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(generated from captions) He reckons he's not involved.
He just helps him. So he knows everything about him,
but he's not...he's not... He's got the heroin readings.
He's got the heroin reading? Yeah, but he's not...
doesn't use or touch it. We were able to do some further
checks and make some phone calls and verify their story. I think he was trying to
be respectful to his friend. The friend's obviously
had a lot of problems. And, yeah, I think he was being
more protective of his friend, rather than evasive, to us. A thorough search confirmed the men
were not carrying anything illegal and they were allowed to go.

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Tonight, charged with murder. The man accused of setting
a bus driver on fire, as passengers thank
the humble hero who saved their lives. Damage control - Hillary Clinton bunkers down as a surprise scandal
stalls her election campaign. Runway panic - passengers flee
as their plane erupts, followed
by a second jet explosion. A theme park safety blitz to prevent
another Dreamworld disaster. First on Seven, the robots demolishing
a harbour landmark. And, off and racing at Derby Day. The Cummings clan
take first honours. VOICE-OVER: Live from our
Melbourne headquarters, this is Seven News
with Michael Usher. Good evening. The man accused of setting fire
to a Brisbane bus driver remains behind bars. His lawyer saying he's numb
and struggling to comprehend what's happened. Anthony O'Donohue is now charged
with murdering Manmeet Sharma and the attempted murder
of passengers, trapped on the burning bus. Today, one of those passengers was reunited
with the hero taxi driver who helped them get off safely. Two men. One, engaged to be married,
thriving in life. The other, struggling with his. Unknown to each other,
now intertwined in the most horrific
of circumstances. He's numb. I don't think he's feeling
anything, at this point in time. He's trying to come to terms
with what happened, himself. What police say happened, 48-year-old Anthony O'Donohue boarded the bus
Manmeet Sharma was driving, dumped a sports bag
full of accelerant on him, set him alight
and watched him burn. Manmeet's former colleagues,
taxi drivers, paid their respects. It's totally a shock for me, and I just feel sorry
for his family, as well. The 29-year-old's parents
in India discovered the appalling news
on social media. O'Donohue's neighbours
cannot believe it. He was a nice person.
He was a peaceful person. A year ago, he withdrew,
stopped speaking to all of us. And I must just say,
I'm shocked and horrified. Police still have no motive as to why Anthony O'Donohue
might have done this, but there is a clue as to what
might have prompted it. Yesterday was five years
to the exact day he walked into
police headquarters behind me, in what police describe as
an attempted "suicide by cop", making threats,
which landed him in a psych ward. Ross was one of eleven passengers
on the bus.

Today, he met his saviour.

Aguek Nyok, a humble cabbie. An immigrant from Sudan
who kicked the bus doors in, embarrassed with the recognition
from his passengers today. Were you the taxi driver
yesterday? I said, "Yes", and he said,
"You deserve a hug, mate." And he said,
"Son, you did well." He's grateful he could give back
to his new home. It's really good,

