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(generated from captions) What exactly are you asking me
to do with Liam?

Steffy is married to my son.

Liam needs to respect that,
and that's where you come in.

Obviously he's still hung up
on Steffy.

It doesn't matter. She's not
up for grabs. She belongs to Wyatt.

And this shouldn't be
that difficult.

Liam is single. He's vulnerable.

I refuse to hurt him again -
I'm not that kind of person.

Nobody's asking you to hurt him.
You still care about him, don't you?

Yes, I...I've never stopped
thinking about him.

OK. Then get him back.

Quinn...I don't know.
No, listen.

Steffy is married to my son.

Did you see her wedding band?

It is a tattooed wedding band.
It is not coming off anytime soon.

She needs to go back to my son
so they can go on with their lives

and start the future
that they've been planning.

You're going to make that happen.

Keep Liam away from Steffy.

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Tonight - their pain is unbearable. The family of a brother and sister
killed at Dreamworld demand answers. A bus driver is dead
after being splashed with fuel and set alight by a passenger. He's in custody but won't
say why he did it. Justice for baby Bobby. A so-called friend guilty
of inflicting the most horrific injuries on a defenceless
little boy. A devastating mistake -
the Red Cross leaves the intimate details of its donors
on the internet for all to see. And the nasty fight
for a racing fortune. Bart Cummings children go
to court for a share of his Melbourne Cup millions.

