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Tonight, the government's plan
to come down hard on refugees - Malcolm Turnbull wants to ban asylum
seekers from ever coming here. He says it's about sending a message
to people smugglers.

Manmeet Alisher's brother arrives
in Brisbane to take his body home. He's too distraught to talk,
and hasn't told his parents their son has been murdered.

Hillary Clinton fights
a battle on two fronts - she's heaping pressure on the FBI
as Donald Trump rides the wave of support.

And fast times for this
high school student - she's in the middle of exams,
but found time to party with Usain Bolt.

First tonight, more than 2,000
asylum seekers will be banned from ever stepping foot
on Australian soil, even if they're genuine refugees. The government says it needs to send
a clear message to people smugglers, despite the fact the last illegal
boat arrival was more than 800 days ago. Malcolm Turnbull is calling on Labor
to support the bill, but human rights lawyers have
questioned whether lifetime bans are even legal. Ursula Heger has more.

Among the science and chance to bring them here, one who was. This woman, an Iranian refugees reunited with her family, after two years in detention.I can't say how much it means to me being out and being with my husband. It would be possible without your support.But today, the Prime Minister ended that dream for so many others.The door to Australia is closed to those who seek to come here by boat with people smuggler.The government will fast track Time bans on asylum seekers who arrived by boat, including for the almost 3000 already in detention, 1100 held in one detention centre, and 959 held in the other, at least half of which are deemed genuine refugees.This is a battle of will between the Australian people, represented by its government, and these criminal gangs of people smugglers.The intelligence I've seen about people wanting to travel to marry some of the people from the regional processing Centre, to try and create a process where they might come here on a spouse visas, that is not acceptable.The ban extends to tourist and business visas, even to those who returned home.You look at the legislation and think about whether there are unintended consequences of the legislation, whether it is too harsh or in breach of our national obligations.New Zealand has previously offered to take some of those in detention, the government hasn't made it clear where they'll go.We do have discussions ongoing with a number of countries. I've said, and the pro- minister has said, that our priorities are to get women and children and family units first, and to work through the rest of the population.What the policy challenge, deliberate cruelty to innocent people, ripping apart families, is never the solution. Those things are fundamentally wrong.And for those here, it's a fight they are prepared for.

The brother of the Brisbane bus
driver who was set alight by a passenger and left to die,
has flown in from India to take his body home. Friends have revealed
Manmeet Alisher was the family's primary breadwinner,
and are so worried about how his parents will take the news,
they haven't been told he's been murdered.

Kristina Costalos reports.

An embrace for a brother
who's inconsolable.

Amit Sharma flew in from India this
morning after his sibling, Manmeet, was murdered. The 29-year-old bus driver
was picking up passengers on Friday morning when accelerant was thrown
on him, and set alight.

Anthony O'Donohue is accused
of the senseless killing, which police say was
an unprovoked attack. This is a bad day in
the history of Australia. Amit hasn't told his elderly
parents their youngest son is dead. He even disconnected their TV
so they wouldn't see the news. We just said, he's in an accident. He's in a coma. When we take the body to India,
they will know the things. The 29-year-old was generous. He opened his home and emptied his
pockets to help Indian immigrants call Australia home. But he was most famous
for his voice and acting career. He's the main family member. All family dependent on that person. He was the main pillar
for the family. Overnight, a thousand mourners
cried and laid flowers where Manmeet was murdered. Work colleagues, friends
and government officials coming together. He was heading to India. He was engaged, and all those plans,
it's not going to happen and it's very upsetting. They lit candles and said prayers...

...For a friend who everyone loved. Not only an Indian thing,
the whole community is here - that's something pleasing. His brother is also stopping at the temporary shrine later date to see the outpouring of grief from an entire community. And through all their grief,
Amit Alisher is now organising to get his brother's body home,
back to India, as soon as he can. We had words with the police and we
believe in the justice system. They had arranged his marriage,
now they'll plan his funeral. Kristina Costalos,
Ten Eyewitness News.