Hillary Clinton's
election campaign

is in damage control tonight,
blindsided by the FBI, which has reopened
its investigation into the former secretary
of state's secret emails. The timing couldn't be worse
for the Democratic candidate, just 11 days
before America votes. A cool Clinton demanded the FBI release more details
for scrutiny, while Donald Trump
couldn't believe his luck. I need to open with a very critical
breaking news announcement. (CHEERS) A beaming Donald Trump with news so big, he couldn't
wait to tell supporters - the FBI is investigating
Hillary Clinton again. And they are reopening the case into her criminal
and illegal conduct. A stunning campaign gift
that no-one saw coming. This is biggest political scandal
since Watergate. As they celebrated,
Clinton was blindsided - in the air
when the bombshell dropped. She landed
with a plane full of reporters to a breaking disaster. Secretary Clinton! No comment for them, and at her first rally
of the day, little more
for supporters either. Donald Trump says he can still win,
and you know, he's right - anything can happen
in this election. She's already faced
a year-long FBI investigation, into whether she used private
email for classified information, and the FBI decided
not to press charges. But now, they've found more. This time dug up in their probe into Congressman Anthony Weiner's
sexting scandal with an underage girl. Weiner's estranged wife
is Clinton's top aide. Secretary Clinton, how much more
difficult will the campaign be? The 69-year-old was enjoying
a clear lead in this campaign. The 'Access Hollywood' tapes
had most polls predicting guaranteed victory. This could be a game-changer. After stalling all day,
she finally faced the media, revealing she's been told nothing
by the bureau. We are calling on the FBI to release all the information
that it has. This will reinvigorate
the Trump campaign. It might not be as rigged
as I thought. Findings of this
new investigation are unlikely to be released
before the election, and that is just 11 days away. I am confident,
whatever they are, will not change the conclusion
reached in July. This leaves America
in an unprecedented position, a presidential candidate under the cloud of
an FBI investigation, possibly facing charges, as the nation heads to
the ballot box. Too soon to know
the legal consequences, but the political fallout
will be immediate. While he seizes
on the scandal back home, Donald Trump is making a bit of
a fuss here in Australia. A video has emerged
from a Sydney conference five years ago, with headlines suggesting
the Presidential candidate humiliated former Miss Universe,
Jennifer Hawkins. Jennifer Hawkins is
a beautiful girl on the outside, but she isn't very bright. As much as everyone wants me
to bag him, it's not in my nature. Hawkins says Trump has always
been respectful to her. A dramatic jet crash has forced
over 100 panicked passengers to evacuate a burning plane
in the US. The American Airlines 767,
with a full load of fuel, was on take-off from Chicago when an engine failed. But it wasn't the only
jetliner drama on American runways today. Fleeing instead of flying, passengers tumbled down
emergency slides, and ran from a burning 767
full of fuel. Go, go, go, go, go! Inside they jammed the aisles,
rushing for exits, as smoke began filling the cabin. Hector Cardenas filmed
as he made his way free. Panic on his face, as he looked back to see the right wing
had collapsed. Oh my god! The Miami-bound flight
was seconds from take off when passengers heard a bang. There was a big ball
of red flames that blew up from that window,
that's all I can tell you. I got out of there
as fast as I can, too. We heard a loud pop
and then flames. Investigators reported
a tyre blew. The airline says
it was engine malfunction. Take-off was aborted, and all 170 on board
were evacuated. We were 30 seconds
into the safety video about 'do not grab your luggage'
in an emergency. Probably about seven or eight
people stopped, went over head, and grabbed their luggage. 20 passengers
and a crew member were injured with mostly bruising and sprains. Flight crew did
an outstanding job of bringing the aircraft
to a halt, alerting all the cabin crew that they were going to evacuate
the aircraft. Later in Florida... (GASPS) ..the left wing of a FedEx plane
caught fire when the landing gear collapsed
after arrival. The pilots
and their cargo of mail were unharmed. Every amusement ride
in Queensland will be scrutinised by engineers
in a safety blitz, following the deadly
ride disaster. Inspectors began
the enormous task at Dreamworld, as its boss announced staff
can return to work next week. On any other Saturday
this car park would be full. Thousands would be arriving
for a day of fun. But today,
the scenes outside Dreamworld couldn't be further from that. I think for a lot
of Australians, this disaster has hit home, because it
could have been anyone. At the growing memorial
last night, another candlelight vigil. Dreamworld's bosses
brought their families. Carla Minett used to work
for them, operating rides at Dreamworld. We were so strict
it wasn't funny. Even stricter from today. The State Government announced
a safety blitz across every amusement park
in Queensland. The other parks are still open
to big crowds.

We make sure aren't the all the paperwork and checks are up to date. They want to ensure safety and rebuild trust.Working hard on regaining the public's trust.If staff do not want to do return to work, they will not be forced to.

