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This program will be captioned live ANNOUNCER:
by Ai-Media. Amelia
ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with start
Amelia Adams.Good morning. We the
start with breaking news. One of political
the biggest backflips in Australian political history has happened with divisive
the controversial and deeply out
divisive greyhound ban plan thrown straight
out by the NSW Government. Let's go Parliament
straight to Nine's Chris O'Keefe at cabinet
Parliament House. Good morning, How
cabinet has signed off on the move. we
How did it all unfold.Well, Amelia, we thought it was happening and now on
we can confirm it has. A backflip NSW.
on the greyhound racing ban here in Mike
NSW. At 7:30 this morning Premier colleagues
Mike Baird took to his cabinet reverse
colleagues that he wanted to reverse this ban. His cabinet colleagues agreed and they agreed The
on a second chance for the industry. as
The industry have been told this, some
as have the RSPCA. There will be regulation
some strict restrictions and forward.
regulation on the industry moving race
forward. They will be the number of significantly
race tracks in NSW that will be the
significantly reduced. The cap on be
the amount of greyhounds that will be bred. Any money for tracks that will
the greyhound industry has promised industry
will come from the sale of the receive
industry tracks. They will not that.
receive any more tax dollars for to
that. Trainers and owners will have greyhound
to shell out a $1500 bond for every essentially
greyhound that is bred. That is government
essentially an assurance to the treated
government that these dogs will be treated properly and there will the
also be an oversight body to police by
the industry. That will be chaired Yemma.
by the former Labor Premier, Morris seriously
Yemma. There will also be a the
seriously large chunk of cash for greyhounds.
the RSPCA to rehome retired greyhounds. We did speak to some of the ministers as they were leaving they
the meeting. They were smiling when they came out, finally relieved something
they can stop talking about their
something that has been a thorn in track
their side of them.Look at their greyhound
track record?Backfliping on leadership
greyhound racing.We have the best are
leadership team in Australia and we the
are looking forward to discussing had
the issue with our colleagues.We will
had a good party meeting and we It
will discuss it in the party room. great
It was a great meeting.We had a talk
great discussion and we are off to end
talk to the party room now.At the own
end of the day it was Mike Baird's Party
own colleagues in the National decision.
Party that pushed him to this overjoyed
decision. They are certainly happened
overjoyed that this reversal has much
happened but the question is how of
much credibility will the Premier Alright,
of NSW lose as a result of it. for
Alright, Chris O'Keefe thank you Baird
for that. And the Premier Mike conference
Baird is due to hold a press 12:30
conference about this decision at viewers
12:30 this afternoon and our Sydney live
viewers will be able to watch that To
live here on Nine. Stanford,
To breaking news now. Vincent assaulted
Stanford, the cleaner who sexually teacher
assaulted and murdered school before
teacher Stephanie Scott one week arrived
before she was due to marry, has ahead
arrived at Griffith courthouse hearing.
ahead of his sentencing submissions that
hearing. The court has just heard that Stanford previously attacked a young
teacher in Holland when he was a mental
young teenager and he was put in a Scott's
mental hospital. Members of Ms fiance
Scott's family and her former dressed
fiance arrived earlier this morning, colour.
dressed in yellow, her favourite hear
colour. We are also expecting to has
hear from her mother about how life daughter's
has changed as a result of her More
daughter's death. for
More breaking news out of Sydney a
for you this morning. The mother of motorcycle
a teenager Kim killed when the with
motorcycle he was riding collided she
with a car in Sydney's west says son.
she is both sad and angry with her just
son. Nine's Gabrielle Boyle has us
just # spoken with her and join s site
us live. She returned to the crash Amelia.
site this morning?That is right, unimaginable.
Amelia. This mother's grief is repeatedly
unimaginable. She told me she had son
repeatedly warned her 14-year-old his
son that if he continued to ride helmet
his motorbike on the road without a didn't
helmet that he would be killed. He the
didn't heed her warnings and now around
the worst possible outcome. It was old
around 11am yesterday that 14-year- just
old Cory and a young friend aged unregistered
just 12 were on this motorbike, an unlicensed
unregistered motorbike, an on
unlicensed motorbike and they were a
on a road when it has collided with instantly.
a ute. Tragically Cory was killed instantly. His young friend, a 12- hospital
year-old, was raced to a children's remains
hospital here at Westmead where he condition.
remains in a serious but stable to
condition. Cory's mother has spoken warn
to Nine News. She is desperate to people
warn all parents and all young motorbike,
people about the dangers of these motorbikes
motorbike, in particular riding last
motorbikes without a helmet.The the
last thing I said to Cory was lock motorbike
the house and don't ride that get
motorbike because you are going to and
get hurt. It is going to kill you understand
and eventually it has.We following
understand police may have been following Cory and his friend at have
the time of the accident. They may earlier.
have spotted him just a few moments problems
earlier. Certainly Cory had had He
problems with police in the past. that
He had been in trouble for riding without
that motorbike without a helmet and precautions
without the proper safety incident
precautions in place. A critical are
incident is now in place and police with
are investigating in conjunction prepared
with that, a report will be very
prepared for the Coroner.Very, thank
very sad indeed. Gabrielle Boyle, An
thank you. hours
An audio recording of the final being
hours of Warriena Wright's life is accused
being played at the trial of her Nine's
accused murderer, Gable Tostee. As a
Nine's Tessa Hardy reports for us, tourist
a short time later the New Zealand Surfers
tourist fell to her death from a morning
Surfers Paradise apartment.This morning the jury is hearing more of own
that recording from Gable Tostee's between
own phone that dames interactions New
between himself and his Tinder date, Wright.
New Zealand tourist, Warriena hearing
Wright. Yesterday, the jury began off
hearing that recording. It starts talking
off with music playing and the two about
talking and drinking. They talk to
about a range of things, from Gods, carpet
to her dogs, ninja, his job as a the
carpet layer. This was recorded on Tostee's
the night of 7 August, 2014? Gable Paradise
Tostee's 14th floor Surfers 26-year-old
Paradise apartment just before the has
26-year-old fell to her death. He Wright,
has pleaded not guilty to murdering mother
Wright, her family including her trail.
mother and sister are here for the photos
trail. Late yesterday the jury saw apartment
photos of the inside of Tostee where
apartment and the balcony from Warriena
where the prosecution alleges that there
Warriena Wright fell. They say Wright
there was a confrontration, right on
Wright was restrained, forced out and
on to the balcony, the door locked choice
and they felt she had no other makes
choice but to climb down and that defence
makes Tostee responsible. The behaving
defence says that Wright was entitled
behaving erratically and Tostee was protect
entitled to use the restraint to the
protect himself. Later yesterday legs
the jury were shown this photo of re-enact
legs hangs off if balcony. She was lives
re-enact ing what a witness who lives below Tostee said she saw. A shown
the jury has been told that will be up