VOICEOVER: This is 10
Eyewitness News, first at 5:00, with Sandra Sully. Good evening. Until today, we could only imagine
how they've been feeling. Now, we know. The father of Kate Goodchild
and her brother Luke has described the anguish
his family is going through after they were killed
at DreamWorld this week. And, standing with him,
too grief-stricken to speak was Kate's partner Dave Turner. The pain on his face said it all. Jayde Cotic joins us
from Dreamworld. Jayde, this family
also wants answers. Sandra, everyone wants answers. Today's statement by Shane was heartbreaking and hopefully soon, we will have answers into why this happened. I can tell you in the past now we you seen a crane and heavy machinery enter into the back of dreamworld and it appears they are working on the Thunder River rapids ride. Also confirmation from the CEO of dreamworld who said the park will not reopen until after the victim 's's funerals. A father and a partner trying
to somehow come to terms with an unimaginable tragedy. Their loss will be deeply felt not
just amongst our families but all of their friends
and work colleagues. Earlier this week, they were having
the time of their lives, enjoying a family holiday
on the Gold Coast that included a trip to Dreamworld
and an adventure on the Thunder River Rapids Ride. Only 24 hours earlier,
my family were on the beach taking Evie into the waves
for the very first time. It is truly devastating that Evie
will never get to know what an amazing mum she was. But then, this happened. Dave was standing next to the ride
holding Evie when this tragic event happened and Ebony was sitting next
to her mum when they were thrown into the water. Ebony's uncles were, too -
Luke Dorsett and his partner Roozbeh Araghi as well
Sydney woman Cindy Low. Kate, Luke and Roozie were taken
so suddenly from us and in such horrific circumstances,
it's hard for us to even know where to begin. For Dreamworld staff,
that started today. Hundreds of employees returned
to the theme park on a day that was supposed to be a public
memorial to honour the victims. Instead, workers grieved behind
the gates in a private service before filing out to add
to the growing floral shrine. Among them, Ardent Leisure
CEO Deborah Thomas, who made this admission. I'd like to say if I hadn't handled
it as well as I could, we thought we were doing
the right thing, by the way. We approached it through the police. Until yesterday, loved ones
of the four victims hadn't heard from Dreamworld's parent company. I have spoken to a number of them
and we will look after them. Thank you. Luke and Kate's dad doesn't
want to - not yet. They have funerals to plan. The second Candlelight beta will be held here in front of dreamworld here tonight. Staff and family members are expect to be in attendance are long as the CEO who said he will bring his family to pay their respects. Thanks, Jayde. Still in Queensland and there's been
an horrific attack on a city bus driver in Brisbane. The 29-year old was murdered
when a passenger splashed him with fuel and then set him alight
for no apparent reason. Kristina Costalos has more. A senseless attack on an Indian
driver who didn't even have time to react. A man waiting to board at a bus
stop threw accelerant and flames engulfed him. Smoke billowed from the driver's
window where 29-year-old Manmeet Alisher died. He was a well-known Indian singer
and a showbiz proposer, popular in the Punjabi community. It was just all a gigantic
set of flames. Where the bus driver sits,
you could see through the front window - there were just
flames up to the ceiling. Smoke billowed from the driver's
window and trapped passengers screamed for help. All the people were banging to get
out and the door wasn't opening. There were also explosions
in the cabin amid the thick, toxic fumes. There was a mother and kids saying
that they couldn't get out and it was filling with smoke. They managed to escape when a heroic
passer-by kicked in the doors to free the six passengers. I didn't care about my life,
I thought about their life, because they were screaming
and I thought "I am outside, I'm safe outside, but not them." The 29-year-old bus driver had only
been working as a casual for several months. Police say he didn't have a chance. I've been confronted with many
situations but here this is a rare one where there appears to be
no apparent motive. None. Detectives launched a major
investigation, calling in both the bomb and forensic squad. The man accused of the attack
was taken under police guard to hospital with burns. Footage from the bus's security
cameras will be given to police, although some were
badly damaged by fire. The government and unions described
the tragedy as heartbreaking. I am really lost for words. I really sympathise with other
drivers and the family members. Our hearts go out to the family
of the driver killed in such a horrendous way. Throughout the day, streams
of people stopped at the scene, shaken by the needless death. One thing we will be doing at an organisation tomorrow is to fly the flag at Brisbane at half-mast as a mark of respect. A candlelight vigil has been
planned for tonight. Kristina Costalos,
10 Eyewitness News. The longest child abuse sentence
in Australian history was handed down in a Sydney court today. A father from northern NSW
who subjected his own daughter to 14 years of unthinkable sexual torture
has been jailed for 48 years. From the age of five,
the girl was raped and abused in indescribable ways,
often in this bush shed where she was often tied
up for days on end. The details of the prolonged
attacks are so distressing, people openly wept in the Sydney
court when the judge read them out. And rather than rescue her terrified
and injured daughter, the girl's mother would help
her depraved husband. She has been jailed for 11 years. The victim is now 21 and has told
the court she will be forever damaged. A Central Coast mother has told
the man who bashed her 7-month-old son to within an inch of his life
that she hopes her boy's face haunts him for the rest of his life. Bobby Webber suffered horrendous
injuries when his uncle attacked him while he was supposed to be
looking after him. Ursula Heger was in court. Bobby Webber used to be a healthy,
happy little boy, until his life was viciously destroyed
by a man his parents thought they could trust. I would never call him a man. He's a monster. He's inhumane. He's the scum of the earth to us. What Andrew Nolan did
to his defenceless, 7-month-old nephew is shocking. In his care for just five hours,
the little boy was so violently abused, he's now a quadriplegic,
blind, and has been left with cerebral palsy. This is the moment his parents said
goodbye after doctors told his parents he was going to die. You can never really put
a limitation on what Bobby can do. He just amazes us every day. Nolan has now admitted to his crime,
pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm. Nolan's lawyer had argued
he was remorseful but the Crown says the crime is of the worst kind.

