,
the device uses sonar technology information back to the mainland.
before sending critical It's a virtual shark net. will help protect beach-goers.
Technology, it's hoped, that

north of Sydney
A shark breeding ground for the tests.
will be the laboratory likely to be there
We know there are white sharks

are responsible
and we know that white sharks attacks on humans.
for many of the of vicious attacks,
In the wake of a series in recent months,
up and down the coast research into the technology.
the government is ramping up

called the Clever Buoy -
The device - earlier this year.
was trialled off Bondi more than 30 sharks.
Over eight weeks it detected

The results were promising. detect objects in its beam.
It uses sonar technology to software on board
It has really sophisticated

motion of that object
that analyses the swimming whether or not it's a shark.
and then decides the Clever Buoy
Through an app, lifeguards on shore.
immediately alerts of the shark
You can see the movement or it's going out to sea.
if it's going along the coast the University of Technology
From tomorrow the government and in the shark-infested waters
are beginning a study near Hawks Nest at Port Stephens. that it's a nursery area
We know from previous research for juvenile white sharks.

test over a four-week period
Video cameras will monitor the of great whites.
to collect images compared to the Clever Buoy data.
Those images will then be

are backing the move,
Conservationists they say,
better than shark nets, sea life in danger.
which put other

The Aussie cricket team concedes

from the get-go
they must take it to South Africa beginning Thursday,
in the first Test, wavering confidence
if they're to renew from the Australian public. Ken joins us now. Ken, after a horror run overseas, at home.
they face a mighty opponent Good evening. Good evening, Peter. It's a formidable side pace-attack rated the most lethal
with the South African in world cricket. being prepared to produce pace
And with the WACA wicket are bracing themselves
and bounce the Australian's for a fast bowling exhibition.

for the Australian cricket team,
It was a relaxing Sunday mixing with fans. But come Thursday, but relaxing at the WACA.
it will be anything

for the quicks,
This wicket can offer something it's going past the noses.
especially when It is exciting to watch. After last year's debacle,

after double century,
when batsmen piled on century with plenty of grass and life.
WACA staff will prepare a pitch the amount of runs scored.
Hard work, we saw

little bit of pace as well.
It needs a bit of grass, a Last year was quite slow. the balls to make them harder.
Kookaburra has worked hard on

belted out of shape.
Last summer, it was constantly that much,
It is going to the fence of shape a fair bit.
it's probably going to get out to improve it whenever they can.
They're working hard on the ball then great for this year.
If it's a little bit harder, are looking for a WACA wicket
While the Aussie pacemen than last year's effort,
with more life in it the same
maybe the batsmen aren't thinking a certain Proteus paceman
because there is who is out for their scalps.

Dale Stein knows who we want to target, the skipper.

target, the skipper.The captain is difficult
the main guy you want to make life difficult for. Cut off the head of the snake.

the snake.Mitch Marshall has a hitting
pre- Test warning.I feel like I am finding
hitting the ball really well and

finding ways to get out. I am still been
confident and my preparation has been great.

in Perth now.
Let's go live to Neil Breen the Aussie selectors
Neil, there's plenty for to weigh up before Thursday?

There is all this talk of a grassy Australia
pitch and the suggestion that quicks.
Australia will go in with four spinner
quicks. Nathan liable start as the decision
spinner and selectors will make a behind
decision about the third baseman Stark.
behind Josh Hazelwood and Mitch the
Stark. Will it be the veteran or out
the newcomer? They will have issued couple
out in the nets over the next likely
couple of days and we are not shootout
likely to find out who has won the named
shootout until skipper, Steve Smith, named the team on Wednesday.

Thanks Neil. Also tonight - the Kangaroos are gearing up with New Zealand.
for a Four Nations battle from a head injury and play?
Ahead - will Josh Dugan recover in the Premier League.
And there's a new leader is coming up.
A thrilling night of action All that and more, later. Peter. at today's weather.
Here's Amber with a look Good evening, Pete. start to the day
After a mostly sunny the grey clouds moved in.

