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Now it is.

I was looking for a bit of support
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No, unfortunately, it was
actually New York. New York, yeah.

Prior to moving to Washington, DC,
in 1800,

a number of cities
acted as the capital.

Congress also met in Philadelphia,
Baltimore and Annapolis

but the interim capital of the
United States was in fact New York.

I'm sorry, Kirsty.Thank you.

Hey, listen, you still win $1,000.
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This program will be captioned A record jail term locked up his daughter
for the father who to years of abuse.
and subjected her killed by a passenger
A bus driver in a bizarre, random attack.

go to court
Bart Cummings' children fortune.
in a fight over the family The powerful ally election chances.
boosting Hillary's

who came from nowhere
And the player in the Australian Test team.
to win a berth

Good evening. handed down
A Sydney judge today the longest jail sentence
what's believed to be for child sex offences, in the state's history. a maximum 48 years behind bars
A father will spend of his daughter,
for the horrific abuse for more than a decade. And a warning, are disturbing.
the details of this story

began here
The worst of all crimes

in NSW.
at a rural, family home a shocking secret -
The thick bushland concealing a chook shed, where the victim was subjected to forms of abuse.
the most sickening

at the age of just five,
It began in kindergarten,

for the next 14 years.
and would continue

beatings and mutilations -
Repeated rapes,

as her mother watched on.
sometimes tied up,
And, it's here she'd lie, in the damp
surrounded by barbed wire,

for days.

were elite sportspeople,
Her parents

for the Olympics,
her father once qualifying she, equally as talented. A promising young sportswoman, international success,
who achieved but behind closed doors, for poor performance.
was often punished a master of deception.
Her father,

his behaviour as:
Judge Huggett describing

read out to the court,
In a statement how she will forever be damaged
the daughter described by the torture and abuse.

suffers from night terrors,
The now 21-year-old

her own life 20 times.
and has tried to take Today for her crimes, at least 11 years in jail.
the mother was sentenced to by so many as a monster -
And, for the man regarded 36 years,

Will most likely die in jail.

Which would make him 95 eligible for release.
before he's even is at Downing Centre Court.
Reporter Airlie Walsh react to their sentences?
Airlie, how did the parents

Bite effectively being handed a innocence.
life sentence, he maintained his innocence. He shook his head in

innocence. He shook his head in were
protest as the entire 73 offences wife
were detailed to the court. His believes
wife is of the same vein. She too arguing
believes that she is innocent, for
arguing that she has been sentenced There
for a crime she did not commit. whether
There has been no word of the appeal
whether or not the parents will appeal the severity of their

appeal the severity of their combined 64 years behind bars.

in a horrifying random attack.
A bus driver has been killed by a passenger
The 29-year-old was set on fire

on a street in Brisbane.
who was boarding the bus stopping to help rescue
A passing taxi driver everyone else onboard.

Flames lick the footpath,

petrol pours out the doors.

forcing its way
Smoke chewing the oxygen and

past those on board.
though every opening,

in the minutes before
What happened

as horrific and heartbreaking.
can only be described One man, the bus, would never go home.
just doing his job, driving

taking of a young life
It's a senseless needless, going about
of a person who is actually providing transport.
supporting the community by

A random attack more than one life.
that nearly claimed

the bus, children, the elderly.
Six people were trapped on some smoke inhalation.
Some suffered burns, But all thankful for one man.

Flames everywhere from the front of the bus and people trying to break the door to get people out.

the door to get people out.I want evidence
to assure you that there is no linkage
evidence at this time of any activities.
linkage to terrorist type

his name Anthony O'Donohue.
But police knew the attacker - A mental health patient

up the road
who lived a few hundred metres for trying to kill someone.
and who was once arrested

have died almost instantly.
Police say Manmeet Alsiher would a casual driver
Just 29 years of age,

only a few months.
who'd been behind the wheel

a singer and actor,
An Indian migrant, had done for him.
who loved what this country

by the hearts of all.
A senseless end to a life felt

it's a national disgrace,
Malcolm Turnbull says

Governments agreed to do more
and today, the Federal and State to tackle domestic violence. a cultural change,
The Prime Minister is demanding to show more respect to women.
calling for men and boys

told Bill Shorten
Malcolm Turnbull, last year,

would delay quick action.
a domestic violence summit

Today, he held one. is not a private drama,
Domestic violence behind closed doors
to be played out it is a crime. died last year,
More than 100 women 132,000 were injured - 'a national disgrace'.
what Malcolm Turnbull calls This issue is beyond politics. family violence.
There must be no more of this

law and order challenge
The number one

right across our nation. three-year,
Governments agreed on a $100 million dollar strategy legal support
of early intervention, and response programs.

