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(generated from captions) What's going on here
there's a lot of hand

signalling to the team.

A broken radio forcing the
Nissan pit crew to use old

school signage.

Bathurst can be both a
beauty and beast but it

took 92 laps for the first
safety car to be deployed.

Team BOC making heavy
contact with the wall at

Reid Park.

But the real carnage
was yet to come, Mark

Winterbottom causing a
sand storm in his Bottle O

car and ending his race.

Locked the rears gone...

Smoke and noise.

With another safety car
pulling in the field,

Scott McLaughlin was now
gunning for a win for

Volvo, in last
year at GRM,

but it was also Garth
Tander last for HRT, but

the controversial Whincup
wasn't about to give an


He's into the side of
him, they've run into each

other, he's blocked out
going to redress look at


Oh they're all gone,
Tander's off Mclaughlin's


The redressing
has caused that.

With less than ten laps
to go to the safety car

pulled the field in tight
ahead of a grand stand

final lap,

Teckno sports Will Davison
short on fuel holding out

Red Bull's Shane
van Gisbergen.

Here's Gissie there's
nothing in it Will

Davision might get this
done, he's done it!

Will Davision is going to
win in 2016 he wins it by

a car length.

As the sunset over Pit
Lane the champagne flowed

for Davision and Webb,
another win for Holden,

but a shadow still
remains, Whincup's team

appealing the decision and
protesting his 15 second


Nothing is ever easy
at the famous mountain.

Felicity Nethery WIN News

surrounding the Bathurst 1000. Work Panorama
is under way cleaning up Mount extr
Panorama as businesses tally the b
extra millions of dollars the event brought into the community. The saying is the better
the party, the bigger the


Council workers getting
their hands dirty at Mount

Panorama today,

As campers packed up,
cleaned up and hit the


"Well I've got to put my
tilt tray away, put me

caravan, car on top, whole
campsite, vacate campsite


Clean up so they'll
have us back next year."

It's a fine art these
campers have mastered over

two decades of attending
the racing event.

"It's fun, it's an
atmosphere, it's a family

if anything.

We come to support
each other."

Thirty- five thousand
campers pitched their

tents and parked their
vans on Mount Panorama

this year.

"Good except for the wind
and the rain, but other

than that it's great."

"It's Bathurst, it's the
pinnacle of V8 super cars

for the year and it's the
greatest place to be you


"The Bathurst one thousand
injects approximately 25

million into the
local economy.

While only a four day long
event, residents will be

reaping the benefits from
the event for many months

to come.

"The more money that goes
through the turnstile well

obviously the better off
council is and therefore

that money goes into
not only protecting and

preserving the very
significant asset which is

the Mount panorama
circuit, but also trickles

it's way into provision
of services and amenity."

The trickle down effects
expected to be further

felt through boosted
tourism to the region,

with Bathurst broadcast
across the country and the

world during the event.

"The images that were
projected to lounge rooms

right across the country
yesterday were nothing

short of spectacular
and really did showcase

Bathurst for what it is
- a beautiful regional


While the clean up is only
just beginning, Council is

promising they'll do
it all again next year.

Samara Gardner, WIN News.

radio station. And getting out of race-
Bathurst was slow going for the exc
race- goers heading home after an exciting weekend. Backed up with
nowhere to go.

Bumper to bumper traffic
slowed the journey home

for thousands
of motor fans.

"Terrible, it's absolutely
terrible, it's normal

though isn't it?


Heavy traffic was reported
as far away as Cowra, with

motorists doing all
the could to bypass the


"Pretty bad, yeah we just
come round the back way,

and yeah, I don't think
we saved much time."

"It's a bit hectic, we
came round the back way

but it's not too bad.

You have to be patient."

Highway and Patrol
officers were out in

force, however, few were
caught doing the wrong


Over the four day event,
four thousand, four

hundred random breath
tests were conducted, with

four charged with
drink driving.

Meanwhile four hundred and
ten infringement notices,

including two hundred
and sixty-four speeding

tickets, were issued.

"The highway patrol has a
very significant presence

on the roads out of
town today, they'll be

everywhere along the major
routes out of Bathurst,

north, south, east and
west, so there's really no

escaping them."

Three hundred police
officers were out in force

across the four day event.

They were kept busy,
with many in party mode.

These revellers going so
far as to design their own

racing vehicles.

Despite a few crashes,
there were no major

injuries reported.

Police overall pleased
with the behaviour of

ticket holders, with just
five arrested during the


"They were all
predominately very well

behaved, all had a good
time, but all pretty much

kept to themselves and
didn't upset anybody else,

certainly didn't
upset us."

Samara Gardner, WIN News.

brought into the community. Pr
Melbourne Cup-winning thoroughbred surgery
Prince of Penzance has undergone
surgery in Ballarat after injuring a leg running at Caulfield. The dream of back-to-back
Cups, officially over.

For Prince of Penzance
connections, it's an image

ending any hope of
success this Spring.

At least three to
four months of rest.

The Ballarat trained
star now facing a lengthy

recovery from surgery - to
repair the fracture in his

lower right leg.

