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Good Evening. Tonight, The Healing Power Of Dance. Finding Relief From A Debilitating Disease Through Tango.As Soon As The Music Comes On, You Can Move.When She's Out Dancing The Tango, Her Posture Changes.First Tonight, Though, To The Most Toxic And Highly Personal Us Presidential Debate In Living Memory. In Their Second Official Match-up Ahead Of Election Day, Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Have Slugged It Out In Stlouis, Missouri. It Didn't Take Long For The So-called Trump Tape To Be Raised - The 2005 Hot Mic Recording Of The Former Reality Star Bothing About Kissing And Groping Women Without Their Consent, That Emerged A Few Days Ago. Mr Donald Trump Defied That He Had Effectively Bragged About Sexual Assault.This Is Locker-room Talk. I'm Not Proud Of It. But This Is Locker-room Talk. You Know When We Have A World Where You Have Isis Chopping Off Heads And Frankly, Drowning People In Steel Cages, Wars And Horrible Sites All Over, When You Have So Many Bad Things Happening, This Is Like Medieval Times, This Is Carnage All Over The Wall, Yes, I'm Very Is
Embarrassed By It, I Hate It, But It Is One Of Those Things.Before One Of Those Things. Before The Debate Even Started There Was Another Campaign Bombshell From Donald Trump. He Held A Media Conference With Tlaoe Women Who Accused Bill Clinton -- Three Women Who Accused Bill Clinton Of Sexual Misconduct Or Rape. A Fourth Woman Attacked Hillary Clinton's Behaviour As A Young Lawyer In Arkansas More Than 40 Years Ago. The Democratic Caid Was A Defence Council For The Man Who Rape Rad Kathy Shellton As A Child.Hillary Clinton Put Me Through Something As A 12-year-old That You Should Never Put A 12-year-old Through. I Tyler Wrighted Recently And Mr Trump Retweeted It That Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Mr Trump May Have Said Some Bad Words But Bill Clinton Raped Me And Hillary Clinton Threatened Me. I Don't Think There's Any Comparison.Rich Galen Is A Republican Strategist And Political Commentator. He Is A Former Press Secretary To Both Vice-president Dan Quayle And Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich. He Joins Me Now From Washington. Many Thanks For Joining Us, Rich.Good Evening. Thank You. Tell Us What You Think Of The Hostile And Ugly Tone This Campaign Has Taken On.This Is What Happens When You Nominate Two New Yorkers To Go After Each Other. This Is What Sort Of Happens At A Starbucks On 5th Street When Somebody Cuts In Front Of The Other. I've Never Seen Anything Like It Where Two Grown-ups Stand 2 Ft, 3 Ft In Each Other And Literally Cause Each Other Liars And Cheats. It Was Very Difficult To Watch. I Had To Watch The Whole Thing Because I Had To Write A Column. But Trump Did Better Than If First Time, Which Was Dreadful, So In Comparison He Acquitted Himself. Clinton Is Very Good At This Stuff, So I Think Everybody Performed Up To Their Expectations, Whether Or Not It Will Change The Arc Of The Campaign, That's A Different Story. We Won't Know That Until Probably Thursday When The Polling Numbers Start Coming Back In.Was There A Clear Winner Of This Debate, Do You Think?Yes, I Think They Both Accomplished What They Wanted. I Think It Was A Tie But Each Side Thinks That They Got What They Wanted Out Of It. So, In That Regard They Both Think They Won. I Think I The Trump People Are Probably Very -- I Think The Trump People Are Probably Very Heavily Sighing In Relief That They Think They Stopped What Was A Growing Tidal Wave Of Republican-elected Officials Falling Off, Not Falling Off, Jumping Off The Trump Bandwagon, That Might Have Stopped. And Clinton Showed She Can't Be Intimidated By Donald Trump, Which Unfortunately The Other 14, Men And Women Who Ran For The Nomination, Couldn't Do.Donald Trump Says His Boast About Groping And Sexually Assaulting Women Was Nothing More Than, To Quote Him, Locker-room Banter And Really Just A Trivial Matter. Do You Think That's How His Supporters Will See It?His Supporters Are His Supporters. I Mean, They're Very Loyal To Him. But What Trump Needed To Do, I Thought, Was To Expand His Vote Beyond Those , "My Guy Or Nobody', Supporters. There Aren't Enough Of Them For Him To Win The Election. He Needs To Expand Beyond That. And No Matter What He Says About Locker-room Banter, The Big Danger For That Is Now Somebody That He Might Have Groped Says, "That Wasn't Locker-room Banter. That's Exactly What He Did To Me." I'm Not Saying That's What Is Going To Happen But That Is The Danger Of A Flat Denial Like That. If That Does Happen, I'm Not Sure How Much Worse Things Can Get. Starting Tomorrow We're Four Weeks Away From The Election Day, And I Think Trump Has Run Out Of Time To, As I Said, Change The Arc Hillary