A Sydney taxi driver
is in hospital after being assaulted
by a passenger. He suffered a fractured arm
in the attack at Bondi Junction. A 35-year-old man has been charged with assault
occasioning bodily harm. Pretty serious injuries, mate. Did you break his arm? He'll be back in court
next month. The discovery of an unused
grenade from the First World War shut down a North Shore road
this morning. A veteran's granddaughter
found the device in the garage of
her mother's home at Northbridge. A grenade sort of rolled out
onto the floor, and it still looks intact,
and still has the pin in it. The army was called in
to dispose of the explosive. The state government could face
a costly compensation claim from more than 100 home owners whose properties
could be in jeopardy because of a bureaucratic bungle. They bought the houses
in eastern Sydney not knowing they may be affected
by the construction of new roads in Western Sydney
and the city's south. For decades, Joan and Duncan
have been neighbours to a strip of green
earmarked for a future F6. It's been on-off, and from different times,
different proposals. You sort of don't know
what to do, really. But while they've known
they'd be caught up in it, it's about to come as
a nasty shock to more than 100
Sydney home owners. A bureaucratic bungle has meant, between late June
and five days ago, buyers weren't told
Roads and Maritime Services had an interest in the property
they were buying, possibly even plans
to acquire it. This is a monumental stuff-up, in what should be
a basic function of government. The 140 properties impacted are around the proposed
F6 motorway between Loftus and Tempe, and the Werrington Road link,
being built near St Marys. I'm very sorry that this
situation has occurred. It is unacceptable
that home owners would find themselves
in this situation. The government
is still trying to work out just who's been affected,
and how badly. The minister says
it'll be early next week before people can find out
what it means for their property, and what their options now are. It could mean
massive compensation claims. The mistake
comes as the government moves to privatise the property
information service. Those responsible
will be held to account. The Opposition demanding
an independent investigation. Bill Shorten has used
a Labor Party conference to launch a scathing attack
on the Prime Minister. He's labelled Malcolm Turnbull
"morally bankrupt" for accepting the vote of
troubled Senate crossbencher Bob Day. Revving up the party faithful
in Queensland... We've already begun to fight
the next election! ..Bill Shorten unleashes
on his rival, for accepting a "tainted" vote. We have a morally weak
Prime Minister, a morally bankrupt relying on an insolvent Senator. The last thing we're going
to do, to be accepting is Bill Shorten
and the Labor Party lecturing us on people's votes. One vote now looking
more certain, crossbencher Bob Day
has revealed he may not be quitting
after all. He says a white knight investor could rescue his collapsed
construction business, throwing a lifeline
to more than 200 families with unfinished properties. Your responsibility now
is to look after them, not to play silly politics. One minute he's there,
the next minute he's gone and the next minute he's back. It's all pretty confusing but if he's not bankrupt, he's entitled to sit
in the Senate. If he stays, Bob Day will back the Coalition's workplace
relations reforms, and plans for a
same-sex marriage plebiscite. The Liberals are willing
to keep him in the Senate just long enough to secure
one more vote for their attacks on unions. It could be months before Bob
Day's fiscal fate is decided. But the controversy
has renewed calls for tougher disclosure laws
for all MPs, so voters aren't left wondering
about their finances. We need more transparency in terms of what politicians
own, what they're worth, how much they owe to others. Obviously always happy
to look at those proposals but let's be clear, there's a lot of transparency
and disclosure that's already
in the public domain. An idea unlikely to be pursued
by either of the major parties. Motorcycle champion Wayne Gardner
is back in Australia, after spending almost two weeks
in a Tokyo jail. The 57-year-old flew into Sydney
this morning, relieved to be home. It was horrendous.
I never want to do that again. Gardner was arrested for allegedly assaulting
three men in a road-rage incident at the MotoGP
earlier this month. He insists
it was a misunderstanding. The Melbourne Cup Carnival
is underway, with a huge crowd at Flemington
for Derby Day. For the purists, it was a brilliant day
of Group 1 racing, while the rest enjoyed the party. Mel McLaughlin is there for us. Mel, a very famous name
saluted in the feature race. Yes, Michael. It's been a spectacular day, with 90,000 fans
enjoying the start of Cup week. And trainer James Cummings,
the grandson of Cups King, Bart, won the Victoria Derby
with Prized Icon. Warm weather welcomed thousands through the famous
Flemington gates for a huge day of quality racing. With four Group 1s
on a bumper card, it was like grand final day
for racing purists. Derby Day is a high fashion day, with traditional black and white
gracing the lawns. This year a new precinct called
The Park, filled with bars and restaurants and offering something
for everyone. There's so much variety here
and it's nice. I feel like I should've
paid extra to be in here It's really fancy. Inside the new arena - the stage
for fashions on the field. Huge hats and fascinators topped
off monochrome masterpieces. The prize taken out by newcomer
Gunita Kenina from Latvia. I'm very excited.
I can't believe I won. Celebrities and special guests cooled off
in lavish Bird Cage marquees. I think Derby Day is a real big celebration
of kicking the whole week off. I know nothing about racing.
I'm purely here for fashion. Cup champion Michelle Payne
enjoyed this year's event as a jockey and trainer. It's so exciting to be here
and healthy and well. One of the biggest challenges
for racegoers was trying not to overindulge. Flemington's sweet-smelling roses
were even good enough to eat. Mmm, an acquired taste. Punters took plenty of snaps to
remember the day. But the best place to get
your photo taken was the winning post. The prized icon won it
by two and a half. A great Cummings moment. The James Cummings-trained colt gave the family
their fourth generation win in the Derby.

What a special day, especially for the family. They wander all race back in the day. His father has also won it. A very special for the Cummings family.