In the wake of the Dreamworld
tragedy, a retired Queensland police inspector has been appointed to lead
the community recovery process. As the blanket of floral tributes
for the four victims continues to grow, the theme park's boss
Craig Davidson announced the appointment of disaster recovery
expert Mike McKay to help them move forward. This rebuilding program is firstly about commencing the healing process. Secondly, it is about rebuilding trust and confidence in Dreamworld. There is no more qualified person to help us with this progress -- process.It still very raw, not only with the families and their extended families, but with the staff here at Dreamworld. They are suffering and I've been brought in to look at the holistic approach as to how we can best get things back to some normalcy. Mr McKay came recommended
after his work on natural disasters, including the deadly
Grantham floods.

Five people have jumped
from a burning speedboat after it exploded off South Stradbroke
Island, off Queensland. Three women aged in their 20s,
a man and a five-year-old boy suffered significant burns
when their vessel went up in flames this morning. They all managed to swim to a nearby
boat, where paramedics and water police were able to treat them. All five have been flown
to hospital, where they're now recovering. It's still not known
what caused the explosion.

Hillary Clinton is piling pressure
on the FBI to release more information about its investigation
into her use of a private email server when she was
Secretary of State. The Bureau has been very
light on the detail, after announcing it had found
new emails that may be important. Gillian Bowen has more.

It hasn't been a good few days for Hillary Clinton.Now I'm sure that some of you may have heard about a letter that the FBI director sent out yesterday...Her lead in the polls, and the wave of momentum, have crashed.It's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information, right before an election.She has called the FBI 's timing unprecedented and deeply troubling.We've called on the director to explain everything right away, put it all out on the table, writes?In announcing the new investigation yesterday, the FBI director only said they found new emails that might be significant. He didn't give any details out what specifically they were looking for, or how long the probe would last. Voters deserve to get full and complete FAQ.It emerged the Department of Justice delayed the announcement, telling the director he would be breaking ranks and might be seen meddling in the election. But he said, keeping it quiet would be misleading, and he can't reveal more because he doesn't know what he is dealing with. It's no surprise Donald Trump agrees.And it's everybody's deepest hope that justice, at last, can be properly delivered.A new poll, taken before the news of the FBI probe, has Mr Trump gaining ground again, climbing to within two percentage points of Miss Clinton. She is putting on a brave face.So just remember, the matter how low our opponents go, we go high.With 10 days to go, it looks like the oval office is anyone's for the taking. As Melbourne prepares for Cup day,
punters of all walks of life are getting in early
to back their very own dark horse. Much-loved retired thoroughbred
Subzero couldn't hold his horses in laying a bet for Tuesday's
$6.2 million race. And straight from the horse's mouth,
he's backed Caulfield Cup winner Jameka. Would like to place a bet on the Melbourne cup? I see you've got your form. Do you remember jameka -- Jameka? Jameka's hoop, Nick Hall,
is the son of the jockey who rode Subzero in his 1992
Cup-winning ride. Still to come - the hunt for a taxi
driver after a pedestrian was run down. Why the government may
not get its way over paid parental leave. And as the spooky and scary come out
to play, it's the retailers who are cheering this year. And the panda who showed this
intruder who's boss.

MAN: The progressive new
Corolla Hybrid. With the latest technology

Four people have been
arrested after a shooting in Melbourne's northeast. A man in his 40s was shot
in the shoulder at his home this morning - the gunman then
took off in his car. Police believe the victim stumbled
from his Heidelberg home and collapsed outside
a neighbour's property. We do believe that this incident was random, and the victim and the offender or offenders have known each other -- wasn't random. The victim has been taken
to hospital and has undergone surgery, and should
make a full recovery. A man is in hospital
after being dragged along a road by a taxi in Sydney. Emergency services were called
to a busy intersection where the 22-year-old man was helped
by police until paramedics arrived. Officers have been told the man had
been speaking to the cabbie when he drove away, dragging
the victim down the road. He's been treated for cuts
to his head and is recovering in St Vincent's Hospital. Two young men are in a critical
condition in hospital after their ute rolled
on a Sydney motorway. The Mitsubishi Triton hit a guard
rail and flipped just before four this morning. The 22-year-old driver
managed to free himself, but his passenger was trapped
in the vehicle for around two hours. Both have been taken
to Liverpool Hospital with leg injuries. Soon after, a second
accident at the site, involving three cars,
blocked all lanes on the motorway, but no-one was injured.