The Melbourne Cup winner
suffered the injury during

Saturday's Group Two
Herbert Power Stakes.

He was taken to Miner's
Rest that night, before Dr

Sarah Gray this morning
inserted two screws into

the damaged fetlock bone.

These fractures per se,
are probably one of the

more common fractures
in racehorses.

It ends any chance of
Michelle Payne reuniting

with the gelding for a
second Melbourne Cup tilt,

also possibly ending
Prince of Penzance's

racing career.

Other owners will have an
opinion on this, but my

opinion that the horse is
over, as a racing career.

But part-owner John
Richards knows his record

breaking racehorse
will not be forgotten.

Trained here and owned
here and his record

breaking jockey, her
background is here too

While the end now looms
the future is looking

comfortable for this
Ballarat trained champion,

with Prince of Penzance
likely to be put on public

display once he retires.

Michelle Payne has said
that there is room for him

at her place, and
living legends have also

expressed some interest.

So it's not going to be
hard to find him a home,

that's wonderful.


leg running at Caulfield. After a been
spell in rehab, two turtles have
been returned to the wild in Yeppoon Qu
on the Capricorn Coast in Central Queensland. Buoyed by the support of
dozens of lively locals,

slowly but surely, Betty
and Joy made their way out

to sea.

# Yes Betty, yes!

Come on Betty!

Come on Betty!


After months of
rehabilitation, the two

girls were finally
back where they belong.

But not before stealing
the hearts of their


It's a little bit sad,
it's always sad, because

we've known them for a few
months now, and they're


But it is fantastic to see
them released, healthy and

active again.

They were rescued by Quoin
Island Rehabilitation

Centre, found ailing on
Zilzie Beach, covered in

marine leeches
and barnacles.

You'd never know it,
looking at them now.

When they went out there,
I was trying to hold back

the tears, it was
just really, yeah.

Really special.

Onlookers flooded onto the
sands of Cooee Bay, eager

to be a part of the
heart-warming send-off.

According to wildlife
carers, that's going to

help raise awareness,
about these wonderful


Having a crowd like this
is just fantastic, because

it means that people are
involved in the process

and they understand
what's going on.

The magical moment,
leaving young and old,

with a
spine-tingling story.

The guys put the turtles
back in the water and they

swam out, and it was
really beautiful.

They're really cute.

Queensland. Firefighters have
attended ceremonies in Queensland to frontline
honour those killed on the frontline. It's an important
time to remember,


our brave firefighters,
who take an oath of

'Strength in Unity'.

Today, they gathered to
pay tribute to those who

have given their
lives, to save others.

It's an opportunity for us
as fellow firefighters to

remember those who
have fallen and also to

knowledge the day-to-day
that our firefighters go

about in protecting
the community.

Let's think about the
firefighters, the work

they do, what they bring
to this community, let's

think about their families
too because those families

when these people go to
work they're never sure

what those men and women
will face that day,

they're not sure if
they will come home.

Fifty-one firefighters
have died in the line of

duty across Queensland.

Ongoing improvements in
technology are helping

reduce deaths in
the line of duty.

We have very good
equipment, very good

skills, techniques and
training, so over time

things have improved
dramatically as far as

fire fighter safety goes
and we continue to take

every opportunity
to increase that.

Of those firefighters who
have lost their lives,

three have been in
our South-West region.

Deputy super intendant,
Joseph Thomson, District

Officer, Bill Haines, and
in February this year,

First Officer,
Trevor Vallance.

After today's service,
firefighters and their

families gathered to share
memories of those lost in


Martin Bunyard.

WIN News.

to raise cash for charity. The their
people on the street have given ba
their view about the possibility a
ban on greyhound racing in New South Wales won' t go ahead after all. "It was 3 months ago the
shock decision was made to

ban the greyhound industry
in NSW from July next

year, now it's unclear
whether or not that will

go ahead."

"Do you think that the
decision initially to ban

greyhound racing
in NSW was unfair?

I, I do, I do, if they
had an issue with it they

should have got rid of the
bad people out of it, but

there's a lot of
really good people with


"I think it was a good
decision to ban it in the

first place."

"I don't like greyhound
racing at all and they've

got a bad track record so
far, I don't know how they

can clean it up."

"We're hearing all the bad
bits but we're not hearing

the good bits so I really
think it should have been

investigated a lot further
before they started to ban

it, I mean, what are we
going to ban next, horse


"Do you think he
will backflip?

I had a pretty strong
feeling that he will and

for his sake I
hope he does."

"My thinking about things
political is that when you

make tough decisions
you do stick by them."

"Reports suggest an
announcement could me made

as early as tomorrow, but
only time will tell as the

Premier's office said
it won't comment on


Wales won' t go ahead after all. m
And we' ll be back in a moment with i
more All Australian News looking at issues from far and wide.

exciting weekend. Alarming research experience
has found 1 in 2 employees for
experience or are exposed to some form of workplace bullying. Workplace bullying can
have a huge impact on an


It's estimated to cost
Australia businesses

anywhere between $6 and
$36 billion dollars each


That can be the result of
workers taking more sick

days, a higher staff
turnover, along with harm

to a business's

Its workers with
university degree who was

most likely to
be impacted.