we have to do.
There is so much more continued its push
Meantime, the Government the Senate,
to get budget savings through $6 billion in welfare
this time, targeting

and those doing it tough. that show
Releasing figures, they claim, can receive up to $45,000
a single mother of four in tax-free welfare -

of many.
more than the take home pay

and crept and crept.
The welfare system has crept take a pay cut to get a job.
Some Australians would have to about welfare,
If you want to do something

have a plan for jobs. the figures have been distorted.
Labor says kick the poor pensioner.
They decide to an out-of-touch lecture
The same time as they are giving mansions.
from their harbour side do is hand away $50 billion
What the Liberal party want to to large multinationals
in taxpayer concessions and to the big banks.

welfare must be fair.
The Prime Minister says incentives for people to work
But it also must provide real disincentives for work.
and certainly not divided

taken to hospital
A truck driver has been

exploded in flames,
after his semitrailer on the Pacific Motorway
following a crash

in the state's far north. near Chinderah
Two trucks collided just after midnight, sparking the inferno. suffered minor injuries.
One of the drivers

the getaway vehicle
A car believed to be

of Hamad Assad at Georges Hall
used in the shooting death earlier this week, has been set on fire. to have been torched overnight
The black Audi is believed in the city's south-west.
at Birrong

at Dreamworld,
It was a solemn day

gathered for a private memorial
as hundreds of staffers of the ride disaster.
in the wake

of two of the victims
It comes as the father and pleaded for answers.
spoke of his heartbreak

holding back tears,
Standing side-by-side,

and father, Shayne.
Kate Goodchild's partner, Dave,

were taken so suddenly from us,
Kate, Luke and Roozi horrific circumstances,
and in such

to even know where to begin.
it is difficult for us

and horror,
In the midst of their heartbreak

a plea for answers.

we want to know what went wrong.
Like everyone else in Australia,

ones were taken from us
We want to know why our loved

funerals for Kate Goodchild,
With the families planning

and Cindy Low,
Luke Dorsett, Roozi Araghi re-open the park.
Dreamworld had been planning to private ceremony
Instead, today, it held a for those staff worst affected. before a slow, tearful procession
Hundreds of them turned out,

wall of flowers.
to this ever-growing

and we've got great people,
This is the healing process, and they're hurting.

Ardent Leisure's
As anger continues over handling of the tragedy, is refusing to deal with bosses.
the grieving Goodchild family

At this difficult time,

contact from the company
we would prefer that any future be made through our solicitor.
or the media

Dreamworld's promise of

'Famous for Fun'
the Gold Coast's branding of

now ringing hollow, visitor numbers have dropped.
as other theme parks deny their

Theme parks are fundamental to the believe
DNA of the Gold Coast and we strongly.
believe it will bounce back very

The Goodchild family says the overwhelming show of support,
it's been heartened by people are still bringing flowers
four days since the tragedy

The park will now remain closed

until after the funerals, and re-checked for safety.
and after every ride is checked

We will be taking guidance from that
experts before we do anything. So our
that we are absolutely 100% sure of our business.

On the eve of the Melbourne Cup king, the late Bart Cummings,
the children of undisputed Cup fight over his lucrative estate.
are locked in a bitter legal

mediation, as soon as possible
They've been told to go to in a public courtroom.
or the battle will be finished

spanning 60 years,
Over a horse training career

a record 12 Melbourne Cups
Bart Cummings collected multimillion dollar fortune.
and amassed a

I was very lucky. of a messy court battle
Now, that fortune is the subject between his three children trainer Anthony Cummings.
including son,

divide the estate
Anthony Cummings wants to

according to his father's wishes. got this far with his family?
Is he disappointed that it's thank you.
I have no comment to make, this sprawling property
The estate is believed to include

of the Blue Mountains.
at the base Bart Cummings' daughters and Anne-Marie Casey
Sharon Robinson are challenging the will - of their mother.
acting on behalf Bart Cummings' widow, Valmae, for more than 60 years.
who he was married to the 87-year-old is in poor health
The court was told looked after.
but is being well

but that's all I can say.
It's very interesting, It's going to mediation. Yes. between the parties?
Does that mean it's friendly friendly between the parties.
Litigation is always

Sisters want to tap mediation start as early as next month.

that was not possible
But the court was told racing commitments in Victoria,
because of Anthony Cummings' an unimpressed judge replying: that stops a nation,
"Not only is it the race the proceedings of the court."
"but it stops that stops a nation?
Is it the race three runners
Anthony Cummings has Flemington Carnival tomorrow.
in the opening day of the reach an agreement at mediation,
If the siblings can't return to court next year.
the battle will