Of The Election, And I Suspect That Hillary Clinton Will Win Fairly Easily In What We Call The Electoral College. It'll Be Fairly Close In The Popular Vote But That's Not The Way We Vote Here.Regardless Of The Number Of Undecided Voters, Quite A Few Have Already Begun Prepolling, Haven't They?Yes, That's A Very Good Point. That's The Point Everybody Made Over The Weekend When, You Know, Locker-room, We Call It Clubhouse Lawyers, Were Trying To Figure Out A Way To Get Trump Off The Tiget. The Fact Is -- Ticket. The Fact Is People Have Cast Their Vote And You Can't Get To Do That Twice. Once You've Cast Your Vote, You're Down. So There Is No Good Way To Get -- You're Done. So There Is No Good Way To Get Those Society -- Votes Back. The Voting Has Started. In My State Of Virginia, I Can Go In A Month Early It Were And Not Have To Worry About It. I Think That The Dye Is Cast In This Election. Trump Supporters Try To Deny It But I've Been Doing This A Long Time And It Comes Down To The Numbers And I Don't See How Trump Can Beat Hillary Clinton.As A Political Strategy, How Do You Rate Mr Trump's Decision To Hold That Press Conference With Those Four Women Who Had Been Accuseders Of Bill Clinton?Well, I would have gotten thrown off the bus because I would have opposed to the point of saying, "If you do that I'm quitting." And said, "There's the front door. Goodbye." It was clearly a stunt. Something that was unworthy, I think, of somebody running for President. If he thought somehow that would throw Hillary Clinton off her game, she has been living with this since the early 1990s. This is not new information to her. For all his talk about not telling Isis when he -- ISIS when he he -- when he'll try to free Mosul, the Clinton campaign has been rehearsing for this and getting ready for it. So I don't know what he thought he was going to accomplish by it other than to get people talking about Bill Clinton and stopping talking about Donald Trump and his rides on a tour bus.A number of senior Republicans Rice, Arnold Schwarzenegger, McCain, they've really de announced transfer after this released. Is this -- denounced Trump after this was released. Can you see any circumstance in which he would withdraw?No, as I said, earlier, voting states are open and in many states we have gone past the deadline where you can exchange names on the ballot for the simple reasons that the ballots have been printed and the machines have been set up and there is no time to re-jig those things. Other than in the case of a candidate dying - which has happened here in before - and in that case the voting officials will sigh a vote for...if you were going to vote for Rich Galen, who is now dead, then that vote will be cast for this person, who the state party has said is standing in. So the ballot doesn't change but the vote accrues to somebody else. For him to get out of the race at this late date is, A, mechanically almost impossible. And what we know about Donald Trump is he will fight this thing probably all the way to next January.There was a rumour at one stage over the weekend that Mr Trump's running mate Mike Pence would abandon him. He didn't. And in return for his loyalty, this is how he was rewarded during the debate. Let's take a look.(LAUGHS) If you were President, what would you do about Syria and the humanitarian crisis in aLen poe, and I want to -- Aleppo and I want to remind you what your running mate said. He said, "Provocations by Russia need to be met by American strength and that if Russia continues to be involved in air strikes along with the Syrian Government forces of Assad, the United States of America should be prepared to use military force to strike the military targets of the Assad regime?"OK. He and I haven't spoken and I disagree. I disagree. You disagree with your running mate. Right now, Syria is fighting ISIS. We have people who want to fight both at the same time.Was that significant, Rich, that he contradicted his pick for Vice-President in that way, over such an important topic as foreign policy?Well, I think the general theory here in the US is that Trump knows nothing about foreign policy, no matter what he says in the middle of his speeches. Remember Governor Pence was a Congressman. He was the number 3 Republican in the House of Representatives. He has a great number of foreign policy credentials. I can see how that happens during the course of a campaign where they don't talk every minute of every day because they're often on opposite sides of the country of the campaign. In this case Pence was hiding for the weekend so he didn't have to talk about what Trump said on that bus. So it doesn't surprise me...Pardon for the interruption, but it is hardly a fringe issue, is it, how you are going to deal with the humanitarian crisis in Syria?No, it is not a small issue but it's...but in terms of those kinds of policy decisions, those are the kinds of things that, it doesn't come up in the course of conversations in a phone call. So what are we going to say about Aleppo today? Unless Aleppo happened to have been at the top of the news that morning. There are a lot of other issues. Offence the -- over the weekend, issues that are of no