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from crop into cup. Hey, Zeta. And I've made you
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A mug...

Coffee or cake? Coffee or...? I tell you what, on a serious note, this could be the last
Sydney Weekender I ever do because I don't want to leave, Zeta. I've had such a good time. I've had a brew-tiful time,
to be honest with ya. I hope you've enjoyed the show. I'll see you real soon
on another Sydney Weekender.

Next week, Jason and Bec make
a beeline for the Central Coast. And we find two of
my favourite things - free food.

Also... Summer is all about the stone fruit and my pick is the humble cherry. And Mel's dining out
on her home turf. For the best eating out in Ballina,
ask a local. That'd be me.

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live by Ai-Media Tonight, breaking news - a man killed in a jet ski
accident on Botany Bay. The hunt for a taxi driver
accused of a hit and run that's left a victim in hospital. First On Seven - a coward punch attack leaves a teenager unable
to sit his HSC exams. The Prime Minister's no return
policy for asylum seekers, locking them out
of Australia forever. 'Show me the evidence' - Hillary Clinton's demand from the
FBI over its email investigation. And has the Melbourne Cup
barrier draw dashed the hopes
of the favourite? VOICE-OVER: Live from
our Sydney headquarters, this is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. There's been a tragic accident
on Botany Bay this afternoon. Police confirmed a short time ago
a man has died after being thrown
from a jet ski. Cameron Price
is at San Souci now. Cameron,
what more can you tell us? Mark, it happened around 3:15pm. A man in his fifties was riding
a jetski with a passenger when it crashed,
throwing him into the water. He was spotted by a nearby boat,
and they brought him here, to the Botany Bay
Water Police station, where officers
tried to revive him. But it was too late,
he couldn't be saved. The focus now, is on trying
to work out what went wrong. Officers retrieved
the blue Yamaha vessel and inspected it this afternoon. They also interviewed
the passenger, a man aged in his fifties,
who wasn't hurt, about the events
leading up to the crash. It's not believed any other
water-craft was involved, Mark. A Sydney cab driver
is still wanted by police tonight after a man was dragged along
a Kings Cross road early this morning. He then drove off, leaving the 22-year-old
bleeding in the street. Peter Fegan
is at St Vincents Hospital this evening. Peter,
how's the injured man doing? Mark, we managed to speak
to the victim a short while ago. He was still very shaken
and has cuts to his face, but the full extent
of his injuries was unknown as he was waiting for doctors
to carry out further tests. This incident happened
around 3:30 this morning. Police were told the man had been
speaking to a taxi driver on Bayswater Road
when the vehicle drove away, causing him to be dragged
about 15 metres before falling to the road. The taxi was last seen
turning onto Darlinghurst Road and has not been found by police. They're tonight searching
for the driver of that cab, and want anyone who knows
anything to contact them. The 22-year-old victim remains
here in St Vincent's Hospital in a stable condition, Mark. And another act of violence
has changed a young man's life. He was coward punched as he left a fast food restaurant
at Bondi. His injuries so severe
he couldn't sit his HSC exams. It's a Friday night in Bondi. The man
in the white-collared shirt is retreating. A punch is thrown
and even a kebab. It's all in retaliation to this. A sickening one punch attack
that knocked a teenager out cold. Everything was pretty blurry, I could just hear yelling
and screaming, and then before I knew it, there was a whole crowd
of people around me. 18-year-old Tom Blann can't be seen
on the security camera video. The blindside blow left him with
a broken eye socket, a broken nose
and severe concussion. I felt really sick
in the stomach, there was just a whole cluster
of stuff going on, I was really scared, I've never been struck
like that before. The trauma that followed
this brutal attack meant Tom was unable
to sit his HSC. This incident has changed
his life, and his mother's. Obviously it's affected him
emotionally. I'm terrified to let him out
now of the house, and he's also
a little hesitant himself. By missing the exams, Tom will now be given an average
of earlier grades, which will have a major effect on
his university acceptance score. All that preparation and study, and now it's just been
taken away from him. All my friends
and like everyone I know these last four weeks
have been head down doing exams and I've just been
at home recouperating. Police want to speak to anyone
who can identify those involved. Three people have been
taken to hospital after suspected drug overdoses
at a Halloween Party in Moore Park. It's believed
at least one of them overdosed on the potentially fatal GHB. In all, 20 people were charged
with drug possession. Two men are in hospital
with serious injuries after a crash on the M5
this morning. The ute somersaulted
over the railing, landing upside down on its roof
near the Heathcote Road exit at Hammondville. One man was found
lying on the roadway just before 5am. He had a fractured leg
and pelvis. The second man was trapped inside
the car, also with serious leg injuries. Anyone who comes to Australia
illegally by boat will never be allowed to return, under new laws
to go before Parliament. The Federal Government today declared the threat
from people smuggling has never receded. But vowed there'd be no repeat
of the Rudd and Gillard years, when there were 50,000
unauthorised arrivals, costing the country $11 billion. Milad Jafari
fled persecution in Iran, arriving in Australia by boat
in 2011. I never thought
of being illegal here. That was two years before this: Any asylum seeker
who arrives in Australia by boat will have no chance
of being settled in Australia. Kevin Rudd's
election-eve declaration. Today, Malcolm Turnbull
took it further. The door to Australia
is closed. He says any adult
who tries to come here by boat, will never again
step foot in Australia. Even genuine refugees won't get
tourist or student visas, or be able
to do business here, for the rest of their lives. It's aimed not just
at the 14,000 asylum seekers waiting to board boats
in Indonesia, but those already on
Manus Island and Nauru, hoping they'll be brought
to Australia. Those people
are living in false hope and it cannot continue. Refugee Advocate, Ian Rintoul, broke the news to people
on Manus Island. I don't think people
have given up any hope. Today's announcement was also
a message to the opposition. Malcolm Turnbull
repeatedly referenced Kevin Rudd's 2013 policy,
challenging Labor to back his. It is entirely consistent with his party's
stated public position. We haven't seen the legislation, so it's difficult
to comment in detail. Pauline Hanson has, tweeting:

Malcolm Turnbull's desperate attempt
to reabsorb votes from Pauline Hanson's
One Nation Party. The PM hopes to rush the bills
through parliament when it resumes in a week. The parents
of the Brisbane bus driver murdered in that horrific attack, still don't know he's dead. A family friend
confirmed that today as Manmeet Sharma's
brother arrived from India to take his body home. Saying because his parents
are elderly and ill, they've been told he's in a coma,
following an accident. Manmeet Sharma was due to visit
his family in India next month. Instead, they've come here
to bring his body home. This is a really hard time
for us. I mean, this is a bad day
in the history of Australia. Manmeet had big dreams -
a singer and social worker who aspired to be
an Australian leader. He came here for studies, and
after he settled down over here, He started social work,
he started singing, also, he started making a movie. But was robbed of the chance
to do more. The 29-year-old bus driver died
on Friday morning after passenger
Anthony O'Donohue allegedly dumped fuel
over Manmeet and set him alight. Today, for the first time, his brother Amit was told details
of the senseless act, before visiting the site where
his little brother was killed... Because we want to see
what happen, we want to see the place
where he took the breath, his last breath,
because he will not come again. ..reading the notes
left by friends and strangers. We feel peace. At least people loved
our Manmeet. People here will never forget
what happened on Friday morning. But to ensure Maneet Sharma
is always remembered, his family would like the park
and bus stop named in his honour. Aguek Nyok,
the humble refugee hero who saved trapped passengers will be honoured too. The Premier will nominate him
for a bravery award. He saved 11 lives that day,
he put his own life at risk. There was no chance
of saving Manmeet's. His elderly parents in India
still don't know about his death. They'll be told
when he's home. Fire has destroyed
a house at Horsley Park.

Thankfully everyone survive.All occupants escaped thankfully everyone assumed the worst, but everyone was up and down cheering when they got the phone call.

Fire authorities
are investigating, after asbestos was found
inside the structure. The FBI
is ignoring immense pressure to release new details
on Hillary Clinton's emails, having seized at least a thousand
from a computer used by one of Mrs. Clinton's
closest advisers. Donald Trump is again
accusing her of criminal action. Speculating that the only
explanation for the FBI move was that they've found
something serious. In the Miami rain... (MUSIC PLAYS) 'LETS GET LOUD'
by Jennifer Lopez # Let the music set you free ..Jennifer Lopez offered
a momentary distraction. First female president
of the United States. Hillary Clinton! A woman with a darkening cloud
over her campaign. Love trumps hate! Earlier she rallied supporters,
appearing almost flippant. Some of you may have heard
about a letter the FBI Director
sent out yesterday. (CROWD BOOS) But again,
she demanded the FBI tell voters what it's found to prompt
this explosive new investigation, into her private email server. Rattled, by the timing. It's not just strange, it's unprecedented
and it is deeply troubling. The FBI boss,
under fire from all sides, tried to explain his delicate decision
to go public. He knew he ran a "serious risk "
releasing this mid-election. But felt it would be "misleading
to the American people" not to. Even the Vice President
has weighed in. I think the quicker
they release the emails for the public to see them, the better off. I have confidence in Hillary. Over three rallies,
Donald Trump stayed on auto-cue. His campaign is determined not to let their candidate
muddle this last minute gift. Hillary set up an illegal server
for the obvious purpose of shielding
her criminal conduct. Clinton's trust deficit,
is already her biggest hurdle. Almost every Trump supporter believes she is not honest
or trustworthy. And, a third of her own voters,
agree. But most dangerously, 84% of undecided voters
have a problem believing Hillary. Latest tracking poll has Donald Trump
seriously closing the gap, now just two points behind. But those numbers were taken
before this email bombshell. The question now is how much further
will Hillary Clinton fall? There's a renewed fight to save
one of Sydney's historic homes, after heritage listing
for Primrose House at Dolls Point was rejected. Today, a public meeting was held to try to defer the sale
of the home until council elections
next year.