A new shark management
trial is about to start on the New South Wales mid-north
coast after a string of attacks. The Clever Buoy system detects
the predators and sends an alert back to lifeguards. It's already been successful
in Bondi, and the State Government wants the project extended. Melinda Nucifora reports.

These predators aren't just terrifying, there are also very clever. But this could be the key to outsmarting them.And potentially, one application is to deploy them off beaches and use them as an early monitoring system for sharks that may be coming into a beach.The NSW government today announced it will fund another trial of the Clever Buoy, and the latest test sites new books nest is a well-known great white shark nursery.We are pretty sure we will get a fair few sightings of white sharks in the area of research, and it will give us a good test of the Clever Buoy ability to detect Sharks.It can't come soon enough. Ashok was spotted at Manly today, prompting the beach to be closed. Clever Buoy device was successfully used at Bondi earlier this year. Sophisticated software determines if the object is a sharp and sends an alert back to life does onshore. Underwater cameras will be filming to see if the Clever Buoy gets it right. Researchers hope to have the answers by the end of the year. The chance to party with Olympic
sprinter Usain Bolt is a pretty good reason to take a study break
from your Year 12 exams. That's exactly what happened
to a Melbourne schoolgirl, who had a night out
with the athlete. Georgina McKerrow has more.

Star-struck by the Bolt. Pretty much, we were like,
how did we get into this booth? 18-year-old Claudia Baglar probably
should have been studying for the last of her Year 12 exams. But hanging out with the fastest man
in the world is a pretty good excuse for not doing your homework. We were just hanging
out with some friends, and they said he's here,
and we didnt really believe it at the start. Little did the schoolgirl
and her friend know, they were about to be invited
into a private booth at Ms Collins nightclub, for drinks
with the man himself. What do you say to Usain Bolt? Yeah, I know! I just introduced myself
and I said, "Hi, I'm Claudia", and he introduced himself. The nine-time gold medallist
is in Melbourne for the Cup Carnival. He will head to Flemington
on Thursday, for Oaks Day. No stranger to a party,
Bolt has been lapping up our night-life.

Claudia spent about 45
minutes chatting to him. He's actually pretty nice, I mean,
you don't really expect that from someone that famous,
you would think they would be intimidating, but he's
actually good to talk to. And while she won't be
bolting back to school, she is keen to share her weekend
brush with fame with her classmates. Not looking forward to going back
tomorrow, but I have told a few people and they seem
to be pretty rapt. Georgina McKerrow,
Ten Eyewitness News.

Joining us now for an update
on all the weather details is Amanda Hart. Amanda, a cold snap on the way
for southern states?

Natarsha, South Australia felt it
today, and it's Victoria and Tasmania's turn tomorrow. A cold front is crossing over
the region, dropping temperatures and bringing showers,
the odd storm, and powerful winds. Both states felt gale force winds
today, and severe weather warnings have been issued. The cloud moved into New South Wales
this afternoon, also bringing showers and the odd storm. We can see the cold front
moving over the region. It's also triggering some severe
thunderstorm warnings for parts of New South Wales. While the low pressure trough
in the tropics is triggering some isolated showers. Queensland and Southern WA
are relatively clear, thanks to areas of high pressure. Around the country today... Mostly sunny in Brisbane. Warm, but rain at times in Sydney. Showers and windy conditions
in Melbourne and Adelaide. And sunshine in Perth. Tomorrow... More weather later in
the bulletin - Natarsha.