Not to be outdone, Sydney racegoers
headed to Rosehill today. The crowd enjoyed
a nine-race program, and they didn't miss
any of the action from Derby Day at Flemington. It was a mixed bag weather-wise, with crowds forced to improvise
when it started raining. Let's check the forecast now. Angie, the clouds
seem to be clearing. Michael, what started as
a pretty gloomy day ended up being quite pleasant. This afternoon the sun finally
broke through those clouds. This was the scene over the city
this morning, though. Very foggy with low cloud
and lingering showers. As a result, we recorded
another few millimetres at Observatory Hill. But the heaviest falls
were further north. Storms produced up to 60 mm
inland of Port Macquarie.

Right now, it's clear. We're sitting on a pleasant
21 degrees, with fairly high humidity at 73%. We're heading for
a very warm one tomorrow. Those details a little later,

It's one of the most striking
places on the planet. Next, the new plan to protect
this icy paradise to our south, and its unique inhabitants. Also, a night out ends in
a bloody brawl in the CBD. The unusual demolition
of a Sydney landmark. And, Harry the wildlife warrior, helping to save elephants
in Africa.

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A night out has ended badly
for two men,

after a drunken brawl
in the city overnight. One man was left bloodied
on the sidewalk, after the fight broke out
on Broadway, in Haymarket. Both men were taken to hospital,
but have since been released. It's one of the most remote
and beautiful places on Earth. The Ross Sea to our south,
near Antarctica, is home to more than 10,000
species of marine life. And they've now been given
a greater chance of survival, after a decision in Hobart, to declare it the world's
largest marine conservation park. The Ross Sea is as stunning
as it is immense. But even this remote stretch
of icy water isn't immune to human impact. It's as near to pristine
as you get on planet Earth. To keep it that way, this section of east Antarctica
has become the first marine park in international waters. Commercial fishing
has been banned. We're delighted that
this great day is arrived. Lots of the life that's on
the seabed is very very rich, occurred nowhere else
in the world. The protected region covers
1.5 million square kilometres. It's home to more than
a thousand species including the emperor penguin
and humpback whale. It seems to me
to be fundamentally wrong that we live our lives
in such a way and we fish an area that we don't leave anything
for our children and our grandchildren. Campaigners submerged themselves
in ice-cold water in extreme attempts
to raise awareness. Now after five years of talks, 24 countries and
the European Union have agreed. For me this is about justice. The deal remains in place
for 35 years. An American woman, who claims her ovarian cancer
was caused by baby powder, has won a multi-million dollar
payout. A court has ordered
Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million
to Deborah Giannecchini, who was diagnosed in 2012. It's the fourth time the company has been found to have failed
to tell the public about a possible link between
ovarian cancer and its product. New video has revealed Prince Harry's
latest personal adventure in south-east Africa. The young royal
joined conservationists to relocate hundreds of elephants
under threat from poachers. The animals were moved
to a Malawi wildlife sanctuary. One of Sydney Harbour's
most recognisable landmarks is coming down. But it's robots, not explosives,
doing the job. Don't miss that exclusive story
soon on Seven News. Plus, what was she thinking? The teenager who took on
a doggy door, and lost. Before that, Jim's got sport. Cup week is underway
in spectacular fashion. Coming up, more from Derby Day, as we now turn our attention
to the big one - Tuesday's Melbourne Cup. Plus, access all areas, and one on one
with the Penrith star, after his stunning debut
for the Kangaroos. And from Lake Macquarie
to a world title. Our new queen of cliff diving. The spectacular pictures, next.

Why am I with Cbus? Because they invest
in this industry. That helps build my super. And creates
tens of thousands of jobs. So, yeah, Cbus
really is for all of us. VOICEOVER: Cbus - for all of us.

Welcome back. The Kangaroos belted
the Bravehearts, then Mal Meninga came out
swinging at Wayne Bennett, as the Four Nations began today. Matt Moylan and James Maloney
starred in the 54-12 romp

against Scotland, while Meninga accused Bennett
of undermining him in his role as Australian coach.