The skies thankfully staying dry largest street festivals -
for one of Australia's in Leichardt.
the Norton Street Italian Festa Thousands of people turning out and entertainment
to enjoy the food, markets Little Italy.
in the heart of Sydney's

After a warm and humid night - which is 5 above average
only dropping to 19 degrees - to a top of 26 degrees.
The city warmed up warm last night,
Our west also unseasonably reaching 29 late this afternoon -
with a low of 17 degrees before which is 3 degrees above average. of a shower or two
There is still the chance in our west tonight.
and a possible storm forecast, a little later, Pete.
I'll be back with the full Nine News continnues.
In just a few moments, destroyed by fire.
A Horsley Park home feared trapped in the flames.
The desperate search for a mother violent rampage
A crazed passenger's security check-point.
at an airport with a machete?
Why did he turn on workers

A Nine News exclusive, from every angle,
100km of tracks, stunning views of the Blue Mountains.
why you can now see even more house price prediction,
And Sydney's new record

soon be spending?
how much will you

Electricity companies are desperate discounts
for your business but Willie you?
discounts they offer really save you? The energy providers offering consumer
discounts are not the cheapest. Our

in Horsley Park this afternoon
There were frantic scenes

feared their mother
as a panicked family a burning home.
was trapped inside engulfed the small home
Ferocious flames quickly was sent billowing into the sky.
and toxic smoke burning beyond repair.
The crack of an old fibro home room to room
Flames quickly spreading from the first signs
at the semi-rural property, on Wolworth Road.
of an unfolding emergency

Was there anyone living there? There was. is trying desperately
And across the street a man to call his mother. fear grows she's trapped inside.
He's comforted by friends as

kind of thing before
I've never seen that nerve-wracking scary.
it was kind it was a difficult search
For fire crews through the rubble
they worked their way douse reigniting flames.
constantly having to

of their minds
Always at the back one person is still missing. the damage became clear
From the air from the charred, collapsed roof.
as thick smoke billowed coming out of the doors
We saw the flames oh my god.
and windows and we thought, very welcomed thumbs up.
More than an hour passed before a

this man wanted,
Finally the news his mother was OK. Is everyone ok? thank you, everyone's safe.
Yeah, we're fine, now accounted for
With everyone was the clean up
the next challenge and it too wasn't straightforward right through the property.
with asbestos found by the wind
Those fires can be blown

and also travel by the smoke worst-case scenario.
so we work to

We are investigating the cause to place
determine how and where it took place and will prepare a report.

the horrifying moment
CCTV footage has been released of attack at New Orleans airport.
a man launched a frenzied machete

stormed through security,
63-year-old Richard White with insecticide
spraying passengers with the blade.
and swinging at them the incident last year
He was shot by officers following

after refusing medical treatment.
but died and a half,
For more than a century a favoured getaway destination
the Blue Mountains has been for Sydneysiders.

are a major drawcard
Its magnificent views are being refurbished
and now decades old bush tracks the stunning sights.
to make it easier to soak up

that Echo Point gets all the love
It seems such a waste of the Blue Mountains.
when it comes to the vistas Jamison and Megalong valleys,
Because along the rim of the

picture postcard panoramas.
is one of the world's best there's more to the mountains
And newly upgraded tracks means

than just her Three Sisters. an upgrade, a spruce up.
These tracks did need a long time.
They have been there a bit worn out, a bit tired.
They were beginning to look And now they look just stunning. More than a century old, west has been buffed.
Cahills Lookout to Katoomba's by fire in October of 2014
Its most recently got impacted

of the lookout.
that resulted in the closure has been added,
And a new perspective the mount known as Boar's Head.
wheelchair accessible, looking to

Mount Solitary and Narrow Neck.
Framed by the saddle between for round about two years
The lookout was actually closed as a result of the fire. turn around and do the upgrade.
It has taken about six months to At the Katoomba Cascades, with subtle downlights
new handrails makes it approachable after dark. refurbished walkway
Along with its

a pocket of rainforest.
in what is almost it's a feast for the ears
The lovely element here is as much as the eyes. It is.

for contemplation,
It gives you a great opportunity the beautiful surrounds.
just to sit back and take in we will keep dining here.
No more questions, And east of Echo Point, Buttenshaw Bridge.
a new strap of steel called

What was here before? There was an existing bridge Leura sometime ago,
but after a fire that impacted the bridge required replacement.