Up next - the moment the city
of Aleppo is struck by a missile. And how authorities could have
prevented this tragedy. And in sport - cricket fans get up
close with the Aussie Test team. But which one has South Africa
publicly targeted?

Plus - the British runners looking
to break their Melbourne Cup drought fancy their chances
in Tuesday's great race.

and Fanta Orange.

A man has been killed and five other
people have been injured, after a bridge collapsed over
a busy road in Italy. A truck was crossing it at the time,
and its heavy load caused the bridge to break apart,
crushing the cars below. It happened just hours
after the bridge was ordered to be shut down by Italy's road authority. But provincial officials demanded
an inspection and for the order to be put in writing. The collapse occurred
while the inspector was travelling to the site.

This is the moment a missile struck
a home in the wartorn city of Aleppo, in Syria. The video was released by rebel
forces, who claim to have retaken parts of the city from government
forces in a major offensive. But forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad
have launched a counter-strike, using Russian warplanes
to help retake lost ground.

Three astronauts have their feet
back on solid ground after leaving the International
Space Station today. They undocked from the ISS,
closed the hatch and left three crewmates behind, before making
a parachute landing in Kazakhstan three-and-a-half hours later. They'd been in space for four
months, performing hundreds of scientific experiments.

And confirmation today pandas aren't
as cute and cuddly as they seem. This man, who was trying to impress
a girl, got more than he bargained for when he climbed inside this
panda's enclosure in China. He woke up the animal,
which quickly knocked him to the ground and pinned him down. Luckily, his stupidity didn't result
in any physical harm to the animal, or himself.

Social media and a love
of the United States are spurring Australia's increasing
interest in Halloween. While that's frightening for some,
retailers are enjoying a treat, as most Aussie children
now get involved. Phoebe Bowden reports.

Waterskiing witches glide
across Sydney Harbour, and a giant spider rests
near the Opera House. Halloween has well and truly
arrived in Australia. Welcome, welcome. The concept has some spooked. It's an American thing,
not something we should be participating in. Not big into Halloween at all. While some claim it's
a "trick", it's proving to be a "treat" for retailers. The sales are an average 30% up. Retailers need this time of year, so those celebrating Halloween are practising great increases, way bigger than last year or the year before. A recent survey suggests about 70%
of households with primary school-aged children
will celebrate this year. It's awesome. Interest in the pagan holiday has
grown in recent years. You don't have to worry about giftgiving, it is not the pressure of Christmas, it's just fun to dress up and be silly. Experts claim social media is a key
reason Australian interest in Halloween is growing. In the United States,
pop star Katy Perry has posted snaps dressed as Hillary Clinton. Her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom,
posing as her presidential rival. Sales show Donald Trump masks
are two times more popular than Hillary Clinton masks. I think Donald is a real caricature of a character, you can really play with that. And we certainly sold some wigs and orange face paint. Phoebe Bowden, Ten Eyewitness News.

Still to come - we'll update
all the day's top stories. Plus - how one driver
took the drive-through to a whole new level.

And why this man has corrections
officials in the firing line.

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Some call it a silly American tradition that shouldn't be celebrated here in Australia. We reckon it's a good excuse to have a bit of fun. Tomorrow, its Studio 10's colour wind special. -- colour wean special. Wait until you see the costumes.

