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So you're here for the position
to support us through the NDIS. Yes, I, um... We are. Impressive. So we can contact you 24/7? Yes, we support you on your terms. Can you start immediately? Absolutely. You're in charge. We are, aren't we? VOICEOVER: When you're ready for
the NDIS, Australian Unity is ready.

Tomorrow will be fascinating.I am bringing Pepe in. We are going through some tasks. It will be fun.

This program will be captioned
live by Ai-Media. This morning, back in the race. The New South Wales Premier officially reverses his ban
on greyhound racing. Face of a killer - Vincent Stanford in court for raping and murdering
school teacher Stephanie Scott. And Donald Trump's bid
for President takes another hit after yesterday's
poisonous debate. Good morning. The ban on greyhound racing
in NSW has been reversed. Live to Jessica Dietrich

Three months after it was announced. It was set to take place at statewide July next year. Jessica, the ministers signed off early today?It appears widespread condemnation of the Premier's decision combined with a growing unpopularity of the government has forced his hand on this very contentious legislation. Cabinet meeting earlier this morning officially signed off on a reversal of this very unpopular ban that would have seen the livelihoods of tens of thousands destroyed when the industry was shut down come next July. We get to hear from the Premier himself, we have yet to, but the Opposition Leader welcomes this news.It is about time. I am sorry that thousands of decent, law-abiding citizens have been put through all this mental anguish, frankly.Industry leaders as well is the head of the RSPCA met with the Deputy Premier this morning, outlined some of the changes the government wants to implement, to regulate the treatment of greyhounds, stop live baiting practices and the slaughter of innocent dogs when they are too old to race. Not everyone is doing the wrong thing, but Mr Baird made this decision because of widespread animal cruelty practices, and to prove it is still happening, a 37- year-old registered trainer from Sydney faces court as we speak, charged with live baiting. Hopefully the government introduces the decision to make a difference.

The government's
same-sex marriage plebiscite

Not go ahead. The Labor Party MPs made a decision this morning. Olivia joins us. What will happen now?The government will face increasing pressure to hold a free vote in Parliament on this issue, with the Labor Party caucus rejecting the progress at idea this morning. Despite warnings this could see gay marriage pushed off the agenda for years.

Labor MPs gather to decide
the fate of the plebiscite, as the government
makes a final plea. I call upon the Labor Party to stop playing politics
with gay people's lives. Bill Shorten prepares
to formally announce his party will block plans for a national vote
on same-sex marriage. I haven't heard a good argument
emerge in the eleventh hour in favour of the plebiscite. Without support from Labor
or key crossbenchers like the Nick Xenophon Team,
the plebiscite is all but dead. Instead, the Opposition
is pushing for a free vote on the issue in parliament. We'll never give up on it. But one National MP
is warning the prime minister, don't even consider it, or risk enraging
conservative backbenchers. My support for the government
is conditional that we honour
our election commitments. There is only
one path forward on this, that is the position
we took to the election, and we intend
to keep our promise. George Brandis has put draft
changes to the Marriage Act to the Coalition party room in the hope
the plebiscite still goes ahead. The new bill would define
marriage as between two people, and overseas weddings would
be recognised in Australia, while religious ministers
could choose whether to marry same-sex
couples, wedding businesses would not
be allowed to turn them away.

The legislation now seems doomed.

A sentencing hearing has begun for the man who raped
and murdered school teacher, Stephanie Scott, six days before her wedding. Vincent Stanford arrived
at the Griffith courthouse in country New South Wales
earlier this morning. He pleaded guilty

Drink is being shown chilling vision of his confession last April. Stephanie's family packed the courtroom, many wearing her favourite colour, yellow. The killers twin brother was sentenced to one year and three months for being an accessory after the fact.