moment in terms of the world at large, what Trump said getting off a bus at Hollywood is all the world was talking about. I don't think it is as big an issue for the Trump campaign as a lot of the other problems they have.Donald Trump was particularly fired up of course again about Hillary Clinton's 30,000 deleted emails. I would like to know how you think she fared during that part of the debate. Here is a reminder of that particular exchange.If I win, I am going to instruct my Attorney-General to get a Special Prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. There has never been anything like it and we're going to have a Special Prosecutor. When I speak, I go out speak, the people of this country are furious.It is awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in this country.Because you'd be in jail.I saw you laugh will Rich Galen. Hillary Clinton certainly didn't laugh. How do you think she handled that?She's been practising. Earlier on, I think she was shakey on that, her staff may have been too afraid to test on her that. But she has two months to stick to the answer she has been sticking to. I think that's the strongest argument Donald Trump has against her but he can't do that for two mib minute -- two minutes in a row. He has to drift on to other things and that's part of the problem he has in prosecuting his case. To stand there and say to the other candidate, "If I'm elected, I'm going to send you to jail", that's the kind of thing you hear in the Congo.(LAUGHS) Hillary Clinton didn't really respond to that attack or many others in a very feisty manner. Instead, she echoed Michelle Obama from the Democratic Convention which, in her speech, she said when people go low, you go high. Do you think that's the approach Hillary Clinton did take during this debate? To go high?No, I thought she should have gone higher. I think she did allow her to get...and early on. I was surprised right off the bat she took out after Trump. I think the Clinton theory was if they can get under his skin again, if she could get under his skin again like she did in the first debate and have him kind of fly off the handle, it will prove her argument that he doesn't have the temperament. What this has come down to is Trump's argument against her is he doesn't have the judgement. Her argument against him is that he doesn't have the temperament. I've written this a couple of times, the two bumper strips are, "She's a crook", and, "He's crazy."Your old boss Newt Gingrich is sticking steadfastly behind Donald Trump. Are many senior Republicans still in that camp because it seems they're freeing him in droves?They did certainly over the weekend. It was like an hourly list that people were publishing of Republicans who were bailing out on Trump. But I've known Newt for a long time, we don't always agree, sometimes to the point where we don't speak for some time, but I'll tell you something, no-one needs a better friend that Newt Gingrich. He is a very loyal guy. I think for Gingrich, like a lot of Republican, Americans who are Republicans, they may not think that much of Trump but they so abhor Hillary Clinton that they just can't imagine her as being President of the United States.You said this earlier in our conversation that you thought his supporters were fairly immovable and they certainly wouldn't be switching to Hillary Clinton any time soon, so why are you convinced still that the Democratic candidate will win? Because there's not enough Republicans to win the Presidency without a lot of independents and a few Democrats. And my point about the debate last night was I think that Trump did nothing to expand his voter base beyond what we call the base Republican vote. They're immovable, they'll never vote for the Democrat. The bigger danger is they don't vote at all and that will hurt people down the ballot, Governors, Senators. In terms of your question, there aren't enough flat Republicans who without any other help will be able to help elect Trump as President and he didn't do anything to expand that base of voters.Now it is a matter of how badly he'll lose?It is not only how badly he'll lose but the end of my column this warning was every Republican has to decide whether they'll run with Trump or away from Trump. They have one month to be able to make that case.Rich Galen, thank you for your time. Thanks for having me. Have a good night. They say if you can walk, you can tango, but if you're battling a crippling neurological disease like Parkinson's, you might think your dancing days are other over W -- are over. Well, think again. Dancing is a sensual and sen soirl experience - the touch, the smell, the music all activate the emotional parts of the brain and help bypass damaged cells, making movement easier. Tango is one dance that researchers say helps to relieve the symptoms of Parkinson's. Lateline Fanou Filali sent a couple of days at a rargable dance school in Melbourne. -- rashl dance school in Melbourne. (TANGO MUSIC)