They're the new faces
of a new era for the Kangaroos. Jake Trbojevic's parents
arrived in Hull just in time to see his try
on debut, finishing a 54-12
thrashing of Scotland. It's really surreal, hey. You have to pinch yourself
at times. To get to play for Australia,
it was really awesome. Man of the match Matt Moylan
did everything possible to claim Darius Boyd's
number one jersey. If I get another opportunity
from that, I'll be stoked.
But just happy to make my debut. But Moylan and James Maloney aren't expecting another game
on tour. Possibly, yeah.
That's the beauty of this team. Enjoy the rest of the tour
and see how the cards play. Josh Dugan was KO'ed, and the second half
could have been really ugly, if David Klemmer knew the 'no punching' rule
doesn't apply. He probably knew,
but I didn't know. If he got me,
he would have dropped me. They're very physical, and I've got bumps and bruises
all over. (LAUGHS) The real grudge match is coming. The Kangaroos say Wayne Bennett's
only coaching England to prove he should have
Mal Meninga's job. Meninga says Bennett's
undermined him for a year and claimed they haven't been
friends for 30 years. Bennett won't talk about that, or why he signed Benji Marshall
at the Broncos. I'm here coaching
the English team, mate. Nothing to do with me, what's happening at home
right now, thanks. Cameron Smith joined Meninga as the second-most capped
Kangaroo, behind Darren Lockyer. I've got 46 test matches,
and 23 as captain. That's what Mal finished with. He said, "This will probably be
your last game." I hope I get another start! As we saw earlier, the Cummings name lives on
at Flemington after Prized Icon won
the Victoria Derby. There was also
an eye-catching run for Tuesday's Melbourne Cup, while Bart Cummings' grandson
James trained the winner of the Derby. With four Group Ones on offer, there was plenty
to sink your teeth into. The $1.5 million Victoria Derby was the prize
they were all chasing. They're off! The highly fancied
Sacred Elixir jumped out well, as the field made
its first trip past the post. And the favourite
took the lead as they made the home turn,
only to be quickly swallowed up. Here comes Prized Icon, he's coming with a booming
finish on the outside. And from there,
the colt didn't look back to deliver James Cummings
his first Derby win. Prized Icon won it by 2.5. A great Cummings moment,
beating Sacred Elixir. The trainer becoming the fourth generation Cummings
to win the race. I get a lot of confidence
from the fact that my great grandfather
started training horses in 1911. There's over 100 years of horse
racing excellence in the family. Earlier, Hugh Bowman
took full advantage of the ride vacated by the suspended
Damien Oliver to win the Coolmore Stud Stakes. Flying Artie's hit the front
late in the race, though Flying Artie
won it well. Bowman saluted again in
the million dollar Cantala Stakes on the Kris Lees trained,
Le Romain, his second Group One
win of the day. I Am A Star
continued the filly domination this spring, in the Myer classic. I Am A Star in front,
near the line and the filly's won it. I am a star from
French Emotion. Mornington trainer,
Shane Nichols, pumped after claiming his first
Group One victory. Oceanographer flew home
in the Lexus Stakes to secure a spot
in the Melbourne Cup field. Oceanographer,
from a long way back gets into the Melbourne Cup. The last to first win,
so good it forced a weight penalty for Tuesday's
race that stops a nation. Really impressive, we're going to give him a kilo
so he'll move from 50 to 51. The Godolphin horse now
second favourite, in Cup betting. Australian teammates continue backing under-fire
all-rounder Mitch Marsh. He toured Perth's new stadium
with Adam Voges today. Selectors have put Marsh
on notice before Thursday's first Test
against South Africa at the WACA. Voges says the 25-year-old is
good enough to bat at number six. One hundred percent. You can ask him yourself
if you want to. He's ready to go. Marsh will answer those questions
tomorrow. Now 37, Voges said one look
at the new stadium convinced him to play on
for its planned opening for next summer's Ashes series. Sydney FC are trying to continue
their perfect start to the A-League season. The Jets had the strike power
in the air in Newcastle, but the Sky Blues had it
on the ground through their captain. Alex Brosque must score,
and he does. It's 1-0 to Sydney at half-time, who are playing for
their fourth straight win. Last night, the league's
best player Bruno Fornaroli gave Melbourne City a 2-1
win over Adelaide. Australia's Paralympic
football hopefuls are taking part in the national
7-a-side championships at Glenwood this weekend. They didn't qualify for
the 2016 Games, so Wollongong's James Turner
switched to athletics and smashed the T36 800 metres
world record to win gold in Rio. Football's more skill-based
training for me. really love the team. I love having my mates around me
when I play a good game. The Pararoos are now aiming
to qualify for next year's
world championships. The Cleveland Indians
have taken a 2-1 lead in baseball's World Series. Chicago's famous old
Wrigley Field hosted its first
World Series game since 1945. Actor Bill Murray saw his Cubs
concede the only run of the game and shifted his focus to the bar. It's the bottom of
the seventh innings. The last chance to order beer. Game four of the seven-game
series is tomorrow. Australia
has a new world champion in one of the world's most
spectacular sports. Rhiannan Iffland won the Red Bull Cliff Diving
world series in her rookie year. The 25 year-old from
Lake Macquarie started as a show-diver
on cruise ships. Iffland clinched the crown
in Dubai, with her fifth victory
from seven events this year. I wanted to finish
it off strong. The last dive of the season, and I couldn't have done it
any better for myself. Iffland's the first wildcard
to win the world title.