Don't let go of this community asset. This community treasure. Once it's gone, we will never get it back.

The house was built in 1890. It's been a hotel, the home of former premier
Joe Curruthers, and housed injured soldiers
after WWI. A developer who once threatened to turn a historic homestead
in Homebush into a mosque has now been given approval
to redevelop the site. Former Auburn Mayor Ronney Oueik
is the owner. Local residents opposed
his development plans for years, but the council
will let him build, with conditions. Built 100 years ago,
Camden Lodge is now a ruin, seven years
after it was purchased by property developer
Ronney Oueik, the former Mayor of Auburn. He cannot knock that down, nothing can be done on that site
until the front is restored. That's a relief to locals, who have for six years
opposed plans for the site. Prompting Mr Ouiek, in 2012, to threaten turn it
into a mosque. Council may approve a building but with the restriction
that it should not be used as a worship place. Neighbours are eager to see
this piece of history preserved. It's an absolute disgrace
to our community to have it in that condition, so we'd really like
to see something done. Zoning laws
allow a prayer room here, but a new development application
would have to pass council. I think the likelihood of having
a large gathering at the site is going to be very difficult
to comply with that. Much of the homestead
was destroyed in a suspicious fire in 2012. No-one was charged. After that fire, Camden Lodge was fenced off
and declared uninhabitable and yet Ronney Oueik
has listed this property as the registered office
for no fewer than 14 of his property development
businesses. One of his developments
hit the headlines, earlier this year
after the big storm. It was the only
apartment building in Sydney to lose its roof. Nearly 200 residents
were left homeless. The insurers found the Lidcombe building
was defective. Auburn Council approved it. While most are back at home, repairs are ongoing, as is their
legal fight for compensation. After three shark attacks
in three weeks, we have more measures
to protect swimmers. Detection technology,
called 'Clever Buoy', has been trialled at Bondi
for months, and put into the water
off Port Stephens today. With one very specific target, Great Whites. Hawks Nest Beach,
on the mid-north coast. For many, the perfect place
to spend a Sunday. But floating out to sea today,
a new arrival. The solar panel marking the spot
of an underwater sonar, scanning for sharks. If it can detect the sharks before they get
too close to the beach? Yes, it will make me feel
a bit safer. I always did feel safe
out there, but I think it's always nice
to know it's out there. The Clever Buoy can detect
the predators up to 300m away. On-board cameras then able
to confirm what's in the water, and whether lifeguards
should close the beach. That analyses the swimming
motion of that object and decides whether or not
it is a shark. The technology was trialled
successfully here at Bondi, earlier this year. The difference this time, the sonar will search for sharks responsible
for the most attacks. Adult great whites. Part of our research
is to be able to verify that it can detect sharks, we're particularly interested
in Hawks Nest because we know we're likely
to get great white sharks there. Highlighting another danger, a purple die released
off Tamarama to show just how easy it is
to become caught in a rip. It's panic that drowns people
because people get scared. They try and swim against it
and they can't go anywhere, they get tired. The message,
if you get caught, stay calm, and signal for help. The skies were a bit gloomy
this morning, but it didn't stop
thousands of walkers from pounding the pavement over seven of Sydney's
landmark bridges. The annual Seven Bridges Walk raises funds for people
affected by cancer, from research to support. Anyone not up
to the full 28 kilometre course was able to join in
and leave along the way. A wonderful chance to see Sydney and to see it
at a really lovely pace, to walk over the bridges,
to take your time. Cancer touches so many families, and it's such a special day
to raise much-needed funds for the Cancer Council of NSW. Today's event has already raised
more than half a million dollars, and it's not too late
to donate more. A change is sweeping in
this evening. Here's Brownie with the latest. Fergo, we're in for a wet night. A strong front is approaching
from the west. The system is driving areas of
rain and moderate thunderstorms

as it surges towards the coast, pushed along by a vigorous
west to south-westerly airstream. A strong wind warning is current
for most of the coast tomorrow. Gales south of Monty Island
during the morning. Right now it's 25 in Penrith,
Manly 24 degrees. I'll have the week ahead
following sport. Fergo. An explosion aboard a boat
has put 5 people in hospital, including a father and son. How it happened is next
in Seven News. Also - the deadly consequences
of an overloaded truck. An airstrike caught on camera
in a day of fierce fighting. The heroes who've just saved NSW
a million dollars in one day. And asking for
divine intervention, as the Melbourne Cup
goes to church. We're live with the latest
on the favourites, next.