Bobby's mum faced Nolan in court,
telling him he had killed the son they knew that night but he didn't
even look at her and kept his eyes on the floor. For Bobby's parents,
they're focussed on giving him the best future they can,
knowing their little boy will never get the life he deserved. Hopefully we can get a bit of closure and move on with our life. Nolan will be sentenced in December. Ursula Heger, 10 Eyewitness News. The information of more than 500,000
Australian blood donors has been leaked by the Red Cross
in what could be one of the country's largest
ever data breaches. Caroline Morano reports. Entrusted to handle the information
of those who give blood to save lives, now the personal
information of donors has bled onto the internet. We are here to apologise
to our valued donors for a data security issue. The details of more than 550,000
donors over six years accidently placed on a public website
for up to seven weeks. It is concerning. Seems to be a breach of security. I wouldn't be comfortable with that. The Red Cross only became
aware two days ago. This was brought to our
attention by AusCERT - cyber security experts and advisers
- who immediately shut down access to the file. Red Cross says a contractor
who maintains the Blood Service's website had left the file unsecured. It sounds like it's been left
in the open so you wouldn't need any high-level technical skills. Affected donors were contacted
via text message, urging them to be on the lookout for
phone and email scams. The Red Cross says the leaked data
was low risk but some of that information could contain highly
sensitive eligibility questions surrounding any at-risk
sexual behaviour, drug use and surgical procedures. It could be quite serious
if their way of life is put out there. Australian Federal Police and
the Australian Cyber Security Centre have been informed. Caroline Morano, 10 Eyewitness News. It's not uncommon for Australia's
greatest racing family to be making headlines at this time
of year, but not like this. Bart Cummings' children are slugging
it out in a Sydney court over his multimillion-dollar
fortune. And it goes without saying no-one
in this family likes to lose. Melinda Nucifora reports. He was king of the Melbourne Cup
and now, his family is jockeying for a share of the spoils. Three of Bart Cummings' children
are fighting over his estate in the Supreme Court. Litigation is always friendly
between the parties. The 12-time Melbourne Cup-winning
trainer died in August last year. Son Anthony Cummings
wants his father's millions divided equally between the children,
in accordance with his will. But two of Mr Cummings' daughters
are arguing their mother deserves a share. It's not known how much money each
of the warring parties want. Sorry, I can't make any comment. Son Anthony is also a trainer,
his lawyer telling the court "distractions in Victoria"
are delaying his case. It's the race that stops the nation. The judge today ruled the family
must conduct private mediation before returning to court
in February, Melbourne Cup or not.

But in a case of sibling rivalry,
there may not be a clear winner. Melinda Nucifora,
10 Eyewitness News. Mariah Carey has broken her silence
over her split from billionaire fiance, James Packer. A representative for the singer says
the two haven't seen each other since they argued on a holiday
in Greece last month. She also made a point of denying any
infidelity and rejected talk that the split was caused
by Mariah's overspending. Still to come - how some welfare
recipients are earning more than the average Australian wage. Also, a serious scare
for Donald Trump's running mate. And the trick shot that's so good,
no-one can quite believe it.

special gift for the Mittagong RFS Canberra
Tonight: The family of three speaks
Canberrans killed at Dreamworld Cit
speaks of the heartbreak. And the
City Police Station evacuated due to a suspicious package. Introducing the Clubhouse burger, with 100% Aussie Angus beef,
bacon, cheddar cheese,

A couple of truck drivers will be
thanking their lucky stars tonight after walking away from this. The two rigs collided
on the Pacific Highway just south of Tweed Heads and one
burst into flames. Thankfully, the driver got out
before the flames took hold. Typically on a Friday night,
commuters can be anxious to get home. Let's find out if there are any
delays they need to know about. Vic Lorusso, Beecroft is what we need to find out about?Trying to get down towards Pennant Hills Road, quite heavy, significant delays heading into Beecroft and unfortunately the delays for all the way through Pennant Hills Road down towards the M2. You can see the traffic lanes at a standstill and the delays go back up into Thornleigh to southbound traffic tonight delayed on Pennant Hills Road, all as a result of the earlier broke down, towards the M1, the left of your screen, Q is there after an accident near the motorway. The federal government
has its sights on welfare recipients again with the Treasurer Scott
Morrison even mocking some single parents. He says Centrelink payments
are so generous, some would have to take a pay cut if they got a job. Leah Craven reports. Margaret Matthews'
child-rearing years were tough. As a widow raising seven children,
she struggled to make ends meet. A lot of Centrelink payments
would be going towards the basic cost of rent, phone,
electricity, food, transport - there's nothing left over,
there's nothing to trim, there's no fat there. But the government thinks
Australia's welfare system is too generous. It released figures showing a single
parent with full-time custody of four school-aged children
receiving the maximum welfare payments available would net more
than $52,000 a year. That's almost equivalent
to the average take-home pay of a full-time worker
who earns $77,000 before tax. It is a crying shame that some
Australians would have to take a pay cut to get a job. If you want to help people off
welfare, find them a job. But charities say it's
not so simple. A single parent, four kids -
trying to look after them is a full-time job in itself,
let alone having to go out and look for work, let alone being away
from the family while you work. Welfare groups say the best way
the government can support single parents to get into the workforce
is by providing flexible and affordable child
care arrangements. I don't see anyone who makes
the lifestyle choice to be dependent on welfare forever. Margaret says it's harder
for parents now than when she was raising her children. Things are more expensive now
because children need technology. And she wouldn't wish welfare
dependency on anyone. Leah Craven, 10 Eyewitness News. A widow is heartbroken
after her late husband's war medals were stolen from her home. Thieves broke into Ann Summers'
Blue Mountains house while she was out last Tuesday. They stole two World War II medals
belonging to her late husband Bill. I feel horrible. They were the last
link to my husband. Anybody who does a low-life act
like that should be jailed. Police hope the thieves
will show some compassion and return the medals. To the weather now and Tim Bailey,
it's was a bit of a mixed bag today but I hope that's
all about to change? It is Friday night, I don't want to upset you because we have known each other far too long but I cannot lie to you, it is not about to change, it will stay grey all that Saturday. A trough is still lingering across central districts and north-eastern areas of NSW and combines with a high-pressure system the south-west Tasman Sea and it dishes up really showery and Bunbury storm laden with threats across Sunday. Temperatures will be very warm on Monday, 29-31. Today, the temperature is spread. It was a cool one. A little down on average. A map of NSW on a not so fabulous Friday.