We did find that often
people who were more

highly educated reported
greater workplace


There is potential that
thet are in roles that

there is a greater

The research found that
workplace bullying can

have a serious affect on a
person's health, including

higher rates of depression
and anxiety, along with

physical issues like
poorer cardiovasular


Beyond Blue says
the approach by many

businesses is not working.

They want less focus on
individuals, to see a

change in a
company's culture.

We found that engaging the
whole engaging the whole

organisation instead of
using just one strategy

was really important
also fostering a positve

culture, by having
a really respectful

environment is really
important along with very

raise cash for blood cancer. V
Residents in the Goulburn Valley in in
Victoria' s north east have walked
in support of community members with Type 1 diabetes. One million Australians
are living with


...With one-tenth of
those, born with the


Northern Victorians have
shown their support,

through the Juvenile
Diabetes Research

Foundation One Walk.

It is the number one
auto immune disease in

children, in the world.

Type-one diabetes is an
auto-immune disease that

affects the pancreas...

..Where insulin is
required to compensate for

what the body
cannot produce.

But insulin needs to be
given everyday, basically

as life support.

Event organisers are
hopeful there'll one day

be a cure.

We really, really hope so.

We just need to keep
having...keep raising

money to pay for those
research projects.

They're hoping those
living with Type-one

diabetes can find
strength in each other.

We have casual meetings
where we can just talk

about it and, you know,
support young people and

families with it.

And we found that there's
a lot of value in that.

So fantastic for them to
look around and see how

many people were
there to support them.

More than three-thousand
dollars was raised from

the weekend's event.

Atkins, WIN NEWS.

Type 1 diabetes. An inspirational started
woman in Canberra who has MS has walk
started a challenging project to walk 50 kilometres in two weeks. Lynette Dickinson was
diagnosed with Multiple

Sclerosis in 2004 and just
two-years later was in an

electric wheelchair.

I have loss of sensation
in my arms and my legs um

sometimes lack of
co-ordination, sometimes I

have body spasms.

Um other people lose their
vision, I've got vision

issues but I haven't
lost my vision yet.

She overcame some of her
MS symptoms through yoga

and meditation - before
taking up yoga teaching to

help people with
chronic illness.

Within nine months I gave
my wheelchair back and so

now I do that, I teach
people how to find um

peace regardless of what
their circumstances are.

Over the next two weeks
Lynette will be walking 50

kilometres for Walk in Her
Shoes -to raise money for

women and children in
developing countries

through CARE Australia.

I have clients who've
experienced walking um

with water on their heads
and they have life long

spinal injuries as a
consequence of that so I'd

like to give back.

The campaign aims to help
reduce the distance women

and girls have to walk by
providing clean water and

nutritious food
close to home.

We know that on average
girls and women have to

walk six kilometres
everyday just to fetch

fresh water, firewood and
food for their families.

The Walk in Her Shoes
campaign has raised over

$100,000 nation
wide so far.

And it's hoped more people
will put on their walking

shoes for the
less fortunate.

It's so important that we
all get out and from our

very privileged positions
in Australia um and raise

money for people in
developing countries.

Abbey Donaldson, WIN News.

walk 50 kilometres in two weeks. A hard
big crowd competed in the annual ne
hard yacka fun run in Yackandandah no
near Albury-Wodonga in Victoria' s north east. Runners of all abilities
took part in the day which

included five, ten and
twenty kilometre events

through the Yackandandah
State Forest.

We also had a mountain
bike ride planned and

scheduled for today but
the recent wet weather has

made that impossible to
run, the condition of the

trail is too unsafe.

Saturday's warm weather
helped dry-out the running

track...Creating ideal
conditions for Sunday's


Its has dried out very
nicely and has allowed for

a very successful and
enjoyable run those that

turned out today.

Despite the mountain bike
events being cancelled,

large crowds still turned
out to enjoy the event.

With organisers saying
they were happy with

overall competitor

We're probably going to
look at about seventy

runners which is pretty
good considering the

recent we weather we've
had, but 70 runners is a

good turn out for today.

The event which is held
each year is the major

fundraiser for the
local primary school and

organisers say it helps
provide critical funds.

all money raised will
go to the Yackandandah

Primary School.

Obviously the school
requires extra funding so

its terrific to see people
coming out and supporting

the event, because without
these sorts of events the

school really does suffer.

While there may not be any
prizes up for grabs at the

finish line...The chance
to help out their local

community appeared to be
more than motivation for

these runners.

Its certainly a personal
challenge event, its

something that people look
forward to every year.


At Apia, we know you've lived more, you've achieved more,
experienced more, and touched more lives
than you'll ever know. And your family's future
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north east. Students preparing exams
Students preparing for the last
exams of their schooling are sharing their ideas on beating stress. The countdown has begun,
for students right across

the state, with the VCE
examination period quickly


Let's get inside to catch
up with some students, to

see how they're doing.

Well Mitchell, just how
hectic is your schedule

with two weeks until
the final exam?