Donald Trump's running mate
There was a close call today for

Mike Pence. as it touched down in New York.
His plane skidding off the runway

landing in wet weather
The vice-presidential nominee was the pilot slammed on the brakes.
at LaGuardia airport, when was quickly evacuated
Everyone on board and forced to wait in the rain

assessed the scene.
as emergency crews is expected to return
Nobody was injured and Mr Pence to the campaign trail tomorrow.

the Clinton campaign trail today,
A show of force on

appearing alongside
with the Democratic nominee Michelle Obama at a rally in North Carolina. rivalry, firing up the crowd,
The women put aside their former

First Lady's soaring popularity.
and Hillary basking in the

Bringing out the big guns. opponent of the Obamas,
Hillary Clinton, the one time are best buddies.
now she and Michelle inspiring than Michelle Obama?
Seriously is there anyone more

The First Lady,
It was a rock star reception for

they were seeing
the devoted followers believing the White House,
not just the current tenant of next tenant too.
but the famous building's

exposure to the Presidency
She has more experience and

lifetime and yes,
than any candidate in our she happens to be a woman. This was a real love in. real privileges I've had
Among the many and the First Lady dance.
is to see the President


you say together.
When I say stronger Stronger. Together. the Demoncrats' Dream Team
They'd queued for hours to see rivals their love
and it seems the only thing that disdain for the Donald.
of Hillary and Michelle is their like Hillary,
I get the sense you of Donald Trump?
but what do you think Pig.

Pig. He's a pig. he's a misogynist
I think he's a bigot, I think he's got this far.
and it's scary

is shifting slightly.
This campaign of sudden tightening up again
What was a lopsided fight is all a little bit. For the second straight day, had positive news in the polls.
Donald Trump has chances have now been upgraded
As one analyst put it, his from impossible to improbable.

Is looking everywhere for votes and any
now it seems, will go to just about Melania
any links to win the supporters. the
Melania Trump has largely avoided

the limelight but has been no once it
her to have a bigger role. Overall I
it appears it might be news to her. I might join him.

I might join him.She might make trump
some speeches.Women seem to be the election.
trump card when it comes to this

Coles for the past eight years,
After losing market share to there are finally signs some ground.
Woolworths is clawing back

for the first time in a year,
Food sales for Woolies have risen up 1.7% in the September quarter. by 1.8%.
Coles, meantime increased sales customers,
In good news for Woolworths fall, down 2.8%
grocery prices have continued to compared to a year ago.

A family has been left were stolen
after treasured war medals from their Blue Mountains home. an iPad and laptop.
The thieves also made off with

are irreplaceable.
But the family says the medals

to heartless thieves.
An emotional plea

really like them back.
We would really, Desperately want them back. For no other reason of our dad left.
than to have something

has cherished her father,
Ann Smith says her family three World War II medals.
Bill Summer's 15-years ago.
Ever since he passed away kept them well hidden,
Her mother Susan at the back of her closet
wrapped in clothes in her Glenbrook home. broke in last week,
But when burglars with the precious medals.
they made off

She just cried. And cried and cried. we've got left.
Because that's all

They include a Pacific Star, in the Pacific Theatre.,
awarded for naval service a war medal, white and blue ribbon
which features a red, and an Australian Service Medal.

has worn them once at a march.
I know that my nephew

An ANZAC march.

got to use them,
So at least one of us

and show them off.
to wear them

struck here on Levy Street
People believe the thieves on Tuesday of last week.
sometime between 11am and 2:45pm

who spotted anything unusual
And they're asking anyone to come forward.

minor details are not important,
Sometimes, people think that breakthrough
but anything could trigger

that we need. fingers crossed.
Fingers crossed, yeah,

today's weather.
Here's Natalia with a look at

Good evening, Georgie. across Sydney.
It was a damp night

at Wahroonga
6mm fell in the gauges

and 5 for Frenchs Forest. Cool temperatures today, Penrith just 19 degrees.
the city hit 20 and dampen the spirits
But the cloudy skies couldn't the Starlight Foundation.
of these young children from

treated their way
Ahead of Halloween, they trick or to the top of the Harbour Bridge of the Monster Mash.
and performed a rendition over the weekend.
More rain is expected a little later, Georgie.
I'll tell you how much we'll get

In the news ahead, girlfriend on fire
jail for the man who set his at an apartment in the city.

the personal details
A security breach leaks

of half a million blood donors.

discounts on white goods?
Could you be eligible for 40%

for Australia in the First Test.
And the shock selection to play

than 500,000 blood donors
The personal details of more have been leaked, as Australia's
in what's being described largest security breach.

has apologised,
The Red Cross Blood Service donor information
after a file containing by an unauthorised person.
was accessed