Sydney was too down on 20 degrees. The showers are on the way, it is an overcast broadcast!Thank you, Mr Bailey. Up next - a Sydney woman jailed
for murdering her best friend with poison. Also, Hillary Clinton brings out
the big guns as her presidential campaign takes a hit. And Prince Charles unveils a tribute
to his grandmother.

Some call it a silly American tradition that we shouldn't celebrate in Australia. We think it is a good excuse to have a bit of fun. One day, it is Studio 10's Halloween special. Just wait until you see the costumes we have planned! A former Sydney student has been
sentenced to 20 years jail for murdering her friend
by spiking her drink with cyanide. Jessica Wongso was found guilty
of killing Mirna Salihin at a cafe in Indonesia in January. Security video showed the friends
meeting for coffee before Mirna collapses after sipping her drink. Wongso was motivated by jealousy
over her friend's relationship and had boasted to friends
in Australia that she knew how to kill people. Her legal team has vowed to appeal. The US Army is claiming up to 900
Islamic State fighters have been killed so far in the battle
to retake the city of Mosul. But best estimates suggest
there are still between 3,000 and 5,000 militants left
defending the city. But they are vastly outnumbered
by the 100,000 Coalition troops led by the Iraqi army,
who began the march towards Mosul 10 days ago. The plane carrying Donald Trump's
running mate, vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence,
has skidded off a runway while landing in
the rain in New York. Amy Hosking reports. It might be symbolic
of the Trump campaign - losing direction. (SIRENS WAIL). Instead of empty runways, hundreds of flashing lights,
a campaign aircraft on the grass and a vice-presidential candidate
standing on the tarmac without an umbrella. It was the craziest landing anyone
on this plane had ever experienced. The plane seemed to be sliding off
in one direction, the smell of burning rubber
was obvious the entire time. It was just not a natural landing
that you experience. Governor Pence wasn't injured
and neither was anyone else but he cancelled
his scheduled event for the evening. The governor is obviously
heading in for the evening and he'll be back on the
campaign trail tomorrow. Around 20 journalists
were also on board. They turned the cameras on
as soon as it happened. You can probably hear
the police there asking if there's any injuries. It's a pretty big scene
right here now. Oh, my God - looks like there's actual
damage to the runway here. It's not clear yet why the plane
skidded like it did but it was a rainy night
in New York. Earlier in the day, it was a much
brighter scene in North Carolina where Hillary Clinton brought
out her not-so-secret weapon. Are you with me?