Umm, look, yeah .. Every
day you're trying to do

something along the
lines of .. You're doing

homework every night...

.. You're doing an hour
and a half of homework,

then 20 minutes break, and
then you start regretting

not doing work.

But you've got to feel
like you got to get back

into it.

Winton, are you confident
you've done the work that

will hold you
in good stead?

Fairly confident ..
There's always .. You

always think there's more
that you could have done.

But umm, you know, overall
I'm 90% confident that

I've put in a fair amount
of time towards each one

of my subjects.

Ella, do you think you'll
handle the pressure well?

I hope so.

It's hard to tell until
I turn up for the exam.

I'd say I'll probably
react differently to each


In the past I've been a
bit concerned .. But I

think I'm ok this time.

I've got a pretty
supportive year level

group and teachers .. So
hopefully it should be


Emma, what's the best
piece of advice you've

had, umm, you know,
leading up to your exams?

Umm, probably just
to keep going.

Umm, you know, there's a
lot of pressure .. But in

the end there will be such
a big break afterwards ..

So yeah .. Just keep
going and know the end is


Good luck to all year 12
students as they tackle

the first of their final
exams, on October 26.

Jake Keating .. WIN News.

their ideas on beating stress. hav
Students studying to be mechanics imp
have used the Bathurst 1000 as an important training ground. For many years during the
Bathurst 1000 mechanic

apprentices from TAFE
Western have been giving

the chance to hone their
skills on racing cars,

this year was
no different.

car detailing

What we provide for them
is an environment where

they can learn skills
about supporting the

motrosport industry and
that's basically what we

do in this shed TAFE's
had a very long history of

supporting motorsport at
Mount Panarama and we're

very proud to carry
that tradition on.

I didn't know panel work
at all coming here you

learn panel work and
everything race cars have

lots of different stuff to
normal cars, so definitely

eye opening.

There's more to winning at
Bathurst than a fast car

and a good driver, it also
takes hard work from a

strong team of
engineers and mechanics.

But for those teams in the
support series who don't

have the resources, the
TAFE Western apprentices

provide a
valuable service.

It's amazing so this
morning I hit the wall

pretty hard so I didn't
know if we were going to

get it repaired in time
and we didn't have the

resources to actually
repair it ourselves so to

actually have this
available to us is


They might still
be learning but the

apprentice report
card is strong.

You can definitely tell
they've got the skills to

do the job so they're
amazing and i think a few

of them want to get into
the supercars teams in the

future so it's a good
training ground for them

to work on the race
cars at the track before

getting into these teams.

For Siobhan O'Brien from
Parkes, progressing up to

the Supercars is exactly
what this young apprentice

wants to do.

Don't take no for an
answer prove everyone

wrong you can do it.

And for that there's no
better training ground

than the famous mountain.

Felicity Nethery WIN News

important training ground. Students g
in Ballarat in Western Victoria are in
giving schoolies' week a miss and, to
instead, they' re going to Cambodia to do humanitarian work. It's not the typical


But for twenty-six Loreto
College students, a trip

to Cambodia is
their chosen option.

For me it was a better
option than schoolies, I

would rather have spent
the money going to

Cambodia and giving
something back to people

that don't have the same
opportunities as me than

doing schoolies.

I've always wanted to
travel and help out

orphanages overseas and
teach little kids English

and everything like that
so yeah it's a really

exciting trip and one that
we're going to remember


Launching an online
auction to help raise

funds for Cambodian
children with HIV,

members of the wider
community are being

encouraged to do their bit
and get bidding on a wide

range of items.

The Bulldogs premiership
team, we have a jumper

signed by them, we also
have a Ballarat gold mine

tour which a lot of people
haven't seen before.

Spending almost one week
immersed in the daily life

and traditions of a rural
community, the teenagers

know the trip is not
going to be easy..

I've heard that it is a
really hard trip and it is

something that is very
hard to go into a witness

but everyone says that
it's the best trip they've

been on and it's such
a great opportunity and

something that you
shouldn't pass up.

With some travelling
overseas for the first


I know I haven't been
overseas so to do that as

a big group will make it
a lot easier for those who

want to travel
in the future.

The online auction will
run until next week,

before the group departs
at the end of November.


to do humanitarian work. How to be ha
cyber safe when using social media
has been outlined to young people on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland' s south east. Most of these kids are
nine or ten years old.

They've never lived in
a world, without social


These are the children who
are, rightly or wrongly,

asking for Instagram
accounts, asking for

Facebook accounts.

In fact, many
already have them..

# Facebook?

(PAUSE) Google Plus?


These are truly
digital natives.

And it's a world
full of risk.

The dangers are that
they might be exposed to

inappropriate material,
they might be creating

their own or encouraged
to create their own

inappropriate material.

That's a huge concern.

Today, St Andrew's
Anglican College brought

in a social media expert,
to help their kids stay


Part of her seminar
involves finding pictures

of students online,
without even knowing their


Pretty scary because it
seemed very easy to take

things from you.

People think it takes
three seconds to ten

minutes to secure
an account.