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Five people have been
severely burnt when a boat exploded
on the Gold Coast. It happened just off
South Stradbroke Island, near Tipplers Resort. A Jetski rider rushed over
to help pour water on the burning vessel. Three patients were airlifted
to Brisbane, including a 5 year-old boy
with serious burns.

No one was keen enough to go up next to the boat. At least I had the advantage of on a ski I have to get real close, I could go up and spread. -- Spray it.

Police are investigating
the cause. It stood at the heart of Sydney
University for 88 years, but the Uni's famous
Jacaranda tree has now fallen down. Its branches were cleared away
late yesterday, with former students
leaving tributes in its place. It bloomed just at the time the
exam results were coming out, so it had
a very special meaning, I think, for many students
over many generations. A replacement tree
will be planted. Cuttings taken two years ago will
be used in the famous quadrangle. NSW is a lot tidier tonight because we're nearing the end
of Graffiti Removal Day. Thousands of volunteers
have tackled more than 400 sites across the state. Helping the government save
on the $100 million it spends cleaning it up. Brushes in hand, an army of volunteers
removes the work of vandals. Graffiti? Yuck, it's just a mess. This clean up in Parramatta just one of more than 450
taking place around the state on this Graffiti Removal Day. We aim on this single day to remove 20,000 square metres
of graffiti. now in it's fifth year, the day saves the government
more than $1.4 million. Helping to spread the message,
Premier Mike Baird with a cheeky post on Facebook. This infamous
Casino Mike portrait is now just a memory, replaced by a new legal mural
paid for by the building owner. The day didn't deter
other so-called street artists from putting down
their spray cans. I certainly don't see it
as hurting anyone. The state government's clean-up
bill for vandalism like this is more than $100 million
every year, the taxpayer picking up
most of the tab. More than 40,000 incidents
have been reported to police in the past five years, with hundreds of offenders
charged each year. Most offenders will either have to cover over
or remove their graffiti, and you can get even up to
one year in jail. I think they're fighting
a lost battle, But they hope to win the war. A man was killed when an overpass in Italy
collapsed onto a highway, crushing cars below. A truck carrying
an oversized load was moving over the bridge, when it came down
on the busy road. At least three others
were injured. The highway authority
asked for it to be closed, hours before the accident, because concrete
was breaking off. But local officials reportedly wanted
a formal order before acting. Syrian government forces
have hit back at insurgents with a series of air strikes
in Aleppo. New drone vision
captured the fierce clashes in the city's west. Rebels have reportedly captured
one suburb during a counterattack on government-held parts
of the city. 15 civilians were killed
and 100 wounded in shelling by rebels.

The big race is almost upon us. Mel McLaughlin is at Flemington
this evening. Mel, the barrier draw
has suited a few, but some serious contenders
are well wide. It's wide open at this stage. The favourite, Hartnell,
has a tricky Barrier 12, and only two horses
have ever won from there. While the second favourite,
Oceanographer, is in Barrier 11, And historically,
that's the most successful. So, here's the information
that might help you decide who to back on Cup day.

Just like this morning sunrise at Werribee, the former international companies is looking red hot this year. Oceanography is back on the track after the stunning win yesterday, he is the second favourite frustrations greatest race.It was morning. He ate up last night. We made a decision to get about the track, given the job to do.Known as the blue Army dolphin has been trying to win the cup for the past five years. The have multiple horses with traders. Another traders also gang tackling the cup. Lloyd Williams as for writers in the cup. I've got four chances and am living in hope. A fifth win will make you a successful owner in cup history. Internationals are looking to put the squeeze on the locals, British counterpart is back after finishing fifth last year.The form book sees improved since last year. He is now a teenager is developed into a man. The Malaysians run from last year is hoping to become the fifth was to complete the Melbourne cup double.The draw is good, little bit of frame would be nice sub 0, he is being backed to follow his father's footsteps. Would you like to place in the cup?Studies to about will be on Michael Phelps to win. Sorry Virgo, the text messages we have no idea who will win. We have more news later.

To breaking news now, and we have pictures just in of the aftermath
of a massive earthquake which has rocked central Italy
in the past hour. The 6.6 magnitude quake
crumbled buildings already damaged
from a week of tremors in the Perugia region. There are no reports of injuries
or deaths at this stage. Next in Seven News at 6:00, Dreamworld's disaster recovery. What the theme park is doing now
to restore public confidence. Batting for a good cause. How this Sydney cricket match
is helping war veterans. It's not as famous
as the Oval Office, but what happens in this room
could change the world. We'll show you, next. Plus, the gentle giant
they call 'Big Moo'.