I also want to assure the public, valued
the Australian public, or our absolutely
valued donors, at we're doing

absolutely meeting in our power to we
write this that we will ensure that this
we are not in the position that this ever happens again.

highly sensitive information
The leaked file included between 2010 and 2016.
about people who donated blood to his former girlfriend,
A Thai man who set fire for nearly two decades.
has today been jailed the horrendous attack
The young woman survived

in Sydney's CBD, physical and emotional scars.
but has been left with permanent

From the cameras, the family of sentenced
this person after they were sentenced 19 years behind us.

his former girlfriend
When he attacked in 2014,
at her apartment block and intent
he did it with a plan while in breach of an AVO. lured outside her home,
Nataya Sripho was doused in methylated spirits,

with a cigarette lighter.
and then set on fire

Judge Helen Syme said:
In sentencing,

Sripho wasn't at court. She didn't need to be. she spent 7.5 months in hospital.
With burns to 39% of her body, in pain, needs help,
Two years on, she's still and suffers from depression.

a big sentence was coming,
The 33-year-old knew he stood in the dock calmly.
and when he did, There was no expression. to his family
He turned and nodded

and they nodded back. Sripho is lucky to be alive, is poor,
but her quality of life who'd threatened her before.
ruined by a violent partner

and will be for a long while.
But he's now locked-up

has erupted into applause
A court room crowd

Jessica Wongso was found guilty
as Australian resident at an Indonesian cafe in January.
of murdering her friend was sentenced to 20 years in jail
The 28-year-old smiled as she

Mirna Salihin's coffee
for spiking her friend with cyanide and then watching her die. intends to appeal the verdict.
Wongso says she

have performed a daring rescue
Firefighters in New York

an apartment block.
as flames engulfed One of the crew abseiled

five-storey building
from the roof of the burning from a third-floor window.
before pulling a man and 12 people were injured
At least one person died the property.
as the blaze ripped through

including Australia -
More than 20 countries -

the world's largest marine park
have agreed to create in the Antarctic Ocean.

at a meeting in Hobart
The landmark deal was struck 1.5 million square kilometres
and will see more than of the Ross Sea protected. have declared the area

most pristine ecosystem.
the Earth's

have named the team
Australian cricket selectors

in the first test of the Summer
to play South Africa

beginning in Perth next week. and Erin,
Erin Molan joins us now selection surprise.
there was one big

Good evening, Georgie. has been named,
There was paceman Joe Mennie

final bowlers place in the 12.
beating Jackson Bird for the Mennie grew up in Coffs Harbour at the highest level.
and said he's ready to play

but a household name,
He's anything

was the leading wicket taker
but Joe Mennie last season with 51 wickets
in the Sheffield Shield ill-fated Tour to South Africa
and recently played on the

for a Baggy Green.
and is now in line

As a guest of grown-up, it is what you import. That is the pinnacle.

Born and raised in Coffs for South Australia.
Mennie has been playing his spot in the Test 12
The 27-year-old earning through years of consistency.

I feel ready. If it is any time, it what
is now. I know my game and I know what works for me.

knows what works for Mennie.
Chairman of selectors Rod Marsh professional length bowler, Joe
He is a real dead-set I love about him.
and that's what for the spot,
He beat Jackson Bird of his efforts with the bat.
who oddly lost out because

I talked to Jackson again this that
morning and I said to him the thing his
that probably cost him a place with his batting.

A week after attacking saying he was made a scapegoat in Sri Lanka
for the series failure where he was dropped, Usman Khawaja was recalled, chairman of selectors Rod Marsh.
but copped a backhander from

He probably opened his mouth before his brain got working.

his brain got working. Might have a
been early in the morning. He loves a sleep in.

Despite hamstring troubles, spot alongside David Warner,
Shaun Marsh retains his opening Khawaja bats at three

moving to four.
with skipper Steve Smith be retained as the all-rounder,
Mitch Marsh defied poor form to will battle it out
while Peter Siddle and Mennie for the third seamer's position in the starting 11.

to come,
And there's plenty more frustration
including Johnathan Thurston's Kangaroos team to play Scotland.
at being left out of the the oldest horse in the field
And we'll hear why

in the Melbourne Cup.
is a big chance

All that and plenty more later on.

new drugs become more affordable.
Diabetics among the winners as Beware of excess baggage - with a big hike in charges.
Qantas slugs passengers

Preserved for posterity -

the Parramatta building the First Fleet alive.
that helped keep

And Channel Seven backs down

of the breakfast programs.
in the battle

The Toyota Corolla is loved
around the world. Ascent Sport
has sleek European styling, seven-inch touchscreen, bluetooth... (SPEAKS ITALIAN) You can own it for $23,990 driveaway. It's the best feeling ever. It's like, 'Bellissima.'
(DING!) SIRI: Sorry, I still
didn't understand. Well, it's almost like
you're in Europe. Search 'Toyota value'. Oh, what a feeling. Toyota.