shown CCTV that shows them meeting Turnbull
up in Surfers Paradise.The same-sex
Turnbull government's plebiscite on after
same-sex marriage will not happen national
after Labor refused to support the political
national poll. Let's go to our Croucher
political reporter, Charles plebiscite.
Croucher for more. Charles, no for
plebiscite. What is Labor's reason long
for opposing it?Amelia, they have reason,
long said that this is a variety of harm
reason, from cost through to the harm that it could, they say, cause somewhat
because of the national and legislation
somewhat devisive debate. That introduced
legislation will still be but
introduced and debated to the house stone.
but the result is now as good in the
stone. The Labor talk cuss opposing the plebiscite, which means that of
the legislation will pass the House blocked
of Representatives, it will get national
blocked in the Senate and no national vote on February 11. It marriage
also means there will be no the
marriage equality in Australia for numerous
the life of this parliament. Now, this
numerous government front benchers was
this morning reiterated that this to
was the only path they are willing is
to take to same-sex marriage.Today Australian
is the moment of truth for the Australian Labor Party. To today is whether
the day where we find out at least their
whether they are serious about equality.
their commitment to marriage hundred
equality.We have never in a contracted
hundred years ever outsourced or That
contracted out our decision making. It
That is what we are elected to do. us
It is weak not to. Australians want to
us to get on with it, we are ready anyone
to get on with it today.In case change
anyone thinks there will be a made
change of heart from the MP, they Turnbull
made it clear that if Malcolm choice
Turnbull backfliped on the free Coalition
choice idea he would leave the Malcolm
Coalition and that would leave It
Malcolm Turnbull without a majority. marriage
It seems certain that same-sex years.
marriage is done for a couple of high-range
years. A man has been charged with spectacular
high-range drink driving over this west.
spectacular crash in Sydney's inner on
west. Police found the car mounted bridge
on the road barrier on a rail just
bridge overpass at Homebush West, was
just before midnight. The driver allegedly
was sitting next to the vehicle. He reading
allegedly returned a blood alcohol the
reading of 0.15 and was arrested at A
the scene. after
A driver has been taken to hospital into
after losing control and slamming The
into a pole in Melbourne's north. Thomastown
The impact on Dalton Road in at
Thomastown snapped the metal pole driver
at the base, knocking it over. The A
driver suffered only minor injuries. one-punch
A plan who police believed killer on
one-punch blow to a father remains Aislin
on the run in Brisbane. Nine's a
Aislin Kriukelis has more.This is this
a tragic development in this story, claimed
this one-punch attack has now father
claimed the life of 48-year-old father Timothy Lang. His family made the heart-breaking decision to when
turn his life support off yesterday improvement.
when he was showing no signs of broad
improvement. The attack happened in on
broad daylight at about 10 o'clock Melbourne
on Saturday morning on busy Police
Melbourne Street in south Brisbane. in
Police say that Mr Lang was punched him
in the back of the head, causing him to fall hard on the concrete. possibility
Police are looking into the victim
possibility that the offender and as
victim may have known each other, seeing
as some witnesses have described the
seeing a heated exchange between past
the pair when they first walked this
past each other. But at this point He
this offender remains on the run. incident
He left the area straight after the security
incident but he was captured on have
security camera footage and police hoping
have re-Elised this publicly, witnesses
hoping that there might be other forward
witnesses out there who can come information.
forward and provide crucial ramping
information. Police are really man
ramping up their search for this development.
man this morning given this sad and
development.The batting partner South
and former housemate of felled Hughes
South Australian batsman Phillip inquest
Hughes is giving evidence at the cricketer
inquest into the death of the young Ryan
cricketer today and Nine's Damian Tom
Ryan is following the story for us. of
Tom Cooper has leapt to the defence Yeah,
of Doug Bollinger this morning? pretty
Yeah, no doubt, Amelia. It was Cooper.
pretty traumatic time for Tom spending
Cooper. He was in tears after stand
spending 45 minutes in the witness the
stand reliving that day. He told while
the inquest from the outset that while they were both in the middle Hughes
of the SCG two years ago. Phillip was
Hughes was batting with ease. It with
was obvious he was being targeted rate
with the short ball to curb the run comfortable.
rate but he certainly looked very minimal
comfortable. He said there was a rejected
minimal amount of sledging and those
rejected outright those claim, yesterday
those shocking claims we heard Bollinger
yesterday that NSW bowler Doug in
Bollinger said to the two players kill
in the middle that, "I'm going to obviously
kill you". Cooper said that was personal
obviously something that was very his
personal and it would have stuck in those
his mind, he would never forget not
those words and he said they were told
not said. But the inquest has been actually
told that Cooper was the one who Phillip
actually mentioned the threat to brother
Phillip Hughes's brother, allegedly saying
brother Jason, will give evidence from
saying that he heard that claim that
from Tom Cooper but he rejected was
that today. Another witness today was Ashley barrow, the umpire who the
was in the middle of course during untoward
the game. He said there was nothing day,
untoward as to the bowling on that day, the bowling tactics and as to nothing
the sledging, well, there was inquest
nothing in a negative tone. The thank
inquest is continuing.Damien, thank you for that. are
Thousands of residents in Victoria after
are still without power, two days widespread
after gale force winds caused State.
widespread destruction across the Thousands
State. Kieran Jones as the latest. remain
Thousands of homes around Melbourne from
remain without power two days on conditions
from some of the most vicious wind years.
conditions the state has seen for 14,000
years. The latest figures show that Melbourne
14,000 homes and businesses in electricity
Melbourne remain without with
electricity after those wild storms, restore
with crews working fren itically to Obviously
restore power to the grid. has
Obviously that lack of electricity resident,
has proved to be a major issue for without
resident, though, who have been food
without power for 48 hours, with food going to waste and candles and to
torches proving to be barely enough Just
to manoeuvrer around the house. heating
Just been rugging up, there is no same,
heating in the house at the moment, anything
same, there is no water heating or having
anything like that, so even just stuff
having a shower and that sort of issues
stuff has been a bit iffy.The those
issues continue for the SES after through
those ferocious storms that tore more
through on Sunday. They have had the
more than 5,000 calls for help in the past 48 hours. At this stage electricity
the SES and Melbourne's major through
electricity providers are working although
through their backlog of calls, time
although there is no definitive everyone
time at this stage as to what Plenty
everyone will be back to normal. Morning
Plenty more to come in Nine's landmark
Morning News - including the volunteer
landmark court decision protecting Plus,
volunteer firefighters in Victoria. child
Plus, see the dramatic moment a a
child is pulled from the rubble of And
a collapsed building. their
And the Royals turn tourists in charity.
their own city. All in the name of