Good evening, a return to blue skies tomorrow, sunny and dry for Bega, Narooma and Batemans Bay. A cool start to Monday for Canberra and Queanbeyan, then up to 17. Breezy for Goulburn and 15. Looking good for Ulladulla, Huskisson and Nowra, windy at the coast for Kiama and Shellharbour, winds up to 35 ks for Wollongong and a high of 20, Have a good night

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Dreamworld has appointed
a former police officer to oversee its response
to the ride tragedy. Mike McKay is a disaster expert
who oversaw the recovery from Queensland's deadly
Grantham floods. He'll now try to rebuild trust
after four people were killed. It's a very hard
and long process, it's still very raw, not only with the families
and extended families, but with the staff here
at Dreamworld. There's still no date
for the park to reopen. A special cricket match
has been held at Ashfield to raise funds for the charity
"Veterans off the Streets." It supports 3,000 homeless
war veterans across Australia. Guy Sebastian proved his talents
go beyond singing, opening the batting. He shared the crease
with former soldier, Damien Thomlinson,
who lost his legs in Afghanistan. Such an important cause,
you know. I mean, homeless veterans... I think, as a nation, it's great that we're
recognising that it exists. It's a chance
to give back to guys who have served the country, and probably the ones
who have been forgotten about. Donations today will help
build homes for veterans. Now we can take you inside
a unique place - in Iraq's war. A key airbase near Mosul, recaptured in a bloody battle
from Islamic State just a few months ago. And now with a crucial role
in the offensive to retake the country's
second largest city. Inside the command centre
for the war on Islamic State.

From here,
representatives from 60 countries can call in their air power to help the Iraqi army
and Kurdish Peshmerga on the ground. This is the Qayyarah airbase, carved out of the Iraqi desert,
south of Mosul. We've been granted special access
by the US to see how coalition nations,
including Australia, are helping liberate
Northern Iraq. We are really appreciative
of our Australian partners and from what I've seen,
we work really well together. Personally I'm glad
to have them on board. This base once belonged
to Saddam Hussein's military, but Islamic State seized it
two years ago and trashed it. Driving around, we see the remnants
of their destructive force. When the Iraqis
reclaimed this base, the airstrip was wrecked. They thought it would take
six months to fix. It's taken just two, helping to bring forward
the entire Mosul offensive. Now it's a place coalition jets
and helicopters come to refuel and drop supplies, helping to back up local forces
on the ground. Daesh had done
everything they could to make this runway unusable. There were trenches dug
through the runway, possibility of booby traps. In the distance,
the dark shadows of oil fires - a reminder the battle
is far from won. Donald Trump refers to them
as the silent majority. The tens of millions in the towns
along the back roads of America, who'll decide who occupies
the White House? Small towns
like Clinton, Missouri. Where Hillary -
despite her name - isn't guaranteed support. As Mike Amor discovered, it's a town divided
on who becomes President. It's a name
that has become synonymous with American politics. But Clinton, Missouri,
is the town 10,000 people call home. Clinton is really, really,
a nice place to live. It's good, friendly people. Surrounded by farms, Clinton is 1,600km
from the White House, but it might as well be
a world away. It's as close to the 1950s
as you can be. Dan Miles' family has operated
newspapers in the area since the Civil War. He is now publisher of 'The Clinton Daily Democrat'
newspaper. I have not seen the interest
in an election as I've seen in this one. This may be a contest between a billionaire
and a former First Lady who live in far-flung New York, but it's small communities
like this in Middle America who will decide this election. And the people of Clinton
have fallen in love with Trump. My family
are lifelong Democrats, but we are, all of us,
going to vote for Donald Trump. Harold Rittenhouse
runs the local appliance store. Donald Trump, he's outspoken.
He's a good businessman. But around the corner
at the Newsroom Bar and Grill, a different view. We do not need someone
like Trump. What do you think
of Donald Trump? What do I think?
You haven't got time... In Clinton City Square, there's a statue
honouring ancestors who fought for
the Confederate Army. A reminder of how divided
this country has been. Pictures have just been released
of a deadly attack at an airport. The full story next
in Seven News. Plus, the people we depend on
to save us in a crisis. First on Seven - we go inside
Sydney's Police Rescue. Also, the Year 12 student
invited to a private party with Usain Bolt. She tells us what happened. It's a wet and stormy evening
across Sydney. Sunshine tomorrow. Details soon.