The jury at the murder trial
of Gable Tostee will hear
more audio recordings today of the moments before a New Zealand tourist
fell to her death. Warriena Wright plunged
from the 14th floor balcony of a Gold Coast
apartment in 2014, after the pair had been arguing. At one point
in yesterday's recording, Tostee says: "You are lucky I haven't
chucked you off my balcony." The prosecution claims he locked the 30-year-old
out of the apartment, and she fell
as she was trying to climb down. The cricketer who was batting
with Philip Hughes when he was struck by a ball is giving evidence
at the inquest into his death. South Australian batsman
Tom Cooper has told the hearing Hughes was targeted
with short balls at the Sydney Cricket Ground but not
in an "ungentlemanly way". Cooper also says
he doesn't remember fast bowler Doug Bollinger
saying "I'm going to kill you" in a sledge. Hughes died two days after
he was struck, in 2014. Cricketer David Warner is also due to give evidence
today via video link. Donald Trump's
presidential campaign has been dealt yet another blow after yesterday's
poisonous debate. Senior republican figures
are now going public, saying they will not
campaign with him, as Hillary Clinton pulls further
ahead in the opinion polls. Mike Amor is in Missouri. Despite a better performance
in the second debate by Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton was doing
something of a victory lap today after most polls declared her
the winner yesterday. At a rally in Detroit, she told reporters
that Donald Trump spent more time attacking
than apologising for boasting about sexually assaulting women. Women and men
across America know that is just a really weak
excuse for behaving badly and mistreating people. Far from backing down,
Trump is doubling down, deflecting criticism
of that sex talk tape by attacking Bill Clinton again with allegations that he raped
and sexually assaulted women. I was beaten up for 72 hours
and all the networks for inappropriate words
12 years ago, locker room talk,
whatever you want to call it. I said to myself,
wait a minute. And I just saw
very inappropriate words but Bill Clinton sexually assaulted
innocent women and Hillary Clinton
attacked those women viciously. A new NBC poll out today, taken after that sex talk tape
was released but before the second debate showed that Hillary Clinton has opened up a significant lead
nationally, 11 points. The question is, can Donald Trump well that back
after the debate performance, more of a problem
for Donald Trump. His own members of
the Republican Party continue to desert him. Paul Ryan, the most powerful
Republican Party member, the Speaker of the House, held a phone conference
with congressmen today. He said he is no longer going to
stand up for Donald Trump and suggested to congressmen that they do
what is right for them. An indication, some say,
that the Republican Party believes Hillary Clinton
is going to win this election and they are trying
to limit the damage. A man who allegedly
escaped custody at a Sunshine Coast courthouse
is back behind bars after five hours of freedom. Police say the 29-year-old was due to be sentenced
yesterday afternoon when he jumped out
of the court dock and climbed onto the roof before jumping
to another building. A major search was launched, and he was eventually
found hiding, five hours later. He's been charged
with escaping lawful custody and assaulting police. An Australian man jailed in Bali
on drugs charges has told interrogators
he used hashish to battle the effects of cancer. He was paraded
before the media last night, but is hoping authorities
show him leniency. Matthew Snelson is in Bali. There were extraordinary scenes as Giuseppe Serafino was paraded
before the media in prison overalls
and a balaclava. The Australian stood behind his
friend and co-accused David Fox who was a renowned
war correspondent. The men were interrogated
at length by police who say they will face
drug possession charges after being found with 17 grams
of hashish cannabis resin between them on Saturday. Officers believe police
and military officers are also involved in
the sale of drugs to the men. 48-year-old Serafino from Perth
was under arrest when he allegedly
received a text message from an official asking if he would like to buy
the drug Ice. One military officer
has also been arrested. Serafino has also claimed
he has started using the drug after being diagnosed cancer. He faces 20 years in jail
if he is found guilty. He may receive leniency
given he has been helping police and claims he has been using
the drug to treat a severe medical
condition. Next in Seven News - why hitting the gym after
a stressful day could be deadly. Samsung warns customers to stop
using all Galaxy Note 7 phones. And, Britain's young royals
put their heads together for Mental Health Day.