Tonight's top stories:
A ban being pushed by the Turnbull Government would see
more than 2,000 asylum seekers stopped from ever setting
foot on Australian soil. It wants Labor to support
its legislation, but human rights lawyers aren't convinced
the plan is even legal. The distressed brother of a bus
driver killed in a brutal attack on Friday has arrived in Brisbane
so he can take his loved one's body home. Amit Alisher was too
emotional to talk. Instead, a family friend
described his brother as a gem. Firefighters believe an arsonist
is responsible for lighting a fierce inferno in Adelaide. Flames quickly engulfed
the townhouse this morning, but thankfully nobody was inside at the time. Firefighters did save the owner's
pet from the blaze. It took more than an hour
for the fire to be brought under control. The home has been destroyed,
but firefighters stopped it from spreading to
neighbouring properties. Prison officers are being asked
to explain how a dangerous inmate escaped under their watch
at a Perth hospital. 25-year-old Lawrence Alfred Hansen
ran from Corrective Services officers while receiving medical
treatment and then allegedly stole this Hyundai four-wheel-drive
from a nearby home. Why wasn't a medic or a nurse sent
to the prison rather than the prisoner sent to
the hospital and therefore escaping? The government needs to come clean
on why this has happened, we've seen it happen
too many times before. Hansen was recaptured
after a police chase late this morning. Police are happy no-one was injured
after a woman made a meal of parking her car at a McDonalds
in Melbourne's north. The driver lost control
of the vehicle and crashed into the window of the fast
food outlet, destroying tables and chairs. Pure luck, probably a bit of a miracle that
on a Saturday night no-one was seated where the
car's gone through. So fortunately no injuries. It could've been a very
different story, though. The driver, a woman in her 40s,
and her two passengers managed to escape uninjured. A Victorian school teacher says she is so concerned by a new program designed to promote safer homes she will not teach parts of it. The former Liberal candidate has slammed parts of the Respectful Relationships program, claiming it could promote risky sexual behaviour. Matthew Sadler has the details. My redeeming has had enough. The high school teacher is fed up with two school programs, and she will not be cooperating with parts of them.It is encouraging children to watch pornography, encouraging them to go out and experiment with risky sex.The mother of three says she will lose her job before she will teach some of it. In her sights is the Respectful Relationships program. She says it could encourage school staff whose intentions are not pure.You would get people who would really enjoy having good conversations with teenagers. We all know that those teenagers exist, sadly, and it gives them cover.The state schools program started in Victoria six years ago. While it has is to tractors, it has now spread to hundreds of schools across the country. But Moira says the respectful relationships program has the potential to do damage.I don't think that telling children to watch porn is going to help with combating domestic violence.In a statement, Victoria's education minister says that is not what it is about. The government will not stand by what one woman is killed through domestic violence each week.

But Moora is adamant she will steer clear of programs she says are unnecessary and dangerous.I would never, ever use that. I would lose my job before I use that. A deal on paid parental leave
is looking increasingly unlikely, but it's good news for expectant
mothers who'll be spared a cash cut. Up to 80,000 new mums faced
having their payments slashed, but now a minor party says it
will no longer support the federal government's planned cuts. Ellesa Throwden explains. Christine Adams is 9.5 weeks
pregnant with her second child. She and her partner are also
counting the weeks she'll be paid to support her family -
on maternity leave. Six weeks is not that
long for your employer, and then it's only about 8-10 weeks
paid parental leave, so, what - your income's maybe four
months out of a whole year and a half. Exactly what Christine will be
entitled to under Malcolm Turnbull's paid parental leave
is at this stage unknown. From January next year
the government wants to slash support, costing the average
working mum about $4,300. My husband earns, you know,
a fair amount, so we're OK. But it's still - I mean,
you've still got to budget. It's not like you're rolling in it. The government needs nine votes
in the Senate to get its way after the Greens
and Labor opposed it. Most of the money they're looking
to take will come from lower and middle income earners. Now NXT Party leader Nick Xenophon
says his senators won't back the changes either. Mums just want certainty. It's not a cheap exercise,
having a child, you know? The money you pay for hospital fees
and afterwards you need that support coming in. If the changes are blocked it'll
be a costly exercise for the government. It'll put a billion-dollar
hole in the budget. The NXT Party holds the power
to veto changes to the PPL scheme and members will meet this
Thursday to discuss it. But party leader Nick Xenophon says
there's no way it'll get through parliament
in its current form. As you know, we don't
have a majority in the Senate so the passage of legislation
has to be negotiated and we will continue to do so. Leaving a deal on paid
parental leave on pause. Time for sport now with Adam Hawse. And some tough talking
from South Africa's cricketers? They've publicly made Aussie captain
Steve Smith their number one target. We'll hear from fast
bowler Dale Steyn next. Also, Mitchell Marsh trying to stay calm as he fights to keep his place in the team. Plus, why the British believe this is their year to wind the Melbourne Cup. And this this the Premier League's individual goal of the year? All the highlights coming up.