Well done. I tell you what, James Cummings was scripted beautifully today. We have absolutely access all areas for the horse racing on Tuesday.

This Sydney landmark was never one of the prettiest
on the city skyline, but it was certainly
recognisable, and had an important job. But the Harbour Control Tower
at Barangaroo is coming down. And we have an exclusive look at the cutting-edge technology
being used in the historic demolition. Bringing down a Sydney landmark,
bit by bit. 80m above Barangaroo, remote controlled robots
are slowly hammering away at the reinforced concrete that's withstood the elements
since the '70s. One of them
is in a chewing motion. is in a hammering motion. And they systematically
eat the concrete. Work has been underway
since April, dismantling the old control room. With that finished, removing the rest
won't take long. Yeah, we're looking at
two to three metres a day, over the next
two to three weeks. So, everybody will see the tower
start to come down. The remaining rubble
fed down the old elevator shaft and trucked away, to be recycled. The concrete will be taken away
and pulverised, and re-used throughout Sydney. Maybe even a footpath near you. It would have been quicker
to set some charges and bring the tower down. But with houses
and the harbour nearby, it was decided
demolition was too risky. The only other option, something that has never been
attempted here before. Something this large,
to be blown up in this area, is just not applicable. The robots themselves, the way they're positioned
on the platform, on a heavy-duty stack,
is a first for Australia. The tower will be gone
by Christmas. In its place,
plans are being drawn up for an exhibit
to remember its legacy. Sydney's in the middle
of a record building boom. Next, the suburbs where
first homebuyers are getting in with a government helping hand. What caused the lights to go out at one of Sydney's busiest
shopping centres? Islamic State's
horrifying new tactic in the battle for Mosul. And, squeezing into
sky-high stilettos. Advice for the well-heeled
this racing season. That's next.

warm Sunday coming up ahead of a cooler change late in the day, expect the winds to pick up too on the south coast at Eden, Merimbula and Narooma. Away from the coast, late rain for Jindabyne and Cooma, late rain for Canberra and 25. For the Illawarra, a sunny start in the morning with showers and windy conditions to follow for Nowra, Kiama,

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To many young homebuyers,
the great Australian dream

is more like
the great Australian myth. But under pressure from Canberra
to loosen up more land and lower hurdles
for first homebuyers, the state government claims
it is giving them a leg-up, handing out almost $700 million
in assistance. Anh Nguyen is one of Sydney's
newest first homebuyers, the 26-year-old snapping up this three-bedroom
Liverpool home. The price tag - $850,000. I feel really excited because we've been saving
for nearly three years. With the Federal Government
putting the states on notice about house prices, Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian says her government is trying to get
more properties on the market. We believe
that supply is the best thing state governments can do to put downward pressure
on prices, but we also do have grants
in place, which are proving very
successful for people getting into
the market for the first time. Spring Farm in western Sydney received the highest amount
of government help in the past three years -

more than $23.4 million, followed by Werrington,
with $20.8 million and Liverpool with
$19.4 million.