The general public's idea of Argentina tango is choreograph, lots of kicks, the rose between the teeth, the passion. The tango social night is nothing like that. The beauty is that it's very dignified. It's completely improvised. So that no-one can ever have the same dance twice.

I think it's the satisfaction of being able to move and control your body to the music, and create this beautiful harmony through connection with that person, with the music and completely in that moment.

Nine years ago, my father was diagnosed with Parkinson's and I didn't know much about Parkinson's and when I looked it up, to my great surprise, I found that there was research that was thought that tango was beneficial for people with Parkinson's. And I thought, "I'm a tango teacher, a tango dancer." I felt that I could be part of doing something helpful, at least, to contribute and to be with my dad on this journey.

What is it like dancing with your daughter?Oh, it's magic. It's a special time and she makes me look good, which is always nice. And so I feel it's a real privilege to be dancing with her. I really enjoy it.

Excellent. Let's start actually dancing! When you're ready, start walking forward. The tango is based on walking. So what we do is we really break it down. People can, the participants, can take it back and use it in their everyday life. With this hand here, I don't want to be holding on like this, or like this, or, yeah, because we want this whole area, this is very important, for the information. And as always, we want the chest and chest, think of an invisible thread here, so we never want one person to be facing out. We always want our itension tards one another. -- towards one another. Anyone else who hasn't worked with Tony today? Yes! Mr Participants say that they feel much safer, more stable and more balanced. You have that connection with another human being and the joy of being able to connect and work together. And, of course, the music. You can dance, it's lovely.I think trying
the music helps because you're trying to stay in tune or in time with the music.And what's your favourite track?Oh, I'm not sure. La Toung...(LAUGHS) That one.(LAUGHS) That one.


As soon as the music comes on, you move. Something is automatic. It is the music that's prompting me. Because I no longer have the ability to subconsciously walk. I have to consciously know where I'm going. I have to use my brain quite a lot. With this tango thing, if someone is leading you, you don't have to think. (MUSIC PLAYING) I really didn't understand tango very much until I got into it and realised that tango is communicating with each other through your dance. Just through your look or your touch, or just the light pressure of pushing each other, then tango becomes such a joy. It seems to be, like, I don't have to say anything, this person understands me.

Mei has always been a person that has shown to me that she is not going to sit down. She inspires me in that way. Don't give up. Keep doing your best. Keep on it because there's so much to offer.I wish he told me. (LAUGHS) Ah, I thought I did. By doing the dishes and doing the cooking.He's very supportive. That's why I can do what I do. He does most of the hard work. He sees me struggle, he'll come back. That's why he resigned as well. We complement one another, I reckon, because he'll cover for me. I see over the years that I should really tell him too what I don't always tell him that I appreciate him a lot. He picks up where I fail and, yeah, we're a team.Yes, that's it. That's what it is. (MUSIC PLAYING) Do you think we'll ever be able to do that?Yeah. Maybe not that so much. (LAUGHS) Oh, goodness me. (MUSIC Now, that I like.

Joan, what was your favourite moment in the class yesterday?I really liked dancing with Tony because he's very kind and if you make a mistake you say, "Oh, sorry." He says, "No, no, must be my fault because the lead is the important one." Just that feeling, it's's very freeing. So when I can dance with somebody who knows how to dance, I really love that.

You can forget about the issue of Parkinson's, because it is with you even though I don't like it to define who I am, it is obvious that you have to deal with it all the time. And so when you're dancing, I think you go to a different place and, yes, I do feel safe. But it's just the sense of ...Safer with Tony than with me, that's for sure. (LAUGHS) Yes. Now that you've brought that up, what is it like dancing with Graham?What's it? Well...Well, let me explain.No...Tony was telling us that if we were leading we had to sort of imagine we had a shopping trolley and it was quite a good analogy, because wobbly wheels, etcetera. But he said, "You have to imagine you're gently pushing a shopping trolley." So I was pushing my shopping trolley and she starting Governor-General - gsh giggling and says, "I feel like a lawnmower."I just felt like he was pushing a lawnmower because Graham doesn't dance, it was very good of him to come along, but I couldn't stop giggling because we got halfway round the hall and he had no idea. It was really very funny.Yes, we didn't get too much dancing down in that particular sex. -- in that particular session. She has had five bad falls in the last few months but when she's out there dancing the tango, her posture's changed and her feet seem to take on a life of their own.I don't trip myself up. (LAUGHS) Mmm.Yet. Depression has been something that I think has come on a bit stronger. If people ask you are, and they're very sympathetic, well, that's when it sets me off a bit, doesn't it? (MUSIC PLAYING) The Parkinson's is such a terrible disease. For a person, if you can do anything to help the igs swa, you will do it. It is no -- situation, you will do it. It is no sacrifice for me, but I would do it if it was. I didn't think tango for me, it is very sexy.Yes.Not very Christian. Yeah, no, I don't think it is that. I think our minds are open right now at the moment I think it is working for us and we will keep tangoing. And that's all from us. I'll see you again tomorrow. Good night.