That's why we're proud to announce

that HCF is the 2016 winner

for Outstanding Value.

Get in touch today to find out more.

for ten days
A couple missing have been found alive but hungry in remote bushland.
by friends searching went missing
Jeremy and Marama Sim in Western Australia
near Esperence

on a camping trip.
when their car broke down search for the couple yesterday.
Police had called off their

more for excess baggage.
Qantas is slugging passengers

its fees by 75%,
The flying kangaroo has upped

with its competitors.
bringing it into line at check-in
Buying an extra piece of baggage will now set you back $70. will cost you more as well,
And going over the weight limit from $30 to $50.
with the 'heavy charge' jumping

made more affordable
A range of new medicines will be next week.
for thousands of Australians One of the drugs, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme,
to be placed on the suffering
is an implant to help people complications of diabetes.
from one of the main

diagnosed with an eye disease,
55-year-old Max Finn was

brought on by diabetes.

to see the world like this.
It usually causes sufferers

signs on buses, Street signs,
I was finding it hard to read, stuff like that.

being blind in my right eye.
I was getting close to

diabetic macular oedema.
The condition is called

problem at the back of the eye,
It's a bit like a plumbing a broken water pipe
if you can imagine leaking water into the carpet, in diabetic macular oedema.
the same things happens

From November 1 next week, this treatment called Ozurdex Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme,
will placed on the

from about $1,800 down to $38.30
slashing the cost or $6.20 for concession holders.

a lot of people in my situation
There would be

to afford them
who wouldn't be able if they weren't subsidised.

the health budget sustainable,
By keeping

to list breakthrough medicines
we can afford

like this one.

this tiny white implant,
The treatment is actually this 5c coin.
barely visible against It's injected into the eye and the biodegradable pellet a steroid drug over six months.
slowly releases

sitting inside the eye,
It's like a tiny piece of chalk

another weapon
It allows us to have

diabetic eye disease.
in the fight against

About 1.7 million Australians or Type two diabetes.
have Type one of developing this eye disease
Many of them are at-risk of diagnosis.
within a decade or two Also on the PBS next week -

patients fight infection,
drugs to help chemotherapy

for hepatitis C sufferers sleep disorder, narcolepsy.
and for those with the

Researchers in Jerusalem have Christians believe
the original surface of what many

is the tomb of Jesus. it has been exposed,
It's the first time in centuries since 1555.
having been encased in marble restoration work
The tomb was uncovered during

on a church in the holy city.

It looks like an ethereal time-lapse footage,
This drone capturing incredible

over a cliff edge
as a thick blanket of fog tumbles and creeps out to sea. during sunrise
The magical moment was filmed on the south coast of England.

arrived at Port Jackson,
When Sydney's first settlers

provided the food bowl
it was Parramatta that for the colony to survive.

food bowl was the local dairy
An important part of that is now being conserved
and the historic building for future generations to enjoy.

would have likely starved,
The fledging colony of NSW

if not for this building. was built
The Dairy in Parramatta Park the First Fleeters
eight years after made camp in Camp Cove. one of the first sets of windows
This is possibly in the colony.
installed in a house That timber, that was created from,
that eucalyptus timber that

is actually from the 1700s. During restoration, marbles and small porcelain dolls
artefacts like clay pipes, beneath the floorplan.
were found wedged

in the original rooms,
And the interesting aspect

are much lower.
is that the doorframe I'd scone myself on this,
In fact, about 20 years later.
versus the extension

The next generation coming along

better nutrition and growing.
and getting better food,

The nation's first dairy

early nutritional needs.
rounded out those

the produce in the sunken dairy,
They would come in and store

is temperature difference.
and reason for that, obviously,

now churn in the dairy
Ghostly milkmaids

for modern-day observers.

of ex-convict George Salter
The colony saving work revealed to his descendents.
has only recently been

We're absolutely delighted

we've found out about him.
to think that

that hangs around.
He can knock up a shack Being in the middle of this park that it's still standing.
has actually assured to the public tomorrow.
The dairy reopens would undoubtedly be chuffed.
The spirit of George Salter

The Seven Network has dropped

Nine's Today Show
a court case trying to stop from claiming victory television ratings.
in the annual breakfast a 'notice of discontinuance'
The 'Sunrise' broadcaster filed

settling the case.
in the Federal Court, of the 40 ratings weeks
The Today Show has won 21 for the first time since 2003.
across the five capital cities

in this Nine News hour -
Still ahead

white goods - see this first.
if you're hunting for half-price on the new scheme
We'll have details hundreds of dollars this weekend.
that could save you

In a call to urgent action to save our planet's most precious animals.