More than one-third of those inspecting this four-bedroom
Spring Farm home are young people trying to make
that first vital step onto the property market, but it won't be an easy one, with the deposit setting back
the lucky bidder around $75,000. With 1,000 new homes
being finished every week in New South Wales the message for young buyers -
get in early. Tighten the belt, get on the first rung
of the ladder, pay if off over time. Interest rates are low
right now, so there are some advantages
for first homebuyers. There are conflicting scenes
of celebration and fear, as the noose tightens
on Islamic State, near the Iraqi city of Mosul. While some villages
have been liberated, the terrorist group
is said to have rounded up thousands of citizens,
to use as human shields against advancing
coalition forces. After two years living under
Islamic State rule, the liberated people
of Faziliyah celebrate. They are free. But from the UN, new reports of atrocities
inside Mosul. Isil's depraved,
cowardly strategy is to attempt to use the presence of
civilian hostages to render certain points,
areas of military forces immune from military operations. They're using human shields, tens of thousands of people
abducted and held, knowing coalition bombers are
less likely to target civilians. Many of those who refused to
comply were shot on the spot. Those who've survived
face a new reality, lining up to reconnect
with long-lost loved ones at a refugee camp, bringing presents and food. "I've come to see my family,"
this man says. "It's two years
since I've seen them." This conflict is putting
fresh strain on Iraq's fragile
religious harmony. Sunni Muslims from Mosul
will end up in refugee camps here in Shiite Kurdish territory, something previously thought
unthinkable. There are concerns defeating
Islamic State in Mosul may not necessarily bring peace. But they have a common enemy
for now. A blackout has cut power to over 1,000
homes and businesses on Sydney's North Shore
this morning. The power outage also affected
traffic lights, causing chaos on the roads
around Chatswood. It's believed the outage
was caused by a fault on an underground cable. Power was off for over an hour,
but has now been restored. Sometimes fashion
can be downright uncomfortable. Painful, even. And that's certainly
the case, I'm told, when it comes to high heels. Helen Wellings,
who does know about these things, says medical experts
are warning women attending the Melbourne Cup
and other events to watch their footwear, because style is coming at
the sacrifice of an increase
in foot and back problems. Fashions aren't complete without
a stampede of towering stilettos. Our spring carnivals show off
the highest and the most bizarre. It elongates the body,
it makes us feel confident, and we just forget about
the pain and put up with it. Right now,
with the warmer weather, podiatrists are reporting a sharp surge
in foot and back problems, brought on by
strappy summer shoes. Like model
Naomi Campbell's stilettos, which have deformed her feet. They can age your feet, create bunions, create clawed
digits, osteoarthritis. The heel forces all the pressure
up through the heel area, and all of the weight is pushed into
the front of the foot, which compresses the nerves
at the front of the shoe, and crams the toes. Lana Whatley's trying to reduce
the time she spends in crippling stilettos. Bunions are forming on the foot. We can also see
the blistering and pressure on each of the toes. Pressure at the sides of
the toenails, causing ingrown toenails, and general thickness
of the toes. Top to toe,
high heels stress the body. But there are
fashionable alternatives. Ashley Lim designs heels
that don't hurt. It gives you better support. It actually enables you
to walk properly. You can still look fantastic, but just drop
the heel height down to a sensible height of about 3cm. A lower, thicker heel or a wedge
platform heel gives more support. But if you're into high heels, only wear them
for short periods of time, and always pack an extra pair
of comfortable, flatter shoes. Flat and supportive shoes
might be the best choice for tomorrow's 7 Bridges Walk. More than 12,000 people are expected to help raise money
for cancer research in the 28km trek, including Olympic champion,
Jared Tallent. I'll be out there walking, and you'll be able to say hi
to me, and we'll really raise
some funds for the Cancer Council. The route spans the harbour and takes in some of Sydney's
most spectacular views.

Please keep an eye out for our very own Mark Ferguson.

Bob Dylan explains his silence
over his Nobel Prize. That's next in Seven News. Also, Obama and race relations. Has anything changed under
America's first black President? It was always going to be
a tight squeeze. The teenager
trapped in a doggy door. And we'll see out the weekend

American singer-songwriter
Bob Dylan has announced

he will accept the Nobel Prize. Dylan was awarded
the literature prize by the Swedish Academy
earlier this month. But they hadn't heard from him
until today, when he said
he appreciated the honour. It just left him
a little speechless. As Barack Obama
nears the end of his term, you'd think his legacy with African American voters
especially would be very strong. But as Mike Amor discovered, in a city divided by
violent race riots many find it hard to praise
the first black President and claim the quality of
their lives during his Presidency has worsened. It's quiet now on the streets
of Ferguson, Missouri. No sign of the anger
that saw this community become the flashpoint
of race relations in the US. (GUNSHOTS) Riots broke out
after unarmed black teenager Michael Brown
was shot and killed by police. It's probably just simmering.
It's just simmering. Nobody forgot.
Nobody's gonna forget. Tony Henley and Toriano Johnson work at the local barbershop
in Ferguson. Since the riots, unarmed black men being killed
by police in America have dominated headlines. African men and women
have been treated horribly in this country for years, and I don't think
it's gonna change anytime soon. This is the street where Michael Brown
was shot and killed by police back in 2014,
sparking all that unrest. As the first black president prepares to leave
the White House, have the lives
of African Americans improved? End of Obama's term...
Are race relations better? No. Actually,
they've gotten worse. One in three black men in America will now end up in jail
in their lifetime. When you look at the high rates
of blacks being incarcerated, you gotta ask yourself, "OK, if we 13%
of the population, "how are those numbers fair?" That shows you
that there's a bias in the streets,
of being targeted. Barack Obama is about to leave
the White House, but most Americans believe
race relations... Hands up. Don't shoot. ..are worse, not better. A Melbourne teenager has been
rescued after getting stuck trying to crawl through
a doggy door. The 18-year-old was locked out
of her house and her parents suggested
she try to squeeze through. I haven't been in the dog door
for a while, so I tried to get through
and I got stuck halfway. Firefighters had to help free
the schoolgirl. She wasn't hurt,
just a little embarrassed. Here's what's ahead tomorrow
on Sunday night. On Sunday night - face blindness,
the strangest medical condition. She didn't recognise her partner
of five years. Where everyone is a stranger - friends, family, even themselves. Yet, it is so common,
someone you know has it. # It's a beautiful day! # And Michael Buble, how the high life
nearly destroyed his career. Do you know why it happened? Because I like to party. Also... Katelyn's incredible comeback. Can she become
the next queen of the cup? What would it mean to win? It would mean the world to me. I have dreamt of this
my whole, entire life. Zombies have invaded Sydney. Next, the good cause that brought
hundreds of the walking dead to city streets. And the showers
have mostly cleared for now, but there is another grey change
ahead for us. The full forecast is next.