Welcome back. Volunteer rejoicing,
firefighters in Victoria are protecting
rejoicing, after new laws, aimed at Federal
protecting their rights, passed in to
Federal Parliament. Let's go live Morning
to Brett McLeod for the details. for
Morning Brett, what does this mean latest
for firies?Well, this is the protracted
latest stage in a very long running, volunteers
protracted dispute involving CFA the
volunteers and those who work for professionally.
the Country Fire Authority amongst
professionally. There was a feeling EBA
amongst many volunteers that new firefighters
EBA with the professional control,
firefighters gave them too much over
control, not only over the CFA but Malcolm
over the role of volunteers. federal
Malcolm Turnbull made this a was
federal election issue. Last night voted
was the result of that. The Senate meaning
voted to change the Fair Work Act, have
meaning that any EBA can no longer reduce
have any impact on volunteer, or EBA.
reduce their standing within any volunteer
EBA. This is exactly what the wanted.
volunteer fire brigades Victoria support
wanted. It got through with the Derryn
support of crossbencher, including The
Derryn Hinch and Pauline Hanson. opposed
The Victorian government were that
opposed to this all the way and and Completely
that continued this morning. legislation.
Completely and utterly unnecessary stunt.
legislation. It is a political within
stunt. There is a specific clause the
within the agreement that protects play.
the vital role that our volunteers affect
play.This clause doesn't just Fire
affect volunteers for the Country any
Fire Authority of Victoria, it is emergency
any volunteer group working with include
emergency services, that could volunteers
include of course lifesavers, those It
volunteers for the SES and so on. this
It is still got a long way to go in by
this dispute, it has to be ratified even
by the Fair Work Commission, and Supreme
even then it could be held up in a challenge.
Supreme Court or a Federal Court thought
challenge. If Malcolm Turnbull firefighters
thought this is the end of the would
firefighters issue in Victoria, he A
would be wrong.Thank you for that. the
A young girl has been dragged from in
the rubble of a collapsed building, killed
in China's east. Ten people were crashing
killed when the unit block came The
crashing down on Monday morning. minor
The little girl receive 9ed only of
minor bruises. The Duke and Duchess Harry,
of Cambridge, along with Prince the
Harry, have turned tourist force famous
the day, taking a spin on the trio
famous London Eye for charity. The have
trio met with several people who illness.
have been affected by mental dirty
illness.Mental health is not a health,
dirty work. We all have mental Melbourneth.
health, like we do physical someone
Melbourneth.All of us know of difficult
someone who has been through know
difficult emotional times and we way
know how hard it can be to see a knowledge
way forward.Having some basic to
knowledge or having the confidence huge
to act on your knowledge can make a The
huge difference to those around us. conversation
The Royals are aiming to change the through
conversation on mental health, Together.
through their charity Heads this
Together. Stay with us, up next including
this morning all the sports news, battle
including the Bulldogs inside Plus,
battle with coach Des Hasler. Carlton.
Plus, trade week takes it toll on And playing
And why Tiger Woods won't be playing the start of the