That actually takes
forty-five minutes if you

know what you're doing.

Presentations for teens
and parents were also

offered today.

It's a response to the
revelation in August, that

the school was mentioned
on a site sharing

inappropriate pictures of
teens - obtained through

social media.

It's great for someone
like Trish to come in and

then build on the sort of
scare they had six or so

weeks ago.

A lack of knowledge, for
parents and educators, is

certainly an issue.

Philip Calder.

WIN News.

south east. We' ll be back after Ne
the break with more All Australian regiona
News amd the issues affecting regional Australia.

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regional Australia. Sculptors who st
work in steel have showcased their Lockha
stunning work at a festival in River
Lockhart in the New South Wales Riverina. Recycled horseshoes,
chains or pieces of scrap

metal from an
old header...

The skies the limit
when it comes to art.

Lockhart's tenth Spirit of
the Land Festival featured

sculptures of animals,

quirky characters and

creatures from
another land.

"It's a gathering of
like-minded people.

A gathering of artists.

It's community spirited,
it gives us all a chance

to exhibit our work
under a very low pressure


Andrew Whitehead took
out the National Farm Art

Sculpture Award for his
piece "Freedom Run", which

earns him the privilege
of having his artwork

exhibited in the town
for twelve months.

"It's fairly dynamic and
changes all the time.

And that has actually
drawn lots of tourists to

come to Lockhart so we're
starting to be known as

the farm art
sculpture capital."

The festival began as a
way to combat depression

in the bush, and still
contributes to the mental

health of farmers
across the region.

"We developed the festival
ten (10) years ago, as a

means to support farmers
who were going through a

tough time with drought.

We wanted them to have
something else to think

about that wouldn't cost
them a lot of money, so we

decided they could raid
their scrap heaps and make


Festival-goers soaked up
the afternoon sun in the

company of live music,
and also enjoyed fine art

displays and fireworks.

The event helps put
Lockhart on the map, and

has become a yearly
pilgrimage for many


"My daughters come up from
Melbourne and we get the

caravans and we line them
up down on the lagoon and

we have a weekend of it.

Everybody gets involved,
everybody knows everybody

else, it's really great."

Riverina. And top sculptors are fi
competing for a 15-thousand dollar Sout
first prize in Mudgee in the New South Wales Central West. Spread across the
grounds of Mudgee's Rosby

Vineyard, creatures great
and small appeared for the


More than

works were featured at the
sixth annual Sculptures in

the Garden Exhibition,

which included artists
from New South Wales and


The quality of art here at
sculptures in the garden

is just getting better and
better, you can hang out

here for the whole day.

There's food stalls,
there's kids activities,

there's all sorts of stuff
to keep you entertained

for ages.

For Gilgandra Farmer,
Rowan Chandler, entering

his first competition has
been a journey two years

in the making.

Using old farm equipment
and off-cuts, his steel

creations are as unique
as they are recyclable.

I've only been doing
it for two years.

Don't know what made
me start doing it.

First thing I made was an
owl and it progressed from


After the success of his
latest project, Rowan says

becoming a full time
artist isn't on the agenda

just yet.

it's just a hobby I like
doing in the winter, with

the shorter days, I like
doing it in the night time

when there's not much
on TV, I make a few


Steven Irwin's 'taking
the plunge' won the

Mid-Western Regional
Council Acquisition of

fifteen thousand dollars,

while 'Josephine' by
John Fitzmaurice won the

friends of sculptures in
the garden acquisition


we try and get the artist
to stay the so they can

chat to the public, and
that helps them sell their


But normally we do
sell a lot of work.

James Wilson, WIN News.

South Wales Central West. strutte
International performers have c
strutted their stuff at Ballarat' s Victoria.
cabaret festival in Western Victoria. The region's most
talent musical theatre

centre stage.

# #

The in-development shows
proving popular with


Despite some
unexpected set-backs.

we had a power cut
yesterday, well come of

Ballarat did and they
performed in torch light

and that for me shows the
dedication to what they


The performers making the
most of the opportunity to

gain valuable experience.

# #

it's a spring-board for
them to create a piece of

work, show it
professionally and you

know really develop a
style and create their own


While, novice performers
were given a lesson from

the experts...

With a Cabaret Masterclass
run by Amelia Ryan and

Michael Griffiths.

# #

it's one of those things
that we do during the

festival that allows
people to hone their


Meow Meow was one of
the sell-out shows...

Wrapping up the
festival last night...

With her provocative

# #

Crowds unable to hold
back their excitement....

Despite power outages
forcing a later start.

look we've had great
feedback from audiences

you can always tell a lot
from people when they're

walking out and the smiles
that you get from people

coming up and saying how
much they enjoyed it.

And after the success of
this year's festival...

Organisers say they have
plans to make next year

bigger and better.

Hannah Jenkins, WIN News

Victoria. A music festival to raise t
awareness of MND has been staged in
the small village of Gundaroo on the Tablelands.
New South Wales Southern Tablelands. Aussie rock legend Russell
Morris proving to be a hit

at the Gundaroo
Music Festival.