Samsung has issued
a strongly-worded alert advising customers to turn off
their Galaxy Note 7 phones, immediately. They're being told
to stop using the devices, as the company
investigates exploding batteries. Repaired smartphones
are now catching fire, as well. Production has been stopped, and retailers are being asked
not to sell the phones. To finance now,
and joining me is Martin Lakos from Macquarie Wealth Management. Morning, Martin. The business confidence survey
is just out, what does it tell us?

Good morning. The monthly business survey of competence and conditions is just out and shows that businesses are feeling the conditions in which they operate across Australia has modestly improved, but they still haven't got quite a competence we would like to see in terms of improvement and investment in businesses, and it may be that we have had a number of big meetings through September with bank of Japan and the US central bank meeting, the US election might be keeping some businesses back from activating new business plans. A quiet day on the sharemarket, although the energy sector is up strongly following oil rallying a dollar a barrel overnight. It follows news that Russia may support the move of OPEC to freeze or cut oil production in their November meeting. Materials up along with consumer discretionary sector. The property trust is down .8 of a percent. The Austrian dollar is about 75 against the United States dollar and the market is up 15 points.

The younger royals
have taken to the sky in London as part of their campaign to
raise awareness of mental health. The Duchess of Cambridge is also
travelling to the Netherlands to discuss their cause,
and to meet the king. Ben Lewis reports. This is a topic that William,
Kate and Harry are particularly
passionate about. The Duke and Duchess only just
back from the Royal of Canada, Prince Harry has returned
to London after a private trip to Africa. But they wanted to do
something very special to mark World Mental Health day, so they took the message
of awareness to great heights with a ride on the London Eye. High above London, the royals were perfectly
positioned to spot Kensington Palace, but their focus was on those
who had joined them in the pod, people who have had
mental health issues, but sought help and treatment. Mental health
is not a dirty word. We all have mental health, like we do physical health,
good or ill. But not seeking help
at those times, when it all seems too much
or we are depressed or anxious, can impact
the rest of our lives. The visit to
the tourist attraction was in aid of
world mental health day. One in four people are affected, and the young royals
are putting their attention towards ensuring people who need
support services can get them. The three of us are coming
to the realisation that more needs to be done
to support those who have been seeking help. Their Heads Together initiative
wants young people to realise it's OK
to talk about mental health, particularly in environments
where the subject is not always openly discussed, like school, sporting clubs
and the military. Too often we think that
mental health problems are things that happen
to other people and not us, but we will all experience
pressure on our mental health at some point during our lives. It's hoped that if the royals can speak about mental health
so openly, others will feel
that they can too. Many people use exercise
to cope with stress or anger, but it could kill you. A Canadian study of more
than 12,000 people found you're twice as likely
to have a heart attack while angry or upset. Combine that
with intense exercise, and you triple your risk. You're most likely
to have a heart attack between 6:00 PM and midnight. Next in Seven News - all the day's sport
with Ryan Phelan, as the Socceroos gear up for
tonight's World Cup qualifier. And the AFL trade period has already thrown up
a few surprises.