replaced with this structure,
And as you can see, it has been with a gantry-way flooring. view of what is underfoot.
It certainly gives an impressive gantry-way steel
Yep, nothing like

above terra firma.
to let you know that you are 30m that is eventually hoped to link
It's the first tranche of work the 100km of tracks

southern escarpment
that run along the mountains to Mount Victoria.
from Wentworth Falls you would have today
The experience to the experience
is very different you would have had a year ago. breathtaking.
It is just absolutely

Still ahead,

Sydney said to smash median house expected
price records, how high is it overpass
expected to go. What caused an road,
overpass to collapse onto a busy with
road, those stories after sport with Ken.

the Kangaroos turn their focus
Thanks Pete, coming up - Four Nations glory.
to the Kiwis and Keeping up with the Cumanis - aimed at a local favourite.
the pre-race sledge And how a sick Sydney FC in the A-League.
made it four wins on the trot

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a medical later this week,
will need to pass

after a knock to the head Four Nations opener.
in the side's he's battered and bruised,
The fullback admits to the green and gold
but is confident of a return in time for Game 2. back at recovery
Josh Dugan, in the Kangaroos opener
after a nasty clash against Scotland. It's a head clash I think!

Right on the temple! from the field
The fullback escorted with Luke Douglas.
after colliding last night
I passed all the tests was a bit iffy -
it was just my balance come back on.
that's why I didn't

Despite the scare he has his sights set on game two against New Zealand.

test later during the week
I've got to do another CogSport I should be right to go.
but if I pass that to English colours overnight
Sam Brugess returned studded clash with the Kiwis.
leading the host nation in a star for the first-time skipper
And it was a promising start after gaining an early lead. for much of the 80 minutes.
The two sides were neck and neck pushed the Kiwis across the line.
Until a Shaun Johnson field goal

Johnson with a drop goal.

Has he put it over, yes he has?


This gives us confidence and belief, to
moving forward and we are looking won't
to improve on a daily basis, but we won't get ahead of ourselves.

Wayne Bennett
England coach seemed unfazed by claims Mal Meninga
he's trying to undermine for the Australian coaching role. didn't seem to have a problem,
I spoke to him on Monday and he

on Monday
never said a word to me about it personally, well...
so if he wants to talk to me the Aussie's is taking a toll.
And whether the taunting from You've got to understand, Australia very much.
I'm not thinking about

do what they want,
Say what they want, it's not going to faze me. most famous families
One of international racing's has taken a shot at for the Melbourne Cup.
one of the best local hopes is saddling up Grey Lion,
Trainer Matt Cumani Caulfield Cup winner Jameka
but believes isn't bred to run out the 3,200m. that 400m out
I'm telling myself to mummy and daddy,
she is going to be running looking for help. they are not going to be there.
They are both sprinters, 12 at last night's barrier draw.
Race favourite Hartnell drew gate

of slowing down,
Sydney FC are showing no signs in the A-League to four matches.
extending their perfect start was extra impressive
The Sky Blues' win over the Jets

with coach Graham Arnold his squad during the week.
a virus had swept through up to Newcastle for the Cove.
It was well worth the trip Jets with a 2-0 win.
The Sky Blues shooting down the

clear on top of the table.
And now flying high, three points

Great one

Great one here, it is a calm finish of the highest quality.

potential in this team.
For me there's so much more more and more
And they're starting to believe and what it can do.
of the quality of this team his first start of the season,
Alex Brosque scored in began on the bench.
which came after David Carney

players hit with illness.
The winger one of a host of FC go through the team
We've had a bit of a virus over the last few weeks sessions through training.
where players have missed the depth and the quality
But again we've got that we can deal with it. made the most of a rare start
The Wanderers super sub against the Central Coast. Brendon Santalab

There is the opening goal, one minute and 23 seconds on the watch.