Entertaining thousands
for a good cause.

I'm going down,
down, down.

Van Diemans Land.

The annual festival raises
vital funds and awareness

for motor neurone disease
- a condition that weakens

a person's motor
neurons and muscles.

So you begin to not be
able to move your hands,

your arms, your legs and
ultimately it affects your

breathing and so basically
you just watch yourself


It's a disease close
to Sue Windsor's heart.

The festival was the
vision of her late husband

and talented musician
Scott - who passed away

last year after a
long battle with MND.

It's my husband's legacy
so it means a lot to me,

it's um and now that
Scott's gone for this to

continue it's just
a wonderful thing.

The money raised from
the event will go towards

special communication
devices for MND sufferers.

Communication is very
important for people that

have MND, it's one of the
first things that people

lose is their ability
to communicate.

The music bringing
families, kids and music

lovers together.

To have a dance and soak
up the entertainment.

It's fantastic, really
great turn out, some great

bands on and we've been
listening to all the bands

and it's just been mighty.

The festival shining a
light on those dark days

for MND sufferers
and their families.

Out of something really
horrible comes something

really wonderful.

Abbey Donaldson, WIN News.

Tablelands. The clean up continues W
after extreme winds caused havoc in Western Victoria. Wild winds battered
Ballarat yesterday...

As fallen trees brought
down power lines...

Leaving thousands of
residents in the dark.

Powercore had their had
quite full last night

dealing with some of those
outages across the region.

The chaos continued at
Wendouree...this gum tree

up-rooted from the ground.

While, the carnage
narrowly missed houses in

the firing line.

tiles and roofing iron was
loose or left very lose in

the wind, branches had
pearced a few roofs.

The SES was inundated
with calls...

As gusts of more
one-hundred-kilometres an

hour left a path
of destruction.

This shed at
Delecombe...unable to

withstand the full
force of the conditions.

the CFA performed a rescue
of a person trapped ina

vehicle that had been
impacted by a tree.

Ballarat was among one
of the hardest hit areas

yesterday as wild winds
brought down trees and

cause widespread
power outages.

The SES responding to more
than 400 call-outs across

the region.

70-80 of those calls were
building damage and the

like which left a few home
uninhabitable for the time


As the clean up continues
over the coming days...

A number of roads
remain closed.

The SES issuing this
warning to residents.

please be aware that
in windy conditions you

should never ever shelter
under a tree and you

should never ever park
underneath a tree.

But for the time being the
wild weather has passed.

we'll have cooler
temperatures for the next

few days, I think by the
end of the week we'll be

starting to warm up.

Hannah Jenkins, WIN News

Australia. Geeks and freaks have Al
attended a pop culture festival in Albury-Wodonga. Adults and kids alike had
a marvelous time at Border


And it wasn't just popular
comic book characters

making appearances, with
Pokemon and Jedi also seen

wandering the halls,
while a young Doctor Who

prepared to battle
his arch nemisis.

There's Who-vians
everywhere, there's anime

fans everywhere, there's
gamers everywhere, so it's

really great to come to
an event like this and see

that love and passion
really being shared among

the community.

While the cosplay
competition was popular,

there was much more to
the innaugural expo.

TIE fighters from Star
Wars were part of the

table-top tournaments,
while others tried to

explain the complexities
of WarHammer, or


Meanwhile industry
experts also discussed the

importance of regional
events, many modelled on

the likes of major gaming
conferences like Pax,

Supernova, and Comic-Con.

Particularly in areas like
this where people don't

have the opportunity to
get to the major cities

and go to the big
conventions, people are a

little bit starved for
occasions where they can

meet up with other like
minded people and share

their passion.

And after several years
hosting a popular T-V show

and travelling across
Australia to similar

events, Hex says gaming is
growing in popularity in

regional areas.

It's just that same
through line of just

generosity and general
enthusiasm for creating an

event and a space for
people to come together

which is great.

far north. Runners dressed as cows
have competed in an event in Bendigo fo
in Central Victoria to raise cash for homeless kids. It was a quirky sight
seeing a cow roaming

around on Sunday morning..

But there was good
reason behind it..

It's about people walking
laps of Lake Weeroona and

raising awareness about
homelessness and long term

we'd like to prevent

Fittingly, the MAD-COW
group ran the stampede..

Standing for Make a
Difference, Change Our

World.. The organisation
has helped thousands at a

grass roots level..

Anyone can be part of
this, the idea is we can

all make a difference
in this world.

People like Scott say
MADCOW's changed their

lives for the better..

With me I've been homeless
for the past three years,

and they've helped me with
power shower and some food

at time and
it's been great.

And Scott's straight to
the point when ask what

he'd do without
the organisation

I have no idea what
I'd be doing right now.

Overall the event raised
close to ten thousand


And the money will
be wisely spent..

Things like our breakfast
clubs and our basketball

program, we have
mentoring, we have

community theatre
for youth/

And that's only half of
what MADCOW does in the


A cleaning business for
refugees, we have our free

food, things like our
meals programs, our coffee


A morning stroll helping
to make positive change in

the world.