Well, look at that. Brekky at midday? Someone's not confined
by convention.

And what's this? An afternoon snack, sir. No-one expected that. Or the silk robe. Hotcakes for lunch? Delicious idea! Promote that woman!

The international runners have
completed their final preparations ahead of Tuesday's $6.2
million Melbourne Cup. The Brits are yet to claim
Australia's most famous race, but with a host of fancied runners,
they're more confident than ever. Duncan McKenzie-McHarg has more. It's the trophy the Brits
so desperately want. And if yesterday's win
in the Lexus Stakes is anything to go by, Oceanographer seems ready
to break that drought. But the stayer needs to back up,
with three races in 13 days. Connections are confident he can do
it, but they're more confident in Geelong Cup winner Qewy. We know the trip is going to suit
him, we know the start is going to suit him because it's
going to be pace on, so we're going into the unkown
but looking forward to it. Last night, 41-year-old
Stephen Baster was handed the ride on Goldolphi stablemate
Secret Number. He hasn't ridden in a Cup
since 2007, so, what would winning one mean to him? I don't think I could
actually imagine it. I actually lay in bed last night
before I went to sleep and I went, "That's ridiculous, don't
even think about it." Top weight Big Orange
is back and this time, luck may be on his side. The common sense says that 7
is a better gate than 23, so we were delighted
to get that draw. While Jameka is set to fly
the Aussie flag, some aren't so sure she'll have the legs
to get over the line. I'm telling muself that 400 metres
out she's going to be running to mummy and daddy looking for some
help and they're both sprinters, they're not going to be there. Nick Hall is riding Jameka
on Tuesday and the jockey is confident Australia's best
hope can last the 3200. Ciaron's done a great job to sort
of have her peaking at the right time, so she's very balanced
and focused and calm and stuff going into it. So I'm pretty happy. Nick's father Greg rode
Subzero to victory in 1992. Today, the big grey placed an omen
bet on another Hall taking out Australia's most famous race. Australian all-rounder Mitch Marsh
says he's not concerned about his place in the Test team
despite an underperforming year. Marsh has only averaged 24
with the bat in his 29-test career, and selectors have put him under
the pump to perform, starting in this Thursday's first
Test against South Africa at WACA. Rod's a great bloke
and he keeps picking me so I'm doing something right. There's no doubt I probably need
to score a few runs but I'm not putting too much pressure on myself. Well, I haven't been in the best
of form and I've been finding ways to get out which has
been really unfortunate. Spearhead Dell stained has revealed Smith will be targeted by the Proteas' attack.If you can cut off the head of the safety rest of the body tends to fall sometimes. We have done that in the past, tried to attack the cup then, because he is the leader and if you can cause some chaos there, it can have an effect on the rest of the guys. -- attack the captain.The first test begins on Thursday. And you know the Big Bash must be
just around the corner when the niggle starts
between Sydney rivals the Sixers and Thunder. Moses Henriques with a little dig
at defending champions the Thunder. They would have spent a lot of money
in the off season with some of their purcahses
and good luck to them. It's good to have the trophy back
in NSW, but we'll bring it over the good part of Sydney this year. The Sixers held a fan day
at the SCG today. They open BBL-six against
the Thunder on December 20. Kangaroos centre Josh Dugan has
declared himself fit for next weekend's vital Four Nations clash
against New Zealand. Dugan was cleared of concussion
following the team's recovery session after a headclash
with former Titan Luke Douglas in the win over Scotland. Woke up feeling pretty good,
I passed all the tests last night, my balance was still a bit iffy. In a more important game I probably
would have taken my time a bit more and probably would have been
able to come back on. The Aussie squad clearly trying
to sharpen up their skills ahead of their showdown with the Kiwis. Wayne Bennett's England face
an uphill battle to make the Four Nations final after going
down to New Zealand overnight. After a tight first half,
the Kiwis skipped clear with a try to Shaun Johnson. But the home side fought back
to level the scores at 16-16.