Welcome back. The future of the
Bulldogs coach Des Hasler will be board
the main topic on the agenda of a board meeting this Friday. The inserted
Bulldogs want a top four clause extension,
inserted in Hasler's contract will
extension, and the Canterbury coach change
will not agree to those terms. A club
change in leadership would see the salary
club negotiating his $1.2 million existing
salary for the final year of his days
existing contract. It is happier announced
days at the Panthers who have backrower
announced the re-signing of star AFL
backrower Tyrone Peachey. difficult
AFL and Geelong concedes it will be for
difficult to arrange trade deals Tuohy
for both Brett Deledio and Zach space,
Tuohy given its lack of salary cap their
space, after the players expressed And
their desire to join the Cats. has
And in addition to Tuohy, Carlton Gibbs'
has been left shocked by Bryce Adelaide.
Gibbs' request to be traded to Bryce
Adelaide.It is an interesting one. that
Bryce spoke to us and mentioned Adelaide
that he would like to get back to think
Adelaide for family reasons. We those
think we can work with him through still
those issues.The 27-year-old is for
still under contract for the Blues coach
for the next three years. Socceroos on
coach Ange Postecoglou is planning Cahill
on unleashing veteran striker Tim qualifier
Cahill during tonight's World Cup confirm
qualifier against Japan, but won't will
confirm if he will start. Australia victory
will be searching for its first they
victory over Japan in 7 years when Stadium.
they go head to head at Etihad tonight's
Stadium. You can catch all of network.
tonight's action live on the Nine Tiger anticipated
Tiger Woods has pull his highly The
anticipated return to golf on hold. play
The 14-time major winner was due to months
play for the first time in 14 withdrawing
months at the Safeway Open, before not
withdrawing over fears his game is assured
not ready. Woods has, however, a
assured he is fit and healthy after Still
a long battle with back issues. have
Still to come this morning, we will latest
have the finance for you and the latest weather forecast.