in front of goal
But Western Sydney were wasteful to close out the match.
blowing chance after chance a lucky draw.
The Mariners taking home He's left it... Tap in. in larger patches.
The signs are very good

and we will.
It'd be nice to put someone away we keep playing that way.
We will put someone away soon if

a grand final showdown
Australia has set up

the Fast5 Netball World Series
with New Zealand in in Melbourne tonight. after winning all their games
The Aussies are favourites across the weekend. to take to the court
England and Malawi are just about for third and fourth.
to battle it out Meantime, some well-known faces to the test
put their netball skills in the celebrity match, Tim Gilbert and Erin Molan.
featuring our very own

announced his arrival in the NBL
Former NBA star Steve Blake for the Sydney Kings,
by scoring 12 points over Brisbane.
as they claimed a nine-point win of highlights with 29 points,
Brad Newley also provided plenty five straight
as the Kings made it on top of the table.
to consolidate their spot

had a reshuffle
Overseas and the Premiere League of the ladder
at the pointy end overtaking the Gunners.
with Manchester City a six-game winless run
It put an end to who walked all over West Brom.
for the Sky Blues

were back with a bang
Manchester City with a 4-0 victory
reclaiming top spot on the table over the Baggies.

back in the winning groove.
COMMENTATOR: Manchester United City leapfrogged Arsenal over Sunderland.
despite the Gunners 4-1 win

Palace entertained the masses,
While, Liverpool and Crystal to hold on for a 4-2 win.
the Reds crushing fans' hearts and it cost him.
Jose Mourino lost his cool relegated to the stands
The Manchester United coach a verbal spray
for giving referees after not awarding a penalty.

He won't be enjoying that, the view either
he won't be enjoying is the fence.
'cause all he can see at the Mexican Grand Prix.
Mercedes will start at the front Hamilton goes quickest,

Rosberg next across the line. boosting his title hopes
Hamilton's pole position rival Rosberg's 27 point lead.
as he looks to close in qualified fourth.
Australia's Daniel Ricciardo from actor Vince Vaughn
Not even some star power could inspire Chicago to a win. Let's do this!
Let's get some runs, Chicago!

moving within one victory
The Cleveland Indians since 1948
of their first World Series to lead the series, 3-1.

How do we know when Wayne Bennett that
is happy? When you see shots like that he does not look happy.

In the news ahead - and a bridge comes crashing down.
peak hour on a busy road Why it could have been stopped. Iraqis now call home
Inside the tent city 35,000

of Islamic State.
after fleeing the deadly clutches of survival, next.
Their incredible stories And Sydney spellbound - in full flight over the Harbour?
why are these witches

of Sydney sunshine this week,
And we can look forward to plenty but will it stay warm? I'll have your forecast soon.

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They are already overflowing

but still thousands of Iraqis every day
are making the dangerous journey to crowded refugee camps. by the deadly battle for Mosul,
Forced from their homes for safety and shelter.
they arrive desperate is in northern Iraq
Nine's Mark Burrows on the outskirts of Erbil.
and visited the camp

and the hear stories
You can read about it

the Debaga camp
but until you see the scale of the misery
you never really understand the people of northern Iraq
that's been inflicted on by Islamic State.

and temporary buildings
35,000 people in tents

a story so hard to comprehend.
and every one of them with (SPEAKS ARABIC)

As Ibrahim Mohamed fled Mosul tripped an ISIS bomb
one of his daughters hidden in the ground. along with her sister.
She was killed instantly,

tells me how he escaped
In a nearby tent, Mohamed Nasil of his family were killed,
after four members including his son. in front of him by IS militants.
He was a policeman and was shot

surrounding towns every day now.
Thousands are fleeing Mosul and they are quickly given supplies.
As soon as they arrive,

the absolute basic.
Very basic stuff, they're hungry.
I mean - water, food - the clothes off their backs.
Many of them have left with a start.
We're trying to give them are mind boggling.
The numbers here for 60,000 displaced people
There is only capacity around Mosul.

35,000 alone
This camp alone has got a humanitarian disaster.
but what is looming is of fighting in Mosul,
In the first few weeks will flee the city.
it's expected 200,000 people

the UN estimates
Then, after that, will flee the city,
another 1 million people looking for somewhere to live.

all this suffering,
In the middle of Jennifer Ismail from Melbourne. Norwegian Refugee Council,
She works for the its resources to the children,
which devotes much of

for two years.
who were denied schooling

It's traumatising. it is a nightmare for them.
It is daily torture, they do not have proper clothes,
They have lost their childhoods, they don't have safe spaces. They don't play games. for these Grade 5 girls.
It's back to school

They have fallen so far behind for Grade 1 children.
the lessons are designed you get
What stories and feedback been damaged and traumatised?
about how young children have

anecdotal stories.
We hear quite a few different speak, they just do not speak.
There were children who don't

helping to build new camps,
Aid agencies are frantically

to find suitable land
but it takes time away from the fighting.