Widdop has the weight of four
nations on his shoulders here, the weight of England
expectations at the very least, and he has kicked it
from the touchline. A field goal from Johnson
proved the difference - New Zealand home 17-16. An ominous warning from Sydney FC
coach Graham Arnold, who says the unbeaten Sky Blues
are still yet to hit top form. Arnie's men made it four from four
last night with a 2-0 win over Newcastle, keeping them
on top of the ladder. Remarkably, they have not conceded
a goal in any match. And after scoring in
the opening 80 seconds, the Western Sydney Wanderers once
again blew a chance at victory, having to settle for a 1-1 draw
with the Central Coast Mariners. For me, there is so much more potential in this team. Over time it will get better and better between the boys, and I think we will end up in a good place.

There were plenty of goals
for the Premier League's big guns overnight. Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool
all put four past their opponents on their way to victory. But Manchester United's up
and down form continued, failing to find the back
of the net against Burnley. Max Burford has all the highlights. Scoring isn't a problem
for Liverpool, but after taking an early lead over Crystal Palace,
the Reds' defending was cause for concern. It's a gift for McArthur. Well, that's crazy. Horrible moment for Lovren. Lovren made amends just a minute
later and two second half goals buried the Eagles. And Firminho clips it elegantly,
consumately, and confidently! After a 6-game winless run,
Pep Guardiola's men came out swinging. Slipped through to Sergio Aguero. West Brom carved apart. Aguero had a stunning
second just minutes later. City remaining in top spot
after a convincing 4-0 win. The goals were also flowing
freely for Arsenal. Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez
both netting doubles against cellar dwellars Sunderland. They are striding away,
ripping it up, making it look easy. It's far from easy for him. So far, Leicester has struggled
to reproduce its title winning form and the Foxes went behind early
against Tottenham before a pinpoint Jamie Vardy cross
helped salvage a point. At Old Trafford, Jose Mourinho
was banished to the stands as Burnley held Manchester United
to a scoreless draw. The Red Devils fired off 37 shots
but couldn't find a way past Tom Heaton. Wow! What a save that is, by the way. That is a proper save. I don't know if he
knows a lot about it. And Middlesbrough's Gaston Ramirez
took goal of the day honours after a stunning 65m solo run. It's a beauty, from Gaston Ramirez. From defence to attack
in the blink of an eye. 900 game NBA veteran Steve Blake moved to the Sydney Kings today after Captain Kevin Lisch pulled out of their clash with Brisbane due to a calf injury. The 36-year-old finished with 12 points, while fellow US import Josh Powell also impressed.Up Hugo!Brad Newley top scored with 29 points, as the Kings 187-88. Not only do Sidney Levy ladder, it is the first time in eight years they have won five in a row. In the US, Patty Mills made the most
of his starting role for the San Antonio Spurs. Oh yeah, good on ya! He finished with 18 points and 5
assists in their win over New Orleans, while Matthew
Dellavedova is flourishing with his new teammates in Milwaukee. The Aussie notched 14 points to go
with 9 assists in the Bucks' win over Brooklyn. Daniel Ricciardo has qualified
fourth for the Mexican Grand Prix, despite being less than thrilled
with his car's performance. I wasn't happy with the balance. But to come away with fourth,
I think we're a bit lucky. Ricciardo was just four-tenths
of a second behind Lewis Hamilton who kept the pressure
on title rival Nico Rosberg by taking pole position. Rosberg took second. The race will be shown live And free
tomorrow morning on One. Check your local guides. Cleveland are just one win away
from claiming baseball's holy grail after defeating Chicago 7-2 in Game
4 of the World Series. The Indians breaking the game
open with a 3-run homer in the seventh inning. At 3-1, Davis stays put. Kipnis sends a ball
to deep right, and gone! That was special enough
to earn our Play of the Day. And there could be more celebrations
for Cleveland very shortly. No team has lost the World Series
after leading 3-1 in 31 years. Not looking good for the Cubs. They have been waiting so long. They deserve it. Coming up next, Amanda Hart has
all the weather details.