Sarah Lawrence, WIN News

for homeless kids. Junior equestrian ski
competitors have showcased their no
skills on horseback in Victoria' s north east. Perfectly
turned-out ponies...

...And their riders,
lined-up yesterday, for

the fourth Junior
Equestrian Showcase.

Spectators looked-on, as
entrants put their best

hoof forward...

...vying for the top
positions in the ..

qualifying classes ..
for the Grand National

Championships - which will
be held in Sydney, next


The event aims to create
a friendly and competitive

environment for
young riders...

...Without having to
compete against adults.

Riders as young as
three years-old...

...Up to seventeen years
of age, are eligible to


Competitors from across
Victoria and New South

Wales gathered
at Tatura Park...

...Which has become one
of the state's fastest

growing equine hubs.

And more than

horses were entered
for this year's event.

Victoria's Riley Marin won
Supreme Led Horse .. With

Bellevale Hearts a Quiver.

Matilda Longbottom
took-out the Child's Show

with Power Play.

While Bordershow Bedazzled
impressed the judges in

the Leading Rein
Open-Show Pony.


north east. Back in a moment with an
more of WIN' s All Australian News Austra
and the issues facing regional Australia.

Albury-Wodonga. A new tourist Rockham
attraction has started in the Rockhampton CBD. This is Kenny
the Clydesdale.

He's going to become one
of our more recognisable

faces in the C-B-D.

# (Trotting sound)
Walk on Kenny.

Good boy!


Kenny's going
to be noticed...

trotting through town
pulling a Victorian-era


Kenny's customers will be
able to take a trip down

memory lane, at a
pleasingly placid pace.

With how Council is
revitalising the heritage

look of the riverbank
down on Quay Street, that

something like this would
be fantastic for the city

and especially to bring
people back into the CBD


Head along the East Street
mall, and you simply can't

miss it.

It's an eye-catching
spectacle that's already

proving popular with
tourists and local


Came here for dinner and
came here just as we saw

the horse go
round and round.

So we came here.

It was so much fun.

A new experience.

Steve May came up with
the idea, in an attempt to

bring a heritage feel
back into the C-B-D.

And on Quay Street,
Rockhampton was known for

horses and carriages, and
they had horses working

down there.

Steve's sights are very
much set on the future.

He hopes the tour will
help promote our region...

with Kenny's
help of course.

We usually get a lot of
giggles out of people,

once they get
in the vehicle.

But just even coming up
and giving Kenny a pat,

he's never
going to say no.

Steve and Kenny will be
pounding the pavement

again, this weekend.

Alexandra Cullen.

WIN News.

Rockhampton CBD. An Olympic gold
medallist and home town girl was the ev
star attraction at a fund-raising Wales
event in Wagga in the New South Wales Riverina. Going out with a bang.

Entrants of the
twenty-sixteen Miss Wagga

Wagga Quest pulled out
all stops to bring local

olympic hero Alicia Quirk
home, to speak at a high


The twenty-five year
old finding time in her

jam-packed schedule
to share her story.

so it's always great to
come back home and relish

in any opportunity I get
to share my story with the

community of Wagga

It's been a roller coaster
ride for Quirk after

olympic success
at the Rio Games.

Quirk spent the afternoon
sharing a highlights reel

of her adventure and a
touching address about how

proud she is to be
from Wagga and to have

succeeded at the
highest level.

it's been such a whirlwind
since it happened, I'm

still pinching myself to
have the opportunity to go

to the Olympics, and now
to be in this position to

be a gold medalist

people attended, capping

off an exciting journey
for the six (6) entrants.

The high tea was another
great opportunity for the

Quest to raise funds for
it's five beneficiaries...

Mary Potter Palliative
Care, Specialist Medial

Resources Foundation,
Country Hope, Ronald

McDonald House and
the Leisure Company.

it's really important to
help them because they're

local charities that help
local people, and the

quest is all about giving
back to our community

that's given so much to us

After three major events
and a host of other

community fundraisers,
entrants have raised tens

of thousands of dollars.

The winner of Quest will
be crowned on November

fifth .

Wales Riverina. Two new homes are Canberra
being auctioned in Deakin in Canberra to raise cash for charity. A huge community project
- officially complete.

unveils the
plaques *applaud*

It's fantastic, it's an
ambitious project and it's

come together really well,
so we couldn't be any


These stunning residences
located in the heart of


make up the ACT's latest
Charity House Project,

which began one year ago.

Well the project started
with the land being

donated by the Land
Development Agency and

then the Master Builders
contracted Renaissance


Built to a high quality
six star E-E-R rating, the

homes will be auctioned
off to the public next

month, with all proceeds
donated to three(3) local


We're raising money for
Boundless Children's

Playground, Hands Across
Canberra and Hartley


Boundless Canberra, to use
its share of the funds to

help finish the ACT's
first 'all abilities

playground' by
June next year.

So there's a big slide to
go in which even adults

can get on, and there's a
sensory garden, and just a

few little last bits and
pieces like shade and

seating still to come
at the playground

More than eighty
individual companies got

on board to help -

- donating time,
services and products.