(CHILDREN SPEAK ARABIC) the tens of thousands of people
It might not look like it, but at least they are safe.
in this camp are fortunate,

and family still in Mosul
Not so for their friends and surrounding towns. they may be used as,
There are snipers, as human shields.
more than likely be used

escape the city.
They will not let them group of girls in a dance class,
Before we left we spotted a faces painted, banned under Islamic State.
doing something that was

to live their lives again,
They are trying what was stolen from them.
they are trying to reclaim

collapsed over a busy road,
A bridge in Italy has

and injuring five others.
killing one person The overpass came crashing down to cross it, crushing cars
after a truck attempted precariously balanced.
and leaving others problems with the bridge
Road workers say they spotted just hours before it collapsed.
and requested it be closed,

England's oldest hotel,
Fire has torn through and facade to collapse.
causing the building's roof firefighters tried to save
More than one hundred from the blaze
the Royal Clarence Hotel than 24 hours.
which burnt for more Dating back to the 18th Century celebrities, authors and royals.
the historic hotel has hosted

on the US election trail
There has been one standout star Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.
and it hasn't been in this campaign
By far, the most popular figure

Michelle Obama,
has been first lady sized up to potentially
so much so she's now being run for the Oval Office herself. delivered... #
# Here I am, signed, sealed, the 'First Lady of fun'...
Over the years, she's been # Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh... # popularity machine. all-singing, all-dancing

just watch... #
# Don't believe me But now, more than ever before, Michelle Obama's praises
they are singing as a political powerhouse.

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Wow! rating of anybody -
She has the highest approval not Hillary.
not the President, not Trump, Michelle! a Democrat campaign event
Turn up at for Michelle
and there is so much love if it's her or Hillary
that it's sometimes hard to tell

for the White House.
that is running I think she is independent,
I think she is strong, gets things done.
and I think she isn't she?
She is pretty cool as well, Yeah, she's so cool.

about Michelle Obama?
What do you like she is just amazing.
Her poise, her grace, are on-board.
Even those too young to vote You tell me, who is this? Michelle Obama. the President's wife has been
Inside the rallies, effective critic
just about the most against Donald Trump,
the Democrats have deployed of women.
particularly on his treatment that we can ignore.
This is not something we can just sweep under the rug
It's not something disturbing footnote
as just another in a sad election season.

the strongest surrogate
Oh, she is major party campaigns.
in either of the two (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) are increasingly focusing
Political pundits of Michelle Obama,
on the pulling power just continue to grow
as these fanatical crowds at every event she goes to.

One question keeps on coming up - to run for the White House?
could this be the next woman as President one day?
Would you like to see Michelle a wonderful job.
Absolutely, I think she'd do

She says what she thinks, and so smart.
and she's just so cool as President one day?
Would you like to see her Yes, very much so. quietly sounding Michelle out
But despite Democrat officials

at the top job,
for a potential tilt it simply isn't going to happen.
she continues to say The President also made it clear on extending their stay
his wife wasn't keen

at the White House.

term, Michelle would divorce me.
Were I able to run for a third So... I knew you have to leave, for another four years?
but could we keep her (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) in politics,
If there's one thing we know it's never say never.

to Sydney
Halloween has come early flight over Sydney harbour.
with a coven of witches taking took place
The water skiing display

a Carnival Spirit cruise ship,
in front of decked out in scary directions. partying in scary costumes,
While, adults spent the weekend the streets tomorrow
children are expected to hit to go trick or treating. In the news ahead - real estate record - this week
why an interest rate cut hit a new high.
could see Sydney prices Australia's ultimate open house - to get the first glimpse
thousands queue

inside 'The Block'. And see what happens a panda house?
when a tourist breaks into