Are you with me? I can't hear you! Are we going to do this? They've waited until now to put Michelle Obama
on the same stage as Mrs Clinton, just 12 days before polling day. And there was a lot of love
going around. Seriously, is there anyone more
inspiring than Michelle Obama? If people wonder, yes -
Hillary Clinton is my friend. And Michelle is a pretty handy
friend for Hillary to have - she's more popular than her husband,
the president, both presidential candidates
and both political parties. Amy Hosking, 10 Eyewitness News. A bronze statue of the Queen Mother
has been unveiled by her daughter in a town on the outskirts
of Dorchester which was specially designed by Prince Charles. It is with immense pride
and in loving memory of my darling grandmother that I invite
Your Majesty to unveil the statue of Queen Elizabeth,
the Queen Mother, and thus to declare open her square. The town which is built on land
owned by Prince Charles will be home to around 4,500 people
when it's completed in 2025. Still to come - the deadly disease
that's on the rise in Sydney. And where police found the get-away
car used in Sydney's latest gang murder. latest gang murder. And in finance news,
the Australian share market fell seven points at the close of trade. The Australian dollar
is buying 76 US cents,

planned for Goulburn' s Town Hall. of
Tonight on WIN News ... The family Dreamworld
of three Canberrans killed in the about
Dreamworld tragedy want answers occurre
about how the tragic incident into
occurred. A section of Civic placed pac
into lockdown due to a suspicious Station.
package outside the City Police Larkham
Station. And Brumbies coach Stephen fro
Larkham confirms he' ll step down season.
from the role at the end of next News
season. Join us for WIN Canberra News at 6

The Prime Minister has
met with state leaders at the first national summit. dedicated to tackling
domestic violence, and he's detailed how
the Federal Government plans to spend $100 million helping
vulnerable families. Tegan George reports. Putting politics aside
to fight a national shame, the Prime Minister lined up
alongside state leaders, vowing to end family violence. On this issue it is
an absolute unity ticket. The national summit
was the first of its kind, Malcolm Turnbull using it to detail a $100 million women's safety
package, designed to help those
trying to flee abusive relationships. Disrespect of women does not always
lead to violence against women but, believe me, that is where all
violence against women begins. $30 million will be used to provide
legal support for victims. $6 million will fund a trial
to allow women to bypass family law courts
for the first time. I've been involved in this 20 years
and we've done a lot of talking and just feels like
it's time for action. This is the most serious issue,
the most significant human rights issue in our country. Last year, family violence claimed
158 lives across Australia, the states today sharing
their progress and considering a more consistent approach. And, hopefully, we can
learn from one another. The Prime Minister admits the answers have so far eluded
policy makers but with 190 experts
in the same room, he's confident they'll
find some today. A royal commission into
the family law system one proposal he doesn't support. Tegan George, Ten Eyewitness News. To the chopper once more, and a final check on the run home
this Friday night. The accident at Baulkham Hills? It just occurred at Windsor Road, and that is causing traffic delays on Parramatta Road to the north-west, and a very long writeback along James ruse Drive and also along Windsor Road, going back about 4km this evening. This is delaying traffic leaving Parramatta and heading home into the north-west. We showed pictures earlier if you're escaping from Sydney along the M1, the delays are right back along the Pacific Highway, and delays also along the Anzac Bridge to the inner west. west. Police believe they've found
the getaway car used in the execution
of an underworld hitman earlier this week. A black Audi was discovered
burnt-out in Birrong, just before 2:00am,
only a few kilometres from where Hamad Asaad was gunned
down three days ago. The 29-year-old was shot several
times in the driveway
of his Georges Hall home. The two gunmen fled
in a waiting car. The state is on track
to record the highest number of Legionnaires' cases, following deadly outbreaks
earlier this year, but the Health Department
is reassuring us there's no need for alarm. Catalina Florez reports. It's an invisible bug that's almost
impossible to protect yourself from, placing a higher responsibility
on the Health Department and businesses to ensure cooling towers and
plumbing systems don't allow the growth
of the bacteria leading to Legionnaires' disease. Registration, regular testing
and maintainenance and correct installation
of those systems. Those with the disease usually
breathe in contaminated water vapour or dust, or are exposed to it through contaminated soil
or potting mix. So far this year,
there have been 99 cases resulting in four deaths. If we continue with the current
trend, 2016 will be the worst year on record in NSW. There have been three
outbreaks in the CBD, Burwood and Kogarah. This is pretty much as we'd expect. The Opposition is calling
for reports into the deaths to be made public, more inspections of water cooling
towers, and better information
campaigns. Following this year's outbreaks,
an expert panel was formed to work out better ways
of combatting the disease, it's expected to make
its recommendations within weeks. At the Sydney Dental Hospital
in the city, another disease was causing worries, with screening of 27 staff and 47
children getting under way after a dentist tested
positive to tuberculosis. The local health district says
there's a low risk of the infection spreading, but worried patients
are advised to call 1800 191 663.