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The AFL trade period has already
delivered a major surprise, with Carlton confirming
Bryce Gibbs has requested a move to the Adelaide Crows. Gibbs has three years left
on his contract, and Carlton officials
were caught by surprise. Would you have preferred, maybe,
to announce it yourself, or Bryce announce it,
rather than another footy club? I think it would have been
more important to work through the issues
with Bryce, first. Carlton midfielder, Zac Toohey,
is off contract and is set to join Geelong
on a four-year deal. Richmond star Brett Deledio has almost certainly played
his last game for the Tigers. The 29-year-old
is keen to join Geelong, but there are two major hurdles. Deledio has a year left
on his big contract, and the Cats
don't have the salary cap space. Brett's expressed his interest,
too, in Geelong. But we wouldn't
be letting Brett go for nothing, that's for sure. The Cats are trying
to offload Steven Motlop, but Richmond
is no longer interested. Johnathan Thurston would like
to see the NRL expanded, and he believes
Perth is ready for a team. The Kangaroos are
in the Western Australia capital for Saturday's Test
against New Zealand. To be able to bring
international footy here is a big bonus, so hopefully in the
not-too-distant-future, we see an NRL team
here in Perth. For us to be
a truly national game, I think there needs
to be expansion, and it's for us
to spread the word, play games like this. 10 NRL matches
have been played in Perth over the past eight years, and the city will host
a State of Origin game in 2019. The Western Sydney Wanderers
have once again been punished for bad spectator behaviour. Flares were lit
during the Sydney Derby, so the threat of a three point
deduction has been extended until the end
of the A-League season. If flares are lit again, the Wanderers
will lose competition points. Tim Cahill is expected
to start from the bench in tonight's World Cup
qualifier in Melbourne against arch-rivals, Japan. Dates back
to the 2006 World Cup, and one that's grown ever since we've been
in the Asian Confederation, and one that I think
both nations look forward to, and our supporters
look forward to. The Socceroos
haven't lost to Japan in six World Cup
qualifying matches. There were qualifiers
in Europe this morning - the pick of the matches
was Netherlands hosting France. And a nonchalant nod from the
world's most expensive player. France held on
for a 1-nil victory. And Aussie Tyler Wright
has to wait another day before hopefully securing
her maiden world title. The 22-year-old
is in the semi-finals in France, and if she wins the event, she'll clinch
the World Surf League. Otherwise,
the title race will be decided in the final event in Hawaii.

Go the soccer rues! Still a long way to go.

Next in Seven's Morning News - the national weather forecast
with David Brown.

From the moment you wake up,
Sunrise has all the news covered. Police and the military
are involved in this alleged
drug supply syndicate. Mike Baird will backflip. All signs point that way. This man's late-night
toilet stop could have cost him his life. Explosive audio recording. You are lucky I haven't
chucked you off my balcony. One of the nastiest debates. I'm shocked to hear that. And it was more like an episode
of the Jerry Springer show. Because you would be in jail. A rather cute polar bear cub
has been filmed enjoying simple pleasures,
playing in a pool of ice at her new home at Oregon Zoo. ten-month-old Nora
is in quarantine to ensure she doesn't have
any health issues which could affect
the other bears. She was transferred from Ohio after being rejected
by her mother. Keepers say if all goes well, she'll make her public debut
later this month.

To reject a bear like that!

Polar bear weather over the south- east corner of the nation, cold, south-westerly wind streaming across the region, driving showers and hail to the southern capitals and it

and hail to the southern capitals
and it is still snowing in the high country. These pictures are from the Alpine Hamlet falls Creek in Victoria, a snow shower should gradually cheer -- clear. The season saw over 3.5 m of Kim elected snow between June and October. To the weather wall, we are flying into Brisbane where it is warm and sunny, heading for a top of 30. A cool change should sit through. Sydney is also sunny and call today. Feels like 12 degrees. Melbourne, showers continuing from the South, forecast top of 15 degrees, Perth, warming up in the traffic is quite busy. The forecast maximum of 27. This is the change we expect to sit through Brisbane over the next hour or so, the south-easterly behind the westerly, keeping to ridges above average. Called south-east and westerly winds affecting the south-east corner of the nation, a hot easterly building of a southern parts of western Austria. Temperature is rising tomorrow and plummeting across Tasmania. Another burst of polar air on the way. Look at the forecast, only 12 degrees

burst of polar air on the way. Look
at the forecast, only 12 degrees in Hobart. Plenty

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up-to-date
throughout the day. I'm Ann Sanders. Thanks for your company.
Goodbye. Live captions by Ai-Media

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Rachel! Rachel!

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Hi-ya. What we whispering about?

Three amigos!
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