Now to our top stories -

in front of his mate
a jet ski rider has been killed after crashing in Botany Bay. to reach Australia illegally
Refugees attempting ever coming to the country.
by boat face a lifetime ban from

a family home in Horsley Park.
Flames have ripped through an elaborate cannabis set up
Police have stumbled across after reports of a house fire.
at a home in Liverpool,

the median house price record
Sydney is expecting to smash in just a few weeks, under further pressure.
putting first home buyers watching the Reserve Bank
Property experts are also closely

as it meets this week an interest rate cut.
with some even tipping brick house, with a backyard,
A four-bedroom, two-bathroom in the heart of Campsie. first home.
This was Michele and Ian's aspire to.
It's what a lot of people we've got the space.
We've got the backyard, so they can upsize.
It's now their nest egg for sale,

for today's first home buyers.
Homes like this are just a dream a lot of room for growth.
I think there's still Growth driven by a lack of supply

low interest rates.
and fuelled by is clear
That lack of housing stock auction clearance rate,
from this week's reported auctions across Sydney,
hitting 81.4% from just 579

forcing prices even higher. And in terms of interest rates, is once again
the housing industry ahead of its decision
closely watching the Reserve Bank this Tuesday.

if they do cut.
Wouldn't be surprised to drop the cash rate again.
It seems like they're going or kept on hold,
Whether rates are cut in the market.
the winners will be those already

is on track to reach
Sydney's median house price as early as December.
a new record of $1.1 million it may even be
There's a chance this year,
over the December quarter as is
but certainly with the trend in the market,
and the energy and confidence of the March quarter next year.
I think we'll get it by the end

have gathered in Port Melbourne
More than 10,000 Block fans of 'The Block'.
for the first open inspection that were revealed week by week,
As well as touring the rooms

to meet the contestants
the Blockaholics were also able and some familiar faces.

There is now a nervous wait for the auction date for the contestants.

A tourist in China a terrifying lesson
has been taught a zoo's panda enclosure.
after he climbed into so cuddly up close,
The animal didn't appear quite and pinning him down.
grabbing the intruder by his leg Eventually it let go though, to make a hasty escape.
just long enough for man

for the week ahead.
Coming up, Amber with the weather Thanks, Pete. The week will start off cool, for the heat to build.
but it won't take long in the city, 26 in our west.
Right now it's 22 degrees I'll have your forecast next.

Here for the Mainland cheese.

Big truck.

How many wheels has it got? (BEEPING)

He'll grab the next one in a sec. VOICEOVER: Because Mainland
gets better with age, we try to hold onto it
that little bit longer.

the day with breaks of sunshine,
It was a warm and humid start to

this afternoon.
before grey skies moved in and south-west Camden
And storms in our west this evening, picking up 8mm.
has seen the heaviest falls Campbelltown has seen 7, has picked up 2.
while Holsworthy The storms were only brief to ease in affected suburbs
and the rain has already started in the next hour so.
and will completely disappear

and muggy start to the day,
It was a very warm at 80 to 90%.
with the humidity sitting in the city,
Today, it warmed up to 26 degrees which is four above average. 28 in Campbelltown. and Parramatta.
29 in Penrith, Blacktown, across NSW,
We saw similar conditions a very warm night in the west.

Broken Hill saw a low of 23. 19 in Griffith, along our coastal suburbs.
with lows of 15 to 19 24 in Bega up to 29 in Grafton,
Then today ranged from a top of from 22 in Albury and Bathurst,
while inland areas ranged up to 33 degrees in Bourke. affect eastern Victoria and NSW
Tomorrow, showery conditions will in the wake of a cold front.

Brisbane will be fine tomorrow, a or
top of 17 in Canberra and a shower or two for 17 in Melbourne.

back down tonight,
Around NSW, it will cool of the state.
especially in southern parts

It will be cooler than today with Wollongong
tops of 16 and along the coast After
Wollongong is expecting only 22. forward
After a warm night, Sydney can look pollen
forward to a sunny day and a high top
pollen count, we are heading for a Richmond.
top of 24 in Penrith, and 23 in the
Richmond. 16 to 22 on the way for the city and 21 for Terry Hills.