We'll update tonight's top
stories next on Ten. Then it's the day in sport,
and the Aussies name a bolter for the first Test
against South Africa. We'll bring you the team next. Also tonight, we hear from league
convert Marika Koriobete who's jetted out with the Wallabies
for his first spring tour. And could the premiership-winning
Sharks be taking a game of NRL to Japan?

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caramelised onion, cheddar cheese

Tonight's top stories: A father who lost two children
in Tuesday's Dreamworld tragedy has thanked the community
for their support but says his family now wants
answers from the theme park. A bus driver has died after a passenger poured petrol
on him and set him alight in a horrific attack in Brisbane. 11 passengers on board
the bus were injured. Police say they have no
motive for the attack. And the details of more than 500,000
blood donors have been exposed after the Red Cross
accidentally put them on a publicly accessible website. It's believed to be the biggest data
breach in Australian history. To sport now with Matt Burke. A shock selection for the first test against South Africa? Yes, South Australian quick
Joe Mennie is the bolter for next week's Test
opener at the WACA. The leading wicket-taker in Shield
cricket last season, The leading wicket-taker in Shield
cricket last season, Mennie beat Jackson Bird
for the fourth paceman spot. Veteran Peter Siddle
is also in the 12, while Usman Khawaja earns a recall,
despite slamming selectors for dropping him on
the tour of Sri Lanka. for dropping him on
the tour of Sri Lanka. Lachy Reid has more. A selection bolter
rewarded for effort after taking Mennie
wickets in Shield cricket, I was a bit taken aback, a bit shocked. Redbacks paceman Joe Mennie
outstanding on the local scene last season, his 51 scalps
hard to overlook. He is a real length bowler, and that is what I like about him. But the South Australian's first
taste of international cricket was a forgettable experience. He toured with the Australian
one-day team that was badly beaten by South Africa - Mennie's 0-82
the worst return by an Aussie on debut, Very disappointing the first game and I managed to bounceback the second game and showed them what I am capable of. The battle to make the final XI between he and the evergreen Peter
Siddle. Just really looking forward to getting over to Perth now. Joe Burns unlucky to miss,
following a century for Queensland. Shaun Marsh the preferred option. His dodgy hamstring tested out
over the last few days, a ton overnight on the WACA
cementing his spot. At my age, over the last 12 months I have treated every game as though it was my last.He ran two runs, some three runs and maybe if he did not have the hamstring injury, I told him he could have got five or six runs. Usman Khawarja also let his bat do
the talking at the Gabba, learning his lesson after claiming
he and Burns were made scapegoats by fickle selectors when dropped
on the tour of Sri Lanka. It probably opened his mouth before his brain got working. It may have been the early morning, he likes is sleeping, I would not say it was the smartest thing he is ever said. Both teams arrive in
Perth over the weekend, the Proteas winning their last
two Tests in the west. Lachy Reid, Ten Eyewitness News. His fast track selection
was criticised for cheapening the Wallabies
jersey, but league convert
Marka Koriobeiti doesn't expect to be gifted
a Test on the spring tour. The former Storm winger
jetted off to Europe with his new Wallaby
team-mates today. He hasn't played rugby since high
school, but the 24-year-old is determined
to prove his doubters wrong.