Erin is next with sport. Georgie, coming up - debutants against Scotland.
the Kangaroos will play five the best player in the world
But we'll hear why is annoyed he has been left out. their besieged goalkeeper
The Wanderers stick by with the Mariners.
ahead of their clash for this Melbourne Cup contender,
And a day at the beach find a winner.
we'll help you

this weekend,
And showers are on the way

some sunny spells -
but there will be the full forecast is coming up.

to blood five debutants
Mal Meninga's decision Four Nations opener
in tomorrow morning's against Scotland hasn't gone down all that well who have missed out.
with the senior players

Cooper Cronk
While Cameran Smith and have been named to play, to watch on from the sideline.
Johnathan Thurston will be forced

in a different kit.
Lachlan Coote, a familiar face

NRL players
Scotland is a team sprinkled with of the Kangaroos.
facing the might got a lot of passion
We've got a lot of heart, Scotland rugby league
and we want to represent and give it our best shot. here at Hull.
The Australians have fans feeling the love.
Jonathan Thurston the coaching staff.
But not getting it from could leave the best player
The Roos so strong that they in the NRL out of the team. Do you want to play? What's your feeling? up with the coach.
I'll let you take that one all the time?
You would like to play Yeah, 100%. a chance to play
Whenever you get you cherish that.
in the green and gold jersey team for this week
Mal wants to pick a different

what's best for the team.
so I'm here to do James Maloney,
The man taking Thurston's spot, Storm teammate, Cooper Cronk.
will reunite with his former a part in his NRL debut
We were fortunate enough to play in his Australian debut.
and I'll be playing a part in the side.
Maloney is one of five rookies responsibility to make sure
Cronk says the team has a real

the night is a memorable one of Australian stars.
for the next generation

have been through.
I know what those guys I've walked in their shoes nerves a little bit
and hopefully I can calm the sure they can feel comfortable
but also play a role to make on the footy field.
and do what they do best the biff will be back
And there has been some talk that

in the Four Nations. doesn't necessarily mean
Throwing a punch on the field in this tournament.
you will be sent to the sin bin of the Australian team
As a leading member

is greater than the scoreboard.
I think our responsibility generation of kids
We have got to inspire a to play and respect the game and everything like that.
and the viewers and the fans

the judiciary system
I have 100% faith in job but from our point of view,
and the referees that do their but we play it fair.
we play the game hard

from the Four Nations opener
And you can see all the action in Hull,
between Australia and Scotland tomorrow morning.
live on Gem from 5:40

Troubled NRL star Kieran Foran support in New Zealand.
is getting some high profile photo with the caption:
Sonny Bill WIlliams posting a

clearance to play next season.
Foran is still waiting for NRL the transition
Marika Koroibete admits

to be difficult,
from NRL to rugby union is going since high school.
revealing he hasn't played union Australian team
Koroibete and the enitre for the Spring tour.
flew out to Europe today

match next week.
They play Wales in their first captain Michael Hooper
And last night Wallabies vice won the John Eales medal, to receive the honour twice.
becoming just the fourth player

goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne,
The Wanderers are standing by

shocker last week.
despite his second half make amends tomorrow,
Redmayne will get the chance to former side the Central Coast.
when Western Sydney host his

life as a goalkeeper
It's a high flying, high-pressure

how tough it can be.
and Andrew Redmayne knows just

The Wanderers were leading to know errors
with tenants to go before two basic errors cost them the win.

errors cost them the win.History him
goalkeeper and it is or was a for him that we have no problem.

the faith with his shot stopper
Tony Popovic will keep against the Mariners,
for tomorrow's game also need to shoulder the blame.
saying Redmayne's teammates

in how it got to that stage
We were more interested under pressure
that we put ourselves were giving two free kicks away
and how it got to the stage we

on the edge of the box.

Robert Cornthwaite
Former Socceroo has returned to the A-league in Korea and Malaysia.
after five years growing number of stars
He's joined the their poor treatment of players.
hitting out at overseas clubs for

in terms of your body,
You're not looked after, anywhere near as much. my body was really struggling.
12 months ago, But to come back here,

good medical staff, good set-up.
good few months, we do before training
All the things in terms of preparing ourselves. in a long, long time.
I feel the best I've felt

clubs overseas,
It's a shame, I believe,

they invest in players,
with the amount or a quarter,
that that same amount or a fraction of that medical side and sports science.
isn't invested more into the

'Curren Mirotic'
Japanese galloper, in the field
will be the oldest horse but Jockey Tommy Berry
for next Tuesday's Melbourne Cup, right in the finish.
says the nine-year-old will be

He is well looked after. He looks like
in great condition. He doesn't feel make
like a nine-year-old and we will Tuesday.
make it a real staying test on

continued his preparation
Another Cup hopeful, 'Grey Lion' with a trip to the beach. tomorrow at Flemington
The Melbourne Cup Carnival begins Victoria Derby the feature race.
with the $1.5 million

Always an exciting weekend.