Looking ahead - on the forecast,
not a drop of rain to kick off November,
so a gorgeous sunny week progressively warmer.
and it will get be mostly sunny, 23 degrees,
Melbourne Cup Day on Tuesday will climbing to 26 by Thursday, weekend on the way,
and at this stage, a very summery

with tops of 29 degrees and look at those nights to 18 degrees.
with very mild lows of 13 In our west, on Tuesday, 25,
it will mostly sunny reaching 29 on Thursday,

from Friday
and a warm 30 degrees right through to Sunday, Pete. at what's in store
Before we go, here's a quick look of '60 'Minutes.
on this week's edition

Thanks. Tonight... Everything changed forever. you truly loved...
Imagine if the man I believed he was a good person. ..was hiding a despicable secret.

He was looking at that stuff. of love and hope.
Plus, an incredible journey I thought, you know, really quite handsome.
wow, he's actually and a dream.
The Aussie country girl with $10 She is my hero. That's tonight after 'The Block'. Back to you.

That's Nine News for this Sunday. I hope you have a good evening.
I'm Peter Overton, From all of us, goodnight.
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SCOTT CAM: Tonight -
it's reveal night on The Block.

And at the start of the week,
I threw this lot under the bus.

There she is! Your final challenge.

Boom! We're back.

With a whole new apartment
to renovate.


Half the apartment this week,

the other half next.

We've already done one apartment.
Let's do another one.

I gave them 150 grand
to do the entire apartment

and left it up to them
to sort out who gets what.

I think just name in a hat
and draw it out.

That was organised chaos.

Was not organised. We didn't
even know who was organising it.

Kim volunteered to be treasurer.

And, you guessed it,
some people feel short-changed...

Bedroom one is eight.

That's...nothing. (SCOFFS)

As it is right now, we have $200.
I know, I'm trying...

..and short fused.

You want cash?

Yeah. Cool. Sweet.

More money!

Where do you want me
to pull it from?


Let me out!

..tensions are high

because so are the stakes.

This is exactly how it's going.
I'm gonna call it now.


Stop talking over me.

Make a point. Let's go.

Some contestants need to step up.

(SHOUTS) Tools down!

The winner of this week will receive
20 grand off their reserve,

second place 15 grand

and third 10.

Winning this week
could mean winning The Block.

(WHISTLES) Good start.

So whose room will come out on top?

Tonight, the judges will decide...


There is nothing
that Honey hasn't thought of.

SHAYNNA: I've never seen that
in real life.

That's off the charts. five amazing rooms are revealed.

That is crazy!


Early morning on The Block,

and with just over 24 hours
till tools down,

Newcastle policeman Chris

has just finished laying the decking
in his terrace.

CHRIS: So I worked all night.

I won't hold anyone up today.

We can get all our landscaping done.


So I'm pretty buggered.

I'm, ah, gonna go to bed,
just for a couple of hours.

I'll be useless to everybody today,

so, I'll, ah,
have a quick couple of hours sleep

and be back at it soon.


Chris, something tells me there will
be precious little of that today.

Outside, there's a heap of trades
arrive for work

and in the challenge apartment,
Chris has finally gone to bed.

So it's just Kim
and her terrace.

KIM: So Chris just literally went
to bed,

like three or four minutes ago.

And it's changeover shift,
so I'm up painting,

and I'm sure a few other contestants
will start getting up now too.

Ah, not exactly.


Chris was out here, securing the
deck down, completely by himself.

Yet in Julia and Sasha's room,
they had Trent, Ian and Chris,

the three builders,
putting their floor down.

And neither of them were around.

So that's
the only frustrating thing,

that Chris had to pull
a 24-hour shift last night

to lay our floor down,

yet they went to bed, and they've
had their floor laid for them.

And at the moment,

Steve from Carpet Court is sweeping
Julia and Sasha's floor.

Happy Saturdays.

At least they're not paying for it.

Unlike their plasterer.

During the week,
the girls hired Paulie the plasterer,

and at 100 bucks an hour
for him and his sidekick,

the cost quickly added up.

The girls should've given him a hand.

But they didn't.

Haven't seen the girls this morning.

They should come and say,
"Good morning.

"Would you like a coffee, Paulie?"

He couldn't even locate them
to hand over his invoice.