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Police in the United States have released
disturbing security video of a man unleashing
a violent rampage at an airport in New Orleans. He burst into the security line and started spraying insecticide
on people, before trying to slash passengers
with a machete. A guard almost knocks
a security scanner while trying to flee. The offender was shot dead
by police. Now, to a rare insight into the work of the toughest
police officers in NSW, at the police rescue
and the bomb squad, who have to handle
life or death emergencies in the air, on land,
and in the water, sometimes in a single day. Eye watering heights,
confined spaces and dense bushland searches. These are the officers
on the front line, responding to the toughest and
most dangerous police rescues. Some of the jobs
that we do attend are gruesome and are also mentally
challenging as well, and often we're in
high-stress situations. We spent two days training with the rescue
and bomb disposal unit. It's a rigorous
selection process - only a few make the cut
every year. We look for people with a high
level of physical fitness, people that have
a great mental aptitude and mechanical aptitude, people that are team players
and show innovation. They attend some
of the most traumatic scenes, the horrors of car crashes, rescues inside boat hulls
and lift shafts, scenes that have
a lasting impact. We are regularly what's called
'well checked', where we have a psychological
officer come in quarterly and on a needs basis
and check on our welfare. The rescue squad responds to more than 6,000 jobs
across NSW every year. Coordinates searches
through National parks, hunts for lost hikers
in the mountains. Sydney's coastline,
another challenge. The rescue squad officers
are put through their paces at least once a month, with rope training. A Victorian Year 12 student
has had a night to remember, being invited to a private party
with the world's fastest man. The 18-year-old
bumped into Usain Bolt during a night out in Melbourne. He was pretty down-to-earth,
I guess. When you see someone famous, you don't really expect them
to be that nice. It's kind of intimidating. You don't want to approach them,
but he's just a regular person. Bolt is in Melbourne
for a break after the Olympics, and for
the Spring Racing Carnival. In the bush, they often
refer to cattle as beasts. But this big bovine
really is a monster. His owner calls him 'Big Moo'. Don't miss his story,
soon on Seven News. Plus, Sydney's traffic stopper. The Sunday family festival
that caused streets to close. But now Mel McLaughlin
is back with sport. And Mel,
looks like you've reserved prime position
there at Flemington. Fergo, Just making sure
everything's ready for the Cup. We'll hear why Gai Waterhouse
thinks she'll win it again, next. Also - are Meninga's mind games breaking
Wayne Bennett, as England fall to the Kiwis? And which Aussie batsman's
in the sights of the world's most feared
fast bowler?