In the news ahead, new appliances,
the scheme that gives you brand at discounts of 40%. of the world's wildlife.
A dire warning about the future to her much loved mother.
And the Queen unveils a memorial

Well, look at that.

A crispy, golden hash brown
at midday. What a rebel. McDonald's All Day Breakfast.

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Now to our top stories. his daughter
A father who locked up to years of abuse
and subjected her a record jail term.
has been handed A bus driver has been killed, by a passenger.
in a horrifying random attack

Passing taxi driver helped rescue everyone else on board.

Bart Cummings
The children of the late fight over his lucrative estate.
are locked in a bitter legal the big guns
Hilary Clinton has brought out on her campaign trail, Michelle Obama.
appearing alongside First Lady

from nowhere to win a berth
And paceman Joe Mennie has come

in the Australian Test team.

This is for the match against South

a big deal at the best of times.
Buying a new fridge or TV can be

information about a new scheme,
But tonight, Nine News has

their old power hungry appliances
which allows people to replace at a huge discount.
for new energy efficient ones,

ancient, groaning fridge,
When Jo Bakirci opened her

if it would be its last day.
she often wondered

as a single mum
Basically, the cost, to buy a new fridge was quite, quite difficult. at a discount
But she did get a new fridge appliance replacement scheme.
through the State Government's

the packaging, everything.
They took the old fridge away, was wait an hour,
All I had to do plug it in and put the wine in. has offered those eligible -
Since August, the Government

on low incomes -
pensioners and people or TV from the Good Guys
the chance to buy a new fridge at up to half price. 3000 new appliances so far. 4,500 applications 20,000 low income households.
and we're looking to help

from $588 to $1199.
Right now fridges range After the 40% discount, $353 and $719.
they'll cost between The TVs get a bigger cut - from $448 down to $224. $288 drops to just $144. Delivery is extra. are great,
And while those savings

could also save you
an energy-efficient fridge

up to $200 off your power bill. flat screen could cut $125
While switching to a newer

you get every year.
and that's a gift

is working with organisations
The Government who help those on low incomes. Some, such as Baptist Care, their own programs
combine the scheme with to boost its benefits.

on top of no-interest loans
This scheme,

cycle of debt that often arises
offers a way to escape that that comes
and to reduce the stress energy bills increasing.
when you look at your

runs until June 30
The $4 million scheme

or until the money runs out. visit
For details,

of the world's wildlife
More than two thirds

could be extinct by 2020. the World Wildlife Fund
That's the dire prediction by Living Planet Index.
in the latest been a 58% decline
The organisation says there's in wildlife numbers since 1970, to prevent further loss.
and we need to act now

of her mother,
The Queen has unveiled a statue

the Poundbury estate in the UK.
during a visit to the 2.7 metre sculpture,
Prince Charles proudly showed off

of development
which is the latest phase building more than 20 years ago.
in the utopian village he began

loving memory
It is with immense pride and in

that I invite Your Majesty
of my loving grandfmother Elizabeth the Queen Mother.
to unveil the statue of Queen

And thus to declare open this

of Cornwall pub,
They also visited the Duchess and toured a local supermarket.
named in Camilla's honour,

Sydney petrol prices,
Coming up, finance,

with the weekend weather.
and Belinda

Sydney tomorrow
Georgie, rain is forecast in but it won't fall all day. 18 in the west.
Right now it's 19 in the city and is next.
Your full weekend forecast

news, even on your way home,
Keep up to date with today's from 6:00 pm
listen to Sydney's Nine News simulcast on Hope 103.2.

In the lead-up to Christmas, to be extra cautious
shoppers are being warned 'no deposit interest-free' deals.
as retailers offer says shoppers
Corporate watchdog ASIC need to read the fine print - 29% in some cases.
with interest rates as high as

for hidden charges,
The best advice is to check monthly account
such as application, and payment processing fees.