I am not expecting again I'm expecting to play as hard I can and try to impress the coaching staff, and I will go from there. Last night, Michael Hooper was voted
the best Wallabies player of the year. He joins George Smith,
Nathan Sharpe and Israel Folau as a two-time John Eales medallist,
and he credits coach Michael Cheika. I can walk away from his coaching
with a better outlook on, not only rugby, but life,
so I think he's had a mssive impact on me. Hooper finished well clear
of David Pocock and Bernard Foley. They've finally conquered the NRL. Now the Sharks have set their sights
on a new challenge, taking rugby league to Japan, Attended by the Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison, Morrison, the premiers today
announcing a partnership with Japan's largest tea producer, Ito En,
Sharks CEO Lyall Gorman revealing he wants to take an NRL game
to the Land of the Rising Sun. Well, why not? They've got rectangular fields
there, they play soccer, football, there, obviously
they play rugby there, and it's quite a big focus so this shape ball's
not foreign to Japan, so, we are very serious
about taking rugby league, our shire, our community and our
brand, onto the international stage. I'm pretty excited to see rugby
league played in Japan. Hopefully that can happen. It will happen. Clearly, though, it'll take
the Japanese some time to come to grips with the notoriously
heavy NRL trophy. Wanderers coach Tony Popovic
has told his defenders to lift their game to take some heat
off underfire keeper Andrew Redmayne, who conceded two
late goals last week. We have to do better with the ball
when not under pressure. on both goals, we were under no pressure and we gave the ball away. Mistakes happen after that, but we need to correct the first part, otherwise the second part will not happen. The Wanderers are looking
for their second win of the season when they play the Central
Coast tomorrow night. Racing heavyweight Lloyd Williams
is confident he can win a fifth
Melbourne Cup on Tuesday with his top hope Bondi Beach. But, as Trent Dann explains, he'll have some tough competition
from a rookie trainer with outstanding racing pedigree. If anyone can lead a horse to water,
it's a Cumani. Even a French galloper
with little beach experience. He's braver than I thought he was. You know, at home, he sees a puddle and he's a little bit
like that about it. Sister Francesca was on hand
to assist her Ballarat-based brother, the rookie trainer hopeful he can go
one better than their father, Luca, twice a runner-up in the Cup. I think my dad might
be a bit jealous. While Cumani was happy to plonk
himself on Grey Lion today, he's yet to lock in
a jockey for Tuesday. That's a two-horse race
between Glenn Boss and Craig Newitt, Boss the frontrunner, but that'll depend on his ride
on Tom Melbourne in tomorrow's Lexus Stakes. Obviously, Lee wants him
and I want him but have to play second
fiddle, slightly. At Weribbee, Lloyd Williams
was trackside to get a glimpse of one of his four
Melbourne Cup runners, Bondi Beach. He's matured. He's more of a racehorse now. While he was happy to parade
Bondi Beach, the former casino chairman
was keeping his cards close to his chest when it
came to stablemate Almandin. We have him at home. Don't want to show
any of you blokes! Williams won the first of four
Melbourne Cups in 1981, with Just a Dash. Those sort of horses I don't think
would run in the first 10 today. The race has improved a lot. Tommy Berry will saddle up on 9-year-old Japanese
horse Curren Mirotic and, like some old
stagers, he can be a little temperamental. He can have his off day,
I'm not going to lie about that. He can put in some pretty
poor performances. If he's having one
of his good days, and passes the post first, he'll become the oldest winner
of our greatest race. Trent Dann, Ten Eyewitness News. Daniel Ricciardo loves getting
immersed in the local culture on the Formula 1 circuit and,
ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix, he's donned the make up
and taken part in the Day of the Dead festivities. But he's hoping that's not the end
of the celebrations this weekend. If I could get on the top
step of the podium, yes, you will see a tequila shoey. He'll have to improve on last year's
fifth place at the track if we're to see the new local
shoey in action. to see the new local
shoey in action. We've seen some impressive trick
shots over the years, but this beauty is one of the best. The golfer's name is Taylor Layborne and he's a golf instructor
from Utah, and to prove there's
no trick camera work, he re-loaded and did it again. Watch closely.

To fully appreciate
the move, you have to view it in slow motion. It's golfing magic
and a Taylor-made Play of the Day. It's golfing magic
and a Taylor-made Play of the Day. I know what I am doing on the weekend, I would give that a go at! The thing that is a tailor-made club?I think so. But it is tailor-made for the story! Stick around. The all-important
weekend forecast is next with the one and only
Tim Bailey.

a suspicious package. Coming up statist
NEXT on WIN Canberra NEWS New are
statistics show people in the ACT
are living longer than anywhere else planned
in Australia, And a makeover planned for Goulburn' s Town Hall.

Saturday, 12 November
is McHappy Day, when two dollars
from every Big Mac goes to Ronald McDonald House
Charities... What's a Big Hug? ..helping families with
seriously ill kids stay close so they can pass on a big hug,
a kiss or a bedtime story.

Welcome to the weekend, and the weather forecast is where you will get it all, and even the outside in Sydney at the moment the sunshine is doing is very best, it looks like tonight will be the gathering of the great, coming Saturday 's way. And shower activity is coming, heaviest probably between 6am and 9am, yet the overcast conditions and thunderstorm activity up the east coast, thanks to a low pressure trough that is in Central and north-eastern districts of the state, combined with a high-pressure system in the south-western Tasman Sea, pushing through some showers and thunderstorms. Sunday is the day where it will be quite warm in Sydney, 29-31, and the best chance of blue sky. The satellite, have a conversation about the collaboration of cloud. A tropical low pushes the cloud all across WA and into central Australia. The surface trough is doing its work on the border of Queensland and NSW, really unsettled up there, with some thunderstorms as well, and low pressure moving through Tasmania. Tamara: What is it doing on Saturday? There is the high in the south-west Tasman Sea, onshore wind and activity on the coast, the low pressure trough is storming a little bit, moving further east and bringing rain with it. We are talking tonight and Saturday morning and into the afternoon. That will show us exactly what is going on from Friday from 9pm, and there it is, all of the coast is getting the precipitation, and it will be wet, the red areas are the heavy falls, and let's look at the weekend: Where have you been, what will you see? Put me in the mood! Michael did exactly that the day at Jervis Bay, and this was his partner taking a photo of the dog watching the waves! A little bit of everything in at! We love it! Send it into me at this website: We love the photographs with personality, with you and your best friend in them as well! And the odd whale helps as well! This is one from Donovan, and look at this! Seriously! Get me somewhat, I will build a frame and put it on the wall and call it art! Look at the explosion of the third and the sunrise. Beautiful stuff! I'm starting to think it is the weekend! Look at this from the yen, from Nowra, there are no words needed. Gorgeous. This is the weather:

It'll be a day of the Derby day. -- it will be a beautiful day for Debbie day.

The Sydney basin Tamara: -- tomorrow: The official forecast, cloudy, 70% chunk of showers, and some winds obtaining from 20-30km/h. Sunday:

A possible shower of four Melbourne cup day in the west. That is it for me, have a cracking weekend, and look at that! It is the o'clock! That's Ten Eyewitness News for now,
this Friday, October 28. We'll be back with updates
throughout the evening. Regional viewers, stay
tuned for your local news Everyone else, standby
for Family Feud. And don't forget The Project
team are standing by for their show at 6.30. From the team,
have a great weekend. Goodnight. Captions by Ericsson the
Highlands. Tonight, The family of Dreamw
the three Canberrans killed at
Dreamworld speaks of its heartbreak. A stray backpack forces the closure Larkha
of part of Civic. And Stephen Bru
Larkham confirms he' ll leave the Good
Brumbies at the end of next season. Good evening, I' m Geoff Phillips... refurbishment
Also tonight.... A major s
refurbishment planned for Goulburn'

s Town Hall. The family of the t
Canberran victims of the Dreamworld heartb
tragedy has today spoke of its heartbreak and the need for answers come
to how the incident occurred. It support
comes as the community rallies in ten
support of the victims - donating me
tens-of- thousands of dollars to a memorial fund. Canberra woman Kate
Goodchild's father and

partner - still
in disbelief.

Only twenty-four-hours
earlier the family were on

the beach taking Evie into
the waves for the very

first time - it is truly
devastating that Evie will

never get to know just
what an amazing mum she


The thirty-two-year-old
mother of two, her brother

Luke Dorsett, his partner
Roozi Araghi and Sydney

woman Cindy Low were
killed when a raft ride at

Dreamworld flipped
on Tuesday.

Luke and Roozi have been
partners for nearly a