The project, staying well
within the build budget of

million dollars .

Happily, through Andrew
Kerec's connections

through renaissance homes,
they've saved the project

more than five hundred
thousand dollars; so we've

spent less than
eight-hundred thousand on

building the two homes.

The homes are open for
inspection this Sunday

from 11 til 2pm.

With the auctions to take
place on November five.

Alison Hattley


form of workplace bullying. An Ne
Aussie rules match in Wagga in the a
New South Wales Riverina has raised dis
awareness of people living with a disability. bagpipe music

To the sound of bagpipes,
the cross-code rivals

marched out in
preparation for battle.

Leading the charge, the
man who inspired the


Angus Pennington has
cerebral palsy and lives

with his family
at Cootamundra.

He's also Ag College
Rugby's biggest fan.

His brother Hamish plays
for the students, and some

of his mates decided they
wanted to help the family

out, by raising awareness
about independent living.

we're holding the event
just to bring awareness

into the community and
just have a great day out

in the October sunshine,
enjoy some succulent lamb,

and drink a few cold beers

Angus's mum Susie says
there's many people in

regional areas with a
disability living at home,

and as their carers get
older, their futures

become more uncertain.

Ultimately, she wants
Angus to have somewhere he

can live independently
in Cootamundra.

it's a goal of mine, for
maybe five years time, but

we're going to get the
ball rolling, and we'll

see, we'll go from here
and see what happens

Susie says the community
has gone above and beyond

to help.

they run him on, and they
take him into the change

rooms and they've just
said they want to give

back to the Pennington's
because we turn up to

every game, which
I love and he loves

sometimes I feel like the
blokes who can't do it,

something inside of them
is ticking away and we

just want to give
back as much as we can

The event raised a
whopping twenty-five grand

through raffles and jersey
auctions, which will go to

the Angus Aims for
Independence project.

disability. That' s all for now. Th
Hope you' re enjoying the program. y
Thanks for your company. We' ll see you next time.

KEVIN: Tonight, the new
Brangelina divorce drama.

Brad's visits with the kids.

Why he's not allowed
to see them unsupervised.

Supervised visits
are rather serious.

NANCY: Plus, did the Kim K robbers
not even know who she is?

The new twist tonight.


Ozzy and Sharon five months
after the cheating scandal.

Only ET was behind the scenes
for his big expensive surprise.

I was like...

Plus, which five-time Grammy winner

says she only kissed one man
her entire life?

And a Dancing favourite's
near-death experience.

Slamming into a wall at 200 mph.

Honestly, I was so lucky.

How that crash is inspiring
his next dance.

You say glitter, it's rhinestones.

Get it right.
Totally different.

Now, for October 7, 2016
this is Entertainment Tonight.

Angelina Jolie and the children
are in therapy, ET can confirm.

And Brad will go as well, as per
their temporary custody agreement.

But the big question tonight
centres on Brad's visitation rights.

Why does he have to be supervised
with the kids?

Supervised visits are
rather serious.

They're called in when there is
some possibility of abuse,

substance abuse or alcohol,

rage or anything that would be
harmful for the children.

We've confirmed that
Brad and Angelina have

what's called a 'safety plan'
in place

and that means things
could be pretty serious.

It may also require
a breathalyser test

or it might require drug testing. And certainly individual therapy.

I think of the joy
that we have in our family

because we are together.

They're quite used to moving to
a new location and, you know,

as long as we're together.

So the home is always intact.

Since the divorce filing,
both Brad and Angelina's teams

have stressed they just want to do
whatever's best for the children.

We're told Brad's first visit will
be supervised, after that it's TBD.

There is a great responsibility,
I think,

in introducing someone to the world
and showing them around.

I don't feel afraid.

Before I felt like I was really
going to mess them up

and they'd be all pissed off at me.

If Brad comes in and has a wonderful
relationship with all of his kids

and there is no hostility,
there is no pulling back

because a child who has been abused
is certainly going to react.

If there is none of that
then he will be exonerated.

Was this the beginning
of the end for Brangelina?

They had the Hollywood
love affair for a decade

but reportedly tensions mounted
after they said I do

and then immediately went off to
film their couple in crisis film

By The Sea.

That's allegedly
when things began to unravel.

You get married,
happiest time of your life

and then all of a sudden you go off
and do this dark movie.

Yeah, play a couple
on the brink of disaster. Yeah.

How crazy was that?
You know, we came out
stronger on the other end.

If it doesn't work,
it's the worst honeymoon ever.

But if it works,
you've learned something

and I think that's how
we came out of it. We're stronger.

Well, as Brad, Angie and the kids
remain in hiding

that is where America's most
public family seems to be headed.

The entire Kardashian clan is
retreating from the spotlight

after Kim was bound, gagged
and robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

Kim, in a white hoodie
and clutching son Saint

arrived in LA from New York
at 2pm yesterday by a private jet.

Kim, her kids and mom Kris Jenner
then made the trek to Kim's gated
Bel-Air home.

People would kill for this.

The more than 9,000 square foot

was featured on
Keeping Up With The Kardashians