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Facebookistan -

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(generated from captions) There's a force that exists
in the universe.

A force so elusive that many have
questioned its existence.

But it's the reason we're all here.

It's the spark.

SONG: # Ooh-ooh, ooh

# Ooh-ooh... #

At eHarmony,
we've been creating them

with the best matching technology
for years.

We know how to make them

and what it takes to make them last.

Join eHarmony now to find your spark.

If you're at home on the couch,

leaping through the sky
# I'm a shooting star

# I'm burning through the sky,

Mr Fahrenheit
# That's why they call me at the speed of light
# I'm travelling out of you
# I wanna make a supersonic man

# Yes, I'm having a good time
# Don't stop me now

signature dish
prepares his mouth-watering remain a mystery,
and while the exact ingredients Full Taste Steam Oven
the new Electrolux

reversing camera as standard...
comes with a wide-angle

That way. you can get going with ease.

and Android Auto across the range,
And with Apple CarPlay in any direction.
you're free to chase it in your head, oh, no... #
# Can you put your hands