Seven's Sunday Night.

This man is the killer.

Well get him charged with murder.

The gang land wars started right

He told you more

than he told the police.

Regrettably he did.

I've sat in a Lebanon prison they
just want to keep me quiet.

Did he save your life?

This is insane!

Now imagine not being able to
recognise your own loved ones,

your friends or even your kids.

Scientists are discovering this

medical condition is far more
widespread than you think.

You should know this person.

Not recognising people you've met

It's me.

The bizarre condition affecting...

Find out what causes it on...

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Tonight's Seven News headlines -

the man accused of setting
a bus driver on fire charged with murder, as passengers thank the hero
who saved their lives. Hillary Clinton bunkers down after the FBI blindsides her
with a new investigation into her private emails. Passengers flee
as their plane erupts on a US runway, followed by
a second jet explosion. And the Cummings clan
take first honours at Derby Day. The CBD has been overrun
by zombies. Thousands dressed up
in their scariest outfits and marched from Belmore Park
to Bathurst Street to raise money
for the Brain Foundation. Roads near Central Station
were closed and buses diverted for the sixth annual walk. for the seventh annual walk. Now here's Angie
with Sydney's weather. Thanks, Michael. Good evening. We recorded a little bit of
everything today. But in between the cloud
and showers there were some sunny breaks, particularly this afternoon. We ended up a with
a pleasant top of 24 degrees. That's 2 above average. And our minimum in the city
was a comfortable 16.

Last night some isolated showers
pushed across the region, bringing a few millimetres. Maximums made it to the mid 20s
for most suburbs. The warmest was 26 degrees
at Parramatta and Cronulla. From the satellite - a trough is bringing
those isolated showers and storms to the east. This afternoon hail was recorded
in the Blue Mountains. Tomorrow the bulk of
the instability will be centred around
northern New South Wales. A severe storm warning
remains in place for that part of the state. To our capitals for this Sunday - looking good in Brisbane.
Mostly sunny and 28 degrees. Rain periods in Canberra,
following a humid top of 25. Showers
for the other southern cities. Perth remains mostly sunny,
with 21 for a maximum. We're expecting strong winds
on the coast tomorrow, with north to north-easterlies
of 20 to 30 knots. Those northerlies will push
the temperature to 28 degrees in the city. We have a warm night ahead too,
with a low of 18. Rain is likely in
the late afternoon and evening. Those late showers will move in
from the west later in the day, cooling down what are expected to
be very warm October conditions. 31 for Castle Hill and Bankstown
and 28 at Manly. A milder 25 at Bondi. Statewide -
showers and rain areas will spread over central parts
of the state, as well as the east. Tops will be
generally in the high 20s. A frontal system
also bringing strong winds to northern New South Wales, as we can see at Byron Bay there. No change in the pollen count
tomorrow. Levels should remain low. Looking ahead - fine conditions again
from Monday. That sets us up for what should be
a rather settled run of weather and temperatures gradually
increasing with each day. So plenty of blue in the sky to
get us through the working week.

That's Seven News
for this Saturday. We'll have updates later. From all of us here,
thanks for your company. I'm Michael Usher. Have a great Saturday night. Live captioning by Ai-Media