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England coach Wayne Bennett
has denied Mal Meninga's mind games
are getting the better of him, after details of their feud
were made public by the Kangaroos boss. Bennett's side suffered
an agonising one-point loss to New Zealand, in their opening
Four Nations encounter. It has been a rough weekend
for Wayne Bennett. (ALL BLACKS PERFORM HAKA). On the field,
England suffered a 17-16 loss to New Zealand. And off it, a simmering feud
with the Australian coach is boiling over. REPORTER: Mal Meninga's
written a pretty lengthy article saying you've been
actively trying to undermine him
as Australian coach. Do you have a response to that? I haven't seen the article, so until I've seen the article,
I have no response. REPORTER: That was
the essential point. He says you've been actively
trying to undermine him in that position for some time. I saw him Monday,
he didn't have a problem. If he wants to talk to me
personally about it, well. The master coach
adamant the mind games aren't working. Look, you've got to understand, I'm not thinking about Australia
very much so say what they want, do what they want,
not going to phase me. Do you think that shows
they're more worried about you? Dunno mate, ask them. I've made no comment so... just go talk to them. Bennett
was already in a sour mood after England lost a match which
could easily have been theirs. COMMENTATOR: Taken by Ryan Hall. Hall to the corner,
Hall scores the try. A Shaun Johnson field goal
the difference at full time. COMMENTATOR: It's a damaging
start to the tournament for England. Certainly gives us confidence
and belief moving forward in this competition. The Kiwis return to form
means next weekend's game against Australia
will be an genuine blockbuster and a likely preview
of the tournament's final. Josh Dugan's health
remains a concern. He was taken off against Scotland
after a nasty head clash but has retained
his sense of humour. It's a bit sore this morning,
bit of a lump, but that was actually from
Sammy Thaiday's big head in the first half. The world's most feared paceman
has returned to Australia, and put a giant target
on Steve Smith. Dale Steyn dared Mitchell Starc
to "rev it up" at the WACA, while locking the Aussie captain
in his sights, before Thursday's first test. The old foes didn't cross paths
at today's fan event in Perth. But Dale Steyn made sure the
Aussies know he's back in town. I want to make life difficult
for everyone, really. I think the captain is the main guy you want
to make life difficult for. If you can cut the head
off the head of the snake, the rest of the body
tends to fall sometimes. Behind those blue shades, there's the meanest stare
in the game. I enjoy watching
guys that really bowl quick and intimidate players. I think that's kind of
what I want to do. So, when I'm watching, it kind of gets the adrenaline
pumping a little bit. Oh, it's exciting, I think. Probably the best attack
in the world. Steyn's hunted batsmen
all over the world, earning 416 Test wickets. At 33, he's back to prove
groin and shoulder injuries haven't made him a spent force. Now for a duel
with Australia's strike weapon - Mitchell Starc. He's one of those, kind of,
fear factor players that you need to be wary of. Hopefully Starc will rev it up because it
kind of gets everyone excited. Averaging just 24 with the bat, hometown favourite Mitch Marsh is
ignoring pressure from selectors. He needs to bowl well
and bat well, Mitch. He really does. And unfortunately,
in the Shield game, he did neither. Didn't listen to that
and don't read much these days. There's no doubt that I probably need to score
a few runs but I'm not putting too much
pressure on myself. I love wearing the baggy green. Frustration is growing
for the Wanderers, after blowing a lead
for the second straight week. Brendon Santalab
gave Western Sydney the lead in just the second minute against the Mariners
at Spotless Stadium last night. But a Robbie Cornthwaite error allowed Adam Berry
to snatch an equaliser. Boys worked hard and you know,
another mistake, ah let them back in, you know,
it's not good enough. Sydney FC are yet to concede
a goal this season. The Sky Blues extended their lead
on top of the ladder, with a 2-0 victory
over Newcastle. They've won four from four. In the Premier League, Manchester City broke their
six-game losing streak by thrashing West Brom, 4-0. Aguero! A stomping finish.
(CHEERS) Arsenal smashed Sunderland 4-1,
away from home. Liverpool joined both Man City
and the Gunners at the top of the table, after a 4-2 win
over Crystal Palace. And Jose Mourinho
was sent from the sidelines, in Manchester United's
scoreless draw with Burnley, for arguing with the referee. In Scotland, Socceroo Tom Rogic
scored a sensational goal to give Celtic a 1-0 win
in their top-of-the-table clash with Aberdeen. It's been the year for drought-breaking
sporting triumphs, but maybe not
for the Chicago Cubs after all. The Cleveland Indians took a 3-1 lead
in baseball's World Series, winning 7-2
at Chicago's Wrigley Field today. Not even actor Vince Vaughn
could get the Cubs going. Let's win this thing, lets heat
it up here in Wrigley. The Cubs
haven't won the World Series for 108 years. They'll need to start a miracle
comeback in Game 5 tomorrow. The Kings unveiled
NBA veteran Steve Blake and romped to a 5th straight win
in the NBL this afternoon. Sydney were too good
for the Brisbane Bullets, scoring an 87-to-78-point win
at the Qudos Bank Arena. Brad Newley starred for the Kings
sinking 29 points. Gai Waterhouse
hasn't convinced bookies, but has no doubt she's about
to join her father TJ Smith with two Melbourne Cup victories. Sydney's queen of racing is bringing $61 outsider
Excess Knowledge back to Flemington on Tuesday. His runs this time
have been exactly what I want going into this Cup. He's peaked at the right time. He's not over-raced,
he's not under-raced, he's just right. Gai rates Ciaran Maher's
Caulfield Cup winner Jameka as the one to beat. Hartnell remains the favourite
after drawing barrier 12 alongside
its stablemate Oceanographer who bolted into reckoning
in yesterday's Lexus Stakes.

Still cannot give you an hour favourite. We do not. Hopefully tomorrow will have some more news. It is freezing here. 24 hours to get the inside word.

Now to a farm animal
which truly is a gentle giant. He's thought to be
Australia's biggest steer. Big Moo is the name. He's got a big heart
and a big appetite. Measuring an impressive
190 centimetres at his withers, Big Moo's a step above
the rest of the herd. He's fairly big, and it feels like
you've got a mountain galloping around with you. Seven years ago he was just
your average Guernsey calf, being hand reared by the Vines, and destined to become
their next Sunday roast. But his gentle nature
won them over. He has a fabulous temperament, and we just fell in love
with him, and decided we couldn't possibly
put him in the freezer. As the years went by
their bond grew, and so did Big Moo. He just kept growing,
and kept growing, so we don't know when
he's actually going to stop. According to
the Guinness World Records, the Late Blossom from Illinois holds the title
of the world's tallest cow. She also stood
at 190 centimetres. Glencoe residents are hoping
Big Moo could be the next big thing, and it seems he's got
stars in his eyes, too. Over the last few days
he's become addicted to cameras, and wants to follow them around. But for now, the sizable steer's
more than content to live the simple country life
alongside his best mate, Little Moo. Coming up next in Seven News, The Sydney festival
that stopped traffic. Rain and thunderstorms
this evening, cooler tomorrow. Your forecast is next.