BOY: She'll be in the movie! Let's zoom in. Zoom!

Some parts of the Australian Alps
are likely to see a sprinkle of spring snow in the next few days. Add a few scattered showers,
and it's surely going to feel like winter, mainly in Victoria
and southern New South Wales. It's associated with an intense cold
front, which today passed through South Australia. There are damaging winds moving
ahead and behind this system, the weather bureau has issued
a number of warnings. The cloud associated with it also
brought showers and the odd storm. That cloud moved into New South
Wales, and Tasmania as well. Tomorrow, that front
should move offshore, but it will still leave showery,
gusty conditions for eastern Victoria, Tasmania
and New South Wales. There's also a low pressure trough
that will trigger a few showers in the tropics, and down
in southern Queensland. It'll be mostly dry
in South Australia and southern WA, thanks to a ridge of high pressure. Victoria and Tasmania will receive
most of the rain tomorrow, when the cold front moves through. Northern NSW and southern
Queensland will receive some light showers, too. And just a few showers
in the interior thanks to low pressure. In Queensland tomorrow,
showers for the south, the south-west, and the far north. Everywhere else
should be mostly dry. Central parts of the state
will be quite warm. Partly cloudy with the slight chance
of a shower in Brisbane tomorrow, and warm on 31. A possible shower on Tuesday. And mostly sunny on Wednesday. In New South Wales,
showers for southern, central and northern parts. The far west should be fairly dry. Canberra will be nice
and sunny, but only 17. Sunshine in Sydney
tomorrow too, but cooler. Partly cloudy with a possible
shower on Tuesday. And the sunshine will
return on Wednesday. The winds should ease across most
of Victoria tomorrow, but it'll still be
windy in the south. Showers right throughout the state,
heaviest in the east, though. And it's going to be cool. Partly cloudy in Melbourne tomorrow,
with possible rain and even hail in the morning. A shower or two on Tuesday. And partly cloudy
and 19 on Wednesday. A cold, showery day
ahead for Tasmania too, with brisk westerly winds. The showers will be
heaviest in the west.

Partly cloudy with a possible shower
in Hobart, and only 14. A shower or two on Tuesday. And a medium chance
of showers on Wednesday. The winds should ease off a bit
in South Australia tomorrow. But there'll still be showers
for central and south-eastern parts. Mostly sunny and dry elsewhere. Adelaide will be cloudy tomorrow
and even cooler on 16. A possible shower on Tuesday. And partly cloudy on Wednesday,
with winds becoming light in the afternoon. In the west, thundery showers over
the Kimberley and Gascoyne regions. Mostly sunny and dry elsewhere. Cooler temperatures in the south. And in the Territory,
thundery showers over the Top End and south-west. It's going to feel like summer
in Perth over the next few days. Sunshine, with warm temperatures. 29 degrees on Wednesday. And possible afternoon showers
or storms for Darwin. That's Ten Eyewitness
News for tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling,
thanks for your company. Stay with us now for
Family Feud with Grant Denyer. See you next weekend. Goodnight. Live captions by
Ericsson Access Services.

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Now, the Gan family took home
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for a shot at $10,000.

From Bli Bli, in Queensland,
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Briony. Who have you got on tonight?

Today I've brought
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My little sister Monique,
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and my mum, Paulette.

Welcome and taking them
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let's hear it
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G'day, Luke.

Who have you brought along with you?

I've brought my sister, Tahnee,
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