To finance - closed lower.
and the stock market than seven points.
The All Ords down by more 75.75 US cents
Our dollar is buying or 79.80 Japanese Yen.

unleaded is $1.19 a litre.
The average petrol price for For E10 it's $1.17 Here's Natalia. Good evening. the working week in Sydney.
It was a pretty grey end to Under cloudy skies, of a cool 20 degrees
the city managed a top after a low overnight of 15. drone shots from Ballina
Take a look at these stunning

on the north coast of NSW, frolicking in the water.
of a huge pod of dolphins for a bit of surf on the waves
A couple of them decided to go in those beautiful green seas.

the board in Sydney today.
It was quite cool across Parramatta all topping out at 19.
Kellyville, Blacktown and warmer 21 at Gosford.
18 degrees at Terrey Hills and

overnight in NSW,
Most of the showers came and Northern Tablelands.
10mm in parts of the Hunter Sunny skies and a top of 23 and Albury today.
for both Wagga Wagga

at the satellite
Let's take a look bring thundery showers
and a trough will continue to but it is weakening.
to parts of NSW tomorrow into South West of WA.
A cold front is set to push So looking interstate, Brisbane will get to 28, stunning for Derby Day,
Melbourne looking absolutely

sunshine and 25 degrees. with a top of 30
Adelaide also beautiful but showers expected in Perth. thunderstorm for Grafton
Around NSW, a possible

and Coffs Harbour. and Wollongong.
Showers in Newcastle Broken Hill, a top temp of 31.
But sunny skies are expected in more showers later tonight
Here in Sydney, we could get and into the early afternoon.
and then again tomorrow morning is also possible.
About 8mm and a storm fall in the afternoon
The showers are less likely to

to get out and about.
so that will be the time a low tonight of 17.
A top of 23 after lighter in our western suburbs -
Falls tomorrow will be a touch closer to 6mm. and Liverpool.
23 at Penrith, Richmond and 21 at Terrey Hills.
22 for Kellyville and Parramatta Looking ahead - the warmest day this week
Sunday will be with a top of 28.

rain will develop
The day will start out fine but later in the day. about after that.
There's not much wet weather on Melbourne Cup day
Just the chance of a light shower and again on Thursday. in the mid 20s.
So a mostly fine week with temps

but only about 2mm.
In our west, rain later on Sunday warming up to 27 degrees
Sunny and 24 on Monday and a lovely 29 this time next week.
on Wednesday and Thursday with

not too flash, Georgie,
So the weekend's pretty good.
but next week's looking

It is. Thank you. Have a good

for this Friday.
That is Nine News with 'A Current Affair.'
Tracy Grimshaw is up next I'm Georgie Gardner. goodnight.
Thanks for being with us,
Live captioning by Ai-Media

Who's coming through the fence. The renovation
suburban neighbours at war over a Watch
renovation gone horribly wrong. point
Watch as tempers reach boiling

Watch as tempers reach boiling

point will

live by Ai-Media.
This program will be captioned Welcome to 'A Current Affair'.
Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. that wild confrontation
We begin with in a renovation dispute.
between neighbours, on this mobile phone,
One of them filmed the incident and sent it to us.

Get out! Get out! for them to go in at all.
I didn't give them permission They forced their way in. right?
You're all a lot of thugs, These are your thugs, right? the right thing,
I'm trying to get them to do thing.
and they're not doing the right our bloody job.
We're just trying to do over a backyard fence.
It's the fiery neighbourhood blue isn't backing down.
And this feisty pensioner don't you?
You think you're the law, and you think you're the law.
You've got all the money that you're the one
I've spoken to builders who say the one that's threatening.
that's intimidating, you're Of course. around.
Because they don't want me building vigilante.
Tony Bonifazio is a bona fide is going against regulations?
Tony, surely not every builder Oh, you'd be surprised! developments,
On the lookout for dodgy his mission
this 72-year-old has made it to educate local builders no background in construction.
even though he's got that have been building
There is builders in this area the wrong thing.
and have been doing to their attention to fix it up.
And all I'm doing is bringing it

earlier this year
Tony's frustrations began towering town houses next door.
when work began on three with his privacy
The pensioner was already upset being compromised. access to Tony's property
But when builders needed Tony cracked -
to bury a small drainage pipe, out of anything he could find
erecting a makeshift fence in his backyard. And this is what happened next.

You make fun of me... Go ahead, make fun of me. It was very horrifying. against me.
There was eight people there their intentions were.
I didn't know what to simply remove the fence
I think their intentions were in the first place.
that you erected permission to go in at all.
No, I didn't give them They forced their way in. They had an angle grinder.

with the angle grinder.
You're the ones that cut it off I haven't got the angle grinder. and did what he wanted to do.
Just came in and took over to make your life difficult
The builder says he's not trying very difficult.
but you're making his life How can I make it difficult? different fences,
Because you're erecting when they're trying to build.
you've got junk in your backyard the boundary of their properties
They say that they've moved to give you some more space. Well, I disagree with that. the developer
Now, we've spoken to who's currently overseas, holiday with his young family.
trying to enjoy a stress-free and the builder
He's adamant both he have done everything by the book their lives a living hell
and Tony is simply making for no reason at all.