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but I wanted to try
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Behind this massive door are the secrets of Sydney's rich and powerful. The first time our cameras take you inside Sydney's latest safe. With mystery is locked inside for almost a century. Seven News exclusive, on Monday. The strays number one.

Tonight's Seven News headlines - A man has died after being thrown
from a Jetski on Botany Bay. He was riding with a passenger
when it crashed, throwing him into the water. Police are hunting a taxi driver
involved in a hit run incident in Kings Cross
early this morning. An 18-year-old student has been
unable to sit his HSC exams, after a brutal one punch attack
at Bondi. And Prime Minister
Malcolm Turnbull wants to pass new laws to ban asylum seekers
from Australia who arrive by boat. It's known as
Sydney's Little Italy, but Leichhardt was crowded today
with tens of thousands of people at one of Australasia's biggest
street festivals. The annual Norton Street
Italian Festa is now in its 30th year. Italian was not just the flavour
of the day for the palate - hundreds of stalls also showcased
the best of Italy. Now here's our meteorologist
David Brown with Sydney's weather. Thanks, Fergo. Patchy rain
and isolated thunderstorms are drifting across Sydney
this evening and it should clear
later tonight.

Today's top was a warm
25.5 degrees by mid afternoon, following
a relatively warm night. In the suburbs, Bankstown cracked 30
this afternoon. High 20's elsewhere.

Cooler in the Blue Mountains. Katoomba 21 degrees. Moving on to the satellite, this cloud deck is sparking
moderate thunderstorms as the system heads
for the Tasman Sea.

Winds right near the front
are touching gale force.

The bureau is warning
of damaging winds in excess of 90 km/h over the Central
and Southern Tablelands early tomorrow morning.

The winds will ease, as a new high pressure system
builds over the state.

Around the nation tomorrow, Brisbane, a shower or two and 31. Perth, a sunny 24. Melbourne, a few showers and 17.

Cup day, cool and cloudy
with a passing shower or two, a top 18 degrees track side.

Back home, a gale warning is current
south of Monty Island tomorrow.

Strong elsewhere. That said, the winds will ease
during the morning. Mostly sunny tomorrow, apart from a few clearing showers
in the northeast. A dusting of snow is likely
on the Alps first thing.

Across the suburbs, clearing rain
and isolated thubnderstorms this evening. Fine and sunny tomorrow. A cool day overall.

A strong wind warning is current
for coastal waters.

North to north-westerly winds
to 30 knots tending south to south-westerly
and easing in the morning. A moderate pollen count
was recorded today. A similar count
is in the forecast tomorrow.

In the city, patchy rain clearing
later tonight. Dry and sunny tomorrow. A top near 22 degreees. The UV is nudging 10. Looking further ahead,
little change Tuesday. Warming up for the weekend,
near 30. That's the latest weather. Clear sky tomorrow
and it's warming up next weekend. Fergo. 'Sunday Night'
is on at 8:50 this evening, after 'The X Factor' live show. Here's Melissa Doyle
with a look at what's coming up. Thanks, Mark. Tonight, face blindness. The strangest medical condition
where everyone's a stranger - friends, family,
even themselves.

And can Katelyn
become the next Queen of the Cup? It would mean the world to me. Also,
how the high life nearly
destroyed Michael Buble's career. Do you know why it happened? Because I like to party. On 'Sunday Night',
after 'X Factor'. That's Seven News
for this Sunday. We'll have updates for you
throughout the evening. Our next bulletin is at 5:00am,
followed by 'Sunrise' from 5:30. I'm Mark Ferguson,
hope you have a great night. Live Captioning by Ai-Media

This program will be captioned live by Ai-Media VOICEOVER: Last week the live shows kicked off.It felt like a pop star. And with so much on the line nobody was holding back.You nailed what Maddy attempted.Including the judges.You weren't there, but I was.But on Monday night things got real.Tonight a record number of acts will be eliminated from X Factor.Eliminations.Timmy. Time and Place. Maddy.That no-one saw coming.Natalie.

I'm no shock.Tonight it's makeover week.I've never been in a salon with this many gournlgous women.As the contestants going from plain to fame and the competition kicks into over drive.Now is where the fight begins and I love a good fight.For adam, Amalia and Isaiah Firebrace, Iggy and the groups, Brentwood and AYA. Guy Chynna Taylor and Davey and Mel and her under dogs. Vlado and BEATZ. Their surprise tactics. People are going to go what's that about.And surprise reveals.You promised me you would get your hair