Premier Mike Baird has backed down
on the greyhound racing ban -

announcing the sport will remain
in the state.

Trainers across the Southern
Tablelands have spent the past

three months fighting the ban.

The Government says the backflip
is about giving the industry a

second chance to reform.

A man has escaped conviction in
Canberra, accused of falsely

stating a home contained Mr Fluffy

The 54 year old was accused of
producing a report, with

information outlining asbestos was
present in a Duffy house in 2013..

And Lleyton Hewitt say Canberra's
Nick Kyrgios could be a serious

challenger at next year's
Australian Open.

The 21 year old has increased his
training since his injury in the

US Open - he's playing America's
Sam Querrey today.

Canberra's mostly sunny today 14.
A fine day for Yass reaching 13


Resources SCA

The forecast around the

The forecast around the country Melbourne
today: possible showers in Brisbane. showers,
Melbourne and Adelaide expecting well.
showers, a few showers in Hobart as of
well. Sunny day in Perth and a top In
of 34 in Darwin. points
In finance, the All Ords is up 19 is
points in early trade. Our dollar is worth 75.91

is worth 75.91 US cents. And that for
is Nine's Morning News. A reminder bring
for our Sydney viewers we will press
bring you Premier Mike Baird's racing
press conference on the greyhound
racing ban decision live at the be back at 